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  1. A subject that we receive a huge number of enquiries about concerns a credit card (or debit card) 'chargeback' and whether bailiff enforcement may recommence. A year ago I started a thread on this subject which has received 6,000 views and given the new legislation (that came into effect on 6th April) it would be wise to update the information with a new thread. Again, from the enquiries that we receive, a lot of people are encouraged to make a 'chargeback' request following information on various websites. The following is taken from one particular FMoTL website: As can be s
  2. Between us my wife and I have racked up over £80,000 in unsecured, non priority debts. I am disabled for the foreseeable future unfit to work and my wife works full time. With the help of National Debt Helpline we have completed a budget and worked out that we have about £80 per month of disposable income. The advise we were given is that our options are either a DMP or bankruptcy. With regards to having to find another bank account which will be a problem for us as it appears Barclays are the only bank that will allow us to have a simple bank account as non discharged bankrupts, bu
  3. Hi, Just received a letter from a court stating that they have issued a "notice of issue of warrant of control" stating that they will collect goods if payment is not made. It is for a debt i had starting in 2008 i took out hp on a car which was repossesed in jan 2009 as i lost my job and was not able to make payments. this is the first letter i have had from anyone relating to lowel portfolio and as the debt is over £6k and im not working and not able to pay the full requested amount of £6227.16 the court is asking. does anyone have any advice on where to
  4. Has anyone else noticed the MOJ link to the 'new' National Standards cannot be found on the MOJ site anymore: http://aka.justice.gov.uk/downloads/courts/enforcement-officers/taking-control-of-goods-national-standards.pdf They can be found here (third link down): https://www.gov.uk/search?q=bailiffs Is there a reason for this, or is it just a technical blip?
  5. One of the most common enquiries that we receive relates to the subject of Magistrate Court fines and whether or not the bailiff/enforcement agent is required to have in his possession a copy of the distress warrant/warrant of control. In almost all cases; the confusion arises from incorrect (and misleading) information on a small number of websites heavily connected to the Freeman on the Land or other such movements. These websites frequently ‘claim’ that companies enforcing magistrate court fines create ‘doctored or counterfeit’ warrants and debtors are encouraged by the websites to pa
  6. hello everyone ive recieved 2 letters from a company called control account claiming to be looking to recover import fees from federal express ive read a few things about control account but non of the threads ever seem to say what finally happened i would like to know where i stand with these letters ive never recieved any claim lettter from federal express just these letters from control account its only 35 quid but im not going to be bullied for any amount by these parasites ive added the letters as an attachment....hopefully you can all see them [ATTACH=CONFIG]54682[/ATTAC
  7. my cousin whom i had staying at my address for a few weeks while i was away and as since moved back to Scotland , ordered a monitor from ebay on his laptop. from korea. which was delivered to my address in west Yorkshire. he told me delivery was included in the price he showed me the invoice which read item $200 plus $100 shipping. he signed for the parcel from FedEx. i received a letter addressed to him from fedex . i opened it and it said he owed £52 for custom and tax fees, the others i posted back unopened writing on not at this ad
  8. Hey guys I got a letter ages ago from fedex asking me to pay some charges for something I purchased from america. Amount was £18.51 to pay, I ignored it and got a letter from PLC telling me to pay them instead of Fedex. What I'd like to know, is it safe to continue to ignore them ? No court hearing or any of that stuff as I can't really be dealing with that stuff as I am a Uni student. Can I just ignore them ?
  9. Hi all, I have got myself in a mess and probably do not deserve help as its my own fault but here goes. Today i received a Notice of issue of warrant of control from my local county court. The letter states that I have seven days to make a payment of £172 including fees with a remaining balance of £500. If i do not pay this fee then bailiffs will attend in 7 days. Now I think I recall receiving a claim form several months ago from the Northhampton bulk centre court and I ignored it (I am regretting this now). I have several old debts from the early 2000's when i w
  10. I'll be brief.. 6th December 2013, I pulled up in the Albert Street Car Park for 10 mins, while I waited for my son to be collected. The car was not left unattended during that time. I was sent a PCN for £80 if I paid within 2 weeks (something like that). They have been writing to me but I've ignored them until recently they sent me a letter from a debt collector. I wrote back saying that usual...i.e not obliged to give them the details of the driver, this is an invoice as oppose to a PCN, legally that the land owner has the authority to pursue me for
  11. Hi all, Sorry to bother you but I'm after a bit of advice regarding an old Barclays account. Heres the story... My partner and I had a joint account with Barclays many years ago (2004) of which we ended up having an overdraft of £2170. Due to various reasons we ended up pushing it to its limit every month and eventually came into a bit of financial hardship but we struggled on as you do. Then in 2008 I was sadly made redundant. This is where things went terribly wrong. We struggled on for another year incurring fees left, right and center but we just got
  12. I have just been issued a writ of control on a £43k CCJ that was put in my Bankruptcy in 2010, however the Natwest whom issued the CCJ put a charge on my property before the Bankruptcy petition was finalised and apparently there was nothing I could do as I wanted to keep the property, which was and still is in negative equity. The writ runs out in a weeks time and they can come and take goods even though I've been bankrupt, is there anything I can do.......
  13. Just been served court papers (via Northampton's court bulk centre) for an outstanding debt to Anglian Water. AW have added £50 solicitor's/£15 court fee. The court fee I can understand, but the £50 sol fee is a bit much. Can I contest the sol fee?
  14. Hi, Help needed pls. I popped out the other day and my kids were home, and when i got back my kids are all upset, scared and distraught. The kids told me that someone was banging on the door , window and garage doors very loud and hard for about 20 mins. Obviously i was upset too, and not very happy that my kids felt terrorised in their own home. A enforcement agent from marstons had clamped my car which was on the drive, and also posted a letter. This is the first time they have called regarding this matter or sent any letters about this pcn. I was not the driver of the ve
  15. I received a penalty charge notice ticket on the 07/02/2014 from NATIONAL PARKING CONTROL to pay £100 within 28 days for parking in an unauthorized location dated LAST YEAR 27/082013 for approximately 4min 1sec. I have written to them about this PCN on 2 occasions, challenging the parking charge notice due to not receivingtheir parking fine within 28 days (WHICH I BELIEVE IS THE LAW FROM THE ONLINE RESEARCH I DID) period starting from the day after the parking incident took place. First letter i sent to them was on 07/02/2014 which they ignored after singing and receiving it. Then
  16. I have just received an email from the Ministry of Justice to confirm that the long awaited Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2014 have been laid in Parliament this morning. This is the second set of Regulations which will underpin the Government's package of reforms to bailiff laws. The first set of Regulations, The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 sets out the procedure that enforcement agents must follow when taking control of goods and were laid in Parliament on 30th July last year. The third and final set of Regulations will follow shortly and will focus on the requir
  17. Hi i wonder if someone could help. My parents bought a house last year, it has a nearly new garage conversion, they only bought the house because it had all the paper work and completion cerificate from local building control saying it meets building regs. However 6 months in and there conversion which is a bedroom is seriously leaking water. They have had 3 builders around and all say dont know how this was signed off!! The floor sits lower than outside, no membrane on floor just existing garage floor with underlay carpet underneath floorboards. My question is can they sue the council
  18. Hello Last year I was paid a bursary of £500 from university. 3 weeks later they asked for it back and said they had paid it in error. I am a student with a wife! who has a job. They told me as they had learnt my wifes salary (40000) I wasn't eligible. however this was my last year at university and I had recived bursarys every year without any problems. I explained the money was already gone and I was unable to pay. Anyway to cut a long story short via control account, who I ignored (consumer action reading and advice), And also some threatening emails from university, I have now receive
  19. Hi, First of all i would like to thank everybody for their continued support on this site and the help offered to many has been great, I have spent the late night/morning reading through the forums and getting ideas and seeing how much of a general ball ache all this is going to be! So i have been in this spiral for a few months now but today is the day i miss my first payment I have been rolling over alot of loans and paying some off however now im stuck I have no more money this month due to having to fix my car and now i cant pay back one of my lenders.. My debt portfolio lo
  20. hi can anyone help me with doing a payment plan with wonga my debt is up to 1372 and is due out tomorrow but i cant afford to keep paying the debt and then borrowing more just to clear my bill please somebody HELP!!!!!!!!
  21. I have just been informed that the first of three statutory instruments....The Taking of Control of Goods Regulations 2013......which will underpin the Government's package of reforms to bailiff law will be laid in Parliament today. I will post a link later and I will also post further information that I received today. PS: The Taking Control of Goods Regulations will be implemented in April 2014.
  22. Hello all, I have received a "PARKING CHARGE NOTICE" from VEHICLE CONTROL SYSTEMS. It shows two pictures of the rear of my car, stopped to pick up passengers. I was not driving at the time it was someone else. The picture does not show how long the car was stopped. It states that "liability for this parking charge notice lies with the driver of the vehicle". Do I have to tell them who was driving, and pay £60 charge? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks. J.Mc
  23. Hi Can someone please advise me on how to handle this debt? When I was at university I borrowed some money to pay my rent as my student loan had not been paid. My loan didn't arrive until the end of the academic year so after the late fees added on the amount owed came to £295, which I could not afford to pay. I moved house after finishing uni, about two years ago, but they have managed to track me down. I have ignored several letters from the university threatening legal action, and this morning I got a letter from control account plc threatening serious lega
  24. Housing charity discovers almost a third of agencies were charging renters more than £400 to set up a tenancy, in addition to the deposit and rent upfront Shelter is calling for a ban on "out of control" letting agent fees that are forcing millions of tenants into debt The housing and homelessness charity says letting agents frequently demand hefty upfront sums to set up a tenancy, on top of the deposit and rent, with the average amount being £350 According to the mystery shopping exercise carried out by the charity among 58 letting agencies across England, almost a thir
  25. The Citizens Advice Bureau is calling on the Office for Fair Trading to immediately ban the payday lenders it says it has evidence of causing harm to borrowers. A six month investigation by Citizens Advice found evidence of a number of “unscrupulous” payday lender firms engaging in irresponsible lending, inadequate checks, harassment and refusals to agree on repayment plans. An analysis of 780 cases reported to Citizens Advice between November and May uncovered evidence of lending to people with mental health issues, people who were drunk at the time and borrowers under 18.CAB chief execu
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