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Found 130 results

  1. This has been worrying me for a while! The show films scenes inside the Rovers Return in Coronation Street and the characters take people to the back room. They access this past the bar, past the stairs and back door and through into the sitting room which is attached to the kitchen that Betty cooked her hot pot in. When you look at the front of the Rovers Return there is nothing on the left past the bay windows!! the pub isn't wide enough to have a room you walk to in a straight line from the bar! Is the pub a tardis?
  2. I am currently in arrears with Wonga, £200, simply through procrastinating with payments etc. I cannot take out another Wonga or any other payday loan. However recently strange things have been happening with my credit situation. I have just been accepted by American Express for a Gold preferred rewards card. I have been accepted by T-Mobile for 2 lines with free top range handsets (galaxy s2) I have been accepted by Capital one for a Secured card having to pay a security fee on £49 At the same time. I have been turned down for an Overdraft with my bank RBS. I have also been turned down for a new current account with Barclays Any Short term loan company also rejects me. I'm very confused... Also what will happen to my credit rating once I finally pay off Wonga...
  3. Hi, I've been on this site for sometime now generally browsing and what not but finally decided to try and reclaim some of the money wrongly taken from me by our nations finest after successfuly claiming £1000 from Capital One using one of those companies advertised here online a couple of years ago. Anyway lucky for me i already had a list of my charges after asking barclaycard sometime ago for all my past statements with a SAR so with using the spreadsheet on moneysavingexperts site i worked out my total charges and added 8% interest (as i saw many people do on this site and successfully claim back) Anyway i sent the prelim letter with scheduled charges + interest and got the usual auto reply so i then went on to send another letter which im assuming was the letter before action inwhich i got another reply trying to fob me off saying that they consider there charges to be fair etc etc and that if imdisappointed with the outcome i should make a complaint with FOS. maybe i should've done abit more reading because at this moment in time im stuck as to what to do.. do i file for a claim via the courts or give them another bash using another angle!? Please find attached all correspondence as i know it may help King Regards Tyrone *PS - Barclaycard Response L2 Dated 5th May... Was only recieved today 30th May 2012 and with it they attached a photocopy of my second letter i sent which was dated 10th May so i guess there already at fault and trying to discount the second letter????? BarclayCard Charges First Letter Dated 23rd April 2012.doc BarclayCard Charges Second Letter Dated 10th May 2012.doc
  4. Hi everyone, Really hoping you can all be of help. This is the first time anything like this has happened and the first time I am posting something. Here's how the situation unfolded today. We had made an agreement with the council to pay some remaining £700 of council tax in monthly installments. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about it and was tardy with some payment. We didn't receive any letters or communications saying I had been late or anything. Then out of no where, a man dressed in black, a motorcycle helmet and a balaclava showed up at our door. He didn't speak, or even remove the visor covering his face. He simply shoved a letter at us. We were so frightened by the situation that we ended up calling the police because we thought it could have been some [problem]. After we realized that we were late in our council tax payment, we phoned the council and paid off in FULL the remaining money owing to us. So now we are clear of any overdue funds. Once we were made of the situation, we tried to fix it. So we've paid the council tax in full today (Thursday Dec 8) but after phoning the bailiff to tell him of this he said, too bad he is coming to visit us again to get his money. He is asking for some £250 and said he will keep coming back until he gets it. We spoke to the council about it and they said they will try to reverse the bailiff but it would take up to 10 days and it might not even happen. A few questions -- because we never got any letters from the bailiff or anyone before, how much are we legally entitled to pay in his fees? Do we need to pay any since we paid off the council tax in full once we were made of the situation? Can he keep coming back again and again? We're just not sure what to do.... should we just pay him off and get it over with? So many questions and not sure what to do! Thanks so much everyone in advance.
  5. Hi all, So i reccently appealed against an ESA decision that found me fit for work. The appeal lasted 15-ish mins with decision sent by post. When tribunal letter arrived on last saturday (5/11/11) i thought it said id lost my appeal. So monday 7/11/11 i joined JSA over phone and told them id been on ESA and about the Tribunal letter etc. Today 12/11/11 i get a letter from DWP dated 10/11/11 saying: "You made an appeal against Employment and Support Allowance decision issued to you on 17 March 2011. We have looked again at the facts and evidence we used to make our decision.As a result we have changed the decision. Your appeal will not be sent to the Appeals Service as the decsion has been changed in your favour. We cannot pay you an allowance from 8 November 2011.This is becasue: You have claimed another benfit like Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance" :jaw:Did i mess up by moving to JSA? did i win my appeal? do i get backpayment from last WCA to 7/11/11 ? Please help im confused as i thought Tribunal told me my appeal wasnt successfull,hmm,cant find damn Tribunal letter now Who do i listen to? DWP or Tribunal Service? Also if they changed their decision in my favour as they stated and i was allowed to claim ESA,can i ditch JSA and now dash back onto ESA quickly?
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