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  1. Hi all, I have just registered on this Forum and looking for some advice please. My Daughter has just come to me with various letters from ANPR Ltd over an unpaid PCN. A bit of background, her car is actually registered to her ex boyfriend and she hasn't change the logbook yet, so consequently correspondence has been going to him and he hasn't passed it on until now. She was issued with a Parking Charge Notice at 15:17 on the 28/05/14 at the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Liscard, she had bought a ticket but she had not stuck it on window properly and it fell off, she still has th
  2. I often pick my daughter up after work from the town centre bus station. It's a one way system and I have to drive through a car park to get to the bus station. She's usually walking through the car park when I get there but a couple of weeks ago she (or the bus) was 15 minutes late and I waited at the exit of the car park. Today I received a parking charge notice from Parking Eye for £100 as I was in the car park for 17 minutes in total. The notice is addressed to my husband, as he is the registered keeper, but I am the main driver. At the time my dau
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help, my daughter received court papers from northampton from parking eye for overstaying in a paid carpark over in july 2013. She had not received any previous letters from them just the court papers. We wrote two letters to PE asking for further details which were not replied too, then we aknowledged to the court that we would file a defence. We put that no previous letters had been received and attached copies of the letters we wrote asking for further information. PE have now sent a pack of legal statements but say th
  4. I hope I can explain this easily. Basically my daughter was persuaded to leave her part time job with a large high street shop. Her boss wasn't particularly nice and ridiculed her for her dyslexia. A person we have known for a number of years has her own beauty salon and knew my daughter ( a trained beauty therapist) was unhappy and asked her if she would work for her in the salon and she would make sure she had as many hours, 16. So my daughter resigned and moved to the salon. Then the real problems started! The owner decided that she needed her to refresh her skills for a fortnig
  5. My daughter moved into a council property last year, since then she has been inundated with Debt Collectors letters and door stoppers regarding a previous tenant. It has now gotten serious as a Marstons Baliff with a Court order to her house saying that he intended to take away goods to sell at auction (that would be funny as she has nothing of any value). She told them that she has been fighting off people about this guy ever since she moved in, also, she has shown them a copy of her tenancy agreement, she thought that she had seen the last of them, but,
  6. My step-daughter has been hassled by PPI claims companies telling her she is due a big windfall if she claims. She knows enough not to go with them and to let me help her, but one seemed to have done some checking already and I'm not quite sure what to tell her. She had a card from CapOne many (10+) years ago. She lost her job, couldn't pay, it went into default and eventually to a series of DCA's but is now statute barred as it's well over 6 years since the last payment or any acknowledgement. She's ignored all the DCA letters. The guy on the phone told her that he knew the account
  7. Hi, My daughter has been caught by this so called offer. They took £150 from her account instead of the £5. I told her to ring her bank a certain bank owned by us in Scotland and they wont do anything. She has been onto Action Fraud and got a crime number and still the bank wont budge. Any suggestions JJ
  8. I'm currently going through a rough time with my Landlord (LL). I've had to resort to getting the local council to force her to do work on my property. As part of this they arranged in writing for my LL, her husband and a builder to look around. On the day she turns up with her daughter in tow, I say she can't come in as I was not notified about her visiting. She forces her way in and wont leave despite repeated requests to do so. I call the Police who advise that its a civil matter as they'd be unable to unpick who had what rights on the spot. So: Is that trespass? She's only the daught
  9. Hi, my daughter needs some help and advice. Apologies in advance for the length of the post. She works as a care assistant in a home for mentally challenged young men. Two weeks ago there was an incident when she took one of the boys to his music lesson. Whilst at the lesson the boy did a poo in his pants which she had to deal with. To cut a long story short the music teacher complained to head office saying that my daughter had: a. had refused him food and drink before he attended his class b. refused to clean the boy up c. shouted at him d. left the loo door open for
  10. Dealing with the financial affairs of a loved one when they die can be difficult. The probate process distributes the deceased person's property and assets. But what happens when someone leaves no assets but they do leave debts? On July 4 this year Julia and Pat Quigley's daughter Hannah took her own life. She was 45 and had battled against mental health problems for the best part of two decades. Hannah left no assets but she did have some debts with her bank and mobile phone provider. Julia Quigley says they were quick to notify EE (Everything Everywhere) and HSBC that Hannah had died,
  11. Hi everyone my daughter who was 17yrs old at the time, was caught shop lifting from boots last month, she walked out of boots with a small pack of wipes and a sandwich. She was on her lunch break from her part-time employment so was in her uniform. It would seem a genuine mistake as she was chatting to friends who had just come into the shop and she forgot she had items and followed everyone out of shop. It wasn't until 4 days after this incident that the police rang my house asking my daughter to come to the station. They had CTV images of my daughter and friends in store an
  12. Hi, Would be grateful for any advice regarding my daughter's Capital One CC. She got the card in July 02, got into financial difficulties and charges/inflated interest were added to the account. Cap One defaulted the account in 2008 and then sold the debt to Capquest in Nov 08, the balance was £1907.90. She made payments to Capquest of: 3/2/09 207.90 27/2/09 200.00 30/3/09 200.00 leaving a balance of £1300 Capquest offered a discount and she paid £975 in settlement. She has letters confirming the account is closed and the balance £0.00. It is reg in
  13. my 20 year old daughter recently had her car insurance voided because i did,nt put down her criminal conviction, so third parties claimed and were paid out, now the insurance company is making a claim against my daughter in county court, she is worried she may lose her car, anyone had experience in this sort of case, plus it,s at birmingham county court and we live in middlesbrough
  14. Hi hope someone can offer some advice, my daughter is a single parent of two boys, up until last year she successfully held down a job and looked after the boys, then stress and depressions became too much as one of the children has behavioural difficulties, she went on sick leave from work and in April this year was finished from work on ill health grounds. It has taken a few weeks to sort out housing benefit and council tax benefit and money for her and the boys, in a ll the time she has provided sick notes from the doctor stating she was unfit for work. She then had an appointme
  15. Good evening to all. My 17 year old daughter has been foolishly duped into giving her bank card details to one of these makeover / photo session studios today and was hoping to get some advice on how to deal with the matter. It started with her being approached recently in the high street by a young lady who took her contact info and said that she would be entered into a competition for a free makeover, photo session and complimentary picture. She subsequently received a call today from a guy to announce that she was one of the lucky winners and he proceeded to take her card det
  16. Daughter been in WRAG group since end of last year she as mental health, she left work in August 2011, she had been struggling to maintain a job. Since being placed in WRAG she as been diagnosed as Bipolar and after many tests etc starts on 3 lots of medication under mental health in 3 weeks. My daughter is supported by us but lives alone in a 2 bedroomed house she is 25. Most of the time she is very low but she also as highs but not that often. She as seen Job Centre Plus once, they made her another appointment then changed it to end of July, since then they have changed it again ba
  17. My daughter has had her WTC stopped suddenly without warning as they say that they believe her husband is still supporting her. He is a soldier and has been living at camp since they separated over two years ago. He even has a new girlfriend. My daughter is still in the army house because the council will not rehouse her. They said she has been overpaid because of this and she has sent a letter from the army to prove where he is living but they say that he is still "financially linked " with her on her credit report! I think that he hasn't changed his address on his car insurance as he still v
  18. My daughter has been accused of stealing the days takings are the club she works in. They say she was fiddling with her sleeve on the CCTV and they cant see her actually put the money in the safe, but saw her go to it. She has a meeting on Weds and they say she has to give them a satisfactory explanation of what happened to the money!!! They have also told her who she bring and thats another young girl and cant take the older guy and they have told her not to discuss it with him. Her grandad is a retired union rep, is he allowed to go with her and also what should she be asking and
  19. I'll try to keep this concise; I pay for dual fuel with NPower via direct debit. They set the amount at £65 a month total, which THEY were splitting £60 electric and £5 gas (unknown to us!) This has obviously accumulated a debt on the gas primarily as £5 a month is nowhere near enough for them to be taking. When recently moving house, we discovered their error and a payment plan was set up to pay off the debt. Approximately four-five months after moving house, we received a letter stating our payment plan had now been cancelled. We have no idea why this happened. We
  20. Hello. I've read quite a few threads on here and elsewhere regarding these letters, but I was just wondering about our specific circumstances. My 15 year old daughter went camping one evening in August, and ended up further away from home than she expected (a long walk). She didn't take any money, consequently when she and her friends got the train home (one stop from Goostrey to Holmes Chapel), they were caught by the ticket inspector and their details taken. Now, a couple of months later, she has received a fare evasion letter threatening prosecution, which has worried us both immensely. S
  21. I am on Carer's allowance and Income Support. I also get Council Tax Benefit. My 26 year old daughter is unemployed and living with her boyfriend. She has applied for Unemployment benefit and is waiting to hear the decision but it appears that as he works she may not get anything. I am not sure about the rules concerning Income Support but wonder if she would be more likely to get the benefit if she moved back with me. Any idea anyone
  22. My daughter came home to her flat this afternoon to find a letter from a bailiff threatening to come back at an unspecified time to seize goods to the value of etc. I should point out here that the debt concerned is for unpaid council tax arrears in her boyfriends name that he accrued at his last flat prior to moving in with her - none of the debts are in her name. I have done a bit of research on this site and have drafted a letter for her boyfriend to send to the bailiffs that will hopefully give them a bit of a breathing space so we can work out a plan of action. I'
  23. Her account is... https://twitter.com/nelliediamond The messages she has not replied to are... https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%40nelliediamond To see all, you may need to click on "All" on the line stating... "Tweets Top / All / People you follow"
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