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  1. Having completed my 12 month membership, I wrote to Xercise4Less St Helens giving them 1 months notice in writing as detailed on their website and paid my last month direct debit. I then cancelled my direct debit with my bank. I Never heard anything back. About a month later received a letter from Harlands saying that I had an unpaid direct debit. I rang the gym who said "oh yeh, but your supposed to fill in a cancellation form not send a letter!! (despite this being detailed on their website ) They then just said its ok we will just cancel your membership while your on the phone. I asked to speak to a manager to discuss the charge from Harlands and got told "There isn't one at the moment and Harlands charges are nothing to do with us". At which point they put the phone down. I emailed Harlands detailing that i had infact fulfilled my agreement, fulfilled all my obligations and therefore did not owe anything, despite my letter of cancellation and abrupt phone call with the gym. I heard nothing back from Harlands. I had a second letter from Harlands stating that there was another direct debit unpaid and more charges on top and could see that I had ignored their first letter!!!! I yet again emailed Harlands detailing some of the advice from here stating that I had no intention of paying their charges which were unreasonable and unenforceable. No Response from Harlands. I today have received a letter from CRS, stating that i now owe Harlands £104.97 to be paid before 1 November 15. Refusal to pay will result in legal steps to collect the outstanding balance. Am i right in thinking that i should just ignore these demands or have a trip down to my local trading standards??? Any advice will be clearly appreciated Thanks in advance for anyone replying. Jue x
  2. Good evening all Thank you in advance for anyone that takes the time to read my post and can offer any advice. Firstly, I'm a bit angry for myself for getting into this kind of situation, I am normally pretty switched on and have never had a issue with any agreements I've made! I have read with interest a number of the previous threads regarding Credit Resolution Services (CRS) and Xercise for Less, but I feel my situation is slightly different and therefore seek some direct advice. My issue is with regards to cancelling my gym membership with X4L, though I fear I may have made some critical errors which may leave me liable to pay the fees requested. Here are the details: I have been a member with X4L since December 2012, paying £9.99 a month via DD with payments made on the 5th of the month. I have not missed a single payment up to my final payment on 5 Nov 2015. Shortly after my last payment on 5 Nov 2015 (exact date unknown) I sent a letter directly to the gym branch I visited informing them I am cancelling my membership and I cancelled my DD directly with the bank at the same time. Unfortunately I didn't send the letter recorded or have proof of receipt or postage. And I now also realise they required 30 days notice and should only have cancelled my DD after the next payment was taken in Dec 2015. (2 critical errors?) I went on with life, and heard nothing, but of course was making no payments as I had cancelled the DD and I presumed the matter had been dealth with. Then I recieved a letter this weekend (dated 17 March 2016) from CRS. It is the same letter many other members have posted basically saying CRS have been employed by X4L as my membership remains in arrears despite previous letters sent to me. As a result CRS fees of £102.50 have been added to the account which now has a balance of £207.47. The balance is made up of: CRS fee: £102.50 X4L Outstanding membership fees: £29.97 (£9.99x3) X4L missed payment fee: £75 (£25x3) So they are saying I have missed payments for Dec, Jan and Feb - Though they haven't said anything about March despite my DD date of the 5th of the month. I have not received any previous letters from X4L or Harlands or CRS - This is the first contact I have had. On phoning the gym to enquire about my membership status, they have said there is nothing on my account about any cancellation and they have received no letter informing them to cancel it. To add a further twist, I changed address about 2 years ago, and X4L did not have my current address, and therefore it would seem that any previous letters from Harlands have gone to my old address. (Not updating my address with X4L could be another critical error?) However, CRS have managed to look me up and find my current address, hence the letter sent to me this weekend. I contacted CRS today to make sure the letter was valid, and in a roundabout fashion they basically said it is my own fault because the membership was never cancelled and I have no proof of sending a cancellation letter. They also said it was my own fault because I had not updated my address with the gym when I moved and so I was liable for all the fees on the account. Then they said they were willing to accept £112.49 to close the account (instead of the £207.47 requested) and they would hold the account for 14 days because I stated I would be seeking advice first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but specifically I would like to know: Is cancelling my DD with the bank sufficient notice to Harlands to cancel my membership? Even if the T&C's for X4L state they must be given 30 days notice direct? Does not updating my address, and not having any proof of sending a letter mean I am in the wrong and should pay the reduced fee? I was almost inclined to pay the reduced fee to get the matter out of the way, but I suppose that's what they hope for every time! I am willing to pay the three months of membership fees of £29.97 provided my account is closed with immediate effect (though I haven't mentioned this) I have read some of the template letters that have been outlined by other users, but I'm not sure I'm in a place to use them considering all the details above. Many thanks in advance Martin
  3. Hi guys, today I received the extremely generic crs letter stating I owe X amount for arrears and fees. I've looked through the forums and have emailed jon @ X4l head office and the crs team. Now I joined the gym in July 2012 and was a loyal member up until June 2015 when I didn't have time to go, so I cancelled via the branch and on direct debit. They've said they've said letters about this before, but this is the first I've received. I understand not to call or speak on the phone. Any suggestions? I sent Jon a lovely email expressing my complaints.
  4. Hello, I've been receiving letters from Harlands / CRS for the last six or so months (I'm not actually sure how long, I wish I stored the old letters). They claim that I owe £186.47 due to cancelling my direct debit, failing to close my account and whatever extra admin fees they decided to throw on after each letter. I've already read a few posts about Harlands on here and I can see that plenty of people have been in similar situations. I originally submitted my cancellation request approximately 30 days before the end of my 12 month contract using the Xercise4Less membership website. There were no official cancellation options on there from what I could see but I did submit a request using the contact features on there and asked to be notified if I needed to cancel via. a different method. I called Harlands after one of the first letters came through and they said that they can't close the account without notification from Xercise4Less so I called the gym and they said that I need to speak to Harlands... I got quite frustrated with this and basically ignored the letters after reading that Harlands don't really have all that much power in regards to legally forcing me to pay up. It's gotten to the point where Harlands are threatening legal action and although I doubt they'll bother I'd rather deal with these claims before it gets the chance to escalate any further. I sent the following response to them last night: ------- Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing in reference to a debt collection letter stating that I owe a sum of £186.47. These claims are in spite of the fact that I requested cancellation of my account with Xercise4Less / Harlands on two separate occasions; the first being 30 days before the end of my 12 month gym membership was due to expire and the second attempt being over the phone after receiving a letter from Harlands stating that my account was in arrears. As I mentioned over the phone to one of the customer service representatives at Harlands my initial cancellation request (submitted around 30 days before the 12 month period) was sent using the contact features on the membership area for Xercise4Less and explicitly stated that if there was an issue using that as a cancellation method to please contact me. From what I can see the contact form/feature I used at the time has now been replaced by 'Fisikal', some kind of ticketing system. Although this doesn't look much more professional either, there are some typos that need fixing... It's clear that phone calls don't seem to work in the resolution of this matter since I am still being chased up for debt that is solely a result of negligence on the side of Xercise4Less and/or Harland's side - either with staff or the systems in place. I'm well aware that CRS is just another branch of Harlands so I also contest claims that a fee has been incurred as a result of this credit resolution being passed on to 'them'. It's also important to note that trying to impose admin fees is unenforceable and can be reported to the Office of Fair Trading for investigation. Since you are threatening me with court action I want to be clear that I'm willing to contest all charges. I also request a detailed invoice proving that Harlands / CRS / Xercise4Less have incurred any actual losses. Regards, My Name Here ------ Now, I'm honestly not all that clued up on my consumer rights and feel like points in that email are me talking absolute crap. So far I've had no response but I'm a bit anxious about being called out on the points I made. Any advice? Thanks, -Strider
  5. Hi everyone, another first timer here, and am kind of freak out and needing help. i join the gym near my uni October 2014 and after i finish uni and moved back home i pay until my 12 month contract is up cuz a friend of mine got a £30 charge when he cancel his direct debit for the membership early. And after the October 2015 payment, i too cancel my direct debit and thought this was the end of it. and just today i got a text from CRS said they sent a letter a week ago and need to discuss this with you, so i look up CRS on internet and found out other people horrible experience with them. because the address that i register with the gym is my student house so there is no way i will be able to get those letter. Also i hear people said don't call them, so i'm not sure how to contact them. having no experience with this sort of things, i really can use some help :') and thanks to anyone who can help
  6. Hi All, In October 2013, I moved into a shared property in Norwich as a student sharing with 3 other guys. I organised/paid the bills and they all paid me. In August 2014, we moved out of the property. We had paid monthly to First Utility and had overpaid on our final bill. I had to chase First Utility and eventually they refunded me £350 (not sure to the penny as was a few years ago and I don't have the bank account anymore). However, during this chasing, I was told that I also had a £400 (ish) credit on my account and would refund this as a cheque. I did think this was strange, however, didn't keep a close tab on the bills and presumed this was right as they had taken the previous refund into account. Both refunds eventually processed and in my bank account. Move forward 16 months, in December 2015 I started receiving texts from First Utility telling me my bill was 400 days overdue. I ignored these texts, but tweeted them asking for them to stop texting me seeing as the account had been closed and finalised. I then got a call from a Complaints handler who told me that the second refund was in error and that I now owe them this money back. After repeating to her that I will not be paying this back, as it's been over 12 months and this is their fault, I was then told it would be passed onto a debt collection agency. Yesterday I received a text from CRS Debt Collectors telling me that they had been instructed by First Utility to resolve an outstanding matter, and to contact them with the reference number. Obviously I have not contacted them, but now am not sure where to go to... Luckily, First Utility do not have my current address and therefore I believe the chance of CRS turning up on my doorstep is minimal. And I know that they have no legal powers and to send them away. So in summary... - First Utility refunded me 2 different amounts (why they were different we won't know), one after the other. - First Utility are now trying to claw back the second refund even though it was their fault. - First Utility have my phone number and e-mail address, however, have not tried to contact me between August 2014 and November 2015 about this overpayment. - I am refusing to pay this back. - CRS have now been instructed to collect this from me. What do I do??? I would send them a letter but I am loathed to give out my current address.
  7. Hi everyone, It sounds like I'm in a very similar situation to a number of other users on this site! I cancelled my gym membership at Xercise4Less Leeds in June after completing the minimum subscription (joined 25 June 2014 for 12 months, £9.99 a month). I thought that was the end of it, but this week received a letter from Rob Avery at CRS telling me I owed gym fees and admin fees totalling £207.47. Prior to cancelling I was vaguely aware of gym cancellation issues based on friends' experiences, so I made sure I'd completed the minimum period (never actually went to the gym apart from to join and cancel!). I went into the gym on 4th June 2015 and completed their cancellation form. I asked the member of staff to photocopy it and give me a copy with their signature, which they did and which I kept. (Having read the guidelines on this forum to cancelling memberships I realise it would have been better to have sent a letter as well with proof of postage - the Xercise4Less cancellation form unfortunately also didn't have a space for the member staff to print their name. There's also a section at the bottom saying "office use only" which I was told would be completed later - in hindsight I suspect this is where the problem started as I took them at their word and the form was probably never "processed".) I allowed the final payment of £9.99 to go out on 25th June 2015 and then cancelled my direct debit. I received no letters from either Harlands or CRS until the one I got this week (although they claim to have sent more) - the address on my cancellation form was however my previous address so it's possible they were sent there (not sure how they got my new address, but guess that's a separate issue!). The form did have my current mobile number however and the gym / Harlands made no attempt to contact me. Googling Xercise4Less and CRS brought me here, and having read some of the fantastic advice to other users on the forum, I sent a letter to Rob Avery (with reference numbers etc) earlier this week by recorded delivery as below (realise proof of postage was all that was required but wanted to be extra sure!): I refer to demands from Harlands / CRS about my gym membership. I used the gym's own cancellation form to supply all details required when I cancelled. The form was completed at the Xercise 4 Less gym in Kirkstall, Leeds on 4 June 2015 and handed in to the staff member immediately upon completion. I enclose a copy of this cancellation form, which I asked the staff member to provide upon completion – please note signatures from both myself and the staff member who took receipt of the cancellation form. I allowed the final direct debit to be taken on 25th June 2015 and then cancelled the direct debit mandate. Accordingly, I owe the gym nothing more and I'll pay nothing to Harlands / CRS. If you make any further demands, I'll make a formal complaint to Trading Standards. The optimistic side of me hoped that would be the end of it, but today I got a text from mobile number +447718775275 saying: Thanks for writing to CRS. Please call us on 01444 449165 between 8:30 - 5pm. Alternatively we can call you to resolve the issue if you would prefer that. I really wouldn't prefer that! Having read the advice on the forum I know not to speak to them on the phone, but this seems to indicate that they aren't going to give up quickly. Searching through my emails today I've found confirmation of my original direct debit instruction from [email protected], received on 25 June 2014 and which confirmed I was committing to paying £9.99 per month for 11 months with the first payment due on 25 July 2014, so I definitely hadn't ended my membership early and did everything that was asked of me as per their cancellation guidelines. I'd paid for the first month when I joined on 25 June along with their joining fee (£29.99 in total, paid by debit card). I realise they have practically zero power, but having read the other threads I really don't want to receive demand letters from CRS over the next weeks and months (and in due course their solicitors)! My question is - do I wait for the next letter / text to come before taking my next action, or (having just read Slick's advice to another user) should I pre-empt the next round and send a letter to Xercise4Less' main Leeds office with a copy of my correspondence with CRS, the signed cancellation form and the email confirming the direct debit instruction, and ask them to tell CRS to back down? I'm aware of the Watchdog expose and was wondering if this would be a way to expedite a resolution, considering their current bad press? (ever the optimist!) Sorry, realise this is a very long post(!), just wanted to explain my situation as comprehensively as possible - any advice you could provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hey guys, I took out a rolling contract of £14.99 a month paid via direct debit with exercise4less, as I was moving away I notified exercise4less that I would be cancelling my contract verbally in the gym. When telling my friend about this he told me that it was a mistake and I should have emailed them which I proceeded to do. I moved away had a letter from CRS stating that I owed some money posted to my previous address. They stated I still owed £14.99 as I failed to supply one months notice furthermore I have incurred charges of £131.49. I proceeded to tell CRS I had emailed the gym but they stated it was still out of the months paid notice and said as a good will gesture they would accept £81.49. What should I do? Sorry if I missed any information out. Thanks, Matthew.
  9. Hi there, I am in need of advice as my daughter aged 18 is being chased for payment after cancelling gym m/ship In August last year myself and two daughters went into the gym (xercise4less) and each cancelled our m/ship. We had m/ship over a year and on monthly rolling contract. We were each given a slip of paper to confirm cancellation and advised one more direct debit would be taken in September and then they would cancel our d.debits. I thought all sorted until October when payments taken from all 3 of us for monthly d.d. Myself and one daugher appear to have now had our m/ship cancelled as she had moved away to Uni and I have my paper confirming the date we cancelled. The isssue is that my youngest daughter has lost the paper she was given in August to confirm she had cancelled. I contacted Harlands back in November to advise we had all cancelled and they said it was nothing to do with them and I had to take the matter up directly with the gym. Tried numerous times to contact the manager at the gym and they have repeatedly promised a call back and then not returned my calls. I did eventually talk to the manager in December (she is the person who dealt with us all back in August)!! She told me that my daughters account had not been cancelled and basically she would need sight of the cancellation form before she could sort it out ( I didnt tell her it we didnt have it!!) She told me she would action the cancellation of my account and send the paperwork to Harlands - I asked for written/email confirmation of this which she promised me - but I never received!! I have not had any further contact and so assuming mine has now been cancelled. We have also moved address and so presumably they have been sending any correspondence to our previous address. My daughter had a phone message a last week 20/01/2016 from CRS just stating that she needed to contact them within 5 days. I googled them and realised they are the debt recovery section of Harlands. My concerns are - how do I resolve this given we have no proof in writing that she cancelled last August ( although 2 of us were witness). I am aware from other posts that the charges they will have applied will now be considerable, £9.99 per month plus £30ish for each unpaid d debit and then other charges on top Will this impact her and my credit rating as the payments were from my bank account? I have considered writing a letter of complaint with proof of postage but I think this would mean we would need to give our new current address which I dont wish to do. What exactly can they do if we can't prove she cancelled as this is really stressing me out? Many thanks for any advice
  10. Hi, I'm posting here because first utility supplied my old house (I have since moved). They made an admin error on the final bill, and ended up sending me 2 cheques for the final balance (their mistake not mine). They sent me a few emails saying "you owe us money for your SUPPLY (not true, it was their error) please login and pay". when i logged in, their website told me "you are no longer a customer so cannot pay us anything". The value in dispute is £70. I did give my forwarding address but I'm guessing they've lost it. I have a disability which prevents me using the phone, so I had no other means of getting in touch with them to explain their error and make payment, so I decided not to bother. First utility threatened me with a prepayment meter (they clearly didn't check that it was a final bill, I've moved so they can't legally fit a prepayment meter). Then the debt collectors. All the debt collectors do is text me, trying to get me to call them by saying we can negotiate a reduction in the balance etc. I block all the texts as i receive them. My question is how long you all think they'll keep going, or if I should keep fighting, given that I did try to login and pay firstutility, and that it was nothing to do with a supply, and it was their admin error. Many thanks in advance for helping me with this
  11. Hi all! I was hoping someone here could possibly provide some help/advice with the situation I am in. (first time I have dealt with anything of this sort so excuse the ignorance) To put sum up: signed up with Xercise4less sometime in October 2014, while studying at uni at £9.99 p/m moved out from uni the following year in August 2015 called the gym, I believe in aug/sept to terminate my membership, and explained I had moved out I was told I would need to provide proof that I was now living in a new address (my family home). I explained that I may not get a letter to my home address for while, and the person advised that I could simple called my bank to cancel the direct debit So I received a text sometime last week from CRS with an urgent request I call back, not thinking much of it I called back (I now realise I shouldn't have) and they explained I had outstanding payment with Xercise4less gym. They explained that they have sent me a letter explaining the situation, I told them that I would not have received that since I have already moved out of the address where the gym I signed up was. I was a bit taken back by the call and was hesitantly in the process of paying the fee over the phone. Fortunately my better judgement decided against it and I instead asked for a new letter to be sent to my home address. The gentleman over the phone claimed I could settle the issue with a payment of around £75 and was insistent I do so. Received the letter a few days ago, which states I am required to pay something like £170, with £100 in fees of some sort (sorry I don't have the letter with me to provide exact details). Not sure where to go with this, I do not remember whether I signed a 12-month contract or if it was rolling monthly. From reading other threads I understand I should keep my contact with the parties strictly written and not over the phone, but I have already naively spoken to a representative over the phone so I am worried that may have hindered any future appeal... Thanks for taking the time out to read this far, any help would be very much appreciated!
  12. Hello! My first post to the page! Iv'e seen many things posted about Xercise 4 less and CRS (Credit Resoloution Services) so i hope you can help me out. First of all it started with a text message on the 10th of December saying 'Please call CRS urgently on 01444449165 as we need to speak to you today. Thank you. ' i originally thought nothing of this, i just thought it was a spam message and quickly forgot about it and went on about life. It wasn't until the 18th December that i recieved a letter from CRS saying 'we regret that despite our attempts to reach an amicable resoultion to your account, you remain in arrears to Xercise 4 Less. We must therefore give notice that failing to reply to this letter withing the next 10 days will result in your account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd, one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions.' The account balance is £171.47 (I don't know where this figure was made up from) This is the only form of contact i have recieved from them. I originally cancelled my membership online where they asked me to fill out a form and take it into the gym. Due to my circumstances of not being able to go back to the gym (I was at University and it takes ages to get there) I rang them up on the phone and they assured me that it was all dealt with and it was fine to do so. This was the 29th of June.. (almost 6month ago, and first contact made now?!) I checked my direct debit and i paid the 12 full payments as it was a year contract. I'm just not sure how to deal with this from here, iv'e seen you recommend not speaking to them on the phone. Many Thanks! Nik
  13. Hi I need some advice. I cancelled my gym membership on the 20th of May 2015 as I was moving 50 miles away from where I was living. I went into the gym, filled in the form and handed it straight back to them. I noticed in August that a group called Harlands was taking money out my account I rang them up to find out it was my gym payment. I explained to the guy on the phone that I cancelled my membership in May and that I should not be having money taken out my account. He told me to cancel my Direct Debit and that I would struggle to get back the extra payments which I accepted. In November I received a letter from CRS saying that Xercise4less have been trying to contact me which they haven't and that they have been employed to collect a sum of £192.46. Now being young and never in this sort of situation before I rang the gym up to get answers and I also rang CRS up. I explained all the above to them and they said they would look into it. When getting back to me they said that the gym had no recollection of me leaving. They also offered to reduce the payment to £132.58. I told them I was not going to pay them and that I didn't owe them anything and they said that they would freeze my account for 30 days. Now really I should have sort some advice sooner but being in my final year of university, working in the service industry and it being Christmas I haven't been able to go anywhere to seek any. They have now got back in contact and to get them off my back I have paid them a third of what they are asking for in the hope that I can get them off my back and get them to leave me alone as they have threatened to take further action and having never been in a position like this before and being so busy with my dissertation I didn't know what else to do. I have now spoke to citizens advice and they have told me to write the gym a letter asking for the CCTV footage from the day I cancelled. What else can I do to sort this out? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi all, I've seen a lot of threads about CRS already but everyone seems to be a lot more savvy than me... I took out a 12 month membership with Xercise4Less in Hull at start of August 2014. I moved away from the area in July but didn't have any proof of my new address as that tenancy didn't start till September, therefore I couldn't cancel it early. after the 12 months had gone I cancelled my direct debit and thought that was that. However, a few months later I got a few phone calls and texts from CRS which I ignored as I assumed it was just spam - I didn't (think) I had any debts. At start of December I answered one of the phone calls and spoke to a helpful woman who told me my account was in arrears and I had a huge debt to pay. I said this must be a mistake as I only had a 12 month contract. She just got back to me today insisting that I pay the £95 (which was reduced from the orginal amount) and it couldn't be refuted again to Xercise4Less. I was scared it would just carry on increasing so I just paid it. I was fuming, I'm a student and really can't afford that! I rang my old gym and they say I can't really refute it as apparently it says in the terms and conditions that if I don't go into the gym and do a cancellation from then they carry on my membership! I'm just wondering (and praying) if I have a leg to stand on and if I would be able to get this money back? I felt terrified about being in debt so paid it but now after reading other threads whether that was the correct decision... Thanks in advance for any tips/help!!
  15. Hi Everyone Thought I'd post this for everyone who's had experience of Harlands pretending to be a DRC so you all could have as a laugh! Summary: I cancelled my gym membership at my local gym for health reasons in February. Harlands, who were handling the finances for the gym, asked for proof from my doctor which I provided. It then took them TWO MONTHS to agree to cancel my membership early. Now they are chasing me for two monthly payments of £24 which equals £48 covering March and April because it took them that long to decide to accept the medical evidence I provided. PLUS they are now also chasing me for the usual unlawful 'administrative charges' which they add every time someone in their so called 'collections department' decides to fart. ere's the text of their rambling email to me which is their so called expert 'version' of events. Sorry it's soooooooooooooo long, but have a laugh on me!: "Further to your email of 13th July 2015; we apologise that there has been an error in calculating your balance. To explain how this has happened we should like to initially point out that the email you refer to receiving was not sent by Credit Resolution Services. We have been employed to deal with this matter only from 8th July 2015 onwards. Prior to that date the matter was being dealt with by the customer service department of Harlands. As a debt recovery company, negotiation is a significant portion of the work we carry out and as such we need the ability to easily amend the balance stated. This is not the case with Harlands who were employed merely to collect the payments due under your agreemen t and administer any requests for cancellation. Harlands can only close a file in one of three ways; by collecting the full amount remaining, by cancelling the full amount remaining or by passing the full amount that remained to CRS for further action. At the time your payments stopped you had eight instalments remaining to be paid on the minimum term you agreed to. Cancellation can be granted prior to completing the minimum term in certain circumstances provided sufficient proof is received. Cancellation of your membership was not granted, however, until after your March instalment became due, meaning that you were still in arrears of two months. Harlands could not close the file by collecting the full amount remaining because six of the eight months were NOT due. Harlands could not close the file by cancelling the full amount remaining as two of the eight months WERE due. Harlands therefore pursued you for the two months outstanding plus charges applied in line with the terms of your agreement in the hopes that once paid the full amount remaining would relate to payments which were not due and the file could be closed by cancelling this amount. Because you have not paid this, however, Harlands have passed the full balance (including the six months which are not due) to ourselves to collect. Because you have drawn our attention to this fact we have reduced your balance accordingly. As such you are no longer liable for 6 x £24.00 membership fees (£144.00) and we have also reduced the additional fees applied to this balance by £24.22. You remain liable, however, for £174.50, consisting of arrears already due on the date your evidence was received and additional fees applied in line with the terms of your agreement. Clearly this amount is greater than £88.00 but we should like to point out that Harlands email of 18th June does not in fact state that your balance is £88.00 as you allege. It instead merely quotes an earlier letter which stated that you should pay your arrears of £88.00 by 5th May 2015 to avoid further charges being applied. You failed to make this payment and so a further £20.00 administration charge was applied on 8th Jun e in line with clause six of your agreement (it was this that prompted the email correspondence you refer to) and on 8th July 2015 you have become responsible for our collection fees of £66.50 in line with clause eight of your agreement to cover our client's costs in employing our services. For the above reasons we must advise that the balance of £174.50 is correct and due. We are prepared to offer a further discount on this balance and accept the reduced sum of £114.50 as final settlement if you are able to pay this in one lump sum, within 7 days of this correspondence. Payment can be made by Credit/Debit card by calling us on 01444 449165. Alternatively, cheque/postal orders should be made payable to Credit Resolution Services and sent to CRS, 2nd Floor, Rockwood House, 9-17 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3TW. A payment plan can also be set up if you are unable to settle in full, although we do charge a little extra for this. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, there are organisations who offer free debt advice and assistance such as Step Change (0800 1381111), National Debtline (0808 8084000) and your local Citizen Advice Bureau. Please ensure a payment or response is received within the next 7 days, so we can avoid further action being taken. Yours sincerely, Collections Department" Good wasn't it! They obviously haven't got anything better to do with their time! Am I the only one who has no idea what they're on about? Presumably I should just ignore this as they have already agreed to cancel my membership in April and obviously there's no way I'll be paying their so called 'administrative charges'? However, am I still liable for the £48 covering the two months between my notification and their cancellation in April? I could just pay this in full and final settlement and tell them to go away but then again why should I, when they add those extortionate charges which so many people just pay because they get frightened? Any advice gratefully received. Cheers Everyone Baching Mad
  16. Hi there, I am new to the site so just wanted to say hello to start with! I am writing this thread regarding problems I have had since cancelling a gym membership at Xercise4Less in Leeds. I am writing in chronological order but the dates may be a bit out (apart from the most recent ones). I joined Xercise4Less on a £9.99 monthly rolling contract in October 2014, as I was at university in Leeds and wanted to use the gym. I never received a welcome email with my 'pin' to get in the gym, nor any terms and conditions or anything similar. Over the first few weeks, I went in multiple times to ask them to resend this email and amend my email address to the correct one, and was told that they would do and would send me the pin to access the gym. I was given a temporary pin and used the gym maybe 2 times during this period. However, I never received the email with my own pin or the welcome information, as I informed them. Over the year I was very ill, and had a lot of university stuff to sort out, and so not only did I not visit the gym I also didn't have time to chase them about my pin for gym access, although I had been in and requested it multiple times initially. I lost the temporary pin and so could not access the gym. Over the rest of the year I ignored the gym and completely forgot about the membership. At the end of the university year (June 2015) I left Leeds as it was the end of my final year, and moved back to Leicester. I cancelled my bank account and changed bank, and cancelled all outstanding standing orders (including the gym). I receive a lot of nuisance calls and texts on my phone so ignore all automated ones I got (some were from CRS but I had no idea they actually meant anything so I ignored them). I have now received a text from Spratt Endicott (7th December 2015) asking me to call them and quoting a reference number. As I have left the address I have received no correspondence about any of this so have no idea where to start. Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance, sorry it's a bit wordy!
  17. Hi, I desperately need some advice on how to deal with two letters I have received from CRS over the last month. I joined Exercise 4 Less during my time at University on a rolling contact of £14.99 per month. I left Hull in August 2014 to move back home after completing my degree, I didn't until November 2014 realise I had forgot to cancel my gym membership, after phoning up to try and cancel my membership over the telephone they informed me I would have to send in a cancellation form. I received the cancellation form at 15:17 on the 3rd of November 2014, which I printed off, filled in and posted the following day. On the cancellation form it says 'You are required to give one calendar month’s notice as per the terms and conditions of your membership. Please do not cancel your Direct Debit with Harlands as you may incur additional charges.' So I sent off the form and thought they would take one last payment and that would be that. Until July 2015 when I finally got online banking and realised that I was still paying for my membership via direct debit and cancelled it straight away, although I was annoyed I didn't think asking for a refund or anything as I didn't think it would be worth the hassle. But then on the 6th of November I got a letter from CRS saying that 'despite previous letters' that I now owed £222.47, yet this is the first contact I have had from anybody about Exercise 4 less since November 2014. So I decided to ignore it. I have just opened a letter from CRS dated the 26th of November (I have been away) saying 'Following their initial letter' (I thought you'd sent me ones previous ones to the one dated 6th November). Saying I have ten days to pay or their will be legal actions. Starting to panic what should I do?
  18. Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum - spent a lot of time reading other threads on the issue of Xercise 4 Less/Harlands/CRS last night and now feel a bit more informed than I did previously! But I would like some help to see if I have a leg to stand on here before I go into battle! I moved to Scotland in April, and subsequently joined the local Xercise 4 Less gym on the 27th on a 12 month contract at 14.99 per month. When joining, I also paid a £20.00 joining fee - taking my first total payment to £34.99. I find it important to state now that I NEVER set foot in the gym after joining. (This was confirmed by a woman I spoke to on the telephone last Monday, 12th October '15 - more on this later) I fell pregnant and didn't really feel like going then. I continued to pay for the membership and unfortunately lost the pregnancy at just 4 weeks. The company I was working for at the time - in short - went bust, and I was found without a job. I then found out I had fallen pregnant again and after losing my first pregnancy I certainly did not want to go to the gym due to my fears if anything else! For these reasons, I cancelled the direct debit with my bank online after approximately 3 months and 11 days of membership. My partner and I then moved into a new flat in the same town. With my direct debit cancelled, I did not find it appropriate to notify the gym of my change of address, as far as I was concerned, I was no longer a member. I also find it important to state at this point that I have been a member of other gyms in the past and they took cancellation of my direct debit payments as cancellation of the service they were providing and did not contact me further - I believed this would be the case with this company also. How wrong I was! On Monday, 12th October I received a letter from a company called CRS - I have found many letters the same on these threads so will just paraphrase: They say they have been employed by Xercise 4 Less as my membership remains in arrears despite letters being sent - I had not received these letters, but the gym remained to have my telephone number/email in their records, and I heard nothing from them through either of these channels. They say they have added their fees (£111.57) to my debt, and the balance is now sitting at £321.48 They then say they want to reach an amicable resolution and give contact details telling me to phone them. Stupidly, I did exactly that. I asked the man I spoke to why on earth I had to pay so much money. He continuously repeated to me that my account was in arrears. I had told him I was not happy to pay the fees, and also explained my reasons for leaving the gym. He froze my account for 7 days and demanded I prove I was pregnant by sending forms/paperwork to him. If I sent these forms the amount would be reduced "significantly" due to my pregnancy. I also phoned the gym and asked them what was going on. The woman I spoke to had confirmed that I had never set foot in the gym (she could tell from her electronic records). I asked her why I had to pay so much for a service I had joined but never took advantage of. She told me I owed the gym £219.00 and to sort it out with the Xercise 4 Less customer service team, and gave me a telephone number. I never phoned this number. I have done the basic maths after checking my bank account - - The payments made to Harlands totalled £64.97 - this is evident in payments taken from 11th May (34.99), 26th May (14.99) and 25th June (£14.99) ---thats just raised a question in itself, why did they take my joining fee so late, and why did they charge me twice in one month...surely they've taken 2 months of payment in one month?-- - If I was still paying for the gym, I would have only now paid them a further sum of approx. £25.98, another 2 months worth of membership give or take a few days. - Upon checking my bank statement for August I see they attempted to take £39.99 from me, but I had no notification from the bank that any payments had bounced, and we can see above that they haven't - I made the payments. I wonder why they were trying to take so much from me? So WHY do I owe them £321.48/£219.00 - I'm very confused as to which it is, as when the CRS "fees" are added, the total amounts to £330.57 - so is someone playing silly beggars?! Now...some questions! - From what I have read on other threads, CRS and Harlands are the same company - does this mean they have not sold my "debt" on to someone else and have no right to be using a different letterhead as a scare tactic? - Does the court ruling of The OFT vs AMSL in 2011 apply to me, and can I use it to back up my claim that cancellation of my direct debit was notice enough? - As I never used the service, do I have any differing cancellation rights? - As the amount I'm being charged is absolutely out of this world, am I right in thinking that this is made up of silly fees/penalties and as such cannot be enforced? Remember, I've been told as I'm pregnant the amount can be reduced significantly. Why/how if they are not just pointless unlawful penalties? - I will no longer speak with any of the companies on the telephone, and will only have written correspondence. As there are a few lingering days at the beginning and end of the membership I am happy to offer them a month's payment (£14.99) as a good will gesture and final settlement of fees owed. Is this within my rights and would you say this was sensible to do? - Do I speak with Harlands on this matter? I do not want to speak with CRS (although I realise they are one and the same). Any help would be greatly appreciated! I must admit I was very upset when I first received the letter but now I am furious that they are trying to take money from me, especially at a time when this so called debt amounts to the price of my baby's pram, car seat and changing bag all in one! Thank you in advance, Elvie
  19. Hi everyone, I’ve been having issues with Harland/CRS and have had a few correspondence go back and forth with the help of this forum but I’m a little stuck with what to do next now and would love some advice. I appreciate that this is a little long winded but I didn’t want to leave anything important out…

The story so far;

After visiting Hone Gym is and chatting to a staff member they informed me that I could pay £20 for a months membership with no obligation, I made what I believed to be a one off payment with the website being what I perceive now to be heavily misleading. I didn’t realise until 9 months later that they had continued to deduct £20 from my account every month. I immediately cancelled the DD, had my bank raise an indemnity claim and thought no more about it. Roughly a month later on the 23/07/15 I received a letter from Harlands stating I had ignored their first letter (which I never received) and that the £179.91 that had been refunded was now £204.91 to include their admin fees. I replied with the following;
 Re; Hone Gym Membership Ref No: edited Regarding your statement that a letter dated 3rd of July was sent to me at my address, no letter was received. Please forward a copy of this letter. An indemnity claim was made as I had only authorised one payment to be debited from my account, not nine. The Hone Gym website has demonstrably been updated a number of times and has subsequently changed its wording to make it clear that further payments will be automatically debited. This was not the case when I approved a registration payment and a one month membership payment to be taken and goes against what I was told by senior staff at the gym. Namely, that I would have to action the payment each month and that I would receive a new pin for entry. As I was provided with misleading information regarding the ongoing deduction of funds from my account and the terms of the membership I consider this to be a breach of Section 5, CPUTR 2008. Please respond within 14 days or a complaint to the OFT will be made without further notice. Kind Regards Clueless Dan
 On 14/08/15 CRS sent a letter covered in bold red lettering stating they’d been employed by Harlands and I now owed £278.68. This was my reply; Dear Mr Avery Re; CRS Ref No: edited Harlands Ref. No:edited As I stated in my previous letter, the information provided to me both on the website and by staff members in the gym was misleading. I did not authorise the ongoing deduction of funds from my account after the first month and I consider this to be a breach of Section 5, CPUTR 2008. Firstly, with reference to the above account, I request that you send me a true copy of the credit agreement, signed by Daniel Johnson and entitled “IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY”. I understand that this is my right under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and am entitled to receive a copy of my credit agreement on request. Your obligation also extends to providing me with a statement of account. I enclose a £1 postal order which represents payment of the statutory fee payable under the Consumer Credit Act. I understand that a copy of my credit agreement should be supplied within 12 working days from the date of this letter. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act, creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with a request for a copy of the agreement under these sections of the Act. Also, since you are a debt collection agency, I would also ask that you supply a signed true copy of the executed deed of assignment for the above referenced agreement. This is an obligation, whether you are the original creditor or not, under section 189 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. In summary, I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS DEBT AND THEREFORE REQUIRE YOU TO SUBSTANTIATE THIS BY PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION BEFORE I CORRESPOND FURTHER : 1. True copy of original credit agreement 2. Statement of account 3. Copy of the executed deed of assignment from Hones Gym to Credit Resolution Services As you are aware, a credit agreement that is not properly documented and signed by the customer is totally unenforceable under the CCA and therefore is a complete defence to any court claim that is issued. Secondly, I draw your attention to the OFT guidelines on debt collection: Charging for debt collection 2.9 Charges should not be levied unfairly. 2.10 Examples of unfair practices are as follows: a. Claiming collection costs from a debtor in the absence of express contractual or other legal provision. b. misleading debtors into believing they are legally liable to pay collection charges when this is not the case, for example, when there is no contractual provision d. applying unreasonable charges, for example, charges not based on actual and necessary costs e. applying charges which are disproportionate to the main debt. I consider your charge of £73.77 to be disproportionate to the main debt and not based on actual and necessary costs. Take note at this stage, that any legal action you may contemplate will be both vigorously defended and contested and consider this matter to be “in dispute”. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from you within the statutory time limit. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, clueless Dan On 12/09/15 I received this reply. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59298[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]59299[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]59300[/ATTACH] Where can I go from here? I’m starting my second year of uni this week so really don’t need the stress and can’t afford the expense of just paying out. I appreciate that I could have been a little more thorough in reading through the documentation but took the staff at their word which was in keeping with the misleading wording of the website… Any advice would be hugely appreciated, Kind Regards Dan
  20. Hi everyone, I would be really grateful for some help as I'm loosing sleep over my ongoing battle with Zinc/Harlands/CRS. My partner and I joined Exercise for Less on an 11 month contract in March 2014, by April 2014 we decided to cancel our membership as the gym was not to our liking. I mistakenly believed that I could just cancel my direct debit. Within a few days we started to receive letters. So on 20th April, we sent them a letter offering the £9.99 (taken from the forum). Harlands have denied receiving this letter. So now the debt (which currently stands at £226.00) has been passed to Zinc. Two days ago I sent Zinc the following email: "I refer to your attempts to contact me seeking payment for gym membership.membership. Harlands were made fully aware in April 2015 and Later about why their demands are wholly disputed. They failed to accept my reasonable offer to settle, nor did they attempt to discuss any alternative (please find letter attached).Accordingly, your demands are in clear breach of the OFT debt collection Guidelines and, if you contact me further, you will be included in my formal complaint to Trading Standards." Zinc replied with this: "Thank you for your email, the contents of which have been noted. It is not our intent to cause any distress or inconvenience.In order to resolve this matter, please provide evidence that you cancelled your gym membership in writing.I look forward to hearing from you within the next 2 days to prevent the possibility of further action." I don't know what to do to make them stop and I can't afford to pay them. I truly appreciate any help you can give me
  21. Hello everyone, This is quite a complicated case, but I need some advice on how to deal with it as I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. 1. Signed up to Xercise4Less Nottingham in September 2014. Was led to believe that I was joining on a rolling contract, and also was never given a copy of the contract or any paperwork for that matter 2. Went into the branch to freeze my membership for 6 months (free of charge as I am a student). My student ID was photocopied and they said that the freeze would then commence after a few days of processing or whatever. 3. Checked my direct debits in June to find that payments to Harlands (£9.99) had still been going through the whole time! Whilst my membership was supposed to be frozen! 4. Phoned and phoned to no avail, with most phone calls ending due to no-one even bothering to pick up the phone. Phoned the Leeds branch (their HQ I believe) and was told that I'd receive a call back in half an hour. They didn't call me back. I emailed the front desk and also submitted my story through their website's customer support page. Still no replies/ people saying they didn't know what to do. 5. Finally got through to someone (Olivia) who knew what was going on! She found my freeze application form in a drawer at the Nottingham branch. She informed me that it had simply never been processed because whoever was working on reception that day must have forgotten. It turned out that the receptionist then left the job that weekend, so my form was sat in a desk drawer for months without anyone knowing about it! 6. Persistently tried to contact Xercise4Less to get my money back but yet again found myself running down dead ends. Really poor customer service as per usual. I emailed Tim Slaven, a receptionist, and explained the situation and that I wanted my money back. This is his reply: Hello Daniel, I have chased this up for you and our head office have decided that it's best to freeze the membership but still allow access to the club. The reason for this is that you are still in contract. When taking out this contract you agreed to paying Xercise4Less 12 payments. If Xercise4Less were to action this refund you will have had a 12 month contract for the price of 6. This would also cause a breach in the contract agreement. I apologise for any inconvenience that may have resulted from your membership not being frozen. Kind regards, Tim Slaven 7. I replied to Tim, but he also then went dead on me and I was left with nowhere else to turn in terms of contacting people at the gym, so I turned to Barclays (my bank) and got an indemnity payment. Barclays took back my money and refunded it into my account. I thought that would be the end of it. 8. I received the notorious CRS - IMPORTANT - PLEASE CALL US... letter on 20th October 2015. They say that my account balance stands at £222.43. It was sent to my home address in London (perhaps my 2nd address on my Xercise4Less account) They claim to have sent me previous letters but they must have been sent to my uni halls address (I am now a second year student living at a different address). 9. I've phoned CRS (a mistake, I know) and told them that I would not pay a "settlement fee, as a good will gesture". I missed a call from them this morning. What do I do now? Please help!
  22. Hi CAG, I've joined Xercise 4 Less in February 2015. In July 2015 stopped going to gym but kept paying DD as per my agreement. I wasn't aware that it's a roll on contract so after 14th payment cancelled DD with the bank. Unfortunately never read their T&C's and on 27th May received first letter from Harlands with £34.99 to pay. I called their helpline to explain that I'm not paying any admin fees because didn't know about their roll on system and that I haven't used gym since July 2014. The woman gave me number to E4less and advised to call them which I never did. I then started receiving letters from CRS which I ignored. After reading about similar cases on your forum I went to gym in person accompanied by my Fiance as a witness to talk to their Manager and offer £9.99 as Cancellation fee but the manager said that we can close the case if I paid £69.99 which I've refused. That was on 7th October. Today received letter from Spratt Endicott Solicitors requesting contact within 7 days to discuss my payment proposals (the outstanding balance is now £171.47) Please can you advise me what to do now?
  23. BBC1 Watchdog 29th October 7.30pm - available on BBC iPlayer https://youtu.be/ABjYCjxsW9g Xercise4Less were exposed for failing to process several customers' cancellations, leading to contact from Harlands and then CRS. Hmmm, now where have I seen that before ?? The funny thing is that X4Less have actually been behaving slightly better to their customers recently, when contacted directly. But it's Harlands that really need to be brought to account for the appalling harassment of their victims. Time to crank up our efforts to involve the CMA and Trading Standards.
  24. Hi, I'm after some advice for my son on how to deal with a letter he received today from CRS. He joined Xercise 4 less in Bolton when he started Uni there in September 2013, he paid £9.99 monthly by direct debit when he joined he was told it was a 12 month only membership. However he decided that uni was not for him and in Easter 2014 he returned home. As he hadn't completed the full 12 months, he continued to make the direct debit payments and thought that once the twelve months were up his membership would automatically finish and his payments stop (he's only just recently told me about this all) To cut a long story short, they didn't and he didn't realise until he checked a bank statement in June of this year, he contacted the Bolton branch who said they would cancel his membership and he advised them that he would cancel his direct debit. He thought that was the end of it as he has had no further communication from them until he received the letter today from CRS. The letter states his Xercise 4 Less membership remains in arrears despite previous letters being sent to him, he has received no correspondence, and as a result of this his account balance stands at £207.47 (£102.50 are their fees). He has tried to ring them regarding this but was unable to get through and the manager was unavailable at the Bolton gym. I've seen numerous posts of a similar vein on here and was just looking for some help on how I should advise my son to handle this. Any assistance would be much appreciated
  25. the 5th of April 2014 me and my brother set up a membership with xercise 4 less ,this as states on the email i got was for a minimum of 12 month with and initial payment of 34.99 and then proceed on to a monthly direct debit of 14.99. fast forward to the 5th of may 2015 ( this being 13 month after i set up my membership) decided to hand my notice into the gym and cancel my direct debit due to moving gyms a little closer to home, thankfully this is a cash in hand gym and not a pesky direct debit. several months of ignoring letters that i owed them money i received a letter from crs saying a owe a total of 186.47 and goes on to say they may take me to county court i am loosing sleep over the matter, am i in breach of my contract even though i handed my notice in after the 12 months minimum? what is my course of action? if anyone is knowledgeable please don't hesitate to input
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