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  1. Hi, Does anyone please have the bank details for Amigo loans? My brother has to pay them he is in an agreed monthly arrangement but does not want to give them his new card details as he thinks they might take whatever they want. He want to pay cash in at the bank so we were wondering if anyone has these details please to make payments? Or any other way? Thanks.
  2. First of all... hi and thx for the forum! I am wishing to claim PPI on a loan and credit cards I had but I no longer have any of the account numbers etc. I only know who they where from - barclaycard, sonycard & egg. Can someone please inform me of how I can go about getting the information needed? I also had an old bank account with barlays which I would like to see about claiming the excesive charges - £25 & £30 etc, if I can but as with above I only know the bank, no account numbers etc. Will it be the same way as above to find this information out as well. Also how far back can you go for the claims - I believe my ones are between 5 and 7 years. Many thanks
  3. does anyone have any contact email addresses for ideal finance?
  4. To quickly outline my problem; I gave Vodafone 30 days notice to end my contract with them on 1st June 2015 (been with them for donkeys years (bills always paid,never missed one!) .Felt like a change so EE looked like a better bet for mobile internet .A week or so later Vodafone offered me an S6 phone at a very good rate to keep me so I took it ,the customer (dis)services operative arranged the phone delivery for the following Saturday morning,great!. Saturday morning came and went-no phone. Called VF (Vodafone) to query why my new shiny phone hadn't arrived and was told "Oh sorry,it hasn't actually been ordered", I straight away cancelled the order on the phone with this person (as I was entitled to with the 14 days cancellation agreement) and also informed them that I wished my contract to be cancelled as per the 30 days notice I had previously given,this was agreed and that was that. THIS WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!!!. After the 30 days notice was up,happy with my new EE phone, i noticed my old VF sim card was still working ,phone VF customer (dis)services and "Sorry sir,i'll sort that out straight away for you") .And so started 3 months of chasing Vodafone to actually cut off my phone and end my contract. In that time I must have phoned them 20 times ,spoke to Egypt ,India, South Africa, Scotland, England etc, every call taking a minimum of 30 minutes or so whilst I had to explain myself. I've spoken to just about every department they have, heard the promises of "I'll make sure this gets done for you" EVERY and I mean every time.... .and of course nothing ever happens, AND they just don't bother to get back to you. I received a letter from them about a week ago saying my phone services had been suspended???? REALLY!! and I should pay for the 2 months outstanding (the 2 months AFTER I ended the contract). I again contacted them, and the really pathetic thing is, when I now phone them, I ask the person I'm speaking to, to look at the notes on my account BEFORE we speak. They all, without fail, come back after looking and can immediately see that its Vodafones mistake that the account is still showing as active with payments outstanding. I always then get the apology and the "I'll make sure this get sorted sir". I fired off an email to the Chief Executive last Friday, i got a reply, obviously from an admin person, asking for my details the next day, sent them and waited with baited breath... ....still waiting!. Phoned again today, got passed to 3 people, the final of which told me "I'll go and get the account sorted and make sure customer (dis)services put a zero balance on your account a nd I will get back to you within the next hour or so"..... .obviously I didn't get a call back, didn't really expect one really and am exasperated with their disgusting treatment of loyal customers by their poorly trained staff. Final straw this evening is an email from Ardent credit services saying I need to contact them urgently ref my outstanding bill with Vodafone. I have and always have had a good credit history, no CCJ'S etc etc and this is precisely the thing which may ruin that through no fault of my own. VODAFONE - YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks in advance for any expert help. I received a letter from a company called IRCAS apparently acting on behalf of London Overground demanding £105 penalty fare that I don't have any clue about. I have contacted them and emailed to IRCAS (Independent Transport Associations Company) as advised by one of the staffs when I rang them. I told them that this must be an act of fraud and informed that I have reported this to action fraud. Then I had a follow-up email from them asking confirmation of my DOB, proof of my signature with copy of my driving license or passport or debit card's reverse side and a brief description of myself about HOW DO I LOOK LIKE! I was going to send a harsh response as I am very angry but thought to get some expert help first on how to deal with this ******? any help/advice is much appreciated. I have copied the response from them: "Thank you for your advice concerning the above referenced Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice and your kind notification of the use of 'false' details in this instance. This office acts in an administrative capacity for various rail and Transport for London services, and as such, we will produce reminder letters on their behalf where a Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice balance remains outstanding. Having failed to produce on demand a valid ticket, a notice was issued to a passenger by an Authorised Collector on the date concerned. Unfortunately, it is not law in this country to carry identification. Therefore, Authorised Collectors issuing notices often check an electoral roll system to help establish that correct address details are being collected. However, without identification it is impossible for them to be completely satisfied that the correct name is being taken or indeed, that the person is who they actually claim to be. Therefore, we try to capture as much accurate information about an individual as we can. This enables us to compare it against the information taken at the time of issue but also, importantly, it means that we can help Authorised Collectors to ask the right questions and get the correct information should they stop someone again in the future who gives details that have previously been proven to be false. In order to assist with this please provide the following information: 1. Confirmation of your date of birth. 2. Please provide a copy of a document with your signature on, such as a driving licence, passport or a copy of the reverse of a debit/credit card. 3. Please provide a brief description of yourself, including height, build, hair colour and length, complexion, eye colour, right or left handed and any distinguishing features such as tattoos or piercings. Upon receipt of this information we can update our database accordingly. We thank you in anticipation for providing this information, and therefore, helping us to provide accurate information to the transport providers which, in turn, may help prevent further misuse of personal details. We will hold the above mentioned Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice for 7 days from the date of this correspondence to await your response."
  6. Hi, I have recently been asked to give my details for dodging a train fair for a second time. Admittedly they were different circumstances. However because this was the second time this has happened (the first time I had to pay a fine) I was worried i would be sent to prison or get a criminal record so I gave false details. I quickly withdrew these details after further questioning and admitted I had lied. But because this is the second time they have pulled me up, and because I gave false details to start, will I get a criminal offence? Please anyone that has any experience with this I would appreciate your help. Thank you.
  7. Hi - I wonder if anyone can help me. I took Virgin Media broadband package in December over the phone. I decided to go with them again for my new property considering a good service they provided for last few years at my mums house. I've rang Virgin and was connected to a lovely saleslady who walk me trough all the packages etc etc - she also took the order and all my details to set the account up. I have obviously provided my 'bills' account details and was all happy to get the 'best' UK broadband. Sadly - probably my bad, I wasn't particularly bothered to check my acc if the direct debit was set properly... I've had reasons to check such details. As this acc was used purely for my and my partners household bill we had an estimated amount of money set to sent there each month and whatever was left was used on monthly basis ( as the bill vary each month there was usually left anything between 50 and 100 pounds. Anyway , during all those month all bill from virgin were showing as paid with thanks... To our surprise all our services were cut off this afternoon! obviously we rang virgin after few hours to check what was the reason - shockingly the lady on the phone said that we have cancelled the DD and asked our bank to request all money paid back! and this supposed to be paid back ( £379 ) to our acc on 2nd of July! Obviously this was impossible as we had no payments of such amount nor we requested this. After few minuted of explaining the customer service asked us for the bank account numbers - which not matched the one they've had on their system and they've been taking payments from for last 8 months! shocking! We've been told that they must have made mistake and assigned someones else bank details to our account! and once the poor sod who was paying our bill realized the direct debit was cancelled and they had to return all monies owed - admitting to their mistake they are now demanding full payment of over £379 ( which we don't have ) before the services can be recommenced! Is there anything we can do?! This is absolutely surreal... Any help would be greatly welcomed Thanks, Klaus
  8. Afternoon all, been a while but I have a new problem, my wife has cancelled her old contract with Orange as it was too expensive, she had 3 phones on it one for herself and two for the kids, the final settlement figure from Orange came through higher than expected on enquiry she has been told that it was due to charges being added for itemised billing, which she had never agreed to and has taken up with them in the past, sent a SAR to orange which they have sent back and said she has to fill in thier own SAR form, in the meantime they have passed the account to Red Castle Recoveries, she has filled out the SAR form and I have printed off a new SAR letter for her to send them to and also a letter for Red Castle pointing out this account is in dispute and also attaching a letter telling them that their threats of doorstep collection will be reported to the FCA, anything else I can do, she is willing to settle the account in full once she can get a figure which does not include charges for services not requested, regards Purp
  9. Hi, Just wondering if this was allowed... I am currently paying £10.55 to Lowell Group which is due to finish soon, now I got a letter from Bryan Carter which brought from Lowell Group for completely different debt saying they're accepting the offer for me to pay £10.55 and D/D was set up to take 1st payment in May.. Now I know I never arranged or asked Bryan Carter to set up D/D or even offered to pay £10.55 a month (Don't get me wrong, I'm willingly to pay that..) so are Lowell allowed to pass on my bank details to another company without my permission? I know for sure I never made no arrangement with B/C - only to L/G So 2 different debt.. And same amount of money to repay (£10.55) something isn't right is it?? Many thanks, Juniper.
  10. I went Leisure World in Southampton to watch a film. ParkingEye took over the car park in June last year. The car park is 4 hours free parking for Leisure World users but you must enter your Car registration details to qualify. I didn’t. Received a PCN in the post, £100.00 would be reduced to £60.00 if paid in 14 days. I went on-line and checked the parking at Leisure World and it said “Free for 4 Hours”. Thought the PCN must be a mistake so ignored it. 9 days later a second reminder letter arrived. I went on-line to seek advice on parking on private land and the general defence advice at the time was ignore it so I did. £100.00 would be reduced to £60.00 if paid in 4 days. 21 days later a third letter arrived. £100.00, must be paid in 14 days. Again went on-line, unfortunately not on this site, and the advice was, as I was not the driver, to respond that I was not the driver and therefore not liable. Received County Court Claim Defended Claim based on on-line advice, again not this site, My defence was based on the fact that I did attend the cinema and therefore was entitled to 4 hours free parking. I also stated that I was not the driver and therefore not liable and also that as they are claiming a breach of contract they could only claim their losses and as 4 hours are free their loss was nothing. Courts acknowledged my defence. ParkingEye issued a Notice to Proceed, a 47 page letter. They have quoted a case involving a District Judge HHJ Maloney. This is a case they won but it is regard to two people overstaying a free period. I did not overstay a free period but did not register my car. They also said that I could not change my defence at this point without the courts permission. I understood that I have to submit a witness statement at some point and that would include any evidence I want to use in the case. Directions questionnaire (Small Claims Track) received and I completed and returned. ParkingEye sent me a their copy, signed “PE” as the claimant. Notice of Transfer of Proceedings to Portsmouth County Court. I am awaiting Judge’s directions. I have since sent a copy of a letter to ParkingEye from Odeon Cinema’s stating that they can confirm that I did purchase cinema tickets on that day and therefore entitled to 4 hours free parking. I need help.
  11. Hi. I had a local council PCN today. I have seen on Google all the technicalities one can get a ticket cancelled with, but everything seems to be in order, street name, reg etc, except, my last tax disc is still in the holder and is 7 months out of date, (the car is taxed!), but the number of the disc and expiry date of 30/09/14 are recorded on the PCN. Is this a valid technicality to get the ticket cancelled do we think ? I haven't removed the old disc because I don't have to, but in effect the PCN is incorrect. Thanks, all !
  12. My lad received in the post an advise and information booklet on keeping his motorcycle safe and secure, sent by the local police. He had recently just brought the scooter, and had only ridden it a half dozen times and had not been stopped as it was Taxed, MOT'd and Insured. I was told that the local police force buy the information from the DVLA and wondered if this was true? As that being a Council Tax Payer, a proportion of the Tax goes to my local force. Having waited 8 days for them (the police) to come out after having a brick through my window, I find myself wondering if this is one of the reasons why in the last 9 months I HAVE NEVER SEEN A POLICE OFFICER ON THE STREETS LOCALLY! Why should we be paying the police to pay the DVLA for data that must be covered by the data Protection Act?? While I have no issues had he been stopped for an offence, I seriously think this money would have been better spent on having a viseable police presence on the street. I have had all sorts of worthless junk mail from the police of late and even received Victim Support correspondence long before an officer turned up. I wonder if the other member's on here agree that it's about time to put a stop on government department's selling on our personnel information.
  13. Scottish Power Scottish power causeway Wilderspool causeway Warrington WA4 6QD This is not the head office of ScottishPower – but it is the address of a major customer service centre with at least 100 customer service operatives and over 50 other support staff. If you have made your energy contract in England/Wales and you live in England/Wales then you can sue ScottishPower in England/Wales if you have an address for service within the jurisdiction. This address in Warrington will be fine. Don't worry about having to sue out of the jurisdiction in Glasgow or any other thing like that. A few more people suing these inept and irresponsible energy companies like ScottishPower and npower will do the whole of the consumer environment a lot of good. So come on people – bring it on.
  14. Hi All Would anybody be able to find me the contact details for the CEO of UK Mail? I am beyond anger with these people. Three times in a row I have scheduled a collection of some bits I sold on ebay, they don't turn up, don't apologise, don't give any reason and don't give a rats ... I pay through the roof for it to be next day, and they don't arrive. The people on ebay then have a fit at me, and it reflects in the feedback. If I had enough money I would sue them for damage to my account
  15. Hi Guys, my partner has received a notice for her details from the police for an alleged "action" in a car park used by mums picking up kids from pre-school. it states the Application is for the drivers details for alledged driving dangerously, carelessly or without consideration for other persons, contrary to sections 2 and 3 of the road traffic act 1988. They want the details of the driver on the date of the incident before they say anything else about the alleged offence. Their form is leading as if you fill it out it confirms you were driving (2 months ago) but either of us rarely drive as we live within a 3 minute walk. even if my partner did, which she cant remember - what does this mean, what are our rights? Many Thanks in advance TSF Will this form
  16. Hello all, Has anyone had any dealings with this company? One of my last PDL debts that i am trying to pay off. On their website they claim to not lend online anymore and have limited contact information. I called to offer a payment plan but they advised they do not have a bank account number i can pay into via standing order and asked for my debit card which naturally i did not give. i could sent a postal order but find it strange they will bnot give me bank details. has anyone else had the same issue?
  17. I wondered if any one could comment on the following regarding timescale for retention of old account details. If a credit card account was taken out with ppi in 2000 and defaulted due to financial problems, passed to a DCA in 2006 and eventually paid off and closed in 2009 - Would the 6 year limitation start from the date it was passed to the DCA ? I just need some clarity if possible, if anyone knows. Cheers Baz
  18. Can anyone tell me if a web site selling items based in the UK has to have full contact details provided. - Such as business name, full postal address, telephone number(s) etc. If yes - the legislation that states these requirements. Thanks in advance for any help.
  19. There is a call centre some where in the Glasgow area claiming to be "government funded" and promoting the installation of solar panels. The name they give is (nearly always) the "Green Energy Initiative", which if one googles for, turns up nothing. Being ex-directory and TPS registered, I grow weary of telling these people where to go - I have (at times) been polite, forceful, blunt, down right rude, and even vulgar. Nothing seems to work. If anyone has a confirmed address and traceable name for this outfit, I would be most interested. Have a box of kippers and some legal papers to send to them.
  20. I have an electoral roll official guy turning up on my doorstep, asking to update/provide my details for the electoral roll register. He always picks a sunday evening for this which is very wierd, has he not got a life or is he getting a percentage out of it....? Hahaha. i live with other ppl in a shared house and he doesn't care that nobody else in my house is registered because they are refusing to provide their details. A few years ago when this electoral roll bullsh.. started, I was living at this same address with a different set of ppl and (without my permission) annoyingly those guys provided my details to that female official who came to register the ppl at this address. At that time I happened to just got home while they were in the middle of it and I was 'threatened' by this female official (if we can call it that...) that if I don't provide my full and truthful details, I'll get a fine of up to 5000 pounds. This happened 2 years ago. Last year however I did not fill in a new form. In May i moved out from here. After living somewhere else for 5 months, I ended up back at this same address and living here since. Funnily I'm due to move out again before the end of the year, got landlord's (unofficial) notice (as I have no signed tenancy contract - and nobody else does). So I'm being informed that if I don't provide my details again on the form the official left here for me today, I will be fined up to 5000 GBP. My housemates just keep telling him that they do not live here and he just leaves it at that even though it's blatantly obvious that they do live here. Last year I did not update my details on the electoral roll and I did not receive a fine whatsoever (probably that is due to moving so frequently). I am not trying to dodge anything or be running from anything, it just happens that I am unlucky with the houseshares where I chose to live. I am really not happy about having my details on government databases and God knows where else where they sell my data to. I am not a british national and couldn't care less about voting and really don't think I will ever get to the financial stage to apply for a mortgage so for these reasons I don't want to fill in the form again. Basically I am looking for a legit way out of this constant, nagging, pain in the backside electoral roll bullsh.. Such an annoyance! The official brought a form again today (sunday) with my name and current address on it and said to my housemates that if I do not fill in and send it within 7 days, I'll get a 5000 GBP fine! Really makes me feel wanting to slap him across the face, lucky it wasn't me he said this to!
  21. I phoned Barclays fraud department earlier this evening and as part of the security questions I was asked for my name & card number. Then they asked me to use my pinsentry device and give them the code... I have never been asked to do this before ( usually get asked DOB, Mothers maiden name etc) and it concerned me as with my name, card number and the pinsentry code they could have logged in to my barclays online account. Is it usual to be asked for these details or does it sound a bit dodgy? I just hung up and then phoned the number on the back of the card instead in order to get through.
  22. Hi Does anyone know the direct contact details for the current CEO of British Gas? I did search this on the forum, but could only find details and info from 2009...... Any help, very welcome. Lindsay
  23. Hello, I'm just looking for some advice about an incident that happened with northern rail. I have just moved to the area and was travelling from my local station to Manchester Victoria for the first time. I tried to buy a ticket at the machine however it kept on saying that were no fares available for my journey which completely confused me. Anyway, I was going to buy a ticket at the manned office however the queue was huge and there were only a couple of mins until my train so I just thought I'd get on the train and buy a ticket from the conductor. The train was slightly delayed which meant that I was going to be late for work. Also, the conductor didn't come around meaning I couldn't buy a ticket and as I got off there were people checking everyone's tickets. As I was in such a rush and panicked because I hate being late, I stupidly just flashed an old ticket that I had in my purse and I got pulled up by the revenue protection officer. He took my details and said that northern rail would write to me and he said that they would either let me off or they might charge me. Anyway, I've been scaring myself to death reading forums and things like £1000 fines and prosecution have popped up?! I've been frequently using trains for over 8 years and I have never done anything like this before. I have hundreds of tickets to prove that I always buy a ticket. The same guy also saw me doing the same journey today with a ticket. It was just a stupid mistake because I was in a rush, panicked and was unaware that nobody would come around on the train giving me the opportunity to buy a ticket. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi, I'm going through a claim with Barclaycard at the moment which dates back to the mid 90s. Ive sent back the original questionnaire but they have written back asking me for proof I was employed at the time. I wasn't, I was self employed so I think they may be trying to trip me up, also due to the length of time I have no proof either way. Could anyone advise me how I should proceed?
  25. Hi, long time reader first time poster. I was issued with a court claim form recently which I have defended and returned back to the court . I am representing myself and have prepared the defense. Photos and witness statements have all been sent off. I received a copy of the defense from the court addressed to my brother (who is another defendant) today care of my address as he is living abroad and very hard to get hold of at the moment. In the copied defense was a copy of the N9B form which contained my address, dob , home telephone number and personal email address. This has me worried as the claimant is a neighbour who is already making life difficult for me - taking me to court for something I didn't do...I am dumbfounded that my personal details have been disclosed to this man, and by the court. Has anyone had any experience of this? Dave
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