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Found 151 results

  1. Hi, I have a loan which was taken out through the AA and run by HBOS - currently making reduced payments through their wonderful agency Blair Oliver and Scott. However I wanted to query their policy of charging all the interest upfront so sent a subject access request with cheque for £10 to AA/HBOS and have today received the cheque back with a letter stating that they cannot find the account! (current theres about £25k outstanding) Where do I stand now in terms of payments to Blair Oliver and Scott, so i SJA them or send letter stating the above and dispute payment? Any thoughts/similar experiences of this much appreciated
  2. The night before last,for no particular reason,I typed my name into Google. I was perturbed by the fact one of the results returned was on a website named checkSURE.biz,which appeared to list me as a company director,along with my address. I have contacted checkSURE to find out what is going on.I have never,ever been a director,much less run a business from my flat! As I understand it,this can be one of the steps in Identity Theft,and fraudsters can basically register anyones name and address to run up business debts or similar nefarious activities. I have also contacted Companies House to ascertain whether a company has been registered for real.At the moment,I am considering the possibility that checkSURE have simply created a speculative entry,so I'll pay the nine quid for this company report.I'm not completely naive,but nor do I want to get hysterical Following advice gleaned on the web,I've set up an Experien account,but it will take 5 days for the PIN to arrive. I have not contacted the police. I wondered if anyone here might have some experience with this particular issue.According to the David Icke forums,a shedload of MPs are seemingly registered as companies by checkSURE,yet there's no entry at Companies House. Neither checkSURE nor Companies house have replied to my emails as yet. I apologise for rambling,but this has blindsided me slightly. Edited to add: I just ran the free web check at companies house using the company number and no such company was found. Update: I just got an email from checksure saying they will investigate and if what I say is true,they will remove the listing.
  3. Saw somewhere on here that Peachy never give out their bank details. Well here there are as of a week ago: Account name: Cash On Go Ltd; Account number: 43882942 Sort code: 200353 They are correct as got confirmation of loan being paid off.
  4. Hi All Does anyone have up to date bank details for Wonga or have they changed? I have been paying them by bank standing order, for some considerable time but my bank said they couldn't pay it this month because the recipient bank has notified us that the information is not valid or they are unable to accept faster payments. I contacted Wonga by email twice- the first one they did not respond to and the second they wanted me to call them which I don't feel inclined to do. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, please see attached picture from my conversation with QQ this week. I basically blagged them on the live chat service to confirm there bank details (they are the ones that have been posted on here a few times with people questioning whether it is actually there bank) I can confirm that I sent them £0.01p and it registered up off my account within 3 days. Attached is the conversation I had on LIVECHAT. Hope this help a few people - NEVER give them your debit card details or bank. They will set up direct debits without you knowing and take payments from your debit card or attempt to on a daily basis if you are in default! [ATTACH]43700[/ATTACH]
  6. Hi, I've noticed that the various accounts I have are passing my details on to third parties, by this I mean CRA's and DCA's There is no mention of me allowing them to disclose personal details to others. Can they really do this without my consent? Examples are: -Southern Water sent my £20 outstanding bill to a DCA some time back -Medway Council sent my details to a bailiff without even telling me (resolved but annoyed) -British gas do it monthly as my payments are usually a few weeks late due to pay frequency -My mobile provider, I signed up over the phone and never agreed for details to be passed to other agencies Cheers, A
  7. Can anybody help i am due to repay swift sterling on fri i have rang and sent emails but have been told to wait untill fri untilli default then get charged 59 late fee so since then i have just emailed to be told i need to ring up which i dont want to to do i do want to repay the debt which is 697 j can pay 40 a month but i need there details can anyone help just worried ?
  8. Guest

    MBNA contact details

    Hi fellow caggers Does anyone have the direct telephone number of MBNA PPI claims line I found this 0800 08451409 on a thread here but the number is not in use now. I've also tried the Bank Of America line and was just put on hold after asking to be put through to the PPI department..........figures!!!! Am I being realist in trying to phone them to chase up my PPI miss sold claim or would it be wiser to write to them. To be honest FOS have been handling this case for me and they just keep asking me to wait, it's been going on for almost two years now. Fos gave them till 6th December to respond to their findings of upholding the complaint. Lola xx
  9. I am suppose to pay money to Payday Express this thursday, but when i tried to login to my account on their website, it said my details been not recognised. Asked them to remind my password and it's the same story. Is it possible that they deleted me or is it normal thing for them? Haven't had that kind of problem with them before. Cheers for any help
  10. Can anyone confirm Speedy Cash's bank details. I am trying to help someone out, but they have refused to give details over the phone
  11. Hi I seem to remember seeing a template letter quoting Data Protaction Act, on here for PDL companies asking for removal of employer's details from their records. Am I able to do this with an outstanding loan. And if I can anyone direct me to the template. I have been through all the PDL threads and cannot find anything other than template letter with regard to harassment. I dont want these companies to harass me at all. I am going to write to them asking for a repayment plan but want to write the letter requesting removal of my employers details first so as I do not get calls in the office Many thanks
  12. I dont know what exactly i should do. QuickQuid was not reporting to the CRA correctly in whch I raised disputes and got in touch with both QQ and noddle. After a month of fighting, It seemed the QQ had finally sorted it and was up to date and had the right information( account balance, account status) until i received my new report just yesterday. NOW even though my account with QQ is very much open and active, the CRA have informed me the account is closed and ' settled' Even yesterday a manager at QQ confirmed my account was open and emailed me to say that too... Other than raise disputes AGAIN and have sent emails to this manager asking for an explanation, what else can I do? Any ideas anyone?
  13. Hello all, Around two years ago I wrote to RBS attempting to negotiate a full and final settlement for an allegedly outstanding credit card account I had with them (in the region of £200, mostly charges) in return for removal of the default from my credit file. No harm in asking eh? Two years later, and after numerous letters backwards and forwards, (never received a reply to the initial letter) RBS are claiming they can not find my account details, and constantly send me letters asking for "more information," I've told them the credit card type, my name, address and date of birth, I can't really furnish them with anything else. It's now at the stage I'm receiving real letters from real people, I spoke to a Ms. Sahota last Friday who agreed it was unusual that I could not be found in RBS' records, but they had been updating my credit file... I moved house in August 2012, RBS have updated my credit file to reflect my new address, but claim that they can not find me on their computer What do I need to ask them now to get them to "put-up or shut-up"? Regards, Andy
  14. can you confirm these are wongas bank details as i want to pay today please sort code 40/06/09 acc no 21544926
  15. Hi Has anyone got the Bank details of the following Payday loan please they are willing to share with me ? Mr Lender Peachy Txtloan Minicredit Payday UK Thank you
  16. Hi all, Would someone please provide me with names/addresses for Currys or 'Whatever Happens'. In particular the contact details of the C.E.O would be good. I have tried dealing with Gary Perryment, but to no avail. He WON'T reply to emails or letters. I am going to send a LBA requesting their initial engineers report on an item returned to me after they refused to repair it under WH. I will also be requesting a copy of the report from H.M Investiagtions. I will need this as evidence in court. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
  17. Hi all! I've got a pretty common name, and have been hounded for years by a debt that seems to follow me around that has nothing to do with me. Now, I've sent the DCAs dispute letters over the years, and they go away, and then they come back - seems the debt just gets sold from one DCA to another time after time (yes... even when in dispute it seems... anyway; not to worry about that for now!) My question on this thread is, I sent them another dispute letter - and they've come back asking for my name, address and date of birth so they can comply with Data Protection 1998 and provide me with further information. I just went back saying "I am not and have never been a customer of yours, have not entered in to any agreements with you nor the alleged creditors you claim to represent - so I shall not be submitting my personal details to you. It is quite clear to me, since you are contacting an incorrect third party, that true adherence to the DPA 1998 is not something your company really values". And proceeded to tell them to remove all personal details they have about me (they seem to have my address, mobile number and name at least) - or else (the usual Trading Standards, OFT, ICO threats etc...).. My question is... what next? I guess we're at a stalemate? Presumably they'll keep hounding me and demanding my personal details... the reason I contacted them this time is they threatened a potential home visit - and I'll know I'd end up punching someone if they turned up Do I have to give them my personal details to enable them to try to 'prove' I am the debtor? As I say, I have a common name - hundreds of 'me' just in the south of the UK if you look at linkedin... what do I do? What can THEY do? Since I know it's been following me around for well over 6 years, it's bound to be a statue barred item; but I don't want to give them my personal details so they can send me the 'information' for me to prove that.. . and I'm not going to chance a statute barred letter at them as that may infer to them I know more about the alleged debt than they've disclosed to me All this for a 'debt' less than £300 *sigh* Any advice or guidance gratefully received
  18. Dear forum members, I am looking for ways how to remove my personal information from the website/internet which keeps ignoring my request. Approximately 1.5 years ago I was looking for a temporary job and created a profile with my personal information (name, contact number, age, skills, education etc.) on this website. The website's purpose was to help people like me to find some additional work (e.g. care assistant, help when moving home etc). It is similar to those freelance workers databases online however it doesn't need you to log in to the website in order to access the details of the freelance workers and it is free of charge. My profile on that website did not bring any results and I wanted to delete my information from it. I contacted the website administrators and they told me that they will delete all my information from the website. There is no option for me to log in to my profile and to amend/delete the information. Accidentally one year later I googled my name and search results brought up that website again with all my personal information! I contacted the website again and asked them again to remove the info. I did not receive any response from them for about a month and I wrote to them again. They then said again that they will delete it and when I checked the website few days later the website was removed from the internet. Today I checked the website again and this website is back online with all my personal details available to watch to anyone on the internet. Can anyone please advise me if I there are any remedies against this website or is there any way how can I force the website to delete my details. I know I was stupid registering my details with the website without first checking the website properly, but I was also desperate to find some additional work at that time... Thank you in advance!
  19. Hello, I don;t know if anyone happens to have any new bank details for GE Money. I have been paying my mortgage with them for months online and this morning it was rejected. As I am in arrears I took money from bank and went into Lloyds Bank to pay it into their account, only to be told it's the wrong number. I've tried to call them this morning but have just been lost in the phone system. Thank you
  20. Hi Have received a letter from Red claiming they are in the process of obtaining my employment details, and that once they have them they will decide on further action. Do these DCA's have the right (or means) to obtain my employment details? I am not working at the moment so they aren't going to find anything, but how would they be privy to that information anyway?
  21. Millions of Lloyds bank customers will shortly receive a letter through the post informing them that their banking details are about to change. We explain how the changes will affect you. These customers will see the banking licence behind their account transferred to Lloyds TSB Scotland, as the first part of the process of switching them to the new “TSB Bank”. Up to 4.6m customers will be switched to this new bank after the competition authorities forced Lloyds Banking Group to sell off more than 600 branches. The Co-operative Bank is in advanced talks to run this new banking operation, with a purchase agreement expected early next year. The following questions and answers explains in more details what these changes mean for affected customers. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/9703432/Millions-of-Lloyds-customers-told-banking-details-to-change.html
  22. Hello everybody, I've been looking through the various forums and very impressed with the help and advice given out. Now its my turn to ask for help/advice. I'm currently paying Alex M Adamson £70 per month for council tax arrears, which I've been doing for a few months without any problems. Recently the council sent me a demand for a benefit claw back which I couldn't pay and they passed this debit on to Adamson. Now Adamson have sent me a letter requesting that I supply them with my employer's details, home and mobile number, email as well as details of my income (wage slips). I have put it in writing to Adamson that I will only deal with them in writing and therefore will not give phone numbers or email address and they have accepted this without any problems. In light of this new council tax debit my question is am I under any legal obligation to provide them with this information? I have just written to Adamson and asked if possible to add the new debt to the one already in existence and continue to make payments at the current rate. Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I have to make a call to Lloyds tomorrow and wonder if someone can give me some advice so I am better prepared. Unfortunately I had to close down my business about 18 months ago leaving me with a Personal guarantee of around £90k to deal with. The bank had taken a second charge against my house when I took out the business loan. The business had made all the repayments in full and on time until we closed. I was fortunate to get a job fairly quickly and i negotiated with Lloyds to continue to make the monthly repayments personally at the same level as the business had been making. I set up a standing order just over a year ago and all payments have been made on time and the balance is coming down. The loan has about 4 years left to run (it was originally 10 years). I have today received a letter from them saying that they need to carry out an annual review and asking me to complete a form with details of all my assets, liabilities, income and expenditure. Am I within my rights to refuse to do this as I have not defaulted on any of the terms or conditions of the loan? I don't really understand why they want this information - it will just show them that actually I can't afford to make payments at the level i am making them! I have been living with my partner for 6 months and he pays all the bills so I can make the loan repayments. The form also asks for his income, expenditure details but I don't see why they have any right to that information. He was not party to the business or the personal guarantee. My gut instinct tells me they don't have any right to this information while i am continuing to make full payments but i don't want to go in all guns blazing and put their backs up. Any advice please?
  24. Hi guys I'm being chased by a DCA for a defauled Woga debt - I know I had an account with them but it was from 2008 so no paperwork - I want to SAR them for default notice/statements but dont have anything other then my email address I took the loan out with. Can anyone offer any advice for getting the account information from them? I've changed address since then. Thanks BSBS.
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