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Found 227 results

  1. Hi Looking for some advice for a friend. Mother earns £60,000 per year and father around £30,000. 2 children. Now parents going through divorce. Can father who has joint custody now claim child benefit and tax credits as he below the threshold for both benefits. Thanks
  2. Hi folks, Was hoping someone could give me some assistance in what I can do about my new tax credits claim that is currently in week 5 to be sorted out! I have had numerous phone call conversations with them now, and been told something different everytime! I last spoke to them on Monday and the guy told me that there had been an error with processing my form (which we fixed over the phone) and that the form would now be passed to back office for it to be processed. He also told me that it would be sorted by the end of this week which I am assuming is today, being as they don't work on weekends! We are really struggling to cope financially as all my partners wages have gone on the rent/council tax/bills and the money we'd managed to save is nearly all gone. I have a hefty solicitors fee that I have to pay on a weekly basis which takes up my Child Benefit. What's the best thing to do now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. hi all, i am 58 yrs old unemployed and single looking for part time work .but im confused about tax credits.will i be worse of taking a job 16 to 20 hours a week, will i have to pay full council tax and housing benefit. if i take a part time job.on minimum wage.
  4. I first received a letter, I think it was in 2011 stating that I owed money for Tax Credits overpayment. I then received 1 or 2 letters in 2012 and 2013 and I asked for a breakdown of the money I owed but was told it was too late to request this information. I heard from them once last year and I received a letter recently. However, today I have received a letter from a debt collection agency stating that I owe HMRC over £1,100 and I am not sure what to do, this is the first time that I have received a letter from a collection agency. Even if I did owe the money I cannot afford to repay it so I'm not sure what to do now? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.
  5. Don't forget to renew your tax credits. Your payments will stop if you don’t. Renewal packs are sent between April and June. If you started claiming tax credits after 6 April, your pack will be sent the following year. Your tax credits will be renewed automatically if you don’t get an annual declaration with your renewal pack. Call the Tax Credit Helpline if you don’t receive your renewal pack by 30 June. You can renew on-line here: https://www.gov.uk/renewtaxcredits
  6. Just wondered if I've read the current guidelines correctly that to qualify for WTC on a self-employed basis you have to make a consistent profit of the number of hours you work X National Minimum Wage? So say you claimed WTC with Disability Element you would need to turn a consistent weekly profit of 16 X £6.50 = £104 to qualify?
  7. I have received a letter from concentrix asking me to send evidence of childcare costs for 2014/2015. I have looked back and my actual costs were around £80 a week less than what I put on my claim form for the year, so obviously I have been overpaid. At the start of the year I did believe that I would spend what i put on the claim form, but as the year went on, for one reason or another, my costs dropped. I know that I should have kept HMRC up to date, but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cope financially as I have quite a lot of debt. At first I thought I would just let it go on for a couple of weeks, then a couple more and it kind of went on like that.. I know I was wrong, and I want to get it sorted and pay the money back, but I am worried that I will be prosecuted as if I am prosecuted for an offence of dishonesty I will lose my job for definite. I'm just looking for some advice on how best to handle this, my thoughts at the moment are to either ring them and explain all, or just fill in the form and wait and see what happens. i want to get it sorted as soon as possible as I am really worried about what will happen. I am still getting paid too much tax credits right now, although the difference is about £50 a week at the moment
  8. wife had to phone inland revenue today as they cancelled our oldest childs, child benefit thinking that she would be finishing college this term. my wife sorted that out as she is on her 3rd year this coming term , then the woman said ,that we havent been claiming child tax for her for 2 years ,i thought something was wrong around two years ago but then my health got alot worse and it was forgotton about. the woman said that she has passed it on and we should get it back dated 12 months . are we better off phoning ourselves ,no idea who we phone tbh . and confirming this . would be nice to get it backdated the full 2 years but i very much doubt that will happen . also any ideas as to how much it is per child a week . we are on benefit and i get esa .
  9. Hi all, Familiar theme here, my partner and I have disputed an overpayment of £3500 from 2010, we have refused to pay despite being hounded first of all by Advantis, who passed it back to the HMRC and now Rossendales who have sent a final demand before they return it back to HMRC. My worry is that I have heard that HMRC can take the money out of my wages, Is this true? and if so is it something that can happen quite often? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello all During the tax years of 2010 and 2011, I claimed Working Tax Credit as I was self-employed, on a low income and worked the required amount of hours. Last year HMRC decided to review my case, and as I was not being paid an hourly rate, and being paid a lump sum per invoice, I was no longer entitled to WTC, even though I could easily show I was working the required number of hours weekly. I did not have the stomach, nor the time, to keep arguing the toss with them so allowed my WTC to stop. Just yesterday a bill from HMRC for just shy of £5,000 landed on my mat, asking for immediate payback or debt collection! Being self-employed they all my address details and this is the first bit of correspondence I've had asking for payback to something I was genuinely entitled to!! They have not given me the option to contest this on the letter, but I darn well will. I didn't steal this money - I needed it when business was waning and I have worked bloody hard to improve my business in challenging times. Hopefully, one of you lovely people can offer some advice of where to begin...
  11. Hi I just received my annual declaration for this year, I get child tax credits, I work 16 hours a week and work the occasional but of overtime, I have filled out my annual review online but noticed a difference in figures, I earned £6083 but my estimate was £5644, will I have to pay anything back? Also my estimate was slightly over and my actual salary is £5408, I am a little confused.
  12. Hello to you all. I find myself in need of advise with regard to working tax credits, specifically how to complete the claim form. I have been in receipt of WTC for a number of years working as support staff in a local school. Following the school being taken over by an academy, support staff were made redundant and I was one of them. In June, 2014, I became self-employed and have attempted to start a business using my redundancy pay. As I am 63 I am also receiving a small Local government pension, the 25% lump sum also being invested in my business. Now to my dilemma. From April to June 2014, I was employed and received, using hypotheticals figures, £2000. Since then I have received £100 a month pension and paid £25 a month income tax on that. The business has lost £10,000 in the first year. My good lady, joint claimant, receives DLA and £200 a month interest from investments. If for the whole year my partner was working and I was self employed then according to the WTC web site, any losses I make would be directly deducted form my partners salary which would then be our total income for the year. However, I was employed for 3 months and self-employed for 9 months and my partner does not work. On the WTC claim form it asks separately for amounts earned from employment, self-employment and pension and the again for my partners income, this is where I am confused. How do I work out our joint income and complete the form. Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. Hello. My husband has been receiving letters from DWP asking for repayment of £318.42 since about 2006 for Working Tax Credits. My husband has never claimed working tax credits. He even checked with his accountant, who checked through his paperwork and agreed with him that he has never claimed it, so he wrote my husband a letter explaining that this has never been claimed, which he forwarded to the DWP. Every 6 months or so, we get the chasing letter, my husband phones them up and explains yet again the situation and they say they will put the account on hold! Today came the letter .... he has till 03/07/2015 to pay or they will pass it to a collections office. We have been in France since 2011 (the letters are sent here so they know where we live). He explained again that he has never claimed working tax credit and the girl said that it had gone to a tribunal and that the case was dismissed and that the money is recoverable. We weren't even told it was going to a tribunal. In the end my husband told the girl to come and collect the money in person ! He kept asking the girl who he can talk to about the credits but she wouldn't move away from her predicted notes. So very frustrating. If we claimed and owed it fair comment. Does anyone have any ideas who we can speak to. Many thanks in advance.
  14. dernawi

    tax credits renewal

    hi just a quick question do i have to add up and put esa/jsa/housing benefit in total income for the tax credit renewal? thanks
  15. I am not working due to disability, I get ESA and DLA plus a small pension. My wife works but only gets a low wage. For the last few years we've claimed Working Tax Credits (WTC) and sent HMRC all the required info, we've not held anything back or tried to hide anything. They do the maths and send us an award letter. As far as we're aware we've done all that's asked of us yet they have sent us overpayment letters every year. Anyway, we recently got a letter from Concentrix, on behalf of HMRC, asking us for pay slips, evidence of my self-employment (?) and so on. We sent them off, with a cover letter to complain about being told to send originals by post - we used special delivery and will never see that extra cost back! HMRC have told us they are stopping our WTC as they cannot determine that my wife works 30 hours. She is a home carer and changed company towards the end of last year. The sad nature of this line of work is that people go into hospital, or even die without any notice, which means the carer then loses out as the company they work for will not pay them for visits they don't do any more. It can take a while for them to gain a new client, or shuffle calls about, to give that carer more work. We had not realised what the backlash of this would be. It is not my wife's fault that her hours were sometimes cut back. You can't really blame the people she was caring for either. It is possible that some weeks she worked less than 30 hours without realising, but it was not deliberate. Obviously she's lost money through doing less hours, which made the WTC even more vital towards being able to pay the bills. Concentrix said they would send a fuller explanation and we would be able to ask for mandatory reconsideration, that was 3rd February, 4 weeks ago. We've heard nothing more from them. HMRC sent a letter to inform us the credits had stopped and they were claiming an overpayment. Concentrix also say they may be giving us a penalty charge. Can it get any worse ! Obviously we will appeal the decision as we feel it's not our fault. My wife may have to get a letter from her employer to explain any weeks she worked less than 30 hours. It is confusing anyway as she is paid in 4 week periods, not monthly. We are unsure if Concentrix have mis-calculated her pay and hours anyway. For example: a recent payslip shows she worked so many hours but also had a day off for which she was only given half a day holiday pay as she didn't have enough days available. Because of this her assumed hours averaged 29.75 over the 4 weeks. Has anyone else had this sort of action taken ? Is there anything we can do ?
  16. Hi everyone, I currently work part-time (20 house per week) for Asda. Because I am in receive DLA, including the highest rate of care component, it entitles me to working tax credits. I received an award notice from Working Tax Credits in February which was based on my annual income from the tax year 6 April 2013 - 5 April 2014. My income for that year was £8329. I have earned significantly less this year. The payslip I recieved on the 3rd of this month shows I have earned £6896.30 so far this year. Is the figure shown on my payslip the same figure that will be shown on my P60? I have explained my situation to the tax credit helpline and they've given a new estimated award notice, but that will remain an estimation until I find out exactly what I have earned for the year. What do I do: wait for P60? Tell them the figure my payslip shows? Or does Asda tell them? Also, my new award notice says that if my income has gone down they will check my whole award and pay me any money if they owe it. In the section where they add up the tax credit elements, they have reducted £782.69 due to my 2013-2014 income, will they pay me back a figure that large or will it be much smaller? ANY money is a bonus, I'm just curious .
  17. According to Government information on Universal Credits, you have to be "between 18 and 60 years and six months" to be able to claim UC and not be self-employed (amongst other critieria) I wonder if this means that the Government's new draconian measures regarding minimum wage being introduced to penalise the self-employed who are on low income and claiming WTC/HB/CTR won't apply to us oldies? (Those over 60 yrs and 6 months of age? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Impecunious!
  18. I have been on single person child tax credits and working tax credit for 5 yrs plus. During June 2013 a friend moved into my home as he was in financial trouble and had moved out of his flat and was sleeping in his office. He was served bankruptcy sept 2013 he was very depressed slept in a separate bedroom and we were not having a physical relationship - low labido etc. He was discharged from bankruptcy during April 2014. During the following month 2 employees took delivery of a large amount of cannibis at his work place and he was under investigation from the police - more stress! Sept 2014 the police told him no case to answer as even though his address was used he was not party to it and was unaware of it. He was still sleeping in separate bedroom and still very stressed and no labido. It was always the intention that once he was back on his feet he would move out. However since Sept he has started feeling stronger and we have become closer and do things together but are still not having a physical relationship but are seen from the outside world as a couple. foolishly I telephoned Tax Credits in Jan and said he moved in Dec 19th 2014 and we were not a couple. I didnt realise it would kick start investigations and have recently received a letter requesting info to confirm only my name is on the bills and confirmation of his address prior to Dec 19th. Clearly I should have called them and told them he has lived here since June 2013 but only recently become a couple but as it is still not physical I was confused what to do. What is the best advice now please?
  19. Need a bit of advice on how tax credit claims work. My partner and I moved in together in autumn last year (2014) and we are now about to apply for working tax credits as a couple. Previous to that she had been living alone for two years after separating from a long term partner. They were claiming tax credits together as a couple and I assume that their claim would and SHOULD have ceased when she moved out and lived alone for the next two years. I am uncertain as to whether she claimed as an individual during that time. During our recent discussions about a new joint claim for the two of us, it came to light that she has just been asked by her ex to submit financial information relating to their joint claim up to when they separated two years ago. I am slightly confused as to why. Is it feasible that the tax office would be wanting information from so far back? And for what reason? The reason I ask is because I am concerned that her ex never stopped their claim when they separated and what the consequences of that may be for us. Is it just me or does it sound a bit suspect?
  20. How does this work? I'm actually quite late for this so they might no backdate it, anyway they failed to send the form out again last year! Every years I have to contact them to send one out but I have been so busy. Can I assume that I don't need to defer then if they don't send the form out and just ignore it, and move somewhere else? ie. where they can't trace me
  21. Need some advice. HMRC decided we were now eligible for Working Tax Credits which is the first time since 2007. On the phone they said "are your bank details the same?" and I said yes, assuming that they were the account they use every month to pay my Child Tax Credit into. However they paid into an account that Santander closed in 2011. Anyway, HMRC sent me an award notice for the year with 3 one-off payments, on 24/25/26 November and then normal 4 weekly payments starting in December. They've sent the payments to the closed Santander account. HMRC now say that it was accepted by the BACS account, Santander say they haven't got it because it's a closed account. Any ideas how long it should take to bounce back to them and be reissued? HMRC now say that they will do a new award notice but that I should still get the payments (they total over £2000 and I really need them).
  22. From October 2014, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are starting to recover old tax credit overpayment debts from new ongoing tax credit awards. If you're getting tax credits and you have a tax credit debt from a previous claim that has ended, HMRC will write to you to tell you that they will deduct it from your current payments. They won't deduct more than 25 per cent of your current claim. If your current claim is a joint claim, HMRC can include any previous overpayments from single claims that have ended in this process. If necessary, they can bring together a number of debts from different years and households and deduct them in a single amount. You can't normally dispute a decision to recover an overpayment where it has been more than three months since you received your final decision notice. However, you can still make a complaint if you're not happy about how HMRC have dealt with your claim. If you are suffering hardship as a result of paying back an overpayment, you can call the Tax Credit Payment Helpline on 0345 302 1429 and ask them to review your payments. You will need to give full details of your circumstances. These changes won't affect you if you already have an arrangement in place to repay any old overpayments. For more information about tax credits overpayments, see Adviceguide fact sheet Tax credit overpayments [ 190 KB]. For HMRC guidance on how they deal with overpayments, see their Code of Practice 'What happens if we’ve paid you too much tax credits?' on the GOV.UK website at www.gov.uk. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/news/whats_new_oct14_tax_credits-_recovery_of_old_debts.htm
  23. Quick version - i did not renew our tax credits for 2014/2015 as our circumstance has now changed and we wouldnt need nor qualify for them. Got a letter few weeks ago saying we had been overpaid, for the entire 2013/2014 claim, so 4.5 K In addition apparently an extra fine of over £1 k because i did not renew the claim to inform them i did not intend to claim any longer. I wrote back to them right away and asked them to explain how they worked all this out and also to dispute their decision. no reply to my letter, but got a new letter today basiaclly ramping up the debt collection side, saying they will pass me on to a debt collection agency unless i work out a paymnent plan I called them up, and they said yes they received my letter on Oct 23rd, but all enforcement action against me carries on regardless of any appeal or dispute. Apparently they wrote to me in the spring asking for more in depth details of my work, but i never received this letter, and thus when i did not give this extra info they decided my whole claim was thrown out .. and then also decided i owe an extra £1100 for not renewing. I spoke to a very obnoxious young man on the phone today who basically spoke down to me like i was a naughty school child. I told him i had written to them to dispute it, and he basically said " how can you dispute it if you dont know what your disputing " ... it was like banging my head against a brick wall with this kid. horrible little thing ! anyways, i have had to agree a payment plan with them... after reading the forums here i have sent an SAR to them but they just e mailed me and said they have 40 days to get back to me, in the meantime im guilty until proven innocent apparently. surely all this can not be right at all ?? guilty until proven innocent and even in that case not given a timeframe to prove my innocence
  24. There must be somewhere (online preferably), that I can find out the formula and criteria for the tax credits calculations - working, child, child care? We call the tax credits help line, give all our details, and they just seem to enter it into a computer which spits out the result. They can't (or won't?) give us any clue as to what effect a change in circumstances will have, just tell us to wait for a letter. It's obviously quite a complex calculation, but I can't seem to find any real detail on it, either it's a secret or I'm useless at searching! Does anyone have a link to the information?
  25. In 2007 I sent back all of my forms to claim tax credits as I always did. After a few weeks I got a letter saying that I still had not returned my forms. I rang them that day. The guy on the phone told me they were having difficulties with the computers and he would help me as much as we could. He asked me where there any changes in income and I said no, I said my daughter had gone back into full time education and that was all ok. For the previous years I had received around about £550 worth of tax credits and for the years that followed I received the same amount of money. The payments went in the bank in 2007 and I thought nothing more of it. Then in 2008 I got a letter saying that I had not been entitled to the payments as I had not completed the forms. I told them I had spoken to a man on the phone but they refused to believe me. Since 2008 we have been arguing with them about £550. I contacted my MP who spoke to them and they have told him I have to pay the money back. I have argued that I did nothing wrong and I was entitled to the money. Since 2012 I had heard nothing from them and thought that they must have written it of. Then last week we got a letter from Equita a debt collecting company who have said they will be calling to collect the money from us or seize goods. Do I have tpo pay this or continue fighting for money that was mine anyway and a mistake by them for continuing paying it if the paper work wasn't in place. Thanx
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