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  1. I have a Sparks Business Card issued from Capital One that had been inactive for 3+ years. In 2012 I hired an office manager that I didn't know was dishonest. Basically she activated the card, requested a PIN and went right to 2 ATMs. This employee used the card for 18 months, paying it off each month with the company checking account. The moment fraud was discovered, I contacted Capital One and they have been nothing but DIFFICULT to work with. Although the card was stolen - she was never issued a card or even handed a Capital One card to use - the card was stolen. They told me that this employee was like "my daughter" and they weren't going to offer any kind of restitution. We feel that capital one has been negligent and hasn't protected me for the following reasons: 1. As a SPARKS card holder I am guaranteed FRAUD ALERTS. I never use PIN numbers and ATMs. This card had been inactive for 3+ years, was stolen and a PIN requested. Their disclosure says that they will contact me for “unusual activity.” This was unusual activity and is negligence on the part of Capital One. 2. There were several times over the last 18-months when the payments on this card were late, funds were not available and credit card limits exceeded. By law, Capital One is required to only discuss collection efforts with the primary card holder only. I was never contacted? This could’ve saved months of fraud. 3. Capital One, VISA and their merchants have accepted this card time and time again without verifying the identity of the card holder, matching of signatures or whether this user was even authorized to use this card. I was not protected by their merchants. Many of these charges are for large amounts and no ID was requested. This too could’ve saved months of fraud. 4. As I have assisted the Salt Lake Detectives in gathering as much information on this case as possible, Capital One is deceiving its merchants. Their merchants have told me that by contacting Capital One, the charges will be reversed and I will not be responsible for these fraudulent charges. This is simply not true. Capital One is not honest with their merchants. 5. Capital One disclosures say that I have $0 LIABILITY if my card is stolen. This card was stolen and Capital One has not reimbursed any charges. 6. This card remained inactive for 3+ years. At this point, Capital One should’ve closed the card. Regardless, this never happened. This card was inactive for 3+ years with a PIN never being requested until it was stolen, and again, no one at Capital One felt that a first transaction in 3+ years being a cash advance was unusual enough to alert me. This seems to be negligence on their part, and yet it is falling on me to resolve. 7. Phone calls to Capital One to find out information on when new cards were sent out, expiration periods on this card and various other questions has been very difficult. Promises to call back by Capital One representatives within 48 hours were not kept. Capital One representatives contradicting each other on different items, promising to be able to assist only to say they can’t after getting into very specific details and being transferred over and over to different people. They have repeatedly quoted that their actions are due to ‘internal policy’ and yet their public terms and conditions on their website contradict everything they are telling me. 8. Capital One closed my fraud account and said that because the woman who was an employee, stole the card - they couldn’t help me. When I asked for documentation on their policy, I was told, “that’s a great question, but it’s just an in house policy.” Once again Capital One is being negligent. It seems to me that fraud is fraud, regardless of who perpetrates it. I have filed charges with the police against this woman, I have worked countless hours to track and document the trail she left, and because she happens to have worked at my business I am being told there is no help coming from Capital One. I wonder if Capital One would feel the same about one of their employees defrauding them? I'm wondering if anybody else in this forum has had a similar situation and how it was resolved? Thanks for your help!
  2. For the full story : - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/thousands-of-barclays-customers-data-stolen-and-sold-to-on-rogue-traders-9117329.html
  3. The FCA will assume responsibility for all debt management companies from 1 April 2014 and hold these fee paying companies to account for any failings. I for one will see how many fee paying companies remain trading. These represent the scourge of vulnerable consumers caught up in the debt spiral.
  4. Yesterday, I purchase one of Amazon's lightning deals (Voi Jeans Men's Dutton Relaxed Jeans - £19.99) while the lightning deal was still active, in-stock and within the 15 minutes of placing it in my cart. Unfortunately, they have charged me £50 for these and despite repeated arguements via phone, e-mail and live chat, they are refusing to do anything whatsoever. I then contacted my credit card company to report this - but they just said that it is not fraud because I gave Amazon my credit card details. They also told me that if you give your credit card details to anyone, they have free reign to take as much money as they want from you and that this isn't "fraud"..... What can I do ???
  5. Embattled lender says reputational damage caused by financial woes and Rev Paul Flowers scandal could be behind rise in customers switching to rivals The Co-operative Bank, which has seen its reputation battered by financial woes and scandal involving former chairman Rev Paul Flowers, is losing current account customers. In an update within a statement outlining technical changes to its rescue fundraising deal, the lender mentioned "recent events" as one reason behind a rise in customers switching accounts. "Recent events may have caused some brand and reputational damage but it is too early to form a definitive view as to the extent of such damage," the Co-op said. "The regulatory and other investigations that have been recently announced are likely to subject the Bank to greater scrutiny from regulators, will take management time and result in the Bank incurring costs not currently included in its business plan which cannot be quantified at this time," the bank said. However, the Co-op said savers are remaining with the bank and its liquidity position is stable. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/10481020/Co-op-Bank-loses-current-account-customers.html
  6. Leading banks and building societies could be forced to follow Barclays, Northern Rock and the Co-operative Bank in forking out huge sums to refund interest payments to its loan customers because of problems with their paperwork. The Office of Fair Trading last week wrote to 50 banks and building societies informing them that they may have failed to comply with the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) when issuing arrears notices or loan statements. With billions of pounds in compensation having already been paid out following the PPI mis-selling scandal, lenders face another hefty bill if they're found to have breached the guidelines. Lenders are obliged to provide a minimum level of information on statements and arrears notices they send out, but some were found to have been communicating with their customers with vital details missing - such as statements that fail to state the original amount borrowed. In such cases, customers are entitled to a refund of any interest that they paid during the periods when the mistakes took place. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2499955/More-loan-customers-refunds-50-banks-probed.html#ixzz2kZ8a4qa0
  7. There are 306 posts in an Amazon Discussion thread most of it about woes experienced with Amazon Logistics deliveries to customers. See: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/forum/rss/thread/Tx21J8C0QW4MWV8/ref=cm_cd_tp_mdb_feed Amazon seems to be aware of the problem - but putting matters right is taking some time. In the mean time customers are fuming! Please publicise this issue so we can gather more evidence about what's happening, and apply the right stimulus for change.
  8. The Energy Secretary is to warn that customers are not "cash cows" to be squeezed for profits by the shareholders of energy companies. Liberal Democrat Ed Davey will deliver the warning in a speech to Energy UK's annual conference at lunchtime. He will urge the industry to "open up your books" to show how it is trying to keep tariffs low. His speech comes amid warnings that gas prices could soar this winter if the national supply runs short during another cold snap. Average price rises of 9.1% had been announced by four of the UK's six main energy companies. However, EDF today became the fifth energy firm to announce a price increase significantly unveiling a far lower rise - just 3.9% - than the other companies. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/energy-prices-customers-not-cash-cows-085145211.html#RcfQ0LX
  9. British Gas customers claim they are being pressured to spend up to £800 on their boiler. Households who already pay £300 a year for boiler insurance say engineers tell them their cover will be invalid if they do not pay extra to have sludge removed from their pipes or have a Powerflush of their system. Money Mail readers claim they have been told to have a ‘Magnabooster’ filter installed — to prevent sludge from clogging central heating — which costs £350 to £400. Or they have been pressed into having an £800 Powerflush, which cleans dirt and mineral deposits from your system. The hard sell comes when engineers call round to give homes an annual heating check-up. Customers who pay for HomeCare maintenance contracts run by British Gas have these reviews as part of the deal. During the check-up, the engineer typically suggests the heating is not working as well as it should do or looks as if it may need work done to it, and so recommends one of the expensive procedures. Small print in the HomeCare contract allows British Gas to refuse claims if the boiler later breaks and the customer refused one of these pricey extras. Paul Wrightson, 63, a retired accountant from North London, says this clause made him feel pressured into paying £800 for a Powerflush he didn’t want. ‘Service engineers are acting like cowboy salesmen by frightening people into spending £800 on work that is often not required, with the threat the service contract will no longer cover repairs if the flush is not carried out. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-2461320/Give-British-Gas-800-boiler-cover-wont-pay-out.html#ixzz2j1QD0hnZ
  10. Scottish Power is to pay customers £8.5m after an investigation by industry regulator Ofgem into its doorstep and telephone selling. Ofgem said customers were misled during sales approaches due to Scottish Power's failure to "adequately train and monitor" staff. Consumers on the "warm home discount" will receive about £50 each. Money will also go to those who were misled. The company has apologised for the errors between 2009 and 2012. "Today's announcement is a clear signal to energy suppliers of the consequences of breaching licence obligations," said Ofgem's senior partner in charge of enforcement Sarah Harrison. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24620304
  11. Please have a look at this link from the Motability Website: http://www.motability.co.uk/understanding-the-scheme/pip-and-motability/ This PDF is from their website:
  12. And the punch line to that very hilarious joke is: You better sit down for this - Mr McEwan will be paid £1m a year plus £350,000 in lieu of a pension. http://news.sky.com/story/1148639/rbs-boss-mcewan-to-put-customers-first He even has the effrontery to mention the government bailing them out and how important they are to the UK.
  13. NatWest orders long-standing customer to take his account elsewhere - but won’t tell him why . Customers are often urged not to be loyal to their bank and to switch to a better one. But have you heard of the opposite cases, where loyal customers are contacted out of the blue by their bank and told to take their business elsewhere? A small but steady number of people, estimated to be in the low thousands each year, are “sacked” by their banks in precisely this way. A recent example is Daily Telegraph reader Alan Streeter, 70, who last month received a letter from NatWest, his bank of 49 years, asking him to close his accounts within 60 days. It said it no longer wanted to provide him with banking services – but wouldn’t say why. Mr Streeter, who opened his first account with NatWest in 1964 in Deal, Kent, said he knows of no good reason for NatWest’s action. In the early Eighties, Mr Streeter moved his NatWest account from England to a NatWest International branch in Jersey for tax reasons. This suited his work as a helicopter pilot, first in the Royal Marines and later as a commercial pilot for companies in Malta, China, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Abu Dhabi. His salary was paid into the Jersey account until his retirement in 2004, without any problems. At that point Mr Streeter retired to Paphos, Cyprus, with his Chinese wife, Yingwu Zhang. Again there were no problems. His various pensions from different employment, like his salary before, were paid into his NatWest International account in Jersey. Three or four times a year he moved money from this NatWest account to his Cypriot account in Paphos. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/savings/10273512/Banks-dump-thousands-of-loyal-customers.html
  14. All customers of Lloyds Banking Group, including Halifax and Bank of Scotland, will be unable to access online accounts overnight ahead of TSB bank website launch. All customers of Lloyds Banking Group, including Halifax and Bank of Scotland, will be unable to access their online accounts overnight ahead of the TSB website launch on the eve of its split from Lloyds. The new TSB bank will appear on the high street from September 9 when Lloyds offloads 631 branches and five million customers to meet European competition rules. Customers will be able to log in to the new TSB website, tsb.co.uk, from 8.30am on September 8. The website is currently live but does not offer online banking functionality. Ahead of the full launch, all online banking across Lloyds Banking Group will temporarily close, affecting around 30 million customers. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10272139/Lloyds-Banking-Group-customers-to-be-locked-out-of-online-accounts.html
  15. We were not informed of the transfer of childrens accounts when Halifax was no longer with Bank of Scotland and the loss of interest which shocked me as I opened the account starting at 10% going down to 6% but when it was transferred without my knowledge it was 1% you can imagine how shocked I was as I was not given the opportunity to move this money elsewhere and I think it should be looked into as to why this happened.
  16. An investigation by The Times into Lloyds Banking Group has found contractors employed at its largest PPI complaint handling unit were taught how to “play the system” to the detriment of clients. An undercover Times reporter went through the recruitment and training process to work as a PPI complaint handler at Royal Mint Court in London. According to the paper, the reporter was told: • Some bank salesmen had faked PPI information in agreements on loan sales; • Complaint handlers should effectively turn a blind eye to the risk of fraud; • The majority of customers would give up pursuing their complaint if the bank rejected it the first time around; • That a job as a PPI complaint handler could be “morally difficult”. The investigation also found: • A document which openly concedes that Lloyds has lost some crucial customer evidence; • Staff breached customers’ privacy under the Data Protection Act on some occasions; • That the entire operation was based on the assumption that Lloyds’ salesmen never mis-sold PPI. According to The Times, Lloyds said yesterday it had terminated its contract with Deloitte, the company responsible for running the complaints unit, after investigating “issues” at Royal Mint Court. Deloitte had run the operation since 2011. Lloyds said Royal Mint Court employees were now being re-trained by a new supplier “in line with our policies and procedures”. The bank added: “Some of the comments made by trainers to your reporter are not endorsed by Lloyds Banking Group and we believe they do not reflect our high training standards or our policies. We believe the comments to be isolated and they are now being addressed.” Deloitte said that it could not comment on specifics because of client confidentiality, but added: “Deloitte’s role was to process PPI mis-selling complaints from Lloyds Banking Group customers who were sold policies by the bank, in accordance with policies and procedures.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/times-investigation-exposes-lloyds-ppi-complaints-failures/1072547.article
  17. Hundreds of business customers due to switch to TSB this summer have been locked out of their online banking accounts after new cards failed. Gerald Davison, an author on Chinese ceramics, was unable to check his online business bank account for five working days after a new TSB card failed. He usually checks his account four or five times a day to confirm book payments. He said: "The whole thing is quite ridiculous – I'm really angry about it. I'm totally dependent on online banking and Lloyds are destroying any goodwill I felt towards them." Mr Davison banks with a Lloyds TSB branch in Somerset that is scheduled to become part of the new TSB bank this summer. Mr Davison, 70, said: "Whatever the regulations are, they are better ways to deal with your customers. They are treating me like a complete stranger." A Lloyds spokeswoman said: "This is not a widespread issue – however a small number of commercial customers who are due to be transferred to TSB have been unable to access their accounts online. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10135722/Lloyds-switch-to-TSB-leaves-customers-locked-out-of-business-accounts.html
  18. The Citizens Advice Bureau has slammed the payday loan industry after it found lenders had failed to conduct any financial checks in almost two-thirds of cases. The CAB has also accused the industry of failing to stick to its customer charter, which was published in November. The charter, which is voluntary, states payday lenders that sign up must offer clear information about loans, carry out sound affordability assessments and notify customers three days in advance of recovering payments. In a survey of 1,270 loans, the CAB found that no financial checks were made in 65 per cent of cases, leading to seven in 10 being unable to repay the loan. The loans were taken out between 26 November 2012 and 31 March. Of those borrowers who experienced repayment problems, 85 per cent say they were not given the option of freezing interest and charges when the borrower agreed repayments, 71 per cent of lenders did not explain how much it will cost to extend the loan and 84 per cent of borrowers did not feel they were treated sympathetically. During the same four-month period to the end of March, over 11,000 people sought online help from CAB about payday loans. CAB chief executive Gillian Guy says: “Payday lenders are not standing by their word to treat people fairly by checking they can actually afford the loans on offer. The knock-on affect of their irresponsible lending is devastating for families as they become consumed with debt. Many find they have no money to put food on the table, pay the bills or get to work as lenders drain their bank account in a bid to claw back the debt. “Payday lenders need to prove their charter is not just an empty gesture by making sure they check the loan is affordable and help those who struggle to pay back the loan.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/citizens-advice-slams-payday-lenders-for-failing-to-check-customers-can-afford-loans/1070709.article
  19. Hi, Found out today BT are showing me as defaulting in 2009 but this is rubbish the only thing I did then was leave them as they changed the terms of their contracts or something and their chief executive said they would not hold unhappy customers to their contractual terms. Does any one know what this was I have googled but can not find it. Regards, Sean Addison
  20. Read more: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/which-urges-bank-of-ireland-mortgage-customers-to-lodge-complaints-about-rate-hike/1070312.article
  21. Banks and consumer groups are to work together to deliver real change for high street banking customers, the British Bankers’ Association announces today. The BBA is launching a new Consumer Panel chaired by Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy which will meet for the first time in the coming weeks. The aim is to bring together consumer advocates, leading charities and senior bankers to identify areas where banks can improve the service they offer to customers. The industry has already identified some areas where they want to make progress such as: simplifying the small print that banks use making savings rates easier to understand and compare looking at providing help to people with serious illnesses or physical disabilities to allow them to delegate to carers the ability to bank on their behalf helping customers with critical illnesses such as cancer before they go into arrears on mortgage re-payments improving access to bank branches such as providing wheelchair access to all services and installing talking ATMs The BBA is also setting up a new Service Improvement Group of senior bankers which will drive forward implementation of the changes agreed at the Consumer Panel. http://www.bba.org.uk/media/article/bba-consumer-panel-will-deliver-real-benefits-for-bank-customers
  22. Hi there, Hoping someone can give me the answer to the following question. Can my employer accuse me of theft of customers property, investigate it and possibly discipline me? I've received an invitation to an investigation and I'm being accused of stealing customers property. I can't say what company or what has been stolen. My time with the company has been 2 years and a few days, no previous disciplinary issues with the company.
  23. Quick Question: Does it state anywhere in the new FSA Guidelines that in order to consider a Full and final Settlement figure, that a DCA needs to see a completed Income and Expenditure Form, in order that they can assess whether we can afford the sum proposed. Cheers in Advance
  24. Customers unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods or do telephone or online banking NatWest is facing a growing backlash from angry customers who claim they will shut their accounts after another IT problem at the bank left millions without access to their money on Wednesday night. Customers were unable to withdraw cash, pay for goods and services, or carry out telephone and online banking on Wednesday 6 March and into the early hours of Thursday 7 March after an apparent IT error caused the bank's systems to crash.NatWest said in a statement it was "disappointed" with the disruption but that the problem, which it declined to elaborate on, had been resolved. However, some of its customers were still reporting problems this morning. At 9am on Thursday Daniel Adkins tweeted: "Still can't access my online banking. #Natwest statement says everything was fixed at 1am." Another customer, stigbeater, tweeted Natwest to ask: "When will online banking be back on? Try to login = ssl connection error!" It is not the first time the bank has been hit by IT problems. In June 2012 a botched software upgrade at the Royal Bank of Scotland group meant millions of NatWest, RBS and Ulster bank customers were left without access to their money for more than a week in some cases. It now appears the latest technical problem has proved the tipping point for many RBS customers, who took to Twitter on Thursday to say this time they would shut their accounts. Phil, who tweets as @wheatear9 said: "Why oh why have I stayed with #naffwest I should know better and will depart." Andrew Bissett, meanwhile, tweeted: "Disgraceful service. Am moving my banking to Santander! You cannot be trusted with our money!!!" Anthony Gray said: "No money on my Oyster card last night. No way of getting money out. Had to walk home. Will now spend today changing banks." Following the previous NatWest computer meltdown, and other banking problems including Barclays Libor-rigging scandal, millions of people switched their accounts to co-ops, building societies and credit unions. The Co-op saw applications for its accounts increase by 25% in the week following the last NatWest IT debacle; Charity Bank, which lends its savers' money to charities, saw a 200% increase in depositors; the Ecology Bank had a 266% jump in applications; and Triodos, a Bristol-based "sustainable bank", a 51% increase. Speaking about NatWest's latest problems, Laura Willoughby of the campaign group Move your Money said: "This is like groundhog day. Could RBS make things any worse for their already battered and bruised customers? "What is for certain is that RBS customers already seething from news of Libor fines, bonuses and last years meltdown will not be as forgiving a second time around." A spokeswoman for RBS was unable to say what caused the latest problems and whether or not affected customers would be compensated. However, the bank does not appear to be offering any additional assistance to customers. Those who are tweeting it to complain of fees incurred because of failed direct debits are being told by the bank to "speak to the charges team". Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/mar/07/furious-natwest-customers-leave-bank-it-crash
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