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  1. Ok this is a brief history of my last 4 years so you can see where I am coming from. My business collapsed in late 2007 leaving me in all sorts of financial problems. The problems compounded themselves with my stupid decisions to take out more finance etc. Well having struggled through all manner of things including using the dreaded Log book loan companies and losing my car and payday (read crazy interest) loans I am happy to say I have now reached the position where I have paid all my debts in full apart from 2. I was so stressed by various things at the time that I didn't res
  2. Hello, first post here, I owe £2,800 on one card and £900 on another On my larger amount owing my minimum repayment is £48 and my estimated interest is £50. This means i would be paying £48 and my outstanding amount would go UP by at least £2!! I questioned this in a call and cited their responsibility under the lending code but I may as well have been talking to a wall. The supervisor I spoke to said either pay it off, pay an amount at least equal to the minimum or dont pay (and face the consequences) I have just been made unemployed and currently have no money at all. I
  3. Hi guys i would appreciate a little help or advice for my situation. I have a credit card loan with Northern Bank (NI) which has been sold to apex for collection. The credit card I initially signed up to is from back approximately 11 years, 2000 - possibly earlier. I have at times been debt free with this card only to build credit again at times when I wasn't working. The debt built to somewhere in the region of £1,800 last August (2009) just as I was returning from a year living in Australia, I returned to begin full time education so from August to September (when I enrolled) i
  4. i am currently recieving letters from them trying to chase a debt they have apparently purchased, but there is no way on hell i can start paying for at least 6 months as i am currently paying off other debts as fastas i can which leaves me with very little cash left to play with, let alone settle other debts, i'm just wondering where i stand with this an if there is any chance they can do anything as i havn't acknowledged the debt or contacted them in any way, any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi. I have sent a cheque (from a friends cheque book not from myself) as an offer of full and final settlement, the company has sent the cheque to a debt agency which now say they are now Administrating" the debt, but that is a side issue, the issue is that in the letter that I sent to them (with the cheque) when I made the offer, I stated very cleary that they do not have permission to bank the cheque unless it is in acceptance of the full and final offer. They have banked the cheque, and sent me a letter demanding payment of the rest of the debt otherwise further action will be ta
  6. I'm really new to this and someone suggested I may get some help on here. I'm having a nightmare dealing with Orange - who actually refuse to take payment for an outstanding bill since Jan 2010. They are so disinterested and have sent me to Moorcroft who say the debt is not with them, its with Orange. Orange say the debt is with Moorcroft and all Orange do is keep asking me to call their collections department so they can speak to their Debt Collection side or something! Argh! They refuse to call me back as apparently they cant call customers that arent with orange anymore? Thats rubbish I'm s
  7. Hey guys, As some of you know I have been having problems with shop direct for some time, I have sent them a CCA which they replied with by telling my how many payments have been made on the account and a blank agreement. I then sent another request and they sent the same thing so I decided to sent another letter which looked like this ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Date: 3/11/2010 Dear Sir/Madam Thankyou for your letter of 21/09/10, the contents of which have been noted. You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consu
  8. Hello to everybody!Need your help. I got myself in alot of unsecured debt from bank,credit cards and loans.in total £23000 im still managing quite good after 8 years in debt i never miss out a payment ,but last 5/6 mons we been living on overdraft/credit card and recently is not been easy at all because as a result from 6/7 mons ago im taking unti depression tablets,and from 8 weeks ago been referred(by GP) for therapy because my depression getting so bad .pls let me say my story but in brif:6years ago i met a lady when i was on holiday in philippine.just after 3/4 mons we fall in love soon
  9. My Ex girlfriend and i used to have a joint debt management plan but when we split i got a new plan organised so i was only paying my debts offs and the joint debts.My ex hasnt paid a penny to her creditors since we split in january and now her creditors are chasing full payments and some have started legal proceeding against her. We have a joint mortgage together but she doesnt want anything to do with it and wants her name taken off but i cant do this until august other wise it will cost me 5000 to do so (basically a new mortgage). I already have a ccj which is charged to my property (thi
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