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  1. Basically my car is going through a court case because I was unlucky enough to buy a car that broke down after a couple days of driving :/ (another long story). The tax ran out and I declared SORN on the car and left it in a road where the bottom of the road is a place for the residents to park. (Where I thought was private) I am a resident so I am free to park there and I even spoke to my local council and the highways agency and they told me as long as you declared SORN it should be fine. Then I find out a couple weeks later that DVLA have clamped the car and told me that only the right
  2. Hi, Desperate for some advice. My sister has my old car (still in my name!) Apparently I had a Parking fine and its been passed to these bayliffs who have clamped the car. My sister rang the courts and they have no record of a fine for me or this car. They want 400 to release the car. where do I stand with this one? urgent help as my sister is stuck and I do not have 400 to pay it
  3. Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place as I wasn't sure if it should go here or on the Motoring Group forum. I woke up this morning to find my van had been clamped for non payment of a council parking charge. I'm not too worried about the parking charge as I am in dispute with the council and am currently going through their formal complaints procedure - I realise now I should have just paid the fine and tried to claim everything back afterwards - you live and learn! However, I am concerned with how I was forced to make a payment to the bailiffs in order
  4. Hello My motorcycle was clamped for not having a valid tax disc on display. The thing is I have declared the motorcycle on SORN back in March 2013. I checked the same on DVLA's site and it says (with other vehicle information) "SORN not due", which I think means the SORN is valid and not due yet. (Please correct me if I am wrong) Now comes the tricky bit. I have always kept this SORNed motorcycle (I have two and I haven't used the SORNed vehicle since it was SORNed) on the sidewalk. Today someone must have moved it. Bottom line is, it was clamped whilst on a side road. To be hon
  5. My car was clamped by a bailiff today.I bought it 4 days ago, so logbook has been sent to DVLA, but not processed. Bailiff said car was in a company name before I bought it, and I'd have to prove I was the new owner (can't do cos don't have log book) or pay the debt. He started saying total debts were £3000, but wouldn't tell me which authorities it was owed to. he then said he'd "do me a favour" and let me off paying only one debt,of £577. I paid it by credit card , cos he said otherwise he'd take the car away. He never got my signature, but left me a receipt,made out to the o
  6. Hi, my first post and quite a long story... I purchased a car privately last month. It was taxed until 11/12 (end of Nov)... or so i thought. Whilst driving thru a small country village where i work when a DVLA van taps on the window. They inform me my car is not taxed. I tell them it is and show them the tax disc which says end nov 12. They inform me that when i purchased the car, the tax disc had been refunded in may - I had the receipt from the car purchase on me and tried to use it as proof. as i had to return to work, they followed me and clamped my car, tellin
  7. Had a cycle penalty from 2011, sent a £30 cheque which was sent back with a blank letterhead from HMCS. Then went to court, but couldn't attend and requested more time. Had correspondence with HMCS till March 2012. Was out of the country end of last year then at Christmas, had a call from Marston Baiiffs asking for money. Sent a form back to HMCS but have not heard back. Last week Monday, had a bailiff knock the door at 6am demanding £575. Asked till Friday to resolve. Then had death in the family on the same day and asked for one week extension which the bailiff agreed to. Was wai
  8. Hi there need some advice desperately, I have a vehicle which the tax disc has been expired and no mot. The vehicle was clamped late last night friday evening. Notices have been left with usual information, CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO REMOVE. They also give a contact number to call if you want it removed and amounts to pay for 24 hours and more, the problem is they closed over the weekend and state on the page if clamped outside of office hours please contact the pound. Well the number given for the pound is the same for office hours between monday to friday. So what
  9. Hi, hoping someone can advise. My car is not running at the moment and has been parked up my drive on SORN, I had to move it out last week to get access to my drive. So I parked the car outside my house and put the battery on charge. Was supposed to put it back on the drive at weekend but didn't and of course this morning a road tax van spots it and clamps it. I went out to explain, but they were having none of it. Clamped it and said it was being impounded unless i paid £260, or i could collect it from impound for £260 + £21 per day. I had to pay the £260 there and then. I
  10. Hi I am new to this forum so not too sure if this is posted in the correct place or not? This morning just about to take the kids to school when I noticed a big yellow clamp on my husbands van which was parked on our driveway. Sign in the window gave us a telephone number to contact which we did. The bailiffs said it was for an unpaid PCN issued to us more that 12 months ago. We were not aware of this PCN nor have we received any of the 5 letters they said we had been sent. The bailiffs returned within 5 minutes to issue us with the paperwork. We asked why they had not knock
  11. hi guys, i'm a total newbee to posting. this is actually my first time posting so please forgive any mistakes and i apologize in advance if some answers are here already but its a complicated situation. my car has been clamped by marstons and have been left a distress warrent to pay £379.00. around jan this year i got a PCN in city centre manchester. i had bought a ticket, but without realising parked at a double yellow lines just after the parking bit. the yellow lines were barely visible and badly worn and it was also very sunny that day. i got back to th
  12. Hi All, Sorry to just jump straight in to the problem but im panicking a bit. Ive just seen that a car im using has been clamped by Marstons. Its in regard to a pcn. The notice put through my door says that the PCN is for £202, and that the total amount due is £493. This seems incredibly steep to me but that is what they say. At the moment im not sure whether the pcn is valid or not, i m in too much of a state to think clearly and the last few months have been a bit of a blur (suffer from bad M.E and most of the time i dont even know what day it is!).
  13. Hi I've just returned from abroad having been away for two month saw a letter yesterday dated 29 August from a bailiff saying i owe ptrking ticket fee of £185 . now i just steppped outside my home on a resident only parking area and found that my car has been clamped. can i get it unclamped without paying as i have not even had a chance to fully read the bailiff letter to attend to it . Thanks
  14. HI I have an outstanding PCN ticket that has now been passed onto the bailiff. Iwas not fully aware of this charge and unaware that thisstage of enforcement was about to happen. I woke up last Tuesday morning and saw my car had beenclamped. There was a sticker on the window and a piece of paper on thewindscreen. I contacted the person on the letter and explain I didn’t have the£600 costs to remove the clamp. and if i could pay off what i owe. That offer was refused. So the clamp is still on the car now over nearly a week later. And as I was not left a inventory or seizure notice
  15. I am about to start a small claim to recover the money but first have sent an appeal to them which I am sure they will refuse. I parked in the allocated space I have. My brother was in the car park when they arrived but I had gone up to our flat. He came up to say they were going to clamp me even though he had explained it was our flat. By the time I got down there and showed my permit they had clamped the car and refused to remove the clamp even after they had seen the permit, unless I paid. I suggested they would lose money by doing this as I would have to rt
  16. hi all i am desperate i have gone to my car this morning to take kids to school to find my car has been clamped i called the number on the big red and white sticker and spoke to a balliff he said it was for unpaid parking fine from december i need some help i had no knoweledge of this no letters can they do this he didnt even knock on the door help please......
  17. This is my first time here and looks like a great place for good advice! PLEASE help me quickly as I have only a couple of days to get my next step right. I SORN'd my car exactly a year ago and lept it on my drive for almost all that time. It was broken down with electrical and mechanical faults galore! In mid April I had workmen at the house and they needed the car moving. They were told they would have to push the car out of the way, advised it would be ok to put it on a kerbside on my cul-de-sac a few metres from my house. This they did. Then the DVLA turned up on the 26t
  18. Hi, I was clamped last night at Star City, Birmingham as I was parked at right angles in a parking bay instead of the normal way, as this was the only 'space'in the full car park that I was able to fit my car. My car was not sticking out in any driving area, dangerous or any obstruction otherwise. And I feel the clamp and the £125 release fee was an absolute joke. I've attached photos of my car, the receipt, the clamp sign and a satellite view of the parking bays to indicate my parking (mine in black). Also, is it ambigious whether the triangular marked space that my car is in
  19. Hey all, help needed URGENTLY! Yesterday, I found my car had been clamped outside. I phoned the number and the guy on the phone said he clamped it as we have a 2year old parking fine unpaid via the council! I visited the council letting them know that we were never aware of being issued a fine - if there is one I would pay it (fine was £80). The said that as fine so old I have to deal direct with clamper who wants £650! IfI dont pay by 11am, they tow my car and charge £200 for doing so -plus £45 a dy costs. I knew nothing of the £80 fine, and simply cannot afford this! What c
  20. My husband pranged his car in January after skidding on ice on a country lane and turning the vehicle over. There was substantial damage to the side of the car and due to the engine being upturned for some time this resulted in it 'blowing'. Undrivable (due to engine failure) we arranged for our friend to tow the car back to our private property. My husband claimed on his insurance - Groupama - who immediately sent an engineer to view the car, deeming it a 'write-off'. He liaised with Groupama over the phone and negotiated a settlement figure and agreed that he could keep the
  21. I would appreciate your advice please. I have a permit to park in our office building carpark. It is controlled by Parking Control Services. Last week my car was clamped and I had to pay £205 to get it released. The reason was that my permit was back to front on the dashboard. It had blown over when I had gone to get my jacket at lunchtime and slammed the car door shut. From the outside it was obvious it was the permit. They are all small rectangular bits of white card. The same clampers/attendents are in the small car park every day and know who has permits and who don't as I have
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