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  1. bit long winded this one, sorry folks. I had been working for an outsourced company in a well known bank. Whilst in training I received strange emails from the trainer. This was following from a conversation in training were I asked a question. He explained (in answer to my question) it was in relation to couples who had a joint account and subsequently split. He said “say you and I were in a relationship”. Three days later I’ve seen he’s gone into my email and sent himself an email from my account/computer “that joint account we were talking about, do you fancy it? Can we get back t
  2. Anybody else had something similar?? My small building company had a bit of a cash flow problem so we decided to sell some land. We had a site on the market with local estate agents for £750K, 9 years ago. Barclays insisted, and I mean INSISTED, we place it with a company in Leeds. They were reluctantly employed by us as estate agents in June 2007. By July 2008 they hadn't even placed a 'for sale' board outside or advertised the land in any way, despite angry calls from me. 13 months of doing absolutely nothing, and in which time, our debt to Barclays had increased by over £75K.
  3. Hello all I'm sorry for requesting assistance, but I have a situation which is making me lose sleep. in 2015, my company announced it would be buying another company, and the deal would close in March 2016. In Feb 2016, my manager at the time told me that following the deal, she would no longer be my direct manager, but would be a key stakeholder. My reporting line would change. Immediately after that call, I had a call with a lady who I was led to believe (and still believe will be) was to be my new manager, and she was coming from the acquired company.
  4. Last Wednesday, completely out of the blue I was called to a meeting at my HO and told that due to restructuring my job is at risk, the company produced a settlement offer and has given me a week to think about it (unlike 10 days as in ACAS guidelines) They refuse to announce the nature of the restructuring, just that I don't fit within it and if I decline the offer then I have been told in no uncertain terms that I will be made redundant and end up with less money than they are offering. Although I don't know (and probably never will) I am almost certain based on noises from the pas
  5. Hi there everyone, I have my friend that worked for the last 15 years within the same company. He transferred himself from one site to another as he moved home but under the same Optician company. Anyway 2 months ago there was a new Manager taking over and the problems started. 1. He asked the new Manager to leave 1 hour early from work 2 days ago as he had a problem at home to sort out but he did ask the Manager 5 days before. The Manager did leave a note to close the shop at 16.30 but he did request that he needed to be out of the shop before 16.00. To mention that the shop close
  6. Something very serious is about to happen for my husband with his employment and we really need some advise. He has worked for a large, high profile company for 10 years now and loves his job. He has never taken time off sick apart from the odd day, no more than 10 days in the whole 10 years and has never had any work issues such as any disciplinary action etc. Everything was fine until about five months ago when the company brought in a new manager for the sales team and my husbands position was altered. He took on his new role and performed well. There were rumours that this new b
  7. Hi All, I have reading a lot on this forum to get some understanding. I was hoping that i would get some advice regarding my case. I was employed for well over a decade by my employer and found myself having to resign and put in a claim at the employmlent tribunals. My hearing date is in few months time and is over several days. I am representing myself. My exployers are a fairly big organisation. There are moments when i feel what on earth am i doing by taking on this huge stress but then when i remember the treatment i know that i had no other options but to take
  8. Hi all! I'll try and keep this short! Basically, I started my job 23 months ago. At first all was fine (isn't it always?) However, over time, various issues relating to the general management of the company, mid-management appointments, etc, started to cause me concern. Over the last year I have felt it necessary to point out certain things, to both fellow employees and my superiors. Even though this has been very minor, and just comments made, I think they now see me as "disruptive", maybe? Anyway, to the point. In mid December, a guy who was supposed t
  9. Right, where to start. I work in a security department of 20 people. 10 in my department, 9 investigators above us and one director. In my 10 there are 8 at the lowest level, with a lead figure and a head of department making up the 10. There are 6 investigators that have 2 managers and a head of investigations making up the 9, and then of course the Director. It is a very large firm and the security department has a very good reputation nationwide. However i believe that i have a rock solid case against the company for discrimination and constructive dismissal and need advice.
  10. Dear all, I am currently filling in my ET1 form which needs to be done in next week - ahhhh the stress of it!! My case is very long but involves disability discrimination - stress anxiety and bullying and migraines and constructive unfair dismissal (last straw) and breaches of contract and failure to follow grievance procedures etc etc How do I word this on the form? - do I just say I was discriminated at each of the points I feel I was even though some are back in time although all part of same Sorry for the lack of detail but too long to explain all. Also ref teachers pay and failu
  11. hi everybody, can anyone help me? I am a milkman, working four nights a week and collecting one evening a fortnight. I was told last week that some of the rounds were losing money and that the company were going to have to make some changes, but they definately wanted to keep me on. have worked for the company for 11 and a half months. I have 2 daughters and sometimes struggle with childcare when I am collecting until my wife gets home from work. I was called into the office today and told I had to take on a different round which is 6 nights a week delivering and collecting 2-3 evenings
  12. Hi, Please can someone advise me on where I stand on constructive dismissal. I have worked for a large electrical retailer for almost 5 years and today I walked out as ultimately I can not work for these people anymore. I can no longer deal with the micromanagement and emails sent at unreasonable hours demanding replies on why my colleagues and myself were not hitting company wide targets on extended warranties and accessories which in truth customers didn't always need or want. I can no longer deal with my pay being constantly wrong, The managers excuse "I send the rotas out ev
  13. Hi Guys, after some advise, my company has just lost a major contractor to another service provider, I am 100% aligned with that contract... as the contract manager, I am being told that the new company have just employed a new contractor manager to do my job.... they haven't even met me yet, I'm not sure they have even received all the details from HR. there would be no work at my existing employer, so this could and probably will make me redundant, surely this warrants constructive dismissal, any advise would be massively appreciated. thanks in advance.
  14. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me here.. .unsure if I can claim against unfair or constructive dismissal due to the timeframe etc and am seeking advice on what to do and where to go so here goes.... I dismissed from an employed back in August for what they have described as gross misconduct. We worked in a sales environment and from their side they believe myself triggered a commission payment to a junior member of staff deliberately. I did not accept this claim and they dismissed myself but was however offered a lower ranking position where the salary
  15. I am due to leave my employment and want to file constructive dismissal or/and discrimination. Can I represent myself, if so, how do I find out the way to proceed? Can anyone help me?
  16. I would appreciate any advice on behalf of my 19 year old son, briefly: He is an apprentice, has been trained in any skills, used as a labourer. Has had his days cut down from 5 to 4 Was told he had a disciplinary meeting 2 months ago it was cancelled at 15 mins notice, told him it would be rearranged but it was n't , he has had this hanging over him since then. Was using company van told to hand keys and sat nav back, and had to travel about 8 miles to a job ( he is an apprentice joiner) He says its making him ill and cannot face going back, Has anyone got a suitable
  17. Hello I recently started working for a local company and have come across a few issue I started working at my current employers on 2nd October 2013. During which time a formal contract has never been drawn up for me to sign. I started the job after the staff their jokingly told me how the previous employee had a 'meltdown' and left. The joke was that 'A' the accountant and her always argued. Within my first few weeks various small amounts of training on sage and accounts was given but nothing substantial. I report to the Sales Manager and as such voiced concerns to him whi
  18. Hello All, I am really looking to make sense of all of this so constructive and factual feedback is what i would value... I work at a construction company as a site based manager and have been there just over 6 years to date. Back in April `11 i was suspended and subjected to an investigation and disciplinary hearing over an incident that happened on my site at the time. A member of the senior management team, the head of the department that i was part of, had become exceptionally attentive towards a female member of staff that was part of another department. As time went on it
  19. Hey , I have put in an ET1 and i ticked unfair dismissal /constructive , i thought this covered most of the things i was claiming but I have recently been informed that wrongful dismissal is more inline with my claim. So does the unfair/constructive dismissal box include wrongful dismissal or is that completely different. there was not a box for that ? or am i done for? What can i do Carl
  20. Greetings to everyone! I have read some very helpful threads on this forum on constructive unfair dismissal (CUD) in preparation for my own case. I am keen to share my ongoing case so that, hopefully I can get help and support from you guys, and at the same time, other people might find my experiences with ET useful. Some basic info first: I had been employed FT in a uni in Scotland as a lecturer for over 7 years. I had to resign from my job in Feb 2013, essentially due to bullying by my Head of School aggravating my stress/depression, and the failure of the snr management to de
  21. Hi hope someone can help as I have a big problem going on with my employer (possibly former employer very soon). I was dismissed from my workplace of almost 3 years yesterday at a disciplinary hearing. To give you an idea of the entire story I will list the events as they happened. Employed for 3 years and have never missed a single shift. There are few people more flexible in accepting short term changes to rotas and I was promoted to a more challenging role last year after being asked to apply based on my performance over the previous two years. It all started when I
  22. Hi. I'm currently undergoing a disciplinary procedure with my place of work. It all stemmed from a manager monitoring a phone call to my husband and going from there, I have been investigated and my place of work have now sent me a disciplinary invitation advising that I have been investigated for gross misconduct. It all started when in the phone call, I said to my husband that I had told work a doctors apt was an hour earlier than the apt was - reason for the doctors appointment was that I was 2 weeks pregnant and wanted to get the ball rolling with the midwives etc. From this m
  23. Hello I am starting a thread because I need all the advice I can get right now!!! Basically I have been working with my company for 2 yrs 4 months now , i am part time at 16 hrs a week. Basically issues begun late 2012, in August I had 2 weeks off with stress/depression. During 1 of these weeks I had a pre booked holiday, being company policy to allow you to retake any holiday (because you cannot be sick and on holiday rule), i thought i may be able to retake this , they said I was not allowed as I had not made them aware of when I was returning from work (tho my Drs note stated the
  24. Towards the end of 2012, I took up employment but was "persuaded" to leave after just shy of 5 months (amongst other things, my line manager had threatened me with dismissal at my 6 month review and made a great play of "how difficult ii is for people to find work at the moment - particularly those who have been dismissed and with a poor reference"). My contract stated that the job would become permanent after this six month probationary period. I have a considerable amount of evidence (both hard and anecdotal) showing, I believe, that I was bullied into resignation but - given the t
  25. i need some help and advise with a constructive dismissal claim, so is posting a thread here the right way to get some advice?
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