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Found 195 results

  1. kev 123

    New DaY LTD.

    Not sure if i am in the right forum but here goes. a few years ago i was stupid enough to get a comet retail store card as we all know they went into liquidation, subsequently the account was passed to Santander. This morning i have received a letter from Santander informing me that the account has now been passed to a company called NewDay Ltd i have never heard of this company, never missed a payment so would appreciate if anyone has any ideas who they are
  2. I bought a pair of shoes in July from Clark's for £30. On sale from £60. I tried to take them back today as they have worn excessively in the heel area. I have my receipt. The manager said shoes only have a28 day guarantee and as a gesture of goodwill will only give me a£20 voucher towards a new pair of shoes. I thought everything came with a years guarantee. I also feel these shoes should not have worn so much in the heel area in only six months.
  3. Good news folks - found a contract starting a week Monday! However, when I tried to sign off I refused to let the JC have my employer details. JC THEN turned around and said, "Fine, but you still need to sign as usual THIS Monday".... They flat turned around and said, "Look, if you don't turn up you'll be signed off for non-attendance, so you won't get that last week's money". ?????? I've FOUND a job, surely I can sign off whenever I want? I've signed off with longer periods between job offer, and start date, without issue. Who is in the right here, technically?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has had this before. I asked for an update from FOS on my PPI claim against Robins and Day. I was told that they are objecting to the investigation due to it being outside the 6 months. However, after chasing this up with the FOS I quite clearly am within the time frame. I'm just within the deadline by around 2 weeks but obviously within it. I just wondered what they have to gain from quite clearly lying even though the FOS have the dates with them? I think their argument could be that the FOS didn't contact them until after the date so what is likely to happen?
  5. Posted by Bargepole over on MSE. Case #1: 3JD00565 at Colchester County Court (ParkingEye v Rogers) This had been adjourned from a previous hearing, to allow PE to produce their landowner contract. The defendant also produced photographs, showing that there was no signage at the entrance to the car park, and others were obscured. PE had produced their own photos, showing a full set of signage, which the LPC Law rep tried to argue had been taken at around the same time. However, in the background of PE’s photos were images of people in shorts, and shop signs saying “Summer Sale”. As the event occurred last November, this seemed highly unlikely. The Judge dismissed the claim on the basis of no signage = no contract. Cases #2 & #3: 3QT62681 and 3QT62156 at Southampton County Court (ParkingEye v Lemon, and PE v unnamed defendant) The Judge decided to hear two cases simultaneously, from the same car park, and with identical facts. In the first defendant’s own words: “We won! The solicitor for ParkingEye produced a contract which was dated Feb 2013 (our parking overstay was Oct. 2012) and the judge was not amused that it hadn't been included in either his or our bundles. He also refused the claim because the wording of the sign was ambiguous. Very many thanks for all your help and advice. If I can ever do anything to help, I'll be only too pleased. I have been absolutely disgusted with what I have discovered about ParkingEye Ltd. We will be contacting our local paper and I will probably write to the Daily Mail and The Telegraph. I'm also going to contact Trading Standards and the DVLA about the fact that PE have taken money wrongly (is illegally too strong a word?) for over a year in The Range car park here.” The good thing about all these, is that the Defendants were sufficiently well briefed, and confident enough to conduct their own defences against the LPC Law advocates. A bad day at the office for Rachel, I think.
  6. Full report... http://www.ico.org.uk/news/latest_news/2013/pay-day-loans-company-and-its-director-prosecuted-for-failing-to-register-08102013
  7. I wanted to know whether when you use the swicth facility this new thing for switching accounts, it says it transfers over all your direct debits etc and lets debtors know you are switching. I was wondering if this still counts for CPA? essentially what I want to know is if I use the switch facility will PDL companies be able to have access to that account somehow and get my funds? secondly, I am negotiating some payment plans. From experience of people who have entered plans with these types of companies, what mnethod of payment do you use? I don't have a credit card and I'm too worried about giving them my bank card details? Lastly, these switch accounts like first direct and halifax do they accept people with not so good credit? I.e is it even worth trying for these or just get a basic account from somewhere else? Thanks
  8. From 16th September customers wanting to swap banks can provide their preferred lender with personal details, the bank then makes all the arrangements to bring across salary deposits and bill payments - with a hassle free guarantee. It will only take seven working days. The Current Account Switch Guarantee: • The service is free to use and you can choose and agree your switch date with your new bank . • Your new bank will take care of moving all your payments going out (for example, your Direct Debits and standing orders) and those coming in (for example, your salary). • If you have money in your old account, the bank will transfer it to your new account on your switch date. • For 13 months, they will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. They will also contact the sender and give them your new account details. • If there are any issues in making the switch, they will contact you before your switch date. • If anything goes wrong with the switch, as soon as they are told, they will refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges made on either your old or new current accounts as a result of this failure. Here how: http://www.simplerworld.co.uk/Pages/How.aspx The Money Advice Service, an independent organisation funded through the Financial Conduct Authority has launched a current account comparison service, at: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/
  9. Dear all. My wife has just told me about this, so it's possibly a damage reduction situation now. I don't know. She took out a loan, which I didn't know about, in 2002. (we were not married then). On Monday the 19th of August 2013 at 6 pm, there is a door knock and she receives a package. I was busy and thought nothing of it. Today she tells me about it. BW Legal have sent her a bunch of confusing terminology which translates into give us £7000+ within 18 days from the date of this letter or we will bankrupt you. The letter was dated the 1st of August. Recieved the day AFTER the 18 day period and just before a bank holiday weekend. What a co-incidence. As I write this I have no idea what she has done about this debt in the past. She tells me she once wrote making an offer, can't remember when this was, but it was never acknowledged. This may or may not have been over 6 years ago. She has written back to them in the last couple of days. "I've sorted it!" is all she will say. I have no idea how. She seems not to have a copy of a letter. Firstly, how does the letter being delivered late stand? There is no printed date stamp, no evidence of it's delivery date. She did write the date on the envelope when she read it though. What next? I need more info from wife. Until then any pointers would be gratefully received. Mike.
  10. Hello, I am in need of some advice. On May 17th this year, I purchased a brand new fishing umbrella from an online store through eBay. It was an auction, with the start price of £59.99 + £9.99 p&p and I was the only bidder. The item arrived a few days later, and I unpacked it and erected it in my back garden to inspect it. All looked good so I put it away in readiness for my first outing in wet weather. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), this summer has been very dry and sunny, so the first opportunity I had to use the brolly in anger so to speak, was in early August. but it leaks!!. After half an hour of rain, water started dripping from the centre. I contacted the seller to inform them of the problem, and to see if I could return it, and they replied with the following: 'Over the years we have had to formulate various company policies. These policies have never been arbitrarily adopted. We have chosen certain policies in order to accommodate our customers by providing our product at the lowest conceivable price while remaining in business. One of these policies is that our customers have 60 days in which to return any merchandise for a full refund. We feel this allows sufficient time to inspect our product and be assured of its quality. We are grateful for the business you have seen fit to give our firm, and are proud to have you as one of our customers. We cannot, however, authorize the return of our merchandise as you have requested, since you took delivery over 60 days ago. We are sorry that we cannot accommodate you in this matter. We hope you will understand why we must take this position.' So, should I pursue my claim, or are they within their rights to refuse it? Many thanks in advance for any advice forthcoming.
  11. Hi I contacted Equifax in July they had some incorrect information on their file relating to a BT account. I asked them to dispute it, 2 weeks passed yesterday so I called them and got through to India or Phillipines contact centre - I could barely understand the person on the other end of the phone! I asked them to give me the account number of the BT account to which they told me they could not do this as they only have an obscured view of it. I asked them if they could chase up BT for the information, they told me they couldn't and I need to wait for 28 days. The 28 days conflicts with what they have written on their account pages where it says 21. Please can you help me with the 21 and 28 day rule here - Which is it and what must they do / give me after 21 days / 28 days? The minimum I need is a contact for BT and the original account number as they say they cant find the account when i call them on their system!! Thanks
  12. My 18 month Vodafone contract ended back in 28/05/2013. I only found this out by talking to a chap in a local VF store, who also kindly asked why I had 100MMS and free calls to 0800 number add on as most people wouldn't use this. My response was, I never asked for those services nor knew I had them so you tell me why they are there!? He had no idea and intimated they must have been on since I started the contract. He took the add on's off and advised I would now be saving £5 per month. Confused as to how those services are on my account, I asked what about the past 18 months worth of £5 lots??? Can I reclaim those? Unfortunately not was the response. After speaking numerous times to online assistants and emailing cust services I was made aware that these add on's were added at THREE different times throughout my contract, once for the 100MMS and twice for the 0800. Now, not only do I not need or want these add on's, but they have been added to my account without my knowledge!!! I'm dumbfounded. Now I've visited my store twice and have been told twice that due to the account being in arrears VF won't allow me to give notice of cancellation (even though I am out of contract) and will not issue me a final bill. They will not issue a PAC. They have agreed to refund the value of the add on's but this is immaterial, my issue is with the unethical addition of services without my consent or knowledge!!! Now I am being told I will need to wait until VF cuts the line off before I will get a final bill, which considering the line is currently out of service means I will be paying another £80, pushing me into further arrears with VF for a service/line rental I CANNOT USE... How can you charge a consumer for a service they can't use??? I told the chap in store: "Imagine I own a garage and you come in, fill up and I charge you £40 for petrol. But you don't get any petrol. You've just been charged for something you can't use." This goes against everything I know in GC23 and if not resolved I will be speaking with OFCOM, which will cost VF £330, considerably more than the amount o/s from myself. So far here's my laundry list of issues: Twice VF have taken a DD payment from my account on a different day than specified, costing me bank fees and degrading my credit score. On 11/04/2013 100 MMS Add on added without my knowledge or consent. On 20/01/2013 Free calls to 0800 Add on added without my knowledge or consent. On 08/02/2013 An updated Free calls to 0800 Add on added without my knowledge or consent. This is frankly unbelievable and a fine example of miss-selling IMHO. 4 Times now I have asked to end my contract, which ended on 28/05/2013. I have been refused my PAC code. 2 Entirely ridiculous live chat convos with VF team, rude and unhelpful. "You: I am no longer in contract with VF You: And as such am entitled to end my agreement Amr Ismail: You are in contract with us as a month by month contract You: Any outstanding monies should be billed accordingly upon termination of contract You: And I am within my right to cancel You: If you continue to keep my contract active against my wishes I will not pay any additional amounts You: Please send me a document containing your terms which state that you can keep me in a contract against my wishes Amr Ismail: I do apologize about any inconvenience Mr Farmer. If we can cancel the contract now we would have requested it for you. I'm afraid we won't be able to cancel the contract before you make a payment with the outstanding balance You: Which means if I am unable to make payment I will incur further line rental and call charges??? You: For a service I am telling you now I no longer wish" "You: Who do I need to speak with to discuss this in more detail, concerning both the mis-selling and PAC request? Kimo: actually to be able to get the PAC code, the cancellation team can assist you with this, however they wouldn;t be able to do that now until the balance on the account gets cleared, that's why we advised with it You: What about my concerns with mis sold services Kimo: actually you are now out of this contract, and you don't have a proof to tell that the services are not added as part of the contract, so we are not able to refund anything that has to do with them You: Irrelevant of your note, I have been paying for services I did not ask for nor require. This is the definition of mis selling You: Whom do I talk with to escalate this further? Kimo: you are talking to me now Kimo: and it's not about who you talk to Kimo: this is an ended contract You: As I do not believe you have the status to assist me correctly Kimo: so we can't discuss a refund for smelting that you have been paying for on your bills (clearly) every month Kimo: something* Kimo: specially if you don't have a proof to support what you kindly say (that you don't know they are there) Kimo: so regardless who you would talk to, this is the same advice that you will get You: I wish to take this matter further. Please advise who I need to speak with Kimo: we are sorry to advise that even taking it further, will not get you any refund, so we are advising with this to save your time You: Please direct me to whom I can talk with You: VF have not acted in me, the consumer's, best interests. Irrelevant of being in or out of contract this is still miss selling and can be upheld. Kimo: where did you get the contract from, was it a Vodafone store? You: Yes, I advised this to you earlier. Kimo: great, then you can kindly go the same store that as per your advice missold you the contract and discuss it with the store manager You: I am unable to go to the store. I wish to discuss this in more detail via telephone" I am at my wits end here. I am being told I will be kept in contract until I pay a bill or VF decides to cut the line and send to a debt collector. They don't seem to care or think it is unacceptable, unethical and/or just plain wrong to add services as they see fit. After emails, numerous live chats with VF, two trips to the store and still no resolution I am at my wits end. Please help.
  13. Hi guys, I have bought a fridge freezer and it's noisy. I left it for a couple of days to see if it would get quiter but it hasn't. My wife called the company that we bought it from and was diverted to Hotpoint technical team who have arranged an engineer visit. Unfortunately the visit from the engineer will be on the 8th day since we received the item ....would this mean we cannot use the DSR to return the item? I have called the company I bought it from who advised we wait to see what the engineer says and they will call me the following day (which will be the 9th day since we received the fridge freezer). Im concerned they're just fobbing me off in order that I'll pass the 7day cooling off period and then wont have any rights, or would the fact that I have logged my concerns within 7 days still give me the right to return? Should I just email them formally requesting to return the item under the DSR so at least I'm covered? Advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/britain-is-facing-return-of-threeday-week-1515307.html
  15. Is there anything anywhere that states this shouldn't be done (specifically concerning CT)? I've read several times that time should be afforded the debtor but I can't seem to find confirmation in writing anywhere.
  16. A group of MPs has hit out against the Office of Fair Trading, criticising its “timid” approach to the regulation of payday lenders. In an investigation of the UK’s consumer credit market, the public accounts committee say the regulator has never fined any of the 72,000 firms with consumer credit licences, which includes payday lenders, suggesting a ”timid rather than tough [approach] in its enforcement”. Unscrupulous behaviour from firms in the sector is estimated to cost consumers at least £450m a year, at a time when the OFT is accused of failing to proactively identify risks of malpractice. The committee found that between 2011 and 2012, the OFT spent £11.5m regulating the entire consumer credit market which lent £176bn to consumers, or £1 for every £15,300 in the market. Between 2004 and 2010 payday lending levels increased nearly 20 fold from £100m to £1.9 billion, and the number of customers using these loans is approaching 2 million. Although the investigation found evidence of consumer credit licences having been revoked, the occurrences were limited and capable of taking as long as two years to achieve. The current system of revoking licences also fails to prevent “phoenixing” whereby firms set up new firms under a different name in order to re-obtain a licence. The report says the OFT does not has a sufficient understanding of the sector and is overly reliant on complaints from consumers and information from third parties. The report says: “The OFT lacks basic information about the consumer credit market, such as the amount of lending by each firm, the products sold by each firm and the types of consumers buying the products. “It has not attempted to quantify the level of harm due to firms not complying with the Consumer Credit Act. This basic information, broken down by types of consumers and types of products, is essential if the regulator is to better understand the market and target its resources in the most effective way to protect customers.” The committee says the OFT could have improved its standing as a regulator if it had raised the fees it charges for a licence, which are currently “ridiculously low and unrelated to the size of the business.” The OFT recently published guidance on when and how it intends to use the power to suspend consumer credit licences, which will apply to businesses found to have engaged in practices that cause, or have the potential to cause, physical, economic or other harm to consumers. The OFT has also published a report into payday lending which highlights “widespread” and “irresponsible” behaviour by the largest 50 payday lenders and given them a deadline of the end of May to show improvement. Since the compliance review was started, two payday lenders have surrendered their licences, three have had their licences revoked and formal investigations into the practices of three more have begun. The regulator says it will make a decision on whether to refer the UK’s payday market to the Competition Commission in June. The committee says it has been encouraged by the OFT’s recent actions and hopes it marks “the start of a genuine step up from the timid approach.” Trade association the Consumer Finance Association recently established an independent supervisory body for payday lenders with the power to sanction lenders for non-compliance. Brokers were quick to dismiss the body as “toothless” however, since it did not address lenders’ abilities to operate outside of the trade association. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/mps-criticise-timid-regulation-of-pay-day-lenders/1072055.article
  17. Hi all, So i've been doing a lot of research into quitting smoking, as my previous attempts have failed. I've tried the e-cig, spray, gum, tablets and lozengers and they have either made me sick or gag or left me with dry mouth. Patches are a no go as i suffer from eczema so cant use them. So i've decided to go cold turkey. Not had a cig since last night, so nearly 24 hours in, and i've got to say im feeling pretty good, and when i can distract myself i have no cravings at all. I actually got to thinking that maybe these NRT's may be more of a problem than a solution, as your prolonging the nicotine addiction. What do you guys think, anyone just gone cold turkey and suceeded? Danielle.x
  18. hi i have 3 pay day loans which have all defaulted. wage day advance for 152 swift sterling for £188 cash genie for £190 i think the swift sterling 1 is now with a company called which claim i owe northway.does any one no who northway are ?also my bank is now overdrawn and need help what to do.i want to set up a payment plan and try and get my bank charges back,any help would be great thanks
  19. hi guys, i was looking through an old email account which i dont use anymore, a company called cash genie are referring my account to a collections team for the sum of £957, they are willing to settle for £300 today or £400 over 4 months. I remember taking out the loan but thought i had settled it and never checked back to that email account. I have received nothing at my home address. the loan was for £150 back in 31/07/2009 after inquiring with them they have advised I made a payment of £75 and then 8 lots of £45 interest. I stopped paying on 28/05/2010. they are charging £675 as interest and £132 in letter/late payment fees. I just feel this is sooo unfair and feel like I shouldn't have to pay these extortionate amounts, i understand i should have stayed on top of it but was wondering is there any way I can avoid paying so much money? For a loan of £150 this all seems excessive. Thanks Guys!
  20. Hi there I currently have 6 payday loans: Payday Express £100 Monkey Dosh £150 Pound Access £100 Square Money £200 Minicredit £100 CFO Lending £400 I've found my self taking these loans out to cover interest to defer others and I feel its going to be a never ending cycle and now want rid of them (Payday loans are the worst thing I've ever done). After reading through threads on here I have now cancelled my card and switched my wages to be paid straight into my everyday savings account as I'm now looking to default these loans and hopefully set up payment plans with them when they fail at the end of the month. Is there anything else I need to do to ensure the money isn't taken? Also, am I best contacting them before or after they default? And which lender are the worst to deal with? Thanks M
  21. Hi I just thought I'd introduce myself first as I'm new here. I bought a used car from Evans Halshaw a couple of weeks back and boy is it giving me problems:oops: To start off with the clutch is on it's way out so Evan's Halshaw have offered to fit in a new clutch. Secondly, each time I push the clutch in to change gears, for some reason the revs go up :S Thirdly, one half the dashboard lights don't work at night which I think is a simple fix as a bulb/wire maybe loose. Also, the car is very rough at idle which my local mechanics said is due to the engine box (or whatever it's called, it's the area where you put your oil top ups into ) not having washers on so the engine keeps rattling as it's not being held still. Another problem is the 1st gear is veryy stiff sometimes and doesn't seem to want to go in, all the other gears seem fine. Then another problem I just identified was the extremely low mpg for a small Toyota Corolla, it's only averaging 17-18mpg on the trip meter :/ The car's going in for repair next week but I doubt Evans Halshaw will be able to solve all of them problems so I was just wondering where I stand since I've owned the car for less than 30 days? I've been told there was some 30 day law in which I can give the keys back to any car I've purchased and demand a full refund?
  22. Hi Just a quick question. In my job, we get paid on the 6th of every month. If the 6th happens to fall on a weekend, we don't get the money until the Monday. If the Monday happens to be a Bank Holiday, we have to wait until Tuesday. Is there a law which says that we should have the money on or before? And not after? We have raised this with our employer, and have been told that we should learn to manage our direct debits better!! Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello I've been ripped off by a seller form China, and up to today i still have not received my goods. I did open a PayPal case, and PayPal closed case the same day. I was half a day over the 45 day PayPal Buyer Protection cut off point. I have contacted PayPal. PayPal reply, sorry over the 45 day cannot do anything. It's just half a day over. I have sent a letter to the Managing Director Paypal (Europe) Ltd Surrey. If the letter don't work, could small claims be worth a try? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  24. Hi I have payday loan with wonga peachy and lending stream. None of them show on my equifax credit report me ideas why???
  25. We are seeing a few people report that they are receiving letters from Bailiffs in respect of defaulted pay day loans or other consumer debt. If you have received communication from a Bailiff company and it is not in connection with a warrant / fine / court judgment / council tax, can you please pop a link to your thread in this thread. We would also like to see copies of these letters - unedited - if you are happy to provide us with copies, please let us know so we can provide you with a secure / private email to use. Thank you.
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