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  1. Sorry, I resolved this problem. Don't know how to delete thread though Sorry again for any inconvenience.
  2. I went to withdraw money from cash machine last Monday and discovered my card had been cancelled. I rang my branch to ask why and was told I should have received a replacement due to santander taking over Rbs. I told them I had not received a replacement and she put an order in for a new card, and told me it would take upto 5 days to come through. I phoned again today when it did not come in todays post to be told it had been sent out and I should have received it. They have now ordered yet another card & I have to wait another 5 days for this one. I told her I needed money & couldn't get to the bank before they close so could they issue me with a pin number to withdraw money from cash machine, She told me as my card is cancelled there is no way of doing this. When I said I was puting in a complaint she asked if I would like the manager to call me (this was at 3pm). I am now waiting for a telephone call from the branch manager which isn't looking likely as they close at 4.30. How am I expected to get money if I cant get there before it closes? I am furious with them. x Roz x
  3. I discovered today that two unauthorised direct debits totalling £160 have been taken from my savings account by creation.co.uk This was completely by chance as the account is used purely for savings and I may not check it from one year to the next (there is no debit card or cheque book etc and I've never given anyone the account number). Initially my bank said that I would have to contact the company to ask for a refund, but when I insisted that I have not taken out a loan with this or any other company they agreed to do a Direct Debit charge-back. However, I have been told that the company may insist that the charges are paid and that I may have to provide further evidence that I didn't take out a loan/store card/credit card with them. I've checked with equifax and no loans have been taken out in my name but I'm not sure how else I can prove a negative? It was suggested by my bank that I contact creation, but as I have never had any dealings with them and they have taken money from my account without asking, I'm not happy giving them my personal details. I'm guessing that they don't currently have my personal details and that this is just a mistake, but the warning from my bank that payments may go ahead in future is very worrying. Other than transferring my savings elsewhere (now done) can anyone suggest my next course of action? Thanks in advance, BP
  4. I know this is a long shot but I thought I would ask - Does anyone have a copy of their debit card agreement that they would have signed to be sent a payment card prior to around 2001?
  5. Hi,, Hope I am doing this correctly... I have had previous PayDay loans all of which I have cleared except one. I had lost my job etc, wrote to them, explained the situation, heard nothing back from them with regards to my repayment offer, buried my head in the sand, so on and so forth. I again applied for a PayDay loan last week as in a dire situation. I know it isn't the correct thing to do but desperate times bring desperate measures. I entered all my details, plus bank details and card number. This was all with a company called MoneyMajesty. They sent a text message back asking for me to reply at a charge of £5. This I did and never heard from them again. Saturday morning I woke to find my bank account empty. Amounts of £25, £25, £175, £68.75, £68.75 had been taken one after the other. I called my bank to be told a finance company had taken the amounts and I would have to call the fraud dept on Monday morning. All I can assume is the old debt company, PayDay loans are linked to this other company and have re-claimed the old debt. Could some-one please advise if they are allowed to do this? Is there any way I can claim fraud? Should I tell my bank I applied and gave my details but did not receive a service etc? I gave these new details to repay any future loan with a different company?! Also my money which is paid into my Natwest account doesn't officially go into my account until Monday but Natwest credit on a Saturday instead of Monday. Therefore these payment show as being taken on the 28th but my money they have withdrawn from isn't showing until the 30th on my statement.... I hope someone can make sense of my thread and help a little? Kind regards
  6. :-)Hi, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Basicly, i purchaced a car Vauxhall Astra 03 plate 1.8cdti, on 23.7.12 £1.5k, paid on my Visa debit card, from local car dealer, got no logbook with car, got told to go to post office to apply for one, just the m.o.t and a bit of service history, on my receipt it says 'Trade Sale'. We drove the car home (2 minutes away), Engine management light on and car wouldnt lock with keys. We drove car straight back and its been in the dealers posession ever since. (3weeks today) !!. In this time the car has been in 4 different garages (Including vauxhall) for diagnostic's & repair and still isnt fixed. When we checked on Friday with the 4th garage the car is in for repair at, mechanic said no parts have been ordered and thay are chocca with work so trying to fit my car in as/when they can. So,,, I decided to reject the car under the s.o.g.a on friday, as dealer promiced it would be fixed by that day, and if it wasnt he would refund me the money. When we went in on Friday for my refund, he refused as in his words 'he is still trying to fix it'. and if i want a refund i can take him to court. We have been lied to constantly about repairs over the past 3 weeks, 'its had this part fitted and that part fitted, parts are on order, bla bla, etc' . And basicly all communication has now broken down with dealer, as i relly lost the plot on friday, and gave him a right mouthful. So, ive returned the m.o.t & papers, etc, to dealer (kept my receipt tho) and given them a letter by hand, stating im rejecting car under s.o.g.a as my solicitor told me to do this, giving them 7 daysin writing to refund me the money. I paid for car on my Visa debit, i rang my bank, they are refusing a chargeback, saying they dont get involved with car disputes, yet i only had the car in my possession for about 15 minutes, as it was returned straight to the garage and theyve had it ever since. So car dealer has my car and my money and im in no man's land. Please any advice would be welcome, i was offered a hire car by dealer while my new car was in for repairs, but didnt need one as i still have my old car. I just want my money back, help ! Thanks for reading jackie x
  7. Just a word of warning for anyone who may be about to buy foreign currency with their debit card. Last year, I bought Euros at the Post Office using my cahoot debit card. The following day, I had a transaction decline and was suprised as I thought I had plenty of cash in the account. On checking the account, I worked out as well as seeing the Post Office transaction on my statement, there was an equal amount pending. I contacted cahoot who at first said it the Post Office's fault. The Post Office said it wasn't. I was then sent from pillar to post before it actually dawned on me that if I had only entered my PIN once, I have effectively only given permission once, so what was cahoot doing taking it twice and telling me that I had to wait until it dropped off. When I approached them with this fact, they went away and came back saying sometimes on currency transactions, the amount is duplicated to cover for currency fluctuations and this is what happened. They extended my overdraft to cover for the amount and I thought nothing of it. Until this week, when after buying currency last week again using my cahoot debit card, exactly the same thing happened. Except that it completely cleaned out our account when the systems updated on Saturday evening leaving us with no money over the weekend. To say I was spitting feathers is an understatement and a strongly worded email to them elicited an apology, a further extension of our overdraft and a further payment of £150 to say sorry. They gave exactly the same reasons as they did last year which would give me the impression last year wasn't a one off and that this is the norm. They have told me to double check my account the next time I do any transactions like this and if the same happens again, they will make the funds available so I am not out of pocket. I will be getting back to them to make sure that they don't charge me interest on the additional overdraft that I didn't ask for and will still write to the FOS as this seems bang out of order but thought I would flag this up to other CAGgers so that you don't find yourselves in the same situation as I did this week. I don't know if buying with a credit card gives you the same problems but buying currency with a credit card is effectively the same as taking cash out on it so you will probably be hammered with cash withdrawal charges as well as currency conversions. I suppose that this another way that the banks a making profits! Be warned!! Bel
  8. I took out an annual policy with Hastings in early April. They requested I supply them with information about the car's ownership and allow them access to take details from my previous insurer for no claims details. I didn't supply the information within the time frame they required and they amended my policy - they took an extra £566 from my bank account using the debit card details from my initial application. I phoned their customer services help line and was assured that if I could supply the details to them within the next hour or so they would reimburse me. I supplied the information, but was then told they were unable to reimburse me: 1) They could not access the email I had sent to customer services (as directed by the first customer advisor) until Monday (this was a Saturday); 2) There had been a break between me having car insurance with my last company and this would have to be dealt with by another team that didn't work on Saturday (I had sold my last car and therefore didn't need insurance for that period). On the Monday I contacted customer services again and was told the team who dealt with reading incoming emails had a backlog and would probably not be able to verify the information I had given them in order to verify that the original details I had given them. Later on Monday I received an email reply from the Business Administration Team who acknowledged my ownership of the car, but they said it confirmed my ownership since early April (the day I bought the car) and not a date from 2004 as I had originally entered. I was confused as to why they had come up with a date from 2004 - the original application I had made on the day I bought the car had been confirmed by their email when I took out the insurance - I had not mistakenly entered a date from 2004. I pointed this out in the email reply I gave to BAT that same day and again requested they refund the £566 and that they respond within 5 working days. The following Friday I received a written letter with another amended - they had refunded £466 into my account, but kept £100 of the unauthorised payment due to non-continuous insurance. When I first leaned of the unauthorised payment I would have cancelled the policy then and there, but for the fact the customer advisor told me I would lose the whole amount of the annual payment I had given them and also some of the £566 they had taken. A very expensive 6-7 weeks insurance!! I am thoroughly disgusted with Hastings Direct and the shabby way they conduct their business. I would appreciate sound advice as to the cheapest way to cancel my policy with them. Has anyone had success going through Hastings complaints procedure?
  9. Hello - new to the site and desperate for some comments/advice please on dealing with fraud on my dormant bank account My VANQUIS card has not been used since July 2010 when all outstanding debt was paid up and this morning a statement landed on the mat and showed the card details had been used last week - to purchase dollars in Canada, purchase perfume and clothes in Lithuania using PAYPAL and Amazon EU (I do not have a PAYPAL account!!). This months purchases were added to an already outstanding balance of £1900 - and I have never received a statement from them in 2 years and have not changed address. Needless to say all other mail has arrived safely and promptly on my doormat The strangest and most worrying aspect of this fraud is that the person using my account details had paid off £140 from the outstanding debt last week which appears to be a really clever way of keeping the account free of suspicion by keeping it within a new credit limit that I was unaware of! It probably comes as no surprise I am sure to hear that VANQUIS accept no fraud has taken place on this account - they accept no responsibility. Yet they have allowed a huge jump in credit rating without writing to me, they have failed to send bank statements (how very convenient) and they do not accept that a card that was only ever used on British Rail for travel to work is now being used in Lithuania! VANQUIS state that they will always advise account holders of suspicious use on an account so I wonder what they class as suspicious? I have advised them and stopped the account and am at a loss to know what to do next as they were absolutely unhelpful - any help gratefully received?
  10. I was told by someone at my bank a while back that the only way to be 100% sure of stopping a direct debit payment coming out of my account, was to close the account and open another which would obviously have different details. To be honest I didnt think there was much possibility of what I had been told being correct, but after having 2 direct debit payments removed from my account after that arrangement had been cancelled by me, what I had been told was then grudgingly confirmed by the banks fraud department! So before setting up a direct debit mandate, its worth remembering that there is nothing you can do to stop payments being taken, short of what I had to do, which was to threaten those involved with immediate legal action should the payments continue for any reason! The direct debit guarantee scheme appears to be a complete waste of time, unless you action any untoward payments within a few days of them being taken, which in many cases is quite impossible.
  11. Evening all, I've been having a rough time lately trying to make ends meet, supporting my partner who is unable to work, and my mum, who has been struggling since my dad sadly passed away recently. I have an overdraft and a small-ish personal loan, but I've also stupidly fallen into the trap of payday loans, though I must admit out of pure desperation. However, I now have four payday loans due to be paid this payday (29/06/12), totalling over £2,000. The loans are with Wonga, Wageday Advance, Swiftsterling and 247Moneybox. I am certainly not trying to run away from these loans, and I want to pay them back, but I simply do not have the funds in my bank for these all to come out on payday, as it will leave me with nothing with which to pay my rent, buy food etc etc. I am planning to enter into a financial management plan, but need to wait until Monday to seek advice from them. Will they be able to help freeze these payday loans at such a short notice?? Or should I cancel my debit card, and will that stop them from being able to take the money? I am at my wits end panicking as I will be in Spain from 24th June until 4th July for the scattering of my father's ashes, and will be unable to really check on my finances over payday. I also don't want to be stuck in Spain without being able to withdraw any money when I land back here! As I say I do not want to run away from these loans, but I know they are ruthless and will gladly bleed my account dry on payday which I just cannot afford to happen. So should I cancel my debit card while I wait for a financial management plan to be put in place?? Many thanks for your much needed advice...
  12. Hello I have had two unpaid direct debit notifications on my bank account from EDF. This does however break one direct debit guarantee rule as EDF did not notify me within a certain amount of days that they would be a change in the amount. I have spoken to my bank and they have confirmed that unless they have notified me about any changes this does break a DD guarantee. Is there a letter anywhere on site that I can send to EDF telling them to refund my charges please. Pete
  13. I recieved two letters a few days ago from 1st Credit asking if I lived at the address, I ignored them thinking it was some kind of [problem] (I mean either they know I live here or not). today I get two letters from HSBC (who I had a joint account with my ex-wife about 7 years ago) and they have said they have passed on two debts I owe them to 1st Credit! One if for £600 the other is over £2000! Do I contact 1st Credit and confirm I live here and ask for the details of the debts or contact HSBC?
  14. Hello, First post here - been a useful site but never had a question to ask before . I recently opened a standard Current Account with the Co-Op. I got cheque book and account information very quickly but after waiting 2-3 weeks for a debit card had to request it manually. It was confirmed that none had been automatically issued but that there seemed to be "nothing wrong" with my record. The card came with a validity period of only one year. I got a friendly courtesy "how are things going?" call and asked about it - the lady wasn't sure why the short date. Looking at other posts it seems this happens when people have had informal overdrafts or lost their card. But my account is my first with Co-op (or Smile) and my credit reports are completely clean. However my income is fairly low and partly from self-employment - I declared this as completely as I could in the application form. Am I perhaps in some category of people who may be considered higher risk but since there's no evidence they still open the account and see how I go? And if I'm in any probationary period, is there anything I should/shouldn't do (apart obviously from go overdrawn) in the first year to stop them deciding they no longer want my custom after a year - if that is even likely? I'm reluctant to switch everything over if I'll have to do it again in 10-11 months' time. Thanks...
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