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Found 52 results

  1. Hi all. Under the terms of my contract I can return my vehicle to close after x amount of payments. I've already reached this milestone so wondered what the effects of voluntary terminating my agreement would have on my credit report. See I want to change my vehicle for something much more fuel efficient but part ex amount is ridiculously low the only option I appear to have is to return the vehicle. Any advise appreciated.
  2. Hi Just received a note from the DWP suggesting I close my ESA (WR(contribution based )) and claim Pension Credit ( I am 63 and a half) I only receive a NI contribution from ESA plus Pension Credit so it makes sense I phoned DWP and they say if I close ESA I will not have to have any medical or take part in work related programmes I have checked with former colleagues ( at the CAB ) they confirm that the info is correct Just seems to good to be true any one had any experience of this
  3. Hi, i'm doing this on behalf of my husband 3 years ago he brought a motorbike on finance through close motor finance. he also took out the GAP insurance about a month later, which would be an extra payment at the end. He paid every payment on time by direct debit, October last year he made the last payment for the bike and cancelled the direct debit. He then receives a couple of phone calls and a letter infoming him he hadn't paid the last payment for the GAP insurance. He told them he didn't have enough money to cover it and offered slightly smaller payments which they refused. Two days ago he receives a letter from the saying " You are no longer in possession of the goods with our consent and we demand the return of our property forthwith." Can they do this I was under the impression he had paid for the bike so it was his and they couldn't take it, its only the GAP insurance he forgot to pay. Any help would be appericated as he is really worried he could lose his bike. Thank you
  4. Hi, I have been with Orange for more than 10 years and every upgrade we always have a bit of a haggle, as annoying as that is I have accepted it. This time they have really annoyed me and now they have not responded to my complaint - after 8 days! here's the story: I have upgraded from an iPhone 4s to a 5s. When negotiating the deal with the chap (whose name and extension have gone in my complaint) I told him I don't pay for phones and what could he do. He set out a deal which was acceptable (not as good as the deal I had agreed with the person I spoke to the day before of which there was apparently no record!). When I queried what size 5s he was giving me he said 16gb. I said I wasn't sure that would be big enough as I think my old one is bigger, he says he has checked the system and my old phone if a 16gb - OK, go ahead I say. my pics and music will fit on so that fine. I create a back up of my 4s and then go to upload to the new 5s. There is not enough space to put stuff on. I end up having to delete loads of photos and can still only fit a fraction of my music on it! Something seemed wrong so I had another look at my old phone, dug out the box etc and determined it is a 32gb!! hence twice the size of the one I have been missold! I have called orange and was advise to email my complaint to XXX @ orange (last Tuesday). I got a read receipt on Wednesday last week but have not heard anything since. I am sat here with a 4s I want to get wiped and sold, but I can't do that until I know I have everything transferred to a new phone and back up copy! Today I have forward my original complaint to the email address they list in the Code of practice so will see how they respond! Am I within my rights to cancel the whole contract and take my business somewhere else?. I can't stand being lied to and ignored. Not after 13 years of paying on time! Cheers
  5. hi, im doing this on behalf of my husband 3 years ago he brought a motorbike on finance through close motor finance. My husband made every payment on time via direct debt, the final payment was October 2013. once this had been taken my husband cancelled the direct debit. November comes and he gets a call from close asking where there money was, he had taken GAP insurance which was meant to be paid but he had forgotten about it. We didn't have the £200 they were after so he asked about making smaller payments which they refused. they said if it wasn't paid by Christmas they would pass it to the next department. Yesterdy my husband receives a letter "notice of termination" saying " you are no longer in possession of the goods with our consent and we demand the return of our property forthwith" I would like to know if they can do this, he paid every payment for the finance, its only the gap insurance he didn't pay. I was under the impression the bike was his now. Would really love some help, my husband is worried he may lose his bike which he needs to get to work. Thank you
  6. We took a loan out with RBS in 2008 and the rate was at 1.5% above base rate. I think the LIBOR rate was about 4.5- 5% then. Since the base rate has fallen to .5%. We had a poor start to 2013 trading wise. RBS state that they were not happy with the current account and sent one of their special relationship managers around who tried to bully us into selling. Since then our trading has improved, business is good, current account is good. We have decided not to renew the overdraft which we felt that they would pull out from under us during the winter months when trading is slow. RBS is now looking at the loan agreement and would appear to be trying to see if they can make us default. We have never missed a payment. They are looking at our business plan from 2008. We think that RBS is not happy that we are only paying at 1.5% above base and want to get rid of us. They did offer to do a new loan, but at current rates and costs. Has anyone else had this problem. Should we go to the Financial Ombudsman?
  7. E-mail error ends up on road sign http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7702913.stm
  8. Has anyone come across this with Close Brothers? I thought they were a professional operation! Wife was diagnosed with cancer a couple of months ago and I've not been able to work. I've informed them of this. Payments have been late for the last few months but I've always paid before the next one was due. I missed last months payment, which was due on the 11th, and told them I should have some money last Friday so would pay them- then the DD would go through as usual from this month. They said they'd ring me on Monday if they didn't hear from me on Friday - I told them not to ring Monday as my wife had her first chemo session at 10am. Between 9am and 10am, on Monday morning, I received five phonecalls from them They have also, on several occassions during the last few months (while we've been having problems) requested I surrender the car as I've paid over half. I've made it clear that the cashflow was temporary and would be resolved. I've just had to go to hospital with my Mum, and while I've been out we had a doorstep caller! This seems exceptionally heavy handed for a £300 late payment don't you think? Any thoughts? I'll also
  9. Hi Took a car loan with Close in 2004. The car handed back and the account settled in 2006. there were numerous charges between 2004 and 2006. I wrote to Close to reclaim and received the reply attached. Can I reclaim theses charges and if so what approach is best? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi I would like some advice please, on what to do next. My partner was discharged from bankruptcy 4 months ago and is going about clearing his credit file. There were several accounts still showing as OPEN and DEFAULTED including bank accounts and credit cards. He had no problem calling these companies up and getting them to CLOSE the accounts over the phone. However, Pounds2Pocket refuse to do anything to the account. The debt was sold on to a debt collection agency who have since CLOSED the debt on the credit file, yet P2P say it has nothing to do with them and Equifax should close the account. As experienced by others, P2P wont reply to emails, can't contact them by post, and being based in the USA don't seem to have a clue. What should he do? Get a solicitor to sort it out? Please advise. Thanks.
  11. Barclays is to close its controversial tax avoidance unit as one of the landmark measures of Antony Jenkins’ much anticipated strategy review designed to show that “Barclays is changing”. The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that Mr Jenkins, who will deliver the outcome of the review on Tuesday, will say the bank will shut its structured capital markets (SCM) business. In the mid-2000s the unit made profits of as much as £1bn in a single year and became synonymous with Barclays’ aggressive investment banking culture under the stewardship of Bob Diamond, Mr Jenkins’ predecessor as chief executive. The unit, previously run by Barclays’ highest-paid banker, Roger Jenkins, who was paid as much as £40m a year as a result of SCM’s success, gave advice to large companies on how to avoid tax. SCM was responsible for building a network of almost 300 offshore tax-haven subsidiaries which meant Barclays itself paid only £113m of UK corporation tax in 2009, despite profits of £4.6bn. The strategy review will be delivered at London’s Royal Horticultural Halls just hours after the bank’s full-year results for 2012, which are expected to show that Barclays will have made adjusted profits of £7.18bn, up from £5.88bn in 2011. The review has seen Barclays split into 75 business units, each of which has been measured on the returns generated and the reputational impact of the specific activities. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9859934/Barclays-to-close-tax-unit.html
  12. Hello, I'm new to the site but have been reading the advice given on here for a while now and now I'm hoping somebody can help me out. I recently sent a letter to Close Motor Finance about some CPI which I found was ticked on an agreement but without my signature. They have been very good in keeping in contact and after only 3 weeks I received a letter this morning. It stated that they have looked into my complaint and found that I did indeed sign an agreement for CPI, however, due to my dissatisfaction they are going to give me a "goodwill gesture" of £150, which was what was paid out in CPI. The thing is, I have looked at the paperwork they have included as "proof" and several things were immediately flagged up. Firstly, the form I have on file different to the one they have sent me, there are missing or extra text boxes on the form. The form they have sent me is also in black biro for some of the writing but on mine its all in typed text. The form they have sent me also has space for two signatures, where as my copy of the form only has one signature space. But more alarming is the fact that the two signatures on the form they have sent me, are totally different to each other and barely similar to that of my actual signature, they are also in blue biro, whereas the rest of the form is in black biro. They have said the "goodwill gesture" is a full and final offer, they haven't added the interest I believe should be added but my question is should I accept the offer of take it further? I have a form with no signature on it at all but they send me "proof" with two dodgy looking signatures on it that they say are mine. Also, if there was no case to answer through my complaint, why have they offered me a "goodwill gesture"? Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks.
  13. My card was declined three times today. I received no call from Barclays at any stage, So, I called Barclays Premier to be told it was due to a fraudulent attempt to access my account. It wasn't, I know exactly what happened, a lady in a rural branch got a little confused because my home address and work address are 300 miles apart and questioned this, but without giving me the option to explain that, like many people, I have two addresses and my account has to be at one of them. Anyway, Premier put me through to the appropriate department, 'fraud prevention'. The first call took 40 minutes to be connected, but I was immediately cut off, perhaps inadvertently, who knows. I called again, this time it took almost an hour to be put through. I was asked several security questions relating to my mortgage payments, my partner's details etc, which I answered correctly. I was then asked the name of the most recent petrol station at which I had filled up and paid by card. I'm working in rural Wales at present, so whilst I could picture it, I had no idea as to the town or the name, and I couldn't find the receipt. I was then asked the name of a music shop at which I had spent a certain amount in money in early October. Again, no idea. The member of the Barclays team then said "I can no longer speak to you". I asked if he was joking and suggested that he might ask some more reasonable questions (i.e, what did I spend yesterday or today), but that was apparently not an option and he cut me off. So, I rang Barclays Premier again and told them this story (now 2 hours phone call at my expense on the clock). Premier were actually very good, and eventually a manager came on to the call and said that there is nothing that can be done, that I will have to go into a branch (although there are no branches here open until Monday, Christmas Eve), presenting proof of identity, and that they will have to phone through to deal with 'fraud prevention'. So, I have no access to any of my accounts over the weekend before Christmas. This is the 6th time this has happened to me in 3 years. I now cannot buy petrol, food etc for my family over the weekend, am worried that online payments will be declined etc. So, I tried to complain at the end of the call only to be told that I couldn't complain because I had failed to answer the security questions. I asked the manager in question whether he could remember the name of petrol stations and shops that he had used up to three months ago and he agreed that it was stupid, but also said that this was the system and there was nothing he could do. I should add to this that I spoke to two people in 'fraud prevention' today. Both were disinterested and borderline rude, and both seemed barely competent to deal with customers in almost any respect (for example, I had to read my account number three times to one because he was having trouble entering it into the system). The Premier staff were however very good, but could not help. The last time this happened I complained to Barclays in person at a branch (which took about 20 minutes) and I didn't hear anything. I asked the manager today what action has been taken in relation to that complaint and he said that there was no record of any such complaint on my account. So, what I would like to know is how I can take proper action, firstly I want Barclays to stop treating my money as if it is theirs (they say that stopping all my accounts protects me, but of course it protects them first), secondly I want compensation for 3 hours of my time and 3 hours of phone usage, and lastly I want to know why previous complaints simply disappear, despite the effort we have to go to to actually log the complain in the first place. Thanks in anticipation of your help folks DB
  14. Hi there, this is my first post in this part of the forum so please bare with me: A friend janey, received money from abroad (inheritance) from a sanction country. She only went ahead and accepted the money from the country because she verified it with the local branch manager who took photocopies of all relevant documents and gave her the green light to go ahead with it. A year later, Janey received a letter from Barclays stating that they will be closing the account, no reasons given. So after a weekend of fretting, janey speaks to Barclays and they informed her the account is being closed for being in breach of sanctions in 2 months time and funds need be transferred. Are Barclay's allowed to do this? Despite a Barclay's employee advising Jen that it was fine for her to make the tfr? (evidenced) Barclay's subsequently informed her that the Barcs Employee, misinformed her! Well she acted on his information to her detriment. He should not have advised her wrongly? that is Barclays balls up surely? Is the bank going against the unfair terms or something along those lines. It is causing her a great deal and hassle. Any advice greatly appreciated All the best BB
  15. Evening all Very simple question - how do I close a thread? I cannot see anyway how I can do this. Thanks
  16. JPMorgan is said to be close to a £500m settlement with the Government over taxes avoided through an offshore trust used for bonuses. The bank is reportedly winding up the Jersey-based trust and has asked more than 2,000 current and former staff to contribute to the settlement. It comes as corporations’ tax affairs face increased scrutiny, with Starbucks this week bowing to public outrage and making a voluntary £10m annual offering to HMRC. Employee benefit trusts (EBTs) have in the past allowed companies and staff to avoid paying employer’s national insurance contributions and income taxes. Many are now being wound up after laws last year clamped down on their use. HMRC said: “Our view is that a large number of EBT schemes didn’t work under the previous legislation; where that is the case we have challenged and are continuing to challenge them.” A spokesman for JPMorgan told the Financial Times: “Our employee trust has always been transparent ... and its independent trustee has consistently paid taxes in accordance with UK tax law.” More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9731177/JPMorgan-close-to-500m-UK-tax-settlement.html
  17. Just a quick query if any one can help; If a debt is close to becoming statue barred is it worth making a full and final offer, i think im right in thinking that on your credit file it would drop off after 6 years but if a full and final payment is made it would it stay on the credit file for a further 6 years from that date but it would just be marked settle or satisfied. hope that makes sense cheers Wato
  18. i cant take anymore. i have been done for benefit fraud. For three years they think iv had a partner, when really hes been living here since feb. i have to admit to it, but i dont dare, until today when a letter came saying tax credits and housing benefit are investigating. I have to go for another interview with housing benefit. i honestly cant take anymore. Im close to taking myself and my babies lives, just running away. i can not see a way out of this. what can i do? i feel sick. its so close to xmas and my mums anniversary of her death. AND iv just been diagnosed with depression again.
  19. Read more : http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14530/online-news/debt-buyers-office-closures-to-affect-100-jobs-
  20. Hi just curious,i won my claim start of the year with barclaycard,got 654 cleared my balance and got extra. One thing though,they close the account after this,same with capital one. is it standard practice for the credit card accounts to close after you claim the charges back? im not overly concerned but just curious as ive not seen it anywhere on the forums that they closed the persons account. Thanks
  21. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is in last minute talks with banks to agree a settlement package for small firms which believe they were wrongly sold interest rate swaps. According to sources, the plan is for an FSA announcement on Friday about the likely scale of alleged mis-selling and how the banks will provide restitution. The FSA is expected to be highly critical of the banks' conduct. Swaps were often sold to business as protection against interest rate rises. Independent assessor What the FSA wants to announce is a practical plan to provide restitution as quickly as possible, although that depends on persuading all the banks to join in. "The discussions are going right to the wire," said a banker. What the banks are desperate to avoid, in the words of a senior banker, is "writing a blank cheque, as we have done with PPI compensation". The FSA's plan would be to appoint an independent assessor, to whom businesses could submit their complaints. Small businesses would no longer have to incur the expense and inconvenience of suing their banks. The idea is that, for legitimate complaints, the assessor would unwind deals without the prohibitive costs normally imposed when a swap deal is cancelled. In some cases, there would be refunds of large interest bills stemming from the swaps and compensation. It is a complicated issue, because the banks argue that in most cases they followed the letter of rules on sales of such products to small businesses, even if the affected businesses now claim they had no idea of the potentially crippling liabilities they were taking on. As I understand it, the FSA has concluded that the banks frequently sold inappropriate swaps to small businesses, and that these financial deals are threatening the viability of some of these firms, because they forced them to pay a high interest rate at this time of economic stagnation. Complicated arrangements The swaps were usually sold to businesses in the years before the recession of 2008-9 as protection against a possible rise in interest rates. They took a number of different forms. Sometimes they were simple agreements to swap a variable interest rate for a fixed interest rate - though occasionally with bizarre conditions, such as that there would be a continued obligation to pay the new fixed rate even after the underlying debt had been repaid. Other arrangements were ceilings or caps on the interest rate that could be paid by the business, so-called collars - which included a ceiling and a floor - and asymmetric caps and collars, which actually forced businesses to pay a rising interest rate as the Bank of England reduced its official interest rate. Those businesses that bought the swaps frequently claim today that they did not understand what they were buying. And they did not notice that it would cost them a fortune to get out of the deals if they went wrong for them. They also say that banks when providing vital loans to them would then put them under pressure to also take on the swaps. Often these swaps would generate big fees and profits for the bank. What is interesting is whether the banks - with all the adverse publicity they have been facing (NatWest's breakdown of payment systems, Barclays ) - will feel they want a fight with the regulator over their sale of swaps to small businesses or whether they will decide to settle. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18631699
  22. Lloyds Banking has agreed terms to sell 630 of its branches to the Co-operative Group resulting in rival bidder NBNK Investments announcing plans to close. The pair have agreed on the commercial terms of the transaction and are now proceeding in exclusive talks for the sale of the Project Verde business. In an announcement on the London Stock Exchange yesterday, Lloyds announced it has ended talks with rival bidder NBNK, which will now be wound up. In a statement NBNK Investments said there were no other UK banking assets available which would meet the company’s objective and has begun to take steps to wind-up the company. Gary Hoffman, chief executive of NBNK Investments, says: “We are disappointed that the door has now been closed on this opportunity, with the result that we will be unable to deliver our vision of banking, bringing a vibrant new challenger to the high street, devoted to providing the level of service that customers want and deserve.” The Project Verde business has almost five million customers and represents 6 per cent of all bank branches in the UK. If combined with the Co-op business, it will have 7% of the total market for current accounts in the country. This deal for the Project Verde business is subject to agreeing satisfactory documentation, the approval of the respective boards of Lloyds and Co-op, and further discussions with the FSA, the Treasury and the European Commission. Co-op has been the preferred bidder for the Project Verde business for some time, however it lost its exclusivity agreement with Lloyds last month. The FSA has reportedly had concerns with the Co-op deal, citing the complex structure of the group. There have also been reports that the regulator may call for the Co-op to hold an additional £3bn of capital at group level. Lloyds’ branch disposal, named by the bank as ‘Project Verde’, is a requirement by the European Commission as part of Lloyds receiving state aid in 2008. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/lloyds-agrees-terms-with-co-op-for-630-branches-nbnk-set-to-close/1053756.article
  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2156911/Nationwide-closes-23-branches-swings-axe--Yorkshire-opens-more.html
  24. Hi All, I have banked with Barclays since 2001 (13 years old) having the same account since then. On Saturday 18th June 2011, I attempted to log in to online banking it said I couldn't log in due to a problem with my debit card. I called the OnLine Banking team, they said there is an issue and put me through to debit card services. They advised to take my ID into the bank, they need it and would sort it. I go into the bank and the Personal Banker (PB) photocopied my ID and apparently got the block removed from my card. 1/2 hour later it still wasen't active, so went back in, the PB had been on the phone since I left as his saw there are blocks on my account related to falcon fraud, I attemped to read the notes he had on screen but said I was not permitted to read this information. I was due to go on holiday the next day, which I did despite not being able to access my money, I called telephone banking Monday (20th) they advised a closure notice was in the post but couldn't release any further information. The PB too called me to say I could withdraw cash at the counter, a letter was in the post. On Thursday (23rd) I recieved two letters, both were automated saying on the 1st July 2011 they will be closing all my accounts, it's not a decision taken lightly but is related to numerous factors from account conduct to a buisness change. But nothing specific, they also said they couldn't give me a specific decision. Firstly as you will see the PB mentioned Falcon Fraud, my research shows them as a card processing fraud detection system. But no mention of this in my letters, staff in branch can't give me answers, I want to complain for answers, also to have data protection release to see the notes etc, they hold on me. Has anyone heard of falcon fraud? I don't know what I'm supposed to have done, use my account wellish had a couple of bank charges for failed dd but nothing major, always in credit? Help basically... thanks guys!
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