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Found 138 results

  1. I bought a used car a month ago from a dealer. Two weeks later they went into administration. I got suspicious and did a full hpi check on the car and it turns out it has an existing finance agreement. Finance Company: SANTANDER CONSUMER (UK) PLC Contact number: 0871 2004150 Agreement number: xxxxxxx Agreeement type: Conditional Sale should I contact santander to ask about this or will that be drawing too much attention to myself ? Can they legally take the car away ? please advice.
  2. Hi All I have recently applied for car finance with a large car manufacturers own finance house and was initially declined (but was approved after an appeal), anyway the official dealer of the car brand decided to do multiple applications after the decline without my approval and without me knowing. Can they do that?....thing is I now have 3 full credit searches on my credit file, against my wishes! If not, (which I am sure they can't) what should I do? Many thanks for your help in advance. :o)
  3. :-)Hi, I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Basicly, i purchaced a car Vauxhall Astra 03 plate 1.8cdti, on 23.7.12 £1.5k, paid on my Visa debit card, from local car dealer, got no logbook with car, got told to go to post office to apply for one, just the m.o.t and a bit of service history, on my receipt it says 'Trade Sale'. We drove the car home (2 minutes away), Engine management light on and car wouldnt lock with keys. We drove car straight back and its been in the dealers posession ever since. (3weeks today) !!. In this time the car has been in 4 different garages (Including vauxhall) for diagnostic's & repair and still isnt fixed. When we checked on Friday with the 4th garage the car is in for repair at, mechanic said no parts have been ordered and thay are chocca with work so trying to fit my car in as/when they can. So,,, I decided to reject the car under the s.o.g.a on friday, as dealer promiced it would be fixed by that day, and if it wasnt he would refund me the money. When we went in on Friday for my refund, he refused as in his words 'he is still trying to fix it'. and if i want a refund i can take him to court. We have been lied to constantly about repairs over the past 3 weeks, 'its had this part fitted and that part fitted, parts are on order, bla bla, etc' . And basicly all communication has now broken down with dealer, as i relly lost the plot on friday, and gave him a right mouthful. So, ive returned the m.o.t & papers, etc, to dealer (kept my receipt tho) and given them a letter by hand, stating im rejecting car under s.o.g.a as my solicitor told me to do this, giving them 7 daysin writing to refund me the money. I paid for car on my Visa debit, i rang my bank, they are refusing a chargeback, saying they dont get involved with car disputes, yet i only had the car in my possession for about 15 minutes, as it was returned straight to the garage and theyve had it ever since. So car dealer has my car and my money and im in no man's land. Please any advice would be welcome, i was offered a hire car by dealer while my new car was in for repairs, but didnt need one as i still have my old car. I just want my money back, help ! Thanks for reading jackie x
  4. Good afternoon all, I'm really hoping for some guidance, on what's turning out to be a stressfull car purchase. 06/07/12: Saw second hand BMW 5 Series (Touring) for sale at a certain well known dealer (Motherwell branch. I live in Wrexham). I emailed their web-sales team to start negotiations and pose questions regarding the vehicle (considering the 250 miles train journey required). Questions below: What warranty does the car come with and is it local or national (i.e Car Care Plan)? How long / many miles until next service is due? Does it come with 12 months MOT? What's front and rear tyre wear like (mm's)? What does iDrive detail for each diagnostic point (miles til oil check, break fluid, pads and discs)? Are there any external dents, scratches or scuffs (alloys included)? Internal scratches or tears? Has the car been in any accidents / had any structural / aesthetic repair work? Received a reply as follows: Used cars are sold with 2 months warranty. Warranty repairs can be done in any ***** branch. In some exceptional cases we can authorise work to be carried out by separate VAT registered garages, but that’s at the branch manager’s discretion. ** Serviced and MOTd by us on 22nd June 2012 At least 6mm tread on all tyres iDrive shows 19000 miles for everything except brake pads, which show 28000 miles No damage on the bodywork or interior No evidence of accidents/structural or aesthetic repair work having been done. 07/07/12: Took the two trains and one bus trip required to get to the dealer in Motherwell, and after a long wait (50 mins) was able to see the car. IT looked to be a stunning, silver 5 Series, and despite it raining heavily and being overcast, I took time to wipe as much water from the panels to check for dents, scratches and blemishes. It all looked fine, and I continued to purchase the car. Driving home, I stopped near home (as the car was now dry) to appreciate the car (I drove a 52 plate Corsa before this!). I was absolutely gutted to see that there were patches on the bonnet, both sides and the roof. They're highly visible in direct sunlight, and during visit to a local bodyshop I learned they were called 'bag marks'. There were other issues present too (darker, defined patches on the bonnet, which I've learned are moisture marks, and some fairly deep scratching to a few panels). The guy at the repair place advised that the car had received a majority re-spray, and that although the respray was generally very good, and that the issues present could happen to any body repairer, the issues weren't acceptable and should have been dealt with. I contacted the dealers, and sent through photographs of the issues, asking for their assistance. Their reply, in a nutshell, was 'tough luck', as I'd checked the car over and bought it as seen. Their argument is that a 58 plate car should be expected to have bodywork issues. My argument is that I'd received a written response from them to advise the car was without damage, and that there was no evidence of repair work, and I see this as a SoGA issue. 08/07/12 to 15/07/12: Emails back and forth, basically saying the same things. 15/07/12: After speaking with another customer of the local bodywork repair place (luckily a solicitor), I sent an email and letter detailing the problems, and that they had 7 days to respond, regarding covering the cost of repairs, or receiving the vehicle back (I'd prefer to keep the car, as mechanically, it appears sound). 20/07/12 to 27/07/12: Family holiday. Returned on 27th July to find no responses to my email / letter. I guess my question is, is it unreasonable of me to expect them to address the issues? I understand I bought the vehicle and drove it away, but it was only when the vehicle was in sunlight that I could see the problems (numerous 'bag marks', on all panels other than the tail of the vehicle, moisture marks and fairly deep scratches in 4 or 5 locations). Do I have a case? If so, is it clear? Thanks so much, in advance, for any guidance you can offer.
  5. My Zafira has been making high pitched noises, similar to trains braking and intermittent rattling when using the clutch. Dealer diagnosed clutch and release bearing needed changing. I was shocked when they quoted £1100 and decided to think about it. A quick visit to Masterfit website, they had the price at £599 amongst other consumerable parts. I put the Masterfit price to the dealer and they said they could do it at that price plus the cost of the bearing for £730. With the money now saved I decided to get the cam belt and water pump changed, a problem that has plagued zafiras. The total cost was under £1000, what incentive does vauxhall give to their dealers to give fixed prices from masterfit and not their own? I saved over £300 by asking what difference is the job dealer quoted and the masterfit one.
  6. Hi maybe just unlucky but I have a Zafira b 1.6 the clutch judders, the air con dosent work, the heater is only luke warm at best and the spanner light comes on with code p1113. Would you fix the faults? or try to get a refund from the dealer and buy another? I purchased the car on the 1st May and have driven 800 miles over the last 4 weeks. Bazza
  7. I bought a used (2005) Jaguar X Type diesel from an independent car sales establishment in Brockenhurst, Hampshire just over a week ago (Sat 9th June). On driving the car back to South Wales where I live, I noticed a distinct lack of power once on a clear stretch of motorway, and clouds of black smoke billowing out of the back on acceleration. On arriving home a couple of hours after collecting the car, I rang the garage and explained the problem. They suggested that I initially get the car diagnosed locally and get back to them with the findings, so I got it booked in with a local Jaguar specialist last Saturday morning (16th June) at a cost to myself of £84 to be informed that the intercooler hoses and MAP sensor where rubbing against an engine pulley and being worn away, causing a possible induction air leak. The specialist called me back on Monday with a costing for the work that needed doing (£407) and I relayed this to the supplying garage along with the specialists contact details so that they could verify the problem. The supplying garage have contacted me today, saying that they can get it done in Brockenhurst for £298 but I would need to return the car to them at my own expense (and time - it's approx 130 miles each way), and under the terms of their 90 day warranty I would have to contribute half! I suggested that I would be quite happy to return the vehicle for a refund but they said that they could not refund. I have reluctantly suggested that if they were to pay the £298, then I might be prepared to add the extra £109 to get the vehicle fixed with my local specialist? Any thoughts on how I should be handling this? Btw - I'm getting a droning noise from the rear of the car which I would guess is a dodgy wheel bearing, but haven't even got to that yet! Jon
  8. Hello everyone 3 weeks ago i brought a second hand car from car dealer in London. Everything seems to be ok, but on my way home (70 miles distance) oil pressure lamp start blinking. Also after pressing gas, sometimes car seems "choking". First I ignore that, because seller assure me that car is 100% ok. After a week i took it to garage and i spend 80 quid on oil change and engine flush, but it didn't solve the problem. Then i took it to kwik fit for diagnostics,when i came to collect, guy told me he found two errors (injector and some sensor) but also something seems to be wrong with engine because it dosen't work as is suppose to and co2 emission is way too high. But he said he didn't want to open it, because engine seems to be recently repaired by someone, and some nuts are misssing. According to him looks like someone done something on the engine but didn't finish. I contact trading standard to enquire about this situation and the advice me to contact trader, first by phone followed by recorded letter. Next day car start to be very loud so i took it to garage. Diagnose was: bearing pads (both sets) to replace, crankshaft grinding, injector faulty, connecting rod to replace. Est costs 1000 pounds. Also mechanic confirmed that engine was rebuilt, crankshaft was already grinded 2 times and it was done not so long time ago - silicon in some places was still soft. When i called trader he said he can only cover the labour, but i need to pay for the parts. I told him its not good enough and Im interested in return car to him and get full refund, or he need to cover those repairs at no costs to me. He said he can help me with that, and disconnect, so i wrote him and send a recorded letter. Now when car is almost fixed i get in touch with dealer again to ask him if he receive my letter. He confirmed and said, he can take care of repairs if i bring car to his place, i told him that i already start fixing car using my own money, and don't need that any more i want to look for repair costs refund. He said he is busy at the moment and ask me to call him back on monday (it was friday) So my question is: How to get refund from him for that repairs? because now he seems to change his mind after I already took care of repairs, so his offer is useless to me. My garage will provide me with full documentation of repairs - invoices, pictures of broken parts, and their opinion about condition of the car before repairs Whats my options? P.S: sorry for my English, I'm still learning
  9. Hi, Help needed for my neighbour , he bought a van & the dealer said he would send on the V5 & Mot as he had only just taken the van on a part ex & was waiting for docs . So he took him at his word, bought van on the 31/5/2012. As of yesterday & 3 phone calls the dealer is saying he posted the docs on 7/6/2012 , last Thursday second class. They have still not arrived. He will need to get tax at the end of this month & needs the the docs, any ideas what he can do? Thanks Middxx
  10. Hi all, I wanted to see your thoughts about my situation. Firstly, I had numerous conversations with the dealer I have bought my car from BEFORE the purchase as I live in Birmingham and they trade in Devon. On every occasion I was told that this was a UK car with a private reg and there was MOT and as much tax as I wanted to buy. So I took the day off work and went down to Devon to the dealer to have a good look at the car. After a test drive and a few questions about the servicing and factory recalls I decided to buy. I asked for the MOT certificate, he said I could look at it online but only between Mon-Fri as he didnt have a hard copy. I asked for 12 months tax (£170) which he added to my invoice and said it will be done online before I leave with car. I filled out all the relevant paperwork and V5 and was told to give them an hour to check the car over before I left. So I went next door to Little Chef and changed my insurance over and had some chips. (hope I've painted a good enough picture) At this point I had handed my old car over in part exchange and had no vehicle to return to Birmingham with. After an hour I walked back over and was handed the keys and I asked again about the tax and was again told it will be in the post ! So off I went back to Birmingham. This was on the Wednesday afternoon. Saturday morning, I received a letter from the garage stating that they were unable to tax the car and that I would have to go to the local DVLA office to get it ! So I phoned to question the letter, which didn't include a refund for my tax, and asked them if they realised that I was not only covered with road tax on the car but my insurance was void as well, and was greeted with the reply "well that shouldn't be a problem now you have the V5." I then looked abit closer at my V5 to discover it was a V5NI ! Quickly I realised that this dealer had sold this car under false pretense ! This was supposed to be a UK registered car with MOT and TAX. I phone the deader straight back and told him what was going on and that I was advised by the DVLA that the car was not legal to drive on the UK roads. I said I would have to have a new UK MOT and if anything was wrong with the car, would he pay for it? he answered "Of course, no problem" The MOT was an irish MOT disk which expired in Jan 13, which the DVLA can honour but I didnt take the chance as I need my car for work, so I quickly got booked in with my local garage to get a UK MOT. On the Monday, I took a trip to my local DVLA office to tax the car and re-register in the UK. This went without a hitch and I was very pleased. But I'm out of pocket another £170 for tax and the £45 for an MOT. I have sent my receipts and a covering letter to the dealer and asked for a refund of both the MOT and the tax. The dealer is currently "not at work" and every time I phone when he is supposed to be in, I get someone else other than the guy I was dealing with ! I'm really disappointed with the service this garage has provided and they have let me drive away from the forcort in my £7000 car ILLEGALLY! Can anybody advise me on my current legal situation with the dealer and maybe help me to resolve this issue. Many thanks ! Richard
  11. Hi guys, I feel like a complete idiot - I have just checked MOT history of a used car I bought last week and it turns out the car has at least 2x times more mileage on it than advertised. I bought a used Honda off a dealer in London (E7) last Friday - the car has been advertised to have 63K miles on the clock, when I checked the DVLA database just now it showed that the car had a recorded mileage of over 104K miles back in 2007 (So probably over 150K by now)! After discovering this I have checked the paperwork I've got and a Used Car Invoice has the following on it: "CAUTION: Mileages on recorders of Used Motor Vehicles may differ from actual total distances run, and must be disregarded". I have since spoken to a solicitor who told me that I need to send a recorded letter to the dealership saying I want to reject the car, he also said that I need to go there ASAP and try to leave the car with the dealership if I can. In his view it is a clear misrepresentation and I could get my money back under the Sales of Goods Act, as the car has been sold not as described (by the way, I have got a page with the car being advertised saved from Google cache). Has anyone been in a similar situation? Any other advise that could help me return the car?
  12. Hi all, I'm new to this so please bear with me! About three months ago I bought an LDV Maxus (from a dealer an hour and a half away from my home) 90,000 miles and FSH, It had a worn thrust bearing which the dealer said they would sort out, and for an extra £100 change the clutch plate and slave cylinder. One week later I pick it up “We’ll post you the service history” off I go. One week later and problems start Heater stops working Speedo reads 2F8287 miles (fault code?) Bonnet opens on its own Passenger door will not lock Clutch pedal gone soft It goes back and they loan me a transit “We’ll call you” Two days pass nothing. I call them “We’re waiting parts. We’ll call you later today.” Two more days and I phone and get the same response! An entire month goes past with the same thing (I’ve been so busy working I don’t really have time to be chasing) I asked my other half to give them a ring. A few stern words and it’s ready! Arrive and they bring it round. It turns out it was the ECU that needed replacing to fix the door lock! “I’ll show you the bill I’ve got for that” the guy says. I get it and the clutch is biting just off the floor and the speedo still says 2F something. I tell them and the bloke gets really grumpy comes and talks a load of crap, keeps going on about how “trivial” the problems are and tells me the clutch is fine and they are waiting for LDV to call them to tell them how to fix the speedo. Then he bleeds the clutch (By pumping it with the nipple closed so that the pressure builds up and the clutch works okay! I was doing that a month before just to get around!) . “There you go. If it goes again you just call me. Don’t talk to anyone but me.” So angry I’m worried what I might say/do off I go. I get home and the bonnet is open!!!! So all they have done in FOUR WEEKS is the door lock and heater. As I’ve said I’m busy so I left it a few weeks and guess what? The slave cylinder is dropping fluid all over the place and the speedo now says 360864 ?????????? and still no service history. I’ve taken it back again (this time they have given me a VW caddy, not good for carpet fitting!) and they have changed the slave cylinder but when I asked what they would do about the speedo I was told “We were only sorting the clutch, I’ll phone and find out about that” I don’t know what to do now, any advice please???
  13. We bought a second hand car (X reg 1.4 Astra LS 16v) from a dealer for the sum of £1750 + P/X of old car, The car came with a 12 month MOT, !2 month warranty and a full service. The dealer told us they had sold the car when it was 6 months old to an older gent and that it had been serviced by the dealer ever since, and as they knew the car so well they were selling it on, as the car only had 52,000 on the clock we thought the story was plausable. The dealer told us the car had a misfire which would be 'sorted' before we collected it and the timing belt would be replaced as part of the service. Since then the car has been back to the dealers garage for the rear crank seal to be replaced (which they did begrudgingly), The battery has blown all it's cells which had to be replaced by the RAC at a cost to us (£70) and now, after a trip from Yorkshire to Dorset, the E.C.U. is acting up cutting off fuel when the E.C.U. gets too hot? How do I stand with statutory rights, what can I demand of the dealer and can I claim back the cost (part or all) of the battery, (If he serviced the car for the best part of 10 years he should know if the battery is in good condition or not)? Any help/advice would be appreciated, Thanx
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