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  1. Hi hoping someone can help with this I have been informed by my council that pcn code 19 is for off road parking ie car parks' but the information I find on the PATROL web site says its for on road. Who is right or can councils decide them selves? Thanks for any info
  2. My strawman (name recorded at birth) was issued with NTO on the 17/06/2011 and I followed a proceedure of asking the council to prove they had the legal right to issue the ticket. They didn't respond and continued with their standard process of letters until I received the letter from Northampton Courts about the PCN and the money now owed. I wrote them correctly worded letter and they issued a revoking order which revokes the court action but not the original PCN. The council (Wiltshire) has kept on in a never ending circle of re-issueing the NTO and the Court throwing it our each time I send the letter to them. Does anyone know how long the council can issue a NTO for after the alleged contravention, it has now almost been 2 years and I would like to bring this perpetual loop to a close. Thank you in advance.. MisterPCN
  3. I parked in a loading bay from 11.36am to 11.41am and displayed my blue badge i had a cctv video me and issued a ticket through the post today under contravention 23L parked in a parking place or area not designated for that class of vehicle i was parking in what they describe as loading place, goods vehicle- lime gro by side of 29 uxbridge rd, This is Hammersmith and fulham council i never noticed any lines etc as i just sat in the car for this length of time i thought it would be ok can i appeal?
  4. I have just received a parking ticket for contravention 622 where I was parked next to a cobbled garage entrance. Because this was on a busy road, I made sure I was not jutting out beyond other cars parked along the road in front and behind me. These cars were parked next to the pavement. In doing so I had my inside wheels a few inches onto the cobble of the forecourt and I assume this is why I received the ticket. 622 states 'parked with one or more wheels over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriage way'. Well this was not a footpath because the footpath ended where the garage entrance began. Is a garage entrance a 'road' ? I know about not parking on pavements but this seems draconian. Any suggestions? Have I got grounds to fight it? From previous threads on this its seems that this used to be specifically used for people parking on pavements but they have now removed that clarification so it applies more broadly. How are we supposed to know about new rules and when changes occur? I have attached a photo..(I think!) Thanks Tessa [ATTACH]43344[/ATTACH]
  5. Hi guys, I parked my car on single yellow line in an emergency for going to medical store because my wife is pregnant. I went inside the shop and ask for the medicine but they said you need to consult with your midwife and I just came outside the shop. This all took not more than 90 seconds and when I came outside the officer said you are late. A PCN has been issued to you, at that time he was still writing PCN, he said why you parked here and why you left your daughter unattended in the car, please take this PCN and you have to pay £65, when I refused to take PCN then he said ok its up-to you we have taken the pictures and we can send you by post if you like, because I was definitely sure that the pictures can't be taken in less than 2 minutes so I asked him to send by post. Today I received NTO with penalty charge of £130 without any pictures after 1 month and 3 days. My questions: 1) The observation period for "01 contravention" is 5 minutes, can they issue if contravention was less than 5 minutes. how can they prove this? 2) The officer said, take this PCN and pay £65 then how that amount become £130 by post. how does it possible? On Newham website it clearly state that newham.gov.uk/ParkingAndTransport/PenaltyChargeNotices%28PCNs%29/PCNLevelsJuly12007.htm "A penalty charge notice level of £130 applies to all 'serious' contraventions. You can reduce the charge to £65 by paying within 14 days (if issued by a civil enforcement officer) or 21 days (if issued by a camera operator)." 3) He said he has taken the pictures, I am receiving this NTO after 1 month and 3 days without any pictures, why he lied with me? 4) there is no discount period and they are asking me to pay full £130 in 28 days. Should I pay this amount or do you think I should try to go for representations for atlest reduce charge. Thanks ifti
  6. i think this will be an ignore one but i will ask anyway (you are friendly arent you ) went to preston railway on my motorcycle over this weekend found out previously that bicycles and bikes could be parked in the cycle bay which is on a platform this was confirmed by the helpful chappie at the taxi rank with a rail jacket guiding people about bike was parked end on to the bike bay as there was a concrete plinth at the end of the bay stopping me putting the bike in parallel with the others (it was fairly full also) so it was parked in front of the plinth and chained up came back this morning to find an ncp parking contravention charge notice on the bike- says on the back (7) causing obstruction bike was clear of the entrance and there wasnt anything immediately around it to cause access issues as it was on the station and not in the car park can they enforce it? thanks mark
  7. I was travelling along the Headrow in Leeds in December, when I turned left into Park Row (I think) half my vehicle crossed the thick white bus lane line, I have now recieved a PCN for this. Am I justified in contesting this as I was making an attempt to turn left[ATTACH=CONFIG]40450[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40451[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40452[/ATTACH] and the bus lane goes to the very end of the junction. I was only in the bus lane for mere seconds and there was no traffic around. I have attached the PCN paperwork.
  8. hello, I read few cases on this website and found that there are some great advises. And I need your help as well please. I'm a new driver to UK. I parked on the road side that has no yellow or any kind of markings. It is not a resident parking area as well. so I thought that is free and ok to park as many cars are parked. But I have parked close to the side walk where the public path ends. I have attached the picture to show it as I'm not explaining to well. so this morning I got a pcn for code 12 from local council. I read that code 12 says :Parked in a residents or shared use parking place without clearly displaying either a permit or voucher or pay and display ticket issued for that place. 12R means no residents permit and 12T means no voucher or pay and display ticket. But there is no need to show any permit or pay. Is it just because I park to close to that side there public path ends? Many thanks for all your help. I have been in UK 1 month and already managed to get a parking ticket
  9. hi, i parked on wakefield street outside flats 92 - 96 in east london part of newham council. now the contravention says: Parked in a special enforcement area (which first of all it isn't as there are no parking restrictions or bays) adjacent to a footwa, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of carriageway. The kerb does not meet the carriageway in fact there is a good 4 - 5 inch difference between the kerb and road, also it is very unclear that it was a dropped kerb in the first place. I was parked out side the entrance gate of the block of flats which has no where to cross over to so even if it has a lowered kerb a pedestrian would not be able to safely cross over on to the other side of the road. there are aboyt 4 other flats on the same road further up and none of them have a dropped kerb to the entrances so this is the only one. i will upload a pic but i didn't think to move my car and then picture it but feel like i should go back with a ruler and photograph the difference in the kerb and road just to prove how un-noticable it is. any body have any ideas on how best to tackle this? all the other kerb drops on the same road meet the carriageway and i have pictured them too. now just to figure how to upload a picture! thank you and i look forward to your response i have 14 days in which to appeal otherwise i'll be paying the money grabbers £130!!!
  10. A ticket was placed on my car when parked in Malvern. Although it looks like a Parking Charge Notice which I'd ignore, it does talk about contravention of Byelaw 9 of the Malvern Hills Conservators. Shall I be safe to ignore this? I received a further letter requesting payment in 14 days, together with an invoice attached to it - which i have attached here. So am I safe to continue ignoring this one?
  11. Greetings guys, I hope that someone will be able to help me shed some light on to this situation that I consider theft. Today I parked at Ely station, I parked in a clear space in the car park, not in a painted bay as they were taken, but on the side against the curb, no yellow signs, no do not park signs etc etc. I came back and received a yellow 'Parking Contravention Charge Notice'. The reason that I have started a new thread is that it seems the NCP have changed their wording now and have taken a new stance. My ticket says ' Notice Of Breach Of Terms And Conditions Of Parking At A Car Park Owned Or Managed By National Car Parks Limited' I had a look for their terms and conditions, I walked all around the car park that I was in, no terms and conditions, I exited my car park and went into the next larger car park at Ely station walked around and nothing, then I walked to the entrance by the main road, some distance away, lo and behold there were the tiny Terms and Conditions. "failure to park in a bay will result in a penalty' etc etc. This sign would never be passed by anyone on foot who parks and then goes to the train station, they simply do not need to pass it, it is completely in the opposite direction. My case is that even though the Terms & Conditions are printed way back at the initial entrance, I am considering challenging on the grounds that they are simply not appropriately placed. I would like to ask your advise please. Today there were 4 cars with these tickets on. It is robbery. In a previous brilliant thread, contributors kindly guided people through and said to ignore, however, as they NCP have changed their stance and have T&C in one place, is it worth the fight. I had paid a full days parking and as I said 4 other cars got a PCCN too. To me it shows an inadequate sign placement. Any thought and advise would be greatly appreciated. I have made a film of the station layout and placement of signs and distances etc and will be uploading to Youtube and will use it in court if necessary. Many Thanks in advance. H Garden parking ely 1.pdf
  12. I recieved a PCN on saturday 5th Feb when parked in Southwark (London). I was taking my Mum out for a day at borough market. It was the first time I have used her blue badge. I was considering challenging it on two fronts. I was wondering what people thought of this approach? I would be grateful of any advice as I haven't had to do this before. This is my draft appeal: I had a valid blue badge clearly displayed and I checked the blue badge parking rules on your website before I set out on our journey to southwark. Your website (link provided) says "Where blue badge holders can park: in pay and display or shared-use (permit holders and pay and display) bays for an unlimited time". I was parked in a permit holders bay. Your website indicates that this is ok with a blue badge: "permit holders and pay and display bays". The text on your website is very unclear. Additionally, it would be much clearer if you said explicitly where you are NOT ALLOWED TO PARK like other borough websites do e.g. Wandsworth (link provided). It is only because the blue badge parking rules on your website are so unclear that we understood we were allowed to park in this bay. It was clearly unintentional on our part because there was plenty of alternative parking space available on the yellow lines on Union street at the time. Secondly, the parking contravention that has been accused on the PCN ticket does not apply. It says: "Parked in a resident's or shared use parking place or zone displaying an invalid permit, an invalid voucher or an invalid pay and display ticket" 1. I was NOT parked in a "resident's" or "shared use parking place or zone". On your Controlled Parking Zone maps on the Southwark council website the bay I was parked in is marked as a "Permit holder only" bay whereas "RESIDENT permit holder" bays and "shared use" bays are marked in different colours to the bay I was parked in. 2. I was NOT displaying an INVALID permit or an INVALID voucher or an INVALID pay and display ticket. I was displaying a VALID Blue Badge. Thanks, Paul
  13. At this moment in time I am not 100% sure but I think my brother was driving the vehicle at the time which is owned by me, the 'contravention' occurred on 26/11/10, it is now 15/01/11 they "ticket" was issued one day earlier. The letter I have received from "PMSL PARKING" which is a joke in its self.. states I have received this ticket as a road "Legra Avenue" in Hoddesdon was "accessed" by my vehicle they also state that numerous signs and posters were placed there notifying the driver of the consequences, however after checking myself on Google maps street view I can see the makeshift signs which have been printed and strapped to lampposts. They then kindly included a photocopy of a newspaper cutting including a section from the Mirror about a person "caught" by a private eye camera which I find unrelated, unprofessional and this also makes me feel that this is some sort of fake company [problem]ming money out of people, they even decided to kindly keep in a advertisement about a cruise through Baltic capitals and St. Petersburg.. however I think its a bit late now as the newspaper is dated 2009:) They then included a A4 sized paged statement about this "private road" and that you cannot use it for access, if the so called contravention had occurred I do not understand why they need to give me this information, there is also no pictures or evidence attached and I would have to pay £5.00 if I wish to receive evidence, I am also practically not allowed to challenge it as they state if I appeal and it is not successful I would have to pay the full amount? I assumed that you would get another 14 days reduced rate?? Could anyone who has some knowledge in this area give me some advice on what I should do, I have scanned all the paperwork they have sent me and uploaded it to photobucket the link to my album is > http ://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc502/01emino/ Thanks in advance
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