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  1. My wife and I work for the same company. She broke her foot in November tripping over one of the many spent firework rockets left lying around the work car park by the landlord. After a while she decided to go back to work with a surgical boot and crutches and I agreed with our building manager that if our car park was full I would park in the disabled spaces as our overspill car park is quarter of a mile away. Four spaces are marked up for my company and the other five aren't marked up for anybody. On the morning in question, our four were taken up so I parked in one of th
  2. Good afternoon Everybody, I've been reading some of the very helpful replies to posts but unfortunately acted before reading:| Not a great start/ idea:madgrin: as Ive just identified myself for liability purposes. Please could some one tell me if this method is still the best/ current way and if I have got a correct understanding of the process so far:?: I did not realise you should wait between 28-56 days for NTK and this would cost them:oops: waiting for the POPLA code which is run by BPA. Appealing to who ?????? with the POPLA code number. Are we talking about appealing direct to C
  3. Hi all, I received a ticket from Carparkingpartnership. I normally send them the standard letter at which point they scrap the fine. However this time they have rejected my appeal. Any help and guidance would be gratefully received
  4. Last chance to claim mis-sold CPP card protection. Anyone who was mis-sold credit card & identity theft cover by banks and CPP should have been sent a claim forms to get their money back. If you've got a form, but haven't returned it, you should do so now. If you think you're eligible to get your money back, but haven't received a claim form or have lost it, it's still not too late to claim. But don't hang about, you only have until August 31st 2014 CPP Redress Scheme
  5. hi just wondering if any one has recievied any replies from ccp /or a refund after sending the claim form off . i sent my claim form of 3 day s after 10 feb 2014 but have received no reply as yet .
  6. Hi I had my CPP compensation claim form at home for few weeks now. I read it several times. I know it gives 2 examples on why the policy could have been mis-sold to me. I had all together 5 credit cards and loans. I stopped using all of them by September 2005 due to financial difficulties. I am currently paying the debt off on 4 of them. One was written off when I got my PPI claim. Unfortunately due to the long period of time which passed between me taking out these loans and current date I do not recall anything that happened whilst I was taking them. Which o
  7. I have recieved my claim form but I cannot remember which of the two listed failings my policy covered. I am considering using both the listed failings and explaining that in either case the policy was mis-sold. I am seeking guidance because the MSE site states that only one of the listed failings can be used in the claim form. Any thoughts on this welcomed. The other issue I have is the declaration. The declaration states: I confirm the information I have given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I agree to release CPP, the Business Partners and th
  8. ok firstly I did look around for already existing advice. If it is already here I apologise, Its cos I am an idiot and not just lazy So the claim forms have started hitting welcome mats around the country. What is the conventional thinking regarding section B "Why you want to be considered for compensation" ? Should the choices spelt out in the letter be the only reasons quoted or do Caggers suggest additional arguments too?
  9. Hi everyone, When I took out a Vanquis card a while ago I was talked into taking on the now worthless CPP protection. With all the ruling from that the CPP customers are getting their money back and not hearing from CPP I wrote to Vanquis asking my money back as it was them who sold it. They wrote back saying no the policy wasn't miss-sold etc and they wasn't going to give me money back. So have sent another letter and see what happens. Has anyone else had any luck with them? JJ
  10. Good evening fellow members. Before the official claim process started I wrote to CPP claiming misselling and asking for a refund of all the premiums paid. I have recently received a cheque for £ 47.00 in the post. I have been paying the CPP credit cards loss insurance cover since 21st August 1992 and I was expected to receive - in due time - a refund backdated to that year. Instead they claim that compensation is due to me in respect of premiums paid between Jan 2004 and Jan 2005 only as prior to then CPP was not subject to an agreed industry standard . They inform
  11. here is a full copy of the paperwork they are sending out more to follow. dx siteteam
  12. Hi, I sent a Claim to CAP1 regarding PPI and CPP. They have upheld the PPI but have totally ignored the CPP. According to the Information available so far, I should have received a letter by now but this has not happened. How best should Progress this... CPP began in April 2003 (after cancelling PPI) until finally cancelled in March 2006 Thanks G
  13. I had SARed Barclaycard about PPI and discovered I was paying card protection way back in 2003. I then wrote to Barclaycard demanding a refund of all monies paid. I have received a letter from them today saying they have passed the complaint on the CPP (even though it was them that sold the policy) and Cpp will be in touch in due course, and if I want to complain to the FOS I can consider the letter as their final letter on the matter. The obvious question therefore is....... if CPP decide I have been mis-sold CPP, do I still get my interest at 20 odd % and what way does it work refere
  14. Not to sure if I am in the right place. Recieved a letter in the post today from a company called CPP stating that I had brought a card/or indentity protection policy from them and i may be entitled to compensation. I bank with nat west but i can not remember having this policy. It gives me their reference number and my policy number It give details of why they are writing to me I.E the FCA as told them to. more details will follow in the next 12 weeks. as anybody else as had a letter like this and does anyone know the back ground behind it because I really can not remember havi
  15. More than seven million people are in line to share a £1.3 billion compensation pot after Britain's biggest banks yesterday agreed to foot the bill for years of mis-selling credit card insurance cover. But millions more could miss out as regulators admitted the redress scheme linked to the CPP company at the centre of the scandal will not include customers who bought - and cancelled - their policy before 2005. Anyone who cancelled their policy before that time, when the regulator took responsibility for the market, will have to apply directly to CPP or their bank or credit card company.
  16. Just by chance I checked my credit card statement and noticed that a company called CPP had taken a payment. I had no idea who they were as this is a 0% card which I dont make purchases on. The short story is that I contacted HSBC who told me to call CPP. After lodging a complaint as I didnt know who CPP were and asking them to cancel the policy I received a letter today saying I should contact Barclaycard as it was them who apparently sold me the policy and to assess if I am due a refund. Apparently I agreed to this policy in 2010, I have no recollection of CPP or any type of card pro
  17. Great news I just noticed over on MSE that doesn't seem to have been posted here. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/banking/2013/04/card-protection-and-id-protection-mis-selling-now-banks-will-have-to-refund-victims The gist of this is that the FCA have now decided that the financial institutions who got people signed up for CPP are also responsible for mis-selling and will have to refund their customers. The article says "Those mis-sold are entitled to whatever they paid out." but doesn't mention statutory interest or any interest that may have been charged on what was paid
  18. Hi All Having spend a bit of time reading some threds this evening, I have been inspired to take on HSBC. When I opened a student account with them in September 1999, I was told I 'may as well' have a credit card - for emergencyies - and that their card protection came with it. I was told I should take it out as I could put all my other cards from other banks on it too. (I remember this bit clearly as my mother wasn't all too keen on sending me off to university with a credit card!!) The policy was annual and they write to tell me when they are taking the next payment. This is a
  19. Hello All, Has anyone had dealings with the above Ins Co, they apparently sell "Life Assistance Products" and in Particular Identity Protection,Fraud Protection Services, in relation to plastic cards, mobile phones and Identities. CPP Identity Alert is arranged by Card Protection Plan Ltd and underwritten by Homecare Insurance Ltd. There is an Identity Protection Policy issued with this product and a yearly fee of circa £80 ish. Also included is a premium of circa £16 to the Company, CPP for it's intermediary services. The fee is the difference between the premium and the total amount y
  20. Hi I've had a Barclay's Credit Card which I was paying £29 - £35 per year for card protection. After reading up about it and finding that this insurance policy wasn't needed because you are covered by the bank anyway, I was thinking of reclaiming. I cancelled my policy in 2010 as I just couldn't afford to pay it any more. After looking through some old documents the only thing I can find is a letter from CPP (York) in 2010 saying that my policy has now been cancelled. I've also found a renewal notice letter from Barclaycard but it has Sentinel Gold (2008) on it. If I was to reclaim
  21. Have mentioned this before. Following an investigation by the FSA CPP were fined a total of £10.5m CPP was applied to both Associates cards and later Citi branded cards. It seems that CPP have a liability themselves for some agreements,while Citicard themselves have a Liability for others. If you have tried seeking a refund from CPP directly,they may refer you to Citicard,who will send you a letter saying they are investigating. I waited almost 6 months for Citicard to complete their inquiries which then saw them sending a cheque for 1 years CPP membership with no interest added. T
  22. Banks are facing another mis-selling scandal that could cost the industry £200m in compensation payments. The UK’s high street banks are in talks with the Financial Services Authority after one of the industry’s main suppliers of credit card insurance was fined a record £10.5m and told to pay what could be £14.5m in redress to its customers. The compensation relates to 300,000 customers sold insurance by Credit Card Protection. However a much larger number of credit card holders, around 4.1m were sold the CPP product by their banks. If each of the banks’ customers were to get the same l
  23. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20338335
  24. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has issued its joint largest retail fine of £10.5 million to Card Protection Plan Limited (CPP) for mis-selling insurance products. CPP has also agreed to pay redress and estimates that around £14.5 million will need to be paid to affected customers, but this could change depending on how many customers respond to CPP's contact exercise. CPP has estimated that the total costs of the FSA's investigation will be £33.4 million which includes the fine, redress and the costs associated with the investigation. The fine is for all types of sale made by CPP while
  25. High street banks in discussion with the FSA over sale of credit card protection products. Britain's major high-street banks, already reeling from the PPI scandal, could be forced to pay out millions more pounds in compensation to customers for a widely mis-sold card protection product. The banks are in discussion with the Financial Services Authority about how this could be paid after the watchdog announced it had hit identity theft and credit card insurance company CPP for £33.4m in fines and compensation to customers. Of the £33.4m, CPP is provisionally putting aside £14.5m to be
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