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  1. hi, hope im in the right place, I got behind with my council tax and accrued arrears of £1260, this was the amount of the liability in full, Rosendale bailiff turned up, although i am a single parent refused to take a payment of less than £850, I didnt allow him into my property, i sent off a budget sheet with an off to pay which they disregarded, I phoned the council begged them to take this debt back and to do an attatchment of earnings which they woudnt, the bailiff then came back and levyied on on car (probably worth 200 quid max) served me notice giving me 24
  2. Hi, I received some documents yesterday found by next doors' landlord after the tenants skipped house and they gained entry. The documents include a 24 hr bailiff removal notice and a "Form 7- Notice of Seizure and Inventory of Goods" on which my car is listed. The car was parked on the road in front of their property (which also happens to be the closest parking space to my house). The debt was incurred from failure to pay council tax. I telephoned the bailiff today and he replied with "Oh we do that all the time, once the DVLA checks came back we wouldn't have done anything" and th
  3. Hi all, I'd be so grateful if anyone can offer me any advice on this, I really don't know how to proceed. It's a complicated situation so please forgive the length of the post. 3 years ago I was living in a slightly(!) dodgy houseshare, it was originally a three bedroom house which the landlord converted to four bedrooms. He never visited the property, certainly I never met him, and there was no tenancy agreement in place. Basically the rent was paid on the 25th of the month and that's all he was concerned with, he did not mind who lived there. When someone moved out they found someo
  4. please can anyone help/advise me i am going round in circles with my council & the debt collector both refusing to help me set up an affordable payment plan!! I owe £880 for 2010 council tax. swift credit services have advised me they want payment in full within 7 days now i am on an income (with defecit of £900 a month) & cant pluck £880 out of thin air! I have been advised BY THEIR BAILIFF that he'd accept payments (over 8 months) that would be all he could do!!! but i still can not afford this & he would also want me to sign a walk in possession order (or something like tha
  5. Hi, Long post I know, questions in bold / italic! My partner has a dispute with a Liability Order that was issued in July 2001 and was recently resurrected by the local council (August this year). The council claims that due to a change in their computer system in 2002, the account was overlooked despite also stating in the same letter that the account was closed accordingly when she moved from the address in question, which she notified them of at the time (October 2001). Additionally, the council claim that the outside bailiff company were unable to make contact and they only
  6. Hi all, I'm facing a quandary. I'm currently registered as a postgraduate student, but I was recently bereaved and have decided to suspend my studies for a year. I'm self-funding so I would like to just give up my student status and claim jobseeker's allowance, and look for a job for this year to tide me over. However, if I do that I'm worried that as the only non-student in a house with three students, I would become liable (and not exempt) for the council tax bill for the whole property (this is certainly what would happen if I were employed and living with students). I'd like
  7. Hi, Wonder if anyone has any advice on this rather annoying situation. I've been made liable (apparently) for council tax debts relating to a property I lived in over 5 years ago. This would be fine apart from the fact the property was shared between 5 people and I was claiming council tax benefit while I lived there (to complicate matters). Somehow my name was left on the bill (I thought the bill had been paid when I moved out and didn't realise it was in my name) and bills were being sent to the old address which I never received. Eventually baliffs were brought in, found my new address
  8. So... Last July (2009) I began having visits from a Rossendales Bailiff over a Magistrates Liability Order/Distress warrant for unpaid council tax. I immediately called them and asked what the balance I owed was. The reply was a disheartening £875.91. I stated that I was out of work and could afford to pay £50 a month from my jobseekers allowance, but was told this wouldn't fly, they said I had two accounts outstanding(??), the first charge was £473.11 and the second was £402.80. I was told that if I paid the £473.11 by the end of the month they would accept installments on the lower amount.
  9. Hi all, I hope I give a good explanation to get some good answers on where I stand here At the time I was a single father of two, living in "emergency accomodation" provided by my local city council due to lack of social housing available. After my ex partner walked out on me and the children I was lucky enough to find a good job which paid well and was able to afford to place my children into nursery Mon-Fri while I was at work and cover the rent etc, however I found I was no so able to keep up to date with my Council Tax bill. Since then I lost my nice job through redundancy
  10. Hi The only place to start is at the begining. After having lots of trouble with Rosendales demanding hundrands of pounds every week managed to get my local council to talk to them and set up an agreement that I could afford to pay each week. Which I have been every week with out fail at the local post office so I had reciets. That was a year ago or a bit less. I moved house 4 weeks ago (still paying Rosendales may I add) and i had servel letters from the council in one day saying diffrent things and a letter from Rosendale saying I had defaulted and they were coming to get goods.
  11. I have a council tax debt from about 5 years ago (been chasing me for years and I just ignore them) now the council have written saying they are petitioning for my bankruptcy (about a month ago). I own them about £2,000. I also have other unsecured debts totaling about £7,000 altogether (housing benefit overpayment, credit cards, utility bills). I have no income other than Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefit. I have no assets other than clothes and ordinary household items (like a DVD player and clothes). I'm worried this 'bankruptcy petition' could arrive any d
  12. I really hope someone can help me as i'm at my wits end!! I have a council tax debt with Bristow and Sutor to whom i have been paying £10 a fortnight since 9/7/09. In January of this year i missed a payment for reasons i don't recall and NOT on purpose. I spoke to someone on the phone to apologise and made the payment plus the next payment and that is where it was left. Unbeknown to myself, they had changed my agreement with them to a temporary one until April during which time i was supposed to have sent them a letter proving that i was claiming benefits, I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT THIS!!
  13. In August I got a letter from a debt agency asking for council tax relating to a previous property that I left almost 6 years ago. I followed it up and got in touch with the Council and found out that it council tax that they believe I owe from 2001-2003 . Now I left my property in August 2004. I did inform the local council of this but at that time I didnt know where I would be living . The council say that they found the error after I left and still sent the letters to my old address. But from October 2001 to 2008 I was either on Incapacity Benefit or Jobseekers Benefit. They know
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