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  1. i have been paying a direct debit to my electricity supplier based on their average usage estimates even though they periodically call or send someone to takes readings.. i have just moved out of the address and when notifying isupply energy they have responded in the mail with a £441 pound bill. ive never seen, had access to or been told of any outstanding monies owed and this seems a bit underhand that they suddenly drop this big bill on me dating back 10 months. just wondering how the world has allowed them to carry on with such behavior ? cheers all : ) ..just want
  2. Hello, I have recently had 2 failed direct debit charges from 2 different organisations. (not a bank which authorises the payment but the company who collect the payment) One has charged £25 and the other £20. I can't see how they incur charges from their bank as they state and if so I don't believe the charges reflects the true cost to them for a failed direct debit.
 My question is: 1, Is this lawful? 2, Is there a maximum they can charge? Thanks.
  3. Last year I rented out a room to make some extra cash to a student. Long story short he did a runner owning rent and left the room in a tip. Wrote to him at his parents address asking for outstanding amount to be paid or I would go to small claims court to pursue had no response. He failed to turn up at court in Nov&Feb court found in my favour. I tracked him down via his new employer a few weeks ago and engaged the sheriff officers to deliver the decree to his address which gives him 14 days to respond which he didn't. So last week I applied via the sheriff officers an arrestment o
  4. On Saturday, 6th April 2013 the government introduced a BAN on "excessive credit and debit card surcharges" thereby preventing companies charging anything more than it actually costs them to process payments. The new regulations are certainly not before time and the Consumer Affairs Minister; Jo Swinson stated the following: "The practice of excessive payment surcharges has been ripping of consumers for far too long" Charging a fee for making payment by credit card ( or, to a lesser extent..a debit card) was a practice that was typically used by companies when consumers boo
  5. I'm new to this - please be gentle! Yesterday, I found that Post Office Home Phones have set up a direct debit on my bank account. They had no authorisation to do this. I previously had a relationship with them but this ended in January 2013 after which I cancelled the direct debit. I have contacted Post Office Home Phones and the bank but as yet have had no response. I have moved house and countries (Scotland and England) since I last had a relationship with them. It is my assumption that they have retained my bank details and used them to reinstate a dead direct debit. How are th
  6. Hi I know this is a small issue compared to the sleezy underhand workings of some of the banks on here but we bought a car Saturday and we were promised that we would by law be able to change our direct debit date as soon as our finance was setup. It turns out this is in fact true but the bank have sent a letter stating on it there will be a charge for this!! Does anyone know if they can justify this charge? Is it legally acceptable?
  7. I cancelled a direct debit with Quick quid on a loan due with them.I simply cannot afford to pay it back but will do so once an affordable repayment plan is in place. My worry is can they still access my bank account any withdraw funds even though the direct debit is now cancelled and they don't have my debit card number?? Any advice please would be very helpful.
  8. not sure how to title thread but I'm a little confused and have quick few questions I need cleared up looked on NatWest website and it's all just trying to get you to get an overdraft.... What I'm wondering is this, I have 2 bank accounts, one of them is a select NatWest account and it's one I pay all my bills out of and I keep it DELIBERATELY empty aside what needs to go out of the account (It's my main card I use all over the place online etc it's a visa debit). I've no idea if this account can go overdrawn or not? so for example say I'm a victim of card fraud on this acco
  9. Hi there, My first post so please be gentle! The usual story, lost my job, got into debt with several companies, of which they are all mostly cleared now. I still however owe Green Energy over £800, incurred during the winter for heating and from previous missed bills . I have massively decreased my electricity usage since getting into trouble to around £30 per month, and started paying them back £60 per month. However, they wanted me to setup a Direct Debit for this which at the time I said was fine and to send me the forms. However since then I had several large unexpected bi
  10. Have this evening had a massive row with Orange (I don't know why I bother to be honest). Having been a customer of Orange for 10+ years, my direct debit bounced last month due to a delay in wages payment caused by a supplier failing to pay the company I work for. it bounced twice and I then paid two days later by debit card when my wages went in to my bank account. I had to pay on the phone because the SSL certificate for Orange had expired (their Twitter people even replied to me and said they were aware and were sorting it out). I paid the month which had bounc
  11. Hi there I logged into my account at 9am this morning to see a 150 pound direct came off my account but there was no money in my account . I just put 200 pound in my account there can someone tell me will my direct debit still go through or will it fail Thanks
  12. Hi I have had my card cash account for the past 13 years with halifax the reason i use the card cash account is i like the fact that no one can take money out the account if there is none in it . i have been off on the sick and not allowed to work until further notice which made my budget alot tighter went through my statment to see what i can save money on and noticed that for the past few years i have paid a hell off alot of returned direct debit charges from times i was on on job seeker to the times i was employed and i was just wondering if theres any hope of
  13. Customers have been warned that a proposed change in European Union rules may force banks to introduce annual charges of £11 on debit cards and £25 on credit cards. The European Commission last year produced a Green Paper suggesting that "interchange fees", those imposed on retailers by the transaction firms Mastercard and Visa, should be capped or banned in order to improve transparency. Those plans are expected to be published as a firm proposal later this month. But opponents have argued that it would force banks to pass the cost on to customers. Telegraph Money reported earlier this y
  14. I have jut returned back to BT for my phone and broadband Service active 28/06/2013 Bill generation date 29/06/2013 Taking direct debit 9/07/2013 Just confirming, do people who you set up a direct debit payment with have to give either 10 day or 14 days notice as to when they are taking payment from your bank account Not complaining Just confirming
  15. I don't know if I'm posting in the correct forum or not but here goes... Last week there was an unauthorized debit card payment taken from my account from an online software company I used to receive a service from, I cancelled my account with them a long time ago but for some reason they took a payment from my account with no notice. I emailed the software company to ask them what this is all about and was told the money would be refunded but as of today I'm still waiting. On the day the payment was taken the monthly payment for my car insurance was due, I always make sure there's e
  16. Anyone aware of any inherent and/or fundamental errors in the approach taken and performance of the calculations by EOn to give the fixed monthly direct debit amount for electricity ?
  17. I purchased a product from a small company's website (they may be a sole trader rather than a ltd co), paid with a business debit card, but the goods never turned up. I've emailed several times, and always get a reply admitting that they still haven't sent it yet, but I will receive it in a couple of days time. Last contact was over a week ago, and I stated that I require the goods to be delivered by the next day, or to cancel my order and issue a full refund instead. Was again told I'd have it in a couple of days, but still nothing arrived. I spoke to my bank to request a chargeback
  18. We have a vehicle on finance through Close Motor Finance. Initially it was on Direct Debit but we requested that it be changed to Standing Order which is paid every 4 weeks to co-incide with my DLA Mobility payment. Generally we are paying a week or more in advance and all payments are up to date. However despite informing them of the SO and that the DD is cancelled, they keep raising a new one each time I cancel. Last month several days after payment had been made by SO, they tried to take another payment by DD. Luckily I spotted it in time and was able to ca
  19. On trying to sort out a deceased relative's affairs I found that there were a large number of direct debit payments going out to various charities that in total exceeded the pension income. I have spoken to half a dozen of these charities and it appears many used the same now defunct marketing company to cold-call this relative and persuade them to pay a few pounds a month to whatever the good cause was at the time. None of the DD's have a signed mandate and as the marketing co is no longer the original tapes are unavailable so I reckon that thew bank is obliged to refund the disputed monies a
  20. Hi I have Ryanair credit card which is run by Santander. I was £1422 in debt, as I was thinking that I could`t pay all of it that month (Had direct debit set-up for full amount) so I asked them via message services to change it. my message to them 26/03/13: "Dear Sir/Madam As I maybe unable to pay off my balance in full this month could you please change my direct debit payments to minimum for now? Kind regards" Response on 28/03/13: "Thank you for your recent email to Ryanair Card Services. I can confirm that your Direct Debit has been changed for minimum p
  21. Hi All On the 18 March 2013 I got a Smart TV from BAYV. Because of the type of TV it is, it is unable to have a coin meter attached to it. So I had to set up a Direct Debit. This was all done and i recieved a letter confirming first payment would be taken out on 4.4.13. Because I recieve Job Seekers, I cancelled my DD just in case my JSA isnt paid in i will not aacure bank charges ect and requested a paypoint card. This was all done for me. Because it took 10 days for them to cancell my DD they first payment was taken from my bank on 5.4.13 and i saved the second payment to pay this
  22. Hi, I wonder if any of you may be able to give me any constructive advice. Last week I discovered 7 transactions from my debit card over £1000 worth, that I knew nothing about or authorised. These were all chip and pin. The bank are now saying that it was my card and the correct pin used so they are not responsible. The situation is I did not make the transactions, my card and myself were 80 miles away at the time, but cannot get the bank to do anything. They emptied my account and am now in serious financial trouble They have referred me to Financial Ombuds
  23. Halifax have charged me £30 for a returned direct debit which was due to pay my car insurance. Is this considered excessive and should I try to claim it back? I paid money into the account (cash) on the same day at lunch time but the DD had come out in the morning which I did not realise. Due to credit history I only have the most basic bank account with them which has no overdraft and an electron card. Andy
  24. Hi All I need some advice please. My son is currently a member of a martial arts class. The direct debit and contract was created by Debit Finance Collections (DFC). The contract has a minimum period that I am tied in for, which is 3 months. We are currently in our 2nd month, with the 3rd payment due to come out soon. The contract states to cancel I have to give notice to DFC or the martial arts club via email or writing. I have given my notice to the martial arts club by email (like many others I have not received a reply). I have also given notice to DFC via email
  25. hello, quick bit of advice. Some old creditor has somehow managed to access my bank account over the weekend and emptied it, whilst I was away. any debit card debit details they held were only on the understanding of being for "ID verification" not repayment, and I have had several new cards since then. However, Natwest are telling me that it is their "policy" that loan companies pretty much have open access to your account if you have ever dealt with them, ie, Natwest will refuse to honour the reverse unauthorised payments Visa debit card scheme if the person emptying your acco
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