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  1. Hi there, I recently received a PCN whilst pulled over at Liverpool Airport, I have done some research and the general opinion seems to be ignore them however I wonder if these apply more strictly at airports? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Just wondered if there was anything I could do about my husbands debt. About 5 years ago he had a current account with Lloyds TSB - I don't know the reason why but he went overdrawn by £90.00 We have just received a letter from Wescot stating he owes £3115 for this debt. Is there anything we can do to reduce this amount or just pay it off bit by bit. Thanks
  3. I was at the university yesterday, I used to work there, I remember another company doing the the tickets before, and there was no pay and display then, so I also advised students not to back down, and just ignore! That was always successful, never know any to be taken to court, as I explained reasons from here, also why should they pay for parking when paying for accommodation and even the workers having to pay. Well I seen this sign in a pay and display on University grounds: My question is if they do not pay, do the same rules apply as IGNO|RE!! Uploaded with Im
  4. Hello i am 24 years old, around 4 year years ago i lost my mother, i subsequently spent the next two to three years going off the rails and getting into debt, i am now stable and working full time as an estimator and going to uni one day a week to attain a degree in engineering. I have just signed up to experian to view my credit rating and the extent of my debt is as follows. I want to sort this mess out but dont know which way to start as it is such a mess. Court information 9000 unsecured loan nationwide which i now have a ccj for 3500 overdraft which i now have a ccj for
  5. I came across this thread which I found to be very interesting. probably has been posted previously but a search never brought up anything. Click here.
  6. Hi all, I've received a 'Parking Charge Notice' through the post from VCS for: 'Parking/Waiting on a roadway where stopping is prohibited' at the airport. I did stop for a minute to drop someone off, but on the main road, not in any private car park. There were double yellow lines, but can a Private car parking company enforce a fine for this when I didn't stop in their area? I have read some threads concerning these charges, thanks for those, but just think mine might be a bit different because of the double yellows so thought I'd ask for advice. The notice does have a
  7. Hi - my hubby was issued a ticket by Parking Control Management for parking on a private road. Is there anyway we can appeal? We have lived in the area for 6 years now and have on occasion used the road for parking - there is also a Quick Fit on the otherside of the road so they must use the parking at some stage. There are no markings for parking bays and there was another car parked there. There is a sign that says private road and no parking with out a permit but is not very clear when you are turning left into the road as the curb is sort of pointed
  8. Hi all looking for a little help, a friend has recived this pcn she only stopped for 2 min on the approach road to the airport she was picking someone up but running late so the person started to walk then my friend saw him and stopped and picked him up. Do you think this charge is legal she cant really afford to pay this amount my friend is the reg. keeper but was not the driver her daughter in law was driving but she was present in the car any help appreciated thx.
  9. Santander had basically messed me around in one form or another since they took over my old bank, so I had decided to leave them. I didn't owe them anything (no overdraft etc), so decided to move all my direct debits to my new bank. Unfortunately one direct debit for my mobile phone was a real pain to move and despite several phone calls to my provider (and them saying it had changed) would still come out of my old Santander account. On one occasion I didn't have enough money in there making me £21 into an 'unarranged overdraft'. I've only got myself to blame but I left it and
  10. Hi, On Sunday 7th Oct I decided to spend the day looking for cars. There was a car I really liked at a reputable garage in Bristol, so I drove to the garage to go and have a look at the car. Upon arrival I was informed that the car I had originally come to view was actually in the garage being serviced and prepped for sale.. In the meantime another car caught my eye. I asked about the car and showed my interest.. The salesman took me back into the office to find out more information about the vehicle that had caught my eye on the forecourt. This car had finance fall through and there
  11. we booked a holiday last oct, 2011 for this aug 2012, with hoseasons. we did this on the low deposit offer they had on at the time of booking. because i work for the nhs i should have got some sort of discount and had to ring through for this to be applied. after thinking all was well, we sat back. we recieved no confirmation of booking via email or mail. several weeks went by and still nothing. i rang them and informed them that i still had no confirmation and wanted that details of the booking and when to pay. still nothing although i was told they did send it though and i should check
  12. Hi everyone, overjoyed I found this site! I'm 24 and have just learnt the value of money (finally). I'm roughly 10k in debt to around 10 creditors. Yesterday I worked out I should be paying out around £850? a month. I only earn £750 a month. I'd really appreciate some advice on how to tackle this? Debts are in this order... Loan with co-op. 6400 total including interest, 2800 left to pay. Up to date with payments. Credit card with halifax. £2654 total balance. 104 over limit, 2 months behind. Credit card with Natwest. £2794 total balance. £6 remaining credit. Up to date with
  13. It's a legal [problem] that is out of order... My sister parked her car in a car park and this is her mistake. She parked at 10.45am. She returned at 3pm to find her car gone. She tried over and over to phone PCM to get her car but there was no luck. The lady kept insisting that she needs to speak to a guy via mobile number, but noone was picking up on that mobile number. We could not obtain the address of the car pound or any other details. The next morning we start heading to slough, and again we still cant get in touch with this mystery man at the car pound. I phone PCM main
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