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Found 74 results

  1. Hi guys, after a bit of advice and hopefully confirmation of what I believe. I took out a couple of loans with Welcome Finance. ..one a car loan one a personal loan. I'm not sure of the exact time I took them out but at best guess it would have been 2001 or 2002. Not long after I ran into trouble and couldn't afford the repayments. I made an agreement with Welcome to pay £10 per week on each of the loans which they accepted. In 2004 I moved house. In August 2006, I changed my bank account. Having had the conversation with Welcome before, I knew that the only way they would change the Direct Debit was if they sent me a new Direct Debit mandate by post and I sent it back. I wrote to Welcome from my new address informing them that I had changed my bank account and I needed new DD mandates to continue making my agreed payments. I heard nothing. In September of 2006 I wrote to them again to inform them that my old bank account was being closed and that if they didn't send me a new DD mandate the repayments would stop. Again, I heard nothing. Fast forward to around 2011 (ish) I got a phone call out of the blue asking if I was this account holder and I fobbed them off and never heard anything again from them. Then in early 2012, I started getting letters from MKDP demanding that I pay up for these loans which I chose to ignore as I figured that come September 2012 it would be statute barred and they'd no longer be able to chase me. They eventually gave up. Now, this year, MacKenzie Hall have started chasing me for this debt by post and I think by phone (I have caller ID and don't answer calls from witheld numbers or numbers I don't recognise). So far I've sent the letters back labelled "Not at this address". It's now October 2013 and I'm pretty certain the last payment to Welcome would have been late August or early September 2006 so am I right in thinking that this debt is now statute barred and MacKenzie Hall or anybody else can no longer chase me for it - even despite the threats of court action and bailiffs? Thanks in advance Steve
  2. Hello guys, This is my first post in this forum. I used to live in Spain were I lost my job and couldn't repay some debts. Now I live in Britain and my situation is better as I have a full time job. I repaid part of my debts back in Spain but not everything. Yesterday, I received a letter from a British collection agency asking for immediate payment of a debt incurred in Spain (credit card actually). I am not evading the debt or something. I even paid part of it a few months ago. However, the Spanish bank is chasing via this collection agency. What to do here? Is the debt enforceable in Britain? Because in Spain I have a judgment of personal bankruptcy. So no one can chase me for a debt in Spain but I am surprise by this move. I continue paying but I would like to know how to remove this collection agency form the equation. I thought about this: Consumer_Credit_Act_template on this website (I can't post the link) As I don't think they have the proper documents formatted to the British law and usages. Also the figure they sent doesn't take in account what I paid already. So I don't recognise part of this debt. Thank you for your input
  3. Hi all, I signed up for an account at a company who are agents for a large bottle gas supplier. I paid in cash both times that i used them. I`m now being chased for one of the payments made in cash as it was added to my account(in error? I don`t know) but can`t find the receipt as it was so long ago. I spoke to the main supplier who say that` it`s up to me to chase the their system to find the payment. It`s only for 20 odd pound but i`m loathed to pay twice for something that I know I have already paid for. Advice please, Thanks in advance.
  4. The following article appeared today in the Daily Mail and is sadly....not a surprise to everyone reading this forum: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2405371/More-MILLION-motorists-chased-bounty-hunters-unpaid-parking-fines.html
  5. I owe £9700 to the Cooperative bank credit card (which I originally took out in around 1995 when i was living in the UK although I now live in Spain). A couple of years ago I lost my job. I carried on paying the debt back at the minimum payments as long as I could but eventually could not pay any longer (about £150 per month). Initially the co-op said as I did not have any extra income, I did not have to pay for 6 months and they would freeze the interest. However, after the time was up they sent me a letter (which I did not get in time due to the vagaries of the Spanish postal system) saying I had to respond in 7 days otherwise they would pass my debt over to a collection agency. I replied to the letter the day I received saying I could still not pay or over anything in final settlement as I am currently unemployed and receiving no benefits and my husband (he is Spanish) salary is below the poverty line and we have 2 children. We have a house with a mortgage in Spain. I have no assets in the Uk. I do owe around 2k to Barclaycard which I have continued to pay throughout this time as well as an account with the Next Directory whcih I have now paid off. I received a letter back informing me that they had passed the debt to the Lewis Group and today have received a letter to my home from Lewis grp saying that they have been instructed by their client to recover the debt. That it is imperative for me to pay the amount in full immediately and that it is in my interest to ensure this matter is dealt with as quickly as possible. What should I do now please? I cannot repay the money. The amount I could afford to pay monthly would only be around £20 and that would be a push. What do you recommend please. FYI I have lved in Spain continuously for 15 years and co-op bank were aware I was living in Spain and have sent my statements and correspondence here for many years although when I initially defaulted they did try and call my parents home in the UK severak times (an address where I have never lived incidentally but which I have sometimes used for mailing purposes). Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi I recently received a letter through the post asking me to verify my identity for a debt which is undisclosed. There is no reference to an amount or to who the debt is owed so I have nothing to go on to establish if its authentic or not. Should I respond to them at all to tell them I am, in fact the person they want to talk to or should I just ignore the letter at this stage until a formal notice explaining the debt is sent to me. Thanks in advance
  7. My business has gone bust due to bad debt and has led me to have to close my business. I've instructed an Insolvency Practitioner to handle it. Everything seems fairly straight forward, if rather sad and expensive, but the real problem that has become apparent is a personal guarantee I had with my bank and this relates to a business loan to help finance the company when I bought it. The bank made me sign a personal guarantee and put a charge on my house. At the time it was either sign this or don't get the money. Now because I've put the company into administration, I've received a letter form my bank demanding the money personally from me. Can anyone suggest a way I can avoid paying this, because my financial situation is bleak?
  8. I am writing on behalf of my father, who is retired and unwell. He and my mother lived in Spain for a number of years, and took out a loan for what he thinks was about 1000-2000 Euros whilst they were there, which they serviced on a regular basis. My mother sadly passed away in 2001, and my father returned home to the UK. He thought all his business in Spain was concluded. Out of the blue, now, at least 10 YEARS later, he has received a letter from a solicitors in London (who also have an office in Spain) demanding he gets in touch with them before the 10th July. They claim he owes 4,196.23 Euros. He is very agitated and upset by this. He has no savings to speak of and no great assets. He lives on pension credit and does not own his own home. I have been looking into the matter for him and would really appreciate some advice. I understand there is "The Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973" and the "Limitation Act 1980" the first which does not allow creditors to chase debt if they have not contacted the debtor for 5 years, the second of which does this for 6 years. Do these laws apply in my Dad's case? I've also read up on the European Payment Order to try and figure what action the solicitors are planning. I am thinking we should send a letter similar to the one I have copied from this site below. Please let me know your thoughts. Many thanks. Dear Sir/Madam Acc/Ref No **** You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that under The Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 Part 1 Section 6 "If, after the appropriate date, an obligation to which this section applies has subsisted for a continuous period of 5 years: (a) without any relevant claim having been made in relation to the obligation, and (b) without the subsistence of the obligation having been relevantly acknowledged, then as from the expiration of that period the obligation shall be extinguished:" I would also point out that the OFT say under their debt collection Guidance on statute barred debt that "it is unfair to pursue the debt if the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevant limitation period". The last acknowledgement of this alleged debt was made over five years ago. Unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from myself in the relevant period under Part 1 Section 6 of The Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 , I would respectfully suggest that you are no longer able to take any court action against myself to recover the alleged amount claimed. Should you continue to pursue this account without providing this evidence I shall seek an interdict and damages accordingly. A formal complaint will also be made to Trading Standards along with a report to the OFT questioning your fitness to hold a consumer credit license. I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed and that no further contact will be made concerning the above account after that last letter. I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully Mr A N Other
  9. Hi. We left Australia 6 months ago where we left a car behind that was financed. I owed nearly $20,000 on the car in my name only. I explained that we were leaving the country to the company it was leased to and asked for help. I asked them to take the car back, sell it, and then give me a loan for the balance which I would pay for monthly. They were entirely unhelpful and told me I had to pay the finance off and sell the car myself. I did not have 20k so my hands were tied. I left the car and ran away. I sent the keys back to the company. 6 months later I have received an email informing me that I owe $8550 to a debt agency in the Australia. They still have my address in Australia. If they look back through their records they will see some previous addresses in the UK, one of which I now live in again and own. My wife and I own two houses, both heavily mortgaged but there is equity in there. My question is what do I do? Morally, of course, I sell a house and repay the debt. But what about immorally? I seem to have 3 options: 1. Do nothing and hope they never find me (but if they do the debt will have risen hugely and I could lose a lot more than a house) 2. Offer a derisory full and final payment (I'm thinking about $2500), but this would surely be refused. 3. Ask for the interest to be frozen forever and pay an amount each month...perhaps $50. I have never been in this situation before so have no experience. Incidently we also have a $12k loan in Australia with 6 years out of 7 left to go (we are still paying it) And a credit card with $8k on it. We are still paying this as well but struggling with it. I know, its a mess. I don't want to try to excuse myself by giving you a sob story of how we got into debt, the fact is we are in it and Im keen to get advice. Thanks for your help. Feel free to call me a moron, Im not easily offended. Thanks.
  10. Hi, im new here , back in 2004 I had to move out of my council property because of a fire whilst living there for just over a year I was using pre paymemt meters for gas and electric I had to prove to british gas with a tenancy agreement when I moved in and out as they were trying to chase me for a debt I clearly did not owe. british gas have sold the debt to bc&w who are now chasing me for the same debt. I have e mailed them but not yet has a response. What else can I do? Also I am being chased for a debt which I know for certain I dont owe sky have sold a debt to a company whom ive already contacted and told them ive never had a sky account they said I had to prove it I refesued to do this because I know I have never had a sky account all of this is puttinv loads if pressure on me and my family what can I do
  11. Hi, This sounds really silly but i took out a unsecured loan back in 2007 with Barclays and defaulted in 2009 owing just under £25k. I still bank with them as my current account is with them. What am confused about is that they are not pursuing me for it! They know where i live and know all my income and out goings. does anyone have any idea as to why its not been sold on or why they are not chasing me for it?
  12. I have just folded a business and handed it over to liquidators to deal with but we had a paypal account which I started but converted to a pay pal business account as I was only doing business purchases through it. THe balance is £100 minus but I now have had a letter from iqor chasing me for the business debt. Any cluses where I stand with this?
  13. The consumer regulator, which is closely watching payday lending practices, has revoked the lending licence of MCO Capital, which traded as Help Loan. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) today stepped up its action to curb rogue payday lenders by banning MCO Capital, which traded online as Help Loan. The regulator revoked the company's consumer credit licence after it failed to improve its "unfair business practices", which included chasing non-customers for debts they had not taken. Last August, the OFT found that MCO was failing to make identity checks on applicants, which led to it being targeted by fraudsters who used the personal details of more than 7,000 individuals to apply successfully for loans totalling millions of pounds. The company was also accused of writing to people who it was aware may not have taken out loans, asking "unequivocally" for repayment. MCO ignored OFT requests to stop this practice. The watchdog also said MCO lacked the "necessary skills, knowledge and experience to run a consumer credit business". Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/9939967/OFT-bans-payday-lender-that-chased-wrong-borrowers.html
  14. Hello I received a letter on Friday addressed to The Executor of The Estate of the Late Mr (My Dad), they are chasing a debt and want me to call them about it. My father died on Boxing Day 2005 and I was not the Executor of the The Estate either as I am the youngest of 6 siblings, my eldest brother and middle sister were named to hold the estate in trust for the rest of us. Should I call them and tell them that due to the Limitation Act 1980 they can not chase me?
  15. Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can advise me with some problems I am having with a previous landlord. As I have explained in other threads I have in this forum I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder in August this year. First of all, my employer, the NHS and my friends/family have been brilliant in helping me; however, as you can probably imagine I am currently living on a greatly reduced income. Essentially, on a monthly basis I do not have enough money to meet my expenses. In response to this, I have been able renegotiate with my creditors/utility providers (with the exception of NPower but that is another story lol). My problem is that I am paying off a circa £500 debt to a previous landlord in outstanding rent and really do not view this as a priority debt. Because I have to prioritise council tax, rent to current landlord (which is fully in order) I can no longer afford to pay anything to my previous landlord. The payments I have made so far have been made direct to them but negotiated by a small time debt collector who is working on their behalf. I am regularly reminded that they will take court action if I do not continue my payments; however, it is getting to the stage now where I am thinking that I should just let the matter go to court, accept the debt and let the judge order me to pay what I can afford - I firmly believe that this would be significantly less than what I am paying now. I know that I would get a CCJ but I am still very young and my credit is already blown to bits. I would certainly have time to recover financially. In the new year I will be starting a course that will very hopefully lead me back in to work but this wont happen for a while. What does everyone think - should I just fold and let them take court action. Please remember that this is not a case of wont pay it is simply a matter of can't pay (literally) Thank you all, timetoshine
  16. Greetings! I havent got any sleep for weeks since the Lloyds TSB is chasing me. The story goes as following (pardon my broken English, I live in eastern parts of EU): About 5 months ago a close relative of mine died. I was the sole inheritor of her property, consisting of an apartment and several loans. I have taken care of 2 out of 3 debts. The third one is Lloyds TSB and the sum is 3000 GBP. Since one of those 3 loans pretty much crippled me financially (I am still quite young) and the apartment is, well, everything I have! Lloyds got my address through solicitor, who took care of the inheritance process. By the local law inheritance goes as following by my best understanding: Inheritor notices the solicitor -> solicitor notifies all the local banks to get information about outstanding debts and assets, as well as gathers other information about assets. (this is the part where I did wrong - to my knowledge, she had some assets held by Lloyds so I listed it down and solicitor contacted them about me being the benefactor) -> 30 days is given for other relatives to claim their part of the inheritance, if they have any legal reason to get anything. -> benefactor is notified about the debts and assets and the case is closed if there is no dispute. The benefactor is obliged to cover all debts marked up in the documents then received, as well as any new ones that surface within a year. About a month after receiving the mentioned paperwork, I got a formal letter from Lloyds, claiming that my relative had a debt (suspiciously round amount?) with them and I should notify them if there are sufficient funds left from the estate to cover it. Well, there is the apartment but selling that would mean me being homeless, since the market value is quite low and I can not afford a rental. Enclosed was also a quite massive form, called the Assets and Liabilities Form, that demanded quite a lot of sensitive information, including bank acc. numbers of the deceaseds' other bank accounts, list of valuables, contact information of other benefactors and so on. I decided to ignore that letter, about 3 months have passed and I received another letter, this time in a more discrete envelope. The letter again asks me to confirm if there are sufficient funds blah blah and they can not drop the account until I have returned completed assets and liabilities form, which, as stated on the form itself in veeeery fine print, is pretty much a legally binding contract - if I fail to inform the bank accurately about ALL the assets the deceased had and the bank finds out, I have agreed that the bank should take legal action against me. quoth the letter: We would remind you that if the late XXXXXX had any assets then there is a legal requirement for outstanding debts to be settled before monies are paid to family or friends. To sum things up: I am certainly unable to pay that 3000 quid. I would like to avoid responding to them. That would be the last line of defence for me. Making the inventory of the deceaseds' assets can be only handled by a solicitor and before the inheritance is finalized. Furthermore, asking about bank details should be a violation of information protection laws in my opinion. But telling them that could mean that the debt could be handled by local inheritance law, meaning that I most certainly must pay it. The latter letter seemed quite computer generated. Signed by Mrs. XXXXX, Centre Manager. Scare tactic? The deceased was not UK national, neither am I. Long story short, how long would the ignoring tactic hold and how much chance could I actually stand avoiding that debt? I am quite scared here, I just started independent life. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  17. Hello, First time poster here. About two years ago I asked a graphic designer to design some logo's for me. He advised that the fee would be £380 and £100 would need to be paid as a deposit before work could start, the invoice sent said that the designs would be completed in three weeks, I agreed and paid the £100 for work to commence. This was at the end of July/beginning of August 2010. By the second week of September I hadn't received anything so I wrote to the designer and asked for my money back as nothing had been done. He quickly apologised and said that he had broken his leg and was in hospital so hadn't been able to start. He also said that he wanted to get the designs added to t shirts and modeled before sending them to me, so I agreed to wait. I received the first proofs on the 29th September and wasn't really happy with them only one design was modeled and for about two months I was emailing and calling back and forth with him to get them to a satisfactory level. I wasn't 100% happy with the designs but by the beginning of December realised they weren't going to get any better so agreed that the last set of proofs would be the final designs. He sent the invoice on the 15th December and then asked when I would be able to pay. I said it wouldn't be until after Christmas, and he said that as soon as he received payment the designs would be sent to me. He said it would need to be by the 15th Jan for tax purposes, I said that was fine. Unfortunately in the first week of January I was made redundant from a temporary contract and no longer had the means to pay I was then on JSA. When the designer contacted me I informed him of my situation and advised that I didn't have the means to pay, but when i was back in work I would make payment. I then attempted to keep him informed of my situation by email. A little while later a lady who said she was calling on behalf of him but gave no company name, asked me when I could make payment, I advised her of my situation that I was no longer working and had extensive priority debts but offered to pay £5 per month towards the outstanding balance; her response was that a judge would not accept that against the outstanding amount to which i replied i cant afford anymore, she then replied we will have to take you to court, I then didn't hear anymore from either of them. I was unemployed for 10 months and faced repossession as well as a load of other financial problems, so when I got a job the designs were not a priority. However it was never my intention not to pay for the designs even if i didn't like them, so when I was a bit more financially stable I contacted him in August of this year asking for his details to pay the outstanding balance. 5 weeks later he sent me an email asking for £500 as opposed to the £280 outstanding stating late payment charge and the cost of debt recovery, he also stated he will no longer be chasing me for the balance. I have now also received a pre action letter from him and money claims UK for almost £500. He claims that he has tried various mediation methods but he has not I had contacted him to make payment and even offered to make payment when I was on JSA which he rejected. I never received any letters from him or anything else. When I asked him to send his details for payment he didn't, he just asked for £500. I actually don't want the designs anymore My question is can he chase me for money when I have not received the goods? Sorry for the long winded story but any help would be appreciated
  18. Hi folks, In need of some advice here. I studied in Germany for a year until August 2011. While there I had a contract with Kabel Deutschland for my internet. When I left (I live in Ireland) I posted off my modem as instructed. Out of the blue, in May, I received a letter from a collections company claiming I owed them and KD €500. All the letters I receive are in German btw and my German isn't what it was. What I think happened is that my contract (which was about €20 p/m) ran until August and I closed my bank account before paying the final instalment. Anyway, my first response was "No ****ing way I'm paying", because I couldn't afford it and also the principle of it, so I ignored their letters (which weren't sent registered). But now the monthly letters are taking their toll and I'm beginning to wilt as the thought of this hanging over my head isn't a nice one. Plus I would like to live in Germany again. The last letter I received in August was notification of legal action, from what I gathered. For the record, two other people I know had this happen to them, both paid. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
  19. When I was 19 I was sold a plumbing course. The salesman arrived at my house and begun his campaign. I managed not to sign on the night but he kept phoning and I finally buckled. He came round my house, I signed a loan agreement with Barclays in April 09. It was for £5,995 interest free over 60 months. A few days later I had second thoughts and thought this was a [problem], so called the sales person to say I wanted to cancel and he said I couldn't. I attended the first training session in Birmimgham which was convient as I could stay for free with family. I then received a letter saying the centre had shut down and they would be in contact. 2 months later I phoned to find out what was happening and they hadnt got a new place. They then wrote to me saying the new place was in central London, nearer but less convenient. I phoned to say I wanted to terminate the course as it would cost me more for London, they said I couldn't cancel. I informed them I wouldn't pay and they said that would be a breach of the contract. I stopped paying. I am now being per-suede by Apex, but they havent been too heavy lately. Reading the forums I was going to write for my contract but when they phoned I asked for it and they have sent me the loan agreement. It is just the loan agreement. It says on the agreement after I sign it I will have a short time to cancel the agreement, they will tell me how, but I told the salesman a few days later. I wasn't very good with contracts and reading things at that time. Can I get this debt cancelled as the salesman refused my right to cancel, and furthermore they moved the location of the course. Many thanks and any advice is gratefully received.
  20. Hi all! just over a year ago I was using quick quid and wonga, never took huge amounts and paid back on time then a few things came up and I was desperate for money and took out two big loans from both (not on the same date but within a short space of time) I couldn't afford to pay them back and ignored them and hoped it would go away... yeah I know! I don't have any of the original letters as had a massive clear out and must have thrown them out. wonga has passed the debt on to Mackenzie hall and I now owe them £750.37 and Quick quid have passed the debt on to Mercantile Recovery Solutions of £594.75 (the original loan was £450) I received a letter from mac hall the other day but to the life of me I can't find it anywhere, I remember it saying if I paid by a certain date I would only have to pay a percentage, gave a later date and a percentage (higher) and another late with a higher percentage to be paid back (all lower than the full amount) Today I received a letter from Merc recovery saying this... FORMAL NOTICE OF LITIGATION AS REGULATED BY THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT (2006) Dear (my name), We have previously written to you to inform you that we, Mercantile Recovery Solutions Ltd., have purchased the above debt and as such are now the legal owners and beneficiaries of the sum outstanding. Despite attempting to contact you using all means available to us, including all the information provided in your credit application we have, to date, been unable to reach an amicable solution of repayment with you. We must now make it clear that we are in the process of instructing our solicitors to issue a claim against you in your local court. We are fully confident that such claim will be successful as we are unaware of any legitimate legal reason for non-payment of the debt and again we should make our intentions clear that upon successful award of the claim we will look to enforce the debt by way of an earnings arrestment. As part of your application process you provided your bank account number, sort code, pay date and employer details – all of this information will be utilised to seek immediate repayment of the sum outstanding. Please be aware that your employer will be notified of this order if necessary. Whilst we do not wish to burden you with further costs, (all legally recoverable fees will be added to your outstanding balance) your lack of cooperation thus far leaves us with no viable alternative. Should you wish to avoid this course of action we would recommend you contact our pre-litigation collections department on 01563 546 371 before noon the 25th September 2012. Failure to respond to this notice will only lead to immediate court action being undertaken. Yours sincerely, Mark Sanderson (operations manager) So this letter has freaked me out as I'm guessing they are in the middle of sorting out court proceedings. Also the whole contacting my employers, I have read that their not allowed to do this. I 'm actually leaving my current job this Friday so I know they wont get a response from them but obviously I'm concerned they might be able to find out who my new employers are and then contact them. I want to try to clear these debts, I don't want to make contact via the phone so I'd like to write to them (making up some excuse as to why I've ignored everyone) and offer a payment plan to them. I can afford a max of £125 a month between the two. I also don't want to make it through my bank as I've changed banks and don't want them to get those details and would also like to tell them not to call me any more (as I'm bombarded with calls all day long 7 days a week) I'm looking for some advice, suggestions on what to write (I'm not very good at wording things) a nd also what my rights are in regards to charges. Can I ask them to put a stop to the charges? Also Just checked my junk emails and received a email from merc recovery at the end of august s aying they want to resolve this issue and as a good will gesture are willing to to offer a substantial reduction in the amount I owe, so can I bring that up in the letter and also with the mac hall letter that I've misplace about the reduce in money owed. Appologies on this being so long but I'm freaked out by this last letter, I'm planning on moving out in around 6 months so would like to get this sorted or on the path of getting sorted. I really do need help so any advice or assistance would be gratefully received.
  21. I would prefer at this point to keep the names of the respective companies out of public view if only because I am going to take some unusual steps in order to try to force the issue. A relative who had cancelled a business insurance policy within the 30 day cancellation period was a year later contacted by a DCA claiming a fee of £91 for a non existing debt. Obviously I am struggling here to minimise the relative facts and details. Unlike most DCA's who in my experience run a mile at the mere mention of the phrase "this is a dispute not a debt" this bunch persisted. They obtained my phone number from somewhere initially sending threatening sms msg's followed by an auto ring back to their offices during which they insisted on speaking to my relative. I patiently pointed out that as my phone number was in a different county to the person with whom they wished to talk to I could not help them. Could I confirm my address? No because I lived in a different county therefore I could not. I contacted my relative and with the sketchy information deduced that the Insurance Company was at fault. However there are two ways of looking at this issue because certain things do not make much sense. Why wait a year before issuing a debt notice to the DCA yet no debt notice was delivered to my relative. Ok it could have been an oversight but don't they have access to their own payment records? I stepped in as my relatives representative with a written note emailed to both the DCA and the insurance company after all I was already getting pestered so why not? I stipulated that no phone calls to discuss this issue were permissable and so the insurance company phoned me. I sent them a stroppy worded email accusing them of treating this matter with contempt and for being obstructive. Then by return I got a smarmy patronising reply stating that they had called off the debt collector and would be happy to talk to my relative on the phone and more than happy to investigate this matter presumably to pass out a bucket of whitewash. Annoyed I responded with a threat to complain to the FOS (not likely cos they're a waste of time) and suprise suprise the debt collector resurfaced yet according to the insurance company it was the debt collector who had alerted them to the cancelled account. On the one hand I am toying with the idea that this is a stupid mistake by the insurance company and that it is so easy to jump to conclusions while on the other hand I suspect it might be an orchestrated insurance/debt [problem]. What concerns me the most is whether this is indeed the tip of an iceberg so I as I said am going to try pushing some buttons to get a responsive reaction (all legal and above board) I'll keep you posted. BTW one of the debt letters is blatantly in breach of the OFT guidelines because they pretend to have powers that they do not possess and its the kind of letter usually sent after a few weeks not as a second letter.
  22. Hello, I purchased a car in 2007 for £5450 and with interest the oustanding balance was 11350 according to the finance documents issued by Private and Commercial Finance Company Ltd of London. In 2011 the car was repossessed by their agent and sold at market. I have since received a statement from PCF that shows the payments made and subsequent sale of the car amounts to 13000 +. I havespoken to them on the telephone informing them on numerous occasions that I was out of work due to a leg injuryand since written to them stating that I am now no longer working and in receipt of the State Pension as my only income. Today 10/07/2012 I received the following letter. Mr. X. XXXXXX Address URGENT RESPONSE REQUIRED Dear Mr XXXXXX Re: Private and Commercial Finance Company Ltd and Yourself(ves) Agreement No: XXXXX Outstanding Liability: £3917.83 We refer to the above matter and note that we have recieved no payment from you since 17/04/2012 This is your final opportunity to contact us with proposal;s to clear your balance Should we not hear from you by 13/07/2012, we shall instruct our solicitors to obtain a charge against your property. This means that a County Court Judgement will be registered against you which may result in enforcement and sale of your property If you wish to avoid this action contact us asap. Signed Sanjay SHah Also attached is a printout from Ooplah giving the value of my house. All I can say about that is thanks didn't realise the house was so valuable Any help would be acceptable Keltyboy
  23. Hi there, looking for some advice hoping someone can help. Quick summary -We had moved into a property in early January this year. Although we asked our estate agents specifically about the noise level in and around the property they had failed to tell us there was a nightclub directly behind the property. For a whole week we had to endure extremely loud music until the early hours of the morning (Music would start about 11pm and finish at 4, the base from the speakers could be heard throughout the property). After making complaints to our Agents, the Environmental and health department and the Police we got no answers. We were then forced to make a difficult decision whether to move, as the current situation was not acceptable and we both started our new careers and the lack of sleep was causing us great distress. We decided it was best for both our health to move to a different property. We took our leaving letter and keys to the estate agents and explained why we cannot stay no longer. Now we are in dispute with the Agents and it will be going to court. However the problem is with the council, although we had told the council when we departed the property and explained the issue and paid the bill for the time we were there they continue to chase us for council tax "owed" as the Estate agents claim that the tenancy had not finished. After explaining and explaining that we are in dispute and we had only lived there for a week etc they still continue to chase us. Would somebody be able to suggest some advice for us? Many thanks
  24. SWIM has a debt issue, where they are being chased by Credit Corp for a debt that was run up in Australia, in the New South Wales juristriction. A judgement was placed against him in December 2007, after running up credit card debts. Him & his wife left, to live in the UK in 2008. His wife started to receive phonecalls from Credit Corp two weeks ago, and the man received an email trying to contact him - Credit Corp does not have a postal address for him. Credit Corp have only left voicemails so far, stating that they have a judgement, and can sell the debt to a UK agency, who will be able to start recovery proceedings. Credit Corp does not know where the man in question lives, and he has not acknowledged the debt in any form, and has not made any payments towards it. Friends in Sydney have found out that in New South Wales, the Statute of Limitation for debt recovery with a court judgement is 12 years - which seems different from what has been posted here on several threads. He found this out through the Consumer Credit Legal Centre, NSW. What should he do? So far, they do not now where he lives, but the couple are extremely anxious about this, as they have young children and cannot afford to pay the debt. Here is the email (anonymous) that has been sent: I write regarding the above-mentioned account which has been assigned to Credit Corp from Westpac banking of Australia. Due to the fact the account is an escalated account, it has reached a critical level, and subsequently escalated to myself to make a final decision on. I have tried to contact you on all available numbers, yet I have received no response back from you. Management wish to provide you with one final chance to reconcile this matter on your own accord, prior to escalating it any further. At this point there are three options available to you; 1) Full and Final payment with a possible discount, depending on when the account is paid. The discounted amount for both accounts combined $26,XXX must be paid by the 25th May 2012. - This option immediately saves you $2,XXX, but also saves you on all ongoing interest and possible fees and legal costs. 2) 50% of the account up front followed by an amicable arrangement to pay the residual of the account. 50% of the account being $14,XXX this also must be paid by the 25th May 2012. 3) To have your account escalated into possible litigation and even outsourced to of overseas mercantile agents. Consequences may include litigation in your country of residence and adverse affects to your overseas credit rating. - Please be advised that you will incur any costs of any proceedings we may force upon you. As you are aware your Westpac Mastercard account Client Number XXXX has Judgement against you, this means we are able to proceed immediately with enforcement. Please see below for the possibly enforcement actions that may be bought against you. 1. A Summons to you to attend Court for examination by our Solicitors under oath, 2. An Attachment of Earnings Order (or Garnishee) against your employer for them to make payments direct to Credit Corp Services Pty Ltd from your salary, 3. A Writ or Warrant to instruct a Bailiff to seize and sell your personal property or land or home, 4. A Court Order to proceed with a Bank Garnishee against your bank for them to make payments direct to Credit Corp Services Pty Ltd from your account 5. Bankruptcy- Where a trustee will be appointed control over your assets i.e. XXXX Furthermore it is incumbent upon you to ensure that all personal details are fully updated with us at all times. If we have not received advisement and a firm resolution to your situation by 15/04/2012 this account may immediately be escalated without further notice.
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