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  1. One of the people that we are helping here on this forum wrote a letter to their member of Parliament about the problems they were having with npower. Understandably, the recent election caused a delay in the response. However, remarkably quickly after the member of Parliament was returned, an excellent response was received offering to make representations and asking for further information. We think that this could be a very good move forward. It is a very simple matter to write to your member of Parliament and if people were prepared to let us know that they have written and also to publish the responses here, we could take steps to flag up to each member of Parliament which of their colleagues were also concerned about npower's shenanigans. I think that it would only take a few members of Parliament to realise that they were not alone and they would publish set up some correspondence or even a meeting and then the matter of npower might be raised in the House. If you have a problem with npower then I would suggest that you write your member of Parliament and use this thread to tell us about it. I would suggest that you update your own thread with the letter that you have written and also with the response you get. I would also ask people to post the letter in this thread as well along with the response so that we have them all in one place. The Consumer Action Group will then be pleased to act on all of your behalf's flagging up the issue to all the various members of Parliament – and also maybe to the national media as well, who I am sure will be extremely interested. We do not believe that asking for help from a member of Parliament should be used as an alternative to legal action. If a member of Parliament makes representations, it will not obtain any compensation for you. You should begin your legal action as well and maintain it all the way through.
  2. Dear community, Was hoping to get some friendly advice regarding an old debt with Barclays on behalf of a family member! Back in May 2009, an old debt (approx. £12k at the time) was transferred over to Barclay's Central Debt Collection Services (CDCS). At the time, an agreed repayment plan of £75 per month was set up for 6 months only, following which a review was to be made. This was the last statement of the account, which stated a 0% interest rate on the account. Funny thing is, we haven't heard back from Barclays/CDCS since! We've been paying £75 a month into the account every month without fail since this last statement via a pay-in book; addresses on the account are up-to-date, and Barclays never fail to send us a pay-in book before the old one has run out. I was hoping to hear from anyone with any similar experience? I'm not sure of the next steps we should take, as we would like to check on the status of the account - family member is particularly nervous that payments haven't been making much of a difference and that interest has been building up (can Barclays re-instigate interest without letting us know?). Could anyone provide any advice as to what we should do? Thanks a bunch! Littlebo
  3. Hello, I got a phone call at work last night from my distraught mother telling me that one of our lovely neighbors had contacted the local council housing officer to complain that she has been exposing herself to one of the local children. The council worker phoned my mums doctor who then phoned my mum up. We have contacted the police over the malicious complaint and they are coming around later today, and apparently the doctor is going to phone back later as she wants to talk to me as well. I was wondering though, are the council allowed to contact my mums doctor behind her back? The story is a pack of lies so there obviously isn't any evidence for any wrong doing - they are just acting on the word of my vindictive neighbor.
  4. Hi All I'm wondering if the Lloyds addresses in the sticky thread above still apply, I'm going to apply to Lloyds for a refund of charges, its a long shot I guess and Im also going to ask for them to refund from 2001, which is unusually long, the reason I am is that in my case Lloyds TSB hit me massively with charges over a prolonged period, at least 11 years, at the worst point, March 2006 they charged me £591.40 in ONE month... More than half my income... This was a regular occurrence and kept me locked in a vicious circle for years, I wrote and asked for these charges in 2006 but was fobbed off, I made an appointment with my branch manager in 2006 who refused to discuss my hardship and told me the charges were legal and fair , I had kind of accepted the money was lost but I've recently calculated the charges over those eleven years to be between £10/£12'000.00, 01 to 07 was definitely £7'047.50 but since then I've had more difficulty getting the exact figure as some of the paperwork is missing, but they will be able to calculate that. I figure with statutory interest added my claim could be approaching £20K, something I hope the courts or the Ombudsman might get their teeth into...? For now I'd just like the best address to mail my letter to, but I welcome any advice or suggestions you may have. Regards Dr B
  5. Sorry realise this is not the place but I couldn't see this anywhere - can anybody advise me how to contact site admin?
  6. My girlfriend has just received a 'charge certificate' in the post from Sutton council in relation to a PCN that was apparently issued on 03/01/15 with a Notice to Owner apparently sent out on 07/01/15. The 'notice to owner' was certainly never received so we've had no opportunity to pay at either the discounted or full rate, this letter apparently adding a further 50% to the charge making a total of £165.00. There appears to be no option to appeal or make representations, this seems completely unfair. Sutton operates camera cars, i'm assuming the ticket was issued by them. We live on Sutton high street. Outside our flat we are able to park between 6.30pm and 8am, having lived here for a few years to are very aware of the rules of parking here it's extremely unusual for us to have missed this timing anyway and would have queried it if we had received the letter when it was apparently issued. Can anyone give us any pointers on what we should do from here? Many thanks
  7. Please can an admin contact me by PM, urgently? Sorry for the brief message, but I'm trying to play safe.
  8. Can anyone tell me if the most recent contact for old Monument accounts is still R. Raphael & Sons PLC Albany Court Yard, 47-48 , Piccadilly, London, W1J 0LR Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hello, I have been subject to a wages arrestment since March last year. I have lost all documentation relating to this. Who do I contact to see how long I have to go before this stops? From my rough calculations I am anticipating May of this year but I am unsure. Would it be Scott & Co? The Council itself? Any help much appreciated. Many thanks.
  10. There is a call centre some where in the Glasgow area claiming to be "government funded" and promoting the installation of solar panels. The name they give is (nearly always) the "Green Energy Initiative", which if one googles for, turns up nothing. Being ex-directory and TPS registered, I grow weary of telling these people where to go - I have (at times) been polite, forceful, blunt, down right rude, and even vulgar. Nothing seems to work. If anyone has a confirmed address and traceable name for this outfit, I would be most interested. Have a box of kippers and some legal papers to send to them.
  11. Can anyone tell me if a web site selling items based in the UK has to have full contact details provided. - Such as business name, full postal address, telephone number(s) etc. If yes - the legislation that states these requirements. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Hi all We had a long term lodger in our home, a female, who stayed here for about 3 years We know she was having financial problems, but four weeks ago, she just packed up and left, leaving us in the dark She kept telling us she would be back, but never returned Now we're getting debt collection letters through the door, addressed to her We also found a bunch of opened ones in the room she let One of them was about her car, which was towed away about 7 months ago, because she stopped paying tax on it, from what we've found out through one of her friends, she was summoned to court about it, but never showed up This letter was from Marston Group Ltd, on behalf of the courts it seems. So my dad emailed them to explain the lodger no longer lived here, their response was: A little worrying, can we deny them entry? Should we? I don't know what rights we have regarding such people.
  13. Hi, I got a liability order for unpaid council tax last year. The arrears were £70, but then they added court costs of £120 for liability order (great!) So I owed £190 which I was informed by letter they'd take each fortnight from my JSA. This deduction has been coming off since around January, but I recently changed the London Borough I sign on and for the last two JSA payments they haven't taken any deductions (and I've been paid full JSA). I've read horror stories over on the Bailiff forum that councils don't need to contact people anymore but can just send in the bailiffs incurring a further £310 fee without notice. Ending up owing £500 from an original £60 arrears is worse than Wonga interest and should be illegal, but we know DWP and councils seem to make their own rules these days. So my question please is do I need to phone up DWP and ask why they have stopped deductions, or phone up my previous council and tell them DWP has stopped taking deductions, or should I just leave it because I haven't stopped signing on, and DWP database must be linked centrally? I don't want to kick the hornet's nest and say "Oh please can you take my money", but likewise I don't want bailiffs turning up. Thanks...
  14. Hi Does anyone know the direct contact details for the current CEO of British Gas? I did search this on the forum, but could only find details and info from 2009...... Any help, very welcome. Lindsay
  15. Hi Everyone, I am very new to this so am looking for advice. Unfortunetely in my younger days when I could not afford general day to day I ended up with debt. This was between 2004/5/6 I moved a couple of times and was working away etc and stupidly defaulted and strangely the banks/companies did not follow. I had not heard a thing until this week when a 1st credit letter arrived to my parents house where I have not lived in about 13 years. The letter is asking whether I live there or not. I am guessing this has come about after I recently opened 2 current accounts, I got my credit check online (Which shows no debt), mobile contract and joined the electoral role (Though that is not active till Sept). I started these and got the check to start to build a better credit history and am now in a decent job etc. Should I write to 1st credit and direct them to my new address so that they stop writing to my parents firstly. Then when they start writing to me ask for proof of debt as I do wonder if it would be statute barred etc. In a way I know I owe from the past and although I don't think I could pay approx. 9000 in one go I could probably make an offer or make monthly payments now that my life is more secure. Any help guys to a newbie would be great.
  16. Hi, Final question for today I think, what constitutes contact when considering a statute barred agreement? I've noted this in another post; "If the lender or owner has been in regular contact with the customer during the limitation period, the firm may continue to attempt to recover the debt." Surely if you write to a DCA that constitutes contact? If so how do you deal with them (other than ignoring them) or dispute anything? Or am I misunderstanding the requirement? Do you still have to admit the debt or pay something to restart the 6 year period again or is simply corresponding with them enough for them to say they are in contact? Confused ! Can anyone help? Bongo
  17. Hi everyone, First time post here. I have received a letter from Lowell stating they have bought an account from Vodafone opened on 2009, here are the situations: (1) in 2009, I did spent 6 months in the UK then I moved back to Japan. So I did open an account with vodafone. (2) I remembered it was a mobile broadband dongle under 1 month rolling contract. (3) The reason I said one month rolling contract was because I remembered before I left the UK in July 2009, I phoned them to cancel the contract and they tried to keep me by saying things that I felt annoying and I was shouting on the street saying I wanted to cancel the contract. Then they said the contract will be cancelled next month which I had sufficient fund in my account. (4) In fact, it could well be pay as you go contract as I also remembered no teleprovider would allow us to have a contract with them because I did not have credit history, and my memory in shouting might be something else. (5) My memory on this issue is very unclear as it has been quite a long time ago and since 2009 I have worked in three countries. (6) I then come back to the UK in October 2010. Since I moved back to the UK, I have applied mortgage and credit card without any problem in 2011. (7) Today the letter arrives saying I have an account with Lowell (before it was associated with Vodafone) which has been unsettled, but on the letter they only want me to confirm my detail without saying how much money I owed (if it is £10 I might just pay it). Any advice on my next move would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. Account with British Gas for Gas, currently in credit and have been for some time. Bill is always estimated. They want to check the meter for so called safety reasons, no problem with that. However, they come out, nobody is at home, they leave a card saying when they'll be back and then don't come back at the time they say they will, this has happened several times over the years and as the occupant is registered disabled, getting to the door sometimes can be a task and by the time they do the gas person has gone. Last week they received a letter from face2face naming them or the occupier( reminds me of InterimJustica for some reason) Letter is headed British Gas & Face2face no signature at the bottom. It gives the details of the account number and dated the last week in April It goes on URGENT: WE ARE GETTING A WARRANT TO INSPECT YOUR METER Dear Customer. We are working on behalf of BRITISH GAS British Gas is required by law to inspect your meter every so often, and your meter is due for inspection. We've made a number of attempts to gain access to your property without success. We have also written to you on several occasions asking you to make an appointment for us to enter your property and inspect your gas meter. We are now serving notice in writing of our intention to make an application for a Warrant of Entry. This is in accordance with the Rights of Entry ( Gas and Electricity Boards ) act 1954, Section 2 ( Amended 1995) from .......INSERT COURT ADDRESS HERE) You may attend this application The purpose of our court attendance will be to apply for a warrant to enter your premises so we can inspect the meter in accordance with our rights under paragraph 23(2) of schedule 2B of the gas Act 1986 You should be made aware that if we are granted the warrant we have the right to enter your property, if necessary by force. If we do have to do this we will make sure your property is secure when we leave. ---It goes on to say: If we do not hear from you the warrant will be executed within 28 days of the application' who is to say they will be granted it? All very vague. Yours Faithfully Face2face Contact L-mited Authorised Officer of British Gas ----- Ordinarily the person named on the letter (they are NOT the owner) would have made an appoinment to let BG in but as BG don't seem to stick to their info on the card stating when they are coming back but then dont...then the occupier is pretty upset they've now got the faceless wonders face2face issuing threats and are reluctant to enter into any dialogue with them given it's British Gas who they are with. The letter seems wrong on several points, maybe it's just me but its sort of unclear who is wanting to enter, it quotes British Gas have to inspect your meter every so often...which im sure they do ( they dont say how often though? ) but then says 'we've made a number of attempts to gain access....but who? British Gas or face2face ? This is the first they're heard from face2face? It goes on to say they're also written? who has? face2face has not written previous from what I can gather. At the same time as this it is not clear if Face2face are authorised to check the meter? There is nothing on their website to say they're 'GasSafe' , what authority do they have? If it were me dealing with face2face I would make things as difficult for them as I could, no other letter has been received from them and the first contact and they send then above, useless articles they are. Any pointers/advice is welcome (other than to contact face2face which isnt going to happen) Thankyou!
  19. Hi, I was wondering if there's a "black and white" limit to how often a company contacts you? A good example is that companies like British Gas and Southern water have in the past sent me 4 or 5 letters a week, all requiring various depths of research and various investment in time when it comes to a response. I'm starting to find myself spend more and more time pandering after people's need for communication more than anything else. I'm tried setting "an entire day a month" aside to deal with it, but as expected NONE of them are happy with this and require either immediate response and others give me 7 - 14 days time. Usually by the time I've received their letters, a good 5 days has passed anyway. None of them seem to understand that there's "one of me and many of them". Cheers, A
  20. Hi, we've just had the second visit in as many weeks from Rossendales. My partner DID let the man in last week whilst getting him our contact number. He said he was writing things down but did not ask for a signature, just left a letter for me and today he hand delivered another letter. He did knock but I only just heard it and he waited no time. I have dealt with them before and youll understand my reluctance to start again with them, my financial situation is pretty dire ATM and know that I could offer nothing that they would accept, let alone the initial payment they wanted even last week.. Is it still possible to pay the council direct or do they now have right to gain access and take my goods, not that that would cover my debt which in all honesty isnt that big but I have no goods of any worth!
  21. briefly explain , we bought a new suite over 12 months ago the leather failed considerably on all the seperate pieces , we managed after writing a review on trustpilot to be contacted by an scs agent . the agreed to give us a swap for any suite within the same price range , we have waited 4 months for it to arrive , only to get the suite with one of the parts wrong even though the order sheet has the correct part ordered . I am struggling to cope with anything atm , in the last month i have been diagnosed with epilepsy ,then only one week ago i had a massive heart attack at the ripe old age of 42 . how do scs operate ? could someone provide me with the contact details of someone in scs who will listen as the rotherham branch just fobbed my wife off with "its not our fault must have been the manufacturer" .
  22. Do lenders do this, I'd hate to think everytime I make an application they are discussing it with my bosses!?
  23. Good evening, after having filed a stat dec last week regarding an incident that happened 3 years ago, I received a notice of new hearing yesterday. I am trying to get in touch with Southern Railway to try and see if they would maybe agree to an alternative arrangement out of court. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any contact details for them on the letter, nor on their website. Would anyone who faced a similar matter have a contact phone number or email for me to reach out to them?
  24. I am a customer of British Gas and have an online account. Recently as my existing deal was due to end I was searching their website to see what their best deal was. If you are an existing customer they give you a link to "Your Tariff Check" which shows what they call "YOUR TARIFF CHOICES". This lists a choice of just 2. First is their Standard Tariff which they call "OUR CHEAPEST DEAL" + another Fixed Price Tariff to 2016. However, if you look elsewhere on their website (not that easy to a computer novice) you can find other tariffs as well, and at least one is up to 15% cheaper than their Standard Tariff so it is not their "CHEAPEST DEAL" I phoned them to check this out and was told that there were cheaper tariffs which didn't show up on the tariff check but they didn't seem to know why that would be. I told them on the 'phone that by not showing ALL available tariffs on the tariff check link, then they were misleading existing customers into believing that they only had a choice of two. Furthermore, it was a downright lie that their Standard Tariff is their cheapest deal. I then wrote by email to ask them about this and they did admit in writing that the website is wrong and they would work to put it right but, despite several emails back and forth they have done nothing to change it so far and it is now over 3 weeks since I pointed it out to them. I also tried contacting my MP - no reply!! Channel 4 News- No Reply!! I am getting frustrated that their existing customers will be logging on and possibly signing up to what they think is the cheapest one on offer and end up paying a lot more than they need. It is a grossly misleading practice and they should be brought to book - has anyone any helpful suggestions??
  25. The Disclosures Team, Everything Everywhere Limited, Hatfield Business Park, Hertfordshire, AL10 9BW
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