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  1. Evening all I hope you are all well, it has been a long time since I have beenon apart from an odd few replies and this time I need some help understanding the wonderful world of HMRC etc! OK, as you may know I started work in October 2015 (great news and still happy and away from the DWP!) I am in receipt of WTC (single, no children etc) of £207.08p/m from 2015-2016 financial year (new financial year upon us!) This is based on me starting work end of October 15 to March 31st this year on a salary of £17,031 so in effect only working for 6 months in claim year. I get paid monthly and thought I would call to see what my position was in the next financial year and after a 25 minute call wait and a lengthy discussion I am still none the wiser. They said I would need to declare my earnings for April 16 to April 17 which of course would be the full year, so £17,031 and would have a £2,500 disregard so a figure of £14,531. Based on that my WTC payments seem to be £0.00pm (great!) What I was also told is taxable benefits (signed off 25/10/2015) would be included as well. Now, they said my payment for April 27th would be around £80.00 based on my earnings Oct15-Mar16 of around £7,305.00 but even though I get a renewal pack between April and June 2016 I would need to call them to update my circumstances around 8th April but Iam still unsure what information I need to give. Will WTC payments be based on my income from Oct15-Mar16 or Apr16-Apr17? If the latter then I get £0.00pm as I guess I had a full years WTC in financial year 2015-2016. What I am worried about more than anything is if I continue to get payments, even at £80.00pm and I misinform them with info due to my lack of understanding I could be met with a horrid situation of trying to deceive HMRC and a request for repayment of funds. I am very confused on what I should get, even if nothing and how I should go about doing a renewal - i.e. wait for pack which could be June (deadline for renewals is 31/07) and get say 4 months payments I am not allowed (overpayments) or call and update straight away and get a letter stating I get nothing. Obviously loss of WTC will be a hit but I am still earning more than on benefits so would adjust accordingly. Any help appreciated.
  2. I had a DRO last year which after closing my business down wiped out about £9,000 of business rates and other things such as unpaid tax and electricity etc. All well. We live, we try and if we fail we hope that we can pick ourselves back up and have another go. Now, today I had a letter from Rossendales they said I owe £1000+ for over payment of tax credit. There's no way I was overpaid. To my knowledge it was all signed off and all acccounted for in the DRO. I am trying to move on, not be dragged down by this crap and I will not let them affect me. What to do? I actually called Rossendale and told them this and half way thorugh realised people say do it in writing. They only told me what I know, that they are acting on behalf of HMRC. Really not sure what to do at this stage. Please advise. I am through with these people trying to mess me up.
  3. I wanted to know what the new rules are with regards to withdrawing consent for the WP to share your info/contact people on your behalf/claim their fat payment for my hard work when I get a job .. as I am sure I read it had changed since last year, also coincidentally each time I attend a review meeting I get loads of spammy job/credit emails in the weeks after which seems a little timely!! Am getting increasingly fed up with the WP provider, by and large I have had a year of having to attend weekly job clubs with slow computers and the like but since I hit the year mark it seems to have ramped up big time, I have a good work history with good companies and a degree and the minute my latest advisor saw it his eyes lit up and I have been pestered left right and centre. I was upped to two job clubs a week and also appointments/training sessions/interview techniques etc on one or more additional days a week and it was getting silly and made me ill so I had two weeks off with stress symptoms. I then had more blinking appointments and changes to my job clubs and was told a few weeks back at 1pm on a Monday that I was to stay after job club that day for extra sessions looking into agencies and applying for more jobs for 2 hours each day that week (mysteriously my letter had 'got lost in the post' telling me this), I kicked up a bit of a stink as I am a single parent and said I had to pick my son up from school at 3 so those times were unsuitable, so with a bit of looking at bus timetables he relented to sessions from 1-2.30 each afternoon that week which was still pushing it as am reliant on public transport which is never the best, I attended the first and then had enough, got upset (I am on antidepressants and suffering severe anxiety at the moment relating to a thyroid condition I have just been diagnosed with) and I decided to get another doctors note for 2 weeks. During this two weeks I had a letter from them saying I had to come in during that time and I politely told him NO, the day my sick period ended there arrived a letter saying I had to attend a review appointment in 2 days time and I just knew he was going to mess me about, sure enough on the Friday afternoon at the appt he says I need to up my attendance to daily sessions of 4 hours, which means dropping my son at school, a 45 min bus journey there, then getting back in just enough time to pick him up, I protested that I had a PC at home and why did I need to do all this on their premises and he said I might 'get distracted' at home (as opposed to their noisy office of course!!), that I had appts to arrange and so on which were being neglected due to them calling me in all the time willy nilly saying they are mandatory and have to attend, and he said as I was a jobseeker I should jobseek during those hours, I have no prob doing this, my JSA agreement says 5 jobs a week and they say 10 which I do easily and have never not done, he is also pressurising me to do full time work/get a better off calculation for FT work, which my JSA flexibilities say I don't have to pursue due to being a lone parent, there is no mention of any beneficial training, and any suggestions for that or clothing for interviews have been shot down in flames, its just flaming jobsearching in their offices every day, presumably so I can't attend any interviews without them knowing and that I get fed up with the arrangement. Its not as if I am not trying to get a job, I have had about 6 interviews in the last few months but none successful, am really fed up with the situation with the WP and its making me feel worse, we are reviewing the situation tomorrow after my session and I know he is prob going to suggest the same again next week when I have 2 inset days at my sons school, I really just resent the fact that they think they can pressure me like this and assume I have no plans for the week or anything else to do, and then get a nice big payment for MY efforts at the end of it all so want to know what my rights are, unfortunately at the beginning I signed all their docs as I was being too blinking nice!! PS. Sorry this is a bit of a rant having looked at it, but felt good to vent!!
  4. Hi all, I'm lousy at writing descriptive titles, so apologies in advance I plan to remortgage my home in April of this year, and want to collate proof of income from both self employment and benefits/tax credits paid to me over the last 3 years. Is possible to write to the HMRC and DWP to get a list of all benefits paid into my bank account for the past 3 years? So I can use that as proof of a secondary income?
  5. I have been looking into entitlements all day and I am just going round in circles. I could really do with some advice. The abolishment of the family element in housing benefit is my main worry. I don't know if it will affect me or not? I have a 2.5 year old and our second baby is due in May, and according to 'entitledto' we will be entitled to some housing benefit in 16/17. But I don't know if this will start after I have the baby, or when I go on maternity leave in April. Also, as mentioned above, I don't know whether the abolishment will affect the result I am getting. I know it only affects new claims after 1st May, so if I submit my claim in April when my maternity leave starts- will I be entitled to the family element? I am thinking I will still get it, because I already have a child and my circumstances are changing prior to 1st May. Now, it seems I will be entitled to more help (around an extra £70 a month) if I do not continue with my childcare vouchers through my employer. But I don't want to opt out of the scheme to find that the calculations were all wrong and I would have been better off with continuing with the childcare vouchers. Would it be possible to cancel the childcare vouchers once I've heard back regarding my claims? Anything else I need to consider? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hope someone can help with advice please? In 2014 I claimed tax credits for the first time for a period of 6 months only (April 14 Oct 14) In July 2015 I was asked to renew my tax credits, which I didn't as I was not receiving tax credits anymore (Im now aware I should have done it anyway) Because I did not renew, HMRC have used an estimate figure of my self employment income. They have used £2562.50 but it was actually only £149. HMRC say I owe £2,133 because they have had to calculate on their estimate self employment income. They advise I can dispute it but because I did not do my renewal it is very unlikely it will get agreed and the £2,133 will have to be paid back. I have admitted it was my fault due to simply never claiming before and unaware I had to renew, If I had renewed and input the correct figures I would not owe anything. Do I have a chance with this? My fault for not knowing how the system works!
  7. Hello All Advantis are chasing me and my wife for £3433.13 for an overpayment of tax credits. I was made bankrupt three years ago and I'm pretty sure the overpayment to which they are referring was from before that time. If the debt was before the bankruptcy (which was initiated by the HMRC on a separate matter) shouldn't it have been included in the bankruptcy petition? My wife is named separately on the account so I would figure that even before we disputed the amount it should only be for her share and not mine if mine was cleared with the bankruptcy. Also, what is Advantis' role in this? They claim to have been sent the account by HMRC but will not confirm whether or not they purchased the debt. They are also claiming that they can only send me any paperwork they have on me if I request it in writing and pay them £10.00 for it. Any views would be very welcome. Cheers Mike
  8. My temp job ended a couple of weeks ago. I was receiving Working Tax Credits, so I rang the HMRC helpline to inform them of my change of circumstances. They told me I would receive 4 more weeks of WTC and then it will stop. So I made a rapid reclaim. When asked if I was also receiving other benefits, I ticked yes ( I am not sure if that was the correct thing to do). Then I received a letter from the DWP confirming that my claim was accepted, by the amount is just over £40 a week. I assume it's because of the WTC. My question is: once my WTC runs out, is it just as simple as calling the JSA helpline and informing them of my new circumstances or is there anything else I should do now? Any help will be appreciated.
  9. I have been claiming tax credits for 3 years, this year being the 3rd year. For the other 2 years the claims have been fine and have been for a single person claim. I have received a letter from Concentrix who are investigating my current tax year credits. They are saying they have evidence that someone is living with me. After I had claimed this year my boyfriend did move in with me so what they are saying is correct.. It's not right that I continued to claim and I should have made them aware but if I'm being honest I didn't even think about it at the time he moved in. I know I should have done but I didn't. Come the next years claim I would have not put in a claim as I'm unlikely to be entitled, Entirely my own fault. I have called Concentrix and said my partner does live here and asked them to stop the credits so that I don't have even more money to pay back. I suspect I'll have around £2000- £2100 to pay back if they ask for the whole year (he didn't move in until July though). Will I be asked to pay back the credits plus a fine and penalty or am I likely to be prosecuted for this? I deserve to be made to pay back it was my fault but it is the prosecution that is obviously the biggest worry. Any advice would be gratefully received. Shamefaced to say the least.
  10. I'm the latest it seems to get the dreaded letter. "We have new information that suggests their is someone at your address linked to you" Now, I have a joint tenant who HMRC say isn't part of my household. They share the flat, but we have separate bedrooms and lives. We have never been in a relationship and she is on the housing list to find her own place. We currently live in a housing association rented property. I have asked my landlord to send me a letter confirming our tenancy is a joint tenancy which they are going to do. They want copies of all utility bills - over 3/4 are paperless, so do I just print off endless sheets of bills? Some are in just my name, some are in both. Surely the joint tenant bit is good enough? We share no bank accounts, mortgages or anything - just names on the joint tenancy, and some bills. I did phone Concentrix and the lady on the phone was pleasant but I now fear I am going to be told I am in a relationship I am not in and they'll take my tax credits, fine me and ask me to pay back payments. I shouldn't have anything to worry about, but I am very worried. I have a health condition that increases my anxiety and my condition affects my heart as well. I've also contacted CAB to inform them of my situation but also my local MP. He's hopeless and never responds to anyone, but I had to rant about the potential tax credit changes. I am really angry at the moment. I appreciate they have to investigate sometimes, but the hassle and the anxiety it's causing really is very unfair.
  11. Hi, I received a letter from HMRC that they overpaid around 4200 pounds. I applied for tax credit for a couple in April 2014, According to information and earnings in 2013 to 2014 they started to pay me around 400 pound a month. Because I was doing a lot of overtime they lowered to 300 pounds after a few months and finally to 150. In April 2015 they stopped, I send renewal form in August and waited till today, BANG! last day of the year. They think they overpaid 4200 and want it back! I do not understand why, even if I started to earn more it should affect another year, not the same year. I found a mistake that on the letter there is an information that my girlfriend worked 4 hours a week. I called them about it but the guy said to me it doesnt matter, she earned 9000 I earned 19000, 28 000 altogether, we earned too much and we have to give it back. It was hard to understand the guy because I am foreigner and he was speaking fast with a northern accent. Maybe 28 000 really to much for them, but why we have to give all the money back? How could I know how much overtime I will do? On the letter there is no clear information why they overpaid, there is just info about our earnings and how much overpaid, ridiculous! What should I do in this situation?
  12. I moved back into my parent's house at the start of this year which was also when I registered as self-employed. I currently haven't been paying any council tax since I assume I have to let the council know I've moved in. My Dad doesn't have to pay any council tax. I have the money to pay for it but what sort of trouble can I expect to be in when I let the council know about this? Also I've so far earned around £8k this year so I think I may be able to benefit from working tax credits. Am I allowed to back date this benefit to the start of the year from when I registered as self-employed? However, I also have £10k in savings so I don't know how this will effect the benefit. Any help appreciated.
  13. Hi i would be really grateful if anyone can help or advise my situation, i feel absolutely sick and i cant stop shaking.. Please dont judge me I got a letter today from tax credits saying they believe another adult is living with me and they need documents from 6th april 2015 - 30th June 2015.. I Have been living with my partner since january, he is the dad to my 2 sons and i am so ashamed for not telling tax credits that he is living with me..he doesn't work or he is not on any benefits at all..i work but im on maternity leave at the minute..what should i do? I feel physically sick at the thought of going to jail i dont want my kids to end up being dissapointed in me please help x
  14. I claim working tax credits as part of joint married claim. My partner receives the money for us both. I have been refused NI credits because I don't receive the money. Yet if circumstances were exactly the same apart from us being married/living together both of us would get credits. Surely this is discrimination under the Equality Act? Is there anything I can do about this?
  15. I was off work for about a year in 2012, and was very ill with anxiety/depression, have proof from a consultant and GP. Meanwhile HMRC decided to send me a tax credits claim form. I haven't claimed for quite a few years, so was surprised, rang them, and they said that they owed me around £1800, I said no I don't think so, but they paid it into an old bank account, which I was unable to retrieve. Back to work in 2012/13 and received some small amounts of money from HMRC,a and then it stopped, now they are claiming I owe them £400. I have written and complained, now it has gone to a DCA, with no warning or answers to my letters. I did start paying HMRC a token payment by SO some time ago, to keep happy, whilst this mess was sorted out. I cannot get over the lack of communication, or even basic replies to my recorded delivery letters. What to do next is my main query, as I cannot afford to pay it,and they did not offer an instalment plan or PAYE code change. So ****ed off with HMRC.
  16. Hi all. I am a single mother with three children aged between 4 and 10. I worked in a London law firm up until I was made redundanticon in 2007 and then my husband and I decided I should stay at home with the children while he went out to work. In June 2012 my husband and I suffered a very messy separation, he moved out, and we haven't been on speaking terms since and he hasn't been interested in seeing his children for quite some time. After my husband moved out I informed HMRC of the change and was awarded Child Tax Credits which have been paid to me until August this year when I received a notification that due to the fact there was the belief my husband had never left my Child Tax Credits had been stopped and I was asked to repay all the Tax Credits I have received since June 2012 which amounts to £13,000. I DO NOT have this sort of money. I am also no longer entitled to benefits such as free school meals for my children since I am no longer in receipt of Child Tax Creditsl I objected to these claims and so was asked to send a bunch of documents which I duly sent immediately. I then waited months for a decision to be made and last week I received a lettericon to say their opinion hadn't changed and I am still therefore not entitled to Child Tax Credits. However, the letter did state I could send in further documentation for their consideration, which I immediately did, and am now awaiting further correspondence from them. Could anybody give me some advice please? I am 100% entitled to those Child Tax Credits. Alongside this issue I am now being refused income support and housing benefit due to the fact I co-own properties in another part of the country. Since my separation with my husband I have been living on a chunk of money received from the sale of a property. However, the balance of my bank account had dropped very low and so I decided it was time to put in a claim for housing benefit and council tax deduction and to claim income support. However, I have been informed I am unable to claim these benefits due to the fact my ex-husband and I own properties in another part of the country and because I cannot give them much information about these properties because he always dealt with the properties (I just signed on the dotted line and provided the cash) and he took all the paperwork with him when he left and kept control of all the properties including receiving all income from rent. I have given the addresses of the properties and rough estimates of how much I believe them to be worth but I don't know anything about the mortgages or the tenants or any other details. My bank statements prove I haven't been benefiting financially from them at all and am not receiving any rental income. There is absolutely no way for me to obtain the information required due to the fact my husband despises me and absolutely refuses to speak to me. I have asked a solicitor but was told there is no way to force him to provide this information. I would really like to sell the properties in order to buy my own house but my husband refuses to sell. He also refuses to divorceicon me and therefore I am unable to sell the properties through that. I am so worried about what will happen if I can't claim ANY benefits. I have properties to sell but I am not in a position to sell them. I cannot live in them because they are so far away and our life is here. Besides, they all only have one bedroom. In two or three months I will have no money left in order to pay my rent or to survive in general. Please can somebody advise me whether I should be entitled to income support, housing benefit and council tax reduction even though I own properties in other parts of the country? Or is the expectation that I move into one of those properties, even though they aren't suitable and are far away from our life here? It would mean all the children changing schools and living in a cramped 1 bed flat. As I have already stated there is no way I can sell the properties. Or can I? Is there a way to force my ex-husband to sell the properties? I am EXTREMELY worried for our future. The ONLY income I have currently is £190 per month child benefit. That is ALL. I have £2,500 in my current account and once that runs out I have not a clue what I am going to do if I cannot claim the benefits and the Child Tax Credits I require in order to pay my rent and survive. I have terrible visions of me and the three children ending up homeless on the street. We have no relatives to help us out. The only option for the children would be to live with their father but considering he is mental and has frequently threatened to kill us all I couldn't bear for that to happen. He took me to court earlier this year to try to obtain residency of the children but thankfully his case was not successful. However, if we lose our home it would be our only option. I am so worried. Please can anybody offer me some advice in this thread on how I can go about proving to HMRC that my ex-husband no longer lives at my address and therefore claiming the Child Tax Credits to which I am fully entitled? Also what can I do about the fact I have no money to live on or to pay my rent and yet I cannot claim any benefits? Thank you so much in advance.
  17. Hello we received a letter in September 2015 informing us of an overpayment of the above amount. At that point my husband phoned tax credits and agreed to pay. We didnt pay at that time. We have received another letter demanding the money in full or by direct debit and unless this happens they will pass this onto a debt collection agency to collect. We do not know where this overpayment has come from and after discussion are unwilling to pay it. What can we do. We live in Scotland.
  18. Hi, I am wanting some advice on how to deal with Concentrix (the privatised part of the HMRC) with regards to a accusation that my mum is living with someone. Background Information: I am a full time carer for my mum and so live in the same household along with my adult brother and 2 under 10 year old sisters. My mum has a boyfriend who lives and works 200 miles away from us and visits most weekends and holidays, but he does in no way financially support us. I have lasting financial power of attorney for my mother. This accusation is likely another aggressive action from my mum's ex who has made accusation to everyone from the Police to the DWP, Child Support and now HMRC. We have been asked to provide ALL bank statements, bills, coucil tax etc... since April 2015. I will be sending them a copy of the power of attourney so I am able to speak to this new company on the phone etc... I have been repeatedly told to write a cover letter explaining things but I have dyslexia and my confidence with such things is not good. Any advice on this or how to stop these accusations happening again would be welcomed. Thanks!
  19. Hi, I am self employed and have been claimed working tax credits since 2003. Each year I renew by end of July with an estimated income and give them the real figure by 31st Jan the following year when i`ve submitted my self assessment . It has all gone smoothly until this last July when I was advised renewed online instead of my usual telephone renewal. Somehow it missed my wifes pension income off. The following week I received a payment that was almost twice what I usually receive. I immediately phone them to put the error right. The lady said not a problem easily sorted out and you`ll receive an updated award and any over payment will probably be deducted weekly from your payment. But it may take a couple of weeks due to high volume. Anyway fast forward 3 weeks and still getting overpaid ,rang back and they said wasn't sure what had happened but we`ll make a note of it and pass it on. This went on for several more weeks finally an advisor said a letter had just went that day . No letter . Still waiting. I wrote a complaint addressed to Preston head office and today received a letter saying thankyou for updating your claim with an estimated income please provide the real figure by 31st Jan. I thought what is going on ??? Have they actually read my letter..? I must owe several hundred pounds now as this has been going since the first week of August . It is paid into my bank account where I`m always into the overdraft, so can`t keep it . Please any advice how to get this sorted . I have informed them several times and wrote to them , do I have to pay it back??? Thanks
  20. Hello, today I received a letter from HMRC regarding my and my partners Tax credit award. The letter states that we have been randomly selected for an enquiry. HMRC are requesting :- a) Details of any social security benefits received. b) Evidence of child benefit entitlement including reference number (example, bank statement showing payments received) c) Bank statements for the period 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015 (This is very specific, not like a whole year or anything) Now, Just to make you all aware, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, and WILL be sending all the information to them.. however, my question is, Do the HMRC have a right to demand bank statements? Has this been passed in Law? what rights do we have regarding the request for bank statements? Just for clarity, On the claim is myself, my partner and our three children aged between 4 and 11, we are in receipt of Tax Credits, Work Related Activity Group for ESA and child benefit.. We are both unemployed due to severe ill health. Thanks in advance
  21. I have been incredible stupid and continued to claim tax credits as a single parent when my partner has lived with me for several years. I am really ashamed and can't believe why I allowed myself to be so greedy and stupid. I have two kids from previous relationship and one with current partner . Current partner is on the mortgage and council tax as would not have got the house otherwise. I think it will be virtually impossible for me to prove he hasn't lived here all the time. The bills are in my name, but we have the mortgage and council tax in joint names. they have sent a letter saying they are looking at April 2014-2015 and the current year. I am beyond terrified that they will look at previous years and the overpayment will be massive as well as the fraud meaning will go to prison. I have an appointment at the CAB tomorrow. I want to fully admit that I was not entitled to claim for the time they have stated in their lette r and will offer to pay back in full if they will let me _ bank loan maybe? Should I come clean about previous years? I am making myself sick with worry - my partner had no idea I was doing this. Can anyone tell my what happened to them? I can't look my children in the eye and I am convinced I will be sent to prison.
  22. I have recently submitted an application for WTC in mid September.I called for an update in mid October and was told the application was now with the tax compliance team and would be about 4 weeks. Why would that be the case as this is my first application for benefits of any sort I have submitted?Thanks.
  23. Hi all. First of all apologies for the long post. I will try to explain this as best I can. As some of you know I am back in employment from 26th October. I don’t mind giving figures as they will help with some of the answers. OK, here goes. · I signed off JSA 23/10 (last payment date 25/10) being paid around 28/10 · I start work on 26/10 with a £17,031 salary (salary date is 23 of each month) · I applied for Working Tax Credits (WTC) as I thought I was entitled · This morning I get a letter from JSA saying my JSA 16/10/15 to 31/03/2016 will be £20.04pw as I have £53.06 coming in. This is irrelevant as my last payment is being processed now. Have JSA (DWP) been liaising with HMRC (WTC) already? · I call HMRC (WTC) this morning and ask for an update – they say I have a payment of £214.60 to me on 11/11 – I think all is well. · HMRC then say we have no salary for you down only my income from JSA which was £3774.00. They then base that until the end of the financial year my income is around £7205 so WTC would only be paid on this if anything at all but he could not say what it would be at this stage. · HMRC then tell me WTC for a single person with no children is only paid if you are on £13,000 or less, however, when I done an on line calculation it says I am entitled to £1384pa Can anyone shed any light on my entitlement, if any? I can manage on my new salary, quite frankly it is double what I had on benefits but the way I think is if I do have entitlement why should I not claim it to help with fares etc. I am very confused as they did not actually have my claim form in front of them but on their system they had my details but only a figure for JSA income not my salary. Thanks all.
  24. Hi Ladies and Gents Yesterday I started a new part time job and ceased with my Self Employed status. I filled out the HMRC for and received confirmation last night they had received it with a confirmation number. Now I tried to get through to HMRC today, after going through the gate keeping questions it requires me to have PAYE reference and payroll number. I don't have a payroll number yet till next week. Can I still give them all the other details they require omitting the payroll number giving them next week. I just wondered if the ceasation of Self Employed would stop my Working Tax element for next weeks payment on a Thursday. Is one section quick enough to inform the other. I am hoping my working tax will not stop or I will not be able to pay my rent on the second of November.
  25. Hi folks, So I'm in a bit of a complicated situation, I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. I guess I'm just curious what people think/advice/am I doing the right thing/anything else I could do? Last year I split up with my ex. I knew he had looked into some sort of tax credits scenario a few months before we split, however I never filled in any forms and never saw any money, thus thought no more of it. In June of this year I discovered he's been claiming joint couples working tax credits under both our names since last year. When phoning the HMRC about this they "fixed" their records, and proceeded to inform me that "overpayment letters" would likely be sent out. I told them I'd never received any money nor signed a form, nor knew he was doing this, they told me that I "must have" signed a form. I got C.A.B advice and did a Subject Access Request for the initial application forms (as I disputed the existence of a signature), and while waiting for these to arrive I asked a solicitor for help and also (on a particularly stressful day) phoned my ex and told him to get this sorted out. He said he would, unforunately he uh... doesn't believe in working. Seriously. I don't think he works at all. So I can't really see how he can pay this back, and if he can't, they'll still chase me, right? Even though I never got the money and work hard every week to pay my bills! The solicitor was skeptical about the lack of signature on the form, and I was even starting to doubt myself as to whether I had inadvertantly signed the form as the last few months of our relationship were pretty horrible/a bit of a haze of stress. Solicitor suggested he would send a letter to the HMRC explaining that I did not know about the claim, received no money, and for them to only chase my ex for the money. This letter was sent over a month ago, still no response for HMRC. The past two weeks - letters start flooding in. Firstly, the fruits of my Subject Access Request labour - a massive envelope containing, among other things, the initial application form. It is entirely filled out in my ex's handwriting, and there are NO SIGNATURES on it at all. Not his, nor mine. I can't see why these would be redacted (perhaps his, but why mine? Especially when I asked for it specifically?). Finally, this week I've received two "notices to pay" for overpayments to my ex totalling about £4500. They have been sent to him too (he's told me in an email he's dealing with it). I just don't trust that he will when he thought it was ok to do this in the first place, and also where is he getting £4500 from?? The deadline for re-paying this is in October! If he has no money/offers a tiny monthly repayment, they might still come after me? I've thought of phoning them to say "hey guys, no signature, why are you chasing me?" but I thought it best to wait and see what the solicitor thinks. So that's pretty much where it's at. I've told my solicitor about the S.A.R news and am waiting to hear from him... what a mess! Hope I'm approaching it the right way.
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