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  1. My branch of Lloyds has decided that they will not issue me a debit card for my account. Can they do that or are they playing to character?
  2. I switched to OVO Energy around 3 months ago and gave them the reading at the time. I kept forgetting to give a meter reading so they used their own estimates based on a 1 bedroom flat. I recently got a letter to say they want to put my direct debit from £32 a month to £57 a month because I was £1.19 behind. Remember that everything is based entirely on their own estimates, so how have they came to this conclusion? Just to add, I gave them a reading recently which was much lower than their estimates. How can they justify putting my DD from £32 to £57? Anyone else h
  3. Hi all Our car insurance has charged us £25 missed direct debit fee because there wasn't enough money in our account to cover the insurance payment , this wasn't our fault and as caused by sky,they didn't warn us that our payment to them doubled as our special offer had ended and it clashed with the motor insurance payment. Is there any point in trying to get the fee waived or not. Thanks for any replies
  4. I've come to the end of my year's car insurance, I've moved elsewhere and cancelled the direct debit. Swinton have served me with a default notice. I'm just wondering what everyone's views were as to the legalities of such a move - afterall, I'm not in breach of any payments. Weird.
  5. My bank has sent me a new visa debit card because they said my other card had been compromised. What does this mean?
  6. Hope someone can provide some advice on where I stand legally with regard to this:- On 23/3/2014 I entered into a yearly membership at X4l. On 10/11/2015, I completed the online cancellation form and immediately cancelled my direct debit with them, which I know they say you are not supposed to do. On receipt of letter of default notice I rang Harlands on 20th November 2015 and paid what I believe to be the final months payment, they agreed this was all that owed. On 6/4/2016, I started receiving threats from Credit Resolution Services that I still owed X4l the payment for t
  7. Hi, hope for some advise. I paid my road tax via the DD scheme at my local post office back in September and set up the monthly payments via my bank. I have not authorised my bank to stop payments but the DVLA have stopped requesting payments and are now claiming that my car is not taxed. I have had no letters stating wht payments have not been requested and paid as agreed but it would appear that i am being held accountable for the DVLA breaching the DD scheme which seems a bit unfair. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Hi all, need some help. I looked at my online bank statement, there is a payment for a place I have never been. My card is not lost, i have it with me at all times. I rang Halifax, told them it was not me, I was in all day in question, also someone with me. The card was used in Rotherham, Im in sheffield. They say the card had to be present to pay contactless. It was with me. Any advice GG
  9. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless
  10. I received a letter recently from the DVLA i took my vehicle off the road a couple of months ago and therefore cancelled my direct debit but forgot to declare sorn until the start of this month. ive just seen a letter from the DVLA saying im required to pay the existing £181 of direct debit within seven days!!!! ive only just seen it and that was sent two weeks ago. Surely they cant expect me to pay £181 just like that?
  11. 6-7 years ago, I had a problem with bills and had to have a prepayment meter fitted for Gsa and Electricity. I am now in a completely stable financial position and would like to get a better deal for my power. However Scottish power have done a credit check and asked for a deposit of £150 which I am not willing to pay. My CRB is not brilliant but there is only a couple of SBd accounts on it. I have had no difficulties with mobile contracts, with Sky or other minor checks. I really dont want to engage in this deposit thing but I still want to save money on my bills. Any suggestions
  12. Hi, my balance was £6,700 on my MBNA credit card and paid £4,409 which made my new balance £2,224 owed. My direct debit then paid the minimum of £67 which should of then made my newer balance £2,157 but this did not happen, instead, my balance owed went from £2,224 to £2,291, adding £67 to the debt rather than deducting it. I'm currently in a interest free offer and I have not used my card. This has never happened before, it's strange.
  13. Seriously boiling mad - I have had RAC breakdown insurance for last 4 yrs . On auto renewal direct debit . Just discovered after checking my bank online they have taken out £113 ( Last years renewal was £85 ) with no letter sent to state new premium - straight on phone to wait 20 minutes for call center . I have used their service about twice in 4yrs . Demanded a full refund for the absolute cheek of them , got offered a check in the post . ( Firstly in was a £16 refund ) Now waiting for their Complaints section to contact me for a direct transfer as i
  14. Two million people across Great Britain have experienced problems cancelling recurring payments which are often used for buying products online like e-book subscriptions or video streaming, finds a new report from Citizens Advice. The study, Locked In: consumer issues with subscription traps, which includes evidence from Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland, also reveals that people are often signed up to these type of recurring payments - also known as Continuous Payment Authorities - without their knowledge. People taking up offers for free trials of slimming pills
  15. Hi, Started posting recently as I'm in the process of clearing a few things up. Having signed up to equifax I've noticed a default on my record from my Halifax current account. While in the USA I was using my Halifax debit card and juggling how much I had against converting it from Dollars to Pounds. Ultimately, they authorised a debit card transaction which put me overdrawn (there's no overdraft limit on the account) Because the transaction got authorised I thought I was good for the money at the time. During this situation I was also moving banks to Natwest. As a
  16. Over the last few years, Npower always seemed to increase my DD around October time (the bill would likely show that my usage had left an underpayment of around £50.00). Npower would then have to refund me almost £100.00 around June of the following year. This because the increase in the DD was quite substantial between £20-30 increase. This year it would appear I am £29.60 in CREDIT - yet they have still increased the Direct Debit although for a much smaller sum of £6.00 per month ?
  17. Hi All, I'm renting a property short term for 6-7 months and have electric supplied by Scottish Power. Initially the Direct Debit amount was set to £50, which quickly became apparently as being massively over-estimated. I generally only use around 3kWh per day, so the actual bill is next to nothing, and in 3 months I have now accumulated £70 in credit. I managed to reduce my direct debit via my online account, which was a struggle in itself. If I reduced it by more than £4 at once, it demanded an upfront payment and estimated I would be £6000 in debt at my yearly review.
  18. Dear All, i really would appreciate help and advice on how to deal with my situation. I visited a country on three occasions from last year to date. On each occasion i notified my bank the dates i was going to be away and the country to which i was visiting so that the Halifax knows exactly which country i would be visiting and how long i would be away. On each occasion of my travel i phoned and advised Halifax but more than that, i specifically asked them if it would be possible for me to use my debit card in that country. On each occasion, the Halifax said
  19. Hi Lee/Vodafone rep, Ordered a Vodafone PAYG phone to be delivered to store. Never took delivery and so contacted Voda support for a refund to my debit card.However, promised refund still not received. Have chased multiple times since the beginning of October (phone & web chat) with no joy. Please assist. Thanks.
  20. Hi, during 2015 I was at University at Brighton and decided to get a gym membership. I went to a few gyms checking prices and commitments and when I went to LA Fitness the guy that eventually signed me up (obviously trying to make a sale) lied to me, he stated that if I moved out of Brighton (which I obviously would do, as Uni does end) that it'd be fine and my account could be closed no hassle. He stated that all I had to do was be 8 miles from THAT PARTICULAR gym. Well I moved back home to Southampton, and went to cancel my membership stating that "yes, I had moved over 8 miles from the
  21. HI! I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I joined Rush Fitness in Feb 2015. I signed a contract to pay £17.99 a month for a minimum of 1 month and could cancel at any time with 1 months notice. Rush Fitness DD is managed by the Harlands Group. In Sept 2015 a payment of £29.99 was taken as direct debit from my account, I tried contacting Harlands but every time I tried they were either closed or wouldn't answer the phone. I made contact with my bank who clawed the money back under the direct debit guarantee. I then received a letter from Harlands on 29th Sept which said
  22. I have a query in relation to my AMEX corporate card. This is a charge card and is fully cleared once a month by a direct debit from my personal bank account. American express are withdrawing these funds on the correct day. However, my statements and online account always report that the payment has been made a whole month beforehand. This means that my online balance is almost always wrong and the statements are not a factual record of the account. Is this even legal?? Here is their "explanation" for why this is happening: This hasn't cause any prob
  23. Hi I had a call from my car insurer saying that I haven’t paid anything towards my policy for last 6 months, although I have a valid policy. I had a DD setup with them from my last year's policy, but obviously they have done something wrong and cancelled the DD during my renewal and kept my policy valid, only to find out 6 months into this year's policy. Now they are asking for last 6 months payments to be paid in 2 drops (which is their payment plan), on addition to start the monthly DD as of this month. Just to add to the mix, I had 2 accidents last January in which were still unde
  24. Hi all, hopefully I'm posting this in the right section To cut a long story short, my mum went to Uganda back in May, during her time there [i suspect] she was a victim of 'skimming' and around £700 went missing from her bank account. When she got back to the UK, we took a look at her statement and the ~£700 was withdrawn from various ATM's around Kampala in increments over a few days. Barclays bank did initially cover my mum's losses whilst they supposedly opened an investigation, but just a few days ago, they basically sent her a letter saying that because her card uses the chip a
  25. Hi, Walked out this morning at around 7:30am to get to work and found my car had been clamped with a no-tax sticker on the windscreen. Through ringing the payment line, dvla and enforcement agency (NSL), it has been clamped due to showing on the system as not being taxed since 10/01/2015. I live on a high street, the car was parked in a marked residential bay on the street with a valid residents permit. I know for a fact it has been taxed throughout this year. Anyway, much confusion later, I see my neighbour and tell him what happened and he says he had a letter in my name come
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