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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm one of the many that Erudio have tried to [problem]! 1997 Mortgage style loan. Never a problem with SLC. Never earned over the threshold and have deferred every year. As I'm registered disabled and in receipt of DLA (lifetime award) and earn below the repayment threshold (just!) I applied for a 36 month deferral under the T&C. in 2014. This year, after a year or so of belligerence and a FOS complaint Erudio agreed to backdate my deferral and were ordered by the FOS to pay me 100pounds compensation. (Erudio also lie through their teeth & make the 'rules' as they go along. They would surely be laughed out of court) . They even argued that my DLA cert was invalid. However, Erudio fight dirty! Despite this they are now stating I have to apply for deferral again this year (& every year) and they state they never agreed to a 36 month deferral. Furthermore they are now just blanking the FOS and will not respond to them. I have written to them stating in accordance with the T&C I consider the deferment valid for 36 months and will not be paying anything until 2017. To which I get a 'we have closed our complaint' letter, followed by a deferment form & a 'you owe 200pounds' letter. So....this year. I earn below the threshold for 2015-2016 & my DLA award still stands. (Interestingly they have a section for child benefit & child tax credit. I do not receive these- my wife does!) If I apply for a deferral & it is accepted this will take me beyond my 50th birthday & as I have no arrears the loan will be written off....or rather should be. Or I could hold me ground re. the 36 month deferral. This would mean taking out a further deferral until my 5oth birthday in 2018. It strikes me Erudio will try anything to turn down a deferral application however. I simply do not trust them based on my dealings with them previously. Anyone had dealing with Erudio re. disability? Anyone successfully awarded a 36 month deferral? Any thoughts as to which option to go for. i.e. Send off deferral form, wageslips & DLA cert (again)? Or dig in until 2017? I have actually stated that I'm willing to address the matter in court as I believe they have breached original T&Cs.
  2. have one loan (1998) that was flogged off last year, the others having been flogged off to Thesis long ago. Didn't have to go through the horror of getting it deferred by Rodeo last year as it had already been deferred by SLC (lucky me from my reading here). Had ths usual barrage of phone calls from them throughout last summer which after answering one (at work, told them to bugger off) I ignored the rest and did some searching which brought me here. As you can imagine I wasn't looking forward to going through the deferrment battle with them this year. I was also starting to get a bit concerned as my repayments would be scheduled to start next month and I had had nothing from them other than a letter telling me I am in breach of my agreement for not having a direct debit in place (like I'd leave an open DD for them to access as and when they please) and deferrment forms would be sent out shortly. Still no deferrment forms but I have had them through from SLC so the plan was to send a copy of these with the 88 loan reference number on and a covering letter. Imaging my surprise then when yesterday I received a letter from SLC giving the reference of my 88 loan and telling me that my Erudio loan is now deferred until April 2016. Looks to me like Rodeo have tranferred the management of deferrment back to SLC, if so this is a tribute to the hard work and fight that many on here have put in, along with hte excellent advice from others (dx especially) that I was "looking forward" to having to follow myself over the coming weeks. So no real question in this thread but I wanted to post it up in case it is of use / interest to anyone else and also as a thankyou from this lurker who has found the info on here very useful and informative over the last few months
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