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Found 24 results

  1. In 2012 I went down the CCA road and defaulted with 2 credit cards, it was getting managed by a company called General Recoveries. They went bust so I'm dealing with it myself now. In the last 2 years I received letters from Cabot who had taken over both accounts. I sent them CCA letters, they replied acknowledging debts would be unenforcable if they couldn't get the agreement etc. Hadn't heard anything for a while and have recently checked my credit report as I was hoping to get a mortgage next year when it will be over 6 years since the original defaults. My score was fair on Experian and high on Equifax but I'm showing as being in default with Cabot from last year. Can I be in default with them when I had no agreement with them? Will this last another 6 years? I moved house a few years ago so it's possible I haven't received some letters from them. Any advise or help would be fantastic. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Due to some unfortunate circumstances many years ago, I got into around £8000 worth of debt. I am still owing this money and really want to get it sorted as it has had a big effect on my life. A family member has offered to pay £2000 towards the debt for a full and final agreement. I would really like to get a mortgage at some point in the future and am pinning my hopes on having a better credit report in 4 years time (once the date of my last default, Feb 2012, falls off the report due to its age - the debts themselves are from 7 or so years ago) What I would like to know is if I make a full and final agreement now, will that update the credit report to now? ie. so that I will have to wait 6 years instead of 4 for a clear credit report? (last default is 4 years ago) I don't know if this is the same sort of question, but I noticed that my credit report has a 'date updated' section and that one of my creditors had updated this section recently. Because this section was updated does that mean that the debt has been brought up to date, i.e. again will I have to wait 6 years instead of 4 before it disappears if I do a full and final? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, I've a general question and not sure where to post it, so Mods please move if I'm in the wrong place! Since November 2009, my husband has been paying £120 per month to Moorcroft for an old RBS credit card debt. My question is: why does his credit report on Noddle show "DF" (for "default") every month since November 2009? Surely, if he's been paying this amount in line with what he agreed with Moorcroft, it should be reflected in his credit report? Any help or advice will be most appreciated.
  4. In 2008 I had a run of bad luck, firstly I lost my well paid job and had to take a much lower paid job and then I became poorly and was unable to work so only got paid SSP. Long story short I defaulted on my mortgage and my house was repossessed at age 27. I moved to rented accommodation and waited to hear from Northern Rock about my situation. They never contacted me so when I moved again I sent them a letter with my new address details and asked them what was happening with my defaulted mortgage. They still didn't write back to me. A lawyer friend advised me that they had probably written off the debt and claimed against their insurance and wouldn't pursue me so I just left it at that. Yesterday I decided to check my credit report because my husband and I want to buy a house later this year and it turns out I have a CCJ against me for just over 10k. My actual mortgage shortfall was about £88k and is showing as a satisfied debt on my credit report but when I took out my mortgage (as a young and silly girl pre housing market collapse) they gave me a 125% deal with £10k ish as a loan. I'm assuming this is what the CCJ is for but this £10k isn't showing as an outstanding debt on my credit report. There is however a second NR debt, called 'loan from NR' showing as £88k and as settled - it is so confusing! NR did recently write to me at my current address to let me know that they may have missold me PPI and that I could claim against them (which I'm not!) so I know that they have my correct details. Could it be that they show the whole debt amount on both entries on my credit report but only applied for a CCJ against the loan part? If so then why is it showing as settled? Also, why haven't they pursued me for the debt but have a CCJ against me? Sorry for all the questions but I'm super confused by the whole thing! As I never received any letters or phone calls about this debt/CCJ is there anything I can do about it? It runs out in about 18 months so when it comes off is that my slate wiped clean with NR or are they still able to pursue me for the debt?
  5. Hi, I have a question with regards to my credit reports, i'm not sure if this is the correct forum for it? I currently have a Barclays credit card which is currently fully paid off and has been updated as of 15/12/2013 and shows my credit limit, but I was told that the account was shut and I needed to re-apply if I wanted to use it. I'm not too bothered about using it, but my questions is, does it currently help my credit status as it is? Or should I get rid of the account to boost my credit status? Many thnks for your help.
  6. Hi There, I hope you are all well! As the title suggests, I'm just fishing for information about exactly what happens when one sets up a direct debit ... is it only if i miss a payment that the address would be passed to the credit agency? Thanks in advance, James.
  7. I just recieved the documents back from Welcome Financial after the SAR Request. Within all its contents, there no no mention of them sending me a default notice, no copies of the default notice nor have they mentioned the postal of such notice in the Account Collection Notes that they have provided. It does mention that a Default sum notice was ISSUED on 02/01/2009 and the default was placed on my credit file on 11/05/2009, but I do not recall recieving any default notices. What suprises me is with the SAR documents they have sent a Default notice dating 23/11/2010 with no signature and with my address wrong on it. A letter is also enclosed stating the issue of the default notice also dated 23/11/2010, no signature and wrong or part address. This has really confused me, why are they sending me default notices dating couple weeks back with no signature and wrong address with the SAR?? If they have sent me a default notice BEFORE they placed it on my credit file, why did they not provide it with the SAR?? If the default was placed on my file in 2009, why are they sending one dating 2010? PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED LETTERS BELOW: Default Letter.pdf Default Notice.pdf
  8. Hi there In 2007, due to unforeseen circumstances, I entered into an IVA. One of the creditors within the IVA was Halifax. The IVA was successfully completed early in 2010. Since undertaking the IVA in 2007, I have periodically contacted Halifax and their debt collection subsidiary Blair, Oliver & Scott, to request that default payments appearing on my credit report are zeroed out. Halifax should be well aware that an IVA was in effect from 2007, as well as completed in 2010, owing to the following reasons: 1) Halifax attended the initial IVA meeting in 2007 and were legally informed of the IVA decision in writing 2) Halifax attended the variation meeting in relation to completion of the IVA on 14th April 2010 3) a copy of the IVA completion certificate was sent to both Halifax and Blair, Oliver & Scott in 2010, 2011 and 2012 On 26th April this year, having noticed my credit report still showed payments defaulting as recent as February 2013, despite dozens of calls to both Halifax and Blair, Oliver & Scott over the course of the past six years, I called Halifax to discuss this issue once again. It was my intention to try and seek redress in one way or the other concerning the distorted figure of outstanding debt on my credit file, as well as harassment on Halifax's part by the continued issue of statements which I am still receiving on an account that now holds a nil balance. Upon speaking to various people at Halifax last week, it seems I am none the wiser as to how the series of errors on Halifax's part have occurred. I was, however, advised that: 1) By law, Halifax are required to issue statements despite the IVA reaching completion three years ago (despite my account being settled in accordance to UK law) 2) Halifax holds no records of the numerous calls I have placed concerning this matter since as far back as 2007, and Halifax holds no record of my IVA having been completed I have a number of concerns, some of which I need advice on, including, but not exclusive to: 1) my credit report indicating I am still defaulting payment on my Halifax credit card account, despite entering into an IVA in 2007, from which time the defaulted debt should have been written down to zero. 2) the continued receipt of statements which are still being sent by Halifax periodically since 2010, following completion of my IVA, despite various calls to Halifax 3) no record of calls made to Halifax with reference to the above issues, despite calling your company on numerous occasions since 2007 Further to the above, I understand a default notice will remain on an individual's credit file for six years from the date of issue. Therefore if a default notice is issued it would remain on my credit file for longer than the IVA, which is due for removal in September of this year. The default entries since 2007, therefore, are to be considered incorrect and entries which have distorted and will continue to distort my credit file for an additional six years following the date of the last default - in this case the last default was in February of this year. Having written to Halifax once again a couple of weeks ago trying to get my credit file records amended, it seems as though I've hit a brick wall. They have stated that unless I send a discharge certificate there is nothing they can do to amend my records. Having spoken to my old debt management company they don't have any idea what this is and have advised the completion certificate I have sent on numerous occasions should suffice. Upon telling Halifax this, the complaints department advised over the phone that they would be removing all default entires on my account and writing to me notifying me of this. As I didn't receive a letter I called back to be told I would NOT have the default payments removed! Instead, Halifax wrote to me, but failed to answer questions raised in my original email which were: 1) Why Halifax has no record of my IVA having been completed, despite being in attendance at the variation meeting in 2010, as well being sent various copies of the completion certificate 2) Why Halifax did not write down the outstanding balance to zero in 2007 What Halifax intend to do in relation to readjusting my credit record to remove all defaults since the IVA was agreed in 2007 3) Why Halifax have no record of my telephone calls to them regarding the above - I was previously advised that it may be because I didn't officially state I was making a complaint, but surely owing to the nature of my call, this should have been adjudicated as such by the staff I had been speaking to? 4) Why Halifax still continues to pester and harass me with statements stating that I am failing to make payment, which is causing undue distress Am I barking up the wrong tree to want to sue Halifax for the above, under the Administration of Justice Act 1970, as well as the Malicious Communications Act 1988, due to the statements which continue to be sent, telling me I have outstanding debt and am defaulting in payment as well as for personal injury - I am registered disabled and the stress this series of events has caused, and continues to, has triggered and contributed to various immune system issues relating to my disability which are medically proven to be brought on by stress - the above events are continuing to have a negative impact on my health. is there anything else that can be done by way of a court of law in order to receive compensation for: 1) the amount of time it has taken to deal with this issue (beginning 2007) 2) the negative impact Halifax's incompetency in not writing down default entities on my credit report has had on my credit file 3) the impact the past six years of dealing with Halifax has had on my health and wellbeing I have already logged this with the FOS, but would certainly like to pursue this by other means also. The only issue is that, due to ill health I am unable to work and am on benefits, so the cost of getting a solicitor may be slightly out of my range, unless Halifax were to cover legal costs should they lose any case made against them. If anyone could offer me any advice it would be very much appreciated. Apologies for such a long-winded explanation! Many thanks Joe
  9. Hi all,I hope I have placed this in the right forum. I am seeking advice to a problem almost identical to the below thread:"Payday loans and credit files. Hi all I hope you can help me please with my new quest.I am in the process of rebuilding my credit report after being really really stupid in the past but all is well now, just got 2 defaults and they will be off next year. YEY!Anyway I have been taking out small payday loans from PDUK after reading this on there website,
  10. Hullo Caggers I'm ex BR and have been for a couple of years now. I'm very careful with my credit score and how its affected. However, I do need some advice. Every so often I check my credit score - Experian loves me - Equifax seems to hate me (Any reason for that?? ) The last time I checked my credit score on Equifax - it was 337. 3 Months later and It's dropped to 279 and there are a few strange things... I shall post a few screen shots in hope that one of you amazing folks can shed some light!! I have no extra credit taken out Same bank account No searches No OD No Bank charges I was BR 11/11/09 and Discharged 1 year later. My BR payments also stopped early. A loan from Lloyds TSB is making a massive impact on my score. It says I've defaulted by £3.5k and the wording in the warnings - seems to suggest that I still owe it - or at least thats what it seems to suggest to me and other lenders. The loan from Welcome was included in my bankruptcy - but shows as settled?? Can anyone offer some advice on this?? Thanks in Advance
  11. Hi. Any help with this would be appreciated. I share my name with my father (though we have different middle names, and these are displayed on my file) and his electoral roll info appeared on my Equifax credit file last year. The electoral roll section shows my info, covering my time at my parents address and my current address, and my father's. This hasn't really been a problem until last week when I was alerted to new credit agreement with Vanquis Bank on my file. My first thought was identity fraud. However, a conversation with my mother revealed it was my dad's new credit card. I plan on contacting Equifax to remove the credit agreement -- that's not the problem -- but I assume the reason this happened is the electoral roll information. My problem is that previous communication with Equifax regarding this electoral roll mistake have been met with a response of: "tough luck, there's nothing we can do, you'll just have to live with it," or words to that effect. My question is: do I just have to accept it, and is there really nothing they can do to resolve this? Thanks. ♥
  12. Hi - I have several issues with various debt collection agencies, none of which are of my own making. There is an individual living in another part of the country with the same name and DOB as me, he keeps running up bad debts and then disappearing. Obviously, when these agencies go looking for him, I am always top of the list and so have lots of hassle trying to convince these people that I'm not this other person. I have been trying to get my credit report cleaned up recently, and am in the process of getting many incorrect address links removed, this is progressing well and when these addresses are removed, the bad debts for these addresses should be removed as part of the process. The problem I have is that Cabot have linked an address to me and placed a default on my credit report, but the entry placed on my report indicates that the default address is my actual address when it was actually at another of these incorrectly linked addresses... so basically when all the corrections have been made and the other incorrect addresses have been removed, this Cabot default will still remain as they've listed it under my address and not the address of the original account. I hope this makes sense. - I have two questions, the first one is "Is there anything I can do to stop these agencies chasing me for this other person debts? The second question is "What do I do about the above issue with Cabot? I have contacted the CRA's and they say I have to contact Cabot. I have contacted Cabot several times and each time I have to try and convince them I'm not this other person, and from the reactions I get I don't think they believe me. Anyway, I've been ringing them on a weekely basis for over a month now and it doesn't seem to be progressing at all. What should I do about this? I have also written a letter to the original lender which was Vanquis which I'm sending tomorrow requesting that they do something about this... I don't hold out much hope though as they were not very helpful on the phone. Any advice would be very gratefully appreciated as I seem to be going around in circles with the Cabot issue. Thanks, Andy. Weird issue when posting, kept saying my subject line has too many tags!
  13. I have been looking through my credit report recently and have noticed four defaults registered on there. Two of these from Lowell Portfolio, a third from 123 Debt Solutions and a fourth from 1st Credit Ltd. I have never received any written notification of these defaults and want to know what routes I need to take to dispute the defaults as I am paying back the debts on a monthly basis. Any helpful advice will be gratefully appreciates as always.
  14. Please can someone try to help me understand a few points on my credit report? Under Credit Searches, there are no searches present. Under Other Searches I have a large number of "Consumer Letters Enquiries. All dated this year. I am wondering if these searches were caused by me constantly phoning and writing to Equifax to try to get my report. (It took 4 months of hard work to get it.) I also have some searches at the end of last year and the beginning of this year from agencies, Capita Hartshead Tracing Solutions (for two addresses) and Financial processing UK Ltd. As these agencies are clearly looking for me, does that mean that those debts won't become statute barred at the end of six years? There is also mention of an address that my husband used while he was commuting. This mention gives the tenure and the price paid for the property. As far as I am aware, my husband only rented a room in the flat, so why would the report show the purchase price?
  15. After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Equifax I was concerned to note that Orange had placed a "Default" against an account in my name. The default seems to be with regards to a missed payment of £25.52 for the month of June 2010. I failed to make the payment. I assumed that this payment would be added to my direct debit for the following month. I therefore made no arrangements for the outstanding payment since I am a direct debit customer. At the time I was on the paper-less billing scheme, I relied on the fact that my direct debit payments were being taken to assure me that I paid my due. I was therefore not aware of the fact that the outstanding amount had not been added to my direct debit and therefore was still outstanding. The situation remained in this fashion with me unaware of this outstanding payment. I was looked at my bank statements today and it appears that payments were taken for the following months but not for the outstanding payment. After 6 months in December my account was classified as defaulted and the credit reporting ends there. However it appears that the outstanding payment was taken from my account together with the payment for the month of January 2011. It seems to have been a policy change to take the total amount due by direct debit instead of the situation as it had been before. I therefore had been clueless of all this until today. A consequence of this sequence of events has been the detrimental effects this has had on my credit score. From 2007 there was constant reporting on my account, ending with a report of the account being in default at the end of 2010 with me being to this day in default of £51. This is incorrect. The reports state that I missed continuous payments from June 2010 to December 2010. This is a misrepresentation as the money should have gone out by direct debit. There are no further reports about payments to my account after December 2010 despite the fact that I am still with Orange mobile and have not had a late payment since. This gives the impression that I defaulted on the account and walked away in a very irresponsible fashion. This is not a fair portrayal of my account behaviour. Is there a way of getting this sorted out so that my credit score can be restored? any help is appreciated
  16. Hi there, Long time no post. I have a Lloyds current account which I don't use - it has 72 pence in it. I have a loan with them that is completely 100% paid up to date and in order which will be paid off fully in 4 months - never missed a payment. Last summer, Lloyds asked me to pay off the current account £300 overdraft ( I think because they could see I don't put money into the account - I pay my loan by transfer from natwest) while I was abroad for 2 months. When I came home, there were nasty letters from scm solicitors etc and messages on my answerphone. I paid them the overdraft on the phone by card. Anyway, in October last year, for the first time I was turned down for a credit application. I looked at my experian credit report, which showed that I had a lloyds account that was out of order and that I owed them money. I rang lloyds, they said the system takes a while to update and apologised for the delay in correcting the information and said they would chase it up. Nothing happened. I have complained and complained. Today, My credit report shows my account is in order, but that I owe them £105. They have written saying it is a mistake....they will correct it as soon as possible....I can go to the ombudsman if I am not happy with the action they have taken. Their incorrect information on my credit file is having an impact on my creditworthiness. What can I do?
  17. I checked my credit report today and was suprised to see a default account on there! When I saw the name HFO Services and the amount in question I knew straight away that it was for my BarclayCard in my student days. I did a little research and found out HFO were a vile debt collection agency and that I was not on my own. I also remember receiving a letter from First Logistics several years ago, googling them and discovering that they are a shower of, well not very nice things, and ignoring them. Furthering my research I discovered the best option was to start a thread and seek help on my situation, as each one varies. So, this is my post and any help will be much appreciated. I will of course donate to the site in due course and update the thread as actions progress through the different hoops I am sure, and willing, that I will have to go through. I am also looking to get on the first rung of the eternal debt machine of the mortgage, and this will of course hinder my progress!
  18. I have recently run into Cabot Finance, an experience that I would not wish upon anyone . The problem I have is as follows: 1. Following the sale of my house due to mental illness in 2001, I asked Barclays to close the current acount associated with my mortgage. 2. In 2009, whilst checking my credit file I was made aware that there was a default against my name logged by Barclays. (I have a copy of this credit record). The debt had arisen, not because of a credit agreement per se, but because Barclays had made an error. The debt was the accumulation of account fees that had been charged against my account, even though the account should have been closed. The statements had been subsequently sent to the house that I had sold. I had not given a forwarding address because as far as I was concerned, the account was closed and the house not longer mine. 3. Barclays acknowledged that they had made a mistake and cleared my account and any mention of it on my credit file. I even have a hand written fax from a Barclays manager requesting that their debt recovery department remove the debt because of Barclays error. 4. In July this year Cabot Finance started calling every day, sometimes twice a day for over a month. (I am still recovering from a 3rd bout of mental illness so this only added to my problems) 5. I complained to the CSA and the FSA as I stated there was not any grounds to contact me. 6. The CSA stated that there did not 'appear' to be any breach of their code of practice as Cabot 'claimed' that they were legitimately chasing a debt that was outstanding. 7. In September 2011 I received a letter from Cabot restating that I owed them (they had bought a debt written off by Barclays) the sum that had been previously written off by Barclays - a total of £186. Not sure how this had happed 8. Having checked my credit file again, Cabot have now logged a default on my credit record, thus making it impossible to even have a modest bank overdraft 9. After reading the advice on this site (thank you) I wrote the following letter; Please note that I do not acknowledge any debt to either Cabot Financial nor Barclays Bank. I require you to supply the following documentation in order that I may correspond further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement in relation to the debt to which you refer. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account for such debt. I enclose a postal order made out for a £1 in order that you will supply a copy of such agreement and statement of account. 2. You are notified that you are obliged to supply these documents, whether you are the original creditor or not under S189 of the CCA 1974. Non-compliance with my request is a criminal offence under the above Act and will result in a report being submitted by me to the relevant statutory authorities, including the FSA, The Financial Ombudsman and the Credit Services Association. As you are aware, a credit agreement that is not properly documented and signed by the customer is totally unenforceable under the CCA and therefore is a complete defense to any court regarding the claim that is issued. I have also noted that you have placed a default against my credit record. On the basis that there is not any basis for your claim I would respectfully ask that this is removed with immediate effect as there is not any justifyable reason that such default has been logged, which would also be contrary to the CSA Code of Practice and the FSA regulations. 10. Today (7th November 2011) I received a letter from Cabot asking me to CALL them. Other Facts It should be noted that I have not informed Cabot of the evidence I have (re Barclays fax above) as I was hoping that the onus or burden of proof was upon them to demonstrate by way of a statement etc that I owed Barclays money i.e. Cabot had to prove there was a legitimate reason for making demands upon me. QUESTION I WOULD LIKE ANSWERED A. Even though the debt relates to an alleged debt relating to bank charges, is this covered by the CCA and does my letter (see above) hold water? B. Should I write back to Cabot and state that they should refer to the letter I sent (see above) and reiterate my demands for proof of the debt. C. Even in the absence of the CCA not being applicable are Cabot obligated to provide me with proof of any alleged debts and the reason for them being outstanding. If so, is there any legislation or consumer law I can quote? D. In relation to the default, and on the basis that I can provide written evidence, should I write to the Information Commissioner to enforce the removal of the default by Cabot? If so, should I bring the following CCA paragraphs to their attention (from advice on this website): Removing a Default s159 Correction of Wrong Info provides, etc (1)Any individual (the “objector ”) given— (a)information under section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 by a credit reference agency, or (b)information under section 158, who considers that an entry in his file is incorrect, and that if it is not corrected he is likely to be prejudiced, may give notice to the agency (in this case Cabot Finance) requiring it either to remove the entry from the file or amend it. do note the rest of s159. in sum, they have 28 days to respond. either removing, editing, or taking no action. after, a further notice of correction can be requested to be added to the file. again, 28 days to respond. if refusing they should apply to the ICO for an order. an 'objector' can also apply to the ICO. failure to comply with an Order is an 'offence'.
  19. I had a contract with Vodafone back in 2009, I did missed two payments mid 2009 and therefore I was dealing with this with Vodafone. I had made payments to Vodafone as requested. My phone was cut off when I was told it would not be and I was continually told different things but different members of the customer support team. I HAD made payments to Vodafone as asked, and then a letter from the debut collectors arrived?????? I called Vodafone and they told me it had already been passed over and they could do nothing about it. Even though I had made payments when we had arranged. Therefore I should never of been passed to the debut collectors. The debut collectors told me to speak to Vodafone and Vodafone told me to speak to they debut collectors, they made attempt to help me with the error they had made. In the end after causing much stress I paid the full amount owed to the debut collectors to be done with the situation and stress. I since then have been refused credit by other network providers, banks and even unable to open a bank account. I recently applied for a loan with whom I bank with and was refused to loan. They provided me with some companies they used to check my credit and advised I get a statuary credit report. On dong so I see a default against me from Communications Supplier from Vodafone Ltd Gemini(i), unsettled. This incorrect information has been sat against my name for 3 years. I am disgusted. I contact Vodafone straight away (17.09.2011 a friday at 14:00) I speak with a lady who on that phone conversation confirms that I owe Vodafone no money!! She informs me that the people who deal with this are not available and she will contact them herself and they will contact me on Monday (10.09.2011). I am informed that this will be corrected and back dated. I hear nothing!!!! I am unable to contact Vodafone as I went into hospital for surgery on the 21.09.2011. As soon as I feel better I contact Vodafone (26.09.201115:00) I am told there was a problem contacting the people that needed to be contacted??? why was I not informed of this??? She sends the e-mails whilst I am on the phone to her and tells me that she will personally contact me as soon as she hears back from the I WILL NOT HAVE TO CONTACT VODAFONE AGAIN!!! I was informed this could take up to 14 days for it to be investigated (why was I previously told it would be sorted straight away?) So today (07.10.2011 16:22) I decided to call vodafone just to check the situation as on Monday it will have been 14 days. I get through to someone and have to re explained the situation (after waiting over 10minutes as usual) she put be on hold to look at my notes. After quite a wait she informs me that a e-mail has been sent by her colleague. I had already informed her of this and again said I waited to know what stage of the process we were currently at? I was put on hold again when she returns she tells me that there is a e-mail stating it has been sorted that it has been back dated and states that it is settled, im advised to wait 24 hours before checking my credit report (24hours from when??? I dont know when the e-mail was received). I then ask her why I was not contacted as soon as this was sorted, as PROMISED (26.09.11)?? She told me Quality assurance could not make out going phone calls??? I told her again that I had been expecting a phone call from her colleague that sent the e-mail? She told me on-one would contact me???? I now ask what Vodafones formal complaints procedure is? She told me they dont have one????? I informed her that it is a legal fact that Vodafone must have a complaints procedure??? I was told a manager would contact me within 24hours. I receive a call this evening from a manager, she asks how she can help. I ask her how to make a formal complaint and what is Vodafones complaints procedure? She informs me they dont have one?????!!!!! At this point she has raised her voice to me! she informs me She can deal with a complaint over the phone, I explain I want to do it in writing for legal reasos. She tell me to go to the website and send a email. she has still not informed me of the complains procedure, none of the staff seem to know what this is????? I seriously and disgusted that I have always been told conflicting information. Firstly I should never of had a default against my name!!! Just late payments and secondly why is it still sat against my name 3years later? I am also concerned that other people this has happened to it seems to of taken months to get this sorted and many pailed attempts??? Please please help Many Thanks Frances
  20. Hi All, First of all, I hope I am posting in the right forum/subject if not please let me know. I am in the process of reviewing my credit report as it is beginning to look like in the near future my girlfriend and I will be looking to apply for a mortgage and I have a few things on my credit report I'd like to clear up. On my credit report (with both experian and equifax) it shows my HSBC current account (recently closed) as having 2 late payment markers showing one 2 seperate occassions. After some digging I found out that these were actually not a 'late payment' but actually on one occassion where a direct debit had been returned unpaid and another where a cheque had been returned unpaid - blatantly down to a lack of attention as I use one account for bills and another for day to day spending. Now I have written to HSBC regarding this however they have came back and said that they are well within their rights to do so (experian have confirmed this) but I really do feel like this is a mis-respresentation of my financial status - it's not like my accounts even went overdrawn, they wern't given the chance to do so! It might also be worth mentioning I found one of these late payment markers before back in 2009, wrote to the bank and as a gesture of goodwill had it removed, however they now state they have done this once and can not be done again. I feel really frustrated as no other high street bank currently uses this practice and therefore it is unfair treatment by banking with them. Do I have any rights with regards to this? At first I thought I might have found my solution on here but I have just realised defaults are different from late payment markers. I would really appreciate any help from anyone who has dealt with the same situation or knows someone who has. Many Thanks in advance Andy
  21. Hi, I have an issue with T-Mobile I'm trying to sort out and I'd appreciate some advice. First to the background... apologies for the lengthy post and the sizeable images, but I wanted to provide as much info as I can. A few years back I had a contract with T-Mobile with phones for both my wife and I on the contract. I was the sole account holder. During a girls' break abroad in 2006, my wife used her mobile to send texts to myself and our children - unknowingly racking up a hefty bill, as T-Mobile charged connection fees per text. After trying to come to an arrangement to repay with T-Mobile, they eventually defaulted the account and passed it to a DCA and I began to repay them at an agreed rate per month. Everything was fine until October last month when the DCA stopped taking their regular standing order payment. Not wanting to be a non-payer, I tried to send payments manually but after a few days the payment would reappear back in my bank account - clearly the DCA was no longer collecting the account. I contacted T-Mobile support (almost impossible!) via email and Twitter, only to be told that as the account had been passed to a DCA, they weren't able to accept payment on the account and I would have to deal with them. I had lost all record of who the DCA was, and asked them who was administering the account - they couldn't tell me which DCA was assigned my account. So I was stuck in the position of wanting to repay my debt, but having no-one to pay it to. T-Mobile wouldn't take my money, nor would it seem the DCA, whoever they were. After a few months of trying, I gave up, and the DCA hadn't bothered trying to get in touch re: non-payment. I figured that after almost 12 months and no contact that it was a dead account. Last month, I tried again with T-Mobile and the DCA with similar results, so I wrote to T-Mobile's CEO asking if he would expunge the remaining balance and consider removing the default as a gesture of goodwill in light of the hassles I had had. He agreed to the former, but not to the latter. So fast forward to today and I'm checking my monthly credit reports through Equifax and Call Credit (Annualcreditreport) and I notice that T-Mobile have indeed marked the default as settled. HOWEVER, they have also wiped all history of the debt between the original default date (Dec' 06) and the date of settling the default (July '11), alleging the account entered default in Sept '10 after a period of arrears - this is clearly not true! I've screengrabbed my credit report from last month and this month to illustrate. Accout as it was 4/7/11.. Account history, according to Annualcreditreport... Account as it shows today... I've opened a dispute with Equifax stating the above information and that the information recorded is inaccurate .. I wondered if there was anything else I can do? Surely T-Mobile can't doctor previous information in this manner to paint an erroneous picture of the behaviour of my account?
  22. Hi all, I have just bought my credit report at Equifax and found I have a default from Aug 2005 with CABOT FINANCIAL, it says Credit Card from Cabot Financial (Uk)ltd, it also says a balance of £1800+. I have no idea what this could be and nothing relates to the account no. have put a dispute in with Equifax but dont hold much hope of any sense from them. I would have thought that they would be asking me for it if I owed them £1800 but have never heard of them or the account. Can anyone help thanks
  23. Hi all, The company I work for recently took a client to court and won the case. However the judgement was issued in favour of the defendant by mistake. We quickly got the court to amend the judgement, but it has affected the companies credit report. How can we get this wrong judgement removed from the companies credit report? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi There, Connaught collections sent me a copy of my credit agreement that I requested on 7th October 2010. I received it on Tuesday 23rd November 2010. It is exactly what 1st Credit sent me 2 years ago when I requested my credit agreement from them, before they passed the debt on to Connaught - a copy of the application form I filled in. The application form does, however, say on it beside the signature area "This is a credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 etc etc" Below the signature area, these is a section entitled "Financial and Related Conditions" and this has sections on "Credit Limit" "Credit Charges" and "Payments and Interest Charging" . They also sent what looks like a computer print-out of Terms and Conditions. The interesting thing is that I recently applied for my Credit Report and this was not on it? I'm very confused as I haven't paid a penny of this debt in about the last 2 years since I first requested my credit agreement. I do have another credit card that was with Halifax that I have been paying religiously every month since it went to default years ago, but this showed up on my credit file Anyway, I digress Connaught said on the letter that they sent along with my credit agreement, that payment must be made in full within 7 days. Should I send them a letter offering them £40 a month or something like this? Thanks for any advice at all - just not sure what to do next
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