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Found 2 results

  1. I started a job on 9th March as a GP receptionist which is a role I wanted to do for a while. Unfortunately I fell ill with Bells Palsy a few months later and have not been to work since 2nd June. I currently receive SSP from my employers and send in regularly Fitness to Work certificates as I have had another condition brought on by Bells Palsy. Anyway to cut a long story short, I previously went a Welfare Meeting at work and it was agreed that I would return to work for 4 hours a day when I was well enough however I have now seen a neurologist who has diagnosed me with a condition called FNsD (Functional Neurological symptoms Disorder). Basically I get very bad migraines which affect my speech. The migraines are triggered by the cold, heat, humid conditions, stress, hunger, tiredness and over exertion...yes alot. My speech becomes slurred so it is difficult to speak but also difficult for people to understand me. I saw my GP today who although said that I could try to work 4 hours a day but recommended that I try a role nearer to my home (my travelling time to and from work is between 1 and a half to 2 hours each way) and a role that does not require me to talk constantly. Although I would like to return to my role, I am conscious that I may be off work again due to migraines or would have to leave work if I experience one. I was thinking that if I had to leave work, I would volunteer for a few hours a week in a role of interest but in terms of entitlement to benefits, what would my options be???
  2. Hi All, I'm going to go through the facts and I'm looking for advice please. End game I obviously want to be debt free and buy a new house as I've got 3 kids and the Mrs in a 2 bedroom terrace . I want my kids to have some room, garden etc. The things I had growing up. I'm 34, 3 kids, house with mortgage equity of around £10,000 Current Experian credit score of 117. 7 credit cards = £22k 1 loan = £3k 1 Overdraft = £2k 18 months back my credit score was 900+ with around 5 years of no missed payments. I was had my own company and things went belly up. Resulting in lots of missed payments recently but no defaults and my low credit score. I have managed to get all my debts up to date now on minimum payments aside from MBNA who are refusing to do what the others did which and pay a set amount for 3 months then add the arrears onto the card. They currently want a minimum payment of £500 when I only owe £1700. I have tried to get a loan there were some for 3.4% which I would have been happy to pay but I can not get one. My bank said I maybe able to get one but it was 29.9% and I would be paying back £48k+. The bank advisor said its not even worth it and to check online. Of which all are declining me. I'm at a point now where I need to make a choice. I see I have these choices: A) Try and get the loan from the bank and pay back circa £48k. Which mean I will be 39 before I can start saving properly to get a new house. Which realistically means my kids would be teenagers by the time I get a new house. Also the fact paying £46k I would much prefer to set aside for a new house. B) Remove my name off the deed with the land registry so the house is not at risk. Wait until debts all go to debt collectors / buyers and do full and finals knocking 25%-50% off. Stop paying all debts a saving of £970 a month. Which the £970 I would be saving each month there would be a decent amount of money being saved for F + F. I can add £100 - £200 to this a month as well from my DI. At the same time trying to arrange for any default registered during that time to be removed. I'm thinking that process would take me 18 - 24 months, which would give me a big head start on saving for a new house. I'm leaning towards plan B, as I would be not only saving money but also time. As I said at the beginning this is mainly so my kids have a better childhood environment. Opinions please... Regards
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