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Found 24 results

  1. In 2012 I went down the CCA road and defaulted with 2 credit cards, it was getting managed by a company called General Recoveries. They went bust so I'm dealing with it myself now. In the last 2 years I received letters from Cabot who had taken over both accounts. I sent them CCA letters, they replied acknowledging debts would be unenforcable if they couldn't get the agreement etc. Hadn't heard anything for a while and have recently checked my credit report as I was hoping to get a mortgage next year when it will be over 6 years since the original defaults. My score was fair on Expe
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Due to some unfortunate circumstances many years ago, I got into around £8000 worth of debt. I am still owing this money and really want to get it sorted as it has had a big effect on my life. A family member has offered to pay £2000 towards the debt for a full and final agreement. I would really like to get a mortgage at some point in the future and am pinning my hopes on having a better credit report in 4 years time (once the date of my last default, Feb 2012, falls off the report due to its age - the debts themselves are fr
  3. Hi all, I've a general question and not sure where to post it, so Mods please move if I'm in the wrong place! Since November 2009, my husband has been paying £120 per month to Moorcroft for an old RBS credit card debt. My question is: why does his credit report on Noddle show "DF" (for "default") every month since November 2009? Surely, if he's been paying this amount in line with what he agreed with Moorcroft, it should be reflected in his credit report? Any help or advice will be most appreciated.
  4. In 2008 I had a run of bad luck, firstly I lost my well paid job and had to take a much lower paid job and then I became poorly and was unable to work so only got paid SSP. Long story short I defaulted on my mortgage and my house was repossessed at age 27. I moved to rented accommodation and waited to hear from Northern Rock about my situation. They never contacted me so when I moved again I sent them a letter with my new address details and asked them what was happening with my defaulted mortgage. They still didn't write back to me. A lawyer friend advised me that they had probably written of
  5. Hi, I have a question with regards to my credit reports, i'm not sure if this is the correct forum for it? I currently have a Barclays credit card which is currently fully paid off and has been updated as of 15/12/2013 and shows my credit limit, but I was told that the account was shut and I needed to re-apply if I wanted to use it. I'm not too bothered about using it, but my questions is, does it currently help my credit status as it is? Or should I get rid of the account to boost my credit status? Many thnks for your help.
  6. Hi There, I hope you are all well! As the title suggests, I'm just fishing for information about exactly what happens when one sets up a direct debit ... is it only if i miss a payment that the address would be passed to the credit agency? Thanks in advance, James.
  7. I just recieved the documents back from Welcome Financial after the SAR Request. Within all its contents, there no no mention of them sending me a default notice, no copies of the default notice nor have they mentioned the postal of such notice in the Account Collection Notes that they have provided. It does mention that a Default sum notice was ISSUED on 02/01/2009 and the default was placed on my credit file on 11/05/2009, but I do not recall recieving any default notices. What suprises me is with the SAR documents they have sent a Default notice dating 23/11/2010 with no signatu
  8. Hi there In 2007, due to unforeseen circumstances, I entered into an IVA. One of the creditors within the IVA was Halifax. The IVA was successfully completed early in 2010. Since undertaking the IVA in 2007, I have periodically contacted Halifax and their debt collection subsidiary Blair, Oliver & Scott, to request that default payments appearing on my credit report are zeroed out. Halifax should be well aware that an IVA was in effect from 2007, as well as completed in 2010, owing to the following reasons: 1) Halifax attended the initial IVA meeting in 2007 and were
  9. Hi all,I hope I have placed this in the right forum. I am seeking advice to a problem almost identical to the below thread:"Payday loans and credit files. Hi all I hope you can help me please with my new quest.I am in the process of rebuilding my credit report after being really really stupid in the past but all is well now, just got 2 defaults and they will be off next year. YEY!Anyway I have been taking out small payday loans from PDUK after reading this on there website,
  10. Hullo Caggers I'm ex BR and have been for a couple of years now. I'm very careful with my credit score and how its affected. However, I do need some advice. Every so often I check my credit score - Experian loves me - Equifax seems to hate me (Any reason for that?? ) The last time I checked my credit score on Equifax - it was 337. 3 Months later and It's dropped to 279 and there are a few strange things... I shall post a few screen shots in hope that one of you amazing folks can shed some light!! I have no extra credit taken out Same bank account No searches No
  11. Hi. Any help with this would be appreciated. I share my name with my father (though we have different middle names, and these are displayed on my file) and his electoral roll info appeared on my Equifax credit file last year. The electoral roll section shows my info, covering my time at my parents address and my current address, and my father's. This hasn't really been a problem until last week when I was alerted to new credit agreement with Vanquis Bank on my file. My first thought was identity fraud. However, a conversation with my mother revealed it was my dad's new credit card.
  12. Hi - I have several issues with various debt collection agencies, none of which are of my own making. There is an individual living in another part of the country with the same name and DOB as me, he keeps running up bad debts and then disappearing. Obviously, when these agencies go looking for him, I am always top of the list and so have lots of hassle trying to convince these people that I'm not this other person. I have been trying to get my credit report cleaned up recently, and am in the process of getting many incorrect address links removed, this is progressing well and when t
  13. I have been looking through my credit report recently and have noticed four defaults registered on there. Two of these from Lowell Portfolio, a third from 123 Debt Solutions and a fourth from 1st Credit Ltd. I have never received any written notification of these defaults and want to know what routes I need to take to dispute the defaults as I am paying back the debts on a monthly basis. Any helpful advice will be gratefully appreciates as always.
  14. Please can someone try to help me understand a few points on my credit report? Under Credit Searches, there are no searches present. Under Other Searches I have a large number of "Consumer Letters Enquiries. All dated this year. I am wondering if these searches were caused by me constantly phoning and writing to Equifax to try to get my report. (It took 4 months of hard work to get it.) I also have some searches at the end of last year and the beginning of this year from agencies, Capita Hartshead Tracing Solutions (for two addresses) and Financial processing UK Ltd. As t
  15. After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Equifax I was concerned to note that Orange had placed a "Default" against an account in my name. The default seems to be with regards to a missed payment of £25.52 for the month of June 2010. I failed to make the payment. I assumed that this payment would be added to my direct debit for the following month. I therefore made no arrangements for the outstanding payment since I am a direct debit customer. At the time I was on the paper-less billing scheme, I relied on the fact that my direct debit payments were being taken to assure me tha
  16. Hi there, Long time no post. I have a Lloyds current account which I don't use - it has 72 pence in it. I have a loan with them that is completely 100% paid up to date and in order which will be paid off fully in 4 months - never missed a payment. Last summer, Lloyds asked me to pay off the current account £300 overdraft ( I think because they could see I don't put money into the account - I pay my loan by transfer from natwest) while I was abroad for 2 months. When I came home, there were nasty letters from scm solicitors etc and messages on my answerphone. I paid them the ove
  17. I checked my credit report today and was suprised to see a default account on there! When I saw the name HFO Services and the amount in question I knew straight away that it was for my BarclayCard in my student days. I did a little research and found out HFO were a vile debt collection agency and that I was not on my own. I also remember receiving a letter from First Logistics several years ago, googling them and discovering that they are a shower of, well not very nice things, and ignoring them. Furthering my research I discovered the best option was to start a thread and seek help
  18. I have recently run into Cabot Finance, an experience that I would not wish upon anyone . The problem I have is as follows: 1. Following the sale of my house due to mental illness in 2001, I asked Barclays to close the current acount associated with my mortgage. 2. In 2009, whilst checking my credit file I was made aware that there was a default against my name logged by Barclays. (I have a copy of this credit record). The debt had arisen, not because of a credit agreement per se, but because Barclays had made an error. The debt was the accumulation of account fees that had been char
  19. I had a contract with Vodafone back in 2009, I did missed two payments mid 2009 and therefore I was dealing with this with Vodafone. I had made payments to Vodafone as requested. My phone was cut off when I was told it would not be and I was continually told different things but different members of the customer support team. I HAD made payments to Vodafone as asked, and then a letter from the debut collectors arrived?????? I called Vodafone and they told me it had already been passed over and they could do nothing about it. Even though I had made payments when we had arranged. Therefore
  20. Hi All, First of all, I hope I am posting in the right forum/subject if not please let me know. I am in the process of reviewing my credit report as it is beginning to look like in the near future my girlfriend and I will be looking to apply for a mortgage and I have a few things on my credit report I'd like to clear up. On my credit report (with both experian and equifax) it shows my HSBC current account (recently closed) as having 2 late payment markers showing one 2 seperate occassions. After some digging I found out that these were actually not a 'late payment' but actually
  21. Hi, I have an issue with T-Mobile I'm trying to sort out and I'd appreciate some advice. First to the background... apologies for the lengthy post and the sizeable images, but I wanted to provide as much info as I can. A few years back I had a contract with T-Mobile with phones for both my wife and I on the contract. I was the sole account holder. During a girls' break abroad in 2006, my wife used her mobile to send texts to myself and our children - unknowingly racking up a hefty bill, as T-Mobile charged connection fees per text. After trying to come to an arrangement to repa
  22. Hi all, I have just bought my credit report at Equifax and found I have a default from Aug 2005 with CABOT FINANCIAL, it says Credit Card from Cabot Financial (Uk)ltd, it also says a balance of £1800+. I have no idea what this could be and nothing relates to the account no. have put a dispute in with Equifax but dont hold much hope of any sense from them. I would have thought that they would be asking me for it if I owed them £1800 but have never heard of them or the account. Can anyone help thanks
  23. Hi all, The company I work for recently took a client to court and won the case. However the judgement was issued in favour of the defendant by mistake. We quickly got the court to amend the judgement, but it has affected the companies credit report. How can we get this wrong judgement removed from the companies credit report? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi There, Connaught collections sent me a copy of my credit agreement that I requested on 7th October 2010. I received it on Tuesday 23rd November 2010. It is exactly what 1st Credit sent me 2 years ago when I requested my credit agreement from them, before they passed the debt on to Connaught - a copy of the application form I filled in. The application form does, however, say on it beside the signature area "This is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 etc etc" Below the signature area, these is a section entitled "Financial and Related Conditions" and
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