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  1. I sent a letter to thomson to claim eu flight delay in march 2013, the flight was in april 2007 , so was inside the 6 year time limit . They sent me a letter saying that because it was outside their 2 year limit , I couldnt claim. They told me that if the supreme court said that they had to pay out up to 6 years, I had to contact them. I have contacted them by recorded letter and they have now replied that as it is now outside the 6 year limit timeframe they will not compensate us. I started the claim within the 6 year timeframe and if they had not contested the 6 year time limit , they
  2. I got a letter from them asking who was driving my car about six months earlier. I replied that, after such a long time, I hadn't a clue. In my absence, they took me to court, gave me 6 points and a fine of over £700. === Are they allowed to wait such a long time before asking?
  3. Hi I think Im in a catch 22 ?? My intigrated tumble dryer broke after 4 years 8 months. That was two weeks ago In a panic I rang and agreed to pay Domestic & General £13.99 a month for a service warranty to get the dryer fixed. I knew the timer was broke and that the thermostat was broke because the machine worked but blowed cold air. I explain both faultclearly to the operator and she said she would arrange for an engineer to visit. Engineer arrived with no parts and said hed have to order them. A week later Domestic & General said that the thermostat is not in stock a
  4. Hi I had an interview for a job today that I only heard about last Sunday, before then I had already accepted a job offer to start next Monday 1 December. After going for the interview today they didn't indicate either way if they wanted me or not but just suggested I delay the other job start date to give them more time to consider things. Should I just tell them no or is there a chance I could also use this to get the other company I was due to start with to up my salary or benefits? FYI these are both entry level jobs paying just over 20k so I'm not a senior exec 2 companies are desperately
  5. I have had an ongoing claim with Jet2 for compensation following a fight delay in Feb 2011. There are six family members in the group, my wife and I, and four children under 16. I am the lead passenger and paid for the flights and the booking was made using my Jet2 account. It was a technical fault and they have been using the “unexpected circumstances” excuse since 2011, and most recently said they were waiting the outcome of their appeal to the Supreme Court which they said would affect the outcome of my claim. When the Supreme Court refused permission for them to appeal, I wrote again
  6. I received a letter last week from Atos telling me that I will need a medical to discuss any entitlement I might be able to claim (fine). It has taken them almost 11 months to tell me that, but to add further delay they say it will be at least a further 26 weeks before I will be called for a medical.
  7. Hi, I traveled from Chicago to Hyderabad (India) in July 2014 in a British Airways flight. After landing at the airport, i realized that one of my checked baggages has not arrived. I logged a Property Irregular Report at the Airport BA counter. since then i have been waiting for the update on my baggage. The only response i get from the customer care is that they are still trying to trace my baggage @ the Heathrow airport. I logged multiple reminders at the ba.com site but none was responded to positively... the only response i received was they were still trying to trace...
  8. Hi. My son (British born, UK resident) and his partner (living here but an EU citizen) applied for a joint claim JSA, in his partner's name, in the first week of January 2014. They supplied all necessary documents (proof of address & identification) at their first appointment at the Jobcentre, and my son's partner sat through the 20 minute long Habitual Residency Test (HRT) questionnaire. They have attended all appointments at the Jobcentre since then, and every week have satisfied the rules laid out in their contract with the Jobcentre. However, they have received no actual
  9. Dear forum members, I registered recently to this forum, I was browsing it for a totally different reason but I read an issue that someone has had with the Monarch airline http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?404211-Monarch-flight-delay-claim-are-they-stalling-(1-Viewing)-nbsp, in that thread I mentioned the issue I have had with Easyjet. As promised, I am putting here the details of the issue and the output. I am putting all the data together so it can help other people to deal with a similar claim better than me (even if we managed to get the compensation). And
  10. Hi I am being pursued for a credit card debt. I put in a holding defence based on lack of agreement and charges added to the debt. The creditor did not follow through with the action and the case was stayed. Six months down the line the creditor has now applied for a lifting of the stay and summary judgment. A hearing has been arranged for December. As part of my original defence, I asked for the creditor to supply statements of account, documents like the default notice and copy of agreement. They have not complied so it is difficult to comply a proper defence. Can I appl
  11. Hi All Back on April 8th 2013, I received a PCN for allegedly parking where I shouldn't have been (whether I was or not has been discussed in a previous thread, so I wont go over that aspect again). I challenged with within the 14 days On June 25th, I received a letter stating that the PCN will not be cancelled - no surprise there then I followed the instructions, i.e. do not reply if I still wish to challenge, and after 28 days the NtO will be served automatically. On September 26 I received the said NtO, dated Sept 24th. Therefore it took the council (Sheffield) 78 da
  12. Hi there, I've put this thread in the "General Consumer Issues" forum as I wasn't sure where else it should go! I have started a claim with Monarch for a flight from Mallorca to LGW that landed five hours later than the scheduled time. I sent all my paperwork to Monarch on the 16th September, and they confirmed the same day that they had received it (it was scanned and emailed correspondence). Today, ten days after submission, I have received an email from them to say they are still looking into my claim and that they have 28 days to get back to me. Surely the 28 days started when t
  13. So, I chose a very large and nice painting for our new flat, and it formed part of the way we designed it. We got the painting in the sale in early April for £125, lead time of 7-8 weeks. 8 weeks later I get an e-mail saying it has been delayed 21 weeks! (just under 6 months!). I have the right to cancel, but finding a substitue is going to be very hard and more importantly a lot more expensive. I want Dwell to pick up the difference for a subsitute product as they have failed to perform their contract. I purchased the item in store and was not presented with terms and conditions
  14. First off I have got to say I like my job and don't want to be too difficult but it is likely that I may be fired and for financial reasons I need to delay this as long as poissible. Background is I was diagnosed with secondry cancer 2-3 yrs ago and on Thursday was told that it had spread to my brain. Going to have radiotherapy and am entitled to 3 my full pay then ssp. I was off sick for about 9 months at first and then returned to work and apart from 1 week last yr and a few odd days (and I do mean a few pos 6-10) have had no sick leave in the last 2 yrs. My company were excellent and hav
  15. Hi all, I have a bank account where I have a substantial overdraft that I live in and have done for some time. Although I have never been unemployed, I have had "overdraft protection" which within the last year changed its name on my statements to "payment protection". I decided (long overdue) that I would call Barclays Complaints Dept and discuss this protection with them, explaining that I didn't really know why I had it and that during the time I have had it (since 1998) I couldn't ever remember actively asking for it although it is possible of course that maybe I did?
  16. Now you can sue over flight delays: Landmark ruling will mean payouts for hold-ups over 3 hours Families who have their holidays ruined by long flight delays will at last be able to claim compensation. A landmark ruling has opened the floodgates for hundreds of thousands of claims, and could cost airlines millions. It demonstrated that Britons have the right to compensation of up to £480, plus expenses, for hold-ups longer than three hours. Last October the European Court of Justice ruled that delays caused by airline failures, such as technical faults or a lack of f
  17. Wonder if anyone can provide advice on this issue with paypal. Bought some goods of a web site, good were wrong contacted the compamy and was told to send back which I did. Got an -mail message from paypal stating that a refund was made by the said company and pending 2/1/13. Up to now no refund has been refunded. The goos were paid via my Nat West Debit card. The refund was made by the provider on the 22/12/12 and now it is the 4th Jan. What can I do about this any input would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mashmallow
  18. Not sure if this has been posted already http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/dec/22/benefit-cap-delay-dwp-criticism
  19. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help advise me as to my next move. This is the background:- On 4th December 2012, I ordered an xbox game for my nephew's birthday (December 13th). Usually delivery was stated at between 2-5 business days and they said I should receive my item 'on or before 12th December', which was fine. The 12th came and went and so I rang the head office for The Hut - who took 11 minutes of constant ringing before they picked up! I explained that I was concerned about the item not arriving yet and the lady took my details and said she would g
  20. MPs will vote tomorrow on a 3p increase. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20285940
  21. The government has been warned it must urgently fix flaws in its support system for successful asylum seekers, after a destitute child starved to death in temporary accommodation in Westminster. Further tragedies are increasingly likely as more asylum claims are processed while support funding dries up, organisations claim. Details of the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of ‘child EG’ and the unrelated death of his mother ‘Mrs G’ surfaced in a serious case review and a letter sent to the government by child safety experts at Westminster Council, a flagship Conservativ
  22. I've had my WRAG ESA stopped after an ATOS 'medical'. I sent the appeal paperwork on 29 June. Received letter acknowledging receipt dated 2 July. Whilst I'm waiting for DWP to decide if they will forward papers to Tribunal Service, I am not on any ESA. Is this normal? What sort of delay is usual? Are DWP required to sort this out within any specified period?
  23. Hi, I have been unable to use my kitchen sink and washing machine for three weeks now as I have a leak that is causing damage to the downstairs flat. I rent and I am waiting for my landlord to fix the leak but it is taking ages. I have to use a launderette which is costing me money I can't afford. If landlord delays things further am I within my rights to knock off some of my rent from to cover the excess money I am having to pay in launderette fees. Also how long is reasonable to be without a usable kitchen sink? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  24. I'm formulating my action plan against Air France. I just sent this email to mail.wembleycc /at sign/ airfrance.fr (on recommendation from their customer support telephone line). Today it's Saturday. On Monday, I will call them again (which I'll try to record on Skype). If I don't make any progress then I'll call the Civil Aviation Authority to make a complaint. On Wednesday, I'll send a 'letter before action' (any good templates?) to their registered office address here in the UK. I'll restate my claim for 600 EUR and that they haven't paid, and have 14 days together with 8%
  25. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help because I'm at my wits end. I have a verified business account with Paypal and have never had any problems before now. Suddenly, I am faced with a problem withdrawing funds I have received in Paypal to my bank account. Basically, I requested a withdrawal last Thursday 1 Sept and it should have cleared into my account on Monday. It's now Friday - 9 days later (and 7 working days) and still no sign of the payment. Paypal are refusing to do anything about it but my bank has advised that there is absolutely nothing they can do because it is down to Paypal
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