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  1. Hello. I just need a bit of advice please. For the last three years I live in a council house . My neighbour is taking drugs, dealing drugs, has complaints from the previous tenant for noise and threats, they robed the house through the loft when the previous tenant was in hospital etc. The police knows about it and admit it but as they put it there is not enough evidence therefore can do nothing. My issue is that the council at the time they moved my family in this house knew about the drugs and the theft (they had reports and complaints from the previous owner) but they didn't let us know about it. They were perfectly happy to move a family with children next to a drug house and a terrible and abusive neighbour . What I want to ask is, was the council somehow responsible to solve the issue before we move in or at least let us know so we can decide if we wanted to move or not to this house? I have done reports for noise, drugs, people arguing and smashing thinks etc but they don't seem to do much, just reports and more reports and visits but still nothing has changed
  2. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice/assistance about a matter that is causing me some concern. In May 2014 I joined a gym in my home town of Hull over my summer break from university. I informed the gym at the time that I was a student and would be moving away, back to Newcastle, at the end of the summer. They said this was fine and I would be able to cancel it then. In November I begin receiving calls from an unknown number that left no message when they got through to voicemail. Eventually I got a letter through from the company, CRS, explaining that I was to pay the rest of my contract with the gym and several administration fees to CRS. I complained and informed them of my move and how I pre-warned the gym. CRS asked for proof of my current(Newcastle) address, which I provided. Since then, the letters and calls have not stopped, the amount owed has dropped from £275 to £150. As there is no logical reason why I should pay £150 of course I declined, and the amount went back up to the original £275 within a week. I have told CRS that I do not owe them any money and they are persisting with threatening letters and now text messages on my phone saying I must ring them immediately. As I say I am a student, I owe no money to the gym and the fees that CRS are claiming are simply something I cannot afford. I am feeling very intimidated by their correspondence now, so any advice on what I should do next would be greatly received. Today, (25/04/15) I received a letter through from CRS saying that they are now going to transfer the debt to another agency if I do not respond to them within the next week. Again, as someone with little experience in this area, these kind of threats do concern me greatly. Any help/advice offered would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum, so firstly hello! I have 3 defaults on my credit file, with between 3 and 5 years remaining till they drop off. I am trying to decide the best way to deal with them and improve my credit rating as quick as possible. I have read around ref F&F settlement offers etc... and would like a clear answer on the best way to go. From what I can see I have the following options: 1. Leave as is and make minimum payments (the entire acount will drop off after 6 years anwyway) 2. Make a F&F offer demanding that defaults are removed and account settled (anyone every achieved this?) 3. Make F&F offer and accept file marked as partially settled I want to apply for a mortage at some point, hence why I am now trying to get these defaults dealt with. If no matter what I do the default will remain, then I might as well just make a F&F offer (or mimimum payment) and save myself some money in the long run. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hey, Just looking though my credit file and there appears to be some records on there for both Lowell and Capquest which I really don't recognise. Whats the best way of dealing with this ? is it a CCA first to gain a copy of the agreement or have I got the terminally wrong and is there something else that I need to be doing first ? Thanks Scott
  5. Hi everyone Really sorry but i have no idea about all this stuff and find it hard to talk about but here goes Im currently looking to sort out some old debts that sadly i have just tried to forget about and basically ignore, but recent events have made me sit up a think Received a letter of claim and court paper from Bryan carter at the beginning of the year, confused tried to seek help but didn't know where to start so ended up phoning them and paying it! the original debt was a overdraft that Lowell claimed was £205 after my phone call i had paid £297.19 with court fees added to stop CCJ - the phone call was so stressful i just wanted it to stop luckily i had been saving so i could pay but the savings were for other debts too. Anyway thats all water under the bridge but i don't ever want that situation happening again so i'm going to be pro active from now on with hopefully the help of everyone here. Me and my husbands both have debts but for now i just was to speak about my debts as its just too much to take in (sorry im not too good at this am i) then hopefully learn as i go and deal with the later myself.. So i have looked at my credit file and here's the info lowell (barclays) overdraft £1978 defaulted 27/08/2010 Santander (is with DCA but not on credit file) loan £3203 defaulted 09/03/2011 Now whats my first steps to deal with these before they pull the court letter? i know i can CCA the loan but i'm confused as to why its still with santander on my credit file? another question regarding my credit file will it get better once i start paying or once the debt is off? thank you
  6. Dear sir/madam, I have a few credit and store card debts over six years old and have been getting threatening letters, which I have unfortunately been ignoring. Now, I have received a letter from the county court, regarding one of the debts, ordering me to pay back the claimant, and if I do not pay, my goods may be removed and sold, or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against me. Please help me, I am desperate.
  7. On 29th April 2015 the very popular Public Policy Exchange are holding a one day seminar entiltled: Dealing with Rogue Bailiffs and Protecting People in Debt. The 'subject' matter is very interesting indeed. http://www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk/events/FD28-PPE http://www.publicpolicyexchange.co.uk/media/events/flyers/FD28-PPE_flyer.pdf
  8. I am self employed and my earnings vary a lot often for a short period oftime. My housing benefit claim was already close once because my earnings weretoo high. However the problem is that my earnings vary a lot often for asmall period of time and it is inconvenient for me to make a new claim forhousing benefit each time my earnings vary. I would like to know how to explainmy situation to the housing benefit department to avoid that my claim is closedeach time my earnings vary temporarily I would like to know if there is a specific law for self employer or if I have to file a specific form
  9. Hi, I've been made responsible for dealing with an elderly friend's car after her husband died recently. The chap died a couple of months ago and probate is currently in the hands of the solicitors. They offered to sell her car but the offered value was very low so she refused. The car sat for a while as it was broken (starter siezed). After her family at first said they would help and haven't come through, it has fallen to me to try and sort it out and sell it for her as even it being there all the time is a reminder for her and upsetting. I got it repaired, she paid and got a receipt for the solicitor. The lady did cancel the insurance a week or so ago which I now know was a mistake as the car was previously kept on the road outside her house - she didn't know about the continuous insurance rules and just thought it was money that she could get back. Luckily she left the tax in place. I had the car moved to the back of my drive which is off the road, it can be seen but it is out of plain site under a car port. I'm pondering covering the number plate . Although the car remains taxed it is uninsured at the moment - I checked on the insurance database online and it is not on there. So basically I would like to get this sorted for her (and us) asap and would like some advice. Firstly the DVLA - from reading here http://theprobatedepartment.co.uk/how-do-i-change-the-ownership-of-the-car/ As probate has not yet been granted I think we have to get the solicitor to tell the DVLA (fill in a section on the V5c) the car has changed hands to the lady herself. Can we at the same time declare the car as SORN ? I tried to call the DVLA but they refuse the call all the time as they are "unusually busy" - It's always "unusual" there isn't it ? The insurance issue bothers me a little, should I take out insurance on the car even if it is temporary and/or extend my insurance policy to include this car just to get it back registered as insured ? Also it will probably need this to be sold (test drives ?). In the meantime how can I avoid either myself or the lady concerned getting into a problem should a tax van or police decide to check the car or it gets "pinged" on their magic cameras - a family down the road from me was 'done' by one of these a while ago and on top of everything else she can do with avoiding that. I can insure it instantly online even if I'm not the registered keeper and then cancel it later - probably lose some fees though. Finally is there anything else I may have forgotten ? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. Hello I am trying to deal with my £540.00 woolworths debt. I have set up a payment plan a couple of times with them but have struggled to keep up with it and payment has lapsed. I paid £50 this month which should have bought my balance down but I was hit with a £12.00 fee for a 'debt collection letter' and £16 interest. The interest I can understand but the £12.00 fee for a letter I feel is unfair. I would say that a lot of the £540 is probably made up by these extra fees. While i understand I need to pay back what I owe, I need it to be affordable at the same time and I do not feel they are helping. Another problem is the 28 day cycle which falls between pay days for me and exacerbates the situation. What should be the first course of action?
  11. Hello all, I'm new here, I have read through some of the blogs and other threads to find advice, but it's quite overwhelming so I thought best to post here my query, apologies if the information is readily found somewhere else I haven't noticed. My father has had a court summons delivered today. The debt is for just under £2000. The original debt was Vanquis credit card, it was then sold to Lowell. Yuill and Kyle are now dealing with it. He had the credit card in 2008 and defaulted in 2010 and hasn't paid anything since. He has had all the phonecalls and letters as usual but he has ignored them all (buried his head in the sand), he hasn't ever requested anything from them. Obviously now he realises he has has to deal with this now, but he has no idea what to do and will struggle to pay this money, and is very worried about the prospect of court. Can anyone advise me on what he can do? My mum used this site for info regarding a PPI claim and it helped her immensely, hoping someone can help with this issue...... Thanks,
  12. Hello all, need some help rather urgently please. A couple of weeks ago, I recieved a plain white envelope, un posted, pushed through my letterbox, stating that Newlyn PLC were chasing a debt for an outstanding PCN from the LA from april 2013. Demanding a sum i cannot remember (approx £300), for which I had tried conversing with the LA about this to find out the detail surrounding the PCN, but to no resolution other than the date and location, even more problematic as I had not recieved a NTO, Charge Cert, or any court documentation since the original PCN was issued. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and i arrive at home from work to find my car clamped and a scruffy hand written form stuffed in my letterbox, now demanding £467. Called the bailiff to find out what was going on, to have him warning me not to interfere with the clamp and it was to be "recovered" if I was not to pay. In my frustration, I removed the clamp (taking photos too) without damaging it, as it was incorrectly applied in the first place (very easy to remove) and moved the vehicle. Informing him this morning to collect it. The bailiff has now informed the council I have CUT it off (photos prove this is not the case), Newlyns and the council are unwilling to help. along with moving the vehicle,I have also today lodged a TE7 and TE9 with the TEC and am awaiting news from them. Is there anything else that i can do or is it just a waiting game? It may also be worthy of note, that the bailiff does not show up on the "certificated bailiffs list" either under his name or under newlyn's company. Any advice gratefully recieved.
  13. Hi All, Hoping someone can help....I am taking the first step into sorting out my debts and need some advice. I am looking at a DRO/IVA or bankruptcy and wanted some suitable steps to take. I am in the process of obtaining references etc and want some advice on whether I can challenge these for the I&C added on and ludicrous amounts or whether I admit liability for the lot..... Is there a template to email to obtain balances or request I&C to be frozen? So far I have got.... Bongaloans - £200+ Countrywide Payday - £139 Debitcard Loans - £432 Equidebt (PDUK) - £787 Keyes Whitlock - £223 (Also PDUK - They granted a 2nd loan at new address) Lowell x 3 - £763, £159 and £218 MMF - £250 Pound Access - £300 Quick Quid - £589 Redcastle - £386 Speedcredit - Was £400 loan - they are claiming £4,000+!!!! TxtLoans - £300 Wescot - £387 On my Noddle credit it also shows these but not sure if they have been passed on by other creditors. Indigo Michael - £314 Active Securities Ltd - £813 Next Credit x 2 ---- £400 and £115 EE - £683 Cash On Go Ltd - £115 and I also owe SW Water around £100, British Gas £30. I also have a council tax default of £250+ and £300 from old addresses and a housing benefit overpaymenticon of £1800. Pretty messed up from an old relationship as you can tell! Also have 1st credit at £800 and Lifeboat Loans of £750 and now they are chasing me for £2500
  14. So... trying to set up plans for my GF. Wonga have replied and are cooperating, so are quickwuid. I am now trying to deal with Lending Stream who will just not play ball. 2 live loans with LS... One has been going on for 2-3 months and the other 2-3 weeks. After making the same offer to all creditors, I got this reply from Lending stream We are sorry to let you know that we would not be able to setup the payment plan on your accounts until we receive the first payment towards the account 1792016 for an amount of £XXX.XX so we would request you to make at least the first payment so that we can discuss further with the repayment options. Our policy states that the first payment towards the loan has to be made in full as initially agreed. We are sorry to inform you that we would not be able to freeze the interest/charges. We are willing to help you in clearing your outstanding balance and can provide you with an extension for up to 10 days or we can setup the partial payment arrangement on your loan wherein you can make 50% of the payment this month which would be £XX.XX and £XX.XX respectively and the remaining amount can made along with your next month's scheduled payment. Please be informed that the outstanding balance of your accounts is £XXX.XX and £XXX.XX respectively and these amounts are valid till 25th November, 2013. So I replied, explained that it is not possible for me to pay more than what I offered, explained that I am making my best offer and that i want them to be fair with me, explained it is the same amount that the other creditors are signing up to, explained why my circumstances have changed and what went wrong.... Can I do anything more? Can they refuse to help as they have and offer something that would create further debt? they would make this month easier but then next month would be an extra 50% of what the original agreement was... "can provide you with an extension for up to 10 days or we can setup the partial payment arrangement on your loan wherein you can make 50% of the payment this month which would be £XX.XX and £XX.XX respectively and the remaining amount can made along with your next month's scheduled payment. " I got another reply.... this reply is exactly the same as the first... I have responded explaining again, that I (THIS PERSON) have no other option and that if they try to take more or request more, I would be in financial hardship/poverty. I have asked if they are actually refusing my offer of payment for £80 a month. (This would clear the debt in 5 or so months) Yet to await another reply... Can I do anything further ?? Thanks!
  15. Hi guys, perhaps I could get some help here with dealing with Bristow & Sudor ref my council tax. We have had a letter from them saying that they have been ordered to commence recover action for my council tax, this is after we have been paying £120 per month for the council tax directly to them via their website payments screen. B&S are saying that we have 14 days to pay the full balance before they start proceeding which we are unable to do. What is the best / correct way of dealing with them in regards to setting up a payment plan that does not financially cripple us yet stops any nasty door stop visits ? Hope someone can help. Thanks Scott
  16. Hi everyone, This is the first Credit Agreement that has been sent after a CCA'd them. Akitiv Kapital has this acct which I was paying £1 per month. They sent one page and the signature is mine. I saw that I had signed 'Protecting Your Acct'[ATTACH]30131[/ATTACH] Could someone check over it and the bottom part is that sufficant. If that is correct, do I SAR GE Capital to get all the charges etc taken off to reduce the debt. Current Bal is £1,263.10 On agreement for credit card limit was £500. Please advise.
  17. Hello, first time poster so thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm looking for some advice on a couple of letters I have recently received from MK Rapid Recoveries. I had no idea who they were at the time but I recognised the account details they were referencing though I have never had any correspondence from them previously. It was from a Welcome Finance loan of £1500 (now £2171.35) I took out in March 2006. I, and my partner, were both put out of work in the summer of 2006 and as such all of our debts defaulted in some way at this time. We pretty much sold everything we owned to make ends meet and still ended up losing our home in early 2007 and spent a couple of years moving us and the kids around various short term accommodation (living with relatives, short term tenancies etc). The last payment I made on this account was August 2006 - I know this as it was the last month I got a wage that year and all out debts stopped being paid then. We got back on our feet after a couple of years and have since started to pay off our debts as and when we've been able to, starting with the ones that were chasing us the most. The Welcome Finance one wasn't addressed as we didn't have the spare income to pay it at the time and they had not sent us any correspondence since early 2007. This last letter was to one of the places we had to move to (our postal and electoral register trails have been kept up to date as much as possible) so it wasn't as if I was trying to avoid telling anyone where I was. I am just about to clear another one of my debts and as such would have some spare income to cover this debt but my question is in this particular instance do I actually now have to? The debt was last contributed to in August 2006 so it's been 7 years since I last paid anything on it. I never received any confirmation of the default being registered or anything about passing the debt on MK Rapid Recoveries. I have recently checked my credit report with Experian and found the default is registered as 04/01/2010 for this account, which means it took Welcome Finance over 3 years to register the default on this debt. This account was also not on my credit report in spring 2012 when I last checked it. I have done some google searches and it seems everyone asking for advice on this company all have defaults registered at the same time so it sounds as first glance as if they've reset the defaults on a bulk load of debts to this time. I acknowledge the debt is mine in that I took out the loan in April 2006, but I don't want to pay it if I really don't have to (as it would mean I can clear some others that are currently being paid a bit quicker) but I have no idea of my position on this and really do not want to have a new black mark on my credit history (such as a CCJ) for something that I have already been defaulted for. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  18. I'd be grateful for any advice the forum can offer. With last year's council tax we made arrangements with the council to pay off the court order over 10 months, but I missed the last 3 payments. I heard nothing and when I checked online the balance of £2,050 I saw it included £450 from last year and I thought that figure had been included in this years payments. A week ago last Friday my wife answered the door and, not realising they were a bailiff, invited them in. This council has an in house bailiff team so they appear to be fron the local council and she thought if was regarding another issue. Anyway, he was very polite and repeatedly said not to worry, we'd all sort it out. He made his list of contents in the front room and told us to ring him in the next couple of weeks. He's added £40 for statutory levy fee, £12 for walking possessiion and £135 for enforcement costs and I wondered how valid these fees are and can we get them lowered or, having let him in, have we shot ourselves in the foot? Secondly, how flexible are they likely to be (if we don't query the fees) in repayments - we pay £190 in council tax per month. Is it worth speaking to the council we see if they will concolidate the debt? Failing that are the bailiffs likely to accept the repayments over 10 months? Thanks, Tom
  19. Shelter England Shelter Scotland The Connection at St Martin-In-The-Fields (Helping Homeless People)
  20. Hi everyone 1st time poster, long time reader, I'm currently behind on payments to Brighthouse but don't want to pay the the late fee charges. They offered to rewrite the agreement but I want to get the OSC and DLC off my contract and reclaim the money I paid them. What should I do first? Thank you in advance
  21. My elderly Dad received a Parking Charge for £90 from a BPA member Private Parking company for allegedly not displaying a valid pay and display ticket in a Retail Shopping Park. Since the letter was sent over a month from the alleged offence he would not have kept the ticket so cannot prove one or the other. He disputed this as he believes he had got a ticket to cover the 2 hours free parking and the photo in the letter is of the rear of the car, however the company say that it was issued correctly but reduced the penalty charge to £50 if he paid within 35 days. Still annoyed about this I looked at various pieces of advice on the web which seem to suggest just ignore them and they will eventually go away. He has now received a letter from a debt recovery service asking for £150. I would appreciate advice please on whether to continue to ignore letters or is there action he should be taking?
  22. I'm new here and I'm just looking for a piece of advice, long story to understand but here goes nothing when I was 18 3 years ago I let my mother who had just been made redundant take out one of these loans in my name the amount was 600 I'm sure but not 100%, as far as I was concerned she made every payment on time and the loan was paid off during the agreed time but it turns out she lied and I only discovered this when a letter dropped through the door from C.K Edrupt & Co solicitors asking me to pay the remaining balance of £413 and I confronted my mother about it and she said she will get the money and pay it but around 1month passed and she came up with nothing but this week another letter has came through from C.K Edrupt again saying they are willing to accept 50% of the amount due if I pay in full, which I'm more than willing to do as I will just pay it. The questions I have are is there anything I should know before making this payment over the phone? Like asking them to send me a receipt or anything like that. And the next question I have is will this have a really bad effect on my credit score in years to come as I embark on getting my own mortgage ect in the future, everything else I have ever had on my credit file is perfect and this has got me really worried about things looking to my future, many thanks for any replies I get and I'm very sorry if I've posted in the wrong section.
  23. Hi, I would appreciate some advice please. I offered to pay a DCA a HMRC debt for last years tax over a period of 10 weeks. They agreed and were easier to deal with than when I made similar offers to the Inland Revenue in the past. An order fell through (I'm self employed) and I haven;t been able to pay anything yet. I should however, still be able to clear to debt within 12 weeks and start payments in about 3 weeks. I received a letter today asking to make the first installment by phone and I wondered how best to deal with them. Thanks for any advice.
  24. Hi all, I will soon be departing these shores and wanted some advice about some existing 'debts'. For some time now I have been requesting various bits of information from certain DCA's so I can verify the validity of the alleged debts but on each occasion what I have got is just rubbish. My concern is that I currently have a house under my name along with my parents (I dont live there nor do I pay the mortgage) and I wanted to know could these DCA's get any sort of court order to go to the house and start removing any goods? Everything in the house belongs to my parents with the exception of a bookcase and a few books which I purchased. I will be writing to all the DCA's to inform them that I will be leaving the country, should I tell them that any mail sent to me will be either binned or sent back to them? And also how do I make sure that they dont try anything sneaky while Im not here? I dont want anyone turning up at my parents house and scaring them into letting them in or making them sign/do anything. Perhaps I could remove their implied right of access to the property? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  25. Hello there guys, I was hoping one of you could offer some advice on how to deal with my capquest issue. I will give you some of the background. I started receiving hundreds of phone calls (up to 30 a day) from the lovely capquest in October 2010, I ignored this for about a month then decided to tackle them head on. I sent a Modified CAG prove it letter to them and I also sent the FOI letter to my creditor along with the 10 quid. So both the creditor and the DCA are aware of my identity and current address, surely? Things went quite, I assumed that Capquest could not provide me with any signed agreements and the creditor certainly neglected to include it in the information sent to me. I heard nothing for over two years. In December I then began receiving letters from "debt managers LTD" who are apparently perusing my debt to capquest, not to my original creditor. Debt managers where threatening doorstep visits so are dispatched a combined prove it a no doorstep collections permitted letter to them. I got a response from their complaints dept. saying that the matter has been referred back to capquest and I have now received another letter from capquest complaints offices. I am a bit baffled by capquests letter; it is full of apologetic platitudes but does make a strange request. They are asking me to confirm my address history in order to ensure they are pursuing the correct person. Why would they do that? My original creditor is in possession of this information. I am tempted to make a strong worded response along the lines of isn’t it a bit late in the day to be asking if I am the right person and why the hell should I help you do your jobs. Would this be silly? They have given me 30 days to respond which was kind. Should I play ball or just stone wall them and re-demand proof of liability? I am worried about some kind of Capquest ruse. Your help has been amazing in the past and I was wondering what any of you could recommend. Cheers Le_bonn.
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