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  1. Hello, I got my contract late July ... 24 month contract Samsung galaxy s3--- £31 a month ---5months free redemption every 6 month's Since I got this contract in Aug my internet stopped working for a month ... after numerous calls being hung up on customer service people being rude to me it finally got fixed but no adjustment from my bill after I asked loads of times... Then I have been trying to claim on my insurance for dropping my phone, I needed the iemi number first and last usage and the registration datebof my contract... well it took 5 weeks and many attempts to get this right..(hopefully i managed to get all the information to insurance on time). including sending me some one else's details! And not enough of my own. And now they are saying that I never cancelled the direct debit which I cancelled in august (as I like to phone up and pay when u know I have the money) and taken money out of my account causing overdraft fees. I have had enough of the bad attitude vodaphone have towards me. I rung up today to cancell my contract because all of this and they said it would cost £180 to cancell .. I'm on income support and can't pay that... Does any one know a way of cancelling it considering they have breached privacy and their company has just failed to provide even half decent service to me a service that I am fully paying for. Thank you patsy
  2. Hello Just recieved a distress warrant from Philips Bailiffs. I have called court to ask what this is and whtehr it was genuine as I have not been to court! It turns out it is a failure to notify an alteration, but nobody can tell exactly what that was, only that it was to do with my old address over 5 years ago. Nothing has come to this address and I have therefore not been given the chance to defend myself! I am told I need to get a Statutory Declaration at the nearest Mgistrates court? Has anyone else had this problem? Nikinaki
  3. Hello everyone could anyone point me to the contact addresses (or threads) of Very/ Shop Direct HSBC Barclaycard Santandar? cards/ Dorothy Perkins Thanks
  4. Hi All I won't bore you with all the ins and outs of my situation at the moment, but I was suspended on full pay from my job with a Major International Parcel Carrier on the 9th July of this year. I am suspended for alleged falsifying records and lack of duty. I strongly deny these charges and have responses for all of it. I had my first investigatory meeting on the 11th July and was told I would hear from HR in due course. I then received an email requesting another meeting to be held tomorrow. I have spoken to my Union Rep and taken advice and asked for any questions to be sent to me so that I may consider them and my reply. I have been told by the Manager taking this investigation that she cannot supply the questions as they will be decided on the day. As far as I am concerned I have answered their questions fully and frankly and really do not have anymore to add. Can they do this? I loved my job and the worry is making me ill. I also filed a grievance and this has not been mentioned. My thanks for your help in advance.
  5. I am trying to pursue a claim for my PPI payments on a HP agreement taken out in 2004 and have found out that due to the age of the agreement the company who sold me the car was not regulated by the FSA, is there any point pursuing the claim against an unregulated company. The PPI payment was one which was added to my loan as a one off payment totaling £925. It was missold on the following grounds. I was told my HP loan would not be successful if i did not take out PPI and GAP Insurance as i was a high Risk Customer (bad credit rating). I was not told the insurance could be purchased from other sources I informed the seller that as i worked for a company that provided FULL PAY for sickness the policy was not needed. The Car Sales company was Called CAR CREDIT UK LTD a subsidiarity of Contact Center finance services, the loan was provided by First response finance but they have already told me to BOG OFF as the agreement is over 6yrs old and they do not need to investigate after this time. Any advice greatly received
  6. Hi, Getting some money back from Egg - not much about £600 - but the clowns seem to be taking much longer than the promised 15 days. Cannot get through to anyone as it cuts you off and tried calling Barclays who are just rude. Know Barclaycard took over Egg but need contact details of the loan bit - email or phone that gets through!
  7. Quick question for those who know the law or tenants rights! Private Tenancy, Assured Short Hold, originally 6 months but now on rolling month by month Should the landlord or landlords agent(s) provide us with a phone number for emergency repairs? They refuse to give one, and at the moment we can only contact the landlord or the agent (have contact details for both) between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) What would happen if we had a bad leak at 5:01pm on a Friday night, we would be hum-dingered as they say. Thanks in advance David
  8. Just thought I would post this link which gives contact details for various agencies and a list of Council CEOs and their email addresses. http://www.ceoemail.com/uk-government.php#ukcouncils
  9. Hey, Does anyone have an email address for Minicredit that works? Thankfully, i never defaulted with this lot and got it paid off few months back but want confirmation it's been repaid. You never know... Come next week i'll only QQ and PDE to deal with
  10. Hii, Although a newbie, I have been viewing for a while, just no need to post until now. With the changes over the past couple of years with new judgements etc, re validity of DNs, reconstructed CA's I do not feel sure of what I should do. My history : approx 5 years ago, I had to take control of spiralling CC's and 2 loans, as I was unable to meet repayments. I called one of the free DMP's and I have been repaying, at a reasonable amount for the past 5 years. Some CC's accepted payment plans, Lloyds have never accepted and have always sent arrears notices. To be honest, I contacted them at first but was so fed up with the call centres who could not speak 'off script', I gave up calling. I sent several letters which went unanswered by LTSB. This CC was taken out in approx 2002. There were charges on the account about 5-6 years ago, and I have so far, not requested a SAR as I know it's unlikely to get the relevant info from LTSB when requesting it. I have kept every document ever received, but this is currently in storage due to recent house move and not accessible for the next few weeks. I can therefore, in a few weeks time gather the info to reclaim late payment, over limit charges etc - but I fear it is too late to prevent a default on my credit file. LTSB have continued to add interest, and I have recieved statements each month. I last 2 were dated 21/2/12 and 21/03/12. I have now recieved a letter from SCM, dated 28/03/12 (sent 1st class!) which is 'a formal demand of account balance', threatening court action, referencing a DN which was not rectified. Also noting that 'interest continues to accrue on a daily basis'. Also if client does 'not recieve a satisfactory response', then credit agencies will be updated. I have not recieved any DN for this CC, and I don't think there is an issue with the post as I have clearly recieved two recent statements and this letter. I have however changed address during this time, with the FEB statements being sent to my old address, which is on a redirection - so I assume all post is being redirected correctly. The MAR statement to the new address, as is the letter. As my debts were defaulted many years ago, my girlfriend has said she would help clear any that are now demanded, to assist in the clearing of my credit file. To received a default this far along the line would be very disappointing. This amount is around £1k. (I assumed, maybe incorrectly, all CC's were defaulted, but now my girlfriend is helping me, we can see that some CC's are still charging interest - which I think indicates they are not defaulted?) I would like to ask for advice on how to approach this. When I viewed the site before, there were recommendations of 'unlawful rescission'. Would this be an option, as they have clearly terminated the account without issuing a default notice? If they have defaulted the account, can they add interest daily? What is the best thing to do, considering I would like to prevent a default? Thanks
  11. Hi, looking for some advice - I submitted a ppi claim to MBNA using the standard FOS questionnaire form a couple of weeks later they wrote to me asking me to contact them to verify my identity before they could progress with my claim, when after 5 attempts to get through to appropriate department (on hold for at least 15mins each time - number given on letter went to a recorded message then cut you off) I was asked to confirm my date of birth which was on the form I submitted originally!! Now 2 further weeks later I got a text message today saying " To help us investigate your complaint we require some additional information. Please call us on 01244 672143 & our specialised team will be able to help you" Is this standard practice? Do I ignore or call them - I think if they are investigating my complaint they have all the information required on the claim form? Any help gratefully received
  12. Does anyone have an email or fax number - doesn't matter if they are generic or anything as I want to send them a letter. Thanks
  13. BrightHouse, Registered Office 5 Hercules Way, Leavesden Park, Watford WD25 7GS Registered in England 0785922. Data Protection Manager Caversham Finance Ltd trading as BrightHouse 5 Hercules Way Leavesden Park Watford WD25 7GS BrightHouse Customer Services 5 Hercules Way Leavesden park Watford WD25 7GS Customer care enquiries contact: Tel: 0800 526 069 Email; customer.relations@brighthouse.co.uk Customer Relations team open times: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm (Wednesday closed at 3 pm for staff training) Consumer Credit licence No 0345103 licenced for ; Consumer credit,Consumer hire Trading Names; BrightHouse Crazy George's http://www.brighthouse.co.uk http://www.brighthouseblog.co.uk http://www.brighthousecareers.co.uk http://www.brighthousegroup.co.uk COMPANY OVERVIEW Brighthouse is a trading name of Cavendish Finance Limited,which was a former subsidiary of the Thorn Group plc,and taken private in 2008 following a deal done by Nomura (now Terra Firma Capital Partners). CFL was purchased by Vision Capital in July 2007. BrightHouse is the largest rent to own company in the UK with over 200 retail stores employing more than 2300 people. BrightHouse released its financial results in July 2009 showing a 16.9 per cent rise in annual sales to £170.6 million.In 2009 BrightHouse saw their sales increase 21 percent to 50.5 million pounds ($80.6 million) in the 13 weeks to 24 December. PRODUCTS/SERVICES Its product area is home furnishings,domestic appliances,Audio visual equipment and kitchen white goods.In June 2009 BrightHouse launched its online hiring site. Brighthouse offers products from well known brand names including Sony Philips Samsung and Beko. Furniture accounts for about 20 per cent of sales, audio and visual for 30 per cent, domestic appliances for 20 per cent and 30 per cent for technology. Target Markets/ Selling policies Customers pay cash upfront, weekly repayments or monthly direct debit with no deposit, with a charge of 29.9% APR interest on all products. Customers can take payment holidays and return goods without incurring penalties if required. The company’s Optional Service Cover provides customers with full protection against breakdown.The company's lending practices have been criticised for targeting the "poorest, most desperate families" and operating in the "most deprived areas" of the UK. Given BrightHouse's interest rates, a buyer may end up paying more than twice as much what they would have paid absent BrightHouse's finance charges. Their base prices have also been noticed to be higher than the prices charged by mainstream retailers such as Dixons. Media Reports In 2009 a BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat investigation found evidence of a the BrightHouse chain bullying and pressurising customers who were falling behind with their payments. Some customers of BrightHouse, told Newsbeat that staff were "bullying, threatening and rude" to them.A debt charity (Credit Action) warned of treatment of people in "an appalling way", and wanted the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to investigate. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2009/05_may/14/newsbeat.shtml Brighthouse stories on CAG. Such was the levels of complaints on the Consumer Action Group,from Brighthouse customers,that we introduced a stand alone forum for members much earlier than similar forums which were added for other retail store forums. Complaints range from being supplied with b stock goods,failure to properly deal with complaints,adding unfair charges to agreements,insurance issues,heavy handed collection tactics,and more. Here are some examples; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?89225 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?136953-Help-with-Brighthouse-please http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?48343-Brighthouse-Problem-Again http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?281880-Bright-House-problems....
  14. Trading Standards Bridgend Trading standards aims to ensure that fair-trading is carried out in Bridgend County Borough so that consumers can purchase goods and services with confidence in the knowledge that they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described Bridgend Trading Standards Service offers a comprehensive consumer advice service that has been awarded the Community Legal Services (CLS) Quality Mark. The service is provided free to any person who is resident in the county borough or person who has purchased goods or services from a business in the county borough and will give advice on a wide range of issues relating to the purchase of goods or services. The service is available: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm. Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. The service can be contacted by telephone (01656) 643278, in person at the council offices, in writing or by e-mail: consumeradvice@bridgend.gov.uk Initially, anyone contacting the service will be advised of their rights and the trader's responsibility to attempt to resolve the problem. If this initial attempt fails, the adviser will intervene to try and mediate/conciliate between the parties. Should this fail to achieve a successful result and it is thought appropriate, advice and assistance will be given to seek redress in the County Court. The service also provides a supply of leaflets to assist consumers with their problems and explain their civil rights.
  15. Please can someone give me some insight on what to do. My Bulldog took ill Monday just gone Bank Holiday, I was frantic and had no means of transport or money to pay for a vet to visit I called the RSPCA and they finally agreed to assist me by sending an inspector to collect my dog on condition they did not need to treat him but put him down which I agreed as he had lost control of his body and could not get up, he is 13 years old. They took the Dog and said they would call me. I foolish enough was in such a panic that did not manage to take the details of where they where they were taking him or what is going to happen. It is now Thursday evening and after 16 calls to them and their HQ's no one has called. We are all going mad. I feel I might as well have taken and thrown him in the dust bin after 13 years. I actually had to feed him with a wooden spoon and wipe his backside and wipe his nose he was fine up till MOnday. Any advise would be gratetly apprecaites. Many thanks Mashmallow
  16. Have been with BT For 3 Years, I signed up for a 12 month contract. NOT once was we told or made aware that this contract would automatically renew for 12 months We have never recieved a letter saying that the contract would be renewing & I would never have taken out the initial contract with them had I been aware of this I have changed my supplier and Been charged £67 Im disgusted that they are allowed to do this, surely a contract is a mutual agreement....I did not agree to this. Is there a way to get out of the charges??
  17. Hi all, Thought I'd share some useful info re: making complaints or contacting Equita. Hopefully this hasn't been posted before but apologies if it has. Rather than using the premium 0844 5618807 number as shown on their web site, call the main switchboard on 01604 250116 (no doubt you'll still get through to some *$^&£% @!%&$*$&$ but at least the call won't cost so much) Their fax number is 01604 634460. If you'd rather not use their insecure online email forms (ie, New Occupier, Outstanding Account or Complaint) simply email them at: info[at]equita.co.uk (replace [at] for @), and let them forward your enquiry on to the relevant department. If your email enquiry/reason for contact happens to be a complaint then put 'FAO Faren Kowler' in the subject line (No, that's not her real name !!!)
  18. Hi, I've had a very bad experience with Black Horse and am wondering if there's any comeback. The loan I took was £1400 to cover a sofa & table. I was able to repay interest-free before 10/10/2010. I missed this date because I wasn't given the information on how to pay. There is no phone number on their website blackhorse.co.uk, the finance section of their website is down at time or writing, the agreement form doesn't contain a phone number or details on how to pay. It does list an address, but doesn't detail what I can send to that address. A google search doesn't bring up any official contact details for them. I finally found a contact number on a forum similar to this. They sent reminder letters to my previous address, despite the agreement listing my new address & date of moving. They're trying to charge me a massive amount of interest for missing the interest-free payment date. Do I have enough evidence to show they made it very difficult for me make this payment? If so, how should I go about it? Many thanks!
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