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Found 138 results

  1. It's a 2002 Passat estate with nearly 190,000 miles. Yep, worthless in theory. But I paid a couple of grand. And a couple of grand is a couple of grand. I went to view it, and to be fair it has loads of receipts, it's been cared for, new brakes, 4 new good tyres, new timing belt, recently serviced by previous owner. Went on a test drive with dealer (well he drove it as he didn't let people test drive) and he said it was spot on. Which is was in all fairness. No nasty bangs or anything. We even tried the aircon and it seemed cool enough so I drove away happy, I admit. However a couple of days later, I noticed the car didn't reach operating temperature. I was a bit peed off but thought if that's all I have to worry about it wouldn't be too bad. £224 later it was fixed. I also noticed that in fact the aircon didn't work- now this peed me off quite a bit. It felt ok on the cold day we test drove it but clearly it was just the blower. I've now found out that the window demister doesn't work either, which now is getting annoying. I'm no mechanic and need to pay a mechanic for every fault and by the time I've fixed these issues I would have been better off buying something much nicer. I accept it's a very old car but with having to spend hundreds of pounds to fix it it now feels like a very expensive banger... I just don't really know where to go with this.... Help!?
  2. Hi and thanks in advance for any assistance you might give me. I run a small building company and we recently purchased a VW Passat from a dealer in Sutton to use as a company vehicle. Although we noted what appeared to be a few minor issues we were initially happy with the purchase. Within a few days a loud whining began from the gearbox and so we took it to our local garage, who takes care of all of our vehicles and is tried and trusted. He diagnosed gearbox failure and also ran a diagnostic which found that the throttle flap mechanism wasn't working correctly, another serious fault. He advised that the vehicle should not be driven until repairs had been made. We contacted the dealer immediately to explain and he advised us to drive the vehicle back and he would carry out repairs. We advised that is wasn't safe to drive, but he kept insisting it would be fine. This was repeated a number of times until we decided to write to him explaining that we would not drive the vehicle. We also do not believe we should pay for the vehicle to be recovered to his garage for the repairs, something which he is also insisting on. The vehicle has now remained undriven since the inspection and we are running out of patience. We are prepared to arrange for the repairs to be done at our local garage but the dealer is refusing to cover the cost of this. It looks very much like we will have to go down the legal route but any input would be appreciated.
  3. Took a car I recently purchased to Kwik Fit for full service and advised that front discs and pads were worn to the metal and advised they needed replacing. As I do around 100 miles per day and drive my kids around I agreed to get the work done, and I need the car. The cost to replace the discs and pads came to £368.70 on a 998cc Yaris, when I looked at the Toyota fixed repair price for the same job on the same car it is £210 inclusive. I have been a loyal customer of the Consett Kwik Fit for a number of years but this has really upset me. I did say the price seemed high, but was told that it was right. On the phone when I was advised they were unsafe I'm sure I was told the brakes were £240 to fix which would seem more reasonable. I had paid for the service in advance online so when I went to pick up the car I was only paying for the brakes. What can I do? I was scared the car was unsafe so felt I had to choice but to agree to the work and pay the bill. I now feel totally stupid and ripped off.
  4. Back story I have a 3 year old car, purchased when it was one year old from a franchise dealer. The car was £32,800 and £47,500 new and is a high caliber manufacturer. During the 22 months ownership I have suffered considerable levels of defects with the goods which have been fixed under warranty. As the warranty expired 7 weeks ago, the dealer will not pay for the most recent fault, refuse to diagnose the fault fully and only under duress offered to raise a "goodwill" case with the manufacturer. Normally in these good will cases, the customer is required to make a "contribution". The current fault costing £650.00 is not wear and tear and may not also cure a current drive line related query with the car. Action I was advised to call the consumer helpline, who advised me that I have rights under the sale of goods act 1979 and that I should write to them explaining my rights to goods which are free from reasonable defects in relation to age and mileage. I have written to the dealer, and requested repair, refund or exchange. The consumer helpline told me the manufacturer are not directly at fault in this case as I do not have contract with them. Advice I was told that I have rights under the limitations act 1990 for 6 years and as a result of the extensive repairs and visits and consequential losses I would be within my rights to raise the concern. Someone then told me that Sale of Goods act does not apply to a used car purchased from a main dealer franchise because it should be my risk. However that is contrary to consumer helpline advice. Help Are you able to offer any guidance if the franchise rudely tell me to go away. My friend has upset me saying that they will shoot down anything to do with law and say sod off. This will hurt my feelings greatly. Summary of faults during 22,000 miles and 3 year old high brand value car. Actual/Perceived Losses in 23 months 64 days lost ownership. Vehicle being repaired. 22 non-service related visits to dealer franchise networks. 6/8 visits to non-local franchise network totaling 528 miles. 20 approximate hours on research, attention and telephone calls. Stress related anxiety for 12 months. 4 missed business appointments. Train, hire car and fuel costs. 22 Visits to the dealer network in 23 months Interface computer and navigation random failure. Engine Mounts. Gearbox. Engine Vibration issue unresolved, diagnosed or notification in writing of explanation. Creaking trim. Trim Rattles. Dirt in instrument cluster. Seat Rattle. Seat Creaks. Noise from the brakes. Buckled wheels. Misaligned panels. Drive line click sound. Cracked Suspension bush. Dealer broke the brake sensor when replacing brakes. Dealer sold car with brakes that required replacing. Warranty replacements in 23 months Engine Mounts. Gearbox. Trim felting. Seat felting. Seat-back repairs x 2 Gearbox. Instrument cluster.
  5. Last week I went to my local Toyota dealer for a test drive of a new car. I was given a written quote that included a Toyota (not dealer) contribution of £2000 towards the finance, on which it states the quote is valid for 14 days. I have decided to go ahead with the deal but now the dealer has informed me that the Toyota contribution has been withdrawn nationwide, even though I am only 7 days into the 14 day "valid" period. I appreciate that the dealers hands are tied if Toyota has withdrawn the offer, but surely Toyota have some sort of obligation to honour the offer whilst still within the 14 day valid period? Thanks for any advice.
  6. I will keep this as brief as poss..... I bought a car through Ebay, I went to the persons house test drove the car it was fine, handed over the cash, drove down the road approx 20 miles and the car broke down, I called the seller, who came to meet me and after a long very heated and difficult conversation including calling the Police, he would not agree to give me my money back or offer a repair. I managed to get the car working again drove off only to completely brake down after approx 10 mins, I called the AA who attended and discovered that the cars engine management systems had certain codes by passed and cleared just before I picked it up, in their opinion the trader had deleted the faults in order for it to drive perfect on the test drive. The Diesel particulator filter needs replacing along with the mass air flow meter & the turbo along with the manifold cover that had been bent. The trader will not enter into any discussion about returning the car or even a refund. He tells me as I bought the car from a trader and I signed a piece of paper saying that I was buying the car with no warranty and that he had told me about all known faults ie none! there was nothing he was legally obligated to carry out. Is there any course of action I can take to get part or all the money back, can I get him to pay for the repairs..... Help needed please.
  7. Good afternoon, We bought a 2 year old car from a car dealer 12 days ago. While having a test run there was grinding from the wheels but the salesman said that was probably due to it sitting in their forecourt for weeks and I agreed. The morning after we took delivery the grinding was still there so called them back and the car was taken into the workshop and the pads were cleaned. They had stated that some dirt and rust had got in. Still no change though and I noticed that one side of the rear brake discs had scores and the other side was smooth. Called them back up and got the usual fob off that brakes are not supposed to be silent and the scores will go away once the car is being used. I did use the car but again no change. Not happy with their response I had a brake inspection done on the car and the fault was a damaged brake pad. Somehow there is a chip out of one of them causing the grinding and the scores. Back to dealer with the brake report but they have said as long as the brakes function there is no problem and that they was no damage when their mechanic cleaned the brakes, but they are fully booked up till next week and they will test drive it. Told them id prefer them to look at the pads rather than do a test drive rather than do any more damage to the discs, plus id want it checked before next week. Next weeks the best they can do and they wont allow me to take it to any of their other branches. The salesman has said its now out of his hands and its back to the service supervisor but they are basically saying that they wont be fixing as the grinding on the test drive was due to the car sitting for a few weeks. Ive had a quote from another dealer for £109 plus vat using oem parts but don't see why I should be paying for something they should have fixed before selling to me. I do intend to complain to their head office but looking at any other advice. Cheers
  8. Hi All, We are a couple who are not very car savvy and certainly not mechanically minded. Three months ago, we bought an eight year old Peugeot with 70,000 miles on the clock from a car supermarket. It was in visibly good condition with a single lady owner and low mileage for it's age so, we paid slightly over the valuation price Parker's gave. At the time of the test drive, a number of potential issues were brought to the salesman's attention such as a clutch pedal with high biting point and two very worn rear tyres. We were told not to worry as the car would get a "intermediate service" and MoT prior to purchase - any advisories would be corrected before we picked up the car. Additionally, we were told that the car came with a three month warranty - if anything went wrong "just take the car to any VAT registered garage and get it repaired under the warranty" was the jovial salesman's line. It was also stressed not to take car back to them as they didn't do repairs on site. Within the first 3 months of low mileage use: * The exhaust had to be replaced - numerous clips were had rusted through leaving the exhaust resting on the axle; * The clutch had to be replaced - friction plate problem; * Two tyres needed replacing as were illegal tread depth; * The belt and belt tensioner needed replacing. The repairs, parts and labour came to just over £700. The warranty company declined to cover all items bar the belt tensioner - all other items were "wear and tear" and not covered. We phoned the dealership at the time of having repairs done at our cost at a local garage and they were not interested beyond reluctantly providing a name to address a letter to. We subsequently wrote to the dealership stating facts, dates, prices and quoting Sales Of Goods act - in particular the points of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose. We requested simply that the dealership cover the items which the warranty company had declined. The dealership wrote back and declined to help stating that all faults were 'wear and tear'. Having spoken to Consumer Advise, we re-wrote the dealership stating our belief that they were in breach of the sales of goods act and asking them to re-consider their position. We also stated that we would start small claims court action if we did not receive a satisfactory response. We've just received a letter back from the dealership essentially washing their hands of the whole matter - they re-state that all issues were wear and tear and go on to say that both they and the warranty company will 'vigorously' defend themselves if we bring any actions against them. We've never brought a court action against a company before and would rather not open ourselves to potentially large costs / legal bills. Does anyone have any experiences with similar claims who could offer any advise on whether it is worth actually issuing proceedings in our case? Are we expecting to much from a second hand car?
  9. Hi, We purchased a new car and paid the car via debit card. The total amount was paid from my wifes card. Before we bought the car we asked the salesman if it was paid with my wifes card the car would have to be registered in my name, and he said that would be no problem. If that was an issue we would have paid them cash but saved us carrying cash with us. They taxed the car, we signed the paperwork and he gave us the green section of the v5 but they had put my wifes name on the new keeper section. I told him that it was my name and he apologised telling me that they would give me a letter to send to dvla. I emailed dvla who replied saying they can do this with a letter confirming the mistake. The salesman has now said they cant give a letter because of their audit and because they are regulated by the fsa. Not the biggest issue in the world but when I get the v5 back im going to have to change into my name giving it another owner ! Ive phoned dvla back and they say they cant do anything without a letter from the dealer. Also called the dealer back again but she is not budging and now says she cant remember the conversation about me asking for the car to be put into my name. Thanks
  10. Hello. Long story which I will try and simplify. I purchased a car in September 2013. The car, the key and the logbook have been stolen by my mother (very long story). Whilst in the process of trying to get replacement paperwork, I ran a check on my vehicle. Turns out it was a category D write off back in 2009. Now, should the dealer not have declared this to me? I would not have touched the car with a barge-pole had I known this snippet of information. Obviously I feel less inclined to go through the rigmarole of gettibng paperwork, getting a new key and recovering the vehicle. I am fairly sure the dealer should have informed me? What can I do about this mess?
  11. My daughter bought a car which she had seen advertised on ebay She arranged to view the car with her boyfriend, and proceeded to buy using bank transfer, the sale went through but not through ebay he cancelled the listing. The car was described as superb etc and apparently had been driven by his wife whilst her car had been fixed the week before. She paid £3900 by bank transfer and brought the car home as she insured it whilst she was there The guy is a dealer and sells many cars from home through ebay. Compared to her car some fairly expensive cars After 3 weeks car began overheating, we rang him and he described a fairly minor problem which my daughter got fixed at the cost of £60 to herself (heat sensor) After a further 2 weeks the car made horrendous noises and was checked by RAC and informed gearbox had gone, the car is not drivable and has now been parked up for 2 weeks. On the advice of CAB she wrote to him saying he was in breach of contract under sale of goods act and would he fix the car or take it back and give her a refund She after getting text that car was sold through auction so had no responsibility under sale of goods act to repair or refund. she then sent second letter giving final notice that she would take him to court …no response she now hasn't got a useable car, is struggling getting to work and her daily affairs…what can she do its going to cost a fortune going to court and she is spending money she hasn't got….the car is parked up at my house doing nothing and is undrivable tax has run out now and she has SORN it we need to proceed quickly on this and cheaply! thanks for any help and advice
  12. Hi, My wife purchased a BMW Mini from a secondhand car dealer in May this year. Car was at the top end of book price. It is a 2005 convertible. When looking at the car I noticed that the front discs and pad required replacement and that the rear discs and pads were approx 50% worn and that the offside rear caliper was holding on (i.e. not fully realising). They agreed to replace front discs and pads and to 'sort out' the rear caliper. When the car was picked up the front discs and pads had sure enough been replaced and the rear caliper was no longer holding on...... ....fast forward two months and 2000 miles, my wife metioned to me after returning from work that the rear brakes were making a noise, I checked them and lo and behold the rear offside caliper is siezed on, and has worn the inside brake pad to the metal, therby also ruining the disc. I spoke to the dealer yesterday and I was met with the repsonse "well we only offer a one month comprehensive waranty - you can go and get a price and we might offer you something but it wont be much" I've told them I dont expect to be replacing a brake caliper (which was noticed as faulty when first viewing the car and was told had been fixed) within two months of paying several thousands of pounds for the car, this was met with the response of "you'll have to talk to the owner tommorow but you wont get much, if anything". My view is: The fault was pre-exisiting It was not properly repeaired (if indeed anything was done) The siezing of the caliper has ruinined the disc and pads on the offside rear which no require replacement as an axle set. I would think a contribution from the dealer for 100% cost of the replacement caliper and 50% for the pads and discs (these were half worn) would be a fair settlement I would welcome people's views before I go back to the dealer and put this to them this afternoon. Thanks
  13. Hi I realise I've gone about this the wrong way, but I bought a car for £4700, Fiat, 2009, 44000 miles, from an independent dealer, 25th April. Paid £1200 deposit on credit card and £3500 on hire purchase. Travelled 1000 miles in 5 weeks, car developed a fault with suspension. I called the warranty company to advise the car had a problem with suspension, they advised to take it for diagnosis and have the garage call them prior to carrying out fix. The garage called them to advise of fault with rear shock absorbers, the warranty company advised they don't cover shock absorbers (wear & tear part i guess). In my haste I requested the garage carry out the work, without first contacting dealer. I have kept the faulty parts. I know I should give the dealer an opportunity to repair the vehicle first, but is there anything I can hit them with, or am I literally going in and hoping for goodwill contribution? Thanks, Kristian
  14. I recently visited HA Fox Jaguar dealer in Preston and shook hands on the purchase of a new vehicle in the showroom. A Vehicle Order was completed, agreed and signed by all parties, and a deposit was taken. All aspects of the contract were covered on the Order Form – offer, acceptance and consideration. The following day, after processing my finance application, I was informed that the discount had been miscalculated, and the figures on the Vehicle Order were incorrect. The eventual negotiated discount was 32%, which was made up of subsidised 20% employee family discount, and what I assumed was discretionary dealer-applied additional discount. Online brokers discount levels are approximately 10%, so I deemed that this additional reduction was both achievable and genuine. However, they are claiming the additional discount was applied in error. They are now refusing to honour the original contract and I'm considering my options. I've attempted to negotiate to a reasonable 'halfway house', but the process has stalled some way from a mutually satisfactory point. I'm reading up on Unilateral Mistakes, Loss of Bargain, and a possible Specific Performance claim. Has anybody got any advice on the subject? I'm drafting a 'without prejudice' letter to the dealer principle explaining the situation. I want to complete the deal, but they aren't budging. Any advice gratefully received. Sam
  15. Hi all. Iv purchased a 1999 reg land rover freelander off auto trader through a dealership. Thing is I don't know if this is a full on dealership or some other form. I have their name but the car was purchased from a big posh house out in the country with many new 2012/2013/2014 plate audis and bmw's for sale on the estate. iv bought this car after reading the description saying how it has x and y and has mot till October. Good runner etc etc... No mention of any problem. And the dealer said nothing about problems either. Intact he said and I quote "you won't find a freelander of this age as good as this. Iv been using it on weekends to go shooting. But I can't offer warranty on a car this old" Only had the car just over a week and there is some very loud scary noises coming from the back end. Iv asked around on land rover owners clubs and forums and they said it sounds like the rear differential which is an emergency repair and will cost big!! What are my rights to taking this car back? I part x'd my car for this one too
  16. Hi All, Newbie here with a problem. I went into a BMW dealership for a service and got talking about the new 4 Series coupe with the sales guy. I agreed to come back and see him the next day (Saturday the 23rd Nov). I went with my GF and we talked and worked out a deal which was similar to what I want minus heated seats, XDrive and the PRO Sat Nav. He then said he would give me this great deal if I could shake on him ordering the car on Monday. I shook his hand and got up to leave, he said he just needs a quick deposit and we would get all the rest of the details for finance etc on Monday. My missus paid it on her credit card (£1k) and he gave me a document to sign which said new car contract (At this point you can all start pelting me with rotten tomatoes because I pretty much signed it without questioning anything) I then went to visit my brother and showed him the deal after which he advised me to visit his local dealer for a comparison. The local dealer told me the heated seats were standard and he could do me the XDrive and Pro Sat Nav for the same price and APR as the one I had got. I immediately called the first dealer (Sunday the 24th November) to cancel. He told me I can't cancel and I am bound by the agreement. His boss then came on and said the car has not been ordered but I must buy from them as I am tied in. I continued to insist that I did not want the car after which he said I have no option to cancel and I am now tied into a contract which allows them to place the order for the car from BMW which will be delivered in February. I then escalated it to the manager who said I am tied into the contract and will not be getting my deposit back despite numerous back and forth conversations. They then changed tact and said I should come in and we can work something out. I do not want to go in (and have been advised not to) because the current email correspondence protects me as everything is documented. What are my options re: Section 57 of CCA? Can they hold my deposit for costs (they have incurred none as it was 24 hrs....if that)? Finally, the deposit was paid by my GF on her credit card, can she reclaim that payment especially as the service was not for her or in her name an thus has not been provided in full. Answers please and do not hesitate to be harsh because I had a brain fart of a weekend and this needs to be a lesson for me. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi there, I am looking for some advice on a car sale any help would be much appreciated.The story: So I contact the independant dealer that I purchased my car from 2 yrs ago to inform him I would like to resell ,he initally says why dont I sell it on your behalf on my forcourt at a fee of £1500 to which I agree so the car goes on sale for 31k ,2 weeks later he calls and says the car needs £1600 of work to it ok I say book it in.1 week later he says I will buy it from me at £26600 minus £1600 =25k for the work that need doing to which he says I will pay you next week I agree . So I found out the car has been sold prior to the deal we had and someone else is driving it around before he has paid me.My issue is that he had car up for sale on my behalf to which he sold at cira 31k then told me he would buy at the 25k making a profit at no risk of 6k and I beleive no work was carried out on vehicle(£1600).Please note through out this I have not been paid anything. He doesnt know I know the car has been sold so I text him to say actually I am going to keep the car obviously I will pay you a fair fee for advertising etc. To which I am awaiting a response.Any advice or opinions would be a massive help
  18. I am very disappointed with Vauxhall Customer Care and the Dealership in Kingston Upon Thames. I am self employed Taxi Driver and I rely on my car to earn a living. Due to incompetency of Vauxhall Kingston I was unable to work for 17 days in total. My car was giving out white smoke in February 2014, I took it to Vauxhall Dealership, after carrying out diagnostic I was told DPF line is split and it is the reason for white smoke. Two days after paying for repair costing more than £750, my car started giving out white smoke again. I took it back to Dealership, after 3-4 days of not being able to find out what is wrong with my car, the dealership had to contact Vauxhall Technicians for help which took some times and I was told that the Cat needs to be changed which was done under warranty after waiting for approval from Vauxhall Warranty. Customer Care called me that my car is fixed and ready for collection. When i went to dealership to collect my car, i was told there is a needle sized hole in my radiator and is not important. As soon as I collected my car and got home, I had the white smoke again. I waited two weeks for my car to get fixed, which was not fixed. I called up Vauxhall Customer Care and told them that my car was not fixed by the dealership, I was told to get independent advice. After researching for few days, I took my car to a local mechanic and they fixed it within 1 day just by replacing my radiator. I contacted Vauxhall Customer Care again and asked for Compensation for keeping my car for so long and not fixing it, I was refereed to Vauxhall Kingston. Vauxhall Kingston Services Manager was not willing to speak to me for few days. I complained to Vauxhall Customer Care and within one day Vauxhall Kingston Services Manager called me and was asking me to bring the car so they take a look at it again. I explained to him that I fixed it independently and the reason for contacting him was to do something about my loss of earning due to his dealerships incompetent mechanics/technicians. He referred me to Vauxhall Customer Care who are not willing to help. After several email exchanges, they are not willing to compensate me.
  19. Hello all! In October last year, I bought a second-hand motorcycle that came with a 12-month parts and labour warranty. In that time, the bike has covered around 1,000 miles and because of the weather I only really got to use it in anger a couple of weeks ago and that's when I noticed that changing up through the gearbox at high revs made the clutch slip. No problem, I thought, I'll get onto the dealer to let them know. After I got back home I decided to do an oil and filter change and that's when I noticed the exhaust downpipes had rusted through and have small holes in them where corrosion has perforated them. I got onto the dealer on Monday last week and he said he'd get onto the warranty company. over a week later (today), I'd heard nothing back from them so gave them a ring and the bloke I spoke to said "they won't have it". I asked what he meant by this and he said "because it's a wearable item". I explained the bike's only done 1,000 miles and that the fault was likely there when I bought it and because I'd not really had a chance to use it properly I'd only just noticed the fault. I asked to speak to the bloke who'd actually sold it to me because in his words "if it's not covered under the warranty, we'll make sure it is" but he won't be there until later on this afternoon. Now, before he gets there I wanted to get an idea of my rights. The bike was sold-as-seen and had a "sold as seen" sticker on the screen but because of the warranty and reassurance that they'd fix it no-matter-what, I signed on the line and bought it. I understand things like brake pads, chain and sprockets and other consumables won't be covered but to my mind, a clutch is a major component and so is the exhaust. Any help on my rights before I go into see them will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hi Guys, Looking for your opinions on a really stressful situation I've found myself in. Any comments appreciated! I visited a used car dealership interested in a specific car. The dealer told me if I wanted it, it would be fully serviced and would have a new MOT before I took it away. The dealer provided me with a paper print off with the same details showing. I did purchase the car a week later the service light came on. I called the dealer and was told "the garage must have forgotten to reset it, bring the car in and I'll take it up to them for you". I thought this unusual as it was the dealers stamp in the book and not the garage he said had forgotten. a few days later I visited the dealer and he wanted me to leave the car with him, I insisted I came too and we drove to a mechanics garage. Although I couldn't hear what was being said, it looked like the mechanic was refusing to turn the light off initially, but eventually he came and did so, after a long conversation with the dealer. The next day it still didnt feel right to me, I visited the mechanic and he told me he had not done a service on the car at all ever, and had only carried out an MOT. I went to the dealership and the dealer became quite angry and shouty, telling me he never said he'd service it fully, and had changed the oil, which in his opinion is an 'engine service'. The advertisement clearly states 'full MOT and service before the car is driven away". He clearly falsely advertised the car and has now even had the service light reset, knowing he hadn't had a service done at all! If a dealer will act like this and the mechanic he uses is willing to reset service lights without doing the work, I'm worried if even the MOT was carried out properly! Where do I stand legally on this? What options do I have? Thank you!!
  21. Good afternoon All, I'm seeking some advice with regards to a part exchange I did last month. I have received a letter today from the dealership claiming that my part exchange was damaged on the passenger side door and that they have CCTV of me driving the damaged car. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the car having been damaged when I dropped it off and the sales guy did a walk around the car whilst I was there. The next day I did receive a missed call from the garage but I wasn't able to answer the call at the time and by the time I noticed the missed call, the garage had shut. There was no further contact from the garage until today when they sent me the letter. They're claiming £495 for repairs and that I have 14 days to pay otherwise they'll take me to court. The main issue I have is that I had to park the car on the road because there was no where in the dealership to park when I got there. I did pull into the dealership (and drove straight past the sales guy), but had to reverse back out and park on the road due to lack of space. I suspect that this is where the car stayed overnight, and I can only assume that the damage has been caused overnight. Can anyone advise me on what I should do next? I honestly believe that the car wasn't damaged when I dropped it off and the fact that I didn't get a call until the day after is making me very wary. Can I request a copy of the proof they claim to have? If the car was indeed damaged when I dropped it off, I'll pay for the damage. But I think they're having my leg up and trying to bill me for damage that was caused whilst the car was in their ownership, and not mine. Any advice or insight into where I go with this would be MASSIVELY appreciated! Thanks.
  22. Here for some advice, although after reading some of the other threads of more unfortunate people, I am quite lucky in my situation! I bought a £11k BMW convertible a few weeks ago. After getting in my nice new car driving down the road, the roof started to lift of. I stopped, and went back to the dealer. The roof wasn't locking in, it had dropped on once side, thats when my concern started. After discovering the "Full Service History" in the ad was really only partial service history, and in the previous 40k miles only 2 oil services had been done, a leaking, non-working convertible roof, (confirmed by BMW that the roof was twisted, even with a £2000 change of seals was likely to still leak afterwards) and several trips to the car dealer for engine issues, I told the dealer I wanted to return the vehicle for a refund, explaining I knew the law and I'd immediately start county court proceedings if he didn't take the car back, return my car that I gave as P/Ex, settle the finance and return my deposit. He knew i had him, the misrepresentation in the ad, misrepresenting the vehicles condition and the leaky twisted roof. But, he has refused to refund the money I paid for the tax, refusing to refund for warranty he purchased for the vehicle and charged £40 for cleaning my P/Ex. I didn't argue at the time as I just wanted rid of the car and my old one back. I'm returning in a few days time with the documents I'd already sent of to the DVLA to get back £100 which he had withheld until I return those. I just don't see why I should be out of pocket because of his mistake. Am I being unreasonable.
  23. Afternoon, Approx 10 days ago I bought a used car from a dealer. This morning whilst driving to work I was stopped by the police and fined £50 due to the tints on the front drivers & passenger windows being too dark. I have no issue in the fine being issued as I understand now that they were too dark however my question is do I have any comeback on the dealer who sold it to me? I have not changed the tint etc since buying it so have I been sold a car that was illegal from point of purchase. Your help is appreciated!!
  24. Friend bought a car from a guy who runs a business with a website offering 'Cars for Sale' and his business has a companies house registration showing 'Nature of Business - 45112 - Sale of used cars and light motor vehicles'. He paid for the vehicle by bank transfer into the guy's business bank account and the seller scribbled him a pencil receipt (which my friend also signed), part of which used the phrase "sold for sum private by bank transfer". The car started to go seriously wrong a few months after purchase and my friend phoned him and texted him (the dealer) multiple times asking for help. He was brushed off. Eventually my friend had to have it repaired at his own expense. They were severe engine management faults that caused the vehicle to stall in dangerous situations. He had to sell the vehicle (as he relied on it for work) and took a loss of several thousand on the original purchase price. The repair work cost him an additional £750. Is this a private sale? My hunch is that it was a car dealer sale by a business, in which case presumably the six month rule under the SOGA applies? As he refused to have the car back and my friend was forced to sell it at a loss, does he have a good case to litigate to recover the loss at sale, as well as the repair bill? Many thanks for any helpful pointers!
  25. im going to keep this brief: I purchased a car of ebay trader having being told i was getting full recon engine, new turbo and six months warranty since buying car i have had lots of trouble of which dealer was aware of from 2nd of purchse. It started with bad oil leak turned out it where engine had been fitted wrong lots of bolts also damaged fitting engine also the engine is not a full recon just old block with original parts added and there is no warranty with garage plus more issues appeared with car. I have followed consumer rights info 14 day letter responded dont care if i go to trading standards they take years and in meantime your dont have a car. 30 day pre-court no response After looking into where i stand i was told win in court but never get a penny out of him just throwing good money at bad but trading standards should be dealing with anyway he broke 3 laws in place to protect us from them. 1. dealer and garage fiddled service book to up value of vehicle 2. dealer sold car not to standard as advertised 3 dealer sold car not fit for purpose Took all evidence to trading standards where i was informed due to cut backs there not really dealing with the traders breaking the laws but you can take him to court but its a lottery, probley better if you just fix car and forget it. I stuck now as where i go with this and who to see to help fight agaist this matter of trading standards turn turning a blind eye any help here guys.
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