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  1. I have used this company in the past, at least 2 times for low value items where their £20 base compensation amount would suffice on my last experience I used them to carry an item of higher value and that is where things started unfolding. As a parcel broker, I though they are just brokers like travel agencies I was wrong because the moment you purchase a delivery slot through their company with one of the main shipping agents such as UPS, DHL, TNT, Royal Mail, Parcel Force, YODEL and many others, you cease to be the sender of the package as they are the sender/sh
  2. lately I've been reading a good few pages of all the bad rep certain X4L gym's have been gotten over the membership situation, I decided to post and give some enlightenment to the situation.... When you cancel your direct debit with the bank, you are obviously going to get charged still. and debit.... Because this i the wrong way to go about cancelling.. I strongly suggest, you visit the X4L website and cancel that way. Also when the sales rep sees you before signing up, they are told not to mention the canceling option.... All the gym cares about is making a prof
  3. http://cag.tw/22e4 (link from original article contains banned word)
  4. Today in the post we had an offer of 15% off our subscription if we took up the offer. I logged into the address given as I wanted to see how it would apply in our case as we have the movies on discount at present. There was a button that you needed to click and I thought in doing so I woudl be able to get more information and how mcuh the discount would be. T o see this info I had to log in which I did and on logging in got a message that I had now got the discount and was locked into a 12 month contract and it seems there is no way to cancel this as we do not want to be lo
  5. I have been charged again for DATA usage on my vodafone account i used 16.5GB of data. and my allowance is 20GB of data. I have documented proof of this. So up till the point a data test drive was added to my account i was within my allowance. The problem is vodafones system haven't updated and in doing so they have been billing me for everything over 12GB. So i go out and get a new contract after being told it would sort this problem out, and notes even a new connection didn't sort this out. so i returned the phone to the store and ported my number out and went with 02. Th
  6. I have been with vodafone for years so would like to think I'm a valued customer. I've never had problems up until now. I switched in september from a 2 year contract to a sim only contract. In my bundle i was meant to have 20GB of data. In my old 2 year contract i had 12GB of data. Anyway whats happened is that when they have changed my tariff, one half of vodafone system says i am entitled to 20GB of data, yet the other half of there system has been changed to reflect. So whats been happening is that every bit of data that i go over 12GB is being charged for. So last month i questioned
  7. Just to let you know that there is a con going around at the moment. People receive the letter attached below. The free phone numbers in the letter don't belong to Lloyds. If you call them they will try to con you. Ignore or report if you receive one of these CON letters. Not sure if similar letters have been sent 'on behalf' of other banks.
  8. Action Fraud has received a number of reports where people have been defrauded by criminals claiming to be “Action Fraud Litigation Services” who they say work with Action Fraud and the City of London Police. How the [problem] works The fraudster phones their victim and tells them that they are phoning from the “Action Fraud Litigation Services team”. They say that they are legal prosecutors who will be able to help the victim recover the money that they have lost in a previous fraud. They tell the victim that in order to recover the money that they have lost, the legal
  9. Hi guys signed up to exercise4less about 5 months ago got on a coperate deal through work so went in to enquire and as always was pressured into joining up, wanted to get fit and couldnt argue with £10 a month so decided to speak to someone they said because you work at VM you can join for £10 and then my monthly payments would be £9.99 a month So was happy with this went away 3 days later was paid by work and on returning the bloke i spoke to was not available when i mentioned the £10 joining fee the young lad who dealt with me said he had not heard of that before and it would be £
  10. When the Work Programme was introduced, and ever since, the Government said that it would be funded by the money it saved from future benefit spending. I took the following figures from DWP's own statistics and placed them here to see whether anyone else can find where any expenditure on benefits has been saved, far less the cost of the Work Programme. Total expenditure directed at working age 2010/11...................£51.17bn 2011/12...................£53.00bn 2012/13...................£54.98bn 2013/14...................£51.66bn 2014/15...................£51.91bn This f
  11. I have been trying for some considerable time to get a PPI miss selling claim paid by Welcome Finance. The problem is that I have now reached the conclusion that the process being used by Welcome Finance and being endorsed by the FSCS is not correct to avoid the correct processing of PPI miss selling. My original claim was rejected by Welcome ....reason given that I did not make a claim to their insurance company . The fact is, that I was never made aware of the insurance company. I was self employed when I took out the loan and when I broke my shoulder and could not d
  12. I took out a vehicle based membership for my son last year for his birthday AA changed this membership to a personal one and when son wanted to claim he was forced to take out new membership AA refuses to acknowledge they are at fault I am taking them to Financial Ombudsman - and have requested copy of transcript of phone call i have all original docs to prove vehicle based membership Be very careful with them...poor customer service, they only want your hard earned cash. I will peruse through small claims court Very poor service and complaints handling - -dreadful
  13. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/mum-undergoes-life-saving-kidney-transplant-4424880
  14. Hi do not buy AA repair and cover warranty its a big [problem] the insurer is brc please be aware my car a 2005 Peugeot 407 broke down last Friday car was vibrating really bad as man came and said it was flywheel he towed me to local garage where they stripped gearbox they found that the flywheel dual mass had broken and seized so wasn't moving and not doing its job brc phoned and said it was not covered as its wear and tear now how can be that if its broken the flywheel has no wear on it they then sta
  15. Took my car in to a local garage for its service and MOT. I also asked for an air con service at the time of booking. When picking up my car I was told that they couldn't complete the air con service as there was a leak when they put the oxygen through, when I asked what had happened and why they hadn't fixed it, I was fobbed off. On driving home, the air con wasn't working at all, just blowing hot air, it was working fine before. I took it to an F1 Autocentre who diagnosed instantly that there was no leak, just no pressure in the system- most likely due to a botched job. Where
  16. Hello, I wonder if anyone could help. I'm sure you've all heard of the Makeover Photo shoot con in London and seen them on Watchdog recently. I entered to win a free makeover by magazine this year and was called and told I had won. I was told I could bring up to 5 people and we would experience a celebrity style makeover with top London make-up artists and hair stylists, drinks throughout and an elite photo shoot followed by dinner in a London restaurant for us all. Naturally I was over the moon as I have never won anything before. I inv
  17. I had my air con refilled by them for £50. It's not particularly cold, but I understand it can be due to the car. Are they suppose to replace the pollen filter? I assumed it was a part of the service, but they didn't replace it and it smells like old sweat when it's running.
  18. Hi there, I am looking for some advice on a car sale any help would be much appreciated.The story: So I contact the independant dealer that I purchased my car from 2 yrs ago to inform him I would like to resell ,he initally says why dont I sell it on your behalf on my forcourt at a fee of £1500 to which I agree so the car goes on sale for 31k ,2 weeks later he calls and says the car needs £1600 of work to it ok I say book it in.1 week later he says I will buy it from me at £26600 minus £1600 =25k for the work that need doing to which he says I will pay you next week I agree . So
  19. How can it be possible to pay an endowment mortgage for 12 years at about 240.00 a month and when you come to change your mortgage over to another company..you owe more than you borrowed!! how much interest do they put on..Even though we did struggle with paying it..late payment fees etc...must of paid them over 30.000...
  20. Riisk

    Failure To Notify

    Hi all, been reading a lot about these lately as my partner has just received her requestion through the post. I've written 2 letters, one to the court as we are unable to attend due to been out of the country and one to the dvla as they seem to enjoy losing our post as you will see from the information in the letter. Anything you would change or advise? She plans on pleading not guilty. Letter to the DVLA Letter to Court; Going to court is a massive hassle and is going to cost enough in fuel as it's not local (45miles away) and time off work to attend,
  21. Our company switched to Opus Energy in Nov 2012 for a 12-month contract. The tariff was good at (something like 9 pence/kWh). In August 2013 we received a letter telling us the fixed contract was ending in Nov 2013, and if we didn't respond within 30 days, the contract would be automatically for another 12 months. I was away from teh office at the time. We were told the new contract details were overleaf. This was followed by paragraphs about where does your electricity come from? renewable sources, £10 off for ebilling, smartmeters, etc. The last line on page 2, stated the unit price of 17.69
  22. I have fallen foul to this company, even people like myself who thoroughly look into things before they buy can get caught out by these shrewd websites. Even when you read the T&C's thinking that you know what you are doing, they sneak in and get your money and its too late to stop it from happening. These people dont believe in following their own terms and conditions. You can cancel this "programme" within 14 days (which I did), However on the 12th day they had already taken £180 plus from my bank account. It certainly wasnt a free trial. I order
  23. Hi guys, need some advice. I'm a london bus driver. All our buses have air con for the driver, however, the buses on my route only about 3 out of 15 have working air con. Most, when you switch the air con on blow out HOT air. The buses have been reported countless times for non working air con. Today, both buses I drove had non working air con, and, tbh, if my shift was any longer, I would not of been able to carry on driving. My arms felt like lead, I felt very tired and larthargic, and was losing my concentration. If This happens again, I will stop driving and re
  24. My Bank, (HSBC) has been negligent and mis-sold me an overdraft on the basis of funds coming from an investment which turned out to be a con trick the bank had said the investment was sound and actively encouraged me to run up a large overdraft knowing I only had a very small income- they were so desperate to get all of the funds from the investment deposited in their bank they advised me badly and when it was found to be a con trick, they placed a charge on my property to cover the overdraft and are now trying to repossess my home! I have complained to the FOS but they were biased in favo
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