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  1. http://www.foodmanufacture.co.uk/Ingredients/Farmers-praise-Arla-s-milk-pricing-plan
  2. Guys, Just wanted to make people aware of this... My current three contract is due to expire in the next 30days..Ive already bought a new phone on payg - samsung galaxy s3 and signed up for a 12 month sim only deal also with three. I signed up for the new sim (£12.90 pm, 600mins, 1Gb data, 2000 free to three calls , 5000 sms) contract in-store, I thought was a bargain at the time!!. Anyway about 4 days later I received a call from three customer service offering me a deal if I extend my current contract. I told her I wasn't interested but still offered me a deal..a free samsung galaxy ace with same deal as before but unlimited data for £11 per month..I said ill take the offer however I just need to cancel the 12month deal I just took out. She said she could do that no problems..but about 5mins later said she could because I signed upto the sim contract in store (a big no no). If I had done it via website or phone call I can cancel due to 14 day grace period and distance sellers regs.. but because I purchased in-store I couldn't cancel!! Anyway I soon learnt if i ring customer services back and complain I'm not getting a decent signal I can cancel So I told them I work at the postcode of my gym (I don't !!) - where noooobody on any network gets a signal..they ran a quick test to confirm. He said if they cant resolve the issue in the next 5 days I can cancel the contract at no charge to myself due to the coverage policy!! Anyway im on day 2 of waiting so will let you guys know how i get on Main point - Buy a contract over the phone or internet - As you then get 14days grace and alot more leeway hope this helps somebody
  3. Consumers warned to move quickly to take fix their energy prices before winter. EDF has pulled its most popular fixed rate energy deal off the market. EDF Energy Blue + Price Promise April 2014 was one of just two remaining fixed price deals without an early exit penalty on the market, but from today customers looking to fix their energy bills with no exit penalties have just one option from Scottish Power. EDF's decision follows SSE's shock price hike last week. The rise is expected to affect 8.4m customers and will add an extra £119 to the average SSE standard dual fuel bill, bringing the average cost of a household bill to £1,354. The move is a blow to consumers as it paves the way for other suppliers to increase their prices too. “As a result of the increase by SSE, I expect a ‘domino effect’ in the market as the other members of the Big Six providers follow suit to hike prices,” said Scott Byrom, of Moneysupermarket.com. One piece of good news for consumers is ScottishPower has extended the price guarantee on its plan to January 2014, while keeping the price static at £1,052 a year - £6 a year cheaper than the old EDF Energy plan. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/household-bills/9511142/EDF-pulls-cheap-energy-deal-from-market.html
  4. Experian®, the global information services company, today announced that Wescot, a leading debt collection agency, has signed a multi-million pound contract extension for the provision of data services for the next two years. The deal will give Wescot complete and accurate data to better assess debtor characteristics and enhance its collections performance. Wescot will be one of the first clients to be migrated to Experian’s new dynamic platform, ExPin later this year. ExPin changes the way data is matched by assigning every person a unique identifier PIN which drastically reduces any chance of duplication and significantly improves overall match rates and data quality. It also maximises the opportunity of retrieving data accurately which will enable Wescot to gain a complete and accurate profile of its customers. Simon Waller, head of collections and customer management at Experian, commented: “Through the extension of our partnership with Wescot, we look forward to providing the company with quality data and advanced business intelligence. Using technology to enhance debt collection practices is becoming increasingly important, particularly with recent scrutiny and increased regulation of the debt collection industry. This partnership will help Wescot adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines, increase data accuracy and help drive the best data collection practices in the industry.” Paul Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer at Wescot said: “Our strategic partnership with Experian has improved our collections operating model by delivering insight into individual customers and client portfolios. As a result we have been able to strengthen our competitive advantage in the UK’s collections and recovery markets. The implementation of the ExPin system, when integrated with our decisioning and execution platforms, will further improve our ability to take into consideration each individual customer circumstances and deliver appropriate solutions for the repayment of outstanding debts. The benefits to the consumer and our clients are significant, however without question the most important element is the ability to continue to achieve the highest possible standards of compliance in the sector, therefore this is an investment which is designed to continue to protect the reputations of our clients and the Wescot brand.” Link: http://www.ccrmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7430&Itemid=33
  5. Hi everyone, I stupidly borrowed £400 off these idiots back in December/January which i could not pay off. They kept taking money out of my Lloyds TSB account totaling £100 which put me in a mess with my account and now i owe nearly £1000 to Lloyds for charges and unarranged overdrafts! The problem i have is now 6 months down the line, with no contact at all apart from a couple of texts a few months ago threatening me with the bailiffs, i got a call from a women who worked for them saying i now owe CFO £1000, so the £400 loan is now at £1000. I told her i wouldn't be paying it and why hasn't this been defaulted on my credit file or sent to the debt collectors, the stupid women didn't have a clue what she was talking about and ended up saying she would be happy to accept £550 within 10 days of the phone call. I asked her why letters haven't been sent out and she said it's my fault why the loan is now so high because i never got in contact with them, but i sent numerous emails trying to arrange a repayment plan months before. How do i deal with these people? I don't want to end up paying £5000 on a £400 loan! The idiot even ended up putting the phone down on me. Thanks for any help.
  6. I had a visit from the bailiff today, so I texted him back. A bit of background I have 3 liability orders against my property. one in my gf's name one in mine where they have rejected my benefit claim from way back when one for last year / this year where I couldn't afford to pay - I am paying this one now, to the tune of £135 per month and once that is paid up (before April next year) this years will be satisfied. I now have a job and am doing my best to pay it, but the three amount to over £400 when totalled up - with 3 kids in the house and a girlfriend that doesn't work I can never afford that. Anyway, I texted the bailiff back (its Cardiff Council) and he said "I WORK FOR COUNCIL YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH ME DIRECT" What should my next step be?
  7. Two or three months ago, I sent Natwest a claim on account of their penalties and charges on my friends account - I also included the £10.00 SAR fee, although I didn't try to get interest on that, as it's very recent. They were having none of it, they said "No, we are not allowing this, you cannot use the interest rate that you are using", [it was the one on the claim form downloaded from here, without looking it up, I think it was 28% or similar], "we only charged 19.164%" They then went on to say that the £10.00 SAR refund was nothing to do with them, it would be refunded by a different department, [That's it, pass the buck] They sent a revised amount which was only a few few quid less than the claim, it still left over £200 balance, and I wasn't having any of that! So I sent about two or three further monthly payments of £1.00, and then I calculated everything again, this time using their interest rate of 19.164%, then once again, sticking the £10.00 on the end of the total. It came to £289.42, against a balance of, [their figures], £291.34, a shortfall of £1.92. So, in June, I sent them a cheque for £1.92, and the calculation sheet, told them that I've heard nothing from this "other department" regarding the £10.00 refund, and suggested that as I have no other NatWest addresses to deal with, they should get the "other department" to claim the ten quid from the claim, and do an internal transfer, [saves postage - can't be bad!] Also said that as far as I and my friend are concerned, that's it, we are square. Today, the next statement has arrived - they've cashed the £1.92, I knew that, but they've simply knocked the £1.92 off the total, leaving £289.42 !!! Do you think that they are stupid, not speaking to each other, of being deliberately obtuse? More to the point, what do I do? Sam
  8. 750m payable in 2 tranches . Deal will affect 4.8m customers and include Tsb and C&G. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18898125
  9. Apologies in advance, this is a bit complicated! Daughter took out insurance on a car she believed her (now ex) partner owned. He was a named driver on the insurance policy. They separated a short while ago and as he is going abroad for a few months they agreed that she would keep the insurance going until he went away. Insurance cancelled from Sunday when he goes away, but unfortunately he had accident on Saturday (car shunts him from behind, pushing him into car in front). Daughter has no other details than this. Their separation was not very amicable and communication between them is nil. My quesion is, who should be dealing with the insurance company, other drivers and their insurers etc? My daughter or her ex-partner? To confuse matters further, my daughter now suspects that her ex never actually got round to changing the owner details of the vehicle registration certificate for this car which he bought around 10 months ago. As communication is non-existent between them and he is quite possibly already out of the country, does my daughter have to deal with this, even though she has no details about the accident?
  10. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14107/online-news/wonga-football-league-advertising-deal-ends
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