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Found 195 results

  1. Hi all, first post. Just got a little question about CCJ defense response times. I filed my defence today (Sunday) online. Today is the last day I have for filing the defence. I should not of left it till the last day but I was waiting for a response from the claimant which only came the previous day. I had 33 days from the day of service in total to file my defence. My defence will not be processed by the court until tomorrow which will be the 34th day after the day or service. So my question is does the defence have to be processed by the court within the time you have to file a defence (in my case 33 days after DOS) or is it that as long as you have uploaded it before the time runs out you are safe? Thanks
  2. Hello J Firstly thankyou for all of this information on this forum, I have had a look around but I think I need to start a thread in order to get some help. I am sorry for the length of the post and I hope someone makes it to the end of it as I know you would be using their own freetime to respond! J Much appreciation and thank in advance for this I wrote to Lending stream to claim irresponsible lending and I am hoping that someone could contribute their expertise to help formulate a reply to them. Id rather make one last attempt to settle with them before going to the ombudsman. All of my comments are ion red and LS are in black. We are writing in reference to your recent correspondence. Please note that you borrowed 17 loans (Ref. No: xxxx) from Lending Stream, out of which 14 loans were closed successfully and 3 loans (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx and xxxx) are outstanding. However, the ownership of the accounts (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx and xxxx) has now been transferred to the third party debt collection agency Mackenzie Hall (can be contacted on 01563 556533). Hence, we would request you to get in touch with them for further proceedings. I thought you had to claim against the original creditor? How should I respond to this? This makes up a large part of my claim as they added around £1000 in charges and interest onto £500 that was defaulted and sold it on We would like to share our findings, in regards to the loan accounts closed with us. Affordability Check: We confirm that an affordability analysis is conducted for all customers (existing or new) and on each loan application. Our advanced analytics and underwriting processes review the information provided by the customer, all public information and details held by Credit Reference Agencies before making a decision. Your Experian score was ranging upto xxxx; which factored into our proprietary underwriting and deemed acceptable I don’t think so, my credit rating was proper trash back then, I have spent about 3 years trying to repair it and have had tens of thousands of pounds worth of defaults and a CCJ drop off of my file since then (+6 years old now) and its still far short from what they are claiming! At the time of applications, you were full-time employed Yes correct Your monthly income at the time of applications was ranging upto £ xxxx No idea what I declared but from their comment “ranging upto” I doubt this amount was consistent We could observe a sufficient disposable income, which denoted that repayments towards the loans can be made without any financial difficulties I was in serious trouble and borrowing from one to pay another, my finances were a mess! Rollover: We would also like you to note that a “Rollover” is an option provided by some lenders where a customer is allowed to delay paying back a loan on the payment of additional fees. Currently, Lending Stream does not offer this option. Hence, we confirm that the FCA regulation on “Rollover” Loans is not applicable to us. Credit file/Data Validation: When a customer requests for a credit report from a Credit Reference Agency, he may acquire specific information including names of different lenders and their respective reporting. However, when a financial institution does a credit search on a customer’s credit report, they are not privy to that exact information. Hence, our decision to lend money does in part rely on the information received from Experian (credit scores). Financial Difficulties: Our constant message to customers whose circumstances change, or who experience hardship, is to speak to us and we will work something out together. Upon reviewing your accounts, we found that the required assistance was offered, when, we were informed about the change in your circumstances. This is a lie by them, when repeatedly borrowing and borrowing just became unsustainable I contacted them and I repeatedly asked them to set up a repayment plan, freeze interest and to stop phoning me for payment. They refused to accept less than £90 per month which I did not have and were calling me in excess of 8 times a day and even phoned my work phone which I was furious and extremely embarrassed about at the time. I have told them I want compensation for their behaviour during this period but I might tell them that I would be willing to forgo this should they be willing to settle in full on the rest of my claim without having to go to the ombudsman. Resolution: In lieu of the overall situation, we confirm that the affordability checks were performed while approving your loans. With the above being said, we would like to inform you that there were some procedural errors while approving your loans (Ref. No: xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx). Hence, we offer to refund the interest and charges paid towards the loans (Amounting £394.50). I don’t know what processes they are admitting not following but this was the first 5 loans I had with them. The amount of interest I am claiming form them is £825 from the 14 loans that I repaid so I am guessing this is just an attempt to reduce by 50%. There are also the 3 loans that they have asked me to contact the company they sold onto. I have asked them to refund the £500 loan + £1000 interest that defaulted that they have sold on so that I may settle with the company they sold it to. I might respond that I would be willing to accept just the £825 + £1000 = £1825 interest if they are willing to resolve without the ombudsman Should you accept the offer, please confirm so that we can initiate the refund towards the bank account details that we have registered in our records (account number ending with " xxxx "). I switched bank accounts years ago to make a fresh start away where no companies have my details J Alternatively, you can help us with the copy of your bank statement (in which you wish for the funds to be credited) reflecting your name, bank account number, sort code and bank's name in a non-editable format. Errr No chance! For further queries, please email us at xxx or call us on 0203 365 0138 (Monday to Friday between 7 am to 10 pm). Call charges apply. A final observation I have made from their reply is that I have told them I want 8% statutory interest and they have not mentioned this within their letter at all Thankyou again for your help with this x
  3. Debts to hand: HSBC Loan 4,408 Sainsbury Loan 22,271 MBNA 6,453 Overdraft 5,000 Barclays 3,400 Never defaulted historic I have now cancelled all DD and moved some funds to a neutral bank account. Overdraft already sent first message of daily fines etc etc. I have been doing my research and had already applied to SC DMP plan. After further reading I intend to delay this for 4 months to allow one a emergency egg to build and two allow some room for some of these lenders to default. Am in a position where I could be saving 1k a month while not paying fee's . Most of the debts are less then 5 years old I don't think the consumer credit requests will help much. one cc is 2005 I will issue them all with consumer requests in the next day or so. LI will also send a letter over the next few days advising of difficulty, asking for interest to be stopped and to have some speedy defaults. I will outline a 4 month window and that am working with SC in this matter. Ideally I want to get into a position where they all default to stop this AR stuff I have heard of stretching this out for 13 years. Hope to freeze this interest off fairly quickly I will also put in my not to make this journey by mail no phone calls thanks you etc. All my debts are unsecured, I live with my partner whom mortgages this house. We are not financially linked. Trying to get in a position where these debts go to the debt collectors for F & F down the road. Thanks for hearing rambles I think I have come up with the best option atm. I reviewed IVA or bankruptcy but felt this route could be the best one if all lenders can default within 6 months so this isnt stretched out more then 6 yearrs
  4. Please can you advise. Ive read through the other threads and the Erudio Sticky on here before posting. I can see DX has referred to more recent Erudio tactics in a post in March, but cant see the details of what they might be. I took out my original loan in 1990 and have another from 1996. I received a letter today from Erudio stating that they have recently sent me Notice of Sums in Arrears or I may have historical NoSiAs for arrears that fell due. They want me to contact within 14 days and if I fail to do so it could lead to steps to default my account. I dont earn over the threshold. I never have. I deferred my loan with SLC. Since Erudio bought them I havent completed a deferment form. I will be 50 this year. I cant help wonder if this is a push to gain payment before that date. What should I do. Can I send copies of my wage slips - most people seem to mention sending bank statements in other threads. Should I write in response to this or is it a standard letter? If I do reach the ripe old age of 50. Will I still owe the arrears as a separate debt or should they also be written off with the original loan amounts? Thanks in advance for your advice on this.
  5. Hi. I was aged 17 when the contract was signed. On multiple sites I have seen the following: "The minor is also able to cancel a contract at any time before reaching the age of 18, and for a reasonable period afterwards without valid reason as the contract is ‘voidable’." I have been a member for just over 3 years, and 2 years 7 months since turning 18. Would that be considered a reasonable period afterwards? The cost is £30 p/m and I really would not like to pay another full calender's month of membership for several reasons: There is a much better gym nearby that is 24hr and costs less. When equipment breaks in DW it is not replaced for weeks at a time, affecting my workout. At some point, they changed the closing time on Friday from 22:00 to 21:00. Have only ever gone during night times and from next week can no longer do so. I'm not great on money right now so paying £30 for something I definitely won't be able to use would be horrible.
  6. Hello, I have the following issue and was wondering if someone could help me figure out what I should do: CRS (Credit Resource Solutions) are txting me every day regarding a very old debt (but not older that 6 years) to a payday loan company Pixie Loans. They only text, never call and I never received any letters via post, I think they don't know my address as I have moved. They are threatening with court actions and CCJs. And told me that they have sent me a letter but I never received anything apart from regular texts. Is there anything they can really do, can they really take me to court if I have not received any official letters via post? I was thinking of sending them a letter and asking to do everything only in writing but at the same time if they do not know my address and my email address - I do not want to give them that information. And sending a letter without a return address doesn't seem to make sense... Not sure what to do in this case. Are these texts enough to get me a CCJ? should I reply?
  7. If you are self-employed and you are owed money from a company (construction) for an unpaid invoice and you start court proceeding's can they close the company down before it gets to the court date and if they can is their any way of stopping them doing this Thanks
  8. My mother has been a housing association tenant for 12 years. Recently, she has had to come and live with me as she is unable to live independently at the moment. Housing Association found out that she was not living at property for a short while and served Notice to Quit which ran out today. I wrote to the HA saying that I have been let down with removals and explained my situation that I work full time and have caring responsibilities and need more time to arrange something. Just had Housing Officer at my door saying that they have taken possession of the property on the date of expiry of the NTQ and have changed the locks. I said that they cannot go breaking into the property and changing locks without a court order. Housing Association said they have every right. Surely this can't be right, have they performed an illegal eviction. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks jb000
  9. Hi All, My partner today opened a letter from The money Shop advising that a loan in HIS name had been bought by PRAC Finance. Included in the pack was letters from The Money Shop, PRAC, and BW Legal representing PRAC. Amount is for £915.59. My partner has no knowledge what so ever of this loan, it appears someone has used his ID. Can he ask for a copy of the credit agreement, a copy of the initial application and a full statement? Clearly someone needed to know his personal details, however this is the first written correspondence we have received. Any help or advice would be appreciated . AA
  10. " and i'll have one last drag, of one last cigarette. i don't want to die, no not just yet..." (song) had the 'last drag'. now i start (stop). on will power.
  11. I have received an email from united kash stating that they have taken over my account from different money, i took out a small loan of £300 but got into more financial difficulties since. i haven't been able to pay them back but i have just received an email stating that they will accept £413 as a full settlement, otherwise they are going to take further action. Will that involve courts as i don't want that, just need some advice as to what to do. Tanks
  12. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/armistice-day-marked-by-services-around-the-world
  13. As in the title but here goes. Saturday I drove my car 200 miles down to Gloucester to do a deal with a chap that had a van that I wanted for work. In the eyes of we buy any car his van is worth £685 more than my car but we came to a deal that I would give him £1500 plus my car with 55,000 miles on the clock. Since owning that car I spent a small fortune having the clutch and dual mass flywheel done and full service and then also before we did the deal I had all the starter motor changed for a brand new unit, paintwork imperfections sorted as I told him I would and all the wheels refurbished. I went above and beyond to make sure the car was right as I am honest and also didn't want the deal to go pear shaped after travelling all that way. The guy also drove up around 150 miles from his address so we could meet half way so to speak and save one of us travelling too far. We both did checks and I did HPI checks for both vehicles etc.. we both had test drives checked all relevant documents and decided to do the deal. We both drove home and obviously both satisfied. Then today around 36 hours later he calls me to tell me the turbo had blown and oil was all over and he wants me to pay for it. I feel awful but at the same time I can't help but think I have already spent a lot of money on it and we have already done the swap and agreed to the deal. What if the van brakes down or anything happens today,tomorrow or next week I have taken that chance jut as he did. Where do I stand legally with this one? It was a private sale/swap and neither of us are traders or dealers. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this problem as I am losing sleep over it.
  14. Hi all, I wont give you my life story but I work in sales and recently decided to move jobs. I gave my notice 10 days ago and it seemed to be on good terms. It's a small business so I've been close to the boss for 3 years and was till today. Anyway, today is pay day, at 720am I receive an email stating that I wont be paid commission now that I have given my notice. I reacted in the expected way and challenged that, his response was, no no, just that cash flow is bad, we'll pay you next month, after youve left. He has a history of not paying people as theyre leaving, so I'm expecting to not see this money. He has sent me a breakdown of what I'm owed, from which customers, and promising to pay that money next month (which he did to the last guy, and didnt pay). I wouldnt react this way if it wasnt 40% of my earnings. On top of that, I'm also owed 11.9 days holiday which I'm worried he'll try to get out of as the record is paper based and he signs it (however I have a copy of this up to date and signed). The impulsive side of me says - Hold all of his equipment ransom i.e. laptop, phone, van, power tools until he pays what he owes me and I'll exit the day he pays. It works out as around £16-1,700 for holiday and commission The sensible side says - Wait, and he wont pay me... By which time I'll have no leverage as I'll have given the equipment back on the 16/9 (last day) and next pay day is end of the month, can I take him to court then? I've been helped out here before and really hoping someone can give me an idea of which direction to take it. At the moment Mr Impulsive is winning as I have a mortgage to pay... What do you think? Please help me with this sheister, Thanks in advance too
  15. Hello Caggers, I have been having a discussion with Barclaycard because I noted, in May 2016, that the period between the date my bill was issued and the date my payment was due had been shorted by several days. This very nearly caught me out as the payment is had always before and since (I now realise) been due on the 15th working day of the month. In May it was "due" on 11th working day of the month. I had a look on their website, it says: "Your payment date is fixed to a particular working day of the month...". I take that to mean it is fixed - in my case to 15th - working day of the month. So, for example, this month (August 2016) the 15th working day of the month would be 19th August. Am I wrong in my understanding of this sentence on their website?
  16. Hi guys, so it's been quite a while since I posted due to I tend not to get into debt anymore, but I am currently looking at an N244 order that Cabots solicitors have filed to extend the length of time required to file documents and an adjournment to be granted so they can get the required documents. In my original defence I stated if they could demonstrate I owed the debt via the usual methods then I will accept the debt belongs to me, but in a longer way than this obviously. They tried to have the application dealt without a hearing but it is in my local court on Tuesday on a telephone hearing with me having to appear in person (if i wish to defend) I've not had to deal with anything like this for a few years so really just need help filling in the blanks I can't remember etc. I'll be stating how the company has been harassing me for around a year over the alleged debt and all i've asked of them is proof that I owe the debt, as they have had to request more time it is quite obvious that they have never attempted to provide any kind of proof or made any attempt to keep the case out of court or as they put "encourage further exploration of alternative dispute resolution options" As stated in my original defence I believe the claimant is simply after free money and this appears to be the case as any professional company and solicitor should have had all the sufficient proof they needed before putting such a case forward and demonstrates to me as an individual a willingness to attempt to abuse a system in order to scare individuals into paying unsubstantiated debts. With regards to preventing any prejudice and ensure a fair outcome for both parties, it occurs to me that there would not be any prejudice as the claimant has failed to supply any kind of proof so wouldn't be entitled to seek a CCJ regardless. Assuming the claimant (A debt recovery company) has undertaken this procedure countless times, then asking for an extension is in itself a waste of courts time for a company that should thoroughly know about court procedure. This company has had ample time to demonstrate I owe the alleged debt even before attempting to claim it through court they or they're solicitors would have been aware that such proof would be required in court and if they didn't they would have known when filing the court papers therefore i feel the claimant should not be granted a 60 day adjournment. This is just something i quickly (or an hour) typing and will probably make edits to it before going to court, any input would be great, also isn't there a thing where it is unlawful to take someone to court over an alleged debt if you can't demonstrate they owe the debt because it's an unenforceable debt?
  17. Good morning everyone! I've just returned home from my dental clinic. I didn't go to work today because i had this appointment. Can u imagine my shock when I came at the clinic by 12:00 sharp, it was the time of the appointment, only to know that the "hygienist is not in today".. They told me that they tried to contact me, but could't. But they are lying to me: there are no missed calls from them, no texts and no emails. Usually they do inform me of anything via text messaging AND email. If I was notified about such an important thing as a change to my appointment or its cancellation, I would have gone to work. But in this case I just simply lost one full working day's wages. I really am eager to know what can I do to the Dental Clinic? It is a private Dental Clinic(http://www.smileimpressions.com/), where I did use their NHS services couple of times, and where they imposed me paid services of a hygienist - I paid 25 pounds in advance for this appointment. They said they couldn't refund me my money today, and I need to come on Tuesday to have it. What can I do to make them compensate the day lost because their unprofessionalism and negligence? Should I write them some letter first, or what? Thank you in advance!
  18. READ MORE HERE: http://news.sky.com/story/attack-in-nice-73-dead-as-truck-hits-crowd-10502068 My heart and Condolences go out to the families of all those innocent lives lost.
  19. Armed Forces Day show your Support Date for your Diary: Saturday 25th June 2016 Events are being held all over the UK. READ MORE HERE: https://www.armedforcesday.org.uk/
  20. Hello i wonder if you can help me pls have received a pay within 7 day letter from Thomas Higgins partnership solicitors however i am of the understanding i don't owe them the debt they say i do its from a local firm of plumbers for the sum of 81.53+ vat total = 97.84. In Dec 2015 i moved house and decided to get Monthly Boiler cover from Npower they said i needed my boiler to be serviced in order for them to cover me the Local Firm was then employed By NPower and they came in to service the Boiler in Jan - this was done with an all clear and service book signed by them 2 days later on the 29th Jan the boiler wouldnt work s i rang Npower who came back to me saying the local plumbers have said it actually needs an air pressure switch and they could come in 2 days later to fit it they attended on 1st Feb - to fit part when the engineer arrived he said this boiler doesnt need an airpressure switch it needs a compleat new circuit board rewire - he asked if i would like a quote - i said you would need to speak to NPower - he said they probably wont authorize it as its about 600 hundred pounds - i said well i will speak NPower I did contract Npower and told them what the plumber had said , and they (NPower)said well as it now has a major fault and if i wanted to continue with their cover i would have to pay to have to repaired myself and no longer would be eligible for their service cover . 2 weeks later Npower wrote to me asking had i got the major circuit board fault fixed i said no - they cancelled my policy I heard no more till the beginning of April when an statement arrived from the local Firm claiming an invoice dated the 22nd Feb for goods and services was overdue and to be paid within 7 days - so i wrote back saying their contract is with Npower not Myself - No- Response Then at beginning of May another Statement arrived this time with a copy invoice invoice date 22nd feb for this Air pressure switch and labour charge £97.84 again pls pay within 7 days - this time i wrote back on the 9th May asking them to prove me with Written Evidence the debt was mine - i sent this letter via recorded delivery - again no response today i get the solicitors letter from this Thomas Higgins Partnership saying they have been instructed by Local firm to collect this debt within 7 days or they will issue proceedings including interest and court costs Having looked up Thomas Higgins its one of their standard £2 + vat threat letters Should I Respond to this Or Ignore it , is it just a if we talk in BOLD CAPITALS and say were a solicitors you might pay us can you pls advise - do you think they will take me to court ? ( sorry for the sermon )
  21. Caroline Lucas created BASIC INCOME EDM 974. Jonathan Reynolds similarly supports basic income. John McDonnell said Labour are considering basic income. Basic income trials are set to take place in Canada, Finland, and Holland. The time is ripe for UK Parliament to debate EDM 974 BASIC INCOME. That this House notes the growing crisis of low pay and precarity in a labour market increasingly characterised by casualised forms of employment that offer little in the way of pay, predictable hours or long-term security; further notes the evident inability of our bureaucratically costly social security system, with its dependence on means-testing and often arbitrary sanctions, to provide an adequate income floor; believes that a Basic Income, an unconditional, non-withdrawable income paid to everyone, has the potential to offer genuine social security to all while boosting entrepreneurialism and the creation of small businesses; Much more on the link. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/128234 And of course a thread open for those that perhaps do not know to much about Basic Income. Worth a read,in my view. Basic Income Guarantee-Do You Like The Idea-Any Views-Have Your Say. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?461005-Basic-Income-Guarantee-Do-You-Like-The-Idea-Any-Views-Have-Your-Say.
  22. Hi folks, Mid-December last year, I bought a used car from a local dealer to replace our family car which was dying a death after many years of faithful service. The car looked to be in good condition (for a 10 year old car), full service history, 89k on the clock, just what we were looking for. I paid £1500 for the car plus £150 for a new cam belt and water pump as there was no evidence of this in the service history. they gave me £100 for our old car in part exchange. The car came with three months warranty. On 12th March (one day after the warranty expired), we broke down on the way to our son's birthday party in another town. The car reported "Low oil pressure" and proceeded to dump oil all over the car park of the venue. RAC was called out and they found a pipe that connects into the oil filter(?) was disconnected from its spigot and was basically just spraying oil all over the engine bay. he re-connected the pipe, washed out the engine bay, filled me back up with oil, I thanked him and we went our separate ways. On the way home from the party, we broke down again, this time no alarms or messages on the dash but we had a lot of white smoke coming from the back of the car. RAC was called again, they found that all that new oil the previous guy had put in was now gone, and this time they towed me to the garage I have used for years where it sat for the weekend and I phoned them to tell them what the issue was and ask them to take a look. I had a call back from them the following day and they've said that the engine is building up too much pressure and blowing out whichever pipe is easiest, causing the engine to dump the oil. they said the cause of this is something to do with the piston rings and I was probably looking at having to replace the engine. Best case scenario, I'm looking at approx £1500, pretty much what I paid for the car three months prior. I called the dealer to try and open a dialog to get this sorted. I was told to call back the following day and talk to the owner. I asked for his name three times, they wouldn't give it to me. I also asked for a specific time to call and they wouldn't give me that either. After speaking to someone the following day and getting nowhere, I wrote them a letter detailing what the garage had found, the estimate of repair and as the car was just outside of its warranty (and because of the previous conversation I'd had with them) some text regarding the Consumer Rights Act (taken from the gov website). I've received a response from the dealer basically saying it's not on them because a "full inspection" was made by us on the day of purchase (I know nothing about cars, which is why I tend to prefer buying from dealers :/ ), to their knowledge the car was in good condition, and the 3 month warranty had expired. They've also gone on to say the issues we mentioned are not covered by their warranty anyway, and as the vehicle was manufactured a long time ago, they "cannot guarantee something may happen" to it. They state that they performed a "standard vehicle inspection" and it has a "full valid MOT". I'm not sure what my next step should be at this point. Do I send them another letter arguing their points and suggesting a full diagnosis at their expense? Or do I go to small claims court at this stage? Any help (including wording for the next letter) greatly appreciated! If anyone can offer any advice on what's probably going to happen and my best course of action for if they refuse to do anything, I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. I am just looking for a little reassurance that I am doing the right thing really. I have been in debt since 2012 with payday loans, to say they have ruined my life is an understatement, I know I have responsibility for this, but as you all know, desperate times call for desperate measures. I have emailed in complaints currently, to Sunny, Wonga, MyJar, QuickQuick, WageDay Advance AND MoneyBox247. During the years of 2012 – 2016, i took out so many loans with them all, the main ones being Wonga, QuickQuid and MoneyBox247. It go so bad, at one point i nearly had to go into bankruptcy, but was saved by my family with a £26,000 loan in 2014, so it does show me paying back a loan or two early, but as I stated in the emails, it wasn’t because I was able, it was because of the above. I am just looking for opinion really, do you think I stand any kind of chance? I just hope I’m not wasting my or their time with it. 247 MoneyBox. 5th March 2013 – £110 borrowed – £141 paid back 27th March 2013 – £185 borrowed – £262 paid back 1st May 2013 – £300 borrowed – £439 paid back 28th May 2013 – £480 borrowed – £692 paid back 15th June 2013 – £80 borrowed – £156 paid back 10th July 2013 – £300 borrowed – £404 paid back 26th July 2013 – £100 borrowed – £171 paid back 30th July 2013 – £480 borrowed – £692 paid back 5th August 2013 – £400 borrowed – £551 paid back 7th September 2013 – £300 borrowed – £412 paid back 12th September 2013 – £100 borrowed – £133 paid back 20th September 2013 – £480 borrowed – £698 paid back 22nd January 2014 – £125 borrowed – £211 paid back April 2014 Loan – 30th May 2014 – Extended current loan – Paying back £671 on 27th June 2014 After this loan, I had to take a big helping hand from family in the form of a £26,000 loan as from all of the loans the previous year and up to May 2014, I was in serious financial troubles and close to bankruptcy, so this stopped me lending from June 2014 – January 2015. 26th January 2015 – £200 borrowed – £252 paid back 13th February 2015 – £150 borrowed – £168 paid back 9th March 2015 – £400 borrowed – £473 paid back 2nd April 2015 – £380 borrowed – £468 paid back 20th May 2015 – £125 borrowed – £167 paid back 10th June 2015 – £150 borrowed – £170 paid back 9th July 2015 – £150 borrowed – £177 paid back 29th July 2015 – £384 borrowed – £479 paid back 3rd September 2015 – £300 borrowed – £367 paid back 22nd September 2015 – £80 borrowed – £104 paid back 30th September 2015 – £400 borrowed – £499 paid back 31st December 2015 – £411 borrowed – £509 paid back 7th January 2016 – £200 borrowed – £286 paid back 18th January 2016 – £300 borrowed – £403 paid back 12th February 2016 – £300 borrowed – £417 paid back Wonga – This is by far the worst. 2nd February 2012 – NEW LOAN £100 – £132 29th February 2012 – NEW LOAN £250 – £333.62 9th March 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £75 – £325 Total – £431 to pay back. 11th March 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £70 – £395 Total – £521 29th March 2012 – £580 NEW LOAN – £771 to be paid back. 4th April 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back 9th April 2012 – Topped up previous loan £100 – £201 Total – £261 to pay back. 25th April 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £251 Total – £319.40 to pay back. 2nd May 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back. 6th May 2012 – Topped up previous loan £250 – £350 Total – £453 to pay back. 7th May 2012 – Topped up previous loan £200 – £550 Total – £711 to pay back. 2nd June 2012 – £250 NEW LOAN – £374 to pay back. Had to pay late – Received late payment email on 29th June 2012. 9th July 2012 – £100 NEW LOAN – £133 to pay back. 27th July 2012 – £790 NEW LOAN – £1077 to pay back. 29th July 2012 – Had to contact WONGA as unable to meet repayments and had to set up a repayment arrangement. I was making payments of £269.00 for four months, last payment was made on 30th November 2012. Immediately after this repayment plan finished, I was still in big financial difficulty, which my credit check and affordability checks would have shown, also the fact that only a few months prior i just finished a repayment arrangement, I don’t feel I should have been leant to. I was desperate, how ever Wonga should of known better. 1st December 2012 – £250 NEW LOAN – to be paid back. 6th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £298 Total – £397 to be paid back. 7th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £348 Total – £465 to be paid back. 7th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £398 Total – £532 to be paid back. 8th December 2012 – Topped up previous loan – £121 – £519 Total – £685 to be paid back. 6th January 2013 – £50 NEW LOAN – £69 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £120 – £170 Total – £219 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £220 Total – £285 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £270 Total – £352 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £330 Total – £418 to be paid back. 11th January 2013 – Topped up previous loan – £50 – £380 Total – £485 to be paid back. 29th January 2013 – NEW LOAN £570 – £745 to be paid back. 31st January 2013 – Had to contact Wonga again to inform them of my financial problems, and needing to set up a repayment arrangement again. In arrangement from 31st January – 4th June 2013. 10th June 2013 – I applied for a new loan, and Wonga again re borrowed to me. I find this very responsible, when I have been in to repayment arrangements previous to this now, along with a very worrying lending pattern. 10th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £400 – £481 to be paid back. 12th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £120 – £146 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN £98 – £115 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £110 – £145 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £53 – £65 to be paid back 17th June 2013 – NEW LOAN – £61 – £75 to be paid back 28th June – I again had to email Wonga and inform them of my financial problems to set up once again, a third repayment arrangement. I was in this arrangement from 28th June 2013 – 28th October 2013 paying £120 back each month. 1st July 2013 – I finished my arrangement in June, and again was allowed to re borrow from Wonga. 1st July 2013 – NEW LOAN – £449 – £595 to be paid back. 25th July 2013 – NEW LOAN £220 – £239 to be paid back. 14th August 2013 – NEW LOAN £552 – £646 to be paid back. 19th February 2014 – NEW LOAN £106 – £125 to be paid back. February / March – A loan of around £1000 was taken out, I am unable to find confirmation of this in emails, but 30th March – £1353.40 was due in one single payment to which I had to change the promise to pay day on and extend from the end of February. 23rd March 2014- I AGAIN had to contact Wonga in regards to setting up ANOTHER repayment plan due to being in financial troubles – THIS IS MY FOURTH REPAYMENT ARRANGEMENT WITH WONGA IN TWO YEARS. 28th April 2014 – 28th January 2015 Arrangement – I was paying back £156 per month 27th September 2014 – I was emailed like many millions of others, to be told my most current and recent loan, was included in their affordability issues – No others! Just this one! And the remainder of my balance was wiped off, totaling 4 x £156 payments that i had left to make. Again, after having 4 repayment arranges with Wonga – They allowed me to borrow again. 13th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £250 – £283 to be paid back. 15th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £100 – £114 to be paid back. 15th December 2014 – Top up of previous loan – £100 – Total to be paid back £437 28th December 2014 – NEW LOAN £250 – £312 to be paid back. 3rd January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £100 – £120 to be paid back 3rd January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £100 – £479 to be paid back. 4th January 2015 – Topped up previous loan – £94 – £591 to be paid back. 12th February 2015 – NEW LOAN £150 – £168 to be paid back. 17th February 2015 – NEW LOAN £100 – £108 to be paid back. 2nd March 2015 – NEW LOAN £350 – £420 to be paid back. 22nd March 2015 – Had to set up ANOTHER REPAYMENT ARRANGEMENT! This my 5th in total in the space of 2012 – 2015. I finished paying off my loans on the 3rd July 2015. Quick Quid – Is a very similar store to Wonga, including two repayment arrangements and with them being told i was in financial problems, and they re borrowed again. I am very sad about it all, but I know you have all been in the same boat, and will not judge. I appreciate anything you can help with. It has only been a week, so I am sure it is a long road ahead, but out of curiousity, I do wonder if my story may have any hope. Thanks so much, Lillyx
  24. Hi, I was unfortunate, some may say silly to get involved with Pay Day Loan companies over the last few years. I am trying to clean up my credit report and have found four registered on my report. One for over £1000 on what was only a £100 loan. I have attached a copy of the information from my report. Can anyone help me sift through this and advise on the best route. I think the Kapama debt was from Mini Credit who have ceased trading. Just need to know what is the best way forward with these . Many thanks.
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