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  1. On Saturday, 6th April 2013 the government introduced a BAN on "excessive credit and debit card surcharges" thereby preventing companies charging anything more than it actually costs them to process payments. The new regulations are certainly not before time and the Consumer Affairs Minister; Jo Swinson stated the following: "The practice of excessive payment surcharges has been ripping of consumers for far too long" Charging a fee for making payment by credit card ( or, to a lesser extent..a debit card) was a practice that was typically used by companies when consumers booked concert tickets, theatre seats, car hire and airline tickets etc. For reasons that were unknown, bailiff companies decided that they too could charge a credit card fee when accepting payment by credit card with the WORST OFFENDER ( as far as I am aware) being PHILIPS Ltd who not only charged a credit card handling fee of 6% but unbelivably also charge 20% vat on the fee !!! It beggars belief that this practice has been allowed to go on for so long. unchallenged. The Office of Fair Trading has provided examples of the maximum amount that can be charged for using a credit card and for instance; on a transaction of £100 the "surcharge" should be no more than £2.10 and on payments of £250 a maximum of £4.94 The new rules will be covering all of the European Union but have been introduced in the UK earlier than the rest of the EU because of the concerns that were first raised by Which magazine. NOTE: New companies and very small businesses will not be subject to the new rules until June 2014. Complaints can be made to the Office of Fair Trading. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22042309
  2. I'm new to this - please be gentle! Yesterday, I found that Post Office Home Phones have set up a direct debit on my bank account. They had no authorisation to do this. I previously had a relationship with them but this ended in January 2013 after which I cancelled the direct debit. I have contacted Post Office Home Phones and the bank but as yet have had no response. I have moved house and countries (Scotland and England) since I last had a relationship with them. It is my assumption that they have retained my bank details and used them to reinstate a dead direct debit. How are they allowed to do this? Thanks for any help.
  3. Hi I know this is a small issue compared to the sleezy underhand workings of some of the banks on here but we bought a car Saturday and we were promised that we would by law be able to change our direct debit date as soon as our finance was setup. It turns out this is in fact true but the bank have sent a letter stating on it there will be a charge for this!! Does anyone know if they can justify this charge? Is it legally acceptable?
  4. I cancelled a direct debit with Quick quid on a loan due with them.I simply cannot afford to pay it back but will do so once an affordable repayment plan is in place. My worry is can they still access my bank account any withdraw funds even though the direct debit is now cancelled and they don't have my debit card number?? Any advice please would be very helpful.
  5. not sure how to title thread but I'm a little confused and have quick few questions I need cleared up looked on NatWest website and it's all just trying to get you to get an overdraft.... What I'm wondering is this, I have 2 bank accounts, one of them is a select NatWest account and it's one I pay all my bills out of and I keep it DELIBERATELY empty aside what needs to go out of the account (It's my main card I use all over the place online etc it's a visa debit). I've no idea if this account can go overdrawn or not? so for example say I'm a victim of card fraud on this account and it has 20 quid in. Can only 20 quid be nicked and other payments will be refused because not enough money in my account? or will the blasted account just go overdrawn and lump me with hundreds of quid missing because I don't have some stupid "overdraft limit" basically I just don't want anything to do with an overdraft. Also how do NatWest deal with card fraud on a debit card if it occurs? anyone chime in? It seems I have to apply for an overdraft then set an overdraft limit... which would be 0....but from my reading that seems only way to make sure my account doesn't go overdrawn? because without a control it will just go overdrawn and I'll get unarranged overdraft fees. It seems as if they want you to get knocked into your OD accidentally or via fraud. I just don't want my account to have ability to go overdrawn at all. I don't want the ability for any money other than my own to leave my account.
  6. Hi there, My first post so please be gentle! The usual story, lost my job, got into debt with several companies, of which they are all mostly cleared now. I still however owe Green Energy over £800, incurred during the winter for heating and from previous missed bills . I have massively decreased my electricity usage since getting into trouble to around £30 per month, and started paying them back £60 per month. However, they wanted me to setup a Direct Debit for this which at the time I said was fine and to send me the forms. However since then I had several large unexpected bills that automatically went out via direct debit, and pushed me back in debt and caused me overdraft charges. As a precaution and to prevent a repeat, I canceled all direct debits and now pay manually and informed Green Energy that I would pay manually before the end of each month after they started chasing me for DD forms. They are aware I am on extremely low income, and I informed them that I could not guarantee when cash would be available in the bank for automatic payments, and could not risk further overdraft payments making me fall even further in debt. The reply I got back from them basically threatens me, and they are trying to force me into automatic payments. My question was, is it legal for a utility company force you to use a DD even knowing that it could cause you even more debt? Can they refuse a payment plan by me not paying by DD? I understand they are just trying to make it easier for themselves to collect payment, but it really will cause me hardships if I go into overdraft again as I can barely keep up with current outgoings. Below is a copy / paste from the relevant parts of the email: ------------------------ "I did make the agreement of £60 per month on the understanding that you keep your usage under £30 per month and that you make your payments by direct debit. As you do not wish to pay by direct debit I am afraid the agreement we made is not possible. Your current arrears is £834.36. If you can make a lump sum payment of £400 by the end of August then I can accept monthly payments of £60 per month via any payment method if your usage remains low. If you cannot commit to this a direct debit will have to be set up by Friday 30th August and I will require a manual payment of £60 by then to cover August’s usage. The direct debit can be on 15th or 25th of each month with effect from September. If you fail to act on either of the above the full balance will immediately become due. ------------------------------------------------- Thanks
  7. Have this evening had a massive row with Orange (I don't know why I bother to be honest). Having been a customer of Orange for 10+ years, my direct debit bounced last month due to a delay in wages payment caused by a supplier failing to pay the company I work for. it bounced twice and I then paid two days later by debit card when my wages went in to my bank account. I had to pay on the phone because the SSL certificate for Orange had expired (their Twitter people even replied to me and said they were aware and were sorting it out). I paid the month which had bounced as as far as I was aware this months bill (dated 5th October, due to be collected yesterday) would be collected by DD as per previous telephone calls with the Accounts department. Yesterday, I received a text message saying "Your Orange bill is due for payment. You do not need to call if you have paid or are paying now. For queries ONLY dial 150". As I assumed I had a direct debit in place (which shows as active on my bank account according to NatWest) I thought nothing of it. Today, I checked by bank account and notice that the DD had not been collected. So, this evening I phoned Orange. Having gone through the security again (what's the point of the automated security if they ask you again), I asked why Orange hadn't collected my DD yet and in essence were they going to? I was then asked if I could go on to Google - sorry can't do, no access to Computer (when I called). The operator at Orange then read me what it says on my bill (your payment will be taken by Direct Debit etc.) but then said that because the previous DD had bounced twice that it had been cancelled. I then told him, no, according to NatWest the DD is still live and has not been cancelled. The Orange chap then told me that I was wrong and it was the rules and if I'd like to go onto Google I would find this out. (Sorry, can't do...). I then told him that when I paid the previous bill (last Friday), I was assured that the bill would be collected by DD as per usual. The man from Orange then told me I was wrong and I was lying and that the DD had been cancelled. Back to Orange, I explained the whole situation again, that I've been a customer for 10+ years and that I'd never heard of this DD rule. I was then accused by Orange of lying. I then lost my rag with Orange and explained that I would be going to my local store tomorrow to sort this out and that if I could not sort it to my satisfaction that I would take it much further with as much publicity as possible. The man from Orange then stated, I would be arrested if I step foot inside an Orange store. Yes, arrested over a civil dispute. I'll repeat that - I WILL BE ARRESTED FOR HAVING A DISPUTE WITH ORANGE WHICH I WISH TO DEAL WITH IN THEIR SHOP. I have now spoken to NatWest again who have told me (as it also shows online) that the DD is still active and can be collected by Orange. So, questions: 1. Has anybody heard of this alleged Direct Debit rule (it's a bank rule apparently) 2. Shall I get arrested? 3. I've paid the bill by Debit Card now online this evening. So, what happens if Orange take it by DD overnight?
  8. Hi there I logged into my account at 9am this morning to see a 150 pound direct came off my account but there was no money in my account . I just put 200 pound in my account there can someone tell me will my direct debit still go through or will it fail Thanks
  9. Hi I have had my card cash account for the past 13 years with halifax the reason i use the card cash account is i like the fact that no one can take money out the account if there is none in it . i have been off on the sick and not allowed to work until further notice which made my budget alot tighter went through my statment to see what i can save money on and noticed that for the past few years i have paid a hell off alot of returned direct debit charges from times i was on on job seeker to the times i was employed and i was just wondering if theres any hope of the bank returning some of these charges or do i have no chance lol there is around 900 pound worth here is just some 1st july 2013 - 20 pound 3rd june 2013 - 50 pound 1 may 2013 - 10 pound 2nd april 2013 - 10 1 feb 2013 - 10 pound 2nd jan 2013 - 20 pound 3rd dec 2012 - 40 pound 1 nov 2012 - 10 pound 1 oct 2012 - 10 pound 2 jul 2012 - 10 pound 1 jun 2012 - 10 pound 02 apri 2012 - 20 pound 1 dec 2011 - 10 pound 1 jul 2011 - 10 pound 02 feb 2011 - 10 pound 05 jan 2011 - 10 pound 05 oct 2010 - 15 pound 12 aug 2010 - 15 pound 07 july 2010 - 15 pound 22 june 2010 - 15 pound 26 jan 2010 - 15 pound 19 june 2009 - 35 pound 23 june 2009 - 35 pound 23 may 2009 - 35 pound
  10. I have jut returned back to BT for my phone and broadband Service active 28/06/2013 Bill generation date 29/06/2013 Taking direct debit 9/07/2013 Just confirming, do people who you set up a direct debit payment with have to give either 10 day or 14 days notice as to when they are taking payment from your bank account Not complaining Just confirming
  11. I don't know if I'm posting in the correct forum or not but here goes... Last week there was an unauthorized debit card payment taken from my account from an online software company I used to receive a service from, I cancelled my account with them a long time ago but for some reason they took a payment from my account with no notice. I emailed the software company to ask them what this is all about and was told the money would be refunded but as of today I'm still waiting. On the day the payment was taken the monthly payment for my car insurance was due, I always make sure there's enough in the bank to cover payments but this unexpected payment being taken from the account meant the direct debit for my car insurance wasn't paid, my bank has also charged a £12 charge for the privilege. The car insurance company tried again to take the direct debit last Friday but there was insufficient funds and I haven't been able to get the money to put in the bank to make up for it... no doubt I'll get another £12 bank charge for this too. I received an email from the insurer this morning which is a notice of cancellation which will stuff things up for me as I rely on my car to make a living, it's my only source of income. I'm going to email the insurer to ask them if there's any way they can cancel the cancellation and wait till Thursday to take the direct debit payment as I'll have the money by then, I hope they would do this but not sure if they will. I'm not sure what to do about the software company? Is there any way I can ask them to refund a bit faster and is there any way I can ask them to repay the bank charges I will receive because of their unauthorized debit card payment? Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. I purchased a product from a small company's website (they may be a sole trader rather than a ltd co), paid with a business debit card, but the goods never turned up. I've emailed several times, and always get a reply admitting that they still haven't sent it yet, but I will receive it in a couple of days time. Last contact was over a week ago, and I stated that I require the goods to be delivered by the next day, or to cancel my order and issue a full refund instead. Was again told I'd have it in a couple of days, but still nothing arrived. I spoke to my bank to request a chargeback, but they told me that they can't do it, and I need start a dispute through Paypal (the card processor, it wasn't done through my Paypal account). I have just spoken to Paypal who say they will look into it, but is it right that my bank cannot perform a chargeback on a debit card transaction like this? I won't name the business, or my bank for now, unless that would help?
  13. We have a vehicle on finance through Close Motor Finance. Initially it was on Direct Debit but we requested that it be changed to Standing Order which is paid every 4 weeks to co-incide with my DLA Mobility payment. Generally we are paying a week or more in advance and all payments are up to date. However despite informing them of the SO and that the DD is cancelled, they keep raising a new one each time I cancel. Last month several days after payment had been made by SO, they tried to take another payment by DD. Luckily I spotted it in time and was able to cancel at the last minute. If it had gone through we would have been without any funds. The concern here is that I may not pick it up in time and the DD will be processed incurring fees or we will be without funds. We have written to the bank stating that Close Finance cannot set up another new DD without our permission. Can the bank prevent Close Finance from doing this as originally we gave our permission, but have now withdrawn it and all parties notified? Thanks.
  14. On trying to sort out a deceased relative's affairs I found that there were a large number of direct debit payments going out to various charities that in total exceeded the pension income. I have spoken to half a dozen of these charities and it appears many used the same now defunct marketing company to cold-call this relative and persuade them to pay a few pounds a month to whatever the good cause was at the time. None of the DD's have a signed mandate and as the marketing co is no longer the original tapes are unavailable so I reckon that thew bank is obliged to refund the disputed monies as there is no proof the DD's were ever properly set up. The relative lived in sheltered accomodation and had dementia. I know a carer stopped most of the DD mandates but they seem to reappear at a higher amount about a month later, presumably when these charities lost their cash cow they phoned again. Is the bank liable under the DD guarantee regs and if so how far back can one ask for the return of the misappropriated funds. Anyone have similar experiences orknow what I should do next? Someof the charities are co-operating by providing any documentation they have but a couple of the commercial outfits are saying tough even though the bank cocked up on the stopping of the DD when requested (will take that one up with glee)
  15. Hi I have Ryanair credit card which is run by Santander. I was £1422 in debt, as I was thinking that I could`t pay all of it that month (Had direct debit set-up for full amount) so I asked them via message services to change it. my message to them 26/03/13: "Dear Sir/Madam As I maybe unable to pay off my balance in full this month could you please change my direct debit payments to minimum for now? Kind regards" Response on 28/03/13: "Thank you for your recent email to Ryanair Card Services. I can confirm that your Direct Debit has been changed for minimum payment each month and will claim its next payment on and around 06/04/2013 for minimum payment. Kind regards" Was sure that it was changed and on 06/04/13 I will be charged minimum, so it will be not much. At the beginning of April I decided to pay it in full manually, paid it off on 02/04 (on my credit card statement is booked on 04/04), was thinking even if the payment don`t reach them before they decide to take Direct debit they will only take so much to cover minimum. But on 03/04 they decided to take £1402 from my account which was rejected by my bank because there was no enough funds in my account, I was about £600 short after making full payment day before. Today I got letter through from Barclays that they will charge me £8 for the transaction they rejected. Where do I stand to requesting those money from Santander? they failed to change my DD from full payment to minimum payment, they adviced me that on 06/04 they will take only minimum payment by DD. Thanks for advice
  16. Hi All On the 18 March 2013 I got a Smart TV from BAYV. Because of the type of TV it is, it is unable to have a coin meter attached to it. So I had to set up a Direct Debit. This was all done and i recieved a letter confirming first payment would be taken out on 4.4.13. Because I recieve Job Seekers, I cancelled my DD just in case my JSA isnt paid in i will not aacure bank charges ect and requested a paypoint card. This was all done for me. Because it took 10 days for them to cancell my DD they first payment was taken from my bank on 5.4.13 and i saved the second payment to pay this coming Friday 12.4.13 with my paypoint card. Today the account Manager Shane Woollas came to take my TV away. All because my DD had been cancelled. And I was out when he came my partner was told to forge my signature on my behalf!! The main manger has phoned me today to say because i had cancelled my DD they thought i wasnt going to pay for the goods, but i requested a paypoint card. This is beyond me and has left me with no TV and im extremly angry to say the leest. Any help is appreciated Thanks in Advance
  17. Hi, I wonder if any of you may be able to give me any constructive advice. Last week I discovered 7 transactions from my debit card over £1000 worth, that I knew nothing about or authorised. These were all chip and pin. The bank are now saying that it was my card and the correct pin used so they are not responsible. The situation is I did not make the transactions, my card and myself were 80 miles away at the time, but cannot get the bank to do anything. They emptied my account and am now in serious financial trouble They have referred me to Financial Ombudsman and having spoken to them, can take several months. I need some help please Can someone tell me if I have posted this on the wrong forum?
  18. Halifax have charged me £30 for a returned direct debit which was due to pay my car insurance. Is this considered excessive and should I try to claim it back? I paid money into the account (cash) on the same day at lunch time but the DD had come out in the morning which I did not realise. Due to credit history I only have the most basic bank account with them which has no overdraft and an electron card. Andy
  19. Hi All I need some advice please. My son is currently a member of a martial arts class. The direct debit and contract was created by Debit Finance Collections (DFC). The contract has a minimum period that I am tied in for, which is 3 months. We are currently in our 2nd month, with the 3rd payment due to come out soon. The contract states to cancel I have to give notice to DFC or the martial arts club via email or writing. I have given my notice to the martial arts club by email (like many others I have not received a reply). I have also given notice to DFC via email. There is no email address on their website so I replied to their contract email when they sent me that. However, I received no autoreply. I then submitted the email via their web email form online. I received a auto reply but again have not received a response. I have waited, but then decided to call DFC customer services. After a 17 minute wait on the call, I was told my email had not been received and I should receive a auto reply to confirm the email has been received. I was then told to email [email protected]. So I sent my cancellation email to the above address, but received no auto reply or a reply to my email. I have read many thread's where this company is known for doing that or stating that they never received the correspondence, and then later sending letters about missed direct debits and adding on charges. I am keen to avoid these. Any advice is welcome. Never again will I sign up to contracts like these and will only pay by cash or card. It just seems like a money making scheme.
  20. hello, quick bit of advice. Some old creditor has somehow managed to access my bank account over the weekend and emptied it, whilst I was away. any debit card debit details they held were only on the understanding of being for "ID verification" not repayment, and I have had several new cards since then. However, Natwest are telling me that it is their "policy" that loan companies pretty much have open access to your account if you have ever dealt with them, ie, Natwest will refuse to honour the reverse unauthorised payments Visa debit card scheme if the person emptying your account is a loans company. Point blank refusal and increasing nastyness from their call centre in fact. The fact that one may no longer have a business relationship with said creditor, say you have actually paid all you owe, does not matter - because its a Loan Company, then it is not Natwest's policy to extend any protection to your account. It is up to you to chase the company, and if they refuse to repay, then "tough" natwest will not assist you - the guy on the phone even told me, that if someone has fraudulently taken an account with a loan company in your name, Natwest will still refuse to honour and perform a reversal! You must then chase the loan company to try and get your money back thats been taken by a fraudster. Is any of this right, is it even a lawful policy? I was under the stupid idea, that my money was my money, and if I don't authorise a transaction then under the new guarantees, that transaction should be reversed? Otherwise, let this stand as a warning to caggers. They actually took 3 payments of varying amounts at the exact same time on friday night, so its pretty clearly not a normal authorised transaction too. I would love some advice if Natwest are acting wrongly here, because I am diabetic with serious neuropathy problems and my entire ESA payment for the next 2 months has been taken by the old creditor.
  21. I have had some unauthorized payments leave my account and Lloyds tell me that , the payments have to clear before they can put a charge back in place. Does anyone know if that’s correct or am I being fobbed off?
  22. Hi, I have been issued a new coop debit card, and it has the contactless feature. I don't want this feature forced on me at all - it is ridiculously insecure. I've called armchair banking, and the policy is that they have to issue them to everyone. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  23. Hi all, Does anyone know if payments made by debit card are protected by any regulations in any way? Long story short I joined an online gambling site which has turned out to be a con. Its based in costa rica, so I have no way of forcing them to return my money. I made a payment to them by debit card, played on the site and now have a balance above what I deposited but have found out its a fraudulent site that does not answer emails or make withdrawls once they are requested. Im not alone in this there are others too. I have written to my bank who have not replied. I went into my bank and the woman at the help desk was not very helpful and basically said I should not gamble! Are debit card payments suppose to be protected by banks or anything? Iv heard credit cards are, but sadly I used my debit card. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, I have an outstanding debt from a home I had with my ex husband, he is now bankrupt so I am responsible. I wrote to them in September advising I had started a new job and was on low wages for the first 3 months and could I set up an agreement after this. The day after sending this letter I received a county court judgement for this. A few days later I received a letter from them in response to my letter advising I would still need to fill out the earnings and expenditure on the county court judgement. I did this offering to pay £20 a month. I received a letter from them dated 21st November stating they had set up a payment plan and sent me a paypoint card to pay. The first installment of £7.02 would be due on 3rd Dec and then £20 every month on the 3rd. I wrote to them advising I had previously said I couldn't afford to pay anything until January and I filled out the income and expenditure as what my wages would be from then. I said that I would pay £27.02 on the 3rd Jan and £20 per month after that. I got no reply but put this down to Christmas post. On 3rd Jan I paid £28 through Paypoint. Today I got a letter from Alexander James Debt Recovery dated 7th Jan stating I have failed to honour the payment arrangement so the agreement has been cancelled and they intend to start court proceedings for an attachment of earnings. I'm very upset at this as I'm sticking to a really tight budget and trying my best to pay everybody and did everything I said I would. I'm basically starting again in life with a new job and still under probation at a very small company and the last thing I want is an attachment of earnings as I feel (although wrong) it could affect trust from the director and also getting a permanent contract. I want to send a letter tomorrow, recorded, can somebody please advise me on how to proceed. Thanks.
  25. About 6 months ago my business account was transfered to santander from nat west. I september I was unable to earn due to ill health and so that I had control over my account I cancelled my direct debits with the intention of informing the payees that I had done so and that I would pay them via debit card. In october I incured £280 charges for bounced direct debits. I informed the bank that I had cancelled the direct debits but they said that I should have told the companies not to claim them. All my bills got paid by debit card and I thought everything was ok. This month I got £240 bank charges on direct debits that where cancelled 3 months ago. Am I wrong in assuming that once a direct debit is cancelled with the bank then the bank are honoured not to pay it even if the company claim it? If Im right then why the charges? Surley if these companies had tried to claim on the cancelled direct debit the bank should inform them that there is no direct debit in place and not pay it because it is cancelled and not because there are no funds to pay it. Where do I go from here? Any help gratefully received John
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