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  1. My situation is this: I was diagnosed as bipolar a long time ago. I now work part-time (18 hours) but in the past I claimed Incapacity benefit, housing and council tax benefits from Hackney Council. I moved from Hackney in 2006. Before Christmas I was sent notice of historic LOs for council tax for 2004, 2005 and 2006 - the council tax was due in those years I think. Because my mental health is an enduring issue I live in a pretty bad state of disorganisation and I didn't open the letters about the enforcement of the LOs until last week, which is also when the bailiff for Chandlers
  2. I'm living in Haringey Council and am late paying my council tax (two weeks late) and I've just received a summons for nonpayment of my council tax. Can they do this without sending a reminder or a final demand? It's come as a bit of a shock. Any wisdom appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I moved out of Cherwell District Council and they closed my account and sent me a refund. I queried this refund and was told it was correct and therefore it was issued to me. One month later after moving they sent me a bill for the refunded amount. I spoke with them and was told they made a mistake, and was told to write in. I wrote in detailing events and received a letter back now admitting there was a mistake and my bill was calculated incorrectly. Even though the refund was issued after me checking they say I must pay them and if I don't asap recovery action will be taken incuring cos
  4. Hi everyone, A friend of mine is being hassled by Phoenix Collections regarding some arrears on a council tax bill, and I've volunteered to help her out. In a nutshell, she ended up 2 months behind with her council tax, which totalled £267. The council passed it onto Phoenix to collect on, they got in touch with her, and she agreed to pay it, which they said the balance associated was 259.50, at £50 a month (phoenix1.pdf). She cleared £200 of it, but missed a payment in September, and they're now demanding the remaining balance - which has jumped to £285.50, regardless o
  5. October 13th 2009 I signed a agreement with the bailiff to pay a fixed amount every month. There were 3 names on the debt as i lived with friends at the property, but only 2 of us paid each month because we were out of contact with the other friend so we just decided to pay it ourselves (the girl who pays the debt with me is girl 2 and the girl we don't speak to anymore is girl 3 in the story) 1st of October this month i paid my share of the payment agreement but when my friend (girl 2) rang up it was saying the reference number was wrong so she phoned the Ross and Roberts office and a women
  6. Hello all, My Mother has got behind on Council Tax payments and has been issued with a court summons for Friday. I want to avoid court, so I was wondering what I could do to help her? I was thinking of writing out an income/expenditure list and a letter explaining why she got behind and how she will be able to start repayments soon due to a change in circumstances. If this was done, do you think court would be avoided? Or should I simply prepare this information for the court day? Many Thanks DC
  7. Ok guys, here goes for a candidate for the most complicated thread going. Heres a few facts. (Jump to the end if you don't want to know the specifics.) I was unemployed from Oct 2010 till June 2011. Started working again in late June, but on about a 1/3 of what I used to have coming in, so I'm considering going down the IVA route. I fell behind with my council tax, and wrote to the council, but got no reply. I also wrote to them, explaining my wife had moved in with me, and that they needed to take off the single person discount. Again, no reply. I then got taken to court. No
  8. I wonder if someone can advise me. I had debt with the council tax for £360 because of defaulted payments. And a debt for £325 from previous years. Manchester city council set up an attachment of earning certificates and took £662 out of my salary last month in one fell swoop they were able to do this due to the fact that I had earned some overtime for the first time in months. I thought to myself ah well its paid now lets get on with things........ So I thought then today while I was at work my son called me to tell me that the bailiffs had been and that they were coming to seize my goods
  9. Today my parents received a letter at their London address (where i dont live since Feb 2011) regarding council tax which i owed of £1003.81 for a Birmingham address. I had a monthly direct debit set-up for some reason ended up failing and being removed, since then this is the first time i have heard from Equita. The letter is under my wife's and my name she is out of work since Feb 2011 til present and i have just started last week. None of us have the funds to pay the amount. The letter posted THROUGH THE DOOR on the 10th Oct 2011 stated: "Payment due in full in 24 hours.....i hav
  10. Earlier today I tried setting up a payment plan with Equita to pay off my Birmingham city council Tax bill off £1,086.24. I offered to pay £100 a month to them which they said was acceptable but I had to make my first payment today. Unfortunately I told them I could make a payment till Wednesday so they refused to put payments on hold till then and told me that I would still be liable for extra charges till I make first payment. Is there any one I can contact to try to get them to wait till Wednesday without commencing any extra action. I am worried as I have previously had them tu
  11. Dear all, I owed a total of £1,923.06 to Camden council: £ 969.43 (council tax for period 29/09/08 to 31/03/09) £ 953.63 (council tax for period 01/04/09 to 28/09/09) I was totally unaware of this debt until I was contacted and visited by a bailiff from Rundle&Co who had taken on my debt. The first visit occured in the first weeks of February. I was away from home and was left a message to contact him. The second visit occured in the last week of February. The bailiff visited me and started bullying me into paying the debt immediately etc. I agreed to pay to the debt by d
  12. Hi I have recently moved back into my parents house after 3 years with my partner. We're waiting on getting a new flat. Bailiffs (Rossendales) have turned up at my parents house today with a letter saying Bailiff Removal. They say i have 24 hrs to pay £2422.78 in council tax (which i thought was already being paid the an Attachment of Earnings, apparently not) Now i wasnt in, i was at work. My dad says they did enter the property, but he didnt sign anything, and they didnt make a list of goods they were going to take when they come back in less than 24hrs. This is an impos
  13. Hi I have recently moved back into my parents house after 3 years with my partner. We're waiting on getting a new flat. Bailiffs (Rossendales) have turned up at my parents house today with a letter saying Bailiff Removal. They say i have 24 hrs to pay £2422.78 in council tax (which i thought was already being paid the an Attachment of Earnings, apparently not) Now i wasnt in, i was at work. My dad says they did enter the property, but he didnt sign anything, and they didnt make a list of goods they were going to take when they come back in less than 24hrs. This is an impos
  14. I was wondering if anybody could help me regarding council tax debt that has been handed over to Rossendales . The original debt is for £216, which i despute as I moved out of the property a month early but cant prove where i moved to as I ended up staying in squatted property. I realise this is kind of my fault and Im going to have to pay. I have not been able to pay due to having difficulty finding employment. I reached an agreement for the council to take money out of my benefit - but they failed to tell me that it would take them some months to process and by the time they had s
  15. Hi. I have a cuoncil tax debt in 2 parts, one of which was passed to Ross and Roberts bailiffs. I wrote letters to the both the council and the bailiffs ouitlining my intentions to pay £12.50 per week to the council and asked the council to take the debt back from the bailiff as I think I fall into the category of a "vulnerable" person. I live alone, am disabled and in receipt of benefits due to being chronically sick. I received letters this morning, one from the council and one from the bailiff. The council said they are happy for me to pay them £7 per week, but the amount which was passed t
  16. My council (Edinburgh) is applying to sequestrate me for council tax I don't owe. The disputed sum is big but I have more capital than its value. I have been making a repeated appeal annually, clearly on grounds of error of calculation. By law, anyone charged council tax has an absolute automatic right to do that, and the grounds may be anything the appellant perceives as an error of calculation. This is explicit in all the public information on council tax appeals and in the Local Government Finance Act 1992. It is a matter of simple exact statue law that has so shades
  17. Hello, my mum have received a letter from Newlyn bailiffs saying that they have liability order to seize and distrain our possesions. My mum is a single parent and she has me(15 year old son) and at the moment she is pregnant with another child. Me and my mum owe around £1200 to council, and as soon as we received the letter, we've paid £60 to them. These may seem like a small money, but at the moment £60 for us seems like a fortune of money. My mum is worried about her paintings being collected by baliffs, she has a lot of painting that belong to her dad and they cos
  18. Hi guys, I've been reading a lot of previous posts and it's really helped me to deal with the people at Newlyn. I've got a couple of specific question I'd be grateful if you could help me with: Newlyn's dealing with my debt to Lewisham council for 2009/2010 Council Tax for £1326.72 Never opened door or talked to bailiffs. 1st visit -> 17 Aug 2010 - no response 2nd visit -> 24 Aug 2010 - no response 3rd visit -> 2 Sept 2010 - no response - Van attendance charge (ATR) - Levied neighbour's car parked on street outside house. We don't own a vehicle. Oct 2010 - we
  19. Hi I'm writing this on behalf of my grandfather who lives in bexley. In February he got a letter from the council stating that he was due a refund on his council tax of an amount of just over two hundred pound and he had to send back a form with account details of the account he wanted the money put into. So the refund went into his account. Then this week he got a letter from the council demaning the refund back immediently which he can not do. So he phoned them and was informed the council made a mistake they removed his house from the council tax list and because the house was n
  20. Hi & can anyone help 07-2006 Southampton City Council informed me of a liability order from Southampton magistrates granted 11-04 re 13 months council tax - from 2003-4 I hadn't stayed 13 months, but arranged to pay £12 per month from 2007 to late last year my payments flowed by post, with Southampton Local Taxation services sending me a receipt ~[later payment slips] in response to each installment then the payment slips stopped, late last year, [about half the principle paid off] I paraphrase "Oi" says I "make with the receipts" in case it was a mistake or whatever
  21. Hi all, Im new to this site, but need some urgent advice. I was an international student until about 4 months ago when I graduated, and have a dispute with the council regarding tax which I was not liable to pay when I was a student, but which they have charged me for! That matter I am resolving separately, however they sent a bailiff around to my house to recover the peding amount as well as the tax for the new year. Basically, the bailiff blagged his way through by saying he is from the council, and when i stupidly opened the door he pushed past me and tried to barge his way into my hou
  22. Hi Guys new here and would appreciate any advice anyone can give. This morning I received an horrible letter from my local council asking me to attend an interview under caution. It says they suspect they have grounds for criminal prosecution because I have failed to tell them about changes in my income!!!! Im really upset and very scared by this letter. I left my job last Feb due to childcare being a complete nightmare and my quest continues for a job that is around school hours. I am not claiming job seekers and my husband works full time but still classed as a low income, he earns £
  23. Hi, I am currently staying at a friends house. And when I came back from work last week i found the house empty and 3 seperate lists detailing all the items that had been taken. As I am a dj the majority of the stuff was from my room. I have heard that if i have receipts for my stuff i can get it back, but i only have receipts for some of it. No one was in the house when they gained entry through the back door that was left unlocked. The reason for siezing the goods is unpaid council tax which is in the amount of £3000. However they have taken up to £15000 worth of goods. Furthermore
  24. hi Few months ago we received a letter from Equita that we own around £500 for unpaid council tax. I paid full amount same day but on the council website. Two weeks later the bailiff came to our flat and because my younger brother was not aware of that he let him in.He called me and I was trying to explain that we paid everything and we don't want pay again. anyway,because we never had anything to do with this situation we decide to pay again to give us some time to sort out this "misunderstanding" Next day we called council to check our balance which was £50 cr and then
  25. My son has recently completed his HND studies and has gone on to study at Sussex Uni as part of a continious process. My local council (Crawley) has so far refused to allow the Students discount for the period between June - Sept (The summer recess) as they say he changed courses and was not therefore in continous full time education. Looking at the "The Council Tax (Discount Disregards) Order 1992 3. A person is to be regarded as undertaking a full time course of education on a particular day if— (a)on the day he is enrolled for the purpose of attending such a course with a p
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