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  1. It's all new to me and today went up a level I need advice I was taking my missus from airport while driving my phone were ringing few times + texts. Stopped just before airport gate on blind roundabout exit (road to nowhere). Wasn't long 5min tops and then I went in. No signs about not parking anywhere... Paid for parking on exit (chucked ticket away when i got home) Got pcn from vcs. 60£ if paid within 2 weeks. Looked for advice on internet. Ignored it as advised Another letter 100£. Ignored Now its that "professional de
  2. Hi, I have really screwed up.. Did not take this very serious. Received a claim from PRA group, so put in a defence within 14 days than within 28 days. Than received a DQ file and just waited to hear back from the courts but did not hear anything until yesterday with a issue of notice of warrant of control by post. So logged online and saw the claim stats (see below) Is there anything I can do? can I still defence ccj? claim stats below A claim was issued against you on 06/07/2015 Your acknowledgment of service was submitted on 20/07/2015 at 09:12:06
  3. Afternoon everyone I'm after some advice please. Today we have received a warrant of control from our local court (dated 6th but post marked 9th October) saying we have until Monday 19th October to pay an amount of £252.25 (balance after payment £8960.58). It says the creditor is Cabot Financial and can only assume this is the debt collection agency rather than the financial institute that we would originally have had an account with. Can any of you lovely people suggest what I can do with this. As it is due Monday was thinking of paying the £252 which would give us
  4. In April 2014, significant changes were made to the way in which bailiffs can enforce debts. Most importantly, the fees that can be charged are fixed and transparent. The following page is an overview of the new regulations. Terminology The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 modernise terminology. The terms levy, distress or distrain are now known as the process of ‘taking control of goods’. A walking possession agreement is now called a Controlled Goods Agreement and bailiffs are now known as enforcement agents (although they can still be referred to as bailiffs). Warr
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-34404651
  6. Hi All As the RK of the vehicle in question I've received the attached VTS PCN. I'd be grateful for any advice on a response. Specific questions are :- 1. There is no mention of POPLA 2. The second to last paragraph seems to say that in the event of the RK not paying up or naming the driver they may pursue the RK based on an assumption that the RK was the driver. 3. On the back, their appeals seem to go through something called the IAS (Independant Appeals Service). They seem to be members of the IPC (Independent Parking Commitee). Both these organisations appear to s
  7. Hello Any advice will be gratefully received..... I have received a debt recovery letter on behalf of Vehicle control services for parking fine from 8/10/2013. Nearly two years ago......I can't remember where I parked or what the situation was all the way back then. It is for £160 and letter says if I don't pay up, I risk them sending my file to a creditor with recommendation of court action?....Is this legal? Do I have to pay?
  8. Hi, I was wondering if some people can give me some help on a parking fine from NPC. It States. THE DRIVER IS REQUIRED TO PAY THE CONTRACTUAL PARKING CHARGE OF £100 WITHIN 28DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE. THE CHARGE WILL BE REDUCED TO £60 IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED BY 17-05-2015 We do not know then name and current address of the driver. Under the protection of freedom act 2012, schedule 4, you are now required to do one of the following by no later then the last day of the 28days beginning with day after date on witch this notice to keeper is issued. pay the outstanding amount
  9. Hello all, I really hope you can help me with how to handle this claim against me. It is regarding a Vanquis agreement from 19 May 2010. To cut a long story short, I was suffering from a gambling addiction and took out lots of payday loans and credit I could not afford. I have paid various debts back but could not afford all. I ended up with 5 defaults against me. With my credit file ruined, I kind of just buried my head in the sand, thinking I would have to wait a good 6 years to get back on track. I have lived in 5 addresses in the past 6 years. W
  10. I bought a used car for £7000 with climate control which appeared to work on the test drive, but it was a cold day. Now I went to use it and it is only blowing warm air so the car is uncomfortably warm. The car was advertised as having climate control and air conditioning, being well maintained and with 6 months warranty. They have stated they only cover major engine and gearbox faults under warranty. They are a decent sized garage with about 50 - 60 cars for sale ranging from £1500 - £30,000. I've had the car a week and I'm otherwise happy with it. But if I had realized th
  11. Good evening, I'm new to this site. My other half got the PCN for the alleged breach of terms and cons of use of the privately operated access roads at robin hood airport, approach roads. The reason is stopping on roads where stopping is prohibited. The OH says there were no signs or road markings and the bit where he was parked is a small slip road off a roundabout that didn't lead anywhere. It's not a car park, and I'm unsure what they're referring to as 'controlled area'. As I wasn't in the car I'm not 100% about the signs, etc. Is there a point to waste time and app
  12. Today I got a letter off Control Account PLC demanding that I pay £26.18 for VAT and Import taxes. I do rember getting a letter off Fed Ex asking for VAT & Import tax a while ago but check eBay and ali express and there was nothing that I had ordered recently (6 months) from outside the EU and I cant even recall ANYTHING being delivered by Fed Ex. I wouldn't mind paying but generally don't they ask for the money BEFORE they hand over the goods and I REALLY cant find anything in my purchase history that matches this, it says not to contact FedEx so I cant even establish dates etc.
  13. Hi guys, Im hoping someone will be able to help me , 2 issues really, first one is he has no idea what its for and secondly its in the wrong name These are the details One of my friends has received a notice of issue of warrant of control with a total of £172.25 to pay with a further £230 balance outstanding , The notice was issued in in the county court business centre and the creditor is lowells Does that mean its a business debt they are chasing or a personal debt ? he has never had a business and doesnt have any personal debt that hes aware of The is genuine
  14. Hi All, I received a PCN from euro car parks dated the 23/3/15. I ignored this as I was told this was the correct thing to do. Since, I have received correspondence from control account plc namely the last two were dated 29th May and 15th June respectively. The latter - "act now this wont go away" claims the legal department is now assessing my file with a view to commencing litigation blah blah blah... I was given 14 days to respond but I still haven't done so - mostly through ignorance and workload. I've read that control account plc can't really do much as its u
  15. Very silly situation. Years ago had a good business, took out a loan to help grow, but down the line a big client failed to pay and the business suffered and closed. The loan - unfortunately - was secured against property. And even more unfortunately the interest rate was super high - almost 8% above base. To cut to the chase - 7 years have passed and I paid hardly anything - because I was simply surviving not earning enough to pay a huge monthly amount. Barclays never sent any statements. The original amount has just grown and grown. And Barclays haven't recalled the debt
  16. I was served by my local court a warrant of issue of contriol for a debt of £1507 owed to Lowell their solicitors being Brian Carter . I was issued a ccj some time ago saying they wanted £50 a month which I couldn't afford . Stupidly I paid nothing . The letter says I have to pay £175 by the 25th of the month to my local court . Will I contact Brian Carter regarding the remaining balance ? Not really wanting the bailiffs to turn up . I know I have dug my head in the sand and it's given me a wake up call ! Any advice would be greatl
  17. I received a parcel from my family in Malaysia via Fedex at January 2015. Few days later, an invoice came to me charging 46pounds as the income tax. I decided to ignore it as the parcel is a gift but not a things that I bought. After 4 months, I received a letter from Control Account saying that it's acting in behalf of fedxe to collect the debt that I owed to Fedex. They sent me 3 letters in total, and the last letter was written with the title "Letter Before Claims". I'm worrying about it and should I continue ignore it? I'm going back to Malaysia in 1 m
  18. Luckily enough I never answer a call to my mobile especially if I dont recognise the number and if I'm in work so let it ring off, then came the notification to tell me I have a Voice message from Control Account regarding parking and to call them....they got no chance!! or Should I call back to talk things through. I have looked through the thread and mainly it helps with dealing with letters and yet to find one concerning phone calls.
  19. Hi Guys. Sorry if this has already been addressed but I am just looking for some advice. I purchased some items from Usa before Christmas and they were delivered via Fedex and they covered the customs and duty charge. The problem is they didnt tell me or inform me they had covered it so I didnt know I owed them money. I got a letter from Control Accounts Plc yesterday stating that my debt has be passed onto them via Fedex because despite previous letters I have refused to pay my customs and duty charge. The thing is I never received any letters from
  20. I bought a Ford Focus from Arnold Clark. On the website it said it had cruise control and speed limiter fitted. When I took it a quick test drive I said to the salesman "it does have cruise control doesn't it?" And he said yes. When I drove the car home I couldn't find the cruise control so checked the manual and phoned the salesman to tell him. I had to take the car back the next day for him to check and he confirmed it didn't. I asked for it to be fitted with a new steering wheel with the cruise control buttons. Salesman called a non Arnold Clark ford dealer to check but ford can not do this
  21. I needed to deliver some goods to a shop. The person who owns the franchise said I could park in the private car park behind. I was given a ticket. The person contacted her landlord's agent who suggested an appeal. My memory from some years back from CAG was to ignore the ticket (which was successful) as a speculative invoice I see some advice on here has changed. My car was not blocking anyone else in the car park or stopping anyone from going in to it. What is the current best advice please?
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-31615218
  23. When a car is clamped and control of the goods has been effected. Who owns or is responsible for the vehicle? I have just had my car clamped for non payment of a parking ticket. My fault I know. The car is worth much less than the amount I owe, and I don't mind them taking it. It is now on a public highway. If I can't use the car, and they don't at this stage seem interested in taking it to auction. Why should I keep it insured?
  24. The new bailiff regulations came into effect on 6th April and bailiff fees are strictly controlled and comprise of a Compliance Fee of £75 which is charged when the debt is passed by the creditor. If payment is not made or a payment agreement entered into during the ‘compliance stage’ a bailiff may attend the debtors premises and an Enforcement Fee of £235 is chargeable. Significantly, the new regulations provide that from any payment made (whether to the bailiff, the magistrate court or the local authority) the Compliance Fee of £75 is deducted first with the balance being split on a ‘p
  25. I think this is relevant because this part of the forum is to do with benefits advice. I think the admin team responsible for monitoring these threads should be impartial, and not allowed to act like a blue collar gang, closing threads and then allowing admin staff to continue to post, after the creator has been banished from his own thread. They seem to want to put their opinions across and stifle and repress all opposition to it. This is the behavior of school children, and not a consumer actions group it is often the case that no attempt is made to answer the th
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