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  1. Hello I was the claimant at a hearing last week but the judgment went against me. At the end of the hearing I asked the judge permission to appeal on a point of law and he said, "Yes, of course, and I set a timeframe of within 14 days to do so." (I have to say the man was completely inept, admittedly, the legislation I had raised within my bundle is a little obscure and he said he had never heard of it before, googled it, read it but read it completely wrong! As a result, the money in dispute essentially went to a 3rd party who was not a party to the claim and was not even a party to the contract!) On that basis I wanted to appeal to which he gave permission. However, I received the General Form of Judgment today and it just states case dismissed and no order for costs, nothing at all about the appeal he granted. Is it therefore sent seperately? I even have the transcript where he grants the appeal. Thank you
  2. Hi there, I hope someone out there will be able to help:???: I have received a County Court Claim Form issued by MKDP LLP for an amount of less than £10,000. Their particulars of claim state that the claim is made under a regulated agreement originally between me, the defendant and Barclaycard. The assignment date is not included. I have suspicions as to them having the original agreement and so wrote to them immediately on receipt of the Claim Form, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (secs. 77-79), requesting, a copy of the original signed agreement, a full itemised statement of account and any Notice of Assignment. The original account was with Goldfish and a payment arrangement was made with them in 2006/2007. I have never received either, monthly, 6 monthly or annual statements from Barclaycard. My request to MKDP was sent by recorded delivery and tracking shows that it was received and signed for on the 17/05/2013 and therefore the final date that they need to supply me with the requested details is the 4th June. My response to the CC Claim Form is due by the 1st June and so I will be completing the Acknowledgement of Service, indicating, "I intend to contest jurisdiction" or should I be ticking the box, "I intend to defend all of this claim" I'm really trying not to get too upset by this, despite having my first migraine for a long time, so once again, hope I can get some advice. Thanks Stokes
  3. My brother has been issued a claim form from Northampton County Court for an o2 contract that he had. He got made redundant in 2011 and couldn't afford to pay it. Shortly afterwards he had to move house and stupidly didnt update any details. He has received this claim form dated 7th November. Does this mean that he is going to get a CCJ now no matter what or will he be able to settle out of court? I have no idea how these things work. TIA
  4. Last 24 November I was involved in a traffic accident LV insurance my ins comp ruled was my fault and I went along with them. Despite being fully comp I have a county court claim, stamped as served 8 Oct 2013 which arrived Saturday. The claimant is suing me personally for whiplash and 2000 pound because they hired a car and for private therapy all at this late stage I suspect because LV have said they wont pay for these things. What possibly is going on here? Worried Overdone.
  5. Just watched the video on how to post so i went to welcome to the consumer form trid to post and it said i have to post in the right section which section relates to the consumer credit act 1974 and 2006
  6. Hi everyone My Brother received County Court summons from county court bulk centre from Northampton today..dated 1/10/13 for the amount of 499.99 plus 30 court fee and 50 solicitors fees .total £579.99, it is in reference to a Vodafone contract. He is really worried and doesnt want a CCJ. He doesnt know from how long ago this is from, on the summons it says that capquest were assigned the debt on the 23 Aug 10. He says he cant remember taking out a vodafone contract? Please can anyone help with what to do? Thanks
  7. I have an ongoing case with britanica recoveries who took over an MBNA credit agreement taken out in 2005. they are chasing me for over 12K! and am very afraid that if they manage to get my defense struck out I will have a ccj against me. they have applied to court to struck out my defense of not providing the credit agreement. I have received the alleged credit agreement with the signed page in 2005 but not the original credit agreement which from my research on the forum credit agreements pre 2007 were unenforceable. can somebody help me with this pickle. please help
  8. Hi Please can someone explain the policy / law that county courts have for providing notification of action surrounding judgements. If a company is making an application to the court must they notify you of their intent? (and does it have to be in a specific way?) If the court agrees to a hearing with a company does the court not automatically send out a notification there are proceedings issued to notify you in advance so you can attend to defend your case before they make a potentially one sided decision? Thanks Ian
  9. Hi, I have recived a claim form today from northampton county court for lowell for a old vanquis credit card. says the debt was purchased/assigned to lowell 30/08/2012. Can anyone offer any advice onwhat to do with this, should i pay it or offer instalments as i can not afford it at the moment as money is very tight. I feel i would like to defend it but do not know under what grounds nor do i understand all the legal talk on what to write. Obviously lowell can legally ask for this money but i find them such a horrible company. The amount is £550.80 Should i acknowledge the claim form in the meantime whilst i caan get some advice. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you Lisa
  10. Hi i am panicking after returning from working away for 12 months and finding a county court judgement for 991 pounds (by default) in the post. I have just applied for 'stay of judgement' to have time to prepare my case. The court has wrote back asking me to explain the nature and details of my defence. To give you full background, the debt stems from an old midland bank credit card. I placed the account in dispute on the 16th june 2011 after hsbc failed to provide a signed agreement under section 78 of the 1974 credit act.(i enclose the overdue response from them in pdfs) I heard no more about it until now. It seems the debt was sold on to MK rapid recoveries when i was away. If any anyone could kindly help me out with regard to how i formulate my defence, i would be extremely gratefull. M
  11. In March 2013 I received a claim form from Northampton County Court regarding a barclaycard account which was overdue and had been passed onto a company called MKDP LLP. This was the first time I had heard about this company and the balance was for £9247.00. I filed my defence using mcol stating that I did not owe all this money and sent a recorded delivery letter requesting a cca to MKDP LLP with a one pound postal order. I have heard nothing at all either from the court or MKDP until today when I received a judgement for claimant from the court. It says that I have not replied to the claim form and therefore I must pay the claimant the sum of £9247 plus £190 costs less the sum of one pound which I have already paid. Although there is a balance outstanding on the account I am sure it is somewhere round the 5000 mark and the last payment was made in July 2011. Can anybody advise me on how to proceed or is it a case of biting the bullet and contacting the above company to try to come to some arrangement any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi, In 2009 I moved into a shared house, never signed a tenancy etc, but had a verbal agreement with the head tenant.. she advised me how much to pay where to pay etc. Then in Nov 2011 I got a phone call from the landlords accounts lady saying there was rent arrears. It turns out the head tenant had given me incorrect bank a.c. details and therefore the landlord never received my rent. I subsequently began paying to the correct account. I moved out of the property in Feb 2012 but have now received a notice which was sent to my work stating court proceedings have been filed against me. I didn't get the first notice as it would of gone to an old address. Am I liable for the rent? I can prove the funds left my account and even have an email from the head tenant stating she gave the incorrect bank details and it's her fault. Please help as I have 14 days to send my defence. I've tried reading the law of distress amendment act but can't tell if I'm liable. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi , Last July I received a county court claim from nationwide. I returned the AOS to my local court, but can't remember if I actually defended it. I had spoken to nationwide on the phone and told them I didn't recognise the account no. they said it was an internal ref no. and they where not allowed to put the actual credit card no. sounded strange at the time. Anyway I never heard any more, did a search online that cost £4 and it just showed a ccj that I knew about, also nationwide, but not this smaller one for £7500. Is there a way to check what happened, did they withdraw the claim, I thought they would have won by default. I'm thinking something went wrong their end, because I received other county court claims with actual card no. on them. It's nice to win this easy, but interested to know what happened.
  14. Hi there I was just wondering if I could get some advice. I was telling a friend of mine who works for a debt recovery company about my CCJ and and how i couldn't understand how this company got a judgement against me in the first place and where the figure was derived. He was of the opinion that to get a CCJ for consumer credit act debt the company would have to have the correct evidence including a copy of the loan agreement. I rang the company today and asked if they could email it to me but they said it was too long ago and they didn't have it. How on earth can a CCJ be awarded to a company that (yet again has changed its name) without knowing the actual details of what is owed? The company also have a charging order based on this judgement and its got me thinking that it was obtained incorrectly. The CCJ expires this September and I never ever questioned it because I assumed that if a judgement was given it must be correct. Apparently, its nothing more than a paper exercise. Many thanks
  15. Hey... just received notification from Northampton County Court in regards to a claim for £7k HSBC credit card balance. The card limit is £6k, plus there's interest and court/solicitors costs added. I've just sold an asset so currently have the funds available to pay up. I also have a number of other credit cards that I have stalled payments on for some time, but I don't have the funds to clear them all. Should I just pay the requested amount and get the case closed? Sorry if this question is difficult to answer without further details being provided. Many thanks.
  16. Hi There, I have so much to say and this company has angered me so much that I am conscious of waffling too much, but I will make an effort to try and keep it as brief and simple as possible. So, the story starts as standard, I had 10 telephone lines no longer needed and wanted them shut down. Rang and asked company to do this and the person on phone says no problem, have cancelled all those for you, it will be 30 days notice blah blah. Lovely, job done. Until.... a few weeks later a bill comes for £99 termination fees for each line and a bill for remainder of contract of around £300, so they wanted close to £1300 from me. (Bear in mind I only paid about £25 a month for them so a whole years bill was only £300.) Obviously, I wasn't keen on paying 4 years worth of the service just to leave them, so I called back to remonstrate. They said since I was 1 month into a new yearly contract I had to pay remainder of contract and the termination fees. Asked if I could see out the year and just leave at the end and they said I could, but the termination fees would still stand. Anyway, I since discovered that this new 12 month contract was actually an automatic contract renewal they had activated which has been outlawed by Ofcom for small businesses and they shouldn't be doing any more. Pointed this out to them, and after a week or so a new bill comes with the remaining contract bill taken off and just the termination fees listed. (So approx 1k). I then went on to tackle them about these extortionate termination fees and how they could be legal and valid. After speaking to a few different employees of theirs I was told that all these terms and conditions would have been gone through verbally when the lines were set up and thus, I was legally bound by them all. So, I figured I was screwed. But I have since found out that the lines, (originally set up in 2007), were not even done with this company, but another smaller one that was subsequently bought out by these cowboys. And hence I never entered into any contract direct with them and no-one from me of my business were ever told about any terms and conditions. So, I again, pointed this out to them. They simply ignored me. I have sent and logged various complaints with them, email and registered letter, and none of them have been answered or dealt with for 6 months now. So finally, they send me the 1st legal warning letter and it is addressed to me personally and then trading as and my company name. E.G. we will make a legal action against you Joe Bloggs t/a Acme Ltd. I responded to them by registered post with a very strongly worded letter saying they could not threaten me personally with legal action and I would take counter action against them if I received any further such threats as I would deem them harassment. I explained that they were more than welcome to use me as a point of contact on letters, but all claims must be made against Acme Ltd as that was the account held with them and at no time had my personal name ever been attached to that account. This week I have received a County Court Claim for action against Joe Bloggs t/a Acme Ltd for the full debt. Finally, and this is my main question - HOW DO I RESPOND TO THIS PLEASE ON THE DEFENCE FORM? I have various complaints and angles, some mentioned on this page, and some not like the fact that Ofcom, I believe, has also made guidelines against these extortionate termination fees and that any company charging them has to provide evidence to prove the cost to them of cancelling the lines is proportionate to what they are charging. SO, on my defence form do I start listing all the reasons I contest this debt at this point, or should I simply just respond with the defence that Joe Bloggs has no account with the company and also does not trade as Acme Ltd and leave it at that. And then wait to see if they re-do the Court claim and then start my full defence then? Please, please, please if anyone can help with this I would much appreciate it as this company seems to think they can operate outside of the laws and I really want to get it right and make sure I win this against them - not just for the money, but for a moral victory as much as anything- as they are nothing but bullies. Sorry, not really that brief was I!
  17. Hi I received a letter from a County Court Bailiff called Mr Morgan. The letter says "I am holding a very important document for your attention. You must call " The letter then goes onto say, if you ignore this document you may be committed to prison for contempt of this court but at no point in the letter does it say what the document is. Does anybody know if i'm obliged to respond to this? Particularly as the letter doesn't state what the document is. An advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hi I recently received a letter from Bryan Carter stating I owed money which I denied. I sent the "prove it" letter to them and got no response. Today I received a letter stating they would be issuing litigation in 48 hours, underneath this letter was a letter from Northampton County Court and a claim form. Should I go back to bryan carter or respond to the court letter? Should I write to the court or use the online link? I tried to access the link to see if there is any further detail there and the claim number doesn't seem to work Cheers
  19. Hello, I am hoping you will be able to offer me some advice with my current situation with Capquest. I had a catalogue account with Littlewoods and after falling behind with payments the debt was passed on to Capquest (around 12-18 months ago) I received many letters threatening further action and phone calls from fake solicitors etc... Most recently I received a claim letter from Northampton county court in regards to the capquest debt (which is £300) I ignored the letter and less than a week ago received another letter from the county court which says "you have not replied to the claim form, it is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £304 for debt and £87 for costs." It then goes on to say "If you ignore this order your goods may be removed or sold or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against you". I am a student and living on my own so I am unable to afford to pay that amount but I am really worried that they may send bailiffs to my house. Would any one be able to offer me some advice on what their next steps may be or what I should do? Thank you
  20. Hi I went to Aldi to do some shopping last year with my 2 year old, didn't have a £1 to get trolley, therefore ended up carrying the shopping basket on one hand & my toddler on the other hand, juggling with weight ,didn't notice the sign on my way back, saying we need to enter the car reg number. car is on my partner's name. received a parking charge from Parking Eye for £70, after reading forum posts, completely ignored it, received another one after a while, - ignore, received a letter from a solicitor , ignored completly after receiving advise from one of my friends. Now received a country court claim form for £150 in total. All came to my partner's. I didnt tell him about this as he would go mad. Now i wish i paid for it or sorted out in the beginning. I went to the Aldi and out with shopping within an hour or so. I did have the receipt, now am not sure if I still have it. regretting for not dealing with this straight away. Please help me & Advice me what to do.
  21. Hi everyone, To make a long story short(ish) - hubby and I were both in good jobs earning good money pre 2008. We had quite a bit of debt - but were comfortably paying off until recession hit, hubby lost job, we had a baby. we stopped paying our debts. I am ashamed to admit, that we couldn't deal with all this. Job loss, new baby, no money ... literally. Most of the debt got sold off to DCAs. This one in particular was an overdraft with a bank account we had with Halifax. The overdraft was originally £1000 but when we started having difficulties, we instructed them over the phone to cancel direct debits which they didn't. Subsequently they added charges etc until this amount became £1461.14. This debt then got sold on, passed around until it ended up with 1st Credit who have been chasing apparently since 5th July 2011. They have of course sent numerous letters and made numerous phone calls, some to me at work despite me writing to tell them they must remove my telephone numbers. They responded with some kind of letter saying they had a right to call because I owed them money. their solicitors, Moon Beever have issued County Court proceedings - Bulk Centre Northampton for £1775.21. I am worried because I don't really want participate in any hearing. Honestly, my mental state is not the best after facing 4 years of living hand to mouth. We have two children and to be honest, cannot afford to repay much. We had another CCJ issued when we had just had our second baby. We pay £2 per month on that (the papers issued were way different back then though, and I didn't give it a second thought, I just acknowledged the entire debt). We also have a suspended order on our mortgage (we are in arrears and in an arrangement to repay monthly). Interestingly enough, although it was a joint account, there is only one defendant - me. Not sure what to make of all this so please everyone, some guidance and help would be so much appreciated. I don't know what to do. It's like there is a cloud in my head instead of my brain. I am scared and worried that I will be put on some monthly scheme making me pay money we haven't got.
  22. Suing in the County Court is very easy and pretty cheap. Since April 2013 the limits for Small Claims has been increased to £10,000. You don’t need any special language. You don’t need any special skills – and if you read up a bit before you start – and take advice from the Consumer Action Group – you will have very little difficulty. When dealing with big retailers of goods or services, making a Small Claim in the County Court is generally the only way to break through their rigid procedures and policies in order to force them to take notice of you and to do their job properly. The quicker you start your claim the better. Companies like to get you into protracted but meaningless dialogue so that you end up tired out and you eventually decide to let it go. In addition to this FAQ, please see this much more detailed description of the County Court process . Q. What is a Small Claim? A. A Small Claim is a claim for less than £10,000 and which is unlikely to involve any difficult issues of law and which is likely to take less than 5 hours to deal with at a court hearing. Q. Are there any good sources of information? A. We recommend Patricia Pearl's County Court guide. You can get it from us or from Amazon. It will be cheaper on Amazon - but of course, we would prefer if you buy it from us. There is also lots of information on this website Q. What are the advantages of a Small Claim? A. If you lose your case in court, you will not be responsible for the other side’s costs if they have instructed solicitors. Q. So If I lose I won’t have to pay anything? A. No, you will lose your claim fee and you will lose your allocation fee if you have had to pay one. You may also have to reimburse the other side’s reasonable cost of travel. Q. What is an Allocation / Directions Questionnaire ? A. There is a stage in the proceedings where you will have to complete an allocation/directions questionnaire so that the court can decide what court to hold the hearing in and other matters. It is on the basis of this form that the court will decide to allocate your claim to the Small Claims track. Q. If I win, do I lose anything? A. If you win, you get your claim fee and your allocation fee back from the other side and your reasonable costs of travel. You won't get back anything you have spent on legal advice. Q. Are there other kinds of Claim? A. There is the Fast Track and the Multi-Track. If you lose your claim on these tracks, you will be liable for the other side’s costs. Ouch! Q. Which court will my case be heard in? A. If you are a private individual suing a company then the claim will be heard in your local court. Otherwise the normal rule is that the claim is heard in the local court of the defendant. Q. What if I can’t afford the fees? A. If you don’t have much money, the court fees may be waived. You don’t have to be on benefits for this. You may be employed but have very little available income. Visit your local court office and ask them about it.http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?406096-LEGAL-EX160A-Court-Fees-are-you-exempt.-**Correct-as-at-Feb-2015** Bringing a Claim The courts have had to cut costs so procedures tend to have changed. However, the United Kingdom – but especially England and Wales - have a highly accessible system which is ideal for consumers who want to take on corporate bullies. It is important to adhere to Pre-Action Protocol before issuing a claim..Court expect both parties to take relevant steps pre litigation in an attempt to resolve a dispute. Under new rules brought into force on 1 October 2017, there must be an attempt to enter into correspondence which could go on as long as 90 days before you decide that there is no hope of an agreement and you then issue your letter of claim. Here is a link to the Ministry of Justice PDF document which describes the new pre-action protocol https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/pdf/protocols/pre-action-protocol-for-debt-claims.pdf . Most consumer claims can be started online using the Court Services MoneyClaim service. You will need a credit card or debit card to pay the court fee. The claim will be issued from Northampton Bulk processing Centre and will be transferred to a court if the defendant files a defence. If you have very little money and you want to apply for a fees waiver, then you will have to visit your local court and you will have to begin your claim there. Q. So how do I start? A. Log on to MoneyClaim and open an account. It’s free. Go through the steps and fill out each section of the claims process. Make sure that you identify your defendant as an institution or else you will end up having to travel to their court. Q. There isn’t enough space for me to explain my claim. A. Yes, there is very little space. You get about 1050 characters and you have to work within that.This is not a bad thing because many people want to write far too much.A claim is simply where you state the bare facts of the case. You don’t start putting all of your evidence and other information into the claim. That comes later if the case goes to a hearing. In most consumer claims you would simply want to say that you had an account or bought goods on a certain date and with a certain reference number. The goods failed or your account was mismanaged or that money was taken etc.You don’t need very much space to do this. Q. Isn’t there a way that I can include more detail? A. Yes there is. You will see a checkbox where you can indicate that you will be sending a more detailed Particulars of Claim later. Q. If I check that box, when do I send detailed POC? A. You must send the full POC within 14 days of the claim having been served. You send it to the defendant directly. You must then file a certificate of service with the court within a further 14 days. Q. Doesn’t the court get a copy? Send a copy of the full POC to the court once a defence has been filed and the case has been transferred to your local court. Then send it to your local court.You must also file a N215 Certificate of Service within 14 days of the claim being issued. Q. What is the difference between filing documents and serving documents? A. Filing is when you send the documents to the court. Serving is when you send them to the defendant – or to the claimant if it is you who is being sued. Q. How do I draft the full POC? You don’t need any special format – but you must put the name of the claimant and the defendant at the top and also the name of the court and also the claim number. Then it is a good idea to put a bold heading. It will look like this:- After that you can lay out the facts – but remember to keep it brief and factual. Use numbered paragraphs for each point you are making. Keep it short!!! At the end put a statement of truth and sign and date it like this:- Q. So what happens next? A. Well you complete the MoneyClaim form. About two days later it will have been served on the defendant by the court. They then have 14 + 5 days to file an acknowledgement. Q. What if they file an acknowledgment? A. Then they they have 28 days from the date of service to defend the claim. Q. So if they don't acknowledge the claim, they only get 14 days to defend? A. Yes....should they not defend within that 14 days you can proceed to default Judgment. Q. So what happens if they don't defend at all - either after the 14 days or after the 28 days? A. Then you apply for judgment. Q. Do I have to write to the court? A. No you do it online using MoneyClaim. Q. Do I have to remind the defendant or warn them that I'm going to apply for judgment? A. No. You say nothing. You simply apply for judgment. Q. Supposing I don't apply for judgment straightaway, can they still defend? A. Yes, the defendant can file a defence at any time before you get judgment. Q. So I need to do it straightaway? A. Yes. Q. How do I know when the 14 days or the 28 days is up? A. The MoneyClaim system won't let you apply for judgment until the time limit has expired. When it gets close to the time, keep on checking MoneyClaim. You'll suddenly find that it lets you apply for judgment. Q. Do I really get a judgment simply because the other side hasn't responded? A. Yes. It is called a default judgment. However the defendant can try and use a procedure to challenge a default judgment. It is called asking for the judgment to be setaside Q. What happens next? A. After a week or two, you will get a notice from the court saying that you have a judgment in your favour Q. How do I get the money? A. If your claim was for a fixed amount, then you may as well put the bailiffs in. Q. Don't I have to warn the defendant? A. You can do if you want - but it is easier just to press ahead and put the bailiffs in by applying to the court. You will get your £50 bailiff fee back Q. What if the claim was not for a fixed sum? For instance I wanted to leave damages to the judge to decide or I wanted a default entry removed? A. Then there will have to be a hearing to assess damages or to arrange the order to remove the entry. Q. What happens if the defendant files a defence? A. Then each of you will be sent an allocation questionnaire. Each of you will have to complete it. After that, a decision will be made as to which court the case should be transferred to and also as to which Track the case should be allocated to.The claimant will have to pay a hearing fee subject to the value of the claim. Q. How will I know? A. You will receive a notice - probably from your local court tell you that the case has been transferred there. The judge will also set a date to give directions. Q. What are directions? A. Directions are orders from the court about how the case should be managed. The judge may order that the parties disclose certain documents in advance, for instance. You can write to the court and suggest some directions if, for instance, you feel that the defendant has been withholding evidence which you think that it is reasonable to disclose to you. Q. Will I have to attend the directions hearing? A. The notice which you get from the court will tell you if there is to be a hearing and whether you are required to attend. Have a look at at our County Court familiarisation guide for some ideas as to how to prepare yourself for going to court. - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?35-Guidance-note-Making-a-County-Court-familiarisation-visit Q. The directions state that both parties must file/serve & exchange documents by a certain date ? A.This is known as Standard Disclosure, in Small Claim Track you can just provide a list of all documents you will rely on and have referred to within your Defence & and Witness Statement.Cases in Fast Track should use the N265 for Standard Disclosure. NB.Anything you do not disclose can not be relied upon or used as evidence. Q. Directions state that both parties should file/serve & exchange Witness Statements by the date stated...is this additional to my defence/claim? A. Yes...this supports and particularises your defence and allows you to refer to case law etc....this should be drafted in your own words and formatted like a statement of case.
  23. Received a County Court Summons from Solicitors today for an invoice from one of my suppliers. I can't pay this back in one lump sum. Bank wanted a ludicrous amount a week, so they said, hang fire, it'll go to our solicitors, and they will be able to resolve this and offer you a more agreeable repayment offer. Went to solicitors, I called them a few times. No response. But rather than get in touch in any way, they've simply started legal proceedings against me. Is there anything I can do at this point to waive the legal proceedings and get back to a repayment plan?
  24. Hi Guys. Due to persdonal issues i have been battling debt issues for some time. Through the CCCS i worked out i had around £39k worth of unsecured debt. My case has been on going with the CCCS, but because of long bouts of severe illness its dragged out a bit. I told all my creditors in writing of this. I was contacted by a company called IDR finance in regards to a debt with MBNA. At the time i think i owed them £3016. IDR had already started taking legal proceedings against me for this debt. I received a claim form from the courts, to which i responded to the court explaining my situation, explaining my total debt, and that i had an a surplus income of £3 a month. I also said my case was with the CCCS who was helping me with my situation. I also said that a family friend had offered to give me money for a full and final settlement, and that was to be shared proportionally to all my creditors, and i could offer £100. I did this online through moneyclaim.gov.uk Since then i heard nothing from the court, until 2 days ago, since then i have been in a panic. The letter states i had not replied to the claim form and that on 16/11/2012 a CCJ had been placed against me and that i was owing £3218.95 to IDR to be paid in full. If i didn't pay my posessions could be taken. What do I do?
  25. Hello all I wonder if anyone can help. I moved my business to another premises, the old unit was re-painted and the keys were given back to the agent. The agent told me that they would send a bill to me for the remainder of the rent that was owed. The thing is Last week I received a bill for the rent plus maintenance (painting) and an insurance premium (that was discussed at the time with the agents and was agreed that no insurance was payable as I already insured the inside shop unit and windows , which is quite common I think) I wrote back to them saying I am willing to pay the rent owed but not the other two bills amounting to £650. Last night they sent another letter saying that I should pay the rent now and make a schedule of payment to them for the £650. I have explained my financial predicament to them at the moment and told them I am broke and receive tax credits and even sent the the Rockwell letters to prove that I am under pressure from collectors. I thought that honoring the rent would be good enough. apparently not. They have given me till Monday 15th April to make payment. My question is what can I do , Can I make a defence to the court knowing that i am will to pay the rent but not the two bills. will the judge see that I am willing to pay and see that the two bills are bogus. I really dont want a county court judgement against me. If i am going to get screwed in court should I just pay up and save myself self the chance of getting a judgement against me. Your advice to date with the Rockwell people is panning out as you have told me so thank you on that, so your help on this matter would be appreciated. Thank You
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