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  1. My Samsung 42" Tv was taken away for repair by KNOWHOW on Monday Nov 11th and was returned on Monday Nov18th, but when the chaps connected it, it still did not work. So they contacted their office and were told to take it straight back. On Tuesday Nov 19th, I contacted the repair centre to ask for an update but was told that they did not know where it was at that present time, and they were investigating the matter.I contacted them again on Wednesday to ask if they had found it, and I was told that they were still looking for it. On Friday Nov 22nd I received a phone call saying that my TV was now in the workshop and being looked at. On Monday Nov 25th I contacted them again to ask for an update and was told that they had not started to look at it, it was waiting for an engineer to investigate the problem. I was told conflicting information through trhe whole of this time and I am very frustrated as I do not seem to be getting any answers despite speaking to the complaints department twice. Does anyone know where I go from here to get this sorted out.
  2. Hi all, I need some advice. I have sent letters plus £1 postal orders to ask my creditors for a copy of your credit agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2 letters to Capquest who have taking CCJs against me and 1 to BW Legal who have threatened to force me into bankruptcy/CO. The Recorded letters were signed for on the 22/10/2013 by Capquest and BW. I had a reply from BW Legal on the 31/10/13 and from Capquest on the 24/10/ 13. Both saying they're referring my request to the original creditors? So this means that they don't have the signed contracts? From Monday the (11th Nov 13) it will be 21 days and I have not had these credit agreements. What is my next step? Thanks Jez
  3. I purchased a petrol strimmer on 13 August from a catalogue, but it does not work, and I have never been able to use it. I have been told by the catalogue that I cannot return it, and they have referred me to a third party to get it repaired. This is proving to be a long winded process and am getting increasingly frustrated. I thought that if a customer bought a product that is faulty, they could send it back to the catalogue within 6 months. Is this correct?
  4. Hi. I'm looking for advice as to how to proceed (or not) with a purchase of a car. I took a test drive of a Freelander 2 advertised on a local motor trader's web site. It is an '07 GS Model with 50,000 miles. I liked the car and agreed to pay the asking price of £10,995 so long as they agreed to take my car in part/ex for the price I wanted, which they did. The Freelander's MOT lapsed in June 13. As part of the deal, the trader agreed to MOT and service it (oil and filter). MOT has 4 advisories: two were for deteriorated rubber bushes (wear and tear?), and one was to indicate that the under-tray obscured some components, and another to indicate that engine covers obscured some components. I paid for the car using a bank transfer, having borrowed the funds from my parents to fund the purchase. I collected the car on Wednesday 7th August at 11:00. The car fuel gauge indicated 3/4 of a tank of diesel. This 'Distance to Empty' display gradually rose to c 250 miles, and I drove about 240 miles. The fuel gauge dropped to just below half full. On Friday 9th August at 09:30 I was driving close to my home when the car went into 'limp' mode while driving up a hill. The error message on the dash stated "reduced engine performance" for about two seconds, then the car stalled and would not restart. I walked home and spoke with the dealer who, after some persuasion, agreed to return my part/ex car and bring a mechanic to assess the problem. The mechanic brought one of those devices that plugs into the car's management system and there were about 10 fault codes, but the one that stood out stated something like "reduced / no fuel pressure forced engine shutdown". The mechanic alleged that the other fault codes were not important or were related to the pressure fault. The mechanic insisted the car had run out of fuel. I doubted this and described the fuel gauge / DTE etc. He guessed that the fuel sender unit had jammed, and that the car had run out of fuel even though the gauge read half full. He put about 10 litres of fuel in the car and freewheeled the car somewhere flat, and restarted the engine. I was then offered the car back, and it was suggested that I keep a fullish tank while they ordered the part from Land Rover and fitted it later. Instinctively I declined, and asked them to take the car away and fix it and only offer it to me when the fuel system had been fully tested. It was explained to me that the repair may take a week. In turn, I responded that I was on leave for two weeks so it may be the end of August before I can swap vehicles again. Which brings me to my query. I have read through some of the threads on the boards, and looked at summaries of the SOGA 1979 and I guess I could ask for a refund, but I may have a fight on my hands. I like the car, and what I'd like to do is to have it independently inspected for any other faults before accepting it. Clearly I should have thought of that before agreeing to buy it, but I can't change that now. Or, can I write to the dealer and set out my rights under the SOGA and explain that if I accept the car, I will have it immediately inspected and I will return it for any necessary repairs? Any advice very much appreciated. Many thanks, Paul.
  5. Anyone have any links to threads on reclaiming PPI from Santander/GE store card taken out in 199x please? I have a read a few posts where the responses from Santander have been negative, but cannot find any ongoing cases or helpful information. Thanks t
  6. Payday lenders have been summoned to a showdown with Consumer Minister Jo Swinson next week to tackle problems in the £2bn industry. Charities, regulators and Government ministers will also attend the summit on Monday in the first ever meeting of all groups at the same time. Details of the meeting was revealed on Tuesday, just 48 hours before the Office of Fair Trading is expected to refer the market to the Competition Commission. Separately, East Cheshire Council became the first in England to ban payday lender websites from all its public computers in libraries and other public buildings. In March, the OFT found evidence of "widespread irresponsible lending" by payday companies and gave the industry 12 weeks to clean up its act. Ms Swinson said: "Far too many times consumers have been lured into taking out products that are not right for them, that are not the right financial product." More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/10141780/Consumer-Minister-Jo-Swinson-summons-payday-lenders-to-a-showdown.html
  7. Evening All, Can anyone tell me is a mobile phone contract covered under Credit Consumer, if not could someone what covers a phone contract. Thank
  8. Dear all I have been charged £25 by Santander Consumer Finance for a bounced DD payment that was collected successfully a few days later on reapplication. It was my fault so I am in no doubt that some sort of charge is justified but I regard £25 to be excessive for the cost of sending one letter and using an automatic reapplication procedure. For example, my bank charges £8 for the same process which is probably about right give or take. I wrote to Santander asking them why their charges were more than three times the cost of the same procedure at Barclays, citing COBS and saying that if they took the money they would be in breach of contract because they had a statutory duty to treat me fairly (this is not a current account, but a motor finance loan so COBS rather than BCOBS applies). I said I would be pursuing the matter further if they applied the penalty. I also mentioned section140A of the CCA in my letter. They have written back today dismissing my letter and saying that they have satisfied the FOS that £25 is "...a reasonable pre-estimate of the additional administrative costs in relation to the related breaches..." They have not responded to my request to provide an accurate breakdown of their costs. So, my next step is what? Send them a LBA or just sue them and see what happens? Grateful for any advice
  9. First step towards new law to update and clarify rights on goods and services for consumers and businesses New measures to enhance consumer rights and make them easier to understand have been unveiled by consumer minister Jo Swinson. The proposals, outlined in the draft consumer rights bill, streamline overlapping and complicated areas from eight pieces of legislation into a single consumer bill. They also introduce new rights for both consumers and businesses. Hailed as the most radical overhaul to consumer law for more than three decades, the legislation was announced in the Queen's Speech in May. But because it still has to undergo parliamentary scrutiny in the Commons and the Lords it is unlikely to become law until early next year. Under the draft bill consumers will have the right to get some money back after one failed repair of faulty goods (or one faulty replacement); to demand that substandard services are redone, or failing that get a price reduction; and to get a repair or a replacement of faulty digital content such as film and music downloads, online games and e-books. The draft bill also proposes a set 30-day time period for when consumers can return faulty goods and get a full refund. At present, consumers can reject goods as faulty within a "reasonable period" – interpreted by some retailers as 14 days but by others as up to two months. The draft bill will now undergo further scrutiny before becoming law. http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/jun/12/new-consumer-rights-bill-unveiled Q&A: HOW THE CONSUMER RIGHTS BILL WILL AFFECT YOU If an item is faulty after purchase Current law: You can return goods as faulty within a ‘reasonable period’ – this is usually interpreted by the retailer as 14 days but for some it can be longer. Proposed new law: A 30 day period for rejecting goods as faulty and getting a refund. After the 30 days Current law: A mix of EU and UK rules. Under current EU law consumers are entitled to a repair, replacement or price reduction if they can prove that the item was substandard at the point of purchase. Rules in England and Wales say that you are entitled to a deduction in price but this is confusing as it’s not fixed in law. Proposed new law: Consumers will be able to get some money back after one failed repair of faulty goods (or one faulty replacement). There is still no range in terms of how much should be deducted. Digital purchases – such as films, games, music and apps. Current law: There is currently no protection for consumers regarding digital purchases. Proposed new law: Clear right to repair or replacement if the item is faulty. Due to the nature of purchases firms are allowed to supply more than one repair or replacement but if this is not rectified during a reasonable amount of time then they are entitled to a refund or reduction in price. However, there is no 30 day limit on this. Services not properly carried out Current law: Remedies for substandard service are complex as it depends on how serious the breach is. In the past the courts will try and keep the contract for the work open and say that the customer has a right to financial damages to rectify any problems. Proposed new law: Consumers will be able to demand that substandard services or work are redone. If that fails they can request a reduction in price. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-2339650/New-Bill-Rights-consumers-means-buyers-replacements-refund-ebooks-apps-wrong.html#ixzz2W0ip7SYh
  10. Hi there, Just after a quick bit of advice. I've checked my credit file and there's currently an unpaid amount of £125 owing to MEM. This is from a few years ago, and ideally I'd like to clear it. I'm just wondering - £125 is the initial amount I borrowed, if I call them are they likely to tell me that the debt is now in the thousands because of the interest, or can I assume that since it's £125 on my credit file, that's all I owe? £125 is affordable now (it wasn't back then!), but the interest probably wouldn't be... Thanks
  11. Banks and consumer groups are to work together to deliver real change for high street banking customers, the British Bankers’ Association announces today. The BBA is launching a new Consumer Panel chaired by Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy which will meet for the first time in the coming weeks. The aim is to bring together consumer advocates, leading charities and senior bankers to identify areas where banks can improve the service they offer to customers. The industry has already identified some areas where they want to make progress such as: simplifying the small print that banks use making savings rates easier to understand and compare looking at providing help to people with serious illnesses or physical disabilities to allow them to delegate to carers the ability to bank on their behalf helping customers with critical illnesses such as cancer before they go into arrears on mortgage re-payments improving access to bank branches such as providing wheelchair access to all services and installing talking ATMs The BBA is also setting up a new Service Improvement Group of senior bankers which will drive forward implementation of the changes agreed at the Consumer Panel. http://www.bba.org.uk/media/article/bba-consumer-panel-will-deliver-real-benefits-for-bank-customers
  12. Hey guys n gals. Does anyone else find that the CCregister isn't working? I've tried several searches on several browsers (mac and windows) and they all get stuck at 'waiting....'. The link I used is this one: http://www.oft.gov.uk/ConsumerCreditRegister Cheers A
  13. Hi there, Hoping someone can give me consumer right legalities with regard a purchase problem that we are encountering at present ? A year ago my husband bought me a gift and paid online to a premier division football club the sum of £395 for a memorial stone to be placed in a pathway near to the ground with an inscription on it of my choice. At the time of purchase he was given a logon to the site and reference number in which to go in and type in the inscription to be placed onto the stone. The club would then email me when the pathway had been completed to let you know the position of the stone so that you could view it. Soon after this we left the country for a year for work related purposes and I stupidly forgot to go back to the site to register my inscription. I have since returned home tried to enter the site, but it says my reference is invalid. I contacted the club to request a new log on and have been told too much time has elapsed since our purchase, all the stones have sold out and the project is finished and they will not refund my husband's £395 - Can they do this ? My argument is that £395 was paid for a stone, place in the pathway and inscription - If they were not able to wait for an inscription they should at least have notified me that they would lay a bare stone....but it seems that they think we will be happy to just kiss goodbye to £395 without anything to show for it.....they have obviously resold my stone to someone else without informing me first, so in effect they have received 2 x £395 for the same stone. Is there anything my husband can do to get his money back and any consumer rights legislation that he can quote them to show that he has legal recourse against them ??? Many thanks for your help,
  14. Morning All. A bit of a strange one this and I can not find any direction so turned to you for help. Due to my work in 2009 I took out additional Life Insurance FP Level Life. However, in November 2011, as my job role changed it was no longer required and as my wife was made redundant, the money would be best utilised in the family pot. As time marched on I thought no more, foolish. I have recently been contacted by a firm of solicitors acting for the company I had the agreement with claiming their 'Commission Clawback' I wrote back asking for some additional information to save money e.g whether there was a fee agreement, as one is not mentioned in any paperwork I have, because I have read commission is sometimes offset against this and only the commission to the value of this fee may be requested therefore maybe only liable for the difference. I also believe on reading the FSA Website on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts the Terms of Business (TOB) agreement I signed may be unfair and in particular reasons for believing this when you use an IFA you should have a choice how you want to pay for the services - I was not given this, and the terms do not state clearly when and how much me, the customer has to pay the IFA so therefore not aware of the full cost of the financial advice. In addition I believe that my TOB agreement allowed the firm to reclaim an amount from me, the customer, if I stopped paying premiums and the IFA had to refund commission to the product provider as appears in this case. my interpretation of the FSA guidelines also leads my to think that this charge is a disproportionately large sum as I have not fulfilled part of my obligations under the contract. Surely a court would not enforce this over and above my rights to cancel this policy. I have also asked these Sols for my cancellation rights to which after a period of 1 month got nothing except a MCOL from Northampton. I also sent them a S10 DPA request as other members from the IFA had tried to contact me via text and email touting for business. In total the sum claimed is £1261 + Court fee made up of original debt £997.31 plus interest, a tracing agents fee because I moved and not told them £42 plus Sol fees £210 plus future interest. So, apart from acknowledging service can I assume this falls under CCA rules or send a CPR 31.14 request. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi people i have a question re the agreements that you fill out for credit. ...i had a loan with provident about 5 yrs ago, due to a relationship break up and time spent abroad, i missed payments and overlooked it.. ..being back in the uk a debt company wrote to me about this provident loan , i asked for the agreement to prove it was mine, they sent a photocopy of the agreement to me.. .yes it is mine, i cant see any problem with the agreement with regards to the bits being filled in etc.. ..but my question can i insist on the original or is a photocopy sufficient for them to pursue the debt??.. ...thank you in advance...
  16. We are seeing a few people report that they are receiving letters from Bailiffs in respect of defaulted pay day loans or other consumer debt. If you have received communication from a Bailiff company and it is not in connection with a warrant / fine / court judgment / council tax, can you please pop a link to your thread in this thread. We would also like to see copies of these letters - unedited - if you are happy to provide us with copies, please let us know so we can provide you with a secure / private email to use. Thank you.
  17. FSA/PN/021/2013 06 Mar 2013 The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published its consultation on how it plans to introduce a strong and flexible regime to regulate consumer credit. The regime is tailored to address the risks that face consumers without putting undue burdens on firms. The Government announced earlier today that it would transfer responsibility for regulating consumer credit from the Office for Fair Trading (OFT) to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) by 1 April 2014. The Government has also published a consultation on the legislative changes needed to transfer responsibility to the FCA. The FSA’s consultation sets out the overall approach and framework for the regime that will be administered by its successor body the FCA. The framework will enable the FCA to deliver better outcomes for consumers than the existing regime with the following tools: •Increased flexibility e.g. rule making powers, including product banning; •More resource; •The ability to tac kle problems earlier through access to more information about firms, the scope to take a market-wide approach by requiring action from all firms in a sector and proactive supervision of higher risk firms; •There will be more scrutiny of higher-risk firms before they are allowed to operate in the market and significantly more scrutiny of the integrity and competence of the individuals in key positions in all firms; •The FCA will have the power to require firms to reimburse consumers when they have lost out due to a firm’s actions; and •The FCA will be able to apply its full enforcement powers including banning firms and individuals and imposing fines. Martin Wheatley, FCA CEO designate, said: “Consumer credit inhabits every corner of our day to day financial lives. It is a broad church spanning everything from overdrafts to hire purchase to credit cards to debt advice, provided by tens of thousands of firms of all shapes and sizes. “We will focus our efforts on the areas of highest risk, and ensure we use our resources sensibly and proportionately. The work we have done with consumer groups and trade bodies has helped us reach this point and will continue to help us make the transition as smooth as possible. “This regime is a sensible approach to everyday finances. It will give consumers the protection they expect without placing an undue burden on the firms that service them.” The new regime will be designed to focus resource on higher risk firms, such as pay day lenders, pawnbrokers, credit reference agencies and debt collection. Lower risk firms will not have to meet such onerous standards and will pay lower fees. These firms include not-for-profit debt counselling, businesses providing lending as a side activity (e.g. a sports club that allows its members to pay by instalment). It also includes credit broking, such as where retailers and motor dealers introduce customers to lenders. There is a short timetable to the transfer and the FSA is keen to make the transition as straightforward as possible. This means that there will be a phased approach to the transfer, with an interim period starting in April 2014 and moving to full implementation by April 2016. •From Autumn 2013, existing OFT licence holders can apply for interim permission so that they can continue to operate; •They will have to provide limited information and pay a one off fee; •Existing OFT licences will lapse on 31 March 2014 and FCA interim permissions will begin from 1 April 2014; •The interim permission regime will end in 2016 and firms need to be fully authorised by that time. Notes for editors 1.The Consultation Paper can be found on the FSA website. 2.The FSA regulates the financial services industry and has four objectives under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000: maintaining market confidence; securing the appropriate degree of protection for consumers; fighting financial crime; and contributing to the protection and enhancement of the stability of the UK financial system. 3.The FSA will be replaced by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority in 2013 as required by the Financial Services Act 2012. Link: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/library/communication/pr/2013/021.shtml Link to publication: http://www.fsa.gov.uk/static/pubs/cp/cp13-07.pdf
  18. Right, a friend of mine purchased some computer software as a consumer not a business. The software is not faulty in any way just that it needs alot of setup and after research its going to cost about £1000 to get someone to setup for me. my friend had the free version of this software installed and looks really good so contacted a reseller to purchase a licence. basically, my friend cant afford to pay someone to set the software up so decided to see if he could cancel the order under the distance selling regulations. He has now been told he does not have a cooling off period under the act as its an excluded item. "Software" he contacted the company and they refused to offer a refund but offered to setup the software for him a a really cut down price. however my friend just wants to get a refund. the software licence has been activated using the supplied licence key. He paid using a Master Credit Card. can he get a refund from his card company
  19. Hello Folks, I have an interview for Santander Consumer Finance In Redhill this week and i wanted to do some leg work of what to expect from the consumer side... I have searched CAG and not really been able to filter it out... It will be for the Car element of the business but want to see just how bad they can be? Filee
  20. Hi Where is the best place to get on this forum to get advice on my consumer rights regarding having just bought a second hand car that has a fault from a car dealer. J
  21. http://www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/~/media/pdf/Consumer_forum/Consumer%20Forum%20Minutes%20-%20%20December%202012.ashx Comments?
  22. Hi everyone I ordered some grocery from Tesco online this week and received 2 packets of expired Maggi. The Maggi was expired in Aug 2010 which they sell in 2013:-x !!??? I wonder don't they check their products at all before selling? If anyone at home had eaten these 2.5 years old expired product, some serious/non-serious health issues might have occurred ..and this wasn't the first time , once from store i bought veg patty(clearly labelled as vegetarian) and found non-veg patty inside after taking a bite, since i don't eat non-veg i exchanged it with same price sandwich. Through this forum, I thought to share it with all consumers with intention to increase awareness. I intend to return these products but do you think one should take any action? if yes, then what action...that reduces their negligence?
  23. Hi there, id really appreciate some help with an ongoing issue im having that is stressing me out at the minute, any help would be great. I purchased an IP Camera from an online retailer for £280. The day of delivery i set up the camera but was very disapointed with the image quality and could not get it to reliably record events every time. If a security camera cant reliably record all motion events then whats the point. I spent the full day trying to get it working correctly and half the following day then packed it back up. I contacted the retailer by email on the day after delivery that i was wanting to reject the goods and cancel the order as not fit for purpose. 3 or 4 days passed and i had no response so I called and was told that my cancellation would be passed to returns department but another 2 days passed with no contact. I called again and was told that again my message would be passed to returns department and within an hour i received an email telling me that they cant accept the item back without manufacturers authorisation and I should take up the issue with manufacturer. Straight away i called back and spoke to someone, I asked why my order could not be cancelled as within the 7 days DSR. I was advised that as i had tested the item the DSR did not apply. I was also told that if i return the item they are unable to test and it will be returned to manufacturer and if they could not find a fault i would be charged carriage both ways and for their time. The guy again asked me to take it up with the manufacturer but i explained that a week had passed with no contact and after the stress of the item and dealing with his company i was no longer willing to spend more time on it. I left the call with ill think about it. I had a look on manufacturers website and the process to get support would take up a lot of time i did not have and would involve more waiting. I sent an email to the company including the following, and opened a paypal dispute as that was my payment method. Within 10 mins i had an RMA number and a courier arranged to uplift goods today (25th). Goods were uplifted and my request for paypal refund was declined with a note that the goods will be tested and if found to be faulty a refund given. Ive got a feeling the company are going to pull a fast one what if the manufacturer can not find fault with unit, am i really liable for all those charges? If the unit is indeed not faulty but just pants and not fit for purpose surely the manufacturer will not admit this and im out of pocket. Really need some advice on where to go from here, can escalate my paypal dispute any time but thought it best to wait until goods have been received back. Sorry for the long winded post but thought it best to get all details in there. Thanks
  24. Hi everyone.... In an effort to give up smoking i ordered online an electric cigarette and 4 boxes of refills which amounted to £44 something which was debited from my bank account on 16th January. The product was advertised as first class post,but never even arrived. I have tried phoning the company every day for the past week and all i get is a message advising me to email.So i then send emails but still get no reply. My next option is to write a letter to them and was wondering what i could say or whether to contact the cab? I'm not good at compiling letters. But surely this company cannot be allowed to take my money and not provide the service? Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards.
  25. HI, First time poster so apologies if I'm not doing this correctly etc. I have read through a few similar posts regarding Santander Consumer Finance and was hoping I could get some advice on my situation. HP Agreement commenced - Nov 2011 4 yr term Located in Scotland As above my wife and I purchased a car using SCF in November 2011 paying by direct debit, the original direct debit was set up against another account we hold (long story but we though it was a good idea as thats is where my travel expenses from work go) we had finaly closed this bank account to ensure we were only operating one account. As part of this the DD to Santander was cancelled and we thought it would be simple to set-up a new one for our current account (incidentally with Santander) when my wife phone after work in November their contact centre was closed and she was directed to an automated payment line she made the payment that way with the intention to phone back within the next month to set-up the DD. with Christmas and various other things going on, we forgot we have not received any correspondence in the meantime. Last week a Repossesion company turned up to say they had been instructed by Santander to collect the vehicle as it was two months in arrears, I refused stating that I had not had any correspondence from Santander and would like to speak them first. I didn't realise my rights but I asked them whether they could take the car as it was on our drive and our other car was in-front of it, the gent conceeded that he could not but said he would wait until I had phoned Santander, I said no he could go away and wait to here from Santander. I must admit I was surprised that he accepted this and left. I then phoned Santander and explained that it was our fault but I could pay any arrears immediatley and reset the DD, the lady was less than helpful and said the agreement had been terminated and all she could accept was full payment, I asked to speak to someone else and she said that I wouldn't get any different opinion and beside no supervisor was available I ended the call asking for a call back from the supervisor, not happened! In the meantime I lodged a complaint with the financial ombudsman, I know Santander have eight weeks but I'm hoping a letter from them and I have a ref now might help. That same day I sent two e-mails to their complaints department stating what I have done so far and asking why they don't seem to want my money, no responce I then spoke to my brother who works for HBOS and he advised that they will argue that although I do not have the letter they have issued from their system. He told me to pay them by any means as that makes their case difficult, i sent a chaps payment (got their bank details from their website). I have sent them 3 months so that it also includes this months and then sent another e-mail to tell them this including the payment ref, I have told them that I have only sent the monthly payments bringing the account fully up to date (in fact slightly ahead) as I did not have any visibility of charges but was willing to pay their missed payment charges, I cc'd the ombudsman in this with their ref as well. Still no response and it has been three days, have I done the right thing and will they/can they continue their action? My brother said they need a court order to obtain the vehicle and I will have made the awkward by forcing payment and bringing up to date, is that right? Help!
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