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Found 144 results

  1. Hi All, Me, my Husband and daughter(18) rented three storage "garages" from a storage company three years ago. In February 2014 they had problems with leaky roof which caused damage to daughter's stuff in her garage, which they never compensated for saying beyond their control as rain is an act of God (????). They put the charges up this year (contract to run April 14 - March 15) which we weren't prepared to pay as they still haven't repaired the roof. We therefore gave a month notice and removed our stuff on the 25th April. On the 2nd of May they then issued three invoices, mine & husband's storage fee for 1st to 25th April at double the previous rate and daughter's at three times the rate! I recalculated at previous rate and paid on the 17th May. They weren't happy with this and sent me emails threatening court, I stated that charging double/treble amount not reasonable under Supply of Goods and Services act, and charging more to cover loss of profit for loss of custom not fair under Unfair Terms and Conditions in Consumer Contract Regs 1999. They have now made a claim using MCOL for the rest of money on all three invoices - but only showing Daughter and Husband as defendants not me! I think this is as they know that husband and daughter are not as hot as me on consumer rights - and don't have as much fire in their bellies, plus both work full time whereas I have time for research! Can anyone give me advice - I believe I have a relevant defence but I'm not trained so can't become the family's legal representative. If I go I won't be able to say anything as not a defendant - can I become a defendant??? Help! - and thanks in advance for any knowledge
  2. Hello Fellow Caggers, So after 3 years of fighting etc, I finally get to the bottom of yet another "Payday Loan Debt" where they haven't done the proper checks to determine that the account was fraudulent when i was out of the country and some F***** decided to go play hell on my credit file. This time its Payday UK who have informed me 2 successful loans were taken out in my name, (Oh joy) One was paid back the next wasnt and left me with a £562 debt which has been reduced to just short of £450. Ive complained , clawed and everything to prove my point but its another one of these situations . Anyhow for your amusement they end the letter as follows; I just want to laugh at this and I actually do genuinely give up[ trying to prove it wasnt me.
  3. I apologise if there is already a thread on this. I thought there MUST be but couldn't find anything. Is there any guidance available on where to complain if I believe an airline is not conforming to the Consumer Rights (Payment Surcharges) Regulations by charging excessing credit card fees? I often use Aegean Airlines to travel between Greece and the UK but I notice they are still charging £7 per booking for any payment card other than their own when all other airlines, as far as I know, have brought their charges into line with the new regulations and charge around 2% of the cost of the booking. Even Ryanair have conformed so, if even THEY can't circumvent the new rules then they MUST be pretty much unbeatable. I have contacted Aegean about this but just received a standard email saying what an amazing and great value company they are with a link to their booking engine. How do I go about complaining? Do I have to have actually been 'caught' by this, i.e. actually made a booking? Does the fact that they are a foreign company matter? I would think not as I am trying to buy a ticket while in the UK, in sterling and originating from London.
  4. New rules come into force today to protect shoppers against rip off fees and hidden charges Sneaky pre-ticked boxes on websites will be banned Excessive credit and debit card fees are also outlawed Online shoppers will get 14 days to return goods bought on the web as new consumer rights laws come into effect today. The new rules are part of a package coming into force to protect shoppers against rip off fees, hidden charges and other pitfalls. Shoppers will be able to send something back and get a refund when buying online if something is not quite what they wanted or expected or even if they have simply changed their mind. Those buying music, films and books in digital format can also use the cooling off period for the first time. It means shoppers will be covered at stores such as Amazon and catalogue firms and even eBay where the seller is a retailer rather than an individual. The measures are part of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive, which is being brought in to make families feel more confident about shopping online. Hidden fees and charges will also be banned, with sellers obliged to include any extra amounts before the customer places an order. Sneaky pre-ticked boxes on websites will also be banned for payment linked to additional services, such as travel insurance when buying a holiday or flight. From now on customers should never be forced to actively opt out of any services or add-ons. Retailers will be banned from charging card fees that exceed the actual cost of processing a payment and companies operating a helpline will be banned from charging more than the basic rate for calls. Excessive credit and debit card fees have also been outlawed. This was implemented under UK law last year, but now has the backing of the EU directive as well. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2656959/Shoppers-14-days-change-minds-return-goods-bought-online-new-consumer-rights-law-comes-force.html#ixzz34WnZUQ7r
  5. Hello , I've recently bought a new mattress which sleeping on it proved it to be faulty. This was not obvious at delivery or laying on it for 2 hrs. Only when laying om my side for 5 hrs did it become obvious. I sank to a unhealthy depth with no support under my waist. This is a medium. But even with a soft, there would have had to be more support. An Inspector from the Co. I bought it from came out and in his report said there is no fault , it is made that way. I've spoken to Which legal and told I should have my own inspection done by Furn. Ombudsman. They advise that there is no guarantee their inspection would be no different than that already done. The problem only became obvious when laying on side for several hrs. and I would need proof to make this claim. Can anyone help? Daffs
  6. Hi there peeps, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the legal implications of a mobile phone contract I took out just over a year ago with my current employer. Back in February 2013, I was offered a mobile phone contract through work as part of an employee benefits scheme that they run from time to time. I agreed to a 24 month contract through them with Orange accompanied with a shiny new iPhone 5 at a cost of £40.65 to be deducted from my gross salary, on a monthly basis. I signed a contract to state that they could take the money directly from my salary over 24 months and that if I left employment with the company they had the right to deduct the remainder of the monthly amounts from my last wage with the company. Also, they had set up a DD to deduct any amounts of "overspend" over my monthly allowance directly from my bank account. back in November last year, after some disputes internally about not hitting sales targets, I decided it would be better looking on my CV if I handed my notice in (as I had already been through 2 disciplinary meetings and wasn't getting anywhere with requesting my targets to be reduced despite me working there for 3 years and hitting target consistently every month for the past three years - that is another story though.) Having paid just over £650 out in my last wage to pay up the contract when I left, I was very fortunate in that I managed to land a more suitable position in the same company literally two weeks after I had left. Happy days! Fast forward to May this year when I checked my amounts leaving my bank account (forever the money saver!!) only to notice that the amounts of overspend that they have been deducting from my account had increased five-fold from around £1.00 per month (prior to me leaving employment) to around £5.00 per month (after I had left up until recently.) In addition to this, I had noticed that I have been charged by them, two payments, one of £71 and the other of £42 - in the latter, more than 70 times my usual monthly overspend amount, as per the amounts that I was usually spending prior to me leaving employment. As far as I can fathom, my tariff had not changed from the "Orange Solo 25" tariff which is stated in my contract and I have not received any notification that any part of the contract has changed since initially leaving employment. I questioned this with my "billing company/employer" and was told that the amounts were for mobile data usage, given an apparent itemised bill (which just showed my usual usage as well as several erroneous extra bundle charges, strangely equaling the exact extra amounts) and was told that the amounts were correct with no course of recompense if I disputed that I had used these amounts legitimately. Subsequently, I contacted my bank and submitted two separate indemnity claims for the amounts they had took that were extortionate, as well as cancel my direct debit via my bank. I informed my billing company that I had done so due to me disputing the amounts of overspend and requested that they contacted Orange to provide details of the sources for the overspend amounts (ie either via reverse SMS billing or from IP addresses which I could use to locate websites/services in order to ascertain eithe r if I had legitimately used the data or, in fact whether I had actually done so.) I also said that I did not wish for the amounts to be deducted directly from my account so I could keep more control over the amounts leaving my account (as previously I have tried to communicate with Orange directly, only to be told that it is my employer/billing company that owns the contract and that I need to speak to them regarding any charges or details relating to the contract.) Their response was "if you have raised an indemnity claim for the amounts and have cancelled the direct debit for the overspend, we will bar the handset" and in terms of the data that "they could get amounts of data used as well as dates the data was transferred, but not itemised services or reverse SMS billed data due to Data Protection" - a term which is in my contract stating that they can access this information and that I give them permission to by agreeing to the terms of it. My question is, if they are stating that the necessity of a direct debit on my account is so important that it nullifies the contract should it be cancelled, surely this should be in the terms of the contract itself and, if it is omitted, then this would be a claim of imposing a misleading term in the contract by failing to state intrinsic material information which has made me make an informed financial decision (as per the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008?) If this is the case also, am I correct in saying that they would have to revert me back to a pre-contractual state by refunding any amounts I have paid to them from the commencement date of my contract once I have returned the goods and they are examined to be free from damage and neglect? If I had of known that I could not pay in any way I wanted for the overspend amounts, I would have exercised my right to cancel the contract within the 14 day cooling off period, but due to this not being in the contract and only just finding out about it now, the 14 days has been and gone and it seems as if I have been well and truly stuffed. I have left out my employer's details for obvious reasons... Any help or advice would be highly appreciated. Many thanks
  7. CAG Flyer A4 CAG Flyer A4.pdf CAG Flyer A5 CAG Flyer A5.pdf
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  21. CAG Flyer A4 CAG Flyer A4.pdf CAG Flyer A5 CAG Flyer A5.pdf
  22. they should be closed down!!! by the regulators using indian call centres to ring on unavailable or withheld or untraceable international number then leaving an 0800 number to 'further' their UK business. truecall box does its job but 41 calls in 3months!!
  23. I referred a complaint to the Fos about Shop Direct falsifying a credit agreement, which they did. The Fos have stated they must go back to the original credit agreement so I asked for a copy of this and Shop Direct did not have one, but provided an up to date blank copy. The Fos say that because my son, on my behalf due to my illness, agreed verbally to this new agreement it proves I owe the money stated. However the Fos have cancelled the new agreement because of the falsifying of the credit agreement so doesnt that nullify any of these credit agreements.
  24. Are Consumer Money Matters in Leicster?? a ligit company. I was approached by them in August 2012 about ppi they got all the details and i let them get on with it since then ive had letters thru the post 3 times looking for more details and still havent been informed if im getting anything back from a previous morgage.
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