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  1. I have just received a court summons with three options and need a little advise on how to act. On the morning in question I was in a carriage on the Thameslink service from Bedford to Brighton along with 7 people and two kids. We were asked to provide tickets by an inspector which I did so. The inspector took my rail wallet which included my work ID to access my building and previously purchased tickets. I asked for my wallet back to which he refused. He talked to two other passengers before speaking with me and ignored a woman and two kids opposite which I thought wa
  2. This week, I received response back from Restons for my Halifax credit card debt, for a case which is already in court. But in their response they provided an approximate date of credit card agreement and said '... Halifax card agreement entered into by the defendant on or around 22 August 2011...' Can they still get a judgement without providing an original date of credit agreement. They provided a reconstituted credit agreement with some dates at the bottom but they do not match with the date they mentioned above.
  3. I have been issued a CCJ for £240 - this was because I contested what I owed a creditor (partial admission), and although I won - I still had a CCJ issued for the remaining £240. Unfortunately I don't know when the court hearing took place or when the decision was made to enter judgement. This was due to a house move and poor admin on my part (the claim was so old, I forgot about it basically). I didn't know anything about a judgement until I randomly logged into my MCOL portal on 26/02/16 to have a look and I saw that Judgement had been issued against me on 10/02/16. I immedi
  4. Hi all, Have what I think a slightly odd situation with Barclays at the moment, appreciate anyone's thoughts. Years back I got into a dispute with Barclaycard, that ended with me being issued with a Default in December 2010. They then sold on the account to MKDP not long after, who hounded me for years, took me to court, but I saw them off. I recently checked my credit report and noticed that this same account had had all this time 2 defaults registered against my name, by both Barclays and MKDP. MKDP registered their default 30 days after Barclays, who did theirs 7 months after
  5. Hello I really need some advice. I have been given an eviction date from my mortgage lender as we are in arrears and have failed to keep to an agreement. This eviction is set for the 10th of March, we only received the notice a week and a bit ago. I have filed an N244 application to try and delay the eviction. I just don't know if it will be successful and as this hearing is set for the 8th it would be cutting it very fine. I have written in the N244 that due to my wife's medical condition we desperately need more time to find accommodation. She has an chronic back/spine condition and stru
  6. This is a strange one and been hard to answer so far. My friend is a teacher and has handed in his notice to finish on Aug 31st (notice period in contract gives latest date of May 31st for Aug finish). This was done before Christmas. His circumstances have now changed and he wanted to change the finish date to April (notice period in contract gives latest date of Feb 28th for April finis). This is still well within the contracted notice period but the employer has said he will have to work his original notice or be sued for breach of contract! Can this be the case? has he effectivly someho
  7. decided to transfer our telephone and broadband from sky to bt this could not be completed by bt until mon 4th january 2016.bt failed to honour this date and failed to get us switched on until the 8th of january 2016. we made numerous phone calls to bt then they sent a engineer around unanounced to check the line. he was amazed and could not explain how this happened as all itjust a supplier transfer.from sky to bt everything was working with sky then it was not with bt.confusing i agree we got a bill on the 4th of jan16 billing us for the next month in advance.so we have paid for servic
  8. Help desperatly needed, sorry this will be a long one. and I cant put in specific details. Hubby has a disability dx 5 years ago that is covered by the equality act, he has been employed by same company for 18 years, no more time off than any other employee and less than some! He was doing his job perfectly ok and the only adaption he has was that he worked a fixed shift, and the other 2 guys sorted out the other shifts between what they preferred. Earlier in the year the company literally decided they didn't want him to go to the new plant that was due to open and set about fabrica
  9. We have a leased car and received a PCN from Excel in September via our leasing company. The supposed contravention date was 08.09.15 the notice was issued 22.09.15 and date stamped by the leasing company as 28.09.15. We then received directly from Excel the same notice issued on 06.11.15 for the same contravention date 08.09.15. Unable to confirm that we hadn't bought a ticket in the car park (my son was driving) and against my better judgment, my husband paid the £60 fee. Today we have again received a PCN from Excel with the contravention date of 16.10.15 issued on 30.
  10. Hi guys, already got some help with a CCJ from you guys and was hoping for some advice for another issue, yes I have god awful money management skills but learning slowly in 2004 I had a current account with a overdraft facility with Natwest which I longer could make payments for. So I stopped using it and opened a an account with another bank and forgot about it. What the issue is that on my credit file with Equifax the debt is still listed. The start date of the debt is listed as 2006. It shows that until Jan 2014 I was up to date, even though I have never mad
  11. Hi Presently we are on a rolling contract and have given the Letting Agents one calendar months’ notice that we are moving out, as per their letter confirming rolling contract. The have replied with the following: 'I can advise that notice has be served on or before your rent due date and will only take effect from the next rent due date being 11th December 2015 which means your final day is the 10th January 2016 this is when all keys have to be returned to our office ' Are they able to do this? I always believed we should be allowed a four week notice
  12. I have been scouring the net looking for info on this issue but i literally cant find anything so hope someone can help! The NMW increase to 6.70 on 1st Oct is not being paid by my employer untill November, it seems wrong to me. So I asked for an explanation from them last year and the reason i got was ' we are midway through a payment cycle and it cant be changed' I wasnt happy but i did let it slide, however the same thing is happening this year and Im not letting it slide again. To clarify, the effective date is 1 Oct, i get paid 4 weekly, i am due to get paid tomorow (26th)
  13. Hi all I have received a date for a county court hearing regarding an outstanding balance on an old Welcome HP agreement. I bought a car on hp 10yrs ago but about a week later, the car fell to pieces and was returned to the dealer. They eventually provided me with a different vehicle but did not give me a new hp agreement to sign. So, the only agreement in place details the vehicle that was returned. There is no signed agreement on the new vehicle. I kept up payment for a few years but eventually came into difficulties and payments ceased. Fast forw
  14. Hi I'm hoping you can help, I purchased a sofa on 12 months finance in March 2008 when I was living with my ex, I only made a few payments then we split, I moved out & never made another payment. I have never had any letters from them regarding the debt due to me moving out. Last week I checked my credit report for the first time as I wanted to make sure everything was correct before applying for a mortgage & I noticed they had registered a default in August 2010 registered to the address I lived at with my ex so that will be why I never received a default
  15. Hello I applied for a role and was told would know in two weeks; the closing date was 29 September they saw me 16th just before end of the day 1) Does day of being seen be included in the two weeks 2) Would two weeks be from the 16th or 29th Thanks
  16. Could you please help me I have a suspended repossession order from May 2013. I defaulted on my mortgage repayments of £600/month in April and paid £1200 in May and have paid £600 on 30th June and am currently paid up to date. C&G have applied for an eviction date. I've told them that I am up to date with the arrangement we have in place ie £557.93 mortgage plus £42.07/month to pay off the arrears. Nontheless have insisted on going to court to get an eviction date.C&G (Evictions Dept.) say they wont speak to me until they get an eviction dat
  17. Hi I have an eviction date for 2nd Sept, I had previous eviction suspended to repay my mortgage plus extra to pay off my mortgage and arrears within the term of the mortgage (Norgren). Fell behind because of period out of work. Am now back in employment and I have brought my mortgage up to date by paying 3 months mortgage as per previous arrangement yesterday Fri 21st. I now need to submit an application N244. I would be grateful if anyone could help me to fill the N244 form in. I realise this form will have to be submitted on Monday as time is running o
  18. My Sister booked a flight on 11 July to fly out on tues 28th july and return on tuesday 11th aug. She fortuitously took a picture of the booking confirmation screen that came up after she paid. But when the conf email arrived (which she did not check) it was for return on the 12th Aug Unfortunately she only discovered this at the airport on the 11th aug when she tried to check in for her return flight.. So flybe being what they are I feel that even if she had checked on the day of booking and discovered this error they would have fobbed her off anyway. The T&C's are no changes a
  19. In a nutshell 21 July 2015 - applied for JSA 27 July 2015 - had appointment for JSA - claim accepted I have received letter that I am getting JSA from 27th July with first seven days stopped which is ridicoulous in itself as I now have £40 to last 2 weeks! I thought the claim would start from when I applied onlien on the 21 July and the seven days wait would count from there meaning the most I would lose would be a tenner. Can anyone just confirm that I should be paid from the 21st before I ring the jobcentre and vent my spleen.
  20. Hello, I hope someone here can help me. After having fought eviction successfully 4 times we have again fallen behind with 2 payments on our suspended repossession order, this time due to urgent works (collapsed drain) that had to be carried out whether we wanted or not as it was backing up into the house.We can prove that with paid invoice. Long story cut short we want to put an end to this vicious cycle and sell the house ourselves, having had estate agents here over the weekend confirming that the house is worth more than we owe. And they think it should sell quickly because apparently
  21. Hi, I just wanted to check this out, in 2009 I was unfortunate enough to be given a CCJ by Suzuki Finance Limited for a car loan that I couldn't repay which was through Black Horse Finance. I made a payment arrangement and am still paying off the CCJ (which I will be doing until I die as they repayment amount is only £10 per month). I have paid the CCJ every month without fail and it reached 6 years old earlier this year and was removed from my Noddle account. However, even though I have never missed a payment the entry is also showing in "other accounts" on my credit report and I not
  22. Hi, I have been taking some to court for the mis selling of a vehicle. I started on the small claims track and then ended up at the county court. The first court date after sitting in the continuous list for 6 hours we were informed that they didn't have time to see us. As as we could not attend on the Monday, a new date was agreed and letters sent out. When we attended the next date, we were told that our case had already been seen (this was 10:15am) and that our case was at 10am. my problem is that the court letter, although admittedly near the top of the form said
  23. Hi I have a default dated 26th October 2009 on my credit report. The default was actually issued 26th August 2009. Can I get this changed. or do they report a default as 2 month later for some reason. With thanks
  24. I have a Capital One account which has for some time been with Robinson Way, in November 2008 I sent Robinson Way a CCA request today I have received this. It looks very similar to other Capital One agreements I have seen posted I assume they are claiming that the two pages are front and back of the same document, however, I have some questions If the lines on the first document are folds and not evidence of a cut and paste why do the not show on the second page? The first page shows two barcodes top right and bottom left, they have complet
  25. HI Ive got a start date for a job for 15 hours a week ( 1st June). It is my first job since a major breakdown last year, ( suicide attempts, irrational behavior, [paranoia etc etc) I am on ESA now since January 5th and have my assessment a week on Saturday. However, do i tell them about my job offer at the assessment? I am terrified of people, being assaulted, being raped, etc When do i tell the DWP, i have the form ready to fill in. I need this job to help me back to my old self so i can look at getting back on my feet and getting back in to permanent work. However, without the ext
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