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  1. I need to ask a question about my water bill. I am on a meter with Portsmouth Water. I had my bill in this morning. I don't mind the fact that its gone up by £1 month but I am concerned about all the different standing charges they add onto your bill. They charge a wholsale standing charge at £5.14 then they add another retail standing charge at £9.24. My water usage was charged at £34.10 for the 6 month period, which I think is cheap. It seems to be its these standing charges which causes the bill to go high. Anything I can do or is it standard?
  2. Hi, First time poster because I'm having a problem with the SLC! Sorry, this is going to be long... I had a student loan each year of my 4 year undergrad Masters from 2003-2007. I graduated with something like £21,000 of debt and immediately started repaying through PAYE with my job. I was in the UK for 4 years after graduating and then did some travelling starting October 2011. During the travelling, the SLC was in touch with my family who told them I was travelling (and therefore I wasn't earning). With hindsight, I wish I had used my savings on paying off my student loan in full rather than going travelling. : '( In 2014 I settled down in Canada and I've been working there with a visa and got in touch with the SLC via the overseas income assessment forms and have been making monthly payments via direct debits from my UK bank (I send the money to my UK bank from my Canadian bank). As of today, I have £13,040 outstanding on my loan. As an aside, during my time in Canada and my annual assessments, I was having issues with the SLC where they would give me 30 days from the date of the letter to update them on my income and provide proof. Usually I would get this letter 2-3 weeks after the date on the letter, partly because Canada Post is slow but mostly because they were sat on the letters for ages (based on postmarks). That would leave me to scramble with getting a letter from my employer and sending it back to the UK, which takes 7-10 days so my letter to them often arrived late. I even wrote them a letter explaining that if they're going to set a 30 day deadline to someone overseas, they should send that letter immediately! as of October 2016 I'm unemployed. I quit my job in the oil and gas industry due to health problems caused by working crazy hours for the preceding two years. I'm back in the UK because I wasn't able to support myself in Canada (lost my savings in the downturn) and I live with my parents for free. I contacted the SLC and told them I was no longer working. The woman I spoke to was lovely and sent out some new income assessment forms in early November. They asked for proof my parents were supporting me via regular bank payments, which they're not doing since it's not a regular payment to my account and instead they just cover my expenses. I called the SLC again to find out what proof I should submit. During this call, I had a 'disagreement' with their phone operator who started questioning me about how the SLC knows I'm going to stay in the UK, how they know I'm actually unemployed, how they know I'm 'not just on vacation,' etc. I can't prove an intention! I submitted the info recommended, specifically bank statements (UK and Canada) that show I'm exceptionally poor right now, a letter from my former employer with my final date, a letter from my father stating that they're supporting me by paying for everything and letting me live with them rent- and bill-free, and the SLC forms they sent. I gave them everything I could to prove what I was saying, which is more than they were asking for! I also sent it with proof of delivery because of the number of times in the past that they claimed to not have received something I sent (a likely story) and have downloaded this proof of delivery. I sent these forms on December 8, 2016, the delay being caused because I was waiting for the letter from my former employer. Also, by this stage I had made two repayments totalling £148 during my unemployment. I was advised to cancel the direct debit so I did. Fast forward to today I received a letter from the SLC with big red letters saying, 'You need to read this letter and take action to avoid penalties and charges.' They're asking for the exact same info I sent them on December 8. Obviously I'm going to call on Monday to find out what on earth the problem is. Has anyone been through this with this sort of threatening letter?
  3. All can any one help I had a car repossessed by Private and Commercial Finance PCF on a conditional sale agreement they got CCJ, court set payment at £10 in September 16 November 16 , they appealed court set at £40 today i have received a statement (notice of sums in arrears) from them , they have added several legal charges since, is this allowed July 16 - Legal Fees Adjustment £5088.36 - this doubled the debt, after car was sold at auction. October 16 - Legal Charges £280 november 16 - legal charges £28 december 16 -legal charges £250 January 17 - legal charges £75 court split costs of appeal hearing 50/50 at £100 per party Are these charges allowed ? can i challenge them
  4. Hi... just a quickie, please; I'm asking for a friend who is struglling with bills, etc., and has been charged bank fees amounting to almost £4k over the past 6 years... I'm wondering if they would have a case in asking for those fees to be reimbursed? It's Barclays, and some of the fees were levied at a time when the customer was in receipt of housing benefit. They are now working but struggling on a very low income. Any advice would be gratfully received. TB
  5. Hi all, I took out a fixed rate mortgage with the Halifax a few years ago. I had previous been on a fixed rate with them which came to an end, but decided to renew based on their advice. At the time I specifically told them I would be looking to move house before the end of the fixed rate and they assured me this was not a problem as I could port the mortgage. Low and behold when it came to moving they wouldn't allow me to port the mortgage as I didn't meet the additional lending criteria. As a result I had to go with another lender and incurred £3k + in ERCs. I complained to the Halifax and the financial ombudsman, on the grounds that I took out the product on the promise that I could port. Unfortunately my complaint was not upheld. I now feel I am left with no other option but to make a claim via the courts. Can anyone offer any advice as to whether my claim stands any chance of being successful? Thanks in advance
  6. So I've been hit with these because I get tax credits. Stupid me didn't realise it's only if you get child tax credits you get free scripts, (I only get working). Should have read the form properly I know but there we go. I've called them and they will extend the payment dates but there's no way I'll be able to meet their demands, (approx £50 a month). I am able to offer £20 a month. Will they still be able to enforce a DEA if I am offering to make reasonable payments?
  7. I need help a.s.a.p !! I have a restored possesion hearing on 6th July. I am reading everywhere about entering defence but only got 1 sheet cant locate anything else. we have a 2nd charge for £37000 have arrears of £3100 my husband has gone from 2k a month job to £285. I have today spoken to the company , they have taken income and expenditure form. I have confirmed I can pay monthly payment for 3 months but no arrears as yet i payment made today, previously was March . My husband has a injury claim going through from his old employer so when this is settled would clear arrears. We are alos hoping he can get a job soon. Please help what can i do ????
  8. Hi Caggers!!! Once again I'm back with another claim for Default charges on BPF's loan. Briefly info about the loan, I took a digital camera on finance from Jessops in new year's day of 2008. The finance was facilitated by Barclays Partner Finance. The duration for a fixed-sum loan agreement was 47 months (28.8% APR) and my first payment was due 12 month after the advance date. In 2013, I received a letter from DCA demanding a repayment for a 3 figures debt. I then send then a letter that I'm not aware of such and such date and if then want to pursue it they must provide me with all relevant details regarding the debt. To my knowledge this loan was finished in 2011 and even the direct debt was cancelled after a 47 months from the advanced date of the agreement reached. Then the DCA provided to me the loan Agreement signed copy. I sent them another letter demanding statement of the account. I then send them CCA and SAR followed but in all attempts were unable to provide me a account summary. It was like funny game for 2 years, once they send me a letter; I kept remind them account summary then they go quiet for few months and repeat it again. I even SAR Barclays to get access for the account summary which was unsuccessful attempt as well. After I notice the damage their adverse note cause on my Credit file I reported them to FOS. Finally after 8 weeks I received the account summary and I was shocked. June 2008, the Direct debit failed on the due date, 2 day later I was charged £20 for Unpaid DD/cheque chg, then 2 days later BPF made another attempt to collect the unpaid Direct debit which failed again. 3 days after the last attempt I was charged for default sum L1 and default sum L2 after 6 days later. As you can see in a space of 13 days I was charged £65. As that is not enough, the followed 12 months I was continuously charged £45 as Default sum L1 and L2 despite of the Direct debt collected on the due date in each month which resulted £605 added in to my debt. I have already sent BPF a preliminary letter and LBA , and received no response from them. So tomorrow is due date to file N1. The experience I gained last year through @Slick132 and @SabreSheep support, I decide to start this thread for benefit of other and seek more support in this journey. I will shortly up load a POC draft for this matter and you are all welcome for any contribution. Kind regards ewgm
  9. Hi, I have kept an eye on this forum for a while and, like so many others that have got mixed up with this bunch of lowlifes, I have been trying to stop them getting possession of our home. I haven't posted about this before because this situation is so embarrassing and, also, because I didn't know if Swift spy on these forums. Long story short, Swift have an Eviction Warrant but we managed to get it postponed for a couple of weeks before which, hopefully, we will be able to pay the arrears off. I've read up a lot on here over the past few weeks and followed other peoples threads and I am really hoping for some advice about excessive charges? I have used the Spreadsheets on here and believe Swift have added about £20,000 of charges (without the Interest) over the time we've had the loan and, also, the loan had £3000 of PPI added which I now believe we can claim back as we were led to believe we had to take it and it was not suitable for us. I think i've done the charges spreadsheet correctly but i'm not sure how I do the spreadsheet for the PPI. I think the PPI was supposed to be paid for the first 36 months and then the monthly payments went down. So, can someone tell me how I complete the spreadsheet for this please? This situation is so stressful and we don't know what to do anymore. My husband is so depressed over this and has practically given up but I don't intend to let these ******** take our home without fighting them all the way because they've done nothing the Courts have ordered them to do over the various hearings and, basically, just lie about everything. I would be so grateful if someone could help with with the PPI part of the charges and, possibly, just check over the Spreadsheets I've done for the other charges? I believe, if the excessive charges and PPI were refunded, then our arrears would be nowhere near what Swift say. I'm praying that, if I can work out how to do the spreadsheets, we may have a chance to get the Judge to grant us a hearing. Thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to give us. x
  10. Hi all First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all forum moderators and members that are always on, answering all of our threads and questions. Well done to all of you. This site is the most helpful of all. I'm trying to claim back the PPI for my O/H from Barclays. The account was opened back in 2004. I SAR Barclays already and I just received the pack thru the post. At a quick look, I found that there were more payments going out to Barclays from this account such as: 1. PPI 2. Unpaids out 3. Paid Referral 4. Account Fee - this suddenly appeared at one point in the statements without any changes in the account type, and the fee was gradually going up. 5. Interest charged We still got a lot of stuff from back then, that was received from Barclays, but we couldn't find anything (like letters or even an account Ts and Cs or anything that bears any signature). Does anybody know if all these can be claimed back from Barclays along with PPI? Thanks in advance TFD
  11. In 2002 I had 969 pound in a pension pot. I was advised to not transfer it into my new works pension as it would do better left with Rothschild. I have just rang to find out whats in the fund and was told zero due to charges cancelling out the fund. Im mad as they have not sent an annual statement in the last 14 years. Ive just spoken with the press who seem interested. Regards
  12. Hi there, Can anyone help me, I have recently been going through some old paperwork whilst clearing out and have found some statements from credit accounts I had. These were paid off earlier this year after a lengthy repayment period however I do recall questioning the charges once before on the phone. One of these accounts was with Studio/Express Gifts. I have found a thread on here from 2007 but was looking for some up-to date information about reclaiming charges. The Default sum on this account was £20 a time, and I recall that there were many of these placed on my account over a 5 year period which ended in the account being handed over to debt collection as I was unable to pay the arrears. the account was eventually frozen before the balance was cleared but I still maintain that the balance was mainly created through charges and not the original purchases. I also have accounts with New Look, Simply Be and Marisota with similar issues. Any help or advice anyone could give would be great appreciated.
  13. Hi Despite notifying Lloyds that I was experiencing financial hardship they keep applying charges upon charges. Two months ago they charged o/d interest from the previous month which resulted in my account being 38pence o/d. Now its £174.00 o/d solely from charges and interest from the 38p. At the time I contacted Lloyds to explain that I wouldn't be able to credit the account until payday almost 3 weeks later and by then i would have accrued more charges so please could the 38pence be voided leaving my balance at nil but they replied that due to a previous good will gesture/charge being reversed they couln't do anything. Where do I go from here? Do I just accrue hundreds of pounds of charges on charges originating from -38p which was from a charge thanks
  14. Hi folks, How do I go about reclaiming packaged bank account charges? is there a letter template I can use? The bank in question is Ulster Bank. My account is a U-First account and the monthly payment was £9,99. How do I go about reclaiming please? I would appreciate your help. Regards, Johan
  15. I'm assuming there is a precedent to this. I have a debt to the Council for back Council Tax which I have been paying back as and when I can afford it. Today Bristow and Sutor sent an enforcement agent (who told them he was a bailiff) while I was out and luckily they did not let him in. Nothing, apart from a few items such as my bed and an old stereo which is worth pretty much nothing, on these premises belongs to me as I am just a lodger here and the room is furnished by the landlords. I have never denied that I owe something but the amount is in dispute I have told B&S this previously but they have ignored all my letters. The bloke cleared off when it became clear he wasn't being allowed in but I suspect he will be back. Apparently he was eyeing up their car and I would obviously hate for them to become involved when it is nothing of their doing. Do these people have any claim to anything on the premises and where do we stand if they return in the future? I have spoken to the Council but they say it's out of their hands now although I suspect they could do something about it if they wanted to. Thanks in advance for any help and advice
  16. I'm a court appointed deputy for my husband. In 2008 he was placed under the court of protection due to a severe head injury, at that time he had a Barclays Bank account with an overdraft of £600. When the CoP was put in place he had been in to his local branch and they refused to serve him or talk to him. He was lied to about why and we only found out a few weeks later that it was due to the CoP which had taken over a year to be put in place. His original Deputy was extremely incompetent and cause no end of problems. In a nutshell they began paying his overdraft off at £15 per month but they continued to add charges and interest. In July 2104 the amount owed was down to £126 despite over £900 having been paid, the following month they changed the interest rate and his next interest payment was £18.75, more than was being paid into the account each month. His deputy failed to notice this. I took over as his Deputy in September 2015 and only discovered this around January 2016 when the previous Deputy forwarded a bank statement for him. I then sent required CoP court rulings showing change of deputy to Barclays, who basically ignored them and I also opened a complaint with them regarding the amounts and what had been paid etc. They offered to refund the amount owed and close the account, I asked that they return some of the money that had been paid as it was far beyond what was owed. They declined so the complaint continued. They continued to try and contact the prior Deputy, who having had their duty discharged duly stopped responding or indeed forwarding paperwork to me. The updated deputy court order they had received they continued to ignore. I again contacted them in May or June this year to be told that we now needed to go into the bank to process the deputy change. Which we did, they then very quickly sent through telephone banking details and immediately afterwards a letter saying that the account had been closed and that they would be taking action to recover the outstanding amount which had now built up to £405 overdrawn again. They have closed the complaint and are refusing to refund the overdraft that they had originally offered to do and have told me to contact the Financial Ombudsman if I'm unhappy. Anyone got any suggestions how to progress this please? I'm more than happy to open court proceedings. My husband, with my help successfully won a case against them after his head injury. For bank charges etc, so we're happy to go ahead with that.
  17. Hi, About 4 years ago now my husband got a new job which paid a decent salary. A couple of months ago someone in the wages dept of his works said to him about his tax code seemed odd and he ought to call and check it was correct. He did so and apparently he has been fined for not filing self assessments for this job - he didn't realise he had to and no-one at work mentioned it. Anyway i filed all outstanding returns for him which is basically just giving HMRC the info they have already provided to him on the P60's!?!? why..... Anyway he gets confirmation back all filed and then a breakdown of what he owes (all charges - no tax) which comes to almost 6K! then he gets confirmation he is getting a tax refund back of £1900!? This amount has just been paid into his account and HMRC have said he has until 2nd week in November to pay all charges. What is the best way of challenging this as he has spoken to about half a dozen different people at HMRC who all said basically tough!! Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello after a bit of help trying to reclaim mortgage arrears charges through the Financial Ombudsman charges total £5000 of which i have paid £3500 through increased mortgage payments I have now been allocated to an adjudicator whom i have spoken to today Trouble is he wasn't that clued up and i think he s going to dismiss my complaint he said that he has looked at the charges and has spotted some that should not have been applied but most of the £40 monthly arrears charges are stated in my terms and conditions so he see s these as fair i told him about the FSAs guidance where they state excessive charges can be refunded he said he never heard of it so i sent him a link about GMAC where they had to repay £2.900000. is there anything else i can send him before he makes his decision any help would be appreciated
  19. Has anyone got an address to contact Future Mortgages so as I can try to reclaim my charges?
  20. Hi, Hope I'm posting this in the correct area. I have the misfortune to have a mortgage with what is now called GeMoney formerly Igroup, taken out in 2000 (15 year term) when I was self employed and arranged through a so called independent broker Capital Credit, who actually appear to have direct connections with Igroup/GeMoney. Over the period of the mortgage I have experienced many difficulties in maintaining the repayments, although fortunately for the last 5/6 years have been keeping up with the payments including extra towards the arrears ( which will pay these off within the remaining term). However they are now pursuing me for around £14+ k charges. I've read through some of the threads on here regarding the charges being unfair and would be grateful for any advice on how to go about reclaiming these and if at this late stage I can still do this. I have already made a SAR request and received a huge wadge of paper from them which I am about to go through to try to identify all the charges. Look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to advise or who has had success claiming against Igroup/GeMoney Regards Barry
  21. Hi all, haven't been online for a while due to wife's MS and fighting a battle with PIP (but that's another story). I have a secured loan with GE Money (formerly I Group) with charges for arrears. GE Money increased my payments to recover the charges and I have been looking at trying to reclaim them, but, as there is still several hundred pounds outstanding, I decided not to rock the boat for fear of them trying to repossess and also the effect it may have on OH's health. So I came up with a plan, as I've just turned 55, take a lump sum from pension, pay off charges and then try to recover what I've paid. I have received a letter from GE this week stating that they have sold my account to Elderbridge, (only giving me 7 days notice). Do I now have to go after Elderbridge for a refund or GE Money? I say this because I have already paid GE Money over £2000 in arrears charges and, I assume Elderbridge will want the remainder of the charges. Any advice appreciated.
  22. Hi, i'm a newby on this forum and need a bit of advice re everyone's friends TPS. I have had two run-ins with them in the last month at my place of work. The NHS trust I work for have been using use TPS for their parking for about 6 years with staff paying a monthly parking charge which comes directly out of our salary. The first incident was a simple case of my parking pass falling out of my windscreen and ending up on the car floor. They issued a “Parking Charge” for failure to display a valid parking pass. I have appealed this one and await their initial reply. The second one was for my motorcycle which I sometimes park between two buildings. There are no “No Parking signs” or “No Motor vechicles beyond this point” signs etc in this immediate area and I have been parking my bike here for over 4 years and one of my ex colleagues for over 20 years without any issues. Following a Fire and Rescue service inspection it was deamed by Fire and Rescue that any vehicle parked here is a risk of fire due to arson. The site estates department obviously asked TPS to start ticketing to stop people parking rather than get any signs or notices put up to that effect. The ticket from TPS states “Parking attendant x had reasonable cause to to believe that the following breach of the terms and conditions of parking occurred on private land (details of which were clearly and prominently displayed and agreed to by the driver by the act of parking the vehicle). Issue Reason: “The vehicle was incorrectly positioned to the inconvenience of other users.” Then in scrawled pen “Fire Risk – one warning issued” I have to say that I did ignore the first warning that had the same lame “vehicle incorrectly positioned rubbish” on but scrawled in pen ( not in block capitals) was possibly Risk of fire which I read as “risk of fine” This was a load of rubbish as I was not blocking any doors, exits or blocking anything else causing an obstruction. Following issue of the ticket I contacted the estates manager responsible for parking and he informed me that Fire and Rescues issue was the close proximity to the building - apparently this needs to be 1.5 metres from the building and parking this far away from the walls would indeed be blocking access in the area. Obviously I have stopped parking here as it was a perfectly valid inspection by Fire and Rescue and I can understand their reasons - they are not my problem, TPS are ! Whats are your thoughts on both of these misdemeanors ? Parking charges demanded are £60 or 30 if paid within 14 days for each "offence". Looking round various forums the standard advice in the past seems to have been ignore these clowns i'm wondering if the situation has changed following the Barry Beavis v's Parking eye ruling and have TPS now grown some teeth and are willing to go to court which I don't really want to do and risk a CCJ. Thanks
  23. Blemain say I owe them £2946. I have had the loan secured against my house since 2007. They keep sending me letters requesting payment. I'm unable to pay the full amount so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to setup a payment plan or to even get some of the charges removed They used to charge you when there was no money in the bank. My money used to go in Friday afternoon, and they always tried to take it in the morning. They also used to take it out before bank holiday etc they charged me for that, and they also charged me for every letter they have sent. Any idea what the next step is? Been paying them £ 10 a month for a while, and I'm on a minimum wage.
  24. we had a loan with blemain, which I will admit we didn't run well, however we got right through the 99 month term and paid as per the instructions and monthly agreed amount. However after the loan term ended I contacted them to make sure that we were clear and got told we still owed £14009 as far as I can see from the breakdown they have sent me this is charges for missed payments/letters/phone calls etc etc, but this is nearly 50% of the original amount we borrowed and just seems completely and utterly wrong, I got in touch with the ombudsman but because its an unregulated loan there was nothing they could do, I have had to agree to pay £245 per month until this is cleared, but I just don't feel right doing this, can someone please help, as I really don't know which way to turn, if I don't pay the monthly fee agreed they have threatened repossession.
  25. I own a property in a small development of 7 houses. There is a tarmac access area and some paved footpaths around the houses for which ownership has been retained by the developer but over which the residents have right of access, subject to our each paying a share of maintenance and upkeep expenses. The developer has appointed an agent to act for him and this agent has issued invoices for expenses annually, typically in the amount of £250 per property i.e. £1750 per year in total for the whole development. As far as we are aware little or no maintenance work has been carried out, and none is really needed, but there is a possibility that someone has visited occasionally for the purpose of sweeping and general tidying. No substantiation of the amount claimed has been provided despite request but the agent has stated that, as well as actual maintenance cost, we are liable to pay for insurance, lighting, management and accountancy fees for the whole estate. The residents acknowledge liability for maintenance costs actually incurred and have agreed to pay a nominal amount of £100 each (making £700 in total), which should be well in excess of the costs actually incurred. The agent has responded by issuing a "Formal Demand" and stating that unless we pay the amount claimed in full either the account will passed to a debt collection agency who may issue court proceedings or a first charge may be added to any applicable mortgage. We are also informed that the developer can place a charge over our properties, and that we will be liable for any legal and financial administration costs incurred. The question is therefore can the developer or his agent carry out any of these threats? How? Do they have to go through the courts? If it were a one-off charge we would probably pay the amount claimed, but it is annual and so would accumulate in perpetuity. Also, any registered outstanding claim would have to be settled if any of us wished to sell. And there may at some point be some genuine maintenance or repair work that is required to be done.
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