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Found 12 results

  1. I took a payday loan from Capital Finance One Ltd in July 2011. The loan was £200 and the total repayment was agreed at £278. I did not wish to pay £15 for same day 'faster payment' so the loan finally credited my account 2 days after being issued. The loan was issued on 4th July 2011 and I initially agreed to repay on 29th July 2011 when my salary was paid. On 21st July 2011, I emailed CFO to ask to change the repayment date from 29th July to 4th August 2011. I explained that I had paid interest for a full month and repayment on 4th August 2011 would, therefo
  2. Hi All, My problem is this (this could turn into a rant due to me frustration, so apologies now lol): I got a credit card with Sainsburys bank in 2003 In 2006 I had an accident and ended up out of work, as a result i incurred an awful lot of overlimit and unpaid DD charges plus interest. I went for debt advice and was told to offer a £1 a week for the foreseeable future while I got back on my feet. (At the same time I nearly lost my house and had to VS my car and i was suffering with anxiety and depression) What I wasn't told by Sainsbury's Bank is that the agre
  3. Dear Consumer Forum I have been sent a claim form from the county court business centre, Nottingham. Parking Eye have sent this and I don't know why. It was sent to my old address and as I have moved the letter was forwarded on to me. I do not recall this parking offence occurring at Morrisons supermarket car park but Parking Eye have picture evidence of my car leaving the car park later than the two hours allowed for parking there. As I am the registered owner I am obviously liable? I don't know what to do or how to tackle something that I do not recall h
  4. I need to file my Defence by Sunday 18th May 2014, here's a brief outline to the claim, to my knowledge this alleged debt is statue barred.... The Original alleged debt was with Lloyds TSB for a BANK ACCOUNT, but the debt is made up of all 'default charges applied' to the account, no money was physically borrowed or any Direct Debits etc paid for. The last action on the account was a returned DD 9th November 2007, after that we didn't use the account, but Lloyds TSB kept applying Account Charges, Interest and finally the account was closed/passed to debt recovery Nov 2008 suspending inter
  5. Hi There, Bit of a shock - the other day I received a letter from Northampton from a solicitor representing Arrow on behalf of a debt to Tessera? just over £1000. Without a shadow of a doubt this debt is statute barred - I cannot even I identify who the original creditor is (although looking at the account number quoted it appears to be a card number - But I do not know who from) Obviously my intention is to initially reply stating I intend to defend and then submit a defence. I have read multiple cases on here now but would love to have a few pointers and a bit of support
  6. Received a court claim for £14,300 for disputed MBNA card agreement assigned to Arrow Global from Restons Solicitors. Card was sold to me at Heathrow airport, face to face in 2002. I seem to remember something about the process of the sale not being normal. But in any case, it is 6 years since any money was paid to this account. I issued a S78 request in December 2007 and did not get a satisfactory response including no terms (not even reconstituted ones). No money has been paid since December 2007. So I think the alleged debt became statute barred at th
  7. Hello all Im not new but still a newbie lol, I have had a court claim sent from Bryan carter to which I tried to sort it out myself without posting....big mistake . I sent a CPR18 but by looking though some other posts it seems I have sent the wrong thing. I have had a reply for the CPR 18 from Bryan carter which I have attached a scanned copy to this post. Please can someone help, I don't like owing money and this account was originally for £200 which I had offered to pay shop direct but they refused, didn't do this in writing though(another mistake I expe
  8. I am posting this on behalf of a relative who has received two Claim Forms out of Northampton (CCBC) County Court. Both are for debts originally with HSBC a) Credit Card (1***.** and b) Bank Loan (1****.**). Both Particulars of Claim are basically the same except the Credit Card uses the wording 'a regulated agreement' whereas the Bank Loan uses the wording 'a loan agreement'. Both say that a Notice of Assignment has been provided to the defendant with a date on the Bank Loan one but on the Credit Card one there is no date. Also that a Default Notice has been served on the def
  9. Hi, last week I received an N1 claim form from Arrow Global for a debt with Citi Financial. I have not taken out any credit apart from a car HP since my youngest was born 8 years ago. I vaguely remember getting a loan with my husband but that was around 9 years ago and it was not for the amount they have stated, or the date that they have out as 2006. I am not sure how to deal with the defence of it. I have completed the acknowledgment of service online and now have to file a defence for myself. I believe that this is statute barred due to the fact I have not
  10. Hi everyone. On saturday I received a court claim from Northampton County Court stating that a company called CAI Finance Limited have put in a claim for £1577.55 including interest. They state they were assigned a debt allegedly owed to Bank of Scotland PLC dating back to a credit card from 2003 which I apparantly defaulted on in 2010. It states they were assigned the alleged debt in August 2012. Wit a reference number relating to the credit card and that they sent a letter to me in September notifying me they were assigned the debt. There is no paperwork with it to
  11. This is an unusual situation .... Two years ago HSBC took my brother to court for a credit card. At the time, we had a family problem and the bank's solicitors (DG) agreed to hold the claim for 3 months. However, he still had to submit a defence which I helped draft, asking for a copy of the agreement and default notice referred to in the POC and how the amount claimed is arrived at. The bank did not respond to the defence. Previously they had said there was no agreement (well before the court claim) when default charges were disputed. Now they have come back with a response to
  12. Hi There yesterday morning i received a court claim form from 1st credit, i am literally bricking it. i CCA'd halifax a long time ago who took forever to supply a copy of the agreement then it moved to iqor, then connaught, then 1st credit the last three letters i've written to 1st credit i've asked them to negotiate a settlement or a monthly payment, they've completely ignored me on all three occasions writing back with "pay up in full or else" i earn 950 a month net, do not own a house, a car, or anything of value and have no savings but i do have a relative who would hel
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