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Found 138 results

  1. I bought a used Ford Galaxy from a dealer in Chigwell as a part exchange and while driving the car back home I discovered that the heating in the car doesn't work. I also discovered 2 days later that the engine overheats and that I couldn't lock the car and also it kept loosing power as if the turbo function was switched on and off. I took it to the mechanic who suggested that the water pump and possibly thermostat may need replacing and the remote locking and immobiliser is further work. So I rang the dealer and complained that I have these issues who initially tried to put me off but I called too many times and he eventually said we will fix it for you. So I drove the car all the way back to the dealer who then sent me to another place for fixing it. I spend the whole of that day (taking day off work) but the guys couldn't fix the heater and advised me to leave the car and they gave me my car back which I had part-exchanged with them to drive away until the new car is fixed. Its been nearly 3 weeks and I have ranged god knows how many times and the car is still not fixed. I asked for a refund but they refused to say that they are repairing the car for me. Where do I stand legally with this and what should I do. I am really stressed... many thanks for any help/advice.
  2. hi on the 22nd of December I paid a 500gpb deposit on a 2008 focus titanium tdci fo sale by rix motors in warrington, who agreed to hold the car for me until mid January as I live in Ireland, at no time was I told the deposit was non refundable, I rang this morning to cancel as circumstances have changed, now I could be wrong but as it was an overseas transaction and rix did not give me a receipt the cooling off period is longer, while I do not have a problem with them keeping reasonable expences , keeping the lot is a bit much, also the car is now on their website at 4990pounds, it has gone up 490 . thank you , where do I stand, and what can I do if anything
  3. Dear CAG users, I recently put my 3-year-old car in for service at a main dealer that is part of a much larger chain. It was a special fixed-price deal for an interim service. I noticed the next day that the invoice listed an oil of the correct viscosity, but which is not in line with the car manufacturer's recommendations and is not appropriate for an engine with DPF. It is also suspiciously cheap for the spec that should have gone in (£20 for 4.5L), however the pricing on the itemised invoice was fudged for the price-fixed offer so I'm aware it may not have actually been £20. After phoning the dealer twice and getting nowhere, I went by in person to speak the service manager. He showed me some top up bottles of the oil they said they used on the car, which would be a suitable oil but was not what I was invoiced for. He was not aware of the differences between the oil listed on the invoice and that which they were using (from the same manufacturer with similar but still distinct names). The chain of dealers appear to have a deal with this oil manufacturer, but it wasn't clear whether they get one product that is used in all cars (in which case I got the right stuff) or several products (in which case its still possible they put the wrong one in). All through this I was being made to feel like a very awkward customer. Their normal clientele evidently don't ask many questions! I'm still not convinced that I got the correct oil, but don't know what I can do next. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi so 5months ago i bought a 54 plate vauxhall astra from a dealer for 2495 after a few mistakes with the finance we came to a verbal agreement to this day i have paid 1900. After leaving the garage the transmission light came on i called and he agreed to fix it so we went back up and he said it was a sensor and it had been changed again on route home the light came back on he agreed to fix this but was super eager for the final 595, i toldhim i was reluctant to pay this until the light was fixed he agreed. Now my car broke down on the bypass and after having it towed to a garage i was informed that my car has been running with an open gasket for months and my engine was now done. Looking for advice on what i should do now, where i stand, should i repair it with a new engine or leave it and try get a refund? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  5. I bought a car from a dealer 6 weeks ago and noticed some stuttering accelerating when cold. After some advice about this and the type of car I got it checked out and found some engine errors on the ECU (knocking and misfiring). It's likely carbon build up on the direct injection engine and won't be cheap to fix. Although this can't be proved I suspect they knew about the fault as the car was a lot cheaper than it was worth. The dealer provide 3 months warranty on all cars with £500 excess. I know there's a satuatory law about car warranties, so what are my rights? Can I tell them to pay for it all and also what if they say the warranty doesn't cover the engine?
  6. Hi All, I bought a car from an independent dealership back in May this year, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to where to go from here? Please bare with me, as its quite a long post. The car appeared to be fine at the time of purchase, however the engine warning light came on an hour after after leaving the garage. I contacted the dealership immediately and they assured me not to worry, and bring the car back to them. I took the car back a couple of days later, the dealer took the car off me, and claimed he would take the car to the their Garage around the corner from the dealership. He returned with the car around 15mins later, and said that the car had 2 faults: 1. overboost sensor 2. glow plug He told me not to worry, his mechanic had cleared the fault codes and the car would be fine. I wasn't really happy with this and explained to him, that I would like him to get the car fixed considering I had only had it for an hour before the warning light came on. The dealer said that I wasn't within my rights to get the car fixed for free, however if the problem still persisted, he would be happy to issue me with a warranty for an additional fee (He said he would have given it me for free, but I didn't pay the asking price for the car) I decided not to take out the warranty, and see how I got in with the car. Low and behold the engine warning light came back on the same day. I contacted the garage again the following day, and the dealer said he would issue me with a free warranty, which would enable me to get the car fixed. I agreed to this, and he promised I would have the warranty in the post within a week or so. However, a month later, and still no sign of the warranty, even though I contacted the garage numerous times throughout this period, to ask for what the delay was. Each time I called, the dealer just said "their warranty guy hadn't come to collect the warranty forms as of yet, but assured me their was nothing to worry about etc" I got to the point where the dealer stopped answering my calls. In the meantime I paid £35 to have a full diagnostic check on the car by a reputable garage. They found 2 faults: Glow plugs: £99.45 fitted inc.vat inlet manifold flap £222.30 fitted inc. vat. I also got in touch with Citizens Advice and the advised me to send a letter to the dealership, in which I outlined the faults, along with their breach of sale of goods act etc. As expected, the Garage did not reply, so CA advised me to send another final letter which I did, however I got no response. I then contacted CA again this morning, and they said as my local CA don't give civil advice, I would have to pursue the matter further through court. They told me to have a look online at moneyclaims.gov.uk and hmcourt-service.gov.uk I have had a look on both sites etc, however I just wondered if anyone could advise me on a couple of things e.g. Do you think I am within my rights to make a claim against this garage? Also could anyone explain the fees to me. I did have a look on the x50 form, but didn't fully understand? Many thanks for any info/advice on this. Its well appreciated.
  7. Hi, I purchased a 05 Audi for £7000 on 24th July (and put my Smart car in as part-ex) from a reasonably large used car dealer. I was told before I bought it that the ESP light was lit up on the dash due to the brakes and they would fix this before I took the car, so I arranged to drop off my Smart car and pick up the Audi on the 26th. They rang on Friday 26th and I was told that they couldn't fix the problem until the week after due to ordering a part which hadn't turned up but I could still have the car that day if I wanted, so my partner took my Smart and picked the Audi up. Then on Sunday 30th the engine management warning light came on, which worried me, so we took the Audi straight back to the dealer who said it was nothing to worry about and they would fix it. They did not ring until late Friday 9th August to let me know it was sorted and ready to be picked up, so my partner went over to collect it. As soon as he started to drive it he knew there was something wrong, it had lost all the power and acceleration and shuddered at certain speeds (its a 1.9tdi so was really fast the one day I drove it!), so we took it back that evening and again the manager said they would look at it. By then I was totally fed up and asked for my money back but he said there was no way he was refunding me. So I left it again with them and now (nearly a week later) I still haven't heard from them! It is causing a total inconvenience as the dealer is a 60 mile round trip and me and my partner work full time. Am I within my rights to ask for my money back?
  8. When purchasing a new ( brand ) I had decided to pay for the car with part exchange and cash to change. Then some smug business manager came out... and said to me no word of a lie....Here was the conversation "Hello I am the business manager" Holding a credit card machine "Em? oh Ok Hello, I was dealing with Mr X here about the car" "Ah yes I am the business manager" - Sits down in the sales mans chair! Sales man stands out the way...Really? "So Mr X , I am wondering why you are settling the balance of £12k for the car in cash, can I ask why you are doing that?" Stunned "Pardon?" Almost walking out "Well have you thought about spreading the payments on a PCP?" "Do you make money from a PCP?" Pause "Well, um, a little yes but its more about spreading the payments of your car you see. You see your car will devalue and if you pay monthly you will not be sinking your own money into a depreciating assett" Pause - getting hot with anger now. I only just met this [EDIT - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PERSONAL ABUSE]. "But the car will devalue anyway mate, I like the feeling of owning the car and it will devalue whether I defer the payments or not... but out of interest what would my monthly payments be?' Gets excited... taps "£820 a month" "Pardon?" "£820 a month on the mileage you are doing" "Mate are you serious that is a lot?" "Well yes but its an expensive car and you get to keep your cash in the bank" "Earning 2%, minus inflation?" "Well ha ha laughs embarrassingly, well its the way most people do it these days" "Well sure but in my head you still own the car, you get it back and I am your bitch" "Well its a way to spread the cost of your payments" At this point I started to feel exceptionally angry... and almost feel so hot and wound up that I nearly canceled the purchase. Highly irresponsible behavoir and (brand) should know better. Seriously - if a customer spends money with a salesman - let him do the deal you stupid idiots.
  9. Hi everybody, we bought a car on Wednesday from a used car dealer, Saturday afternoon it breaks down, spoke to garage yesterday they said" its out of there hands" I have to get the car back to them and there's no courtesy car available and no recovery, what can I say to them we paid 4250 for the car with 3 months warranty. They also knew it was for running an ill family member about. Any help greatly appreciated
  10. Hi, I purchased a Brand New Kia Cee'd in December 2010. Now, two years later it has started breaking down. After the first time, I took it back to the dealer who said it was the Starter Motor. They replaced this under warranty and I thought nothing more of it. A few weeks later, it broke down again. The RAC identified that the ECU fuse had blown, and advised I take it back to the dealer. I did as advised, and the dealer kept the car for about a week. They identified an issue in the fuse box with a loose wire that was causing the issue. So having fixed this, I was happily driving along and it broke down for a third time. ECU fuse had blown again. It's now still with the dealer where it has been for two weeks. I've not heard anything apart from one call asking if I had one of their courtesy cars. When asking for an update they said they'd ring back, but they never did. All three times it broke down, it cut out in an identical way. This makes me think that the first time it happened, it wasn't really the starter motor, it was whatever is causing the ECU fuse to blow. This would make sense in that the dealer apparently ordered two replacement Starter Motors that both turned out to be 'faulty'. Could it be that there was never an issue with that in the first place? What can I do as I've lost any faith in the vehicle, and won't feel safe driving it once it's returned. It's clear they don't know what the issue is, as the next step was to try and replace the circuit board. Am I within my rights to ask for a replacement if it happens again?
  11. I'm looking for some advice or clarification on an issue I am having with a car dealer. After having my car stolen in February and being paid out from the insurance, I decided to replace the car like for like. I eventually found the car I wanted, a year newer than my last model, from an independant dealer a few miles away. Now when I picked the car up (Mondeo TDCi Zetec) I noticed it was very sluggish on start, and blew some smoke out under acceleration. The dealer said it was probably because it was stood for a while, and to give it a good blast on the motorway, in some ways that part is true with most diesels. Cut a long story short, the problem never went away and it seems to be getting slightly worse. The car came with a 3 month warranty, and I understand i'm protected by the SOGA anyway. The dealer asked me to take it to a local garage for inspection and forward him the report, which I did and paid for. After dragging his heels, he has now asked me to take it back to him so his mechanics can take a look at it, chances are I know more about this model of car than his mechanics, and I am well aware of the possible faults and symptoms, and they could be quite costly, injectors, Flywheel and turbo. My question is, am I entitled to have the car repaired and keep it, which is what I want to do, as apart from the problems the car is mint condition and low milage? Or, can he refund me the money plus diagnostic fees (£3000) and take the car back? I would like to keep the car as it the exact model, colour and specification that i wanted. Thanks Steve
  12. appologise if i have placed this in the wrong part but i can't seem to navigate round this web site to find car dealers section, if poss can you move it to right section please. Here goes 7 months ago we part exchanged a car which they gave us 2100.00 . we had purchased the car 9 days earlier and hated it. they never asked to look at the pat ex and simply they ticked the checklist to say they were happy with it and we did the deal,they asked us the history and milage and we told them exactly what was on the documents, after a few hours of taking delivery they found a problem with the mot which they said had been messed with, not know to us and the car had actually done 230000 miles and not the 89000 which was on our mot.they asked us to pay extra 900 and at the time because the finnace was inplace and we had took delivery of the new car i simply paid and asked them if it was worth reporting to police they refused and said they would simply retest it and resell it out cheaper.now 7 months as passed and after a recent conversation i was lead to beleive i did nothing wrong and they admited on paper work ticking all the check list and even ticking the box that says part ex driven and milage checked, so is it possible to request my 900 extra payment ? after all they failed to do there job right or should i simply put it down to experiance. thank you
  13. Hi, I bought an Audi A4 (2004 model, automatic transmission) for £3400 today. This is my first car in the country and I have never had an automatic car before this. I made the full payment and started to get back home. On way I realised that the PRNDS lights were flashing. I had no idea what was it but then googled about this on web. It seems that there is a big issue with the transmission and people who had this problem before were actually advised not to drive the car (even though it operates fine) as the car is not considered to be fit for driving with the lights flashing! I immediately called the dealer to explain the problem. He offered me to visit their mechanic on Monday (tomorrow is Sunday). I asked him what happens if there is something is wrong with the transmission (as I read on the web) and incurs a big cost. To this he said that he was not liable to anything. This made me surprised as he sold me the car just 2 hours ago!! I believe that he knew this problem already and has sold without telling me. In fact I also asked him before purchasing if he was aware of any technical problems to which he said No. I also said that I dont want the car as it seems to be a problem and if he could take it back. He said he cant take the car back either. Please advise the best possible way out of this. I am worried that this could cost me a huge money! The posts I read said somewhere around £1400. Best regards Saurabh
  14. hi all Posting on behalf of my son. He brought a car from a dealer(not local with no warranty) £850 Peugeot 206 2000 plate. Within 2 weeks he noticed the coolant level was low, well missing in fact and needed a good kettle full to top it up. Same happened week after and now we have found the head gaskit is blown, so he rang the dealer whom replied "It was Sold As Seen" and was on the paper work ! Rang him again mentioning sale of goods act but he wont budge. One would have thought that this was sold not being road worthy.. it now over heats within a day or two after using all the coolant, this can be fixed I suppose but if we do fix it will that be a bad move if we are trying to get the dealer to pay for the repairs. Where would you suggest we go from here ? Regards Eggy12
  15. Hi All, Ordered a new car yesterday (completed a new car vehicle order form), in stock at dealer at about 5PM, when returning home I found that the cost of the vehicle on the paperwork was actually £1600 higher than we originally talked about. This meant that a used car exactly the spec I wanted was cheaper... grrrr I called the dealer the next morning .. Sunday... and was told that I could cancel but they would be keeping the deposit (significant amount) because they had another possibility to sell the same car that day and they have sold my part exchange who in turn have sold it on - so it can't be returned ... loss of earnings.... Now I left about 5PM and the dealer closes at 6PM, so they would have to be one very efficient dealer to have done all that in that small amount of time !! Isn't there a cooling off period? I have received no goods, and the vehicle in question was on site, already in stock(old stock that is). Where do I stand? Do they have to give me the deposit back? Thanks, Bob
  16. Hello, My ford car was working ok and had just passed its MOT but one evening in mid-december it just refused to start. The AA got my car to work by tapping something in the bonnet. So I drove my car to a Ford dealership so that they could use their diagnostic machine to figure out what had happened and prevent a recurrence. I got a call a few days later detailing what the issue was and I was given a quote of £812 to fix the problem. I didn't have much money but I needed the car in good working order especially for the winter. I was told the car would be ready for me to pick up last week. When I called to arrange a pickup time, I was told that the car wasn't working after they carried out the fix and that it is something else that's wrong with the car and not the initial thing they mentioned. So they asked that my new cost will be £1600. I can't imagine that I'll need to pay for their mistake. They want me to either pick my car up even though it wont start and pay £812 for the repair that didnt work or pay £1600 for them to try and fix it (with no guarantees). That doesn't make sense to me since they never mentioned that they were going to carry out trial and error. They specifically told me that their diagnostic machine will find the issue and they quoted me £812 to fix it. Am I legally obliged to pay £812 even though they haven't got my car in working condition? I'm happy to pay for the tests they carried out but not for a fix that didnt work. I have called them almost everyday since and the mechanics seem to understand but their manager is sticking to the fact that I have to pay the money to pick up my broken car. How do I even know that anything was done when its in the same condition as when I dropped it off. What options do I have here? I'll appreciate any advice I can get on this. Thanks.
  17. Hi all Could some kind person please tell me the top man at Black Horse Finance in Cardiff having lots of problems with them and dealer . Many thanks for looking Tonks
  18. Hi, I bought a used 53 Plate Peugeot 307 car for £3393 from a Peugeot Main Dealer seven months ago, the salesman also sold me a 12 warranty for £250, during this sales pitch he showed me a copy of an invoice from another customer who had had a major problem costing thousands, which was covered by the warrantee. This I thought would be prudent in case of any major problems which may occur. A few days ago the car made a loud banging noise, and no gears could be selected. I contacted the dealer, and arranged for the AA to tow the car to them. The dealer has contacted me, stating that the clutch failure has also caused damage to the gearbox, and the total cost will be approx £2400.00. However, the waranty will only cover £500.00. Now I have read the paperwork, the schedule states that the claims limit is £3393 (written in bold on the front page), but on page 3 it adds "you are covered up to the claims limit on the schedule (£3393), including a maximum of £500 per claim. I'm absolutely gutted, they are asking me to pay almost £2000, the car has has covered less than 3000 miles since purchase, and has only 50,000 on the clock. I think it would be reasonable to expect it to last longer than that, without such a catastrphic failure. I feel that I have been mis-sold the warranty, I would not have been happy if I had realised the claim value was only £500 per claim, and would have asked for a better warranty, or purchased the car elseware. The reason I went to the Main Dealer was to ensure I was getting a good car in good working order. I would be extremely grateful for any advice, regarding my rights on if the car was fit for the purpose intended, and/or whether I have any rights about being mis-sold the warranty Regards Rob (a nurse who cannot afford to pay for the repairs)
  19. Hi i bought a renaultsport clio from a dealer on 03/12/12 and picked it up on 07/12/12 after it had undergone a complete safety check. a few days after having the car i noticed that the right rear exhaust was hanging lower that the left one, so i had a look under the car and noticed that the mount seemed to be compreseed so i assumed that this was the problem. i was going to tell the dealer to see if they could fix it but i looked online and a new mount was only £6 but if i had taken it back to the dealer it would of been an 80 mile round trip so i decided to buy the mount and fix it myself. So i put the new mount on yesterday and it has not fixed and after looking further back the pipe isnt attached to the backbox and the whole joint has rusted away. I called the dealer and they said that they cannot do anything about it as it has gone past the 7 day warranty they give and because it was a trade in they do not cover it any more. When i asked why the safety check hadnt picked this up they just said that basically was just to make sure the wheels didnt fall off when i was driving away. Surely it must of been rusted fairly bad when it was looked at as ive only had the car a few weeks and i doubt that amount of rust can build up in that short amount of time. Im not sure where to go next though, i have raised a complaint with the head office but would the sales of goods act back me up as i think that the product was unsatisfactory when it was sold to me?? Thanks Will
  20. I am having some trouble with a dealer over returning a holding deposit I left on a vehicle. I left £124.25, which was £50 holding deposit and £74.25 towards 6 month tax. The dealer verbally agreed that the return of my deposit was subject to test drive as I couldn't test the vehicle when I first went there because some work was being done. I returned a few days later to test the vehicle and the power steering failed on the test drive and there were a few other things wrong with the vehicle. The dealer said he would have the power steering fixed and an mot done to iron out the other issues and we agreed that they would be in touch and agreed a possible collection date. I never heard from them and the agreed date passed, I couldn't raise the dealer by phone so emailed them rejecting the car and requesting the return of my deposit. I didn't hear from them for days and when I phoned they denied and agreements we had and stated all deposits left were non-refundable. Then they claimed the power steering was a quick fix and nothing was found wrong on the mot all of which I find strange. I said I was rejecting the vehicle as it was'nt ready when agreed and I had lost faith in the vehicle. They have stated that as I didn't buy the vehicle I can'nt have my money back as I have messed them about??? Can I take this to small claims to get my money back?
  21. Hi My name is Philip Yates. I bought a Vauxhall Vectra sri 54 plate back in may 2012 from a dealer called "deez motors". i bought the car on a finance basis with the car secured on the bill of sale. i used a finance company called stour vale that i found myself, then i put them in touch with deez motors after i found a car there i was interested in. The car cost 2495 in total and 495 of that was taken off the price as i part exchanged my old car. The first issue i encountered was he advertised the car as MOT'd but upon arrival to collect the car, it wasnt, it still had to be MOT'd, the next issue was the back seats being damp and the floor in the rear footwell were wet, i was told someone left the window open and it would be valeted before collection, the car was not valeted someone had rubbed it with a cloth, it was still wet and now had a strong damp smell. It later turned out the car was taking on water heavily so in wet weather or washing it (he must of known this and knowingly lied about it). After owning the car for a week, the issues really started,the anti roll bar bushes were no good, suspention spring snapped, wiper motor stopped working, heater blower motor stopped working, the exaust bracket snapped off, the egr valve blew off the carpet continuted to get wet (4 or 5 inches on a good day) the car kept cutting out and still does, the alternator packed up, the clutch has packed up the duel mass flywheel is about to fall off the car, the rear brakes were extremley unsafe and the problems keep rolling in to this day! Now for the dealer Deez Motors in Birmingham sold me this car with a 3 month warranty, Not only did he basically refuse to give me the number he informed me it wouldnt cover any of the faults on the car :-/, he then begane to get rude and agressive when i gave him his legal options of repair, replace or refund (garage quoted 1500 for the repairs and that was before the clutch went) he was rude thretning and agressive point blank refusing to sort the issues out, the best i got after month of calls was "il pay to get it running and thats all" so after even longer waiting for this cheque to materialise and this "legal team" he claimed he was talking to who apparently said he didnt have to pay me a penny, he then announced he wants a letter in writting from myself stationg upon recipt of a cheque for 280.00 i would not bother him about the car anymore! It is now november, my tax has run out and he still hasnt sent me the logbook, his father claimed he sent it and that dee was on holiday but due back today, so i called him and hes saying he hasnt seen the logbook and it might have been sent!? and he said i quote "its not my problem" I need help with this as iv moved to carlisle from birmingham just after buying this car were setting up a life togther looking at getting married and without my car it puts my job at risk as im on call all the time, its cost me a fortune to keep it running ontop of the finance i pay for the car PLEASE HELP! where do i stand what are my right, solicitors just say itl cost about a thousand to take him to court i might not even get that and thats asuming i win, i was bullied into sending a letter saying i wouldnt bother him after he sent a cheque for a small amount
  22. To cut a long story short. I purchased a car and within a day of owning the vehicle the brakes failed. The car was recovered to a local garage and they highlighted some other major issues resulting in the car being unroadworthy and quoted repair costs of £600. With a few conversation with the garage they stated they are willing to repair the vehicle. However, they must inspect the vehicle first and i must take the car back to them. This wouldn't be possible due to the issue with the car and i feel i shouldn't have to spend over £120 in having the car recovered back to them - especially when i have only owned it less than a few days. I put in writing that i wish to reject the car and claim a full refund. However the garage are refusing to do/offer this only stating they are willing to do a repair - again i must return the vehicle. Who decides/is it my right to ask for a full refund rather than a repair? SOGA?
  23. Hi hoping you knowlegeable people can offer some advice on my PPI claim. I bought a car in 2006 from my local car dealership which i took finance on with RCI (formaly RFS). I still have all the paperwork from this and thought that the PPI had been missold as the finance was in joint name however the PPI was solely in my name. I sent off a copy of the agreement and a consumer questionaire to RFS and received a letter back informing me that due to legislation changes in 2005 the responsibility for the selling of PPI lies directly with the supplying dealer. I then forwarded copies of the above to the local dealership as advised. Fast forward 8 weeks with no contact and i have now received a letter from the dealership stating: After a full investigation i can confrim that the vehicle xyz was sold to RFS ltd on your behalf. RFS Ltd than made one payment in full for £XXXX to ourselves. That was the balance outstanding on the vehicle and concluded the financial transaction between ourselves and RFS Ltd. A £xxx deposit was paid by you to ourselves to secure the vehicle and our accounts show that the vehicle was paid in full with those two transactions. I can confirm that the HP agreement signed by you was made with RFS and all payments made under the agreement were due to them. Any PPI was agreed with RFS and made to RFS not to ourselves. All records of any PPI sold to you will therefore be with RFS and we are unable to be of further assistance in this matter. Please accept this as final response however you can take this matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you wish. So who's right? I thought that it was the dealership who sold the PPI from what i've read so if i've understood it correctly should i write back to the dealership disputing this and if so any idea which change in legislation in 2005 i should quote to them or do i just go straight to the ombudsman rather than wait another 8 weeks for them to get back to me or have i got it wrong and should i write back to RRS? I had hoped they'd just give me the money back in time for xmas but think that was wishful thinking on my part! Thanks for any advice you can give me that will help reunite me with my cash
  24. Hello all, hope you can help me. I bought a second hand car from a dealer which was not described as having any faults and also a new MOT (was actually MOT'd begging of December) on Friday 23rd December 2011 i.e. around three weeks ago. The car is a Jaguar X type 2001 model (automatic), paid approx £2100 after a very small allowance for my old car as PX. Immediately as I went to take it off the dealers forecourt the engine management light (EML) came on. I stopped there and then, went back into the dealers office and told him of the problem. He stated to me it had never happened before and to take it anyway and see how it goes. Indeed the light went off about two minutes later so I just put it down to a transient fault. On Saturday 24th December I though I better check it over properly before heading off on a journey. I found all of the locking wheel nuts loose (i.e.could be turned by fingers) on every wheel, the windscreen washers didn't work. Tightened up the wheel nuts and found the inoperative washers to be down to a pinched washer tube, straightened out the tube and then found the washers were so badly aligned that they didn't even spray on the windscreen so I corrected this, however the washers are a clear MOT fail and if this simplest of things had been 'missed' at the MOT then what else I wondered? Drove to the shops and the ABS light came on. Stopped car, turned off engine, turned back on, light out - it is an intermittent fault. Then took car on a journey, seemed to run fairly cool and transmission was a bit jerky but didn't think anything of it, ABS intermittent as before. Then (26th December) took car on a 300mile journey, after 250 miles they car started running very cool then hot with a restricted performance mode cutting engine in and out. Had to call out the breakdown recovery and was transported to my end destination. Ended up then spending a day trying to find someone to look at the car, fault was traced to a faulty (missing!) thermostat. This was replaced and engine ran OK except that the EML light came back on within about 5 miles and has stayed on. The ECU was read and the codes P0420 and P0430 were present (this means the catalytic converters were operating below efficiency). As I had to return home the next day there was no time to do anything else so drove home. The journey back was horrendous the gearbox would slam into gear very violently when using the kick down and was generally very jerky, I had to nurse the car back home in the slow lane as overtaking was practically impossible because of the violent kickdown. Went straight back to the dealer on 31st December and told him of the problems and that I wasn't happy, he said he would ring me back on the Tuesday 3rd January, of course no call came. I waited until the Thursday then called him, he then gave me the details of the garage that he wanted me to take the car to (it was on a farm in the middle of no-where). Eventually I got it organised with the garage to repair the car for Thursday 12th January. Took the car to the garage and left it with them, they cleared the ECU fault codes and took the car for several drives clocking up around 50 miles, they stated that the ECU light would not come back on. On Friday 13th January they carried out further tests, found a faulty ABS sensor and stated that they could not get the EML light to come back on. Asked me to take the car home and bring it back on Tuesday 17th January, of course when driving home the EML light came back on within 5 minutes! Took the car back yesterday, Tuesday, the garage played around a bit more and have decided that the catalytic converters are on the way out, they have also replaced the ABS sensor and are today carrying out an oil change on the automatic gearbox. I have spoken to the dealer today and he is now effectively refusing to get any further work done, this ended up in a very heated conversation in which he effectively accused me of damaging the car, he states that I overfilled the car with oil (it is marginally overfull when I checked it immediately after getting it home and I have never topped it up) and that he can prove it because there is an empty oil can in the boot and that I am a lier! Yes there is, there's also lots of other things in the boot in a box which I transferred over from my previous car I don't think this proves that I have damaged the car!! He also states that the car is not jerky and that he and the garage have driven it and it is fine!! The dealer eventually conceeded that if I supply the catalytic converters he will pay for them to be fitted. My question is what do I do now? All faults were apparent within 400 miles of collecting the car some immediately. The garage where the work is being done is in the middle of nowhere and the dealer won't supply me with any alternative transport. I don't see why I should be paying for faults to be corrected that were present when (or very soon after) the car was purchased. I am also suffering considerable inconvenience when I don't have the car. I have spoken to the credit card company hoping for some help under the consumer credit act, they have stated that I need to get an independent garage report into the faults present on the car and to give the dealer 30 days to rectify the faults after being presented with the report, if he doesn't then they 'may' take action. This seems pretty useless and the person I spoke to in their disputes department didn't even seem to understand the sale of goods act! Any advice would me much appreciated. Thanks
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