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Found 102 results

  1. british gas repeatedly ask me for my date of birth, as if they need it for 'security'. if they need security you should ask to set a password for the account security. you do not have to give your date of birth. i always refuse to give my birthdate as it's inappropriate to request it and private info. another utility company refused to supply me when i refused to give my birthdate and disconnected the call. is this breaching some sort of regulation?
  2. I need some advice for what steps i should take in pursuing my insurance company for high risk of loss of life due to negligence. I will be vague on the dates/times/full details due to this potentially being a high profile case. a few months back i had an accident and damaged my car. No other parties were involved just myself. The insurance company did the usual protocol and recovered the vehicle and sent it off to garage 1. Garage 1 quoted the repairs and carried them out, on collection of my car i noticed the steering was not correct and there was a loud knocking noise from the engine bay. I was told the car was fine by the garage and that it was just my suspension hitting the bottom of my car and as for the steering it was just due to camber in the road. I was not satisfied with this and believed there to be more to it i contacted my insurers and complained and they contacted garage 1 and they responded that the car was fine. i insisted an independent assessor comes to look at my car and he agreed that there was serious issues with my steering and a knocking sound was indeed present and not caused by the suspension. Garage 1 then had no choice but to take the car back and rectify the issues. Garage 1 wasn't able to find the fix for the issues they paid for it to be taken to a main Dealership for my model of car, let's call it Garage 2. Garage 2 were instructed to correct the steering issues and investigate this knocking sound, when i collected my car back from Garage 1 the steering was fine and no longer caused any issues. But the knocking sound was still present. I drove it for maybe 2 weeks before this knocking sound turned into a shunting sound like something was moving around. I contacted my insurance company and notified them that this issue still persists and is intact getting worse. They instructed that i could take it back to Garage 1 and get them to investigate but i had lost faith in them and insisted it goes back to Garage 2 (the main dealer) My insurance company said this was fine so i took it back to Garage 2 and they had a quick inspection and said there is something wrong with the car but without being booked in for a full inspection and paid for they can't investigate further. I asked at this point if it was safe to drive and he said he couldn't say for sure if it was. i went back to my insurers and told them of this information and their response was it is a weekend and we can't do anything until monday, i reminded them of the fact that i've been told the car may not be safe to drive and they again insisted there's nothing they can do. monday came and went and still no contact from my insurance company, i then called again the following week and insisted it's getting worse and worse by the day. They said i could take the car to Garage 2 and pay for the inspection fee myself and if they feel this issue arose from the original accident they would refund me, but only if they accepted the price quoted for the repairs by the garage. I couldn't afford to pay this expense and risk losing out on the inspection fee and my insurance company just seemed disinterested to help me. Another week passed with no follow up call and i once again contacted them and let them know this issue is now worsening and i need to get it fixed. They just repeated what they said before and i got frustrated and ended the phone call abruptly. Now to the serious part. I was travelling along a dual carriageway at approx 65mph and all of a sudden something shifted and a loud bang/pop/crack occurred and my steering was thrown to the right in full lock almost instantaneous, i then hit the central reservation and flew through the air and bounced along for about 30metres or so down the carriageway. I am not seriously injured, just bumped and bruised from the impact, no one else was involved. The car is an absolute wreck and i've had 20+ friends/family question how the hell i am still alive from looking at the wreck. where do i stand in terms of pursuing my insurance company for negligence? the risk of loss of life was so great and it's thanks to my cars safety features i am here typing this. I believe this to be a mechanical failure due to negligent repairs, i have proof of all the calls, repairs carried out and problems that i've notified them of. any help/advice would be appreciated. I can supply more details if needed as there may be gaps in my story. thanks
  3. Recently thought I might change my car and wanted to secure HP before making any sort of commitment. Checked the phone book for local offices---but there aint none!!!! North west securities and General guarantee corp used to be widely used but can't find any trace of them. It appears that HP is only available through dealerships.!!!!! Every Jack and his dog appear to be offering personal loans, but once bitten twice shy. Anyone know of a respectable HP company dealing directly with Joe public?????
  4. Just want to rant about the majority of advisers at call centres round the country and how these days you just cant talk to these people. They sound like they are reading their responses from a book which is probably what most are doing.if you are asking for help with an outstanding debt you have their options not yours. They are not human any more unable to empathise so they may as well get rid of the advisers and make it automated like everything else. You know keep it simple. Press 1 if you owe us money press 2 if u want to make payment in full press 3 if u cant make a payment. If u cant make payment tough we don't want to know see you in court.
  5. I have become employed (albeit in a casual capacity) after a considerably long period of unemployment during which my debts have piled up. I would now like to sort my finances out using a debt management company. Is there a difference between the companies that charge for this service and the free organisations? Amongst the free ones, is one better than the other? Also, is it possible to have debts written off? I am not a citizen of the UK, although I have been normally resident here for almost 10 years. Does this impact upon any potential help I'd receive from the debt management companies? Thank you for your replies!
  6. Just wondering if anyone has used any of the following companies for a Secured Loan/Bridging Loan The one time or current directors/Partners were/are Wayne Smethurst, Andrew mark Brown, Ron taylor-Walker Capital Advances The Finance Centre Capital funding Ltd Capital Funding One Ltd Havenglow Ltd Home Independent property Services ltd TFC (UK) Ltd TFC TFC Homeloans TFC Commercial Ltd TFC Partnership Ltd TFC Consortium Ltd Glow Mortgages Ltd Glow Group Ltd The Mortgage Distribution Hub Ltd Mortgage Branding Ltd Orbiter Distribution Ltd Cheshire Property and Finance Ltd Hillwood Investments Ltd Sedcol Ltd thanks
  7. A friend of mine (not me but a close friend) is considering a debt management plan to help with his debt problems. From reading I see debts are prioritised but what happens to those debts which are not priority but where there is a ccj already in place and where he hasn't kept to the agreed payments? If this isn't the right forum, perhaps you could report for me. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, I wonder if you could please provide me with some help. I have been going through my credit file to make sure that everything is up to date and I started this approximately 3 month's ago. There was one on there in the following details:- Lender: Gothia Limited Amount: £774 Default Date: 29/09/2010 Status: Satisfied I emailed Gothia a couple of weeks ago to ask if they can remove the default as a gesture of good will. I have had lots of debt issues that I believed I had fully repaid and the fact that this was showing as settled left me with little concern. However, they emailed me back and said that the amount was still unpaid and they had therefore passed it on to another company, Motor Mile finance. Now I don't doubt that this debt is not paid but it has been marked here as satisfied. Today, I have had another entry appear on my credit report for the same debt as follows:- Lender: Motormile Finance Default Balance: £1274 Outstanding Balance: £774 Default Date: 22/10/2010 I am really confused with this. I have spoken to Motormile and they have confirmed that £774 is outstanding and that this is the same debt that has been passed from Gothia Limited (BCW Group). Are they allowed to report a seperate entry onto my credit file as I now have 2 entries for the same thing. I have also spoken to them regarding the date of the account and they have told me that this is the correct date, even though the OC have said that the default date was 23/09/2010. I am really confused here as to what I can do, I am happy to pay the outstanding balance of £774 but I need to get them to sort the issues with my credit file before I agree to make payment. I have also asked QuickQuid to provide me with my origional T&C's but they have said they cannot do this and have referred me to Gothia, who in turn refer me to Motormile finance. I just seem to be going round in circles with this at the moment!! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Is there a post anywhere showing which companies are linked together please? Its funny that as I phoned one company yesterday to make a payment suddenly I have 20 spam texts and emails from other PDL's offering me GUARANTEED MONEY FOR THE WEEKEND!!
  10. Hi I have the exteme misfortune to suffer from Cluster Headaches, part of my treatment for this is Sumatriptan injections, these come in 6mg auto inject pens. I am only allowed to use 2 in any 24 hour period. some days I have to ride out 2-3 other headaches at 45 mins each. Having joined support forums etc I have noted that most sufferers split their needles (physically dismantle the auto inject pens) and manually inject 3 mg as this will abort an attack and will give them 4 injections a day if necassary. I have asked my GP if they come in smaller doses and he states no. In the states, they get vials of Sumatriptan and needles to draw up their own dose. I have emailed the pharmaceutical co that produces the pens and asked why they do not do smaller doses and the reply was a short one line " we only do the 6mg" no reason as to why etc. surely this must be costing the NHS if I am using twice as much as I need to, and I am suffering twice as much some days as I need to. (if you are not familiar with CH google most excruciating pain known to science). Should I press this with my MP? or what action could be suggested? Many thanks
  11. I renewed / took a new contract with you over 7 weeks ago. Part of the deal was that I get Sky Mobile TV included. Bottom line is it is still not working and I am getting bored of explaining the history of how much time I have wasted on this. Therefore please can you call Olly at the Bluewater store on 020 3551 8641 who has all the details of this farcical situation. My number is 079xxx. Your twitter staff are useless too. Now I keep keep getting nonsensical emails from people such as: Jagruti Manshani (Vodafone Customer Services) dated 10/04/14 Aftab Alam (Vodafone Customer Services) dated 11/04/14 Johnson Samuel (Vodafone Customer Services) dated 12/04/14 All of these emails and more are in breach of the companies act. It is confusing for consumers to know who they are dealing with. Under Sections 82 to 84 of the Companies Act 2006 (in conjunction with Statutory Instrument 2008/495) a limited companies letter-headed paper, emails and website must disclose the full company name, company number, registered office address and place of registration (i.e. a statement such as ‘Registered in England & Wales’). Anyway I have reported them to Companies House who are in the process of making contact with Vodafone UK. Perhaps Vodafone Risk and Compliance Department needs the sack?? Any news on my Sky Mobile TV? I only renewed my contract as this formed part of the agreement. As it still has not been provided Vodafone are in clear breach. Also please don't give me any BS about the contract is for airtime only. Check the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1972
  12. My son took it on himself to apply for his provisional driving licence, through a company called (driving licence applications) but who are registered as Caveal Viator Ltd. When he asked the dvla what had happened to his application he was informed that no application had been received, we then found out that this company charge £50 just for applying and another £50 for the licence, but in the phone recordings it does say you have to be 18 to use this service. My question is that we have asked for a refund as we dont want to use there service and they have refused to refund my son. How does he stand legally, we also paid through paypal is there anything we can do through them ???
  13. Good Evening can anybody help. I have taken out a payday loan and have a repayment plan setup. However this month i was unable to make a payment due to another payday loan company that i thought i had setup a repayment plan which i hadn't took all my funds therefore making me unable to make the required payment. I have since spoken to the National Debt Line and they helped me create a financial statement with my income and expenditure and told me to forward it to my Lenders and make pro rata payments. Every lender apart from Peachy has helped but i don't know what to do as they won't help at all. I have made a formal complaint and i know i can speak to the Financial Ombudsman after 8 weeks but i would you guys to have a look at emails i have sent and i am right what i am saying or whether they are right. Please see below and i'm sorry there's a lot of text. All replies and advice is greatly welcome. My first email was a letter with my Financial Statement and a 2nd Attachement asking for help On 3 Dec 2013, at 09:23, "Peachy Collections" Thank you for the email. Please be advised that unfortunately we will not be able torearrange the the payment plan once it has been finalised by the Credit Committee. Please note that you may only delay your payment up to 10 days fromthe original repayment date. In case we have not received the payment on the 10th day of the original repayment date the latest your loan will be in default andwill be handed over to our Debt Collection Partner. Kind regards, Alina Samsina Peachy Collections Department On 3 December 2013 21:23, Liam McLoughlin Good Evening Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately as previously stated I cannot make the required payments and am very disappointed that I am unable to make a satisfactory compromise in this case. As I have already explained I can only afford £6.05 per month and this is the only realistic payment proposal bearing in mind my financial statement. Once my circumstances have changed and my priority debts have been cleared I will be able to increase my offer and get the outstanding balance sorted in accordance to my financial statement. I would rather that this doesn't go to a Debt Collection Agency as I would only be able to offer the same amount. On my previous email which doesn't seem to have been read properly I have asked if you can send me your Bank Account Details which you have not sent me. I would again like to ask for these so I can make payments on a regular basis. After seeking professional advice and with this instruction being dismissed by yourselves I am now advising that with immediate effect I am withdrawing my authority for all future payments to be debited from my card in respect of my loan. This is in accordance with my rights under the Payment Services Regulation 2009' which state: The payer may withdraw it's consent to a payment transaction at any time before the point at which the payment order can no longer be revoked under regulation 67. Please confirm in writing that this instruction has been received and actioned. Kind Regards, Liam Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 13:20:29 +0200 Subject: Re: Peachy Loan Thank you for the e-mail. As stated before in case we do not receive the agreed payment within the next 5 days, your loan will be defaulted and will be handed over to our Debt Collection Partner. Kind regards, Daniel Erma Peachy Collections Department On 4 December 2013 11:42, Liam McLoughlin Can you tell me please why you keep ignoring my request for your bank details and also that the instructions I have supplied with regards to the continuous payment authority has been ignored. Yesterday on my email that you will be able to see below I wrote:- “After seeking professional advice and with this instruction being dismissed by yourselves I am now advising that with immediate effect I am withdrawing my authority for all future payments to be debited from my card in respect of my loan. This is in accordance with my rights under the Payment Services Regulation 2009' which state: The payer may withdraw it's consent to a payment transaction at any time before the point at which the payment order can no longer be revoked under regulation 67. Please confirm in writing that this instruction has been received and actioned.” I would also like me reference number as well so I can make these payments. Kind Regards, Liam McLoughlin Thank you for the email. We acknowledge receipt of your request to cancel the continuous payment authority as per section 55(3)of the Payment Services Regulations 2009. We will not attempt to collect payment using these details as the continuous payment authority is now cancelled for further 5 days. Please be advised that if there will be no communication from the Debt Management company until the 9th of December , the debt will be handed to Debt Collections agency. Kind regards, Alina Samsina Peachy Collections Department On 4 December 2013 15:31, Liam McLoughlin Good Afternoon, I have never advised that I am using a debt management company. If you read through the emails and files I have attached I haven't mentioned this once. I do want to carry on making payments but you won't accept my offer which as previously stated and also on my financial statement as this all I can afford at this moment It seems to me that my emails are not being take seriously because again from my last email you haven't supplied with my reference number so I can make payments and also your bank. This is getting beyond a joke now as I have asked for these on numerous occasions and in your responses they haven't been mentioned once. Would you be able to tell me why this keeps being ignored. Kind Regards, Liam McLoughlin Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 15:46:13 +0000 Subject: Re: Peachy Loan Thank you for the email. Please be advised that unfortunately we will not be able to accept a reduced payments of £6.05. We always aim to consider cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and treat our customers in default or difficulties with understanding, forbearance and due consideration. As soon as the customer misses the payment on the due date, we try to get in contact with them, in order to try to come to an agreement that would be suitable for both parties. Please note that the repayment plan has been finalised and we have received your confirmation on the 25th of October 2013 that the repayment plan is suitable. In case we have not received the payment on the 10th day of the original repayment date the latest your loan will be in default and will be handed over to our Debt Collection Partner. Kind regards, Alina Samsina Peachy Collections Department Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 16:20:34 +0000 I find it very hard to understand why you won't accept any payments surely if I want to make payments you would accept them as it is paying off my debt. I know my offer isn't acceptable on your side but surely anything is better than nothing. I also cant understand why you won't give me my reference or your bank number so I can make some payments. As you have been really unhelpful I will now be seeking more legal advice on how I can resolve this matter with your ignorance on withholding this information and whether you can do this. Kind Regards, Liam McLoughlin On 4 December 2013 23:26, Liam McLoughlin Good Evening, After now speaking to the correct people and the poor responses that i have been receiving from yourselves you have given me no other option but to now raise this matter as a formal complaint with a view to speaking to the Financial Ombudsman Service if this isn't resolved in a satisfactory manner. As i have told you previously that my circumstances have changed and i am unable to stick to the repayment plan and would like help from yourselves instead of going via a Debt Collection Company. You can see by my emails listed below that i have made an offer of £6.05 a month until my priority debts have been paid off and then this will then increase. I have also previously attached my financial assessment to you look at which shows what i can afford but still no joy. I would also like to know why i have asked for your bank details on 5 occasions looking through my emails and attachments and also why everytime i ask there is no response from yourselves that relates to this so i can make payments. You also keep ignoring requests for my reference number as well, which you can see on my emails below i keep asking and your responses back each time just show ignorance and are deemed to myself and others unsatisfactory because you haven't even acknowledged this. You have also said "Please be advised that unfortunately we will not be able to accept a reduced payments of £6.05." I would also like to know why you have said this because this is actually incorrect as you cannot refuse any tender towards a loan. All i am trying to do is to be friendly and sort this debt out but your company is being so unhelpful and not allowing to make payments as you won't accept any payment. On your website you state "Peachy is also a certified partner with the Consumer Finance Association. This means that we follow the CFA code of practice for lending, which protects and benefits you" If this correct then i have a few issues that i would like your response to:- 3 GENERAL OBLIGATIONS Members shall: 3.1 Conduct their business lawfully and comply with all relevant legislation. You have told me via email that you won't accept a payment, surely this is illegal and you can see on a previous email. You also won't give me my reference number or your bank details to make payment. Whether this is illegal or not i am unsure. 3.2 Trade honestly, responsibly and treat customers with respect. You aren't trading honestly because you are telling me that you can't accept a payment of £6.05 when after seeking advice you actually can. I also feel that i haven't been treated with respect as continuous requests for Bank Details and a Reference Number still hasn't been acknowledged and i also had to write a few times for written confirmation that the Continuous Payment on my card has stopped. How can any of this be respectful to a customer when you won't even answer my requests or even deny them. You can see my emails regarding this below. 3.8 Provide adequate training for members of their staff, agents, associates and any other person who performs any duties on behalf of the member, bringing this Code and the principles contained in it to their attention and requiring them to carry out their duties in accordance with it and in addition members shall monitor their actions and decisions to ensure they are in line with this Code. There is a member of staff who works for you called Alina Samsina and it really would surprise me if she has had the correct training because with some of the responses, ignorance to my requests and lack of detail she has sent me are legally incorrect. If she has had the sufficient training then i would suggest that she is retrained and is aware of the CFA Code Of Practice and follows this as there are numerous things that haven't been followed. This also applies to Daniel Erma but not in as much detail who sent me 1 email which probably took 30 seconds write with no thought or care. It wouldn't surprise if that email was copied and pasted. 3.12 Ensure fairness in all dealings with customers including, but not limited to, their dealings with customers both before and after the making of the agreement and the manner in which those agreements are enforced. I for one have not been treated fairly at all. I have been friendly and notified you of my spiraling problems yet i have not been offered any help whatsoever. I have asked for help and all you say is if i don't make the required payments it is going to a Debt Collection Agency. Being fair to a customer would be to actually acknowledge what they say and try help but despite continuous attempts for a Reference Number and Bank Details i have had no such look. I can go into more detail but at this moment i don't have the time. 5 DEBT COLLECTION 5.1 Members shall ensure, by regularly reviewing their debt collection procedures and those of any third parties they employ, that they conform to high ethical standards and allow for proper consideration of the customer’s circumstances. I have told you my circumstances have changed and all you have said as detailed on previous emails is:- "We acknowledge receipt of your request to cancel the continuous payment authority as per section 55(3)of the Payment Services Regulations 2009 We will not attempt to collect payment using these details as the continuous payment authority is now cancelled for further 5 days. Please be advised that if there will be no communication from the Debt Management company until the 9th of December , the debt will be handed to Debt Collections agency" Well here there couldn't of been proper consideration as i haven't mentioned anything about a Debt Management Company and i wasn't even aware what one was at the time of your response. 5.5 Members shall allow for alternative, affordable, payment amounts when the borrower or his appointed debt advisor or representative makes a reasonable proposal. As per my Financial Statement i have shown you that i cannot afford the payments on my plan and i have shown what i can afford. You haven't made any reasonable proposals since my circumstances have changed and haven't allowed for alternative, affordable, payment amounts. The only response i seem to get is something along the lines of "As stated before in case we do not receive the agreed payment within the next 5 days, your loan will be defaulted and will be handed over to our Debt Collection Partner" 6 DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES OR HARDSHIP 6.1 Members shall consider cases of financial difficulty sympathetically and positively, treat customers in default or with arrears difficulties with understanding, forbearance and due consideration and not bully or threaten but encourage their customers to contact them should they experience financial difficulty. I feel i have not been treated sympathetically or positively as my requests for things like bank details, reference numbers etc still haven't been acknowledged. You encourage to contact yourselves yet you won't do anything for me and continue to threaten me with Debt Collection Agencies if i don't make the payments you ask for and not what i can afford. Even if i could i wouldn't be able to pay as you refuse to acknowledge my requests for Bank Details and Reference Numbers. 6.3 Members shall, where appropriate, refer customers to debt counselling organisations and notify customers where they can get free advice, such as Citizens Advice Bureaux, Money Advice Centres, National Debtline or the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. 6.7 Members shall make available to customers, considered to be in severe financial difficulty due to unforeseen financial circumstances a Hardship Program. Firstly, i haven't been made aware of a Hardship Program and at the time of writing this email i still don't know what one is. Not once have you notified me about debt counselling organisations, but due to a News Report i was made aware of the National Debtline who helped me to create my financial statement and have also provided advice on the emails including this one i have been sending and receiving. The advice they have given me about my Priority Debts and Non Priority Debts and all my Debts apart from yours are now looking up where they have frozen the interest and set up affordable plans. If you fail to resolve my complaint within 8 weeks, or if matters are not settled to my satisfaction, i will have no alternative but to refer my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service and your Trade Association and at this moment i have not been dealt with positively unlike the other companies on my financial statement. My debt is out of control and since making the original agreement and repayment plans my circumstances have changed,all i am asking for is help I look forward to hearing you and hope that this email is acknowledged and that all my points are looked at and responded to. Yours Faithfully Liam McLoughlin On 5 Dec 2013, at 08:11, "Peachy Collections Thank you for the email. Please be advised that our Credit Agreement is regulated by the Consumer Finance Association and Standards of Fair Trading and by singing this agreement you are obliged to provided us with needed documentation. Please note that once we have received your email about your financial problems on the 22nd of October 2013 we have immediately notified you that we are able to offer you a reasonable repayment plan but we will also require a down payment. We have the right to require supportive documentation regarding the cause of the financial difficulties to determine the time of the change and whether the cause was unforeseen or not. The reasonable payment arrangement can be set up only when the Customer provides documentation regarding the monthly income and expenditure. In your case, we have provided you with the repayment plan without any supportive document and we have made another exception by agreeing on the repayment plan without any down payment. Please note that the you have stated the reason for your inability to cover the full payment on your email dated 22 nd of October 2013 by telling us that there is simply no funds in your bank. We have provided you with the reasonable repayment plan and the copy was sent to your email address with the new Financial Statement. Please note that by the 9th of December the debt will be handed over to Debt Collections agency as unfortunately we are not able to rearrange the repayment plan. In case we will received any letter from the Financial Ombudsman , we will send a reply immediately with all the supportive documentation. Kind regards, Amy Stone General Manager of Peachy Loans Peachy Collections Department On 5 December 2013 11:16, Liam McLoughlin Well again the information there that you have supplied is also incorrect as I am not obliged to provide any supportive documentation but I have done to help show you my problems. Also you have mentioned about reasonable repayments how can this be classed as reasonable when I have shown you all I can afford. On my previous email you haven't acknowledged the majority of my points on my emailed detailed below and I would like to know why and why you still won't provide me with a reference number and your bank details to make payments. I believe it is my right to make payments and withholding this information is making this impossible. I would also like you to address everything that I have wrote on my previous email instead of just trying to fob me off again as this is just making me mad now. It took me a long time to write my last email and for me to have a response within 11 minutes of you opening shows that the email hasn't been read properly and hasn't been actioned as I have asked. All these emails I am sending and receiving are being recorded incase I do need to take this further and I would also like to remind you that with every email I receive I am seeking professional advice on what to write so I do know my rights. As stated on my previous email I am raising this as a complaint and I would like this to be forwarded to your Complaints Department or for you to supply the email address. Yours Faithfully Liam McLoughlin On 5 Dec 2013, at 12:55, "Peachy Collections" Thank you for the email. Please be advised that the previous email has been sent to your from our Head Manager and this email has been sent as a response to your complaint. Please note that as soon as we receive any letter from the Financial Ombudsman, we will then reply immediately and supply with all the needed documentation and email conversation saved under your profile. Please note that unfortunately we were unable to accept the payment offer you have provided us with and the debt will be passed to Debt Collections agency on Monday the 9th of December 2013. They will be in touch with you shortly, as unfortunately we were unable to reach any agreements with you. Kind regards, Alina Samsina Peachy Collections Department On 5 December 2013 12:59, Liam McLoughlin But I don't understand how you can expect me to make a payment when you won't give me any details. Please explain Yours Faithfully, Liam McLoughlin On 5 Dec 2013, at 13:04, "Peachy Collections" Thank you for the email. Please be advised that we will not be able to send you a direct transfer details, as you confirmed that you no longer able to meet the repayment plan payments. Kind regards, Alina Samsina Peachy Collections Department Right ok not a problem I have just spoken to the National Debt Line and read your emails to then and they have said that it seems now that you want me to go through the financial ombudsman as you are denying me the right to pay off any part of my loan As previously stated my offer still stands and whilst this is ongoing I will be putting the payments I can afford to pay to one side. Kind Regards, Liam McLoughlin Thank you for the e-mail. We are not refusing payments, you are refusing to pay the agreed payments. Please note that you were not able to make the full payment and we agreed to arrange a repayment plan for you without any proof or the required down payment. So far we have received only 1 payment of £15.02 since 17/08/2013 when you took out the loan. Your behavior towards repaying this loan is considered as a deliberate act to avoid the repayment of your loan and as a breach of the terms of the Credit Agreement. In case you are not able to make us the agreed payment within 4 days your loan will be in default and will be handed over to our Debt Collection Partner. Please note that you may have to pay extra charges to the Debt Collection Agency in addition to the amount you owe us. If you do not co-operate with Debt Collection Agency a County Court Judgement may be entered against you. Kind regards, Daniel Erma Peachy Collections Department Good Evening, How can i make payments through my bank if you won't give me my reference number and your account details. You have told me today " Please be advised that we will not be able to send you a direct transfer details, as you confirmed that you no longer able to meet there payment plan payments" I want to send you what i can afford but you allow it. You have also told me today "Please note that unfortunately we were unable to accept the payment offer you have provided us with and the debt will be passed to Debt Collections agency on Monday the 9th of December 2013. They will be in touch with you shortly, as unfortunately we were unable to reach any agreements with you" This again is you not accepting a payment when i have asked your details. And again at 15:46 yesterday " Please be advised that unfortunately we will not be able to accept a reduced payments of £6.05." Surely me wanting to make payments of £6.05 is we wanting to pay off my loan. Whether you setup a plan that includes this is irrelevant but when you say on your last email Your behavior towards repaying this loan is considered as a deliberate act to avoid the repayment of your loan and as a breach of the terms of the Credit Agreement. How can this be me avoiding repaying my loan when i have sent numerous emails asking for your bank details and you either declining the request or just ignoring what i have wrote as if i haven't wrote. I would also like to know why i am not getting replies from a Manager each time now this has been raised as a complaint and i am still dealing with the same members of staff that i have previously complained about. Yours Faithfully, Liam McLoughlin ===================================== Am i right in what i'm saying?
  14. Ethical issues aside, am I legally required to notify the companies I owe money to when I move address? No court orders have been made against me - I am referring to credit card debt that is being dealt with by a debt collection company. Thanks, Jeff
  15. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/call-ban-claims-management-calls-002757648.html#CSN8cqQ
  16. Hi all, looking for a bit of advice please. Like a lot of other people on here I'm in a lot of debt (especially for someone with no mortgage) but I do have some reasons and excuses as well as my own stupidity, so it's not all reckless spending! I negotiated reduced payment plans about 2 years ago with Tesco (loan) & Barclaycard which I've stuck to and made all the payments (a long way to go yet before it's all paid off). I've got a few other debs / cards etc which I'm managing but now unfortunately I've got myself into a mess with payday loans. I really do regret this big time. I currently owe money to QuickQuid, PayDayUK, Swift Sterling & Wonga. Now I can't pay them without not paying all my priority debts so I've changed my bank account, changed where my salary is paid into, cancelled the CPA for each loan with my old bank and e-mailed each company to tell them I've cancelled the CAP and that I'm in financial difficulty. So now the fun begins.... Having gone through the 'I can't afford to pay you' process with Tesco and Barclaycard (by the way I have found Barclaycard and Barclays bank the most reasonable people on the planet) and had a very traumatic 6 month battle with Tesco, I want to know if the same rules apply with the payday loan companies. Essentially I want to know: 1. Am I obliged to send them an income expenditure breakdown to support my reduced payment plan offer? I read somewhere that I should not do this for payday loan companies 2. How much interest / charges can they legally whack onto my account? As these are 30 day loans are there any rules on what they can actually make me pay back? I know they are going to play hard ball but having been through the process with Tesco, I am more confident in playing hard ball back! I'm not looking to avoid paying; I owe the money and it's my responsibility to pay it all back BUT none of these companies did a proper affordability assessment on me and I don’t believe they properly credit checked me otherwise I would have been refused.... not that that’s an excuse negating me of my responsibilities, but I couldn’t afford these loans in the 1st place. I stumbled across this forum (probably like most people) whilst trawling the internet for debt advice on how to get yourself out of a massive hole... the expert and non judgmental advice I have seen so far is invaluable. Please would you be so kind as to do the same for me! Many thanks
  17. Six months after a ban on excessive card payment charges came into force, Which? has discovered that although some companies have lowered their fees, others are still hitting consumers hard. Following our successful campaign to get the government to ban 'rip-off' card payment surcharges, we have been monitoring how well the new rules are working. We asked consumers to tell us if they felt they had been hit with an unfair surcharge since the ban took effect in April this year. Excessive travel surcharges More than 700 people have been in touch through our website and we’ve found that some companies are still charging excessive fees, with the worst offenders in the travel and holiday sector. Of these, we’ve identified several that we believe could be breaking the new rules. The worst offender was eDreams - we found examples of surcharges of more than 18% for customers paying by credit and even debit cards. We also found EasyBus, Germanwings, Jet2, Monarch and Vueling still charging over the odds with fees ranging from 2.5% to 3.5%. The ban makes it illegal for companies to charge more than what it costs them to process the payment. Which? believes that this should be no more than 2% for credit cards and a matter of pence for debit cards. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2013/10/which-reveals-rip-off-surcharge-saints-and-sinners-336034/#?intcmp=HP.hero.large.1.wcunews.creditcardsurcharges.oct6
  18. Hi Everyone, I am not sure if this topic has been covered yet so apologies if I have not seen the post. I have recently phoned my insurance company for a quote I had 3 points on my licence for going 5 MPH over the limit in a 30 how frustrating was that after 30 odd years with no problems points or bans etc completely clean licence any how I have kept a clean sheet for the past three years and they will be off my license unfortunately the insurance companies are quoting the Rehabilitations Act 1974 and will be on my file for 5 years is this at all fair for such a minor incident my premiums are still affected and I thought by keeping a clean sheet for 3 years etc and waiting for the day for them to be removed only to be categorised as a criminal for another two years It just does not feel fair for such a minor offence is there any thing that can be done to change the law or Im I alone in thinking that it is terrible
  19. Hi Everyone, Not sure if my posting is in the right section. Having problems finding reasonably priced warranty companies to cover repairs for fridge, dishwasher etc. Had a less than great experience recently with Know How recently. Prices seemed very expensive for each item.
  20. Hello Recently my niece had taken out a mobile phone/monthly contract package with Carphone Warehouse using network provider Vodafone. Just a general mistake, she forgot to ask when the contract would be starting. What i can't understand is. The Carphone Warehouse employee who dealt with the sale did not disclose any information to when the contract would be starting anyway. There is nothing in the Carphone Warehouse printouts/receipts or contract. Neither did she received a email or letter confirming the start date of contract. The only time she was aware the contract had started was when she received a bank statement showing the money had been taken out, and at the same time the transaction forcing her account to become overdrawn. She has been back to the Carphone Warehouse shop where she purchased the mobile phone/monthly contract, only to be told by employees the fault lies with Vodafone. On contacting Vodafone she is told that the fault lies with Carphone Warehouse Shes has also been into the bank to try and sort her account being overdrawn. She has explained her dilemma to the bank. But they are continuing to charge her for being overdrawn. Can someone please advise to whom the fault lies with. Carphone Warehouse or Voderfone? Whats the next step to stop Natwest charging and refunding her for the charges? Thanks in advance for your help. Daniel.
  21. Hi, my husband and myself are being pursued by two different companies for two debts (one of my husband's, one of mine). However my debt is now being dealt with by the company direct and they have closed the case with the collection agency and my husband's debt has been passed to another debt collection company to deal with. However the two companies concerned are still writing to us trying to get payment. What are our rights?
  22. :evil:Has anyone taken phone companies (Virgin, Orange, BT etc) to court after getting a bill where they could not recognise phone calls made on their account and won the case. I know of at least 3 people to include myself that had bogus calls recorded on their bills (I had 2 premium calls on my account I definitely did not make). Most people suspect crooked phone engineers but how would you prove this and get a refund (it is time this [problem] is exposed)...
  23. I have a question I require help with. First let me apologise if this is posted in the wrong place, but as it relates to Default Notices as well, I thought it might be a good place to start. If a person has several insurance products with a company all paid for on the same direct debit and the direct debit fails, can the company issue one Default Notice for all the accounts, or should they issue a Default Notice for each account? - Bearing in mind that each account has its own credit agreement? Many thanks. Regards GD
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18720215 Just read the link above and I think I have had experience of this. When my mortgage company has taken me to court for re-possession (thankfully I have had it suspended). Shortly after I receive letters from credit card companies, for people with adverse credit of course, offering me cards at really high interest rates. Just thinking maybe this is using my personal information in an unlawful way.
  25. The government have said, halfheartedly, that the payday loan industry needs to be looked at. What about using a different approach. Advertising tobacco products has been severely restricted these last few years. How about doing the same to the PDL companies. Ban their advertising, stop them sponsoring football teams and free travel on London Underground for New Years Eve. These companies are a cancer on our society and should be treated as such. Rant over. Buncrana
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