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Found 138 results

  1. Hi and thanks again for the forum. I purchased a used car from Profiled Cars in Pitsea, Essex on the 21 of September 2015. I drove the car home and went to lock the car with the remote and it would not lock or unlock from the remote. locked the car manually and sent a text to the dealer. He advised at this point that he was not aware the key didn't work and he advised me to change the batteries and to reset the key as per the handbook. T he key wouldn't reset. I texted the dealer back and he advised me to bring the car in at the weekend but to check first when he would be there. Saturday came and he advised me that he wouldn't look at the car. He said that a £200 discount we had agreed before the sale covered and "niggly" faults. He said he would only pay £20.00 towards a repair. I said I'd been quoted at least £80.00. I suggested that I'll get the key fixed and bill him. He advised me that I should not threaten him. It then became apparent that the car had other faults which includes a lazy window motor and knocking from the suspension over bumpy roads (not apparent on the test drive). I've now realised the blower only sends hot air even in the cold position. I emailed the dealer saying I want a full refund because he refused to fix the key. At this point he said that I had verbally agreed to any small faults as a result of the discount. However, this is not true because he agreed the discount before I had even viewed the car. He's now also saying the new 30 day rule is NOT retrospective. The car has a warranty, I've booked into a local garage for the faults to be assessed. The garage will then speak with the warranty company and they will decide if the faults are valid and if they will pay. However, the key is not covered. I want to return the car but naturally the dealer is refusing. What next please ? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there everyone! This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place. I brought a car at the begining of july, 8 weeks on and its developed a very serious fault that requires the car has a new engine. we have priced the engine at 600-700 then whatever the labour will be to fit it. having discussed the matter with the garage they have said they will offer me 500 pound back towards the cost and i do it myself. the car was purchased for 1300. i can fit it, i have someone that will do it for me but should the dealer be sorting this? Do i accept his offer and put the rest in myself? or should i continue to pursue the matter with trading standards? how long would i be looking at to sort this sort of issue? im in the position now where i cannot afford to pay for the work to be completed and i cant be without a car for much longer. i put everything i had into getting the car, making sure it was serviced, low mileage etc, good condition. thank you in advance for any help!
  3. Hi, I am in desperate need of help! ill start from the beginning. On August 31st i went to a used dealer to look at some cars as mine broke down. I spotted a car and phoned my brother in law for his opinion. My brother in law informed me that his friend actually works at this place so he will be able to get me some money off so to leave it with him and he will pick the car up for me tomorrow. My brother in law phoned me the next day and said he can get me the car for £2000 (original price was £2595) I asked him was it all in working order and drives ok? he said yes. I sent him the money (Bank transfer) and he purchased the car for me. The next day I heard a grinding coming from the engine and the ABS and Traction control warning light illuminated. I then spent 15 mins in a car park as the car would not start, i kept getting a car with a wrench warning light. There was no sound from the engine when the key was turned. This has happened on a number of occasion and i have as of today had the car for 9 days. On day 2 i phoned the dealer and told him i am not happy with everything and would like to reject the car and have a full refund. he told me that as £600 was knocked off this was a trade deal so i have no rights to a refund. He then said i would need to speak to his partner. On day 4 i went to the dealers and spoke to the partner who said i did not buy the car from them. he stated the car was sold to my brother in law and its nothing to do with them who he sold it on to. In the end i agreed to pass them the car back as they requested while they fixed the problems. they said the car was throwing out a code about the camshaft sensor so they re programmed the key which solved all issues. I got the car back yesterday and every issue i reported is still there, the car did come back with a nice big scratch on the rear bumper. I phone the dealer again today to be told that there is no problem with the car and i would not be getting a refund. When i said you leave me no option but to take the legal route he said i dont have a leg to stand on as i dont have a receipt. (all that was given to my brother in law was a card payment receipt) however i do have a printed copy of the advert from their website. Please help me get my £2000 back!!! if you need any further details let me know. Thanks
  4. Hello, Thank you for all the advice here, good place to find help from good people - so I'm hoping I can bother you for some tips please This past friday (17/07), I bought a used but low mileage vehicle from a seemingly reputable dealership. I work for a UK company but contract for a Swiss company and so spend most of my time in another country. I arranged the finance remotely (I could only get finance with a UK company due to UK employer) and there were only really four vehicles on the market at the time that were of interest to me. Aware that I (oddly) have slightly more protection buying by phone/internet these days and given the dealership's reputation, I was happy to go ahead and buy the car based upon the description, chat with sales regarding condition of vehicle etc and that I would pay deposit / finance etc based upon the car being as per description. Possible mistake, I know, simply due to my working conditions I did not have the time to take on lengthy searches/checks/etc... all basic mechanical and history checks were done of course, the car has been covered by main dealer warranty to date without any issues or advisories etc and the mileage is low and general condition of the car is very good for a car that is 5.75 years old (24k miles). To put it simply, I am still quite happy with the condition of the vehicle... but after my first drive at night, it has come to my attention that some things that were on the advertisement of the vehicle are not actually on the vehicle. One, I'm not really bothered about, the other two are significant to me, including one being a selling point of the vehicle for me over some others that were available on the market at the time. The car is supposed to be equipped with cornering headlights, after tonights driving I am sure they are not and having found this, it prompted me to double check the other options on the car to find a couple of other things missing. The car is a late 2009 Porsche Boxster S and I have discovered that the following items, that were detailed clearly and plainly in the description (which I still have a copy of) are not actually options on the vehicle: - Cornering headlights - Heated steering wheel - Sports Chassis Sports Chassis is the one I am most disappointed by, an medium expensive suspension option and a significant selling point for this specific vehicle... had I known that this was not fitted to the vehicle, I would not have purchased the vehicle & would have looked for one with PASM [electronically adjustable suspension] instead... there were three Boxster S cars I was investigating and this was the only one with Sports Chassis option, the other two being PASM... making this my first choice. For the heated steering wheel, admittedly I am not too bothered about this one and to their defense, this option is specified on the build sheet - however it appears as though the heated wheel has been replaced with the sport design wheel which offers a different type of gear shift paddles post-original build... I knew it came with the sport design wheel, but only after discovering the lack of heated wheel did I find out that this specific wheel does not have the heated option and it will have been installed aftermarket. Cornering headlights I would have liked and it's not simply that they are not functioning... they are not installed on the car. I have not yet confronted the dealership about this discrepancy. I wanted to ask for advice on here first before talking with them. I am, genuinely, happy with the majority of the car... the engine and rest of the car are in pristine condition and it's a hoot to drive. I'm not sure of my ideal outcome from this, I quite like the car so would prefer not to reject it, only the mis-advertisement that would have led me to a different (although who knows, potentially worse despite options) purchase are offputting. It would be nice for them to fix this and fit at least the headlights and sports chassis suspension options. It would just be nice for them to honour what they advertised to be sold. Noted: As especially this sport chassis option was so important to me, why did I not thoroughly check this when I collected the car? I did give it a test drive before finalising the paperwork (even though payment in full had been received by the dealership at that time)... unfortunately I had only driven cars equipped with PASM adaptive suspension prior to this vehicle and so the relatively stiff suspension compared to that, lead me to believe there was nothing missing. Cornering headlights (or lack thereof) only truly became apparent at night. Any tips on where I stand please? What can I do? Or do I just suck it up as a lesson learned and check more vigorously next time? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. Hi all, I have an issue i need help with for a family member who brought a used car that turned out to be faulty. The dealer agreed to repair and had the car for a day or so but returned it unrepaired. We then issued a LBA stating we would get repaired and sue for the bill. She refused one letter, listed as refused by royal mail on tracking, we eventually got a letter signed as delivered. The dealer has made no attempt to put anything right so we are going to sue. Now the car has been in the garage and we are told it will cost more to repair than the car cost. My question is can we just reject the car and sue for a refund? The dealer is clearly not interested in helping so this is the only thing we can thing of. We have made every attempt to give the dealer a chance and have every letter tracked, with the refusal and with texts telling us to 'be careful'. Who do I sue? The classified ad we saw on ebay (although didnt by through ebay) was put up with an account of the husband. The person who they met to do the deal with was the wife. The receipt is in one company name and the money paid (bank transfer) was another company name but they didnt know that until seeing the statement. Who would you sue? The guy who listed the ad (his details are listed by ebay as the owner of the account). What are you thoughts. We are fully prepared to go to court with this. It's less than a grand so small claims.
  6. Hi everyone. I'd really appreciate your input on this issue. My parents recently bought an 06 plate Vectra Estate for £4k from a local dealer. The car drove well on the test drive so a deposit was paid on the condition that some paintwork was sorted before picking the car up and it would be serviced and MOT'd. However, after driving the car home a week later, the gearbox has developed a pronounced whining noise. On investigation this appears to be a shortcoming of the M32 gearbox used in these and plenty of other cars. The car itself has only done 57,000 miles. We've now had our trusted mechanic (a Vauxhall Technician) drive the car to his garage and he's confirmed that at least one bearing needs replacing as it's a fault that will eventually break the gearbox (as confirmed by the huge thread on the VXR owners forum). He's also said that there were some brand new screws/bolts on the gearbox casing and it looks like someone has already had a look to see what's wrong. My suspicion is that they've decided it's an expensive fix and shifted the car on. It was probably the previous owner but either way the fault was there at the point of sale. The dealer has already replaced the crank oil seal that left a puddle on the garage floor but he was initially unwilling to fix the bearings in the gearbox as it will come to £500-£600, suggesting an additive to quieten it down. This was put in (without our say so) when the oil seal was replaced in an effort to mask the noise but if anything it is now even worse. The 3 month warranty that the car was sold with explicitly states that "All internal (gearbox) components including - Bearings" are covered. This warranty not 3rd party but in the name of the dealership so I assume it is basically an extension to statutory rights under the sales of good act. The dealer has said that all he needs to do is offer a 2nd hand gearbox regarless of the mileage it has covered. I'd say that a 2nd hand gearbox would be ok but as my parents paid for a car that's only done 57K miles, they shouldn't have to accept a higher mileage replacement. The dealer doesn't have the facilities to fix/replace cars on site so it would be sent to another garage anyway. Ideally we would like our mechanic to fix it and for the dealer to reimburse the cost. The dealer hasn't been good at doing basic things that have been asked of him. The paintwork wasn't sorted on time so the car had to be taken back and even then it wasn't done as agreed. He hasn't provided documentation of the work carried out (oil seal and additive) despite multiple requests and saying he would. The dealer is currently offering either a 2nd hand replacement gearbox (any mileage) or for my parents to pay £250 and get the bearings replaced (with him covering the difference). I don't think either of these is acceptable for a fault that was present at sale, on a part that should last the life of the car. Any advice on our rights or the next step to take would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hi I'm really need some advise on how to proceed with our local Honda dealer. We purchased our 2013 Honda Civic 1.6 EST from a Honda dealer in the north East in 2013. The car was 9 months old. It has been serviced by our local Honda dealer in March 2014 and again in Dec 2014. On the 2nd service the rear brake pads were replaced. The front pads were at 50% worn. End of March 2015 we noticed every time I braked a squealing noise would occur. We took it back to the Honda dealer who serviced the car and were told the front pads were 75% worn but the discs were fine. We have the pads replaced. The squealing didn't go away so we rang the dealer who said give it time they are new pads. Gave it 2 weeks still squealing so booked back into garage who said small stones were causing the problem. Got car back, still squealing, booked back in, brakes all checked, said all OK, got car back, still squealing, booked back in again, brakes stripped and cleaned, got back last Tuesday. Went out Wednesday and squealing worse than ever. Drove it back to the garage. Mechanic came with us in car and every time I touched the brake it would squeal. Mechanic couldn't hear anything. I was gobsmacked. He must have a hearing problem. Car booked back in for today. I have recorded the last week of driving which you can clearly hear the problem on. In the meantime some sensor on the dash keeps going off. Tells me people in back but seatbelt snot fastened. There is no one in the back. Goes off 20-30 times. Sensor replaced last week. Out in it yesterday taking daughter to school and went off over 40 times. I have rang Honda UK who are useless. They say take back to dealer to sort out. Any idea where I go from here. This car is not only embarrassing to drive but distracting. Trying to keep eyes on road but sensor going off and when it comes to braking the notice is horrific.
  8. Recently my Freelander 1 rear window stopped working and my mechanic recommended it should go to a Land Rover dealer to be fixed, which it did. The problem was the regulator on the Freelander has burnt out and they undertook to replace it at great cost to which I agreed. After replacing the regulator and refitting the glass they tested it and the glass shattered!!! The cause was found to be that the rear tyre had been shunted and pushed in the tail gate jamming the glass. Now I accept the damage to the rear tail gate was not their responsibility, and I have paid to get it pushed out so to speak, however, should there mechanic picked up on the fact that the glass was impeded and should they pick up the bill for the new glass? Your thoughts welcome. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, and I thank you in advance of all advice given to me with a problem I have had with a repair I had done at a local Citroen Main Dealer Garage. I owned a Citroen C4 (59 plate), bought in August 2013. 3 month warranty as it was 2nd hand, even thought I thought I had 3 year cover - that's another story. I developed a faul with the car in late April 2014 and on th 7th of May took the Car to my local Citroen garage to sort out. They did a VHC - Vehicle Health Check/Diagnostics, and informed me that I needed a new EGR valve. I asked if it was a straightforward job, and the reply I received was that I'd be "in and out" within 2 hours. Turned up the next day at 8 am, and was to to come back at 10am. The car was operational, and drive-able at this point. I took it in as the Engine Management light came on and, it sometimes would "miss". I was quoted £305.48 for parts and labour (£146.65 in the end). I came back at 10am, and waited, and waited, and waited. 2pm. I get asked to have a chat with the Manager. They said that after installing the EGR valve, they took it on a test run, and, for some reason, the car developed a mind of its own and continued accelerating by itself. They advised me that they needed some more time to find out what had happened. They offered me a courtesy car, which I had no choice but to take. Almost daily for almost a week I had to phone for an update. At no point did they bother try calling myself. Then they asked if I could come down to the garage on the 14th of May. The manager said that they weren't too sure what was wrong with the car, it could be an ECU replacement, but they weren't sure or the complete wiring loom. I asked if they could try the ECU? He stated, that they wouldnt be able to do so unless they charged me £450-£650 plus vat and labour. I said that was unfair, as the problem wasn't the ECU when I brought it in. He said, he couldn't guarantee that it even was the ECU and it was a chance I would have to take. If that didn't work, then the wiring loom would have to be replaced, and I was lookng at anything between £2300 to £4500 for that job. The car cost me £6k and had only done less thatn 50,000 miles. He said I could leave the car in their storage yard until I could get the money together, I told him I was exceptionally unhappy with the service and believed that this had arisen from whatever work they had carried out. I had no choice but to take the car home. It limped home and became unroadworthy or safe to drive since that date. Move forward a few months later, the manager never got back to me. I made a complain in writing. No response. I become ill, lose my job, miss payments on the car, and it gets repossessed. In the meantime I speak to their Head office, who said the new Manager would get in touch. I speak to him and he stated his boss is away for 2 weeks and he will get back to me as soon as he gets back with a resolution. 1 month goes by and I try calling again. Left a message with their reception. I miss his call, but he leaves a voicemail, which I still have a recording of. In the voicemail it states how apologetic he is for not getting back to me etc. I have a phone call the next day from him. He says that the only thing they could do was to bring the car in and "have another look at it maybe" - I explained to him the situation, he said that there was nothing he could really do then. I asked for a full refund, he said that he wasn't in a position to give me a refund. And here I am. I believe that under Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 I have a good case of getting a refund from Citroen. But I have no idea how to go about it correctly. I am happy to take this all the way if I have to, and I am even contemplating contacting the car dealer who sole me the car under the the same Act maybe? I now owe a nightmare Motorfinance company thousands, completely out of pocket, had no car, and am beyond stressed, which doesn't help my illness. Can you please assist? I want to put up a fight and get my money back from these pariahs. Thanks
  10. I recently bought a car from a dealer where the advert in the autotrader said it was a 2001 model. It stated on the V5C form that it was first registered in 2001. However when going to insure it I found out that it was in fact a 1997 model. At first the dealer denied he knew anything about it, but a day later admitted full responsibility. I told him to take the car back and repay me which he agreed to do. However he has since changed his mind and claims that as he didn't know the real age of the car its not his fault. He had himself purchased the car from another dealer who also claimed ignorance. These dealers have about 40yrs combined experience in car selling. He did at a later date offer £700 in compensation. But I clearly stated to him that I did not want the car and that I was specifically looking for a 2000/1 or later model. After several letters and the threat of court action, he emailed to say that I did not buy the car from his garage but from a dealer I have never heard of. And he signed saying ..take me to court , I don't care. I have written the final pre-court action letter to him which he has, to date, ignored. Is it worth going to court for this? I have a car a do not want and never wanted, in fact, if it was advertised correctly I would never have gone to see it in the first place. The amount is £6000.
  11. I purchased a 5 year old car on Friday- which should have had on board Sat Nav. Dealer said Sat Nav was broken, so replaced the radio with franchise CD player. However, on collecting car- now find that although the radio/CD works, there is no Bluetooth hands free, no clock, no steering wheel controls and no code supplied for replacement (bog standard cheap!) radio. The advert stated all of the above but the replacement unit is obviously incompatible with the standard spec radio which gives all the other functions. Taking car back tomorrow, but any advice on how to play this would be appreciated
  12. Hi guys my car been to Vauxhall dealer for diagnose as my car corsa 1.3 cdti 2007 misfiring on low revs. Vauxhall kept the car for three days and finally they told me that number 3 fuel injector is misfiring and no other fault reported. Got the car back on 28/04/2015 and today 3-/04/2015 my timing chain snapped while driving the recovery guy confirmed that timing chain gone and it damaged all cams etc. Can anybody confirm what are my right and what can i claim like repairs or money back. I paid £75 for diagnose and they could not find out if my timing chain is going. Thank you
  13. Long story cut very short; I have a 2006 Vauxhall Zafira auto. About 12 months ago the auto box was not "kicking" down when required or would just jump around the gears. Light also came up on dash and "rad coolant level low" showed up l Took it to a Vauxhall main dealer who could not find anything wrong with the car and told me to just keep topping up the rad when the light comes on as there "may" be a small leak somewhere, even though they could not find one. Had a full service done, 2 days later coil pack failed and AA fitted new one at cost telling me it was most prob due to one of the spark plugs not being put in properly, did not as for written confirmation of this (yes I know I should have) Complained to garage who stated it would not have been them but offered a free service next time round. Told them about coolant light again and was again advised to just top it up. Gear box was still not right so took it back to same garage three more times. Last time I asked them to check the gear box oil as on one of the forums it states that could be the problem. Was told oil was nice and clear and no issues. Again told to just top up the coolant when the light comes on. Three weeks later engine light came on and car broke down. AA took it to same vauxhall dealer, this time was advised segments from the radiator had leaked into the gearbox oil and a new gearbox and radiator was required at a cost of 3K. I obviously argued the point why this was not picked up before but was told "nothing to do with us mate" attitude ! Wrote many many emails of complaint etc but was just told it needed a gearbox and they offered no explanation as to why this had not been picked up before when they had my car in for service etc. When I was last at the garage I was advised the MD of "Go Vaauxhall" (the garage I took my car to all the time) was in his office if I wanted to talk to him personally. I obviously said I would and was walked over to another building as he was on the top floor. The only way to get to his office was via a spiral staircase, now I am disabled due to spinal injuries and use either a walking stick/crutches or wheelchair, something the garage are well aware off. I managed to get myself up the stairs as there was no lift and into the MDs office. After shutting the door he asked what my problem was ! I tried to explain all the issues when he in a loud voice started to argue. I decided this was not the correct way of dealing with the situation and walked out of his office. I again sent emails with my concerns but was just told if I wanted my car back I had to pay for the new gear box, which I eventually did as I needed a car as they advised me they did not have a loan car for me to use. Got the car home only for the coolant light to come back on ! Called the garage and this time they fitted a new "cooler" tank. Three days later new gearbox started to muck around again. Called AA who advised me ALL the gear box oil had come out due to a faulty seal. Called the garage yet again, not a happy bunny at this stage !!!! Was advised I had to get the car to them as they could not recover my car for me and they had no loan car's as it was now the Xmas break. Finally got the AA to take my car back to them on 7th January this year. They fixed the seal over the next three days. Sent more emails etc with no offer of compensation or anything at all. Due to my disability I was taken into hospital for another major spinal operation and have not been able to do anything for the last three months. I have now taken civil action against the garage at a cost of £70 to me claiming half the money for the gear box as I cannot afford the extra fee for claiming the full amount. Just received an email telling me they are going to fight this in court and are obviously in a better position than me to get my point across as they will have their own legal team etc. Is it best for me now just to give in due to the size of the company and if it cost me any more money, which I would now have to borrow ! I just feel I have been "had over" and it has cost me to try and prove this and the garage are just taking the pee !! Will it cost me any more money ? I have been advised by the court they are sending out a form N181 for me to fill in. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my "little" problems I am having with a Vauxhall main dealer. Regards Brian
  14. need some advice 9yr old ford fiesta been having problems. stuttering as i driving. car ground to a halt. it would start up but quickly cut out THEAA towed it to a local ford dealer who advised that it would not be seen for 5 days and advised it would cost £80 to be hooked upto their computer day 6 ford called to say the computer could not communicate with the ecu and would cost upto £400 to conduct exploratory tests day 7 guy who does checks is off day 8 hes busy but will get round to it day 9 hopefully hopefully today he can do it day 10 at 3pm reception transfers call to guy in work stop. he says on day 5 it started and worked fine and car has been sitting in compound. he says he went to start it and failed so will need to look at it again hopefully today/ transferred back to reception. who says total bill is £80 so far day 10 and 11 weekend closed day 12 call from ford to say ecu is faulty and will cost £2000 to repair. declined the repair. total cost to pay to collect car is £400. told girl i need to arrange tow truck. informs me its running and can be driven off. collected car and paid by credit card. decided to trade it in as we need a reliable car as car still stutters now and again. that dealer ecu is faulty as he is giving a years warranty and want to be able to go back in case theres a fault with the new one he says ive been ripped off. no further work should have been offered if the computer could not have communicated with the ecu and it was clear it was faulty and was fruitless work sheet says investigate vehicle will not start, we have carried out ids checks unable communicate with the vehicle but will recieve ids,s, removed and installed pcm to gain access, checked feeds and earths , all ok. check communication wiring for continuity and isolator to feed and earths all ok what can i do
  15. Six weeks ago i was in the market for a new car and havinf decided to spend $30,000 plus I decided to limit my searches to main dealer outlets. I had decided to purchase the new Range Rover Evoque SD Prestige as this had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed. I went on Land Rovers web site and found a car that had all the bits I wanted and the power I needed and went down to the dealership to strike the deal. The online advert (I have the original copy) said the car was a SD prestigae with 190 BHP. The car check came back and confirmed the car was the one described . I made the purchase with a deposit on y credit card and the remainder via a bank loan. I also traded in the car I owned for £10,000. Six weeks later and not very happy with the cars performance I returned tha car to Land Rover to have some paint work repaired which was agreed at the point of sale. I also mentioned to the salesman that i thought the car was not running well because it didn't seem to have the power it should have. I was given a loan car which was identical to mine and I noticed within minutes that when drove this car performed much better. From the car (using handsfree kit of course) I called the salesman and asked him again to check my car out because there was clearly something not right. he said he would get an engineer to go for a run with me when i picked it up. I picked the car back up today and this was when the salesman said to me that the car I had loaned was a much more powerfull engine and that it was 190bhp. I said the car I had bought was 190 bhp but the saleman said it was not and that it was a 150bhp. Further more the saleman said the car was not the SD version but the TD. i said I would check all my facts and come back to them. I checked the logbook which arrived a week ago and found it says the car is a SD prestigate but a 150 bhp engine. I checked my invoice and it said that the car was a SD Prestige. I checked the print off from the Land Rover web site I tuck when i went down to buy the car and it says its a SD Prestigae 190 BHP. The car its self at the rear says its a TD4 which one the LR web site says its a 150 BHP engine. I'm now left with a car I have paid over the odds for which does not have the power I wanted. I explained when i went into the delaers that i wanted a more powerful care than the one I had which was a 160 BHP engine so they should have known this was not right for me. I have asked Land Rover to look into the issue and i await there reply. Can anybody please give me some advice as to what I can do?
  16. Hi all - I'm in a bit of bind with my car so thought I'd ask your advice. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this I haven't been here for a while! Basically a dealer had an ebay auction for a car and I won it. As the place was a 6 hour round trip I made the mistake of not viewing the car before hand. I also paid for it to be delivered so I didn't have to give up a precious weekend day with the kids to go and pick it up. It was delivered after a week, then the problems started... I noticed a crunch when putting the car into first gear. Being handy with a set of spanners decided I would replace everything possible to do with the clutch without removing the gearbox. Basically replacing the easy/minor bits (clutch master and slave cylinders) with genuine parts - to rule them out as being the cause of the problem. Unfortunately that didn't solve it and now by process of elimination it's looking like a major expense to fix it - most likely replacing the gearbox. As it was bought from a dealer over ebay do I have any options to return the car for a refund? Or have a shot myself in the foot by replacing parts (albeit with new genuine ones)? I paid for the car at the end of Feb, almost a calendar month ago. As an aside the car is covered in rust, far more than would be thought consistent with age. This wasn't mentioned either. The perils of buying anything unseen from ebay! Lesson learnt... if anyone can offer me some advice I'd really appreciate it. Thank you, Matt
  17. I bought this car from a dealer in January (almost two months ago) and noticed the car emitting blue smoke from exhaust and later on from dashboard. I can only use the car on weekends therefore it took me so much time to notice this issue. The ABS sensor for one of the tyres also started malfunctioning within the first month (almost 300 miles) and the dealer had changed one of the ABS sensors before I bought the car so it could be the same tyre's sensor going faulty. I took the car to Halfords via my warranty provider who so far only confirmed the ABS sensor fault (it had taken me 5mins to find this out using my code reader) and need more time (and money of course) to find out what exactly is causing the blue smoke however they might strip off the engine. I had contacted my dealer almost 4 weeks (driving the car for the 5th or 6th time) after the purchase date and clarified my intention about the refund however he encouraged me to take the warranty route first but obviously after finding out what the faults are I wouldn't like to own this car any more. So far I have driven the car almost 500 miles, could anyone please advise if it is still reasonable to reject the car or shall I only insist on repair?
  18. Hi. It's a very long story but I bought an e60 bmw from a dealer. The dpf light came on. He took it back to get repaired. they are taking forever and constantly give me false information as to completion date. Almost two weeks passed and they're refused to give me a courtesy car. Then I threatened to take legal action and they suddenly had a courtesy car It was dropped off yesterday by a very rude dealer. I asked him if the car was safe. He said yes. I asked if it had even checked. He said yes. He made me sign a form stating the cars conditions. And then made me sign that any physical or mechanical damage to the car while in my possession is my liability. Fair play. I would only have the car two days and I'd be very careful. As I'm driving home. The engine light comes on. The whole car starts shaking like mad and goes limp. Few minutes later. It goes away. Then a few mins later. It happens again. Now, this is CLEARLY not my fault and I feel this dealer gave me a knowingly faulty car so he can get some more money out of me. I do motorway miles so imagine if the car went limp on the m25? Yes I signed the form but a car with the "service!" Warning and a sudden engine light and shaking issue surely cannot be my liability. I contacted him and told him what happened and his immediate response was "I TOLD YOU the car is your responsibility. I TOLD YOU you'll have to pay for repairs. I TOLD YOU the car was fine before I gave it to you" What can I do? I'm getting such stress from this rotten dealer. Not only has he kept my car for two weeks for a dpf issue he is rude and has now set me up in this trap of a car. I know he's going to try and make me pay for the repairs to the courtesy car. Even though no human can destroy an entire coil pack by driving ten miles. It was on its way out. And he is not listening to that just trying to make this my fault. As they still have my car I am reluctant to give him a piece of my Mind because trust me I want to have a massive go. But I'm so afraid that they'll Mess up my car even more and then give it back. Then take no responsibility. I can't reject the car. It's on finance and motonovo have said they won't cancel the agreement. And I can't go down that road of hassle at such an already stressful time in life
  19. Will try to be brief: Bought a car circa 7 weeks ago for £2000. Dealer gave me a receipt. Also gave ME the entire V5 to fill in and send off! Within days I thought that there were issues with the car. I had filled in the V5...but did not send off. I figured at this point (perhaps somewhat misguided?) that if the dealer refused to carry out repair work to make the car right....I might stand a better chance of getting a refund and giving the car back if I told him he could have the V5 back - tipex my details - and so hence not record another owner on it - who then would look like he was selling it on within weeks of buying! I took the car back to dealer and complained saying he needed to put things right. Have since had it back to dealer with various different issues - multiple times. Work has been done - but are still issues. Dealer has just now had car again for a few days - and has just informed me that he is going to give me a full refund. I'm wondering about the V5 thing now. If I go in and tell him i never sent the V5 off - ask for my money back as he has said - and ensure V5 is tipexed and my details gone - is this ok? Any possible risks? Via DVLA or any other way? I have had the car insured in my name and taxed since buying it. Any recommendations on what to do? Sorry if this is foolish...just suddenly got concerned.
  20. Purchased a car from a main dealer who in previous experience we had received good service. However, purchased a car almost £7k, low mileage, service history, 12 months warranty and MOT. Payment was part cash and part finance. On the original test drive we heard a noise and was told by the salesman that it was the brakes from being parked for awhile and would soon settle down. To be reassured, we took another test drive in it at different time of day on different roads and the noise was quieter, albeit still there. The dealer agreed to carry out a full service and MOT at no extra charge and we arranged the finance with their colleague. Within a week we were getting an engine maintenance light come on and took the vehicle back to the dealer. We waited with it and within an hour they said they had 'cleared' the fault. We drove half a mile down the road and the same warning appeared on the dash so turned around and returned to the dealer. We booked it in for them to investigate it further and once again they said it was 'fixed' but it returned again a few days later. Eventually, they managed to clear it. The fuel consumption is absolutely ridiculous but we put some of that down to the model and engine size not being sufficient enough to carry the load, as lots of owners reported similar. Last week they had the car again to investigate the original noise which hadn't gone and they said it was rear brake pads and discs but agreed to contribute half towards it having had a hissy fit in front of the service manager, lol. The dealership agreed the noise was still there after they test drove it having done the brakes and it was booked in again for today with a courtesy car available until they get it resolved. They attempted to charge me for the insurance on the courtesy car but I stood my ground. So, my question is this: as there is some finance on the vehicle and we've had so many problems with it, can we approach the finance company as they are jointly liable and if so, what could be a reasonable outcome? Not looking for crystal ball answers, just legally how do we stand please?
  21. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on here and I hope you can offer your words of wisdom. I have a 2009 Volvo V50. I've had it since new, bought it from a Volvo dealer. It has done 56,000 miles and has been serviced by the same Volvo dealer I bought it from every year. It was making a rattling noise a couple weeks ago, so I took it back to the dealer and asked them to have a look at it. They made me authorise 10 hours of labour (£££!) to strip down the engine and have come back today and said that the camshaft is disintegrated and that "shards of metal" have been strewn across the entire engine. It needs a completely new engine now at a cost of £6,596.69! The car is currently sitting at the Volvo dealer waiting for my decision as to whether or not to fix it at that price. I have also spoken to Volvo UK who have offered to pay 50% of this bill as a gesture of goodwill . But I really can't afford even 50% of the repair. Although the car is out of warranty because it is over 3 years old, it is still under the warranty mileage of 60,000 and I really don't think this should have happened! My questions are: 1) Do I have a case to try and get Volvo UK to pay more money? If so, how do I get them to pay more towards the repair? I would probably be able to afford up to 25% of the repair but would really like to pay less. 2) Should I go to anyone else for help or assistance? 3) Is it worth complaining to Volvo Sweden? Thank you! Carless in Suffolk
  22. Hi, Am in need of advice. In October I purchased a used Seat Ibiza advertised as an approved car with 33k on the clock (not true). It should have had full service history, full vehicle history check, multi point check and various other benefits. On the day of purchase the car broke down on the way home (dealer is some 50 miles away). The car went back and the dealer said there was a control module fault likely caused by dirt on the engine from it having been stood on their forecourt, so they reset the computer and that that was that. There were ongoing issues with the paperwork, ie there is not a full service history, I have not been given a copy of vehicle history (as advertised) or a copy of multi point check. Also the car did not have 12mth MOT as advertised. The garage took the car and MOT'd it some 4 weeks later and interestingly it failed it's first test which may suggest it was not roadworthy at point of sale. Then approximately two weeks ago the car again broke down. Engine light came on and car failed on a busy dual carriageway, I am a new driver so this was very scary. Managed to limp off the road and car stopped completely. It restarted with no issues some minutes later. Back to garage again but only after I threatened rejection of car. They are saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car because the computer says so! I am now rejecting the car on the basis it was misold to me. The mileage on the order form does not correspond with the service history book, or the previous MOT and is somewhat higher than that listed on the order form (the dealer is pointing out they did not wrongly advertise and quoting order form as proof, however previous MOT from 4 months prior shows it was falsely advertised). There is not a full service history, there is 26 months between services and is over mileage for required service and at the point of ordering it had not had a service for 26mths. I bought the car hire purchase and the finance company are saying because it was misold it is nothing to do with them! I have pointed out to them that they own the car and were misold it and they are saying it is one word against another's. This is despite the fact I can evidence adverts at the time and the documents! Can anyone help with where I go from here? I am prepared to pursue in Court if necessary. Many thanks in advance and hope my post makes sense. I am so mad, this is my first proper car since passing my test and my excitement has turned to despair.
  23. hi I am new here but would like some help. i bought a cheap car from a dealer and it had a few problems. They tried to fix them and then found that the water pump also needed fixing. As I needed the car they offered to just exchange for another.....Thinking about it I decided that it was maybe best to just take the other car. I was issued no exchange receipt, no new invoice.....nothing.. anyway - I was not too happy - but happy enough to just have the other car and go. it seemed reasonable. I was told that the car had MOT til Oct. I was given a reference number to do the online tax and told I could drive home on the dealers 'drive away' insurance. I got home and immediately set about the tax and informing my insurer - only to find the car has no MOT. the dealer is 20 miles from my home, it was Friday afternoon - when I telephone at 4pm they said they would have to get back to me- and I got a text at 5.05pm saying YES it has no MOT. tried to call back - no answer I needed the car for work that night and this weekend and am angry I called 9am Saturday morning and was told to get a MOT locally... I don't feel that this is really my responsibility... I mean what if it doesnt pass. I am then out of pocket on the MOT and then what? Anyway I asked that we just swap back..I mean the other car is still taxed and insured in my name..yes it wasn't the best but at least it had MOT. I was told the car was no longer there...the mechanic had taken it... It is still in my name - I have all the documents, tax and insurance.. where do I stand? What should I do. I am confused... thanks in advance
  24. Hi All, this is my first post here so please bear with me. I am here for some advise and guidance as well as reassurance from anyone with any experiences they can can share. I live in Norfolk... and have been looking to buy a nice new car for myself for some time. the car will be used for work purposes (traveling around the country as a rep) as well as needed for two dogs and a small child. I found a Mercedes ML 320 sport online at a garage in Croydon, London. I spoke several times with the garage who assured me the car is an absolute gem. i obtained a loan from Tesco and travelled down the croydon to view the car and hopefully pay for it to drive away if all checked ok. the car is very nice, full service history, a few aftermarket bits and bobs from Brabus and an engine re tune... its one of a kind. I paid for the car on my debit card (£15,500) and drove it away. on 11/10/14. on the 20th of the same month i noticed the car was sitting uneven and there is a residue oil substance all over the driveway... i took the car to our local garage (not mercedes, only a friends local garage) who advised me that the rear drivers side shock had gone but he seems to think that may not contribute to the leveling issue as its all round air suspension. they advised me that under the sale of goods act i should get the garage to fix the faults. The garage which i bought it from told me to take it up with the warranty company, the warranty company said its not covered! I made a real pain of myself to the garage in Croydon who eventually agreed to have the car back to repair it but will definitely NOT come and collect it so i would have to drop it off. I dropped the car off on the 8th November who advised they would call on the Monday (10th) with an update and will be ready in only a few days. They didn't call, text or email and wouldn't return any of my calls until Friday 21st! who i was then told that i could collect it on Tuesday 25th as it will definitely be ready and fixed then.......(i recorded this conversation so i have it as proof that's what he said). I traveled all the way down there again on the train costing me another £45 in fairs only to arrive at the garage where i am told it hasn't been fixed yet!! they have told me that they replaced the damaged shock but it is still sitting uneven. he even agreed its not a genuine shock so it wont match the others on the car. however there is still an issue with the car not sitting level and they don't know how to fix it or do anything more. At this point i asked for a full refund as I have been without a car for 2.5 weeks, paid for an item that isnt fit for purpose and it seems that they are both unable and unwilling to fully fix it. they firmly rejected my asking of a refund. My bank (HSBC) have said they 'may' be able to help if i fill in a load of forms in trying to get my money back.... but it may be a lengthy process. the garage have both my money and my car and i am no further forward. I have lost all faith in the garage and alarm bells are ringing all over the place to avoid them. I dont want them to bodge the job only for something else to go wrong. i just want a full refund plus travel expenses for all my messing around. can anyone shed some light on the best action if the garage is flatly refusing to help in and just keeps ignoring me? matthew
  25. Hello everybody, I'm writing to ask you what you think I could do in this situation. I apologise in advance for the long post, but it's a very long story with many details so I thank you for your patience in reading this. 1 months ago I bought a motorbike from an official Peugeot dealer, that was the beginning of the nightmare. 1) the bike arrived several weeks later, there were always delays and I had to chase them because they did not inform me 2) once the bike arrived, the wrong number plate was put on - I was asked by the dealer 2-3 days later to take it back for number place replacement as he swapped it with another one by mistake. Later on this year when my road tax renewal has arrived I have then found out I was registered as the owner for 2 vehicles: mine and another one (first number plate I was put on) 3) On the day I picked up the bike for the first time in the shop, the bike kept turning itself off at every traffic light - took it back and dealer said he didn't adjust the idle before selling it, he then did and it was ok 4) I had a crack on the front mudguard, which I only noticed 2-3 days after the purchase, I asked it to be replaced and they never did, they conveniently forgot about it - eventually I gave up Later on a mechanic points out the back mudguard is practically rubbing against the wheel because the hook was broken, he repairs it with wire but doesn't keep it and asks for the replacement part as it came out like that from the factory - no part received 5) 11 days after the purchase the motorbike starts leaking petrol, I call AA, they take it to the garage and replace a cracked fuel pipe and a leaking fuel filter - leaving the bike parked outside at the end of the reserve with barely any petrol in for me to ride it to the next petrol station 7) Despite me not being instructed about oil checks etc (I was told I didn't need to check oil levels and that would be checked only by a mechanic during the routine service), after about a month I decide to check the oil level - stick comes out dry. I think I must have got it wrong so I take it back and ask to have a oil check. One of the mechanics just fills it with oil, doesn't say a word and says here you go. I ask what happened, he said nothing it's safe to ride away, there's oil. 6) the bike doesn't start in the morning, regardless of hot/cold weather, once it's been parked for 2-3 hours it doesn't start I take it back, they first say there's nothing wrong with it and return it to me. I take it back again, they adjust the idle again. I take it back again, they change the spark plug and say the battery is fine so they can't see a problem. Still the problem isn't fixed, I take it back again and they change the automatic choke and ask me to come back if it still doesn't work - by then I just had lost hope. The problem persisted but I didn't go back, I just lived with it and said to myself I was going to take it another dealer. 7) I had been there at the garage at least twice a month for the first 6 months. I have asked when's the next check due and they say 5000 miles (my meter is in km though) 8) The bike gets stolen, no big damage just the ignition had ripped cables, the bike was pushed along the street then they couldn't start it so they just left it there (I guess that not being able to start the bike in the morning saved my bike on this particular occasion) 9) I ring the dealer asking if he could fix my ignition by soldering the cables back, as he asked for £120 for the new part and it was gonna take time to order it (other dealers I contacted were selling it from 60 to 80 pound) He said the soldering can get complicated and I might end up having to pay 120 for the labour anyway (5 cables? really?) and started mumbling away something along the line that he wasn't sure if it was possible because the back of it is plastic and it melts, etc. etc. he wasn't really convinced he could do it but he ended up saying he could at least try. I was happy with try and I need the bike for work I ask him if he had time that afternoon, he said yes but not too late - I said to him I could take 2 hours off work and head there around 4pm, should take me an hour so should be there at 5pm. He said it's fine. I asked him 2-3 times because my employer back then wasn't really happy about giving me 2 hours off if he was gonna at least try to solder it back I would have come otherwise I couldn't afford to go there, not have it done and then having to take more time off which wouldn't have been possible for me at the time. He said he was going to at least look at it and try so I went. Got there around 5,15-5,20pm (shop closes at 6pm but sometimes I see them opened for a bit longer), he said I could leave the ignition there and he would have taken a look at some point another day. I pointed out I couldn't take any more time off to pick it up and that I asked him several times if he could do it on the day but he was adamant that no, I was 15 mins late, the shop closes in 40 minutes so he couldn't possibly solder 5 cables. I then ask for the wiring scheme so I can solder it myself and he said he didn't have it, but I could google it - that's what I had been trying to do but I couldn't find it online either. I asked him to just tell me how the cables had to be soldered back (in what order) and he said he didn't know he would have googled it himself but if it's not on google he would have waited until another bike of the same model came in so he could check the wiring and solder it back, so he didn't exactly know when it was going to happen. I start freaking out, I said that he was wasting my time and I was in huge distress and that by the way the bike still didn't start in the morning after and he said I could take the bike there and they can have another look. Happens that I had talked to another dealer who said he knew exactly what the problem was, and given the past experience with this dealer I decided to trust the other one. I have said to this guy that no, I wouldn't have left the bike there anymore because they don't know what they're doing, they messed everything up from day 1 and instead of showing a little bit of respect and appreciation for my patience by fixing the ignition they were bold enough to say that no, 15 mins late I'm not even gonna look at it. I said I would never come back. 10) I end up buying the part on ebay and fixing the ignition myself 11) I take it to the other dealer because it still didn't start in the morning, they notice the spark plug was the wrong one for that bike, they replaced and it got a bit better but still would struggle to start 12) The other dealer also notices a weird noise in the piston, says the piston was worn and was getting too small for the cylinder - I ask him if he could be a damage that was caused by riding it without oil for a month, he said yes and he also added he wasn't going to do anything about it because he didn't want to get involved with Peugeot for a human error that somebody else did, as it would be difficult to claim it under warranty. He says the engine will die all of a sudden sooner or later. But it was still working I used it as it is. Yesterday evening the bike turns itself off in the middle of the street on the way home and doesn't start anymore. Looks like flat battery, I charge the battery put it back in but same thing. This morning I try again, same thing - I call AA and take it to the original dealer where I bought it so I can also explain what the other dealer said. The guy I had spoken to before as he sees me leaves the shop (found out today that he is the owner) I speak to one of the mechanics said he was going to look at it, I go to work prepared to come back there at 6pm when I finish. 20 minutes later I receive a phone call from the owner saying I just left the bike there and legged it, I explained I spoke to his mechanic and he said he was gonna look at it. He said that since I said I wasn't going to come back then he doesn't want to fix my bike so I must go and collect it now because he's pushing it out on the street and once it's out of his shop that's entirely my problem - plus the warranty is not valid anymore because I didn't service it, so he wouldn't have done any work on it anyway. I say.. what service? I asked you and you told me next one 5000 miles, I'm 3000km behind. . well, apparently there were 2-3 services in between that I wasn't made aware of. I was actually told 5000miles was the first service I had to do, now.. I never owed a NEW bike so I didn't really know when you're suppose to service it. Then the guys starts shouting at me I ask him to please don't shout, he's adamant it's out of warranty and also that he doesn't want to see my bike in his shop he's pushing it out. I said I was gonna make a complaint with peugeot. I do.. I call customer service at Peugeot, explain the whole situation to them and they say that unfortunately since the service is explained in the manual and service book (that I was NEVER given by the shop but the shop is denying it) the warranty is not valid. As for the guy's manners he can't do anything because Peugeot don't impose any standards for the level of service of their dealers so they can conduct the business like they want, and if he wants to be rude then he can be rude and Peugeot is not responsible. As for the lack of oil from the start, he said that no written proof is there, he will deny it and it is just my word against his so they can't do anything to help me. I picked up the bike called AA and had to transported back to my home. The mechanic from AA reckons the piston got thin and bent, so when the bike runs for 3 mins, the piston gets bigger, jams in the cylinder and the bike turns itself off. When the piston cools 10 mins later the bike starts again but as soon as it gets hot it jams again. Only his opinion anyway he didn't look in the engine. Now, at this stage what can I do? I was thinking of claiming under the sell of goods act, trying to prove the bike was not fit for purpose from day 1 and the services received was insufficient, but can I prove it? When I went back to the shop today I set my phone on recording, so I have a conversation with me and the mechanic where he apologises saying it wasn't up to him to fix it or not and I asked him if he remembers I was always there and the bike was broken from day 1 one I bought it, he said yes I know. I wonder if I could use it as a proof (I feel guilty for the poor mechanic though), but I doubt that I can because I didn't warn them I was recording. Any thought?
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