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  1. I have had some unauthorized payments leave my account and Lloyds tell me that , the payments have to clear before they can put a charge back in place. Does anyone know if that’s correct or am I being fobbed off?
  2. Hi, I have been issued a new coop debit card, and it has the contactless feature. I don't want this feature forced on me at all - it is ridiculously insecure. I've called armchair banking, and the policy is that they have to issue them to everyone. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if payments made by debit card are protected by any regulations in any way? Long story short I joined an online gambling site which has turned out to be a con. Its based in costa rica, so I have no way of forcing them to return my money. I made a payment to them by debit card, played on the site and now have a balance above what I deposited but have found out its a fraudulent site that does not answer emails or make withdrawls once they are requested. Im not alone in this there are others too. I have written to my bank who have
  4. Hi, I have an outstanding debt from a home I had with my ex husband, he is now bankrupt so I am responsible. I wrote to them in September advising I had started a new job and was on low wages for the first 3 months and could I set up an agreement after this. The day after sending this letter I received a county court judgement for this. A few days later I received a letter from them in response to my letter advising I would still need to fill out the earnings and expenditure on the county court judgement. I did this offering to pay £20 a month. I received a letter from them date
  5. About 6 months ago my business account was transfered to santander from nat west. I september I was unable to earn due to ill health and so that I had control over my account I cancelled my direct debits with the intention of informing the payees that I had done so and that I would pay them via debit card. In october I incured £280 charges for bounced direct debits. I informed the bank that I had cancelled the direct debits but they said that I should have told the companies not to claim them. All my bills got paid by debit card and I thought everything was ok.
  6. From today, children as young as eight will be able to use a debit card to shop online. The prepaid Visa card can also be used in selected shops and to withdraw cash, although parents will be able to set controls. Is this a good idea? Link:http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/poll/2012/nov/15/debit-card-eight-year-old
  7. Sorry, I resolved this problem. Don't know how to delete thread though Sorry again for any inconvenience.
  8. Compliance is expected to take effect from January 2013. Some firms including airlines,have already sought to get around this by removing the itemised debit or credit card fee from the billing screen and including it in the booking fee/charge. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19438820
  9. I went to withdraw money from cash machine last Monday and discovered my card had been cancelled. I rang my branch to ask why and was told I should have received a replacement due to santander taking over Rbs. I told them I had not received a replacement and she put an order in for a new card, and told me it would take upto 5 days to come through. I phoned again today when it did not come in todays post to be told it had been sent out and I should have received it. They have now ordered yet another card & I have to wait another 5 days for this one. I told her I needed money &am
  10. I discovered today that two unauthorised direct debits totalling £160 have been taken from my savings account by creation.co.uk This was completely by chance as the account is used purely for savings and I may not check it from one year to the next (there is no debit card or cheque book etc and I've never given anyone the account number). Initially my bank said that I would have to contact the company to ask for a refund, but when I insisted that I have not taken out a loan with this or any other company they agreed to do a Direct Debit charge-back. However, I have been told that the com
  11. I know this is a long shot but I thought I would ask - Does anyone have a copy of their debit card agreement that they would have signed to be sent a payment card prior to around 2001?
  12. Hi,, Hope I am doing this correctly... I have had previous PayDay loans all of which I have cleared except one. I had lost my job etc, wrote to them, explained the situation, heard nothing back from them with regards to my repayment offer, buried my head in the sand, so on and so forth. I again applied for a PayDay loan last week as in a dire situation. I know it isn't the correct thing to do but desperate times bring desperate measures. I entered all my details, plus bank details and card number. This was all with a company called MoneyMajesty. They sent a text message back ask
  13. :-)Hi, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Basicly, i purchaced a car Vauxhall Astra 03 plate 1.8cdti, on 23.7.12 £1.5k, paid on my Visa debit card, from local car dealer, got no logbook with car, got told to go to post office to apply for one, just the m.o.t and a bit of service history, on my receipt it says 'Trade Sale'. We drove the car home (2 minutes away), Engine management light on and car wouldnt lock with keys. We drove car straight back and its been in the dealers posession ever since. (3weeks today) !!. In this time the car has been in 4 different garages (Inc
  14. Just a word of warning for anyone who may be about to buy foreign currency with their debit card. Last year, I bought Euros at the Post Office using my cahoot debit card. The following day, I had a transaction decline and was suprised as I thought I had plenty of cash in the account. On checking the account, I worked out as well as seeing the Post Office transaction on my statement, there was an equal amount pending. I contacted cahoot who at first said it the Post Office's fault. The Post Office said it wasn't. I was then sent from pillar to post before it actually dawned on me that
  15. I took out an annual policy with Hastings in early April. They requested I supply them with information about the car's ownership and allow them access to take details from my previous insurer for no claims details. I didn't supply the information within the time frame they required and they amended my policy - they took an extra £566 from my bank account using the debit card details from my initial application. I phoned their customer services help line and was assured that if I could supply the details to them within the next hour or so they would reimburse me. I supplied the informati
  16. Hello - new to the site and desperate for some comments/advice please on dealing with fraud on my dormant bank account My VANQUIS card has not been used since July 2010 when all outstanding debt was paid up and this morning a statement landed on the mat and showed the card details had been used last week - to purchase dollars in Canada, purchase perfume and clothes in Lithuania using PAYPAL and Amazon EU (I do not have a PAYPAL account!!). This months purchases were added to an already outstanding balance of £1900 - and I have never received a statement from them in 2 years and have
  17. I was told by someone at my bank a while back that the only way to be 100% sure of stopping a direct debit payment coming out of my account, was to close the account and open another which would obviously have different details. To be honest I didnt think there was much possibility of what I had been told being correct, but after having 2 direct debit payments removed from my account after that arrangement had been cancelled by me, what I had been told was then grudgingly confirmed by the banks fraud department! So before setting up a direct debit mandate, its worth remembering that
  18. Evening all, I've been having a rough time lately trying to make ends meet, supporting my partner who is unable to work, and my mum, who has been struggling since my dad sadly passed away recently. I have an overdraft and a small-ish personal loan, but I've also stupidly fallen into the trap of payday loans, though I must admit out of pure desperation. However, I now have four payday loans due to be paid this payday (29/06/12), totalling over £2,000. The loans are with Wonga, Wageday Advance, Swiftsterling and 247Moneybox. I am certainly not trying to run away from these l
  19. Hello I have had two unpaid direct debit notifications on my bank account from EDF. This does however break one direct debit guarantee rule as EDF did not notify me within a certain amount of days that they would be a change in the amount. I have spoken to my bank and they have confirmed that unless they have notified me about any changes this does break a DD guarantee. Is there a letter anywhere on site that I can send to EDF telling them to refund my charges please. Pete
  20. I recieved two letters a few days ago from 1st Credit asking if I lived at the address, I ignored them thinking it was some kind of [problem] (I mean either they know I live here or not). today I get two letters from HSBC (who I had a joint account with my ex-wife about 7 years ago) and they have said they have passed on two debts I owe them to 1st Credit! One if for £600 the other is over £2000! Do I contact 1st Credit and confirm I live here and ask for the details of the debts or contact HSBC?
  21. Hello, First post here - been a useful site but never had a question to ask before . I recently opened a standard Current Account with the Co-Op. I got cheque book and account information very quickly but after waiting 2-3 weeks for a debit card had to request it manually. It was confirmed that none had been automatically issued but that there seemed to be "nothing wrong" with my record. The card came with a validity period of only one year. I got a friendly courtesy "how are things going?" call and asked about it - the lady wasn't sure why the short date. Looking at other posts
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