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  1. Hi, Sorry if this post comes off as part seeking advice and part rant but I've turned green and turned Hulk with letter I got this morning. I'm in receipt of Housing Benefit, JSA and Council Tax exemption, but I got a letter back in August saying under ConDems new Eugenics program I need to pay some Council Tax and was sent a bill for £19pcm. I honestly couldn't afford to even pay that, so I marched off to my benefit office in Harringay to ask for advice - they made me fill in a 'Discretionary Payment Award' form. I got it all stamped having shown the evi
  2. The following story is proof if any is needed that Judges will not tolerate debtors threatening bailiffs with violence. The story was featured in the news yesterday. The link to the story is here and a 'word copy' of the article is below: http://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/crime/man-who-threatened-bailiff-with-knife-avoids-jail-to-look-after-elderly-mother-1-5883008 A 45-year-old man who threatened a bailiff with a knife after he came round to collect an unpaid £800 council tax bill has avoided a jail sentence. Philip Devenport, of Marlow Road, Towcester, was fo
  3. Okay so this is a bit messy! Basically (after 3 years) a baliff company send me their breakdown - my payments their charges - they show I did pay them all of my debt AND charges of over £400!!! However, council still asks for the money and even has set up a commital hearing!!! But I try to explain it quickly: Basically I owe the council a sum of £4019 for council tax 10/11, 11/12, 12/13. I was shocked when I found out the sum! I had one bailiff company coming to me in 10/11 and the same in 11/12. I used to pay them a lot of money - after paying them all together over 2400£ I
  4. Hello all, Firstly thank you to all of you for your invaluable help on here. Just a bit of background .. . I have an ongoing dispute involving my local council, MP and bailiff company.. . I have been reading here your very helpful posts to other people over the last couple of months and will in the fullness of time put the full details of my story on here, as it will highlight the lies and deceipt of a big bailiff firm, which I know many others have suffered at the hands of and the subsequent reduction of some very large and 'fraudulent fees' charged by said bailif
  5. Hi Folks, I moved to Edinburgh whilst looking for work. I'm on IB-JSA and applied for Housing and Council Tax Benefit. I have been awarded both but not the Second Adult Rebate that I specifically applied for. I share the flat with another person who is in Full-Time edcuation and there is no-one else. As far as I'm concerned, to quote the Council's website: "The highest amount is 100 per cent of the council tax due on the property. To qualify for this you must be a full-time student and the person who has to pay the council tax and all your second adults must be receiving ... Incom
  6. Hello All I regulary visit these forums for advice and have always been able to find answers to any issues I have had, however I am having difficulty in getting a clear understanding of my current options. I currently have an outstanding Council Tax debt which is now in the hands of Ross & Roberts Ltd. I, like many others, am long term unemployed (18 months) and although I was claiming council tax benefit until March, upon receiving what I thought was a solid offer of employment I closed my claim. That position fell through and after months of continually trying to find
  7. Local Authorities are a law to themselves and this is especially true when you consider the way Magistrates' Courts are exploited by councils for rubber stamping thousands of liability orders in a process which typically takes up less than an hour of courtroom time. It's usual for councils to be awarded hundreds of thousands of pounds costs in respect of each court application. Unlike typical hearings where Judges determine the level (if any); councils tell the Justices Clerk in advance how much Magistrates should award. This is what happens in reality but wonder if what they do is
  8. Hi I am new to this and im looking for some advice to help my mum. Unfortunately my mums bank account has been frozen by Charles Anderson Glasgow sheriff officers! As i am aware she had a payment scheme with them but fell behind and her last payment was late.Not that I am making excuses but we have just lost my gran and my mum has not been herself lately. They have taken £1700 that was in her account. This was money that my gran left to her!!! After speaking to the company they said that there was nothing that can be done to resolve this she was default on her payment scheme but sur
  9. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help with a few questions! A few days ago I had a letter posted through the door from Ross and Roberts bailiffs. I phoned the bailiff and he told me it was for unpaid council tax from my previous address (I must have missed payments without realising), some of which dated from after I had already left the house and moved to my new address. I told the bailiff that I would not pay without speaking to the council first, so the next day I called the council and they told me I can appeal in writing. They said they didn't have a reco
  10. Hello, we all have a separate contract with the landlord. The council tax says that he is liable to pay however, one of the clauses in the contract is : "You must pay for all electricity, gas and phone bills, water charges and Council Tax relating to the property that apply during the period of the tenancy." I would like to know if this clause overrides what the Council said. Initially, my landlord kinda tried to get me to pay the tax for the next year as well (I am only living there as a non-student for 12 months). I am not a student. I live with two students. One of them sto
  11. My Council Tax debt was passed to Swift (Merthyr Tydfil) for collection mid April 2013. I contacted the Council and advised them I could pay the whole outstanding amount on or around 5th May 2013. They advised I had to deal direct with Swift. Received a letter from Swift, giving me 7 days in which to pay, prior to bailiff attending. I rang Swift who said they could only hold the account for 7 days after which time I would have to contact the bailiff and additional charges would apply. I was still unable to pay for another 12 days. A bailiff attended around 1st May. As far as I am awa
  12. Cut a long story short I had an interview under caution as I was being accused of claiming benefits I was not entitled to namely Council Tax. I was off work for 6 months and on ESA benefits & council tax, but went back to work on a part-time restricted hours basis. DWP said I was entitled to the benefits as my hours were low - but I stopped claiming ESA. I was then made unfairly redundant and received no pay from my employer for 5 months and claimed JSA as I was unemployed. I told the Council Fraud squad this, and they accepted it was not fraud, but wanted all the money bac
  13. Hi, I have a council tax debt that I am currently paying off to Alex M Adamson. I believed I had a good deal with them, and was steadily paying my debt off each month. Come April, something went wrong with my payment however. For some reason the money was not taken off my account, and it took me 9 days (exactly) before I realized this. At this point, I immediately paid the amount that was due that month. Two days later, I received an earnings arrestment schedule. Granted, this was sent the day before I made my payment. I contact Alex M Adamson, and e
  14. Hi A friend of mine is a single mum with three young children who has suddenly started receiving bailiff visits. It turns out this is to recover an unpaid debt of £82 in respect of council tax to Solihull Borough Council. What happened was that she originally received a bill for £1010. She set up a direct debit but something went wrong and it hadn't been paying out. The council wrote several times, but she works long hours in a job that won't let her take time out to make calls, and one thing led to another and she got a summons last August. She tried calling the council and eve
  15. Hi guys, in 2006 my house was given on rent to private students either way they were eleible for the council tax. I submitted all the documents for 2006-2009 showing who was living at my address as private tenants and who was responsible. In 2012 the council wrote to me saying I had to pay council tax from 2006 to 2009 based upon 2 things. from 2006 to 2008 no one paid the council tax. from 2008 to 2009 some other person was living and claiming for the council tax benefit. In another words the students did not pay the council tax. Then they invented an
  16. Basically I completed a claim form in July 2010 stating my earnings as £722 nett pay As requested I enclosed my last two payslips which showed £626 nett pay (BR tax had been applied). Benefits office calculated benefit on the amounts on the payslips, which I was unaware of until I recently received a copy of all paperwork. I did not understand the award letter so assumed the calculations to be correct and made rent and CTax payment amounts as shown. Following award letters I treated the same- paying what I was told I had to pay. After a benefit review in Dec 2012 I was told I
  17. I received a letter from Rossendales bailiffs yesterday t say they're coming to my house in 24 hours t levy goods for an old council tax bill. Ive received no other letters from them and was unaware i owed the money. They are saying i owe them over £600 but when i rang the council the bill is only £280. Ive asked the council if i can deal direct with them but they said i have t take it up with the bailiffs. Ive rang the bailiff t set up a payment plan but he said they're unable to do that as he is a removal bailiff and its his job to levy goods. I will have sufficient funds t pay the £28
  18. Hi all, I have been in the wrong council tax band, for many years and it has now been corrected. Whilst being in the wrong band, I received ,summons and liability orders, for which I now know were for the wrong amounts. Can the council, still claim that they were right in doing this, as I did owe an amount, but not the amount I actually did owe due to being on the wrong band. After the banding was amended, it cleared all the arrears that I owed at present, and all other years. I would appreciate any help, regarding this. Thanks.
  19. Please help, In a mixture of getting annoyed with the council not providing me with a proper bill and sticking my head in the sand due to starting a very stressful job I got behind with my council tax. Until the end of August I lived with my ex who was uneployed, and I was a student. At the end of August he moved out and I started a full time job. In October I received a bill with my exes name on it even though he had moved out and had informed them of this. I phoned the council and asked for a new bill, with a breakdown. They just sent me the same bill again. This happened a fe
  20. Newbie here, hope someone can help Without realising I missed the May 2012 Council Tax monthly payment. I was made redundant about then, so was a stressful time. Next thing I know there's a Summary Warrant on 1 August and Scott & Co phoning me to pay them. Not sure how there can be a warrant against me without my defending myself? I told Scott & Co that I wasn't happy paying the surcharge (I would have paid off the Council Tax in Feb not Jan 2013), but proposed making an immediate payment to cover the missed month and the remaining 5 payments by monthly Standing Order. T
  21. If a residential dwelling has been re-banded to a lower (less expensive) Council Tax band, how is the refund for past payments of Council Tax calculated where occupants received some Council Tax Benefit (varying periodically according to occasional changes in circumstances over the years) and they paid the balance due: Are the occupants entitled to full refund of the difference between the bands regardless of Council Tax Benefit payments, or would the Council Tax Benefit that has been paid be deducted from the refund due? Will a banding change to a lower band make the residents liable fo
  22. Hello all, A friend recommended I post my situation on here, basically A few months ago I received a letter out of the blue, stating I owe just shy of £1000 pound in council tax bills for somewhere I lived when I just turned 18 with 2 other friends(at the time) - the thing is they are trying to make me liable for all of the debt, something which I couldn't pay off myself, I simply don't earn enough and they know this, I send them my accounts every 3 months, at the minute working for myself I earn less than 72 pound a week and that comes in every few months or so. I have tried explai
  23. A a current thread highlights Harrow Borough Council, apparently allowing its bailiff contractor, Newlyn, to charge a £235 fee for a single attendance in connection with Council Tax enforcement. Harrow council caused controversy when it called for its bailiff contractor to hand back 8% of its fees collected from householders who owed money to the council. Is this why Newlyns are having to inflate their fees to the point of extortion? Coincidentally, a Freedom of Information request has been submitted to Harrow which might throw light on why the council allows its bailiff contractor t
  24. My partner built up a lot of outstanding CT in 2011 and had a visit from a man from Bristow and Sutor and agreed to make monthly payments of £65. They sent her a DD mandate which she gave to the bank and payments were took every month no problem. about a month after the last payment went a letter was posted while she was out they had visited to remove goods or take payment of £200. it seems the DD Mandate they gave us was a month short. Then we had a visit from them, I said she wouldn't be paying and we had wrote to their office, the bailiff shouted loudly tr
  25. Hi, I have found a nice house that I'd like to rent. The landlord is going abroad for a year and has asked me to pay the council tax and bills directly to him. I understand that this is not commonly done and have a few questions I'm hoping someone can help me answer: 1. I suspect that the landlord has not received permission from his mortgage lender to rent out the house and that that's the reason for not wanting to allow me to pay the council tax in my name. If that is the case, how would this affect my rights as tenants? In other words, if he is not allowed to rent out will my ten
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