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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm hoping I might be able to glean some information and guidance from this great community. The problem is one you may have heard many times involving benefits and concerns my daughter: Factoids My daughter is 22 years old and lives with 1- year old daughter and fiance in two-bed Sanctuary Housing flat (council housing association). Fiance has no income and is on a company training course with the promise of a job at the end of February. This is their first home and lived there since May 2018. Father (me) is also her Power of Attorney - she has severe mental
  2. hi everyone, my daughter is 18 years old on the 5th November this year 2017. my brother who recently passed away left my daughter aprox 19 thousand pounds in isa,s which she can cash in on her 18th birthday if she wishes to. my question is will my daughters inhereitence affect my benefits if she cashes her isa, s or if she leaves where they are. my daughter is at colledge for another 2 years then at uni for another 3 years. I receive esa, pip, and housing benefit and I retire next dec 1st. many thanks in advance.
  3. Probably a common story my daughter is over twenty thousand pounds in debt, lived with a bloke who made promises after promise, had a child with him then finally saw the light but had kept mum & dad in the dark as it was too embarrasing so too late. She organised a dmp with step change now lloyds are saying their agreement only lasted six months, and want to increase her payments, she earns just over 16k before tax but rent is 695.00 food etc on top so bank of mum and dad have stepped in to buy food and clothes. told my wife and I to take custody of
  4. Our daughter got married and had her reception at our local golf club. The venue seemed perfect until the actual day. The photographs at the venue where restricted due to the golf. What and where we could have photos taken was not allowed on the day. We had 26 children on a very hot day banned from leaving the venue as they may upset the golfers. None of this was told us at any meetings. When the food was served they served the back tables and the top table the last. The pate was a sloppy mess The food was cold - the roast beef was dry and the turkey was chewy.
  5. Hi Guys, My 20 year old daughter's Ex asked her to obtain a washing machine, though a Catalogue in her name, as a birthday present for his mum. They were living together at the time, had been for a while and he intended to pay for it in full, but needed a short time to raise the funds so doing it this way allowed him that time. The item was duly delivered and installed at his mothers address. Shortly after this was all arranged their relationaship broke down. He promised to continue to pay for the machine and in fact made payments to the cataloague in order to show willing. However,
  6. Hi, I have a question regarding Marstons Bailiffs, I am acting on behalf of my daughter here. Marstons have pushed a red letter saying final notice and that they will be bringing a locksmith and gave her 24 hours to raise £685 or they will enter and take belongings. I myself rang the bailiff and offered no payment plan at all and that he will come to collect the following day. The following day I rang the magistrates court at South Tyneside and found out that the fines were for 1. Non payment of metro fines. 2. Non payment of TV Licence. For the metro fines we are willing to pay tha
  7. Hi guys please can you help me with this charge for staying too long on a car park in Preston The Notice is from Parking eye and it states On 20 September 2015 vehicle ******* entered the Corporation street retail park at 11:21:43 and departed at 13:04:24 on 20 September 2015. The signage, which is clearly displayed at the Entrance to and throughout the car park, states this is a private car park and is managed by Parkingeye Ltd, the maximum free stay authorized is 1 hour 20 minutes, along with other terms and conditions set out in the signage.....it goes on and on How do I
  8. Hiya back again.... My daughter has Anorexia Nervosa and Depression. She isn't in full time education as she has become too weak to do any work. She's 17 and weighs around 39kg (that's a bit over 6 stone). I wanted to apply for Personal Independent Payment. She's had difficulties with her eating since she was about 9, but in the past 18 months - 2 years she now has severe Anorexia Nervosa and we are waiting to see if she is going to be hospitalized. Would she be able to get P.I.P? I mean, does her diagnosis warrant P.I.P? It is a nightmare. Trying to buy the right sort of f
  9. Hi all. I have a question to put to you all if I may. I am on ESA and receive PIP as well plus housing benefit. My disabled daughter gets DLA which we put in her bank account as it's her money. I think you can only have £6000 savings and a child £3000, she nearly has that now so I do not know what I can do with her money we do not want to spend it willy nilly on rubbish so what can we do legally? Any help will be gratefully received.
  10. Good afternoon all you employment gurus. My daughter is 23 weeks pregnant and has had to be admitted to hospital with Labour pains. Her partner has had to take time off work to look after the other kids as they cannot get other help as yet. He has to take tomorrow off work and his employer is demanding that HE find cover. Now, he has had a few days off with sickness (this is in part due to his job working with adults with severe learning difficulties) and the manager wants to convene an absence meeting. The main issue is that he is being penalised by his employer for takin
  11. hi everyone im a newbe looking for advice my daughter has received a hearing on 14/8/13 she has been going through a marriage breakup and been in a car accident which has left her with some memory problems and has misunderstood her agreement her arrears are £1500 she has rang the solicitors with a offer but they want the full amount what im thinking is if we put an offer in writing of £500 and the remainder over the term of the mortgage would this prevent her going to court in her present state im worried she may not cope if not could i state in the letter that we would complain to the ombusm
  12. Hello, my daughter recently started a new job (5th Nov) however all is not well. She has become quiet and subdued because although she needs the job she is being bullied (Imo) by a manager. In short, she was told to report to work half an hour early for a week for training, she was told this was not optional and that she would not be paid for the extra time, she was advised by another worker not to ask for payment for the extra time because she would be sacked. She has been told she must be available on facebook in the evenings in order to receive any instructions for work the following day. A
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