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  1. Towards the end of 2012, I took up employment but was "persuaded" to leave after just shy of 5 months (amongst other things, my line manager had threatened me with dismissal at my 6 month review and made a great play of "how difficult ii is for people to find work at the moment - particularly those who have been dismissed and with a poor reference"). My contract stated that the job would become permanent after this six month probationary period. I have a considerable amount of evidence (both hard and anecdotal) showing, I believe, that I was bullied into resignation but - given the t
  2. A month ago i was assaulted by a pupil in school who has been charged with GBH (and admitted it). My husband works in the school as a teaching assistant. I have been working for them for 13 years, no disciplinary ever and up until this assault been told i am their best teacher. I would say that although i am not qualified i have been working as a teacher for the last 10 years. The school is an expensive private school and my bosses (a married couple) were furious that i reported the assault to the police. They said i shouldnt have as they were going for a contract that they wouldnt get i
  3. Hi, I reported a manager who seemed up to dodgy dealings in work. I was moved to another site/job as a result. The manager is still with the company. I have taken out a whistleblowing ET on this. Very stressed by it all. My new manager had a chat with me about work in general. He then went away and told my company bosses that I had agreed with him to drop my ET. We had not discussed my ET - I complained and I was told that the matter was closed. I took two months off with stress. I returned to work a couple of months ago and I still felt ill - I didn't know what the next bit of has
  4. advise On behalf of a friend, My friend subsequently resigned from her job because she was told that she would be moved to anther location to work, this meant that her travelling to and from work would add another two hours travelling time to her journey (this would increase to 6 hours travelling to & from work each day). not to mention the extra cost. This location change was to be a straight swap with the person she was going to replace, she was told that the reason for the swap was because her skills was better suited for that location. The person who she was replaci
  5. Hello again CAGgers - 2 posts in one day is a new record for me! Anyway - I already have a claim going to ET for disability discrimination from mainly harassment that my ex-line manager gave me(I say 'ex' as he's been made redundant since all this happened(strange!) but I am still employed by this Company). Applying for a ET did actually spur the company into taking some supportive action like mediation but there seems a big gap in attitude between the companies Employment Relations(who are actually quite supportive and acknowledge that I've not been treated well) and my Director in
  6. I have been employed since 07/07/2012 (5 months). I have 10-years work experience as a dementia carer; nurse's and nutritionist's qualifications; spotless track record. I work as a live-in carer on 2 weeks on/2 weeks off rota basis: 2 x Wed -Wed; paid breaks 7h on Wed (11am-6pm) and 4h on Sat (11am-3pm). Sleep in nights on call. Client (and a dog) has advanced dementia and is very mobile. I think this is more like a shift work, where the shift pattern is: 4 live in shifts (315 hrs) are worked in 14 days: Wednesday 6 pm – Saturday 11 am; 65 h; 4 h break Saturday 3 pm - Wedne
  7. Hi all I work for a small Limited Company, I have worked there for 2 years 1 month. On the 7/11/12 my boss threatened to not pay me over the telephone, he said I am not getting paid so you are not. He is very much a Jekyll and Hyde character nice one minute nasty the next. I raised a grievance with him on the 8/11/12 sent him a letter saying you must pay me as my contract states on the last day of every month and I must receive pay slips which I have not received since he took over the business in August this year. He refused to discuss the issues with me and said there is no pro
  8. Hello all My issues were addressed at et last week and judge instructed I supply a schedule of loss. Now as it was 2 years deduction of wages [set at phr] I have no idea how to do that particular calculation. Could someone more knowledgable about that posssibly post up a small example a dunce like me can use? i.e. is just take two years past pay and lump together? or something else? I have not a clue... Much appreciated. All I will say is there have been some very odd things going on in the back ground around this case. One unusual thing is the direction to use a law c
  9. Basically, my work has a new supervisor and site manager now and the previous one moved onto bigger things. Anyways; she sees me as competition or a threat and has ever since been trying to get rid of me. She's given me numerous disciplinaries for the most ridiculous things. I was given a final written warning due to not signing out the sign in book. I admit I missed a few BUT I wasn't the only one; there were many yet I was the only one who got a disciplinary; the ****ed up thing is that I have proof that SHE herself wasn't signing the book and when it was time for it to be sent off; she AMEN
  10. Hello Just looking for advice on whether or not I have a case for breach of contract / constructive dismissal. I have worked for my current employer for 8 years who is a well known healthcare provider. I recently completed training with my employer so that I can pursue a career for which professional registration is mandatory. I received a new contract for my training and it recognizes my continuous employment. One of the terms in my contract states that my continued employment after the training finishes is dependent upon successful registration with the professional body. It
  11. I am employed as a front of house team member in a busy public house. We have recently employed a new chef who has increased sales and brought a lot of extra custom, he has come from a rival company in the town. There are 2 main front of house waiting staff myself and someone else the new chef has told us both on many occasions that were no good at what we do, hes going to get his old staff over here who know how to do the job properly. I can assure you there is no fault with what we do The final straw was when i walked in on him calling me a useless c*** i have raised a grievanc
  12. Hi Everyone, I have not posted on here before but came across the site whilst googling for help! Please excuse the lengthy post but there is so much to explain. My main question is whether to go through the 'grievence' procedure or the 'Harrassment & Bullying in the Workplace' procedure. I have been told by HR that I have to choose which path I want to go down but in documenting my issues, it seems that there is a bit of both. I handed in my notice on 27th August so have a matter of days to raise my complaint. I have been in my job for 4yrs and 6months. In the last 3 year
  13. Hi Everyone Im a new member and Ive never posted on CAG before but Ive read lots of threads and the advice that everyone gives and I would really appreciate some myself. I will provide a brief synopsis of my current work situation. I work for a large public body (800 employers) in a small team of five. We had a new manager start in 2010 who was, without providing too many details, not suitable for the job. In January 2011 myself and two colleagues raised serious concerns with HR about our manager (targeting us as employers, being aggressive, being inconsitent and so on). HR met with ou
  14. Hi Briefly I have submitted a lengthy formal grievance to my employer. They have sent acknowledgment and said they will deal with it when they return from travelling. A week has passed and the thing is I am not prepared to be in this position anymore and need to resign immediately as the last straw has happened and I have lost all mutual confidence and trust for my employer due to the aspects of my grievance. Anyway can anyone throw any light on this..... Do I wait for the meeting whenever that may be? Do I resign and threaten an ET1 and coverage? Do I send a Without prejudice letter sayin
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