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Found 66 results

  1. I moved house in 2012 and changed my vehicle registration documents to reflect my new address. My motorcycle has been off the road for a few years and I have SORN it each year as soon as I received the reminder. Last year I did not get a reminder, and forgot to SORN. The first I knew of this was a very threatening letter from Collectica demanding I pay £80 immediately! I have never heard of this company, and so contacted the DVLA to ask for validity, and proof that they had written to me, as the letter stated 'despite previous notifications'. The DVLA advised I dispute the fine in writing which I did. Collectica have ignored my letter and sent me an even more threatening letter demanding I pay. Do I have any options here? Although I did not SORN the vehicle as I forgot, I never received any form of notification, the bike been in the garage the whole time. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks Ewan
  2. Hello My magistrates court fine has been passed to collectica who phone me sevral times a day and leave robotic voicemails, they have already added £200 for a visit which i dont know ever took place a s the debt is under my parents address and they were out at the time. I got a letter which looked like the address was hand written. I have phoned them and offered to pay £10 a week but they are saying £47.50 minimum per week is what they will accept. Secondly the fine was for keeping a vehicle without a tax disc and the vehicle was towed away. I signed a letter from the dvla stating they can scrap/sell the car and all proceeds go towards my fine but this hasnt happened. So can i get the car back or insist they do this and forward proceeds to collectica ? Who else has had dealings with these?
  3. hi all, this is regards my son, he got a fine for Drunk & Disorderly....at police station fine was £80 or go on a course... He called the course people, attended, but was then told wrong course as it was drugs course not drink course, so he was sent home....with them telling him they will get him another appointment...Never happened plenty of letters sent to my house for him, I always put return to sender! as he does not live here... Anyway, hand delivered letter at the door the other day....made calls to the court to see how much is owed... they tell him £120...as £40 added because not paid inside 28/30 days..... Well collectica they want £420.....so their fee is £300.....Is this even legal to charge this amount to collect a court fine...even though he never attended.... The guy I took the letter off, said they are not normal bailiffs and have much higher powers! About to go on there site and see if I can find something..... but asking here in the mean time...is there anything my son can do to paid the £120... of course if there is a £50/60 fee for something then fine.... but £300...That's outrageous!!
  4. I have received 2 letters from COLLECTICA who say i need to pay £80 because i have not SORNd my motorbike which i sold 3 years ago. I have tried to say I don't even know the buyer now or have his details. I am saving for a new business and £80 on this is not happening. I had a brief email back saying 'we don't care if it not your bike you need to pay' (along those lines). Guys what can i do.
  5. Hello, yesterday I received a notice through the door stating that a bailiff would be attending with locksmiths and police in order to remove property to settle an unpaid court fine. However the issue is that the person named on the notice doesn't live here, I don't even know her nor has she lived here for the past 16 years! The notice doesn't have my address on it, or any address, just the recipient's name. I contacted the bailiff on the notice immediately and informed him of this. My concern now is that he may come back with those locksmiths and police in order to remove property; can he legally do this now that he has been informed that I don't know this person and that she doesn't live here?
  6. Hi all I'm new here so apologies if this is in the wrong forum... I was late paying my car tax a while ago, by quite a long way. I set up reminders on my phone/laptop for all this stuff, insurance, tax, mot etc, so I'm never late. I had an issue where I lost all that data and had to put it back in manually, only I forgot the car tax reminder. As soon as I realised I bought new tax immediately, but it was two months before I realised it was out of date, a genuine mistake. About two months later I received a letter from Collectica saying I owed them £80; £40 for a 'Late Payment Penalty' and another £40 for not paying the Late Payment fine, if that makes sense. I contacted DVLA and they tell me I was sent the Late Payment notice, but I never received it. I live about a mile away from an address which is very similar to mine, and we occasionally get each other's mail, so I can only asssume this happened as I never got that letter. So I tried to contact Collectica and they are almost impossible to speak to, unless you want to pay. I don't agree that I should pay the £80 but I have paid £40 as it was my mistake in the first place. Collectica keep sending me threatening letters, they really are quite horrendous and I'm pretty thick-skinned. The latest one threatens bankruptcy, CCJs, etc. In the meantime I have written to both them and DVLA. I wrote to DVLA 3 weeks ago asking them to intervene and suspend Collectica's activity. I called DVLA today to chase this as I am still getting letters from Collectica. DVLA tell me they never received my letter. I have written to Collectica and they did not acknowledge the content of my letter, just my payment. I have written again today to both, the DVLA letter has gone by registered post this time. I think it's ironic that this all started with a lost letter, and mine to them has also been 'lost'. Their postal system maybe doesn't work as well as it should? My question is this... What can Collectica actually do regarding this £40 even though I'm doing my best to contact both agencies involved. The possible outcomes are quite scary according to their letters and I'm cacking myself that I might come home one day to find my car clamped, or have people turning up at my door demanding payment. Has anyone had this situation before? I searched on Collectica and while there are many posts about them I can't find anything that fits my scenario. Thanks in advance.
  7. i need kinda help which type of debt is this i have no idea what i have done nor i know what debt is this all its written is debt type: MF and it is from collectica amount is over 1000 pounds.. . please help me out 4 people came and gave this letter
  8. Hi this is my first post, Wondering if I can get some advice. I received a letter from Collectica demanding payment for what they call an offence back in April 2012. Collectica state I owe my local Council £230 to clear and clean my former tenancy which I have disputed as it is unjust. This has been on going for nearly a year now. I have gone through all the Complaints with The Council and the Complaint side of things is in the Hands of the Ombudsman as to how the Council handled my complaint. However the Ombudsman cant do anything about the Invoice or Debt recovery Proceedings. Any advice would be great thanks Mike
  9. Hi Can anyone offer me any advice please. I got a speeding ticket about a year and a half ago. The situation has escalated to where I now owe Collectica £450. I have been paying them back £20 per month as that is all I can afford. But this is not good enough for them. I cannot have a normal conversation with them over the telephone as they are just so rude and aggressive. I am now on my third letter through the door. This third one is a Notice of Intention to Enter and Search my Premises removal notice. What rights do they have? What can I do? I have had a letter from the doctors due to my illness which I sent to the Courts but they have still passed my debt to Collectica. You wouldn't believe how stressful this is for me. I'm a single Mum with no support. Can I use being a "vulnerable" household to get them off my back. Any help would be much appreciated. I've left out a lot of detail for how I got into this position as I wasn't sure if it was necessary. Thank you.
  10. Bit of a long stroy this one. My car has been on SORN since 2007. Always declared it online no problem. Seemingly in 2011 I didnt do it on time. Now thinking back I remember getting a letter from DVLA to which I rang them and they said if I send the declaration off that day everything would be fine (think it was within a month of SORN expiring). I got a notice of SORN back from them and forgot about it. On to last year where we moved address and sent all docs off (licensce, v5 etc for all cars) to get changed over. Never heard anything back regarding the SORN'd car but as I dont use it, it went un-noticed. with that change address not been acknowledged the SORN renewal must have gone to the wrong address even though we had mail redrection? last month I got a fine through for not decalring SORN. I emailed them stating that I had sent off all documents and they/royal mail must have lsot them and I was unwilling to pay a fine for something out of my control. They dismissed this and said £40 fine still outstanding. To get them off my back I rang to pay this. Just as she accepted the payment she says, "oh, theres £80 outstanding from 2011, do you want to pay that?". I told her to stick it and come scrap the car. This morning the letter has come through from Collectica wanting £80 or they will come and clamp the car. Ha, they can clamp it for me, stops any pikeys stealing it off the drive!! But on a serious note, how far can they take this. I begrudge paying it as in 2011 the DVLA said the matter was dealt with although no proof of this. Im going to look through my old paperwork and see when the sorn was actually decalred that year. My main question is, out of the hundreds of thousands of cars that are on the road illegally, why the hell are they spending so much time chasing me for NOT using my car and keeping it on my drive. Im such a criminal. rant over, any help on the matter very much appreciated Steve
  11. Hello, New here! Last year around End of August, i scraped my old car. Swiftly followed by my V5 being sent off to DVLA to inform them of this and thought all was well. Couple of months ago, i received a letter from Philips (which from what i understand is now Collectica?) advising that i haven't renewed my car tax and have an outstanding fine of £80. I called them and explained i sraped the car and that it wasn't actually a car anymore, more a small box of metal. They advised to speak to the DVLA and see what they say, which i did. I emailed them from the DVLA website explaining this, and they simply returned with: So, DVLA essentially say 'Do what they tell you'. Now, to this i say NO! As far as i am concerned, i had done what i needed to do. Granted, i obviously didn't receive a confirmation of me not being the owner, but as it can take upto 6 weeks, the thought didn't stay with me for long. I wrote to DVLA and Collectica advising what had happened, and that i am not going to pay an £80 fine for something that is beyond my control. If Royal Mail or, More Likely the DVLA have lost my V5, that is not my fault. Now. Today i receive a 'Court Warning - Final Notice' from Collectica. So, i'm thinking - Do i waste my time calling them and speaking to another person who has absolutely NO personallity what so ever? Do i call the DVLA again? Do i send my letter to them again? Or, do i wait for a possibly letter giving me a time and date to be at Court, then explain it to them? Not being funny, but seriously? I have done what i am required to do, and also written to both parties to advise this...there isn't anything further i can do is there? Aside from paying up, which i'm not going to do as it's not my fault... Anyone have any advise? Could do with some form of logical answer!
  12. I need help urgently as I have just had a very intimidating bailiff at the door from Collectica. I will tell you the full story in the hope that someone can help as I am currently shaking with fear. I had a letter about 6 weeks ago from the collections office of the court with a "notice of arrest" this was for an unpaid TV licence. I spoke to the enforcement officer who arranged for me to go to court, she also mentioned that I had 2 other fines which would be dealt with. I went to the court and the magistrate dealt with 2 of the cases and was informed that the third was with the bailiffs. I arranged a payment which I am keeping up to. I called the enforcement officer to ask about this third debt and she said "tbh it should've never been sent to the bailiffs as you had 3 outstanding fines. Just fob the bailiffs off for 6 months as it will then come back to me and be dealt with". So I have been waiting for contact from the bailiff. Today he arrives so I tell him that there has been some mistake and tell him what the court has advised me. I expected him to walk away. Oh no, he said he can break in and he will be getting the police and locksmiths! He is currently parked outside my house. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! The debt is £605 and is to do with a court fine for.
  13. Hi There, I'm in a big pickle and I wonder if you can offer some help. My information is just to the best of my knowledge as I have limited documentation and I find the whole situation very confusing. From what I can gather I was sent 2 speeding offence notifications in May 2010 - they were sent to my ex boyfriends address (where I'd be living) and he didn't inform me - I had moved to Newcastle in June 2010 for university. So the first I heard about any speeding fine at all wasn't until it had already gone to court, also, at this stage I was unaware there were 2 seperate offences, I just thought I'd been caught speeding and had been taken to court for a. the offence and b. failure to identify myself as the driver. I can't remember exactly what it was, but as some point here I signed some documentation to say I was guilty of the speeding but not of failure to id - because I wasn't aware I needed to id myself. I then received a letter saying that I had 6 points and £625 fine against me that needed to be paid to avoid arrest. So I contacted the court and made a payment plan. After doing this, I received a second court summons - which confused me further. After several very confusing telephone conversations (which is difficult for me because I have substantial financial difficultly and cant afford to make calls and calls to 08 numbers are only possible when I can borrow a phone from someone) I was informed that there were 2 cases in progress, both of which had 'written off' the speeding fine and were charging me for failure to id. I was told that if I didn't know the court proceedings had taken place I needed to sign a Statutory Declaration - which I was granted on the basis of 'pleaded guilty to wrong case. Delay in getting to speaking to someone at Warwickshire mags who explained situation' - I signed this on 14.4.2011 from this I was advised that the fine and (i think) the points had been disregarded. I didn't hear anything after this for a few months, so I contacted the magistrates again and specifically asked if the matter had been dealt and was all over - to which they replied yes - I remember repeating this more than once to be sure. I then moved in September 2011 but on account of the above - didn't see it necessary to notify the magistrates. Then late January 2013 I received a further steps notification for a fine £625 - I assumed this was a mistake and contacted the Magistrates who informed me that the case had gone back to court and the fine had already been handed over to Baliffs - I was told I could sign another statutory declaration, but I was so stressed by this point I told them I may as well pay the fine and put it behind me rather than delay the inevitable. I then called Collectica straight after to make a payment plan, naively I thought I could make a 'token' payment plan based on my financial circumstances but they said they would take no less than £120 per month. I told them I couldn't afford this, but said that in order to avoid the balliff costs I'd find the money. In the space of a week, I received another letter from Collectica and today received a Notice of attendance - which states that my balance outstanding is 925.00 I suffer from PTSD and am currently medicated and undergoing therapy - trying to untangle this mess is really affecting my health. I had managed to take a loan for the £625 from my boyfriend, who is happy for me to pay him back when I can, but now I have even more money to find and the added distress of ballifs who I've been advised by CAB will continue to pull additional costs from ever orafice. I'm sorry for the long winded post, I don't know where to go from here... and I'm really concerned that I haven't got a clue which case it relates to or whether theres another 625 fine floating about. I'm more than prepared to admit to what I've done wrong - but I never have the opportunity to explain that had I known about the offences in the first place - I'd have dealt with them immediately. Thanks for your time, Poppytog
  14. Hi I had a fine that has now been passed to Collectica and when I spoke to them they told me I have to pay £30 fortnight, I am disabled an unemployed and cant afford that but they told me it is not means tested and thats what I have to pay please help
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum. My situation is this: I owe £625 to London North West and North Courts for a fine (motoring related). Recently I have received a Notice of Distress Warrant from Collectica. I am intending not to let them in and I want to pay the amount directly to the courts as Collectica wants £925 from me. I own a vehicle worth over £3,000 and my question is this: Can Collectica seize my vehicle which is parked in my driveway? £3,000 to pay off £925? which is excessive if you ask me. I mean £300 on top of my fine. Could you please kindly reply. Thank you.
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