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  1. Scottish Power Scottish power causeway Wilderspool causeway Warrington WA4 6QD This is not the head office of ScottishPower – but it is the address of a major customer service centre with at least 100 customer service operatives and over 50 other support staff. If you have made your energy contract in England/Wales and you live in England/Wales then you can sue ScottishPower in England/Wales if you have an address for service within the jurisdiction. This address in Warrington will be fine. Don't worry about having to sue out of the jurisdiction in Glasgow or any other thing like that. A few more people suing these inept and irresponsible energy companies like ScottishPower and npower will do the whole of the consumer environment a lot of good. So come on people – bring it on.
  2. My son is in the process of buying a house, and was recommended a solicitor, who is based away some where. My son has had to send some sensitive information to the solicitor, by post. He has sent two lots of info by recorded delivery, and on both occasions, the solicitor says he didn't receive them, although they were signed for. The solicitor seems incompetent, and is prolonging the purchase of the house, and causing consternation for my son, as he worries that the sale may fall through. Is there any complaints system to go to, or does my son have to endure this lack of professionalism ? Paul.
  3. Hi Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum apologies if not. Can a landlord of a property someone has moved out of contact utility companies and change the address on the accounts in the name of the old tenant even though the address they have given is wrong and nothing to do with the tenant? The address they have given was an old address that the estate agent had as a forwarding address some time ago, but the property has been sold and no longer relevant to the tenant. Also as the utilities have a new address, anything they send out will not be picked up by the post office redirection service so my friend (who this relates to) will not get her post?! And info anyone can provide would be greatly apprecited Thanks in advance Simon
  4. Recently we made a booking on Brittany Ferries and paid a deposit after reading the T & Cs. On receiving the itinery we noticed that it said that the balance would automatically be debited from the card used to pay the deposit. At no time did we give them permission to retain our card details and it is not mentioned in the T & Cs at all. Can they retain your card details although they were never given permission?
  5. Hi All, I know this forum is about getting yourself out of debt, but I'm at a time in my life where I'm getting married so applied to my bank (RBS) for a loan of £2,000. A small sum for a quiet wedding. I have been a customer with them for years and have always been on good terms. They declined me, for reasons unknown - they know how much I make as they process the wages!! Their website doesn't have appeal information so was wondering if anyone could help me out?
  6. Hello, I have just checked my partner's credit report as we are applying for a new tenancy (our rented house has been sold, we have 6 weeks to get out). I was shocked to find 2 CCJ's that neither of us had a clue about. They were both registered at previous addresses long after we'd moved on, so no claims/summons were ever received. The credit report does not show who the claimants were, or what they were claiming for, and neither does the online register of judgements. How do we find out what the hell these are for? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I would like to were I stand about requesting my landlords details? The reason for this is about two months ago they tried to fit prepayment meters in the property, which I refused to let the engineer to do. I live in a shared house, we pay one sum for rent and all bills expect TV license. We have a sheared kitchen, utility room and bath room. I rang my local council for information regarding this and was told we should be a HMO (house of multiple occupancy) and the house is not registered as one. The council are now requesting me to let them do an inspection? so I called them about it and got fobbed off, so I requested my landlords details as no one has it in the house. I have sent numerous emails, calls and texts and had not received any reply. So I sent this to them on the 13.04.2016 and no reply. Any help would be very appropriated. Strongdumplin I am the tenant of the above property. Under section 1 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, I hereby request you to provide me with a written statement of the landlord’s name and address within the period of 21 days beginning with the day on which you receive this request. You should be aware that a person who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with this request commits a summary offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale, which currently stands at £2,500. I look forward to receiving your prompt reply. Yours sincerely.
  8. Does anyone know the bank details of Rossendales to set up the standing order, its the account number and sort code of Rossendales i need, its not clear on the website. Its because i have a bailiff coming in the morning and he said he will be taking goods. I have explained i am in terrible grief following the death of my partner, i explained i will not cope with the upset, i am in process of facing all the things i have not felt able, but i have a lot of unopened post so it wont be the only threatening letter. i need to be realistic an offer what i can. I want to set up a standing order to pay in installments the balance , first if i have proof i am repaying will it stop any seizure of goods. secondly i looked on website but cant find the account number and sort code of rossendales to set up standing order. I wondered if anyone else has managed to locate it
  9. If my bank details have been passed on to a third party without my permission, is there a data protection issue ?..
  10. Hi all, Just in case any one is looking to make a complaint about irresponsible lending to cash convertors- I was helping a friend, follwing advice from here- and I have to say, they are the easiest company i have dealt with so far. The statement of accounts was there within an hour of requesting, and following an email complaint on Thursday, a final response has arrived today, with an offer of almost £1500. She is more than happy with that figure, and looking at the loan history, although she has paid more over the years, I really dont think she would do much better with FOS, so she is happy to accept it. The contact details i have incase anyone is struggling getting a reply- Without the spaces- Im not allowed to post email addresses yet! Good luck
  11. Just some advice needed here, I know ideally I should ask my sister to come here and make the post. A car in a Salisbury's car park was reversing and almost knocked someone over, before hitting the front of my sisters car. The person then refused to give any details and drove off. My sister has pictures of the woman and her car, and has got her reg number. It has been reported to the police as a hit and run. The damage is a split front bumper on my sisters car. Nothing too major. The advice I am looking for is will this affect her premiums if she made a claim though the insurance of the other car (using askmid.com)? I know she needs to inform her own insurance company, but that shouldn't affect her making a claim should it? Thanks
  12. Really need some advice here....I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Friday (8/4/2016) I parked on a public road near a dog park. I'm in the park and next thing I know I see someone clamping my car. After speaking to the enforcement agent (he worked for Marston Holdings) he told me that there was a warrant out for an outstanding debt which I had not paid. He looked it up and apparently someone driving my car had committed an offence on the 21st September 2015, I had been contacted to provide the driver details and had not responded so the case went to court and I was charged with failure to provide driver details to the court (HMCTS London NW). He showed me all of this on an iPad but could not tell me what the original offence was. He then said it was late (it was around 4pm on a Friday) and the office would be closed so I would have to wait until Monday to find out what the original infraction was. The unusual thing however was that on the enforcement details/warrant they had my father's information (we have the same name but it was his DOB and NI number) and he passed away in 2012! The other problem was that I moved house in 2013 and did not tell DVLA hence why I didn't see any of the letters I assume they sent to me at my old address. the overall fee was at £1400 (£961 was the original debt, £235 enforcement stage, £75 compliance stage and another £110 for the tow truck). I waited until the last minute to see if this was all legit but the tow truck came and I ended up paying the full amount I'm not sure exactly how to proceed.... I am thinking to contact Marston Holdings and ask to be sent a copy of the warrant, find out what my initial offence was and ask to see evidence of that and proceed from there. Has anyone been in a similar situation or know what I should do here? can I get my money back? Any help/replies are kindly appreciated.
  13. INSURANE COMPANY Refusing to provide any details of a claimant on my policy Refusing to provide the same to police obstructing an investigation Refusing to provide the same to allow customer to obtain quotes from other insurers Increasing a premium by 30% when renewal notice states the driver has passed their driving test but they list them as a Provisional Licence in error. My daughter needs urgent advice, she was involved in a very minor accident 10 months ago, a driver was indicating to turn right on a very wide main road, and traffic was flowing on the inside, just as she approached without any warning he swerved to the left blocking her path, she assumed he had changed his mind and was going to park on the left so she changed course at the last moment to pass him on the outside, keeping to her side of the road, however, what he was doing was attempting a complete u-turn causing my daughter to hit him, it was unavoidable, no indication and short notice. The man was quiet intimidating, my daughter has never been in an accident before so was very shocked and upset, he demanded she sign a piece of paper admitting liability saying the damage was £1000, she refused but gave him her full details, she phoned her mother who was close by, she arrived and the other driver left swiftly without providing any details at all, we didn’t even have his registration in all the confusion. My daughter reported the accident to her insurers straight away but due to shock and being upset she did not give a complete accurate account, she said she was not sure who was at fault as she has never been in an accident before, just he pulled across her path, he then said he indicated left and she just said yes, when in fact she meant right. My daughter reported the accident to the police and they advised the other driver had already committed an offence by not providing his details at the scene, they said should he make a claim your insurer will have his details so can you pass them to police to be investigated, they said if he was driving illegally it would be a win situation for her. We heard no more from my insurer for some time, then a letter saying on the evidence they have they will have to admit liability unless any further evidence comes within 14 days. I sent several URGENT emails to the insurer asking then NOT to settle that the police wanted to investigate him and can we have all the details, all emails to several department were ignored, I tried phoning being on hold for 27 minutes until my battery went dead. I sent another email setting all this out, it was then taken up as a complaint of poor service and we were given £40. I managed to get them on the telephone and they said they had to admit 3rd party liability, they said it had nothing to do with the police and they were not allowed to provide and details to me or the police due to the Data Protection Act, I passed this information to the police, we heard no more from anyone and assumed the claim had been withdrawn. My daughter has now received her Insurance Renewal Notice and has lost her 2 years NCB, costing her several hundred pounds more, she paid for her own repairs to avoid losing her NCB, she noticed there were some errors on it, it said Provisional Licence, under it stated date passed driving test which was wrong it was 6 month earlier. I advised my daughter I would make a formal complaint on her behalf to the insurers; however, she would need to phone them to make sure she has insurance in the meantime and point out the errors in case it reduced the premium, I advised not to go into the complaint as they would not be in a position to resolve it. My daughter phoned them today, said she wanted to pay on instalments instead of yearly, and pointed out she had passed her driving test 6 months prior to the date stated and made it clear she had a full driving licence for over 2 years, so not provisional, they said they would need to recalculate the premium and it came out £300 more, my daughter said that was crazy you are already insuring me as driving with a full licence so what’s the difference now, and I have lost my NCB due to them not investigating her accident, she asked for details of the claim, my daughter said we had already drafted a formal complaint so best deal with it that way. The insurer insisted she wanted to look into the problem, however, we went around in circles and she only repeated what had been said before regarding the DPA; I took over the call and asked how is my daughter able to get a quote from another insurer if you are refusing to provide any details of her claim? All she kept saying was I know where you are coming from, and I can look into it for you, I said you cant if you wont release the details, I said we were getting no where and wanted to end the call. Within minutes she was back on the phone to me saying she had spoke to claims and they have said its NOT settled yet (some 10 months on) and it may be joint liability, I asked why it had taken so long and why have we not been informed, she said something about emails were not coming to us, I said you have 2 email address for us and a postal address, its unacceptable, the lady was insistent I speak with claims now as they might have the answers, when I said ok, she said but they will only talk to your daughter not you. They would know from the very first call (recorded) after the accident they could run circles around my daughter and put words in her mouth, I said NO, please ask claims to put everything in writing and we will respond after seeking advice, she refused to do this and virtually begged me to let my daughter to talk to the claims department, I said we must at this stage have it in writing, if it was a simple matter why is it still ongoing after 10 months. My daughter will have no insurance in 2 days. Can an insurance company operate in this fashion; they must owe their customers a duty of care, and allow them to get quotes from other companies. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Bernie
  14. Hello, I'm interested to know how RLP have acquired my son's details? He has received a letter today stating he has to pay £149.50 and that they are acting on behalf of TK Maxx He has mental health issues and part of that is VERY impulsive behaviour, he told me he tried to steal some earphones (even though he had money to pay for them;) he was taken in to a room, no police involvement but banned from the store for 12 months. He wasn't told about any fines or further action. I have read other threads about RLP on here and have decided to ignore the letter and those that will follow. I'm just puzzled as to how they think it's "okay" to send people these letters and how on earth they have his details. Thank you in advance.
  15. Barclays- SAR and CCA? Dear Cagers, As mentioned in another post I have 4+ debts which I desperately want to sort out ASAP. I want to start with Barclays and I will rely on your amazing help I have seen you have given to other desperate people. Please be aware that I am very inexperienced in dealing with creditors, DCA etc... The situation: Barclays current account: Opened 11-12 years ago. I use this account to transfer £4 each month from another account to be able to pay my debts -£1 to each of 4 debtors. This is including paying £1 each month to my Barclays unsecured loan (£1 payment agreed in 2013 via CDCS)... My account is in ‘working’ condition but I can see online that my address, telephone number and e-mail are marked as unknown –I guess they have found out that I don’t live at the last address provided to them. My e-mail and the telephone number have not been changed though but they have deleted them from ‘my details’ file... Barclaycard- Credit card: CLOSED by Barclaycard years ago (opened around 2004-2005,closed-unknown when and why). Never had any late payments etc.. . I have overpaid £10 to the card and never received them back. No documentation with me to prove that but I am sure about the above. Barclays Unsecured loan: Information on Noddle about my unsecured loan: Barclays Bank Plc Account start date: ‘Summer’ 2007 Opening balance £ 20,000 Regular payment £ 385 Repayment frequency :Monthly Date of default: ‘Summer’ 2010 Default balance : £14,000 Currently owning : under £13,000 Originally taken in 2007 for £20K as far as I remember to be repaid in 4 years-maybe 5 years!?. I was supposed to pay £385 a month. I paid £385 a month for over 2 years until November 2009. I applied for the loan online through my current bank account online page and I remember that the money was transferred very quickly to my Barclays current account. I don’t have any paperwork of terms & conditions or signed agreement. I am not sure if I was provided with any anyway. Maybe I just ticked these as ‘read’ online without reading them to be honest. The loan was spent on an unsuccessful business. In October 2009 I became very ill and had to leave the country for treatment. I did not pay anything to them for around 6 months while abroad in hospital. I returned to England in June 2010. I discussed with them my situation (conversations over the phone) and was paying them reduced payments (as much as I can) but they did not agree to reduced payments and did not care and kept adding fines and fees. I don’t remember receiving anything in writing from them-most of the conversations were happening over the phone, any correspondence I might have had is lost. I received a letter from CDCS (Central Debt Collection Services- Parent Company: Barclays Plc. Information about them here : http://www.humberdebt.co.uk/help-with-central-debt-collection-services-debt-debt-management-and-debt-advice/ ) in 2013 agreeing to my £1 monthly payment offered to them. Prior to that I was paying them higher amounts. After that I never received anything from them, then I moved address and never contacted to update address as I did not have a permanent place of stay. Please give me advice what to do? I guess once I provide them with an address they may issue CCJ (non registered yet on Noddle)... I remember taking the loan but I have not got any documentation etc.. . and have not got a clue how much fines , interest and charges they have added to my unsecured loan. ..Is the right thing to request SAR and CCA to Barclays? I think that it is necessary to recover all the information (statements, charges, interest, ppi and other insurance, applications, correspondence for loan, credit card and current account, telephone conversations) before discussing any repayment or settlements with them? Will SAR provide me with statements for my current account as I will need these for proof of payments for different debts as well? https://www.apply.barclays.co.uk/forms/subject-access-request?execution=e1s1 Do you suggest to apply via post or using their online system above? Do you think that the best is to close my Barclays current account first and then start communicating about the unsecured loan with them? Is it true that once I have requested SAR and/or CCA there is a big chance interest and fines to apply to my account again and to be asked to pay more than the token monthly payment? Your help is much appreciated.
  16. To quickly outline my problem; I gave Vodafone 30 days notice to end my contract with them on 1st June 2015 (been with them for donkeys years (bills always paid,never missed one!) .Felt like a change so EE looked like a better bet for mobile internet .A week or so later Vodafone offered me an S6 phone at a very good rate to keep me so I took it ,the customer (dis)services operative arranged the phone delivery for the following Saturday morning,great!. Saturday morning came and went-no phone. Called VF (Vodafone) to query why my new shiny phone hadn't arrived and was told "Oh sorry,it hasn't actually been ordered", I straight away cancelled the order on the phone with this person (as I was entitled to with the 14 days cancellation agreement) and also informed them that I wished my contract to be cancelled as per the 30 days notice I had previously given,this was agreed and that was that. THIS WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!!!. After the 30 days notice was up,happy with my new EE phone, i noticed my old VF sim card was still working ,phone VF customer (dis)services and "Sorry sir,i'll sort that out straight away for you") .And so started 3 months of chasing Vodafone to actually cut off my phone and end my contract. In that time I must have phoned them 20 times ,spoke to Egypt ,India, South Africa, Scotland, England etc, every call taking a minimum of 30 minutes or so whilst I had to explain myself. I've spoken to just about every department they have, heard the promises of "I'll make sure this gets done for you" EVERY and I mean every time.... .and of course nothing ever happens, AND they just don't bother to get back to you. I received a letter from them about a week ago saying my phone services had been suspended???? REALLY!! and I should pay for the 2 months outstanding (the 2 months AFTER I ended the contract). I again contacted them, and the really pathetic thing is, when I now phone them, I ask the person I'm speaking to, to look at the notes on my account BEFORE we speak. They all, without fail, come back after looking and can immediately see that its Vodafones mistake that the account is still showing as active with payments outstanding. I always then get the apology and the "I'll make sure this get sorted sir". I fired off an email to the Chief Executive last Friday, i got a reply, obviously from an admin person, asking for my details the next day, sent them and waited with baited breath... ....still waiting!. Phoned again today, got passed to 3 people, the final of which told me "I'll go and get the account sorted and make sure customer (dis)services put a zero balance on your account a nd I will get back to you within the next hour or so"..... .obviously I didn't get a call back, didn't really expect one really and am exasperated with their disgusting treatment of loyal customers by their poorly trained staff. Final straw this evening is an email from Ardent credit services saying I need to contact them urgently ref my outstanding bill with Vodafone. I have and always have had a good credit history, no CCJ'S etc etc and this is precisely the thing which may ruin that through no fault of my own. VODAFONE - YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME!!!!!!!
  17. I am trying to get a hold of the lease hold information of a property. I want to know what they have to pay in ground rent, what rules they have to follow, what they can and cannot do as terms of the leasehold. Another forum told me to send an OC2 form to the land registry. But I dont see anything about a lease on what was sent back. Is the following documents the right ones they should of sent me?
  18. Hi all, Amongst my duplicate credit card copies, sent to me by a well known credit provider, were 6 pages of another totally different person. What is my best course of action here?
  19. I opened a new claim for Jobseeker's Allowance last week and I do not have a claimant commitment yet, since they won't give me anything until next week. I was made to come in again this week and they have sent my details forward to a company, who will arrange an interview with me for a job. The job is of absolutely no benefit to me. I am already working part-time on a Saturday, which they know about. The job they have put me forward for is Saturday's only, clashes with my current part-time job, has more hours and pays less. It is also a job with no skill set required and no hopes of career progression. The part-time job I currently have is relevant to my degree and will lead to full time employment this summer. I didn't give them permission to pass my details on. Have they breached the Data Protection Act?
  20. does anyone have any contact email addresses for ideal finance?
  21. Hi does anyone have any email contact details for he aqua credit card - i want to contact them about a debt I have with them and try and sort things out but they only supply a postal address or phone number on their site
  22. My bedroom walls are being water damaged and progessively getting worse and worse, the plaster is now falling off in sections. I've had a builder come out to lool and they have told me the adjoining roof of the house next door is damaged and thats how the water is coming into my bedroom. The insurance surveyor came out to look and sent the report to the insurance company (time of writing its now been 4 weeks) after me having to daily chase up the insurance company I have now been told, they will pay to repair the water damage to the interior of my house BUT they want me to first some find the contact details of the landlord that owns the empty property next door, before they fix the water damge (because the neighbour has to fix his roof, to stop the water coming into my house) The insurance company is telling me to contact the council and tell them the neighbours roof is damaged and water is coming through the neighbours house and damaging my walls. The only thing I have found on the land registry is the names of the 3 people that own the empty house next door which is in a bad state, they are no other details like phone number, so i can't ring the owner of the house next door and ask him to repair his roof and once thats repaired the insurance will will then repair the my bedroom walls. It looks like my insurance is asking me to do their work and find the owner or they just want to drag this on and in the mean time my house is being damaged with water whenever it rains because of the next door neighbours house roof which needs to get fixed to stop water coming into my house. What can I do, I can't sleep in the bedroom anymore because all the walls are damp and wet. Is it not the insurance jobs to locate the owner of the house next door and ask them to repair his roof? then the insurance can repair my house? please help me, i feel like crying
  23. Are UKPC still unable to retrieve driver details from DVLA due to their fraudulent actions?
  24. Hello, I have registered only with one CRA- Noddle. For those of you who are familiar with CR files will be able to answer my question, I hope... So I have a list of linked addresses etc...on Noddle which I guess is automatically updated once I update my address with banks, DCAs etc... There is also a different link for PERSONAL DETAILS which shows my date of birth, my full name and the last 2 linked addresses. There is also an option to change my current address myself which I did on Noddle. This last current address at the moment is not linked to any of my bank accounts and DCAs accounts showing on Noddle because I guess they have not updated my information yet- I guess it takes some time , they probably update these every 2-3 months or so... As I am not registered with any other CRAs I wonder, do the rest of the CRAs have on file my Personal details and will they pick my new personal address from Noddle and update it in their systems or will they only use what they have as information provided from the banks, DCAs etc...?? Does it mean that my REAL address at the moment can only be seen on Noddle until the banks don't update their information with my new address? Would you suggest to register with the rest of the CRAs to be able to update my address on time, so to avoid a sneaky CCJ from unknown 'lenders'?
  25. First let me say hello and thankyou in advance for any advice or help. A brief account of my problem... Received court letter from hoist holdings re debt from Lloyds. It is a CC and was used from around 2007 - defaulted around 2011 . They are claiming in total with court fees and interest a total of just over 9k. They have and will continue to add interest every single day so this debt will only get bigger. This is what I have done so far - 1. Sent a letter to hoist holdings asking for copy of credit agreement etc 2. Sent letter to their solicitors requesting CPR...agreement/contract and Default notice. ** its not really relevant but it was never my intention to get to this postion. the CC was taken out while I was married and naively I thought that my job would be secure..my marriage would last... In 2011 it all changed and I found myself divorced and on job seekers.. I did in 2011 write to folk with a breakdown of my finances and a letter explaining my situation. Offering a token payment with the promise of larger payments when I found work etc. They did not want to know, and went on to sell the debt on... ** Sooo fast forward to now. And I got the court letter... which I have dealt with as above. I have looked on another website and only seen this website today. I wonder ----> what forum would be best for me and this issue? any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thankyou folk :0)
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